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National Floors Direct

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1.5 out of 5, based on 13 ratings and
39 reviews & complaints.
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National Floors Direct
40 Robbie Road
Avon, MA 02322
888-400-3566 (ph)
(508) 580-8553 (fax)
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My Experience With National Floors Was Exceptional
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Rating: 5/51

WILTON, CONNECTICUT -- My experience with National Floors was exceptional. The sales technician was friendly and was very knowledgeable on the products. We talked briefly about what my needs were and he was able to offer suggestions with samples as to what would work for us. We were able to find a rug to match my décor and price point. The installation was flawless. They came within the specified time and did an amazing job. The women I spoke with on the phone were very friendly with excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend National Floors Direct and will use them again in the future.

Kitchen Floors
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Rating: 4/51

CHESHIRE, CONNECTICUT -- The salesperson was very knowledgeable and had examples of all flooring making it easy to decide what you want. The installation was good. They did not have enough material on day one to complete the installation but communicated well and came back and finished the job once they received the material. Overall the floors came out great!

False Advertisement, Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- A disgraceful company that falsely advertises "next day installation". We arranged to have a salesperson to come last Friday, he arranged for installation the Thursday of the following week (so not next day installation), on the Wednesday night before the installation was set to be done they called to say wrong carpet came in and when we asked if they had anything else they said no. Manager was rude. When I asked him why they advertised next day installation he had no answer. I'll be reporting this company and I strongly recommend you avoid them.

Dishonest Thieves
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hello, I am a single mom of three girls living in a two bedroom home in Billerica. I wanted to put my house on the market and needed to replace the carpets. I called National Floors Direct in mid October, as I had seen the ads for them on TV. On Oct 14, the estimator was scheduled to visit, but called stating he was having car trouble, so we rescheduled for October 16th. On the 16th, he came to my home, assessed the rooms to be carpeted, gave me a price, and asked for a $200 deposit. We scheduled the install for Friday the 24th. On the 24th, two men came and stated they could not do the job because they had nowhere to cut the rug.

They were extremely rude and did not cancel with me but called the NFD office and told them they would not do it. I spoke to the office, they rescheduled for the next day, sat the 25th. They stated I would be called with a time frame between 8-9 am. I called six times that morning requesting a time of arrival, with no response. Finally at noon, NFD called to cancel stating the installers were in an accident. They refused to refund my deposit, so we rescheduled again for Tuesday the 26th. The crew arrived and stated they could not do the job because my furniture was too heavy to move.

The estimator stated my furniture would be "no problem to move" and classified it as "light" on the contract. The installers began to swear and become belligerent, refused to do the job, this time I called NFD, who told the men the job needs to get done. They continued to yell in Spanish over the phone, so I asked them to leave. I demanded a refund and the NFD stated they would not refund my money as I was cancelling less than 24 hrs in advance.

The woman I spoke to admitted her workers refused this job. I called several times over the last month and a half, to no avail. I looked them up on the BBB website (which I should have done before I hired them) and saw numerous complaints identical to mine. I went to the courthouse today and was informed I would need to file in Stoughton court, which I cannot do, because I cannot afford to miss another day of work for this. I explained to NFD that the deposit came out of my late mother's estate, but they hung up on me. When I asked for names of who I was speaking with, everyone refused to provide me their name.

It was suggested to me by several people to take this issue public, as so many others have been affected by them. $200 is a lot of money for me and coming from my mom's estate makes it that much worse for me. By the way, I then went with another company who sent one man alone and he did a wonderful job all by himself, furniture and all! Thank you.

Broken Oven
By -

RHODE ISLAND -- My husband and I bought a house in RI a few months ago and have been moving our furniture up slowly. He wanted to surprise me and have the floors done before I came up next. He called National Floors Direct and scheduled them to come in between 7-9 am on Friday April 8, 2011. They ended up showing up at 12 pm.

My husband went over what floors he liked and was able to get the price he wanted. He scheduled them to come in to do the floors Saturday, April 9, 2011 between 7-9 am. At 12 pm they called to say they were going to be a few hours late. My husband was frustrated at this point but understood and said to get there as soon as they could. At 3 pm, they called back to let him know the truck broke down... So they had to reschedule.

Since my husband and I still currently live in NJ, this was a problem. He scheduled everything for that weekend because that's the only weekend he was able to come until May. Needless to say my husband was annoyed at National Floors Direct. He again rescheduled for Wednesday, April 13, 2011. They called Monday to confirm their appointment for Saturday, April 16, 2011. My husband was upset that this company couldn't even schedule properly. He pulled out his paper and read word by word that the company scheduled for Wednesday and not Saturday.

Wednesday comes. National Floor Direct calls and states they will be there between 8-1 pm. Very large gap. My husband then notifies his cousin to go over and wait for the floors. The floors come at 10 am. During the process of tearing up the old floor, the workers moved our oven and broke the door off. Instead of picking up the entire oven, they only pulled on the door. They thought they were sneaky by placing the door back on so no one would notice. But like most ovens, if it is not properly closed the light stays on. My husbands cousins notices this once the floors are complete. He walks over to the oven and sees the light still on.

