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Bogus Computer Repair
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- My computer cannot open the file from the shot cut on the desktop screen. I ran the antivirus program and found no virus, so I bring my computer to OfficeMax since I have the free system screen coupon. Drew the tech guy over there was nice and told me that he need to get the system diagnostic and fix for $120s. And he said if it not fixed, I will get a refund so there are no risk for me. I left the computer with him overnight.

He called me the next day and said that my computer was fixed. So I pick it up and bring back home. Now it worst, not only it wasn’t fixed but my other programs were wipe out (my calculator on my window, my photoshop… etc.) and my cd/DVD drive is not working also (It work fine before I bought my computer in). So I try to down load the drive from the Dell support site. It can’t be installed too. Plus, when I ran the antivirus program, I found 2 viruses in my computer. I got them deleted then I bring the computer back to OfficeMax, they kept it again over night.

I came back to them 2 days after and they told me that it can’t be fixed! So I asked for the refund per promised. The tech guy told me that I have to come on Thursday 19th to get the manager to approve the refund. I came back and the assistant manager told me that “NO WAY” point blank.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/19/2012:
Office supply stores doing computer repairs sounds like a great way for them to increase revenues. I wouldn't trust them though. Heck, I wouldn't even trust my computer with the "Geek Squad".

You should be able to reinstall a driver for your CD drive - keep trying. Sometimes it is tricky finding the right one and getting it installed properly.

*If* you have a rootkit virus, you'd be better off to reinstall everything. You can never get rid of them completely without a clean install. I resisted doing it for two years and finally broke down. My more skin sites for me, sigh.
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Horrible Customer Service and Warranty
Posted by on
This used to be a decent company, but anymore they just don't care or don't train anyone enough to get day to day problems fixed. I constantly have problems there anymore, and can't wait for the new Staples to open across the street from them next month.

Incident 1:
2 months ago, I go to Officemax in need of a replacement address stamp. Old one ran out of ink or whatever. I had bought it in this same store, and had it made while I shopped. After finding I couldn't order a replacement online for store pickup (to save time) I go to the store with the old stamper. The girl there says they don't make them while you wait anymore, and it would be mailed to me in 14 days. I declined, and went back to the office because I know the website said they make them in store, but maybe I missed it saying just certain stores or something. Nope, ALL stores with Officemax Print centers do it. So I call customer service, and they confirm all print stores should, but to contact the individual store. No point, they just told me they didn't when I was there, right?

So I order one online to have it mailed to me. During the 5-7 days it took to get the stamp made (not 14 like I was told), I find out that store DID make them while you wait, and I've now lost a chance to use a 20% off instore only coupon PLUS have to pay shipping for something I could have picked up when I was there. I contacted Customer Service telling them all this, and after about 5 emails back and forth, got ZERO discount. I also find out the stamp I was replacing had a lifetime warranty, and I shouldn't even have paid ANYTHING, but it was too late because I ordered the replacement and paid already! HELLO?

Incident 2:
They had a promotion on paper last month. Buy $40 worth of case paper, get $25 back in Maxperks. (think limit 2 or 3 per customer).

I buy 2 cases of Hammermill Brand @ $45 each. I go to the customer service register, and tell the girl I don't have my Maxperks card, can they look it up by telephone number? She says yes (I already knew they could), and she looks it up and rings up my order. I had the strangest feeling it never happened, so I checked my MaxPerks account a few days later. Nothing there about this purchase. If I would have forgotten, OfficeMax would have screwed me out of like $50.

A related 'scam' to this is they dropped the price of their Officemax brand paper (and 1 or two others) to $39.99. One cent too little to get the rebate. Buying a single ream extra to get you over the $40 won't help you, it has to be CASES ONLY. You'll pay over $40 after taxes for a ream, but that doesn't count.

Incident 3:
I bought an Engage cordless optical mouse from Officemax in the last week of Dec. Comes with a 1 year warranty. It broke in the first week of May. I call Customer Service to get a replacement, I get told to bring the mouse and the receipt to a store for replacement. I get to the store to find the one I bought is discontinued, and they have 1 that is like 95% identical, the only difference is that the little USB plug that goes behind the computer is now 1/2 an inch smaller than the old one (so they had to give it a new model number). The product is now $10 more expensive then I paid.

Their best offer? They'll refund me the old price and I can pay the new higher price! Where is that "under warranty"? Then the guy has the guts to tell me if I had paid $4 more for their extended warranty he would have made it an even switch. So I ask him why would I need an extended warranty when I'm just 4 months into the product's 1 year warranty?

He refuses to budge, I take the broken mouse and leave.

Additional consideration: The company that makes the mouse, Engage, IS Officemax. They just use the Engage name for this product line. It's THEIR product.
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User Replies:
HonestForSure on 05/18/2011:
OfficeMax sales are so light that any return can adversely affect their day. What many of them don't realize is that the nickel and diming loses more customers than gains.
Anonymous on 05/18/2011:
I have had issues with them also def won't do business with them again.
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Will not do business with this Company again
Posted on
For a while now I have been looking for a new replacement computer Chair. I saw a Guest chair I liked on the Chair was $159 with tax it came to $174. I purchased it. next day on the website I see they have 15 percent of on all items was kind of disappointed I did not get in on that when I bought my chair.

I called Office Max and Asked them if I could still get that 15 percent of the CSR said sure but I would have to cancel that other chair I said thanks I will do that I asked have I been charged yet for that other Chair? CSR said only once the Chair ships and it did not ship yet I said thanks and went back to the site canceled the chair and reordered it with the discount saved $26 bucks from the previous price total $148.

