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No Good
By -

I purchased new half jackets less than 30 days ago, the lenses are cracked at the nose... I have to send my glasses to Oakley so that they can research the issue... REALLY... Send me new lenses I will send you the old and OAKLEY can research the issue... This is the second pair in less than a year that the lenses CRACKED... I believe this product is totally over priced and the warranty is CRAP!!!! Do not buy any Oakley product, I never will...

Oakley Customer Service
By -

After months of e-mails to Customer Dis-service I was told to send my damaged sandals (they changed color from white to grey in a matter of months) to a Canadian address. I did this, but didn't opt for tracking because it was expensive enough just to send them. Months later they say they never got them. Yeah, right. So I'm out the high cost of the flip flops AND the mailing to Canada. And I spent months e-mailing for help. I strongly advise you not to shop at Oakley.

16 Million Pounds Of Pressure To Create Junk
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Oakley advertises their blade watches forged under 16 million pounds of pressure, and with a new material unobtainium. I purchased their $550 Stealth blade watch. The finish came off in little over a year, suggested I buy another one. They advertise as military, industrial grade, and sell an overpriced, substandard product. The first time I have had to throw a watch away. Shame.

Crater Sandals
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought the 2006 model of the sandals and they were great. I recently tried to purchase an additional pair but found that the model I wanted had been replaced with a new version. After buying the new version, I found them to be a much lower quality product. There is little arch support and the composition is more "plastic" than anything else. I tried to discuss this with their 800# staff but they were only interested in selling more products.

Excellent Sunglasses
By -

CALIFORNIA -- If anyone has sensitive eyes like I do, they know that sunglasses are a must. A few months ago I purchased some Oakley Sunglasses, and I have to admit it is one of the better purchases I have made. I was looking on their website (, and was amazed at how extent their sunglass making is. These glasses are very durable, and I believe they stand up to, and exceed, exactly what Oakley claims.

I was playing some sports outside, while wearing the Oakley glasses, and got hit and the glasses flew off, and I landed on them. The frame got bent, and one of the lenses popped out. I was furious at the person who hit me, since these glasses are not cheap. I thought they were toast. But surprisingly, I was able to fix them in a snap. The frame is rigid, but I was able to bend it back without any trouble. The lens did not scratch, even though they hit the ground. After the fix, the glasses seemed as good as new.

I spent the extra money and got the polarized lenses, and think that it was well worth it. If anyone is in need of a new pair of sunglasses, I believe Oakley is the way to go. After buying Oakley glasses, I will not go anywhere else. Before I was going to regular stores and buying $20 glasses, but they do not compare. I know Oakley is not cheap, but it is definitely well worth it.

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