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National Floors Direct Compliment
Posted by Gansettguy on 04/02/2009
NARRAGANSETT, RHODE ISLAND -- We are the proud owners of a modular home that came with lino & rugs. Knowing that there may be a problem with the seam under our rug we were very apprehensive about the job from the beginning. We came into our 2009 tax return and decided to have hardwood put in our living room even with these concerns still looming.

In came Empire, Home Depot and National Floors. Empire was competitive but still too high for our budget. Home Depot never was able to get the measurements done because the laser was too much for the estimate person. The Depot never bothered to follow up so we continued on without there quote. Then came the 3 Cent Villian National Floor.

The salesman was rough around the edges caused some first impression concern. HE came armed with only one selection of hardwood samples, thankfully it was only what we were looking for so we paid no attention. When we were just about to close the book on him out came the price of $1700.00 for a 14' x 16' with possible seam troubles toward the back of the room. WOW we were prepared for a rip off, it never came.

We placed the order with a $50.00 down and our adventure began. On the install day No Show! Well at least they only got us for $50.00 we were thinking. I all ready had my review ready.

But wait they came the next day ready to install with 5 guys standing at our front door. Against my better judgment I let them start since we were very anxious to have the job started & finished before a family party later that week. I mentioned to the install foreman that there would be no payment until the job was finished to my satisfaction. No Problem I was told!

The job was finished in 5 hours to our complete satisfaction with no trouble coming from the seam where the house was joined. I cannot be happier with the install and price even though there was a communication problem at the start.

It is sometimes easier to write a bad review since we are unhappy. I try to write a good one whenever possible. I will have NFD work on our living room and keep you posted on the progress.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-04-02:
gee, almost by magic a negative review of NFD gets followed by a thrilling glowing letter of praise. How credible is that? HD charged you $50 for an estimate and you just moved on? Empire the home of one step closing just gave you a price and left you to compare? Gee this sounds sort of skeptical to me.
Posted by noah on 2009-04-07:
Dan Gordon do you work for NFD?
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Poor Quality Material
Posted by Pat1nurse on 02/24/2014
Customer service unresponsive, material literally peeling like wallpaper, spaces between floor planks and poor finishing.
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Awful Customer Service After The Sale!
Posted by Theclancys5 on 11/18/2013
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Had laminate hard wood installed in a VERY dry basement, have lived here 13 years and have NEVER gotten water in our basement. The grade of the yard flows down hill. Floor was installed in November, buckled in August. Filed Claim in August. Called them repeatedly since then it is now 1 year later, November and after a final email stating that I would go on social media sites and tell the world how bad they are, I get a phone call stating our claim was "denied based on moisture"!

They never ONCE stepped foot in here to look at the basement to detect moisture!! I am a returning customer, and will never return again! They were great 7 years ago when they did floors for me, but not again!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-11-20:
This sounds like a good case for small claims court.
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Worst Experience Ever
Posted by Jim.oh on 08/09/2013
CUMBERLAND, RHODE ISLAND -- How can National Floors Direct actually be in business? Installation was done incorrectly and incomplete as well as outright lies regarding installation scheduling that cost loss of salary for the 2 days of work that we gave up to be present when installers finally showed up.

Set up yet another day to have them come back and complete/fix the installation costing 2 of us another day out of work---and then get the phone call the installer won't be coming (after they were confirmed 2 hours before). Call to complain and the "supervisor" declares it is all our fault for not supervising their installer correctly and hangs up!

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Don't Ever Buy From National Direct
Posted by Gormleytotom on 04/29/2013
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is the worse company to deal with and I would not recommend anyone to do any business with National Floors Direct. I had Armstrong laminated floor installed back in 2011. I had scatter rugs on the product and when I picked up a rug to wash it and noticed imprints on the floor of the pattern that was on the bottom of the rug. The marks will not come off the floor. I had notified customer service and explained to them the problem. I was told that they are only responsible for the installation and not the product but would contact Armstrong about the complaint and that they would be in contact with me.

As of this date 4/29/13 no one has contacted me and going on 3 wks. I called customer service on this date and after being put on hold 3 times I finally spoke with the same person I have been in contact with and again was told that they submitted the complaint and that they are responsible for installation. Regarding the installation when ordered I put a down payment which is their policy and when the installers came for the install I had to put up the rest of the balance before they would install, talk about being unprofessional. I guess it's a company once they get their money they don't want to know anything. beware people.

