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Horrible "Customer Service", Car not available
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- The shuttle was 30 minutes late, the rental place didn't have a van ready even though at that point we were an hour into our rental, and they refused to refund money. Don't ever use this rental service if you don't want to be taken for all your time and money. Non-existent customer service and we were only one group of four that didn't have cars ready or had other issues. They tried to convince our pregnant friend to wait at McDonalds until we finally got mad enough that they gave us a stained, smelly van with broken seat belts. I would give them zero stars if I could.
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Rip You Off as if You Were a Fool
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- They offer the best rental price in the market, BUT they will rip you off with a variety of hidden fees.

I rented a car between May 28 and May 31. I waited for 30 minutes in the airport for the shuttle to take me to the car rental office in the Four Points Hotel, then waited in line for another 45 minutes (if not an hour yet) to finally get the rental car. However, I was tolerating the slow service because I was paying the lowest price among all car rental companies; I also feel they were just taking extra time to serve two guests ahead of me who have many questions.

When I was at the counter, they asked me to sign and initial a lot of places on the contract, as part of the "normal procedures." In the end, I returned the car on time, with a full tank of gas. So, they did not charge me a penny extra at that time.

In mid-August, they sent me a bill of $76.40 ($1.40 toll fee for the Express Way, but $75.00 for the "administration fee"). As a tourist, I accidentally used the Express Way on the highway (there are no toll booths; it merges a car pool lane into an Express Way). After I noticed I entered the Express Way by mistake, I got out in the next exit. That's why the Express Way had $1.40 on my rental car. I did not pay too much attention because my previous experience with other car rental companies told me that I would normally receive a bill later from the rental car company for the toll fee(s).

NU car never asked me for the $1.40 charges. Instead, they back charged me $76.40, with $75 so-called "administration fee." As I mentioned before, I rented many cars with other car rental companies, none of the other companies charged me any administration fees for tolls, needless to mention that is an outrageous $75!

I tried to contact the Office, giving them a chance to fix their mistake. My calls often went to voice mail. I finally spoke to a staff member (if you want to talk to a real person, call them early in the morning). He said he could not do anything for me because I had signed the contract, which stating I agreed to pay $75 "administration fee" on any fees that the company paid on my behalf. I said I wanted to talk to the manager. I was told I must left a message for the manager to call me back (the manager was not in the office at all). I then waited for two more days. I called again and left one more message to the staff. Still, nobody called me back. Then, I called again and finally got a hold to the manager. The manager asked me to leave him my phone number, name, and a contract number. According to the manager, he could not do that either, but the company would contact me "soon." I have been waiting for two days now. Nobody calls me. So, I am writing this review. Hopefully, nobody needs to go through what I have been through anymore.

I told the manager and the staff that they will lose me as a customer forever even though they could have collected the extra $75 this time for its revenue. In the future, who knows if they they would increase their "administration fee" to $750 or even more as it is just a contract they wanted you to sign. I will definitely stay away from this company even though they "seem" to offer the lowest price in the market, but as other reviews said, they will just find any ways possible to rip you off.
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alan on 04/11/2014:
Rented in Orlando with Nu Car Rental through internet. Good price. When I got there they highly suggested I purchase express electronic toll booth pass, good anywhere, for $43. They said the state of Fl is downsizing personnel at booth. This would get you through booths quicker. I fell for it, purchasing the $43 pass. I only passed through about 5 booths all week, could have just thrown coins in each booth instead of throwing $43 at Nu Car. I feel I was ripped off. Car also was not very clean, with many miles on it. Probably the worst vehicle I've ever rented. The lot was off premises even though it was advertised as Orlando Int'l Airport. Another deception in my book.
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Worst Rental Ever!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We rented a car through Expedia, the agency name was NU Car Rental and it said located at Orlando airport. We arrived at 1:00 to airport and searched for half an hour on something called or affiliated with Nu. Nothing was found, we had to talk to one of the airport security who advised that this is a non authorized company at the airport. We did 4 international calls from our phone to find a Number fr them as none was stated on the reservation info, website or Expedia. One hour later they came to pick us up, we had two small kids who were exhausted and has already missed our lunch date with our friends. The driver advised us to complain when we arrive as this has been the case with everyone he picks up, then once we arrived they wouldn't do anything to make it up on us and eventually they gave us a free GPS rental. Not only were they the rudest people ever and had never been trained in any sort of customer service but they were also unrespectful, unthoughtful and all the bad things you can imagine. We jumped in the car only to find that the free GPS offered is actually in old one that does not work. Kids were already depresses, I was exhausted I can back to they office an hour later to tell them that it's not working but they wouldn't even bother helping. I just left. This is the worst car rental ever I would advise anyone who is reading this to trust me and never book with them, the driver in pick up was the most rude and non polite, closing the bus door like he hates his job, obviously the employees are also over worked and hated their job. I never thought a car rental experience could ruin my vacation but this one certainly did!!!!
Company Response 04/10/2014:
Thank you for your feed back. Unfortunately we have been trying to get the Airport to update their signage with no success. We do have signage at the courtesy phones and outside by the curbside pick up area. I apologize for your unfortunate experience with us while in Orlando. There is no excuse for rudeness and no one should have to be expose to such treatment. I welcome all feed back so thank you for your candid review and once again I apologize and I will definitely address all issues immediately .
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 11/22/2012:
With all respect, was there any guarantee that the rental agency was within the airport. It may have been a bad assumption and poor planning on your part. Then there were assumptions that they should comp you something because of it. I wouldn't think this is right either.