At that point the oven door comes crashing to the ground almost damaging our new floors. Not only is our oven broken, but the workers tried to pull a fast one on us. I called yesterday morning and spoke to **. I explained our situation and she asked for a photo. I sent her the photo my husband's cousin took. She said someone will get back to either my husband or myself. Four hours later ** calls my husband. From the beginning, ** was rude and nasty to my husband. He said things happen and there is no way to prove his workers did it. He then tried to explain to my husband that his workers told his cousin about the problem... which is not true.

The phone conversation got more interesting when ** began to call my husband a liar. My husband said we are not looking for a free floor but to only have the oven that was broken by his workers fixed. ** said he would look further into the issue. I called back and got a hold of **. I didn't even have a chance to introduce myself or give my last name. I started off the conversation stating I was calling about the oven door. ** said, "Yea I know who you are, I spoke to your husband."

The entire conversation he responded to me saying the, "Ummm you know, things happen." Actually ** I don't know. My husband is a mechanic and if anything breaks while he is fixing one problem, he fixes the everything. ** told me that he has my credit card information and he is getting paid regardless. Nothing was signed saying there was a problem with our oven. National Floors Direct has terrible customer service, rude management, and clumsy workers. If you make a mistake, just fix it.

Vindictive Installers
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We had carpet installed yesterday by National Floors Direct. The in home estimate man was very nice and promised us the best price and told us all the old floor would be taken up and the carpet would be put down. When the two installers came my girlfriend was home by herself and sent me a message that she felt uncomfortable with them here. She sent me another message a little later and said the floors wouldn't be taken up, and they were carpeting over the old ones. This is not what we discussed with the in home estimate man.

I called the National Floors office and they said it must have been a miscommunication. She also said that because there was a difference in the height of the floors (a half inch) that they should install transition strips. I called my girlfriend back and asked to speak with the installers myself, as they were giving her a hard time. I told them that I had just spoken with the office, and that I wanted to make sure that the strips were put in. He said okay. My girlfriend texted me yet again and said that they said they wouldn't install them after I got off the phone with them. At this point I left work early to come home to deal with this.

As I arrived at the house, my front door was left wide open. I closed it on the way in. I tried to speak with the installer about the strips and he just nodded and agreed. They finished putting in the carpet and we went to inspect. The strips were never installed. He said there wasn't much of a difference. However when you step on it, it feels like you're sinking. I went downstairs and my front door was propped open again. I asked them to keep the door shut as there were hornets coming into the house and the AC unit was running.

They got defensive at this point. They went back upstairs to finish vacuuming, and I had gone into the basement to finish laundry. And when I came upstairs, the door was opened up again. I told them that they needed to treat our house with respect and they were extremely angry. Shortly after they left, I went to use the bathroom and I stepped in their urine. They urinated all over our bathroom...

After I finished cleaning, I went down stairs and it was boiling hot. It was 90 degrees out yesterday, but we had both of our ACs running. We then noticed there was heat pouring out of our registers. They turned our heat up to 95 degrees before they left out of retaliation. They also marked up our staircase going to the upstairs which now needs to be painted.

National Floors Direct is ruining my life!!
By -

I recently hired National Floors Direct to install a floor and carpet to my new home. The floor did not come out as we had discussed in the initial consultation and when I called the company to complain they kept giving me the runaround. It has been over 3 months now and the issues have yet to be resolved.

Basically, I set up a consultation appointment for March 13th 2009. I had just purchased my home and wanted to rip up the existing carpet and install a laminate floor. Everything we asked for they promised they would do. The main thing we discussed was ripping up my existing baseboards and replacing them with new ones. The "next day installation" they promise took 3 days and the floor was installed over my existing baseboards with a 1/4 round molding over that.

The installer says that the company does not replace baseboards. What I received was a "standard job". He says that now there is a gap too big to change the baseboards and that would require ripping up the floor and installing a new one. This is where the drama begins. I spent 4 weeks speaking to practically everyone who works at National Floors Direct and I kept getting the runaround. I just wanted someone to come and look at what I was talking about and no one would give me the time of day. Every manager I spoke to basically said that since it wasn't written in the contract they are not liable.

I explained that I was told it came standard so it didn't need to be written in the contract. After 3 weeks of calls and complaints, the manager agreed to come down on Friday April 3rd to look at my floor. He shows up 2 hours late and I tell him that I want a new floor installed because that would be the only way to fix it. He says absolutely not. They will not install a new floor or refund my money.

I ask if we can at least paint the 1/4 round to match the baseboards instead of the floor and maybe that would blend better and he says that they can install a white 1/4 round piece instead of the wood one, which was not even a choice I was given in the beginning because I was never told that they even used 1/4 round molding at all. That would absolutely have been a deal breaker for us. I sent a complaint to CT attorney general and NFD responds with this asinine letter that if I just called customer service from the beginning, they would have handled it.