I go to check my account like I do everyday and I see I have two charges one for $174 and one for $148 I'm like whaaaat I thought I canceled that other chair. I called back asked Office Max why I was Charged they assured me it was just a hold. The 174 would be back in to my account I asked her if my cancel request went through for that chair she said it has to go through a special department and they don't always get the cancel request on time. She said still a chance the chair will be shipped out and I will get charged for both Chairs I asked why didn't the other representative tell me this before I canceled I would of just went through with the Purchase.

She told me she did not know he made a mistake, I told them can they expedite that request so I won't get charged and get my credit asap? the lady said she could not do that but if I get two packages I can call them and they will put a return back for that 174 one I told her that’s unacceptable I want to speak with a supervisor talked to the supervisor she said she would make sure that cancel request goes through asap and I would get my credit.

Next day Office Max calls me and says the Cancel request did not go through I will get two packages once I get it I can call them and they will take the other Chair back. I told them I don't want that other package to send it back, she said she could not do that I would be charged for two chairs and to just send the other one back once they get it I would be credited Grrrr fine I didn't want to argue I agreed.

Next day I get my two Chairs, I call Office Max to get the other Chair they put in the request. Week later they send a guy out to take the package I guess I missed him because I had a notice on my door he came to my house my mom is home all day and she said no one knocked on the door so I'm guessing he just put the notice and left called them back and a few days later they sent back another guy to finally take back the package so I was stuck with that package for a week.

Tried putting the other Chair together the parts would not go in evenly was advised to go to a officemax store or call a installer and pay 50 bucks for them to install the chair took it to Office Max store they could not put it together they said the cushion is defective and That I need to send it back I asked them can your store take it back for me they declined because they do not carry that kind of brand product I would need to take it apart and ship it back to Office Max. So for now I'm stuck with a $150 defective chair I'm in touch with the manufacturer to send me out a new cushion see what good that does but this experience has left a bad taste in my mouth won't do business with Office Max again.

UPDATE: Office max said they will pick up the Chair as is, then they will issue my refund. Once I receive credit for both chairs I will update this review and Mark the complaint as resolved.

UPDATE: now someone called me and said they won't take it back as is I need to take it apart and send it to them WTF they keep giving me false info and backtracking

UPDATE: now they said the 14 days are up I can’t send it back to them at all. I need to take it up with the manufacturer. They will send me out a 20 dollar gift card and give me 10 percent back from my order.

Update: I got my money refunded by Office Max thank you to the BBB for helping me out. And thank you Office Max for refunding my money this coplaint is now resoloved.
Resolution Update 05/02/2011:
Office max refunded my money thanks to the BBB.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
That sucks to have to go through all that for a defective chair. I've never been a big fan of Office Max anyway
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Yeah hard lesson learned. I thought about taking the chair apart and shipping it back but my 14 days is about up. And frankly its another inconvenience for me. They should take the damn chair back as is and issue me a refund for it.
MRM on 03/20/2011:
If you say that your 14 day is about up, what are you waiting for?!?! Return the product and get your money back. You got 5 hours left (CT) before Office Max closes at 6pm today.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
I was on the phone with them now they said they will take back the chair as is. They will send someone out and I will get refunded. I'll update this once that happens.
Nohandle on 03/20/2011:
MRM, can a product be returned to the local Office Max for credit if it was shipped directly to you? I really don't know.

I had a double ship once from Smithsonian. Beautiful furniture, a chest and standing wine rack, but I didn't need two of each. I contacted them and they immediately sent me pickup tags for the return or perhaps the freight guy had the tags. All I did was stick the tags on the boxes and presto they were gone. They didn't even wait for the return to arrive before the credit was issued because my CC reflected two charges and one credit. Their policy might have changed but it was nice dealing with them.
DebtorBasher on 03/20/2011:
They shipped you two chairs and you have to send one back for the credit. Tell them you will return the defective chair and keep the other one. Did you check the other one to see if it was defective? Or, just switch cushions before you send the extra chair back.
DebtorBasher on 03/20/2011:
OH...too late...I just read that they send another guy out to pick up the other chair.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
At this point I just want a refund. I'm still waiting on the credit for the other Chair. If everything goes smoothly I'll mark the complaint as resolved.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Example #216,478 of why I will NEVER order something online and that isn't sitting right there in front of me.
old fart on 03/20/2011:
The only thing I've ever bought online are my wife's collection of Lenox Tweetys..I get them as they come out for her B'day, anniversary and Christmas and sometimes just for the heck of it!
It's the only company I trust...
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
What is a "guest" chair???
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Those chairs you see in waiting rooms.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Is it for unwanted "guests" cuz those waiting room chairs aren't very inviting, lol.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
I wanted to use it as my computer chair. I don't like the ones with the wheels Yeah I have bad taste in furniture lol.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
More like bad luck. :)
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
well here is hopeing for good Luck this time :)
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Wishing you the best Wally.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Great write up Wally. If it were me it'd dump all the pieces of that chair at the customer service desk at my nearest Office Max and I wouldn't leave until I got my refund or they called the cops. You're a nice guy Wally but sometimes you got to be prick in this world. You got to look the CSR straight in the eyes and DEMAND a full refund. Don't take 'No' for an answer. Be calm and assertive. Create a dominant position. Trust me they'll fold. They always do.