Hopefully it was a good lesson learned.
CC on 11/30/2012:
I also had a very similar experience with Nu Car Rental. I did read the reservation instructions from Expedia. It said to go to the courtesy phones and call them to get a shuttle. They are not listed on the courtesy phones. I contacted Expedia and had them call. When they called the person Al that answered the phone was rude. He said they do not send a shuttle until they are called. There are no published numbers for the MCO location. If I had not contacted Expedia they would never get a call. In addition the shuttle never came. I waited for 1.5 hours for them to come and they never showed. I called Expedia, Expedia called them and they canceled my reservation. This still left me without a car. They are horrible. I wish I had read the review of this lady before booking my reservation with them.
matt on 03/20/2013:
They were late in picking me up from the airport, car was in rough shape and smelled. Employee at location was rude, difficult and belligerent, insisting my corporate insurance card was not acceptable (a lie
Davie on 04/08/2013:
I too have had appalling service from Nu Car Rental ---- although in LAX (Los Angeles Airport). Not only was the staff incredibly rude, the manager not present, and I was given the wrong car! But also, they charged me for 2 weeks, even though I only rented the car for 5 days. Expedia should NOT be supporting these crooks, who are a sham of a car rental business. Take your business elsewhere is my advice.
Shelly H on 06/30/2013:
RUN FROM NU CAR RENTAL! They are scammers. I have had such a deplorable experience I have filed my reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and have filed complaints with the BBB and asked the Attorney General to investigate them for insurance fraud. They appear to operate as multiple companies by names other than NU such as "Fasttrack" which was displayed on their sign when I arrived at LAX, and previously were U SAVE. This company said I wrecked a brand new car and because I signed their stupid damage waiver my insurance carrier paid them anyway. Even my rep at Progressive said it was unfortunate we had to pay as she thought they were scammers as well. Not to mention they were rude complete jerks and left me waiting over 90 minutes as they had run out of cars for me and multiple other customers despite having a prior reservation. Ridiculous.
Adrienne on 08/25/2013:
I want to thank everyone for their comments on Nu rent a car - you've saved me from disaster. I will stay with E-Z, they've been great for four rentals so far and are AT MCO - no shuttles!
Dino on 09/04/2013:
I will not rent from them. I have two kids and rather pay more for my comfort.
Thank you all for the comments.
sheri on 09/13/2013:
Chris on 09/14/2013:
I also had a sad experience with Nü Car. I had a reservation with them at MCO. By the time I figured out how to get in contact with them, (get the number by calling Expedia) they had canceled my reservation. "Sorry. You were late. Doesn't matter that the plane was late."

This has NEVER happened to me. Then I was told that if I wanted, I could rent the same car for a higher price. That was it. I did not like that answer. They said OK, then hung up the phone. I would NEVER recommend them. Ever.
Eric on 09/28/2013:
Same sorry service, tried to make us buy their insurance, tried to make us buy their daily toll pass, we reserved a full size and then tried Ti give us a compact at the same rate. Offered a minivan for $10 more per day, we declined, they finally gave us a mid size car, sitting on empty. This is a bunch of scammers and losers, NEVER rent from them !!!!
ITZEL on 10/28/2013:
thank youuuuuuuuuu to save me
Leonardo on 10/31/2013:
thank you so much for your comments!!
You have saved me from this scammers!!