Really, who do they think I was calling... my grandmother??? I am livid by this point. It has been 4 months now and this has halted other home projects. At this point I feel like I have given them ample opportunity to make things right and they just kept giving me the runaround. It is obvious that customer service and satisfaction is not a priority to them. I will tell anyone who will listen: DO NOT USE NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT!!!

National Floors Direct Bait and Switch
By -

HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS -- National Floors Direct pulled a classic bait and switch scheme with me. I told the salesman I wanted laminate floors. He brought his samples in and I picked the flooring I wanted. It was called Brazilian Cherry, a dark brown floor. I was pleased with the way it looked, not the thin laminate that I had seen my sister and brother-in-law install years ago through a popular home improvement store. This stuff looked like quality laminate flooring. During the horse and pony show, the salesman gave me the original price and then applied the coupon and some other discount.

Personally I had no idea that they worked like car salesman in that they're not leaving until they sell the floor. So then, according to the salesman “because I'm such a nice young lady and he really wants me to get this floor”, he called the office for another reduction. This reduction was because they had overstock due to builders not picking up orders. So he gave me a good price and I signed.

I had painted my floor molding because it was an ugly oak so with the dark floor it would have looked bad. To paint the molding I ended up cutting the carpet perimeter to make my job easier which it did. I moved 2 bedrooms worth of stuff down to my dinning room. The installers still hadn't arrived by 10:30 (their window is 9:00 to 12:00) so I call and the woman is shocked that I haven't received a call which made me feel good at first. She called me back quickly saying they were on their way and then the installers called and said they'd be here in 20 minutes.

Honestly I'm already really pissed because this is a full days worth of work according to the salesman and now they won't start till 11:30 – 12:00. The installers show up and walk in and my eye is already on the box their holding because the color is glaring my eyes as its light oak, “Oh no that's not my floor!”, the poor guys. I apologized to them numerous times; I know it's not their fault. We call the office and the guy tells me, “He's confused”, to which I add, “Oh no don't you be confused I ordered Brazilian Cherry and these guys have oak, there is NO confusion”.

He explains that there is no Brazilian Cherry Laminate but there is a Brazilian Cherry hardwood! So clearly the salesman showed me hardwood. Let me add however, if you want hardwood from them, it doesn't look like the hardwood I have seen, the top coat on it has kind of a plastic sheen. The installers leave to grab the correct color and they'll be back in an hour or a little more with traffic. 2 hours later a man from the warehouse calls to double check the color and let me know that the guys won't be coming back today, I was not happy but he tells me he'll send 3 guys at 7:30 the next morning. The next morning 2 guys showed up at 8:30.

So in the end with considering what I had done to my existing carpet and moved 2 bedrooms to the dining room, I did have them install the floor. I had checked with a construction friend of mine and the price I paid was fair. So ultimately I had planned on laminate, paid for laminate and got a color that I liked so I went for it.

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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- National Floors Direct charged us 5500 for 3 rooms of laminate (fake hardwood). They rescheduled three times, into the next week, and I said that was unacceptable. The installer said he would come to finish the next day (which was Thursday) then they said "No it'll be Friday" then "No it would be Monday"! The floors look ok but they make a lot of damage to the walls and drywall! And they denied it!!! I sent them pics as proof and they did not even compensate us!!! I WILL NEVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN NOR RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!

Update 03/17/2017:

Its not a fabrication, its the truth because my roommate was a witness to the entire process! We paid in full for the horrible job they did, and the damaged they caused was reported immediately, and still they denied it and didn't fix it or try to compensate us! As far as the so called "law suit" and "larceny", we have us confused with somebody else because like I said you paid in full when the job was completed damage at all. They are referring to the wrong person because I am in a different state and this job was done in November 2015. They are obviously overly bitter over so many negative reviews that they had to respond almost a year-and-a-half later with their own made up lies. As soon as I read this response I called the company to report it and have them take that silly story they made up down hopefully they will call me back. And just because of their pettiness and childish response to my review I wish I could wait National Floors Direct 1/2 star now

Update 03/17/2017:

Typos "they have us confused..." "We paid in full when the job", and I must've reviewed the NY local because it was either their base of operations or it was the only local that came up

Company Response 03/17/2017:

This story is a complete fabrication. This customer never paid the bill for their installation services and was sued in court for the flooring she stole from National Floors Direct. Her installation was completed on the first visit and a completion certificate was signed by the customer at that time. This "review" and these photos are a clear attempt to harm National Floors Direct's reputation in light of the court judgment against them for larceny.

Do Not Use Them
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had an appt to have a carpet installed the day before I'm expecting 50 people to my home. They called me the day of the installation to cancel because the driver had an "accident". I cancelled the purchase and they will not refund my deposit! I asked for a manager and I was told by "Paula" that she is the manager and the only one in charge. Now they want to come to my home at 8:30 am tomorrow morning (the day of the party) to install the carpet. I would not deal with this company again ever.

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