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Oakey USA bad warranty policy, expensive products but they won't guarrantee their products
By -

FOOHILL RANCH, CALIFORNIA -- I am informing everyone about a problem I have encountered with In October 1997, I bought an Oakley backpack from a Oakley retailer, paying full price. Color black. Back in April 2000, I had contacted Oakley that my backpack stitching was coming undone and color was fading away. Oakley customer services, said "send us the backpack and we will fix it." They said the product was guaranteed for a lifetime. They fixed the pack and I was left feeling happy again after they fix it for me.

Now in October of 2006, I had a different issue with Oakley. This time when I called Oakley I said my backpack zippers were broken as they needed to be repaired, Oakley customer service (800.431.1439). Yet Oakley customer service said, "we don't offer repair on our products," in fact they said they repair nothing. They only said "we offer a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase," that'€™s all. Well I said to their customer service that they repaired the same backpack before 6 years ago and it was fixed, how can that be(?).

As they had the information on their computer from April 2000, they fixed the bag but were denying it. I said "I don'€™t understand, I bought this backpack with a lifetime warranty." And they said, "nope, no warranty, we never had a warranty." Well as expensive as Oakley is, how can they not offer a warranty on expensive luggage? This is considered camping outdoor equipment and the competitor who make the same products are guaranteed for life.

Oakley products should all be lifetime warranty, not just for me I told them. They are expensive and not just for me as a customer but it should apply to everyone who buys apparel packs as this is good gear. When Oakley offers a 90 day warranty that is a Honda dealer selling you new Honda and with a 90 Day warranty when the car can last 20 to 30 years of hard driving on the original engine. If something small breaks, the dealer refuses to fix it. How would you feel? Well this is what Oakley is doing, not to me but to everyone who buys from and every retail or outlet on any Oakley product.

Oakley makes these packs for heavy outdoor use, why not guarantee them as they can withstand heavy outdoor activities on sorts of use but a 90 day warranty, that says Oakley cannot guarantee its products. The price you pay with Oakley, again is more expensive than your average major competitors charge to make the same gear. If they can sell gear cheaper and warranty it for a lifetime compared to a more expensive product than Oakley's 90 day guarantee, what does they say about your company?

You know if I own a backpack from LL Bean I bought 90 years ago and it needed new zippers, LL Bean will replace it or even refund my money back if they can't. Imagine LL Bean fixing my 90 year old backpack and Oakley refusing to fix 2 simple zippers after 90 days of purchase (and LL Bean refunds everything they make, no matter what it is).

So I guess I am going to have to buy a Jansport backpack because Oakley won't fix 2 simple zippers on my pack. I am disgraced on what I have purchased from Oakley, I will pass the information around that I was ripped off from Oakley. When Oakley'€™s CEO Scott Olivet says that his customer service would not replace or fix an Oakley product, he is going to wish he did offer a lifetime warranty.

Look at these other companies that make the same equipment, all have warranties: North Face, Jansport, Lowe Alpine, Kelty, MEI, LL Bean, CamelBak, Camp Trails, Columbia, Deuter, Eagle Creek, GoLite, Gregory, High Sierra, M-Rock, Mountainsmith, Mountain Engineering, Osprey, Outdoor Products, Timbuk 2, Burton, Black Diamond, Climb High, Dakine, Gravis, Mammut, Marmot (ALL LIFETIME WARRANTY PRODUCTS).

If you want a warranty, don'€™t buy from Oakley as good as they look, Oakley can'€™t not assure you they will last. When a company warranties its product as backpacks, only buy when they have a lifetime guarantee. Stay away from I am only letting people know what they did to me to protect people from wasting your money at

Bait and Switch
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FOOTHILL RANCH, INDIANA -- I purchased a pair of Oakley Jury sunglasses while on vacation in Disneyworld (Orlando, Florida). I was in the Downtown Disney area and stopped in the Sunglass Hut store to browse. The sales associate convince me to buy the Oakley Jury glasses on ONE selling point alone - the plastic hinge mechanism that holds the arm to the front would "give" first and break before the frames were damaged if anything were to put pressure on the glasses - i.e. sitting on them, stretching them, etc. I purchased them for somewhere around $250. A few weeks ago the plastic just snapped in half after simply putting them on - plastic fatigue in my opinion.

After emailing back and forth with Oakley, the bottom line is that Oakley never intended to make these replacement parts on the aftermarket. The only solution EVER was to buy a new frame. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?!?!?! These are aircraft grade aluminum frames that I love wearing. Oakley's response was simply to give me a 35% discount on a new pair. Why should I have to do that? I didn't break them. I was sold on the replacement factor.

I feel like they used the bait-and-switch to sell these. I have no options but to come to online forums and let others know. I've owned Oakley glasses since 1988 but I'm afraid I'm done with their brand over a simple matter of a $3 plastic part.

Broken/Defective Eyeglasses - Getting Runaround From Same Company - Poor Customer Service
By -

I purchased a pair of Oakley eyeglasses at Lenscrafters. Lenscrafters is telling me to contact Oakley. Oakley tells me to contact Lenscrafter. Now I find out that they're both the SAME company, Luxottica. In fact Luxottica owns many brands: "Luxottica is the closest thing to a monopoly, I can come up with. Are you pissed off at LensCrafters? Just go to Pearle Vision right? Nope. Same company. Surely, Target or Sears will get you clear of the bad taste LenCrafters has left you with. No again."

