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Awful Experience
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- AWFUL EXPERIENCE!! I rented a car for a few days at the beginning of November. I got to the location, located within the Westin Hotel. First, the sign was facing the wrong way and is quite small in comparison to the counter so I didn't see it and had to ask the front desk. But whatever, I got in line.

I waited in line for an hour and a half with only 4 people/parties in front of me. No joke guys, it was awful. When I [finally] got to the counter, I was helped by an agent, I believe his name was Vincent but don't quote me. I told him multiple times that I just wanted the car, I have awesome insurance and if anything happened I would be happy to pay for the repairs. The agent nodded, repeated my wishes, and said he understood. He asked for my ID and insurance card to verify I had proper insurance to cover the rental, which I do, made a copy of both and had me fill out paperwork.

As he was explaining all of the papers and where to sign I asked him again, to make sure, that I am signing the paperwork to verify that I declined any and all of their insurance. He said yes, that is this part (and pointed to the paper) so I trusted him and signed the paperwork so I could get in and out and get the other people in line moving along.

Moving on out to the pick up location, the female attendant was unnecessarily rude, rolling her eyes and rushing me along when we went to inspect the car for damages it already had prior to me driving it. I touched the car in one area to see if it was a paint flaw/scratch and she rudely blurted, "ma'am, that is just dirt!" She definitely seemed like a person who isn't satisfied with the job she has and needs to take it out on others. Nonetheless, I figured they were just overworked so I was very polite to both her and the counter agent.

Once I got in the car, I immediately noticed a sour type of smell despite all 4 windows being wide open. I looked in the back seat and saw what I assumed was dried or caked formula/milk in the middle seat. The substance was crusted on the seat material. It also appeared to have had some sort of water contact with the outside passenger seats as there was a distinct water line. My seat wasn't much cleaner, and had obvious spills on the driver's seat. The car was great, excluding the condition of the interior. So no complaints there.

I returned my car very early and unfortunately 100% forgot to fill the tank. I take full responsibility for that and I knew it was going to cost me an arm and a leg. When I went to check my credit card bill I noticed that I was charged much higher than what I reserved the car for through Expedia. I called their customer service line, was sent a screenshot of their charges for me, and I was charged $44.97 for CDW that I had explicitly explained I did not want at the agent counter.

I called back again to dispute the charges, and was informed that they would have to contact the location I rented from to see what paperwork they have. I was told I would receive a call within 7 days (not business days, I confirmed that). 12 days later I had to call their customer service again, as I hadn't heard anything from anyone. I was told I would get a response within 1 full day.

I got a phone call from David, the supervisor, that said (and this is a direct quote) "so I don't know there was a miscommunication or misunderstanding or what happened uh but unfortunately... I wouldn't be able to refund [your money]". I received an email, in an peculiar fashion where here were multiple people CC'd on the email (If you're going to CC people in it, make sure to do a BCC, David!) that included the 2 forms I signed. On the first form, there is a detailed list of charges, none of which add up to $44.97. The second was a form that was explained to me by the agent as a waiver stating I was declining their insurance and using mine.

So essentially, because their agent explained the paperwork incorrectly and the charges don't match up, there must be a miscommunication right? Isn't this what customer service is about? Figuring out the needs of the customer and making it right? But nope, according to David the supervisor, "so I don't know [if] there was a miscommunication or misunderstanding or what happened uh but unfortunately... I wouldn't be able to refund".

So thank you, NU Car Rentals and David the supervisor, for explaining your policies and paperwork wrong, for the subpar customer service and for scamming me out of $45. $45 is pocket change to a company like yours, but to me, that's money to pay my bills. I hope you spend it well!

All in all, I wouldn't waste your time with this company. You'll get disappointing service, disgusting cars, and you'll get charged for things you undeniably expressed you didn't want. Their rates may be cheaper, but your time spent waiting in line and being treated like scum, in addition to the unexplained charges, will put you at the same price for a car from a well respected and professional company.