Thanks a lot again!!
ddddd on 11/14/2013:
Thank u guys for your comments. I planned to rent a car from their company. But Now I TOTALLY CHANGE MY MIND. I rather spend more money to rent in a more reliable and bigger company.
Kenny on 12/27/2013:
Same crap they are trying to force us to buy their insurance saying we have to have a hard copy an will not accept a fax from the insurance company or any other form of verification
Robert S on 02/08/2014:
I rented a mid size car for a week in San Juan PR and purchased the additional insurance from Expedia two weeks ago (1/30/14). The rental center is locate in Isla Verde approximately ten minutes from the airport by shuttle bus in an inconvenient business area sharing a crowded parking lot. The office is drabby looking with few chairs. At the time there was one attendant using a laptop. Expect a long wait if someone is ahead of you. After handing the attendant my confirmation for the rental as well as the insurance information I was told they did not accept the insurance I had purchased from Expedia and would have to purchase there insurance and call Expedia to cancel their insurance. I thought this was a little unusual but figured it was not much of an inconvenience. I did not however, agree with the fact that I would be obligated to pay for their version of the " Easypass" known as the Auto Express if I had planned on driving on tolled highways. The attendant told me I could not pay out of pocket and I would be charged $100 for every toll I paid for without activating their Auto Express at $7 per day unlimited use. Because I had planned on driving on the expressway across the island I felt compelled to pay the additional $56 for the eight days regardless of using it for two days which amounted to less than $15 dollars. I told him this was an unjustified practice and he claimed other car rental companies are doing the same thing. I disagreed.

In their defense I must say the Nissan I rented was fairly new and clean although, upon returning the car it was an inconvenience having to wait for an attendant at the parking lot to let me through the gate. Next time I'll pay the extra dollars and rent from a reputable company.
Ms. Rogers on 04/10/2014:
I recently rented a vehicle from Nu Car Rental at the Orlando location. I had wonderful experience. Unfortunately after leaving my license home they were so helpful. I had a reservation with Dollar and they would not rent to me. I went to the courtesy phone and called all the car rentals finally I called Action/Nu Car Rental and they were a blessing to me . They came to pick up at the airport in less than 15 minutes the shuttle was at the curb side to pick me up and when I arrived at the location the staff was very helpful and professional . So I don't know why you didn't have good experience when my trip would have been ruined if not for this company. Great service and very friendly
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Worst Nightmare -Don't Recommend It at All
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I made a reservation to pick up a minivan around 9:00 pm. When I went to the car rental, they said they don't any minivan available. They told me, they were changing the tires from one and should be ready next day at 6:00 am. The guy who spoke to me told me to go there as early as possible and ask for the manager to explain the situation and he would give me that minivan. When I went to the office to pick up the minivan and I asked for the manager, he told me that I was told a lie, that they don' have a minivan on repair and there were other three customer in front of my turn waiting for minivan too. He state they already pay and mine was a reservation but not paid yet, so if I want a minivan. I have to wait my turn and if they return the mini van. To end my story, it was a nightmare. He shows no care about us at all. He ask us to look for a car rental on the area. We were unable to leave on time to our trip to Miami, we had to go to the office twice, and we ended paying a higher price for a last minute reservation in another Company. Dealing with them was a nightmare, but the worst part is that they didn't care.
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Bad Service and Many Hidden Fees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We waited 45 minutes for a shuttle after calling twice and being hung up on both times. The guy at the rental counter was very rude. He said there was a drop off fee that they would pay, but charged us instead. There are also several extra fees they charged. This ended up being more expensive than the other companies, and the service was awful!
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They Will Double Your Quote
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PUERTO RICO -- The original quote was low and I also spoke to the company and was assured that a copy of your car insurance rental agreement was enough.
When I arrived a the car rental, the quote was doubled in price. They will take you back to the airport if you want to spend the first few hours of your vacation dealing with this. The car they finally gave me was not the one on the rental agreement that was given to me to drive around with.
They were rude.
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Will Not Honor Internet Reservation's Terms
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT LAUDERDALE -- In several areas of my reservation it boasted unlimited miles within the state of Florida until I arrived there then the terms magically changed. Their deals seem to good to be true because they are. Classic bait and switch.
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Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I was flying to LAX on a Sunday, my flight was delayed by 5 hours and I missed my reservation to pick up the car. They were so nice, I picked up the car the next day and they didn't charge me for Sunday. I rented a nice economy car for 10 days and it cost me $143.00. I had a great experience. I work in production and recommended them to our line producer. I didn't use the shuttle though, I don't know how that is. Jo
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