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Broken Promises When Installing New Business Communications
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GOOSECREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We just opened a new business a few months ago and we utilized Nuvox Communications as our provider for Phone and Internet service. The installation took over a month and our paperwork was lost and then misplaced...
The sales Dept. would not return calls and every time you call the call goes to voice mail!

Nuvox finally gave us a phone number and we had all of our business cards and other information printed up and then we were told that the number they gave us actually belonged to another customer of theirs. Luckily the other customer agreed to allow us to have it because it was only a fax number...

Nuvox has still not fixed the caller ID so when we call our customers they see the other companies name...

We were promised a credit of one months services because of all of the problems and the fact that installation was changed three different times. As of today (52 days later) we have not yet received the credit but they have billed us for two months services!!!

When our contract we ends we are changing providers even if it costs more...
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Suusan B. on 04/29/2008:
Nuvox appears to be a reseller and they are usually bad news. I've been in telecom for 20 years and feel it's always best to use a local carrier - Verizon, AT&T, etc. They might be a few bucks more but you're dealing with the "source" and it's a lot more secure.
Cbgator on 05/01/2008:
This is Chris Benyo, EVP of Sales & Marketing at NuVox. Please contact me at and I will make sure your problem is fixed.
Cbgator on 05/01/2008:
NuVox is NOT a Reseller. We own and operate our own TDM and Voice over IP network. We have more than 1/2 billion in revenue and more than 90,000 satisfied customers across 48 markets in 16 states.
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
Suusan, best answer. NuVox uses as its IP network provider. People are always better off cutting out the third party middleman and going direct as Suusan points out.
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
If I'm not mistaken most cable companies use Level3.Net or at least Cox Cable does.
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
Your somewhat right Awspie. If you are on Cox Internet and go to you will never leave the Cox network. Cox is a complete tier 1 network provider. But if you go to say Cox will pass you over direct to Yahoo on about the sixth hop. If you go to a smaller network like Nuvox you will go from Cox to Level3 then onto Nuvox as Nuvox uses Level3 as its backbone provider. The last hop before you get into the Nuvox network is, then you will end up at

Unless you are really big like MSN or AT&T you have to use one of the big boys as your backbone. There is no way is big enough to own it's own tier 1 network. Maybe someday but not right now.

Suusan knows her stuff and is right, try to get your services from the primary carrier whenever possible and stay away from third party resellers. Just like in the travel biz, book direct with a hotel or airline as problems are easier to deal with. Case in point, this post.
Cbgator on 05/01/2008:
It is very easy to confuse NETWORK and TRANSPORT. MSN for instance, owns no transport. But they do have a network. NuVox uses multiple carriers for Transport, as does even ATT. So, Level III is not NuVox's IP network provider, but we do buy some transport from them.
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
cbgator - I'm impressed with the way you stepped up to the plate on this one. I hope the reviewer gives you the opportunity to make it right and if so please let us know.
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
No one is confused about anything. Trace routes tell the entire story. You are not a tier 1 provider, you are a reseller of tier 1 carriers services. There is nothing wrong with that, but don't try to make people think you are a AT&T or Level3. You have your own IP block - but you have to access the Internet by using Level3 or someone else.

Suusan's point is still valid, buy from the primary carrier in your area whenever possible. If that is not an option use a reseller like NuVox.

The original point of this post is getting glossed over in all of this. NuVox is not taking care of business or the OP would not have posted this review.
Suusan B. on 05/01/2008:
Anyway you look at it, BellSouth/AT&T is the LEC for South Carolina. That was my original point and I stand by it. If it were me I would always select a LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) provider over a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier).
Cbgator on 05/01/2008:
Suusan-- Again, almost complete information. BellSouth (now ATT) is certainly the dominant local phone company in South Carolina (one of the states NuVox serves). But there are many other LEC's: Sprint has local service in South Carolina, along with Hargray Telephone, Home Telephone, Rock Hill Telephone (now Comporium), Bluffton Telephone and many others. The link below shows you all the LOCAL phone companies, just in South Carolina. Each of these is the dominant carrier in their area. BellSouth/ATT is not in these areas. Each state is just like this. A company like NuVox is sometimes the only carrier that can serve customers who have operations in many different phone company's operating areas. So, it can be a matter of choice as well as coverage.

