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Here's the letter I wrote to Nike after being let-down by their CS department
Posted by Withdrew on 07/15/2008
BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Quick summary:

I have a pair of Nike boots. The air-sole units cracked, while the soles are basically new. I called Nike Customer Service and they tell me to send them back for inspection. I spent about $15 to ship them FedEx. A few weeks later, there's a tiny box at my door. I'm immediately thinking, "Wow, maybe they sent me a T-shirt or a poster or something, because that box is WAY TOO SMALL to be my boots!" I open the box, and it's my boots crammed into the tiny box and a "sorry, we can't do anything for you" letter. Here's my response to Nike:

July 15, 2008

Nike USA Consumer Services
Nike USA, Inc.
P.O. Box 4027
Beaverton, OR 97076-4027

Dear Sir or Madam:

I want to express my extreme dissatisfaction and disappointment with Nike Inc. and how the above named claim was handled.

After searching your website and speaking with a representative, I was instructed to ship my damaged footwear to Nike Inc. at my expense, which I was happy to do. Weeks later, I received my boots shoved into a tiny box and a note explaining that the product “is beyond the two-year date of manufacture limit and cannot be considered for inspection.” Why couldn’t the representative have asked me on the phone to inspect the date of manufacture, and that sending them for inspection would be moot?

So this is how my beloved Nike Inc. treats their loyal customers? I have been wearing Nike shoes, apparel, playing Nike golf equipment, etc. for more than half my life, over 20 years, but your handling of this issue and poor customer service has brought that to an end. As a husband and recently a new father to a 3-month old boy, I can assure you that my family will no longer be wearing Nike apparel or using Nike gear of any kind. As I’m sure you must know, the athletic apparel business is a very competitive one, and there are too many other options out there for me to compromise my standards and beliefs in good customer service.

Although my boots were manufactured more than two-years ago, the soles were barely worn and they were not abused. I know you can’t guarantee your products forever, but it was pretty obvious that the Air-Sole units should not have cracked. I didn’t expect Nike to send me a new pair of boots- for the record, for the cost of a gift card, a T-shirt or even a sticker, you probably would have kept me as a loyal Nike brand customer. Give me something for 20+ years of loyalty. Instead, I get my boots shoved into a box that’s too small and a “sorry” letter. Well allow me to tell you- Sorry, I will no longer be a customer.

I know this probably means nothing to you, because you’re a multi-billion dollar business and I’m only one customer. Don’t consider this a threat, because you’ve officially lost me as a client- but I will share my experience with every one of my friends and family, and I will be sure to warn them of what they can expect from Nike Inc. customer service- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-15:
By sending them back you have made it clear that you no longer consider the boots worthy of wearing. So why should it make any difference how they packed them? Would you be less upset if they used a big, wasteful box just chock full of Styrofoam peanuts and tissue paper?
Posted by heaven17 on 2008-07-15:
"Give me something for 20+ years of loyalty."