Good luck man.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
I'm thinking of dumping a piece too.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
What pisses me of about this whole ordeal is they sent me out the other Chair even though I CANCLED it. Don't charge me for a chair I did not want and force me to accept delivery for it.
Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Don't get pissed Wally... Get your refund. Look man your local Office Max manager has the power to issue you a refund or his/her boss does. Regardless there's somebody there who can fix it. You just got to get in their head until finally they'll do whatever to get rid of you.

Mentally put together four or five key points to your argument then hammer whoever over and over with those points in of course a calm assertive manner. (watch the dog whisperer... you're Cesar and the office Max guys are the dogs.)

If nothing else you'll feel better about it. Don't take their crap man.
Venice09 on 03/20/2011:
Regardless of how you choose to deal with this, it's a terrible inconvenience. I hope you get it straightened out quickly.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Now these idiots call me and say I can't send it back as is I need to take it apart GRRRR. I'm getting fed up with these mofos
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
*getting some rotten eggs ready to throw at Office Max*
MRM on 03/22/2011:
Aye Carmaba!!!
MRM on 03/22/2011:
I love shopping at Office Max as they have great deals! I.e. Portable external 500GB harddrive for $59.99. I use this particular harddrive to store tv shows and Movies.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Good for you MRM, but I'm done doing business with them they are horrible.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Do you know someone with a truck? Load that chair up and take it down to Office Max and let them know you aren't leaving until the duplicate charge is credited back to your account.
MRM on 03/22/2011:
I would say next time buy the chair at the store instead of online.

Oooh, theres a leather chair on sale at Office Depot! Check it out!
MRM on 03/22/2011:
I believe the 14-day refund is up. Its a no go.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
I totally agree with JC on this one.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
I totally agree with Lord on this one, which is why I basically repeated what he previously stated...minus the 'man'...that's so 80's.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Shoot I just might do that I'm beyond ticked of at this point. first they send me two damn chairs after I canceled one and they CHARGED for it.

The other chair is defective, the stupid store didn't want to take it back. I agreed with them to take it back as is now they don't want to this company backtracks and gives out false info I have never had so much issues with a retailer. I'm not going to give up they are going to give me my damn refund with the chair or without.

I'm still waiting on my credit for the other chair GRRRRRR
trmn8r on 03/22/2011:
The failed cancellation - this happens a lot with companies. I rarely try to cancel anything once ordered, and this is where my first tenant of "be satisfied once I place an order, at the price I agreed to pay" comes into play. I'm not into price matching, or even looking back later to see if the price changed.

Next comes the fact I use my CC for everything, so this would simply result in a charge I never pay (would be refunded by the time I receive a bill). Very few companies will issue a refund w/o the merchandise.

As far as the defective chair, it makes sense to take it apart, put it back in the box, and send it unless the brick and mortar is closely connected to the mail order. How long would that take - it looks like (deceptively?) simple construction.

Now I understand the pic of the chair with the cushion on the angle. How mean!
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
I really do believe if Wally would be a bit more assertive he could resolve this pretty easily and learn a life lesson.

If you just stay calm, logical and persistent you can always force the frontliners into a rational solution. And if that doesn't work then go ape sh** on them.
MRM on 03/22/2011:
Cause a ruckus in the store. That's what I would like to see!
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Sometimes you need to act crazy and curse them the hell out. VERY last resort but I would just about be there at this point. Just make sure that you have all your words together and everything beforehand. It isn't very convincing if you cuss badly. I have really messed this up before.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Well... now that I understand the problem better, you're waiting on a credit AND you have a defective chair...then by all means load that puppy up, get down to your local OM and go apes*it on their as*es! BA, Lord.
MRM on 03/22/2011:
Go Denny's on them and post the video on YouTube.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Wally, while I feel your pain, the moment that I saw that you canceled the original order to save a measly 26 bucks I knew that you were in trouble.

1) You could have gone to an OM and possibly purchased a demo chair.

2) Unless you are mechanically inclined you should NEVER purchase something that you have to assemble.

3) Was this a chair or a Stealth Jet? I put one together in less than an hour recently.

4) Never trust a CSR on a credit issue.

5) Purchase things in person whenever possible.
I know that sounds primitive but it can save you from going through all of this.

Nice review and lesson learned.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
now they said the 14 days are up I can’t send it back to them at all. I need to take it up with the manufacturer. They will send me out a 20 dollar gift card and give me 10 percent back from my order.
MRM on 03/22/2011:
Id still say the chair is fixable. Its hard to believe that theres a defect in a chair. Theres must be a missing screw somewhere.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
That's because you got the freakish mechanical skills MRM. You can fix anything. It's what you do.
MRM on 03/22/2011:
Re-read the manual step by step and don't rush.
madconsumer on 03/22/2011:
poor wally, defeated by a chair!