"Arnette, Killer Loop, Luxottica, Persol, Ray-Ban, Revo, Sferoflex, Vogue, Adrienne Vittadini, Anne Klein, Brooks Brothers, Bvlgari, Byblos, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, Donna Karan, DKNY, Genny, Miu Miu, Moschino, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Tacchini, Versace, Versus" If you want to avoid doing business with this company, you'll have to avoid all these brands.

Manufacturing Workers Over Working With No Days Off
By -

FOOTHILL RANCH, CALIFORNIA -- Hi people. I used to work for Oakley inc a couple year ago. When I started working they told me a pretty sounding story that the work was easy and stress free. After a couple of months we started working Monday thru Sunday. We work like for a whole month without any day off. The people that work on the office only work Monday through Friday and us. I felt like a slave and if I complain the only thing they told me "if you don't like it there is the door."

I was can off scared but I had no choice I needed work and money. Is there any law that can help out all those manufacturing workers from over working or is slavery back again? Can someone help us out or are we stuck here till deaf does us apart.

No Pride in their Brand!
By -

My 5 year old daughter is rough on her $5 pair of sunglasses. It's amazing the glasses make it through a week... let alone a year or two. Thirteen months ago I purchased a prescription pair of Oakley sunglasses... total retail = $560... 13 months later, an arm falls off. The warranty is out after 12 months. These glasses have been well cared for. For $110, the dealer will replace the frame. I expected Oakley to stand by their Brand Name better than that... But hey, we are only consumers and we should understand that it is only a 12 month warranty. Please do not buy this brand.

Cheap product, Horrible Company
By -

FOOTHILL RANCH, CALIFORNIA -- Cheap product, horrible company, horrible people. As an employee of Oakley, I have to comment on this awful company. The product is cheap, yet twice as expensive as what you get for similar brand names with the same quality. The employees at the Foothill Ranch location walk around like their ** don'€™t stink, and they are hourly. You can read all the blogs regarding their want to be military products by real servicemen who complain continuously about how the boots fall apart in only 3 months.

I would advise everyone to do their research before they fork out money to buy their cheap products. Don'€™t be a walking advertisement for them, and don'€™t buy into the hype. They claim to listen to the customers, to the employees, and the market. They don't. They only care about what they think looks cool and some people are willing to sacrifice quality and comfort just to wear Oakley. I read some of the comments, and some people were praising the product despite complaints it poked them!!

Read the blogs before you buy! There are lots of people who dislike the product, the customer service, and the general disregard from a company who pretty much represents a big sphincter. And this is coming from an employee who works there.

Oakley Service Center Lies
By -

After having my new Oakley sunglasses for a month I found a defect in the right ear piece and called Oakley and was given a warranty repair number and sent the sunglasses in for repair. After I had sent them in I inquired about changing the lenses and requested they return my light grey lenses. After over a month with very limited communication from the service center I received them back with the new lenses but they did not return the grey lenses. After contacting them through email they looked into it and the tech said they were returned with my glasses. Lie.

After emailing back and forth I was offered a chance to buy the lenses at a reduced rate and free shipping. I replied they already owe me my original warm grey lenses and that it I would not accept their offer. SO I am out 40 dollars for the lenses they kept. The service is very slow if you have warranty issues and they lie and they do not communicate with their customers as the repair is made to let them know how long it takes to make the repair. Bottom line: Do not buy from Oakley. If I had a way to return all that I had bought I would. But without the lenses I do not have everything I have bought.

Poor Customer Service
By -

I recently bought a pair of metal frame glasses from Oakley for 180 dollars. After wearing them for a week my girlfriend noticed that the nose piece was bent. Don't think I did anything wrong. I assumed that I got a faulty frame. Oakley refused to change out my frame. They then charged me 50 dollars to replace the frame. When the glasses came back two weeks latter the frame they sent me was broken and the screws were loose. When I called about this problem and asked for my warranty money back they told me to pay to ship it to them again so they could see how it was broken before they would do anything about it.

Still no glasses and still no refund. They don't stand behind their products and their glasses are overpriced and of poor quality.

Low Product Quality
By -

MICHIGAN -- I have recently purchased Oakley ski goggles, an extra lens, and a backpack to which all became defective. The goggles have a two lens seal and the lens was crooked inside of the goggle, which was barley noticeable at first, next, the second lens that I purchased for night time skiing had the seal put right over where it connects to the goggles, making it unable to snap on to the goggle.

And lastly I purchased a backpack not long ago, but since the small warranty is up they refuse to do anything about my zipper HANDLE that broke off, making efficient use of the backpack extremely hard. Out of these three products that I have purchased, all were defective! Oakley is cool, but make sure that you aren't buying a useless piece of crap.

No Good
By -

I purchased new half jackets less than 30 days ago, the lenses are cracked at the nose... I have to send my glasses to Oakley so that they can research the issue... REALLY... Send me new lenses I will send you the old and OAKLEY can research the issue... This is the second pair in less than a year that the lenses CRACKED... I believe this product is totally over priced and the warranty is CRAP!!!! Do not buy any Oakley product, I never will...

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