Entitled much?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-07-21:
I agree they should have told you about the Two Year limit before having you spend your money to ship them, only to have them shipped back with no help...However, would a "Loyal customer of 20 years" let one incident ruin that loyalty? Becaue it seems you've been happy with them for 20 years... That's NOT a loyal customer.
Posted by unbiased on 2013-03-19:
Do you all work for Nike? These large companies have expense budgets in place for just for this type of thing...HUGE expense budgets! By not acting and or showing any remorse or concern for this persons problem they very cleary made the statement that the consumer doesnt matter. We the consumers keep Nike in business! They do owe a loyal customer some degree of satisfaction. As he stated a sticker or anything would have at least showed there is a heart and conscience to the company that promotes their own high morals and wordly views.
Bottom line, if you take the time to write a complaint and do as they ask and pay additional money to send in a faulty product they ARE responsible for righting a wrong.
Posted by Nathan on 2013-05-11:
I agree with the consumer 100%. I was also a loyal Nike customer and was treated poorly.
My eight year old son's shoes tore at the sole after four months and they called it excessive wear. I even mailed the receipt in so they can see these shoes are not that old. They were basketball shoes and he only wore them to school.
I also, received a sorry letter, but it was not sincere. I wasted my money on shipping for something that was just an insult.
I never seen any shoe in my life tear at center sole after four months or at anytime. The rest of the shoe looks fine. Nike is slipping on their quality and customer service. I will no longer be a customer to Nike. They clearly have dropped the ball.
Posted by Nathan Allen on 2013-05-12:
By the way, for the comment above about why does the packing matter. It is the customers property and it is not up to Nike to pack them poorly. It is called customer service. People don't give business to a company to have a disservice.
Posted by Kim M Spruell on 2013-07-26:
I to have been wronged by Nike. My son (15) is an elite basketball prayer and has never wore anything but Nike shoes. He has recently bought a pair of KD's that he has only worn on the basketball court indoors. Well low and behold after a month or so of having them the color on the top of the shoes started peeling off. I too contacted Nike and sent the shoes back with a $22.00 expense. And to my disbelief I recieved the shoez back with the (I sorry note). Mistreatment of shoes was the excuse I got. My son has 2 other sneakers that he has played in and continues to play in before he purchased these, that has no problems what so ever.. Have 5 children all tjat are very active in sports and needless to say we are on our way to Under Armour today for a new pair of basketball sneakers. THANKS NIKE FOR YOUR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. ..............FROM A 30 PLUS YEAR LOYAL CUSTOMER
Posted by Scott Hates Nike on 2013-07-31:
The worst customer service I've ever had from Beaverton OR, and worse yet, when you call nike corporate hdq, they are less caring!
They do NOT deserve one red cent of any of our money. Buy nike products at your own financial risk, and know they WILL NOT stand behind their products, just laugh at you all the way to the bank.
Posted by Joe Torres on 2014-03-09:
Wow reading some of these compliants really makes me consider buying other brands.

So I walked into the Nike Store In Dallas,TX and was shopping around for basketball sneakers I tried on the new Melo M10 (which are awesome btw) but held off due to the color and me thinking they would gey dirty to fast I then asked the associate for the New Kobe ix Elite perspective, after getting them for me I asked to try them on (because ive never worn a pair of kobes before and didnt know what sz would fit) and proceeded to tell me that I couldnt try them on because it was the first day them came out. I asked for a manager and the manager told me on launch days shoes are not available to try on because ppl like their shoes to be in deadstock condition. I told him I drove 25miles to the ONLY nike store in the Dallas Fort-Worth area and you wont let me try them on? He then told me I could purchase the $225 sneaker and if they didnt fit I can return them! Wtf!!!! Idk what new rules they have in place but thats the dumbest s*#t I ever heard!
Posted by Steve on 2014-03-13:
I purchased a pair of trainers which caused serious injuries to my feet. I was told by Nike that the shoes were fine and it was down to the sizing - worn this Nike shoe size for many years or the surface I wore them on - a pavement!

It has taken 5-months for Nike to deal with this complaint and there insurers have said 'as no defects were found, we have no offers of compensation to make' I do not have the financial resources to take this further but I know there was a problem with the trainers! The Nike customer service is really poor! They have spent this time to say your feet now no longer fit are shoes or I should not wear them in future on a pavement!!!!!
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Soles separate from running shoes and sandals
Posted by Lindseywb on 05/31/2011
PORTLAND, OREGON -- My wife and I are avid runners. We have worn Nike running shoes since the 70s, and have never experienced problems with soles separating until the last two to three years. Every pair of running shoes (Air Peagus & top of the line running shoes too) we have puchased during the past three years have separated from the soles at the heal and also the sole. The support straps on the sandals separate at the sides and soles separate at the heal. Although Nike has always been my preference, I have changed my running shoes to New Balance or Asics. Too bad, but I refuse to buy shoes that last no longer than three wearings.

P.S. - I have several pairs of running shoes so that I rotate them every day.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-05-31:
Interesting, I've seen several complaints about this.
Posted by MRM on 2011-05-31:
I only wear name brand shoes for special occasions as they are costly to wear. For everyday wear, I would wear inexpensive footwear, and sometimes they outlasts name brand shoes!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-31:
I am a runner and have used NIKE in the past, I am a big ASICS GEL fan...They will run you a little more, but I find them to be more comfortable....

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-31:
When purchasing footwear it is not a bad idea to check the stitching for quality and uniformity, bend the shoes if possible to check for signs of separation issues, and pull at the sole all the way around to check for the same.
Posted by MRM on 2011-05-31:
You break it, you pay for it!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-31:
Very helpful complaint for Nike wearers. People become dedicated, and certain brands are more compatible with a given foot.