I know when I put together leather chairs, the cushions need to be squished in to get things to line up.
ncoclub on 04/12/2011:
I worked at Office Max..The best deals on computer chairs are the display models..yes they are scuffed and have been sat upon but they are WAY lower in price and they are already assembled!!!
Anonymous on 04/29/2011:
thanks to the BBB officemax is letting me take back the chair to the nearest store for a full refund or exchange.
Venice09 on 04/29/2011:
Thanks for the update, Wally.
Anonymous on 04/29/2011:
I love a happy ending.
DebtorBasher on 04/29/2011:
So, now you still need to buy a chair...what's on your wish list?
Anonymous on 04/29/2011:
Not sure DB I'm going to shop around this time. Prob won't buy one from the net.
Anonymous on 04/29/2011:
Wow Wally I'm super impressed! Man, you know how to take care of business. I know who to ask advice if I have a return problem.
Anonymous on 04/29/2011:
WTF is right Wally. I would recommend a reputable chair place to you, but, wait, I already did. I do hope you find something to your liking. Dealing with OM sounds like a nightmare.
DebtorBasher on 04/29/2011:
You should check what kind of chairs Ashely Furniture has.
trmn8r on 04/29/2011:
See, the BBB can come in handy in the right situation. I have had the same type issue, where the company turned its back to me. When the BBB got involved, the Walls of Jericho came down.

I'm glad you solved part of your problem. Good luck.
Anonymous on 05/02/2011:
I was fully refunded today thank you BBB and Office Max.
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Rebate Scam!
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Today I sat down to turn in my rebates to Office Max and found that they had put a 14 day limit on turning in rebates on items that I had bought in November for Christmas Presents. Who out there wants to receive a Christmas Present that has been torn to shreds to retrieve UPC and SKU symbols? What if it doesn't work and you've already sent in the ORIGINAL RECEIPT AND UPC CODE?
Here is the letter I wrote to Office Max today:

On 11/26/04, the day after Thanksgiving, I joined the masses that got up at the crack of dawn to go shopping for Christmas presents. I chose your store because you had the best prices and REBATES. Hint! I purchased over $450.00 worth of merchandise from Office Max counting on receiving $130.00 worth of rebates back from your company. I just sat down with the boxes from the DVD drive, the hard drive and the DVD pack to turn in my rebates. (BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO CHEW UP THE BOXES I PLANNED ON GIVING AS GIFTS!!!!!) Well then, the rebate slip says it is only good if I would have sent it 14 days after purchase. NO WHERE in your store or in your advertisement was I informed that I only had 14 days to send in my rebate.

I have been sending in rebates for YEARS and NEVER HAVE I HAD A TIME LIMIT ON MY REBATE SUBMISSION! You guys can take up to 3 months to return a rebate check, but we, the unsuspecting general public are supposed to rip open our gifts and send them off (NOT EVEN KNOWING IF THE ITEM PURCHASED WORKS CORRECTLY OR NOT!) 14 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE. This policy is the most ridiculous underhanded way of making a buck that I have ever came in contact with. Why not print YOU ONLY HAVE 14 DAYS TO RETURN YOUR REBATE SLIPS ON YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS?? WOULDN'T THAT DRAW IN THE CROWDS???? Why don't you print the rebate slips on paper that disintegrates after 24 hours? Wouldn't that speed the process along??? I am very upset and disgusted with the way I feel cheated out of my money and would like some kind of resolution to this issue.

Here was their response:

Thank you for shopping with We apologize that you are not eligible for the rebates. Your comments are greatly appreciated and have been forwarded to the appropriate department for review. Unfortunately if the rebate submissions are not followed, your rebate will be denied. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. We look forward to servicing your future needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any future comments, questions or concerns. Thank you for your interest in

Customer Service Representative

Can you believe them????

This is the letter I am sending to our Local News Station here in Phoenix, maybe they can help.

January 18, 2005

RE: Office Max Rebates

On October 26, 2004, I got up at the butt crack of dawn to go “CHRISTMAS” shopping with the other hoards of “DEAL” shoppers. I got to Office Max in Ahwatukee at 5:30 am and waited in line for a half an hour to get into the store to purchase a few Christmas presents.

I purchased a 200 GB Internal Hard Drive for $149.99 (which had a $60.00 and a $20.00 rebate), a 16X DVD Internal Drive for $99.99 (which had a $30.00 and a $10.00 rebate), a spindle pack of 50 DVDs (which had a $9.00 and a $6.00 rebate) and a Digital camera which was on sale for $149.99. These were all purchased as Christmas presents.

I waited until the said Hard drives and other items were actually installed and working in my fiancé’s computer BEFORE I tried cutting the boxes all up to retrieve the items needed to send in for the rebates. (Which asks you to include the ORIGINAL purchase receipt, which I would have needed to return those items if they in fact, DID NOT work properly).

On the rebate slips, it says the rebates need to be submitted (postmarked) by 14 days after the purchase date for the rebate to be issued. NEVER in my life have I ever had a rebate that required submission in a certain time frame after purchase! How are we to know the items work properly without first installing them or using them??? Also, if you read the back side of the OFFICE MAX original sales receipt, the company is in direct contradiction of itself. It reads (I will type it out because it does not copy that well):

“Satisfaction Guaranteed”
If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in the complete and original packaging (together with all accessories and manuals) with your original sales receipt within 30 days of the date of purchase. We will gladly replace or repair the item, or refund your money. Electronic items, digital cameras, computers, PDA’s and business machines must be returned within 14 days of purchase”.
“Rebate Conditions”
Rebate offer good for actual purchases by end user only. Excludes resellers and/or distributors of products. Please allow 8 weeks after claim is received by fulfillment company to receive your rebate. All rebates will be made in US dollars.

Explain to me then, HOW are we supposed to make sure an item purchased for a Christmas present (and advertised in their after Thanksgiving CHRISTMAS SALE FLYER) works properly and if not, return in within 30 days of purchase with the original sales receipt and complete packaging if we are to tear the box up and send off the original sales receipt for our rebates 14 days after purchase?