NU Car Rental = One-time Service Provider + Nothing But Hassles
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I rather give -5 stars than 1 star for this scamming agency! Please stay away from these con artists to save your trip! No kidding at all! Please read to make your judgment! I am very disappointed with NU Car Rentals on this reservation. This renting agency is very dishonest and practicing an immoral business. I hope will never recommend this agency to its clients in the future to protect own reputation.

Here is my negative experience with NU Car Rentals. First of all, it took me 1 hour to catch the shuttle to the hotel where the rental agency is located. Second, it took me another 45 minutes standing on the line to check in on my reservation.

Third, the rental staff tried to scam on me by lying to me about my reservation. She said that she did not have the car that I reserved. However, she had a full-size car (Toyota Camry) available for me to rent at $25/day rate. I argued that my original reservation car is a ford fusion (full-size vehicle) at a promotional rate of $20/day. I reserved it 1 month in advance. Then she pretended that she did not understand me. Luckily, I have a print-out of the contract with me. So I shown it to her. Then she pretended to go outside to check on the car. When she came back, she told me, "You're fine. We have it for you."

Fourth, she refused to check out the vehicle for me and demanded me to purchase the liability insurance from NU Car Rentals. I told her that I already have the liability insurance from my current car insurance. I shown her my insurance proof. I also told her that I have the collision damage cover from for the entire rental period. I also shown her the proof for this insurance as well.

Still, she kept asking me to purchase the liability insurance for the cost of $105 for 7 days ($15 per day) before she can check the car out for me. I was so exhausted from a long and early traveling schedule. So for a peace of mind, I purchased the liability insurance from nu car rentals to save my day.

Upon checking out, another staff member walked me around the car to check for the initial conditions of the vehicle. The vehicle has damages on the front bumper, the rear bumper, on top of the junk cover, and on the side doors. The guy said to me that do not spill liquid inside the car. Then I checked the interior and found the back seats were stained. I came back to ask him document it. We did this checking inside a parking ramp. It was dark and in the middle of a driveway. They did not even give me a parking pass to get out of the parking ramp. I have to come back and asked for it.

Upon returning, the same staff who check out the vehicle for me examined the car. He did not check anywhere else. Instead, I walked directly to the driver door and used a flashlight to point to a small ding on the door. Then he asked me to make a claim with the insurance for the damage compensation. I had no idea whether or not the ding was already there before I checked it out or not. I believed no one could spot this ding in such condition. It is smaller than the tip of my index finger. It required a flashlight to spot it.

To avoid missing my flight home, I did not argue with him. I filed a claim. But he refused to give me my deposit ($500) back. It took me 1 month to go through the insurance claim and many phone calls to get my deposit back. They claimed $1,015 from the insurance for the tiny damage. The manager, named Tee, promised to call me back in 10 days but he never called. I called him and his staffs many times. They all lied and rude. Finally, I talked to the owner, named Vincent Le, to get my deposit back.

I have rented from Hertz and Enterprise for a decade and never had any ridiculous claim like this one! NU Car Rentals is a one-time service provider. They ruined my trip. I will never rent from this scamming agency again. Bye bye NU Car Rentals!!! Never see you again!

There Was No Car Available for Us
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEBRASKA -- We booked a rental car through Orbitz to be picked up in Las Vegas. Our plane landed around 4:00 pm and we took the shuttle to the car rental area. We were not able to find NU where we booked our car. We were assisted by a gentleman at Alamo. Rental was across the street in a small building. My spouse said to me "this looks shady" and I said it was OK as I booked through Orbitz.

As we waited our turn there was a couple who was being waited on and we witnessed that they had booked a convertible Corvette - they were told it was not available and were being given a Mercedes Benz. They stated "that is not what we booked for." They were told that a Camaro might be available the next day and the couple stated they would not pay Corvette price for a Camaro and did not want a Mercedes Benz. Arguing continued and at the end this couple did not get what they asked for.

I feel if someone books a specific car such as this couple did they should be notified if it will not be available so they can decide if they would like to go with another rental company. If I was in their situation I would not have accepted anything other than what I asked for and believed I was getting and would have attempted to rent from another agency.