FWIW I can't wear Nike, they hurt my feet. I recently had trouble with a pair of New Balance sneakers, after wearing the brand for many years. Turns out it was the shape of the shoe and its toebox, and I simply switched to another NB style to eliminate the problem.

Good luck with you new brand(s) of sneaker.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-31:
I wonder what's going on with Nike quality, complaints about quality are becoming more and more common.

Being avid runners I'm sure you and your wife have done a lot of research about shoes, but I recently bought Saucony Hattori and love them...they do run a tad small, at least for women so I had to buy a 1/2 size larger than my normal size.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-31:
stop down to your local walmart and purchase a tube of shoe glue for soles. i had this happen on a shoe and used this product. after severe use, the sole is still attached and shows no signs of coming off.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-05-31:
The same thing happened to a pair of my son's Nike sneakers after about a month's use. I returned them to Kohl's, and they were happy to take them back. When I picked out a different pair, they even made sure to apply the coupon I had used on the defective ones. I've purchased just about every brand for my son over the years and never had that happen before. He gets the most wear out of New Balance. No shoe glue required.
Posted by Slimster on 2011-05-31:
Avid jogger/runner for years, sometimes moreso than others, that being said, I've gravitated through and to Aasics gels, the more expensive (on sale) the better. I find a pair good for about 6 mos before they're relegated to other duties.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-05-31:
+10 ript. Most running shoes, even "brand name" are no longer stitched. They will have the illusion of stitching but almost all are simply glued onto the top of the shoe.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-05-31:
My Brooks have been great! Very durable runners.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-06-01:
I had a pair of Brooks Hurricane 7's and they were awesome for almost 2 years. I recently bought a pair of Brooks Hurricane 10's and I cannot wear them. They hurt my feet so bad I could barely walk after a couple of miles. The employee at Hibbett's recommended Asics GT-2160's and they are so comfortable and I can run again! I love to run and my feet are my most important part of it, and if it doesn't feel right, they will go back.
Posted by DrAtif on 2013-05-30:
I have had last two pair of Nike which had this worn out sole issue. The soul just comes out. After putting glue repeatedly they still came out. I went to the Nike Flagship store and the dumbos said- if you don't jog regularly in it they will come out. What a stupid notion- is there any technical truth in it or just a lame excuse.
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Sandals Falling Apart Within a Year
Posted by Magellan1958 on 09/16/2013
Quality product !!!
Quality product !!!
FLORIDA -- We live in Florida, and wear sandals a lot, so instead of the Walgreens/Walmart brands (BTW, hold up for years), my wife moved up (??) to a nicer pricier brand, Nike Max Air. They are completely falling apart after less than a year, even though the soles have minimal wear. Contacted the company, got info to return at JC Penny's. JC Penny would not return so we went the customer service route with Nike. The following is my second email I sent to the company, I will not purchase their products in the future.

JC Penny will not take them back, even they said it looked like faulty workmanship, but would not return. I read your return policy, honestly, who keeps receipts for sandals. I guess she is stuck with an inferior product that will go in the trash after paying good money for them. I'm sure this will affect her future decision making on foot wear, I know it will affect mine.

BTW, let me give you an example of exceptional customer service. I owned a Columbia rain gear set, the seams let loose on the jacket and I contacted the company. They apologized for the failure, asked my size, and sent me a new jacket, no questions asked. It isn't like she is trying to scam you, you can clearly see the foot wear is literally coming apart. I've read comments on http://www.mythreecents.com/ about the Nike customer service, so I am not expecting much. Maybe your tag should say, pay good money for this product, but it will probably fall apart before it wears out, now That's truth in advertising !!!
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Sneakers (Cross Trainers)
Posted by Johnccorriveau on 08/20/2013
The cross trainers I purchased have a part of the sole coming loose. I do not exercise in these, they are only worn when I am not working. They are only 2 mos. old. I called Nike and they told me to ship them back to be inspected to warrant replacement. After reading the other complaints I do not want to waste my money on shipping to get no help. I should have stuck with New Balance!!!!!!

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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2013-08-21:
Save your time and money
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Defective Nike Shoes
Posted by Chautorepair on 07/05/2013
2 defective shoes
2 defective shoes
PENNSYLVANIA -- After less then 3 months I noticed that both of my shoes are splitting in the same place. I notified NIKE. They informed me that I have to ship the shoes back to them. So I packed them in the original box with proof of purchase. About 3 weeks later I received my shoes back with a letter stating, " Problem caused from an outside abrasion. Not covered under DEFECT MATERIAL." When I called them back to question. The person I talked to, told me that he was NOT the one that inspected my shoes and there was nothing he could do. I spent $140.00 for these shoes.