I think Office Max, in their infinite wisdom, has concocted a scheme that lets them rip off the general public that is absolutely underhanded and disgusting. No where in their advertisement or in the store (or at the cash register) did they inform the public that the rebates were only good for 14 days after purchase.

Following is a copy of the email I sent to the Office Max customer service center. As you can see, I am NOT pleased with my shopping experience with Office Max. I would be greatly interested to see how many other people got scammed like this over the holiday season.

On 11/26/04, the day after Thanksgiving, I joined the masses that got up at the crack of dawn to go shopping for Christmas presents. I chose your store because you had the best prices and REBATES. Hint! I purchased over $450.00 worth of merchandise from Office Max counting on receiving $130.00 worth of rebates back from your company.

I just sat down with the boxes from the DVD drive, the hard drive and the DVD pack to turn in my rebates. (BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO CHEW UP THE BOXES I PLANNED ON GIVING AS GIFTS!!!!!) Well then, the rebate slip says it is only good if I would have sent it 14 days after purchase. NO WHERE in your store or in your advertisement was I informed that I only had 14 days to send in my rebate. I have been sending in rebates for YEARS and NEVER HAVE I HAD A TIME LIMIT ON MY REBATE SUBMISSION! You guys can take up to 3 months to return a rebate check, but we, the unsuspecting general public are supposed to rip open our gifts and send them off (NOT EVEN KNOWING IF THE ITEM PURCHASED WORKS CORRECTLY OR NOT!) 14 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE.

This policy is the most ridiculous underhanded way of making a buck that I have ever come in contact with. Why not print YOU ONLY HAVE 14 DAYS TO RETURN YOUR REBATE SLIPS ON YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS???? WOULDN'T THAT DRAW IN THE CROWDS???? Why don't you print the rebate slips on paper that disintegrates after 24 hours? Wouldn't that speed the process along??? I am very upset and disgusted with the way I feel cheated out of my money and would like some kind of resolution to this issue.

Please contact me if you think I can be of any help in getting some of the people in the Valley of the Sun their money back.

Thank you so much,

I am also sending in the copies of the rebates slips and the original receipt. Please look at the requirements for the items that needed to be sent in along with the rebate slips. Then please be sure to read the copy of the back of the Office Max receipt which outlines the “satisfaction guarantee” and “rebate conditions”.

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User Replies:
Greatbridgedriver on 01/18/2005:
Great job working on this for all consumers. This seems like a bad one. The tv station should be interested unless this is one of its big advertisers.
hswatsonaz on 01/19/2005:
I sent another email to Office Max telling them what a crappy system they have about returning items within 30 days, but having to send in the original receipt within 14 days of purchase. This is the response I got today.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. Unfortunately if you have submitted for the rebate, you are unabel to return the product. Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. Thank you for your interest in



Customer Service Representative


So, If I had torn open my Christmas presents, sent off for the rebates, then came Christmas the items did NOT work, I was up a creek without a paddle??? OFFICE MAX SUCKS!
bigjohn on 01/19/2005:
You sound like you have WAY too much time on your hands.........If that is the case, why didn't you send the rebate in earlier. I think the real issue is with YOU, not OfficeMax
hswatsonaz on 01/20/2005:
Big John,
How in the world does this reflect on my having too much time? What does that have to do with the issue at hand?
firethorne2k on 01/20/2005:
I have never seen an ad where rebate submission time is posted.
sassiest on 01/27/2005:
Complaing about rebates, about waiting in line the day after thanksgiving, TRY WORKING THERE ON THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!! We get to stand there and listen to the complaining because you can't have everything in life the way you want it. I just wonder something, did you mom and dad never tell you NO? I doubt it, since you complain about everything.
LindyRn on 02/03/2005:
I just had the same experience! The item I bought didn't match the rebate slip and by the time I straightend it all out, my rebate was denied because ofthe postmark! I just wrote customer service at Office Max to complain. I will follow it up with a letter. Sometimes you just have to go straight to the top to get results! Here are some email addresses I found that may help.