Finally when it was our turn to get our car, the agent went on to the computer and stated "I'm sorry, your reservation was cancelled." When asked why, she stated it had to be picked up within a certain time. I asked what happened to the car we reserved and she stated they rented it out. I asked if they had anything else available and she stated no and apologized that she couldn't help us. We did not book for a specific car, just a basic midsize car.

When I booked our car for the day our plane was to land, my confirmation stated the car would be available for pick up at 10:30 a.m. - I believed this meant (like hotel reservations) that I could not pick it up until 10:30 am or later but, no, I was to have picked it up within 2 hours of this time. As our conversation was going on, the other couple who didn't get their Corvette was listening and my spouse stated they were watching with a look of shock on their faces. I believe this couple will hesitate to ever book at NU again.

We left NU and walked to another car rental agency and booked through them. When the man at the new agency heard our story, he shook his head and stated "we hold our cars for 24 hours." And I felt he wanted to say more about NU but was being professional and did not. When I relooked at my confirmation email regarding our rental I could not find any information regarding specific pick-up times. I urge Orbitz to consider taking NU out of their search, as my spouse stated "they were batting zero" that day.

Worst Experience Ever - Never Again
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Rating: 1/51

SANM JUAN -- I went on Travelocity to find the best deal for a rental car in Puerto Rico. NU Car Rental had better advertised rates than anyone else, so I made reservations and also purchased insurance. This extremely negative experience included:

(1) a crammed ride in a car too small for three of us and our luggage from the airport to the rental office,
(2) an extremely long wait (about an hour) at the office for their one man desk to even start helping us,
(3) charge after additional charge which we were never informed of when we made the reservation,
(4) being informed that they could not honor the car insurance I had purchased through Travelocity,
(5) being informed that we could not return the car early (forced to pay for whole weeks - not given the option of daily rates) and,
(6) to make it even worse, an extra and outrageous $500 was charged to my credit card to replace a passenger side window which was broken by a rock from a lawn mower.

The Manager, Jesse, told me it would probably run about $200 to $300 to replace the window and that the difference would be credited to my credit card account. After waiting almost two months for the credit, which never appeared, I called them to find out the status. After Jesse "checked " with someone, I was informed that the charges were much higher than $500 to replace one car window (mind you, this was a small window and not even a windshield). At that point, I simply informed him that this was an obvious scam and that I was done with this company forever.

In retrospect, I should have put a freeze on this extra credit card charge by contesting it. But I was still hoping they would do the right thing. I hope Travelocity takes this company off their site so that other unsuspecting victims do not fall prey to this unscrupulous and thieving company.

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Rating: 1/51

On July 26, 2016 I arrived at the West Palm Beach airport. I had reserved a car from NU rental agency, which is a subsidiary of America's Best Car Rental, through Travelocity. STAY AWAY FROM THIS RENTAL COMPANY. THEY ARE AWFUL!

Although I had specified I wanted to rent the car at the airport, I did not read the fine print close enough, and when I arrived (after 8 hours of travel) I discovered that NU does not have an airport office. Their closest office was over 45 minutes away. When I called the office to send a shuttle for me, they told me to wait at Bus Station #7, in front of the terminal. When I went to the front of the terminal there were no “Bus Station #7” signs. I asked an airport police officer and some airport employees if they knew where Bus Station #7 was, and no one had any idea what I was talking about.

So I called back the rental agency for further directions. The woman that answered told me I had mistaken the directions, and that I needed to get on the general car rental shuttle bus, go to the car rental center, and I would find Bus Stop #7 in front of the rental center. I did so, and, once again, there was no Bus Stop #7, and no one had any idea what I was talking about.

I called NU again and the same woman answered. She told me I had mistaken her instructions, and that I needed to get back on the shuttle, go back to the main airport, and find the #7 Bus Stop. At this point it was obvious that she had never been to the airport, was reading off a script, and had no actual knowledge of what she was talking about. I told her to cancel my reservation, and her response was, “That's great!”

I understand her relief, because trying to do a job when you have no idea what you are doing is one of the most frustrating feelings there is. Although it cost me an extra $100 because I did not have a reservation, I was able to get a car from Enterprise. Enterprise service was excellent, and the people working there did a great job. When I got home I discovered that NU had charged a $39 cancellation fee to my credit card!