ALSO, NIKE kept my original box and Proof of Purchase. I also questioned about why I didn't receive those items back. I was told that in the claims description, it states that they DO NOT send any of that back to you. NIKE has also put marks inside of my shoes with a marker. NIKE refuses to give me a discount towards any other purchases. I told them that I will tell everyone that I know, DO NOT BUY NIKE. They charge high dollars for cheap shoes. I also went back to wearing MERRELL's. They last longer and hold up tons better. NIKE personnel, is like talking to robots. They will only talk and say what is on the computer screen in front of them. I asked a question and the person I was talking to, actually ask me to wait a moment so he could find the answer on the computer.

My opinion about NIKE is that they sell cheap shoes with high prices and THEY will not make good on defective products.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-05:
Was it caused by an outside abrasion?
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NIKE Customer Support
Posted by Wjs1 on 02/14/2013
A couple of years ago I purchased a pair of Nike Air shoes. After several months they went to squeaking when I walked. Embarrassing to say the least. They were regulated to $60.00 yard shoes. Eight months ago I purchased an identical pair of Nike Airs to replace another brand that I had been wearing. Thinking that the first pair of Nike Airs was just a fluke and that certainly another pair would not have an identical flaw! Wrong! After a couple of months they have gone to squeaking with every step. Will NIKE make good on their product? Apparently not! The second pair, purchased in the fall of 2012 has a 2010 date code on them. NIKE will not honor any type of full warranty in excess of two years. The shoes were already two years old when they were purchased. So, no customer service from NIKE. I will never buy another NIKE product; shoes, shirts, socks, whatever.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2013-02-14:
Nike shoes are good for 30 days, after that, you own them outright. I stopped buying their shoes years ago and now I make every effort to buy from LL Bean; their customer service is second-to-none!
Posted by Dryer Lint on 2013-02-15:
Did you buy these from an authorized retailer? Unsold old models are taken back and credit given to the retailer - works like that for most retail things.
Posted by Karnamay on 2013-02-15:
It's funny, I thought I was the only one who experienced this problem. My Nikes began squeaking within a few months. Unfortunately, I never thought to return them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-02-15:
I've been wearing a pair of Nike Free's for just over a year now with absolutely no issues. I have always worn Nike's but I only buy a pair every few years. I was hesitant to spend $105 on my Nike Free's after seeing all the complaints about poor quality here lately but so far so good. I've worn them daily, worked out in them and ran in them. They are well made and extremely comfortable.
Posted by Eric Masterman on 2013-06-24:
From what I read here it looks like I too would not be compensated for my squeaky Nike's. Thanks Sasquatch for recommending L.L. Bean.

Goodbye Nike.
Posted by scottte on 2013-07-17:
have worn nike air for years, no problem.bought a new pair about six months ago. after a couple months started squeaking, a lot.o.k. loyal customer that i am i assumed they slide buy quality control.bought another pair two months later same problem. thats all i'm done with nike
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Last 30 Months Several Pair of Nikes Instantly Absorbing Ground Moisture
Posted by Vorht on 01/18/2013
Two and one half years ago I returned a new pair of Nike Monarchs. After informing Nike customer service that the sneakers absorb moisture, even off moist concrete hours after rain subsided. Nike issued me a voucher which allows a submission of the sneakers to their inspector. Subsequent to packaging, wrapping, traveling and mailing my Monarchs to Nike the so called Nike inspector returned my sneakers stating nothing was wrong. I once again contacted Zack at Nikes customer service where he insisted they never heard their sneakers absorbing moisture.

Modells Sporting Goods then decided to replace the Monarchs with a new pair but the new pair had the exact same problem. Generous Modells took back the second pair. Two weeks ago I purchased a new pair of Monarchs at Modells. I figured that Nike had corrected the initial defects I experienced and that for sure, two and one half years latter, a new pair would resist street moisture BUT TO NO AVAIL THEY STILL GET WET.

David of Nike customer service contends they never heard of the problem but to the contrary because I reported this twice 30 months ago!David offered the ceremonial our apologies but nothing more. Astounding, I'm the only customer in the world that has experienced leaking Nikes. I understand Nike is experiencing a class action law suit for sneakers that fall apart. Perhaps a second class action suit is now in order.