Good Luck
BrianF on 02/15/2005:
OfficeMax has lost my business. They refuse to honor a $40 rebate saying the item never had a rebate. I have the ad!!! They couldn't care less
Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
Brian, I think your problem is you don't read things over, then when you realize you are wrong you expect the company to bend the rules for you.
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Misrepresentation of Computers by employees
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CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- On 03/20/10 my wife purchased a computer from Office Max, Cape Coral Fl. Store #647. We spoke to the store employee whom we asked 4 separate times if this lap top will work with DIAL UP. Sales person stated yes no problem 4 times and stated if you buy the protection program it will be protected no questions asked, free replacement. PC was taken home and this lap top would not function with wireless router, nor would it go on line with the DIAL UP system we had. We returned to the store and the complaint was made to the store salesman, then to the store manager. Both were irate to me and would not solve the problem. Employee told me to return the wireless router and while I was home getting the router he told my wife to call me on the telephone and tell me his manager told him HE MADE A MISTAKE and RETURN the Lap Top, IT would not work with the wireless router on a dial up system. I told him I will return the Lap Top and he stated fine they will take it back and give me a credit on my bank account for $529.98, after the factory accepted the return via UPS, This was told to me from the salesman, when I returned to the store the manager told me to call the factory and get the software re programed to fit the dial up system. Factory stated no way can it be reprogrammed. This was not what we purchased from them. The computer was returned and in fact they charged my wife $106.98 as a restocking fee for returning the computer. The store lied to sell this computer to us, the salesman knew nothing of the capabilities of the lap top and the store manager was rude and lied to us. What we thought was a good deal turned out costing me over $106.98 plus accessories for this lap top they didn't give cash back they gave gift cards to keep every dime they could from us, $126.00 in gift cards which made us have to shop at Office Max still. In all the return cost us over $232.98 for a return. This store is located in Cape Coral Florida, Del Prado BLVD. I am so mad over this deal I am looking for a good lawyer to sue these idiots, we went to their competitors, BEST BUY of Ft Myers and received a wonderful deal. But we still lost over $232.98 as a result of a salesman lying along with the store managers. I called the headquarters over this deal and they said they would look into it but they are liars also. No return calls or investigation over this deal with Office Max. I can't believe we were ripped off over this salesperson poor knowledge and the managers backing of lies. This is a warning to all shopping at Office Max, NO EXPERIENCED PEOPLE ON THE SALES FLOOR, NOTHING BUT QUOTAS AND ALL LIES WHEN YOU RETURN SOMETHING. It will cost you money to bring something back at no fault of your own. Do not give these people the time of day, they need to fold up like all of the Circuit City Stores did. I have all the paperwork to back my statements.
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 06/26/2010:
Maybe it's time to go the cable or DSL route. Who uses dial-up anymore, unless you live in a rural area where there are little or no broadband options. And the restocking fee is unfair as well.
Helpful on 06/27/2010:
With all respect, my first suggestion would be to not resort to name-calling within your complaint. Calling everyone "liars" has a tendency to belittle you as the writer.

With that said, they do have a responsibility to communicate correctly with you. Most laptops do not come with dial up modems any longer. If they don't and you wish to still access dial-up, or just use your computer to fax documents, you can purchase a fax modem separately. Ideally, this is through an ExpressCard slot located in the side of the laptop.

My question is that you suggest you had a router already at home. Routers do not work with dial up in any way, so it would suggest you also have a broadband internet source. Just about any laptop has an 802.11 WIFI option in it anymore. This would give you connectivity to it.

Ultimately, I agree with GenuineNerd that they shouldn't have charged you a restocking fee if the communication was as direct as you state it is. My concern is that I bet there is a different form of dialog they are stating took place. Ultimately, I guess this is where it's just good to get everything stated in writing.

Best of luck and please let us know if there are any questions that come up we can be of help with.
Venice09 on 06/27/2010:
Just curious, what other word would you used to describe a person who lies? I don't think it belittles the OP at all to relay his experience as he sees it. I think this review is quite helpful.
Anonymous on 07/25/2010:
Name-calling aside, it was odd that the associate told you that the laptop would work with a dial-up connection. Dial-up is all but extinct at this point and you will have a difficult time finding a computer that still has an internal modem capable of getting you connected via dial-up.

As Helpful said above, routers do not work with dial-up. Routers are intended to be used to share an internet connection -- which is impossible to do with dial-up.
Frank on 06/21/2013:
just got ripped off by Acer - spent 4 hours checking a match on the Acer Cashback website, went to the store, typed in the SNID to the Acer Cashback website - it dumped a page of garbage HTML so I figured it had crashed.

After buying the laptop and spending 5 days ringing and trying the website and continuing to get this garbage HTML and reporting it to their 'Helpdesk' to no response, I finally spoke to a girl at Acer who said 'that means no cashback' - WTF!?! - so beware - the garbage HTML code is Acer's way of telling you there's no cashback.

When I complained that this was misleading, the girl's cool tone and sticking to message indicated to me that she had heard this complaint a hundred times before, and this was Acer's deliberate deception by failing to provide a meaningful 'no cashback' message, just a page of garbage HTML code.

Only now I read of hundreds of complaints about Acer's cashback scam - too late for me, but not too late for you.

Acer - avoid - this is one unethical company !
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Manager Called Me An Name 4 Times
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SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- On 11/21/2008, my mother bought me a really nice oversize photo printer for Christmas. The reason for wanting the printer, was my upcoming baby on the way. Well, a week before Christmas, we lost the baby at 4 1/2 months. On Christmas day, my month gave me the printer and all the attachments and said she would understand if I wanted to return it, as my intentions were to take pictures of the baby. Mom gave me the receipt to return it ($444 total bought). When I walked into the store, the Counter guy, Eric, asked for my receipt. I gave it to him. He said, OH, this was bought on a Debit card and I don't have that much money to give you, sorry.

I said, Well, we got to do something, I can't just say okay, and leave, its over $400 were talking about. Eric then said with a smirk, "oh, your past the 14 day return policy, I can only give you a gift card". I said very nicely, There must be anther option for holiday purchases? Eric said again with a smirk and a laugh, "Nope, Gift Card only." I said, "Can I talk to the..." He stopped me and while laughing said, "I am the manager". I said I wanted to talk to the store manager, he said she wasn't it, and he didn't know when she would be. Seeing I was getting nowhere, I asked for the number to corporate. Eric said, "eight hundred Office Max." At this point, another associate noticed Eric getting rude and loud so he walked over. This associate was very nice, and was also Erik, but with a K. Erik said, "sir, that number is actually 877, Office Max. As I was talking to the lady from corporate filing a complaint, Eric was saying, "boy, you just screwed yourself, I'm not helping you at all now, you might as well leave." The lady from corporate couldn't believe the way he was talking to me. He continued to say, "Man, your stupid."