Also I do not want anyone to contact me I will turn the matter over to my attorney.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-04-29:
It is hard to tell exactly what your problem is. Did your rugs stain the flooring or does your flooring have indentations caused by the rug? Regardless of which problem you have shouldn't you contact Armstrong?
Posted by dan gordon on 2013-04-30:
it took 10 seconds to google this and area rugs damage laminate floors. Here is the info

While your upset with the 'dealer' if your doing something to damage the floor then your at fault not the dealer. You can hire all the lawyers you want but this article clearly tells your the downside. I'm certain that in the Armstrong literature there is a disclaimer re: this type of problem and use of rugs.
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Installing Floors
Posted by Kathycd11 on 03/21/2013
MASSACHUSETTS -- My recent experience with Nation Floors Direct was very poor. I was promised laminate floor in three rooms. I got two floors with laminate and one with tile. The representative they sent out to survey the rooms I wanted done confirmed that the company could do the job. When the workers came out they stated that my kitchen could be done, but the laundry room and bathroom could not. The laundry room and bathroom would have to be tiled. A delay which I did not anticipate.

When the second crew came to put the tile in, they stated they could not do the job, because the floors had to be leveled. Another expenses that I did not anticipate. Another delay. I got the floors leveled and they came back with guess what? They could not put the tiles in, I should go back to the laminate floors. Another delay, when they were suppose to arrive it was another delay, they could not make it. I did not get a call, I had to call them to see where the installers where. They stated to me that the crew never called in. I had to wait again.

Now that the floors are finally completed. I had to call them again. Part of the floor has come loose. It has not even been two weeks. I called to have someone come out and I got "Someone will call you. I am still waiting. I think the company should reconsider how they handle paying customers. They get their money in full up front prior to completing the work and you have to be on their schedule not yours. I also believe that when they send out their representative they should know if they can do the job the way you ask and not have to be told later that it can not be done.

They also charge for removing sub floors, In my case there were no sub floors and I was charged for it. When speaking to a representative of the company they said that they would look into it. Again no response. If you want my opinion if you want your floors done right go to another company.
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Customer Service
Posted by Georgiamessier on 02/03/2012
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a laminate floor from National Direct and it has a warranty. One section started to peel so I called them. They asked me to send a picture, don't know why they couldn't send someone to look at it take their own picture, I guess it because they had no intentions of coming here and fixing it, because all they said to me sometimes that happens and their not responsible. They do not stand behind their warranties.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-03:
I suggest reading the warranty to see what it covers and then go from there.
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Posted by Finisix on 01/23/2012
Two months ago I gave a deposit of $600.00 to National Floors direct. They did not do the job I hired them to do and have not refunded my deposit. I call every week and get no help, only run around and lies!

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Posted by Kris10 on 2012-01-23:
file a BBB complaint and possibly a call to your local police department may be in order.
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Posted by QuartPaul56 on 08/29/2011
Currently I haved filed complaints with the police, Attorney General in all states National Floors does business, scam alerts, BBB, and am starting a website to offer assistance to thousands of victims. [snip] is a ruthless predator. Please check his previous flooring business in NJ that has since shut down.

We need your help, the installation manager goes under countless names; Carl, Tony, Nick, Dan, etc... Court papers list a [snip] as working for the company. An employee whistleblower lists a Dan, referring to him as a ruthless thief. He may be the man we want.

If he is the one, we can have a county sheriff serve court papers on him. If not, the Secretary of State will provide it though it takes longer.

Everyday I am getting tremendous feedback from countless victims. We are getting the word out. Pickets and news coverage will be on the Avon MA site.

I must warn you, some of these people may be dangerous. DON'T TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS, CALL THE POLICE AND FILE A COMPLAINT. Please email me.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-29:
What did the employees of this company do? You mention law enforcement is looking for them, that court papers have been filed but you haven't said why.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-08-29:
Without any details, the complaint lacks credibility.
Posted by sapp on 2012-04-27:
I have lot's of colored photo's of how they damaged my woodwork. If anyone would like to see them let me know.
Posted by mike on 2012-05-12:

AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'm writing this review because I am an ex employee who worked for this company. I am owed over 1000.00 in commissions for the last 3 years and haven't been paid. I am not a disgruntled employee as it was my choice to leave. Legally however I am entitled to the commissions that I earned. So I would take this lack of caring about doing the right thing by their employees into account when thinking about which flooring companies to use when the time comes for YOU to choose one. I personally would NEVER choose National Floors Direct however.
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Steals money from Seniors
Posted by Steals from Seniors on 07/06/2011
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Buyer beware stay away from this company! My mother in law who is a senior citizen on a fixed income wrote a deposit check for $800.00. In the contract it states that if you cancel money is returned within 10 business days. That was two months ago. Customer service continued to tell her "the check is in the mail" and to check your mail box everyday. Finally I called because I couldn't stand to see her so upset. I was told the check was issued but their accounting dept. had not mailed it yet. On my third call I asked for a manager or someone from the accounting dept. and was told accounting had left for the day (1200 noon) and the manager left the building. I never got a return call as promised from a manager. What kind of company steals from a senior citizen? Did I mention that they cashed her check the very next day, I guess accounting is around to cash checks just not to issue refunds.
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Posted by bob93 on 2011-07-07:
Threaten them with small claims court. Usually it is minimal amount to start a small claims entry, that will get their attention.
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