Someone in Sears executive office (Sears has nothing to do with this)informed me Nike is using a defective Dupont product, in the soles, called Abzorb. He said it has microscopic air bubbles for cushion but the unforeseen side effects is the air bubbles are absorbing moisture. So Sears knows of Nikes problem but Nike doesn't. Wharton business school calculated that one dissatisfied customer eventually equates to ten lost customers via word of mouth.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-18:
The moisture would have to get in somehow, assuming your theory of Abzorb is correct. Knowing I had experienced the problem before, whereas you seem to like the shoes otherwise, it might be worth investing in a small bottle of waterproofing spray. I've used it on a handful of my shoes with great results.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-18:
Abzorb is used in the soles of all the sneakers I have worn for the last several years (New Balance). I haven't had this problem.

However, the mesh upper used on some running shoes is like having no covering at all - water flows in the sides and top.

My guess, based on your complaint, is that the problem is not the Abzorb itself. I couldn't find that a lot of complaints about this are out there, in a quick search.

The reviews complain that this shoe is "squeaky," but I can't find others about water ingress.
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Nike Air Max 2012+ 169.99 Shoe Lasted Me Only 3 Months.
Posted by Seansurfn2 on 11/11/2012
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I saw that I'm not alone with this issue. Nike Air Max shoe I watched it have sole wear extremely quicky and after only 3 months it developed a hole in the air pad. I have owned different shoes which cost only about 55-60 bux which are 2-3 years old and I run on them 3-4 times more and still have plenty of sole. This model I think might be recalled or has serious flaws in the sole rubber.

It also has a very thin rubber sole to begin with and is poorly designed. Their customer service is horrible. First time after 15 years of buying their products I had to spend 27 bucks to ship it just to have it shipped back.. and not even with packing materials.
I'd figure for a 180 dollar shoe you'd have it last more than 3 months. This could be what pushes me to buy Reebok products in the future.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-11:
Sneakers have gone through the roof pricewise. My running shoes used to be $40-50, and they jumped quickly to over $100.

This is a good warning for others looking to buy the Air Max.
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Pro Football
Posted by Cheryl.reedcr on 10/16/2012
I think Nike could have done a much better job on the colors for breast cancer awareness caps! Gray looks terrible! So drab!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-10-16:
I didn't see the gray caps.
I'm all for cancer awareness, but I have to be honest....I am so sick and tired of seeing EVERYTHING in pink!

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Nike, Gave Me My Most Embarrassing Moment!
Posted by Mcneff.mike on 06/16/2012
BEAVERTON, OR AND FT. WAYNE, IN, OREGON -- I am a CEO, of a major Marketing firm. A good friend of mine bought me a Nike Golf belt, at Gordmans in FWA. That was in late March, or early April of this year. Went to a friend's house in a gated community for a golf game with a 4 some of his friends! All, commwented, " Mike, if you're not a good golfer, you sure look like one with all the Nike products you wear and golf with" Then on the second hole, I was teeing off when during the back swing, the belt buckle came loose from the leather, causing my golf shorts, to expose my you know what! I never was so embarrased in my life! Nike, tell the Chinese, or the Indoneasions, to go screw themselves, they put out a poor leather, that causes the belt buckle, to slip from the grabbers on the leather. Cheap, leather to say the least! Gordman's not your fault, you just happen to sell Nike products! If I was Gordman' I would tell Nike, to go screw themselves!

An embarrasssing moment on Nike's behalf! They don't care, They laugh all the way to the bank!

Michael J. McNeff, CEO
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-16:
I couldn't find mention of this major marketing firm that is supposed to be in Fort Wayne, except on a Linked-In page of yours. Does it have another name?
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-06-16:
Well you know the rules. If your opening drive doesn't make it past the lady's tee then you have to walk to your ball with your uh stuff hanging out anyway...
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-06-17:
sounds horrible!
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-06-18:
You certainly are a man of mystery and one of the industry's best kept secrets Op.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-06-18:
That's why you wear underwear
Posted by MRM on 2012-06-18:
JKT, my thoughts exactly!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-06-18:
That would be embarrassing for anyone, even it they weren't a CEO or in a gated community or having a 4some. I know if it happened to me and I was embarrassed, I certainly would get the word out about it, but I wouldn't sign my full name to add to the embarrassment. You've got more guts than I do...
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