After I finished my complaint with corporate, Erik asked Eric to go in the back and talk to him. They went in the back for a couple mins, when a female employee walked in (I think she was the actual shift manager). When Erik noticed her walking in, he quickly asked for her to come to the back. After a few more minutes, all 3 exited and approached me. Erik said very nicely, "Sir, I'm very sorry for the way you were treated, and we certainly strive on our customer service, and we definitely don't want complaints to go to corporate, so we would like to refund you the money back on your debit card. I said thank you very much. Eric quickly and loudly said, "You don't have to be such an $%&*#", The female said, "Eric, that's enough!" Eric then said, "What? He is an $%&*#" I said, "Sir, I've been nothing but calm, and never once cursed at your or anybody." Eric said, "I don't' care your and as*hole and I'll say it again, your an as*hole!" Eric was pretty much screaming this, which had caught the attention of all the other customers in the store.

The female stopped, and said, "You need to go in the back now! and shut the door!" Eric refused. The female demanded him to do it again. He finally went in the back. The female continued to tell me how sorry she was and that she was sending him home. Erik and her both were very apologetic. After the transaction was complete, I called corporate back, and gave another complaint about the employee Eric calling me an $%&*# 4 times. They logged my complaint, which said would go to the district manager. Not sure if it will go anywhere, but who knows. And just so they know, as soon as I got to work (a fortune 500 company), I emailed my entire experience to my entire division (400 people). I received over 150 emails back from my co-workers, stating thank you for the warning and they were going to refuse to shop at Office Max due to this as well as their return policy that they didn't know about.

It wasn't slander, just purely what happened. Most said they forwarded it to their friends and family. I will never shop their again and will continue to send that email to people and post my story to any web site I can find that applies, until Office Max Corporate can make this right to me.
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User Replies:
Davenport on 12/27/2008:
I am very sorry for your loss, but that part should be left out of a business letter.

It sounds like the employees knew that this guy had some problems, hopefully they deal with him so that other customers don't have to go through what you went through.
madconsumer on 12/27/2008:
am I the only one who feels this guys self importanance? store policy is policy. if the receipt says 14 days, it is 14 days.
Anonymous on 12/27/2008:
It sounds like emotions were running high on both sides. Yours (understandably) because of your loss, and Eric's emotions were high....well, to put it bluntly he sounds like a twit. If the policy is 14 days, it is policy and I probably would have left it at that. I am very glad that the other two employees were able to accommodate you and get you the refund that you were after. If I were in your shoes, I would be just as upset, but honestly do yourself a favor...concetrate on your family let this one go. I understand the need for wanting someone at the top to acknowledge your complaint but don't let it consume you. The other employees helped you and you received a refund. I'm sorry for your loss.
jktshff1 on 12/27/2008:
Methinks this is more of a complaint against a specific employee rather than the om chain.
The other 2 employees seem to have gone out of their way to resolve the problem and apparently did. If so, you need to do a compliment to corporate mentioning their names.
old fart on 12/27/2008:
Thanks for the warning... I will make a point of avoiding this location...
Old fart, Saginaw MI
yoke on 12/27/2008:
Office Max went above and beyond what they had to do. They did not have to give you the refund and they did. What the employee did was inexcusable, but I only read one side of the story.
OMXWORKER on 01/09/2009:
Well first off I am sorry for your loss and my prayers will be with you and your family. Second, it is a fault on your mothers part because she did not specify that it was a gift which would have gotten you a gift receipt. 14 days is 14 days. And you cannot get out of it by saying well no one told me that......well Its on the back of the receipt. That way you would have had an extended time to return your gift. The work was an A-hole and yes corporate and district managers do take the offences like that seriously.
B in the land of rain and coffee on 02/15/2009:
I hope you also mentioned to the higher ups how helpful the other two employees were. They went above and beyond what they had to due to make things right to you and it will encourage that kind of behavior if they get good feedback on it.
Failalot on 04/12/2009:
OK, first off, I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. While normally I would write a scathing and profane retort to this post, I do feel I have to soften this up a bit.
However, I do also feel the necessity to state that this story is rather fishy. It seems like a little too much drama. I find it hard to believe that such behavior would have been tolerated, and your wording describing Eric/k (While I did note one Eric/k was nice and the other wasn't, your use of the letters referring to the nasty one was inconsistent, you might want to edit) was very dramatic. Whether this is a result of high education, a skill with writing, or a vast vocabulary, this, once again, gives your story a fishy quality. It doesn't come across to me as an adult complaint.
If your story does indeed have any mote of credibility to it, then I say the Eric/k who was rude does indeed need to get his ass axed. However, no one but you really knows how truthful the story is, so I leave this comment open-ended.
michiganmatthew on 04/12/2009:
I appreciate all your comments back. For the last commentor, I am 25, not a child. When I wrote this, I was very angry, and wasn't aware I was writing a paper that would be graded. I appreciate you not jumping to conclusions, so on that, I will give you the conclusion.