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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- AVOID!!! Last week I reserved and prepaid $107 for 1 week car rental in Miami. When I arrived to MIA early in the morning, not only I had to pay for a taxi because they never arrived at pickup location, but they also charged me an additional $243 (Yes, a total of $350!!!)

Unexpected charges included: Mandatory added insurance (14.95 per day), Mandatory Sunpass ($10 per day and yes, you cannot use your own or Sunpass Mini), Road Tax (2,05 per day), MIA Concession (4,5%), Energy Recovery (4,25%), Vehicle License Rec (6,5%) Sales Tax (7%). Worst attention ever, the car was notoriously crashed and repaired. I hope you guys are lucky enough to see this review and stay as far away as possible from this SCAMMERS.

Reservation Change
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Wrong reservation possibly my fault. I tried to call several times phone number on document was wrong. After searching I found a new number. When I tried to call it I got an answering machine left message. Called global phone number. Left a message. After several calls trying to reach a person the global representative answered they tried to call they got no answer. But they returned my call telling me they would get back.

Called Las Vegas agent again they answered. When I asked to change reservation they told me to call Global agent to change reservation. Their online request form does not work. It's like trying to talk to the wall. Very dissatisfied with their system. These people need help! Do not rent from these people!

Absolutely Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Absolutely horrible services. Extremely unpleasant experience. Just bad. I regret that I didn't check the review before I made a reservation through Orbitz. There were overwhelming amount of negative reviews online, and I wouldn't have rented a car if I read them.

There are many hidden cost, and I ended up paying about twice as much as the original quote. They charge $10 extra a day for each additional driver. (I have never heard of such thing...) They will force you to use their insurance if you don't have a car insurance policy card with you. (Who would travel with the car insurance policy card with them? Luckily, we had GEICO policy card.). They will force you to pay another $10 a day for SunPass, which is probably overpriced for what it is.

The car is in bad condition. The tail ramp was broken, and at the end, the service agent almost blamed for the damage. I was so glad that I took pictures of the car before we left the facility. The service agent was the worst. We returned the car an hour before our drop off time, but she claimed we are 5 hours late and we were going to be charged for an extra day. As I pointed out the original quote clearly shows the drop off time, and she had to admit that it was her "mistake".

As I didn't accept her apology for her sneaky "mistake", she got so mad and called us being so critical because of our cultural background. Enough said. So bad. It ruined our fun vacation to certain extent. In fact, I would recommend strongly not to use this service. The service is also known as Auto Boutique. Be careful.

Nu Car Rentals - Please Do Not Rent From Them!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Please do not rent from them! They are dishonest and have ZERO customer service! They are not an American company; not sure where they are from in Eastern Europe (Russia or Ukraine), but they do not do business the way we do in this country. They do not understand or give any customer service! They are very rude and do not follow honest business practices.

We rented a car, the paperwork was not very clear, but we trusted them. We returned the car in pristine condition (vacuumed, cleaned out and filled up with gas). Despite this we never got our $300 deposit refunded, which they charge you right when you take the car (not just a credit hold, like other companies). And the paperwork that they gave us does not have a final sign off on a cleanly returned car, despite the fact that we asked for it. We tried calling them several times, only to be put off by some excuse. We are trying to dispute this with our bank. Please do yourself a favor and avoid NU Car Rentals at all costs!

Car Rental Scam
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Complete scam! They were cheap so I thought I'd give it a try. Paid for a car a month in advance. Arrived at the airport, called their transport number, got a recorded message as to where to wait for their shuttle van. No van ever showed up. Numerous calls to their offices, no one ever answered! No pick-up, no car. Had to rent another car from a real agency. Had to pay top dollar as it was now last minute and no time to shop for deals.

After my trip, I made numerous calls to NU Car Rentals (told to leave message as no one ever answers their phone). E-mailed their customer service back and forth, each time asking for more information on my trip. (What time did I call am or pm?) REALLY. Still waiting for a refund. This company is an ABSOLUTE SCAM! BEWARE!

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