As to Mr. SuperBowl's post on NuVox not cutting it, I'd like to understand what business you are in that you have never had an unhappy customer. Each customer we have with pain (and yes, there are some) pains me. Our business experiences one of the lowest customer churn rates in our industry. Unfortunately we do lose some customers and we do have some we can't make happy. But I've never met anyone perfect. What we can do is strive for perfection and total satisfaction.
Anonymous on 05/01/2008:
Mr. Cbgator, what biz I'm in has no bearing on this thread. If you read the complaint you guys let this problem go way to long. If we have a customer problem we resolve it the same day not months later, we do not ignore phone call's and leave people hanging the way you guys did in this case.
Cbgator on 05/02/2008:
Cbgator on 05/05/2008:
Still no response to me from the original poster. I am here and ready to take care of your issue....
tell it on 05/15/2008:
All of the negative remarks concerning NuVox are truly invalid!
cherpep on 05/15/2008:
Oh, OK. That makes it all better.
Anonymous on 05/15/2008:
Well then "tell it" why don't you explain why NuVox made this customer have to post in a public forum to get some attention? Not a very good way to treat your customers.

ps) And stay the hell off my IM.
Anonymous on 05/15/2008:
Hmmmm...just looked at tell it's 'trust list'. Tell it, trusts, tell it. Well that settles that, we simply must listen to tell it.
voipseller on 06/25/2008:
This is why the Internet can be so dangerous. You have someone who may or may not have a real issue post a complaint and then all kinds of people jump on the bandwagon and slam the company.

Every company is going to have customers who get upset. It happens, even the best companies can't bat .1000. And here we actually have a great example of percisely why someone might want to deal with a CLEC; Someone posts an issue on the Internet and an EVP of the company responds and wants to provide resolution. Do you think that an exective at AT&T or Level 3 is going to do the same thing?

Also- CLECs cater to a certain size business; typically 30-200 user organizations that have less than 5-10 T1s. AT&T, Global Crossing, Verizon, etc could not care less about this type of account. They don't service them- this is one of the reasons the CLEC was born in the first place. Level3? If you are looking for greater than a DS3 of access capacity then they are an option. You want a T1, sorry.

Have I worked for CLECs in the past? Yes. Nuvox? No. Were the vast majority of my customers treated better while they paid less? Absolutely. Did my company occasionally screw up? Yes. Did we fix it? Yes. That is business.

The T1 is close to 50 years old, and only over the last 10 years have they become affordable, which perfectly coincides with the birth of the CLEC.The CLEC is not your enemy.

lglbgle on 09/23/2008:
I am a new NUVOX customer (8/5/08), and so far, I am extremely disappointed. First - I was told by NUVOX that they would coordinate to have my IT person, my phone system tech person and the NUVOX person on-site for the cut-over. My IT person was there.. No phone system person (they weren't notified).. and when he did show up.. my IT guy and the phone guy were sitting around waiting for NUVOX (charging me by the hour). Finally we called, only to find out NUVOX would be handling their end by PHONE!
Second -- I thought I was told (but perhaps I am mistaken), that NUVOX would coordinate with AT&T to handle the switch over and port the numbers over. I called AT&T a few days after the cut over date (8/5) to make sure I was disconnected, and was told it was in process and that it would cancel when NUVOX completed things on their end. On Sept 19 I called AT&T because my bill from them was too high. I was informed that NUVOX didn't call to end my service until 9/2 and then, left one line (not needed or switched over to NUVOX) active. WHY?
When I contacted my "single point of contact" for NUVOX (used as a selling point), I was essentially told it was my fault. That it was my responsibility to call AT&T to end my service. OK.. if so, then why did NUVOX call AT&T and end my service for all but one line on 9/2?
Third - After service began, I quickly realized that my local calling area with NUVOX is about 1/3 the size of AT&T. MY contact said to watch the bill, and because of the number of free minutes, it may not affect my bill. Well, maybe. I haven't had the service long enough to know. I do know that I have to dial 11 digits instead of 7 WAY TOO MUCH.
So far... NUVOX does not impress me. Their customer service so far does not impress me. (In all fairness however, C/S is better than AT&T.. which is not a compliment).
loriinbburg on 11/12/2008:
NuVox really stinks. We have had nothing but problems with them. Our emails take forever to come into and leave our boxes. Sometimes our emails are delayed and we don't receive them in our inbox for an hour or so after the 'received' time. They like to blame other companies servers. It't never their fault. If the received time is 3:54 and it doesn't pop into my inbox until 5:00 it is clearly NuVox's fault. That means that NuVox received the email at 3:54. The majority of our business is conducted through email so we cannot afford to have problems but we are stuck in a contract with them. Our phone service occasionally goes out too. Their service is just unreliable.
kennygnc on 02/19/2009:
Nuvox, After a little trouble on the initial setup and a month with the fax line not always working the internet and telephone have been working fine. My issue with them is that 3 months ago they just added about $60 to my monthly bill. No additional service and the service is not even a year old yet. The "Customer Care Person" said that they gave me a 30 day notice and I agreed to let them raise their rates anytime they feel like it. They are unethical and as soon as possible I will cancel this service.
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