I have since returned and have purchased several things from this store. The employee Eric, has been fired from the incident. And any doubts you might have, there were 3 or 4 other employees that witnessed the entire incident, and fill out incident reports with Office Max, which ALL confirm what I said. I received a call and email of an apology from the District Managers office. Which is what I wanted, an official apology. I do understand stores have different return policies, and that is all I wanted to get out to the public on, was to be aware that Office Max does not have a Holiday return policy, and to just be aware of this, so if you give somebody an expensive give, make sure they really want it, return it within time, or shop from somewhere that has a holiday return policy. Thank you!
Failalot on 04/12/2009:
I did not imply that you were a child, I simply stated that your complaint lacked the sound of a non-judgemental adult complaint due to the dramatic wording. Emotions running high would explain that.
Lol, if you really want a grade then I grant you a B-
You must understand why I question the possibility of such an event.
I would also be a little skeptical if someone told me that a Baskin and Robins employee cussed out their four year old for asking for a variety of ice cream that needed to be restocked.
It's not that it's impossible, it's just so very improbbable.

So again, B-, great story. Whether it happened or not the world may never know, but however it went down, I'm glad you were satisfied by the end of the interaction.
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Orem, UT Office Max Has a Deceptive Warranty Replacement Plan
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Rating: 1/51
OREM, UTAH -- In short, the service in the store was horrible, the warranty is a scam, and the entire thing was deceptive, degrading, and despicable.

I purchased an office chair at this OfficeMax on 9/15/11. It was a $180 chair that was discounted to $100. I was told by the sales associate and a manager or supervisor that if I purchased the 3 year warranty on the chair that it would be replaced if anything happened to it, no questions asked.

I was wary of this promise so I checked the service protection booklet as well. It said that "If your furniture fails, we arrange to have it repaired and pay the bill - no deductibles, no hidden fees. If your product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced."

Less than a year later and the seams are coming apart on the chair. I call the customer service number and they tell me (after more than an hour wait) that they can reimburse me for the $100 purchase price of the chair, but nothing more. They will not arrange to have it repaired; they said that wasn't even an option. When I asked to have it replaced, they said they don't have a warehouse with products and that they never replace anything, they just reimburse the customer for the purchase price.

I assumed there must be some misunderstanding and spoke to a supervisor on the phone to no avail. I then went into the store to try to get my chair replaced. I spoke to Ryan, the store manager. He told me he could do nothing at all. He couldn't give me money or a chair. He told me that he found nothing confusing about the service protection pamphlet, despite it never even using the words "reimburse" or "purchase price" anywhere. He told me that he didn't understand why I found it confusing, that no one in his twelve years had ever complained about not being able to get the product they purchased a warranty for replaced with the same or an equivalent product. He insinuated, without actually saying it, that I was an idiot and he just wished I would leave.

I asked him, "Which is more clear, more helpful to the customer, or better represents the actual warranty program: 'If your product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.' [this being what is actually written in the pamphlet] or 'If your product cannot be repaired, you will be reimbursed for the purchase price of the product, not including any discounts on the original retail price.'" [this being what the program actually is]. He literally laughed at me and said he found nothing confusing about the wording in the pamphlet.

In the end, I received nothing for my time, effort, and frustrations except to have a store manager laugh at me for wanting the chair I purchased to be replaced with the same or an equivalent product. Utterly disgusting customer service.
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User Replies:
unhappy999 on 09/08/2012:
You're right, the pamphlet wording was incorrect. On the other hand, as least you're getting you're money back. Most of the complaints about warranties on here are that they get nothing, in that case, they truly are a waste of money. Take your $100 and try to get another chair on sale.
HonestForSure on 09/09/2012:
"at the plan administrator's option" is always worded into these plans. It doesn't pay them to have someone come out to your home to fix a chair. Furniture repair people few and far between. Oh well. Retailer's mantra: Sell'em and duck.
trmn8r on 09/09/2012:
If you compare this with, say a tv that is no longer available and they also don't have parts for (can't be repaired), it is comparable - you get your money back. It isn't a bad deal.

However, the way it is worded, it sounds like your interpretation is more correct. On the other hand, I agree with the first reply that the wording may be in error. What is logical is that they will refund the amount that you actually paid. That is the amount on the receipt - you would most often not be able to prove what the price without discounts was.

I can see how this left a bad taste in your mouth, not the least of reasons being the chair fell apart prematurely, but at least you are getting your money back.
BigAl on 09/09/2012:
The OP is not really getting what he paid for. He paid for an extra warranty so that the chair would be repaired or replaced. He is out the cost of the 3 year warranty he paid for. In essence he is being cheated out of (at the minimum)2 years worth of warranty.
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CTRLCenter a joke
Posted by on
I recently bought a brand new Toshiba laptop and I knew I needed a good anti virus software. After talking with them about what would work best for me, it was highly recommended I purchase CTRLCenter PC Protection
which uses McAfee and provides me with tech support 24/7. I also purchased the extended warranty
and I really liked the idea of having access to a PC tech 24/7 to help resolve any issues that might arise. Well, issues arose after only one week!! I set it up just like I was told prior to going online.
One week later the first call was because I kept getting these strange
pop-ups that were not allowing me to do anything. 2 hours later, after they accessed my PC they supposedly removed it the virus I was told all was safe. The tech told me I had a pretty extensive malware bug
and he finally was able to isolate it and remove it. The very next day, my touhpad stopped scrolling. I called again and they accessed my PC again and something then happened to IE. They said I needed to call Microsoft who in turn said I needed to call Toshiba. I called Toshiba and they walked me through a few steps and it waas working again, or so I thought. On day 3 I had trouble yet again with IE and now with Google Chrome..anytime I typed in a website, I was taken to another strange site. I was at my wits end..I called CTRLCenter tech again and after 7 hours of working on it I was told that IE was shot and I needed to follow this long list of steps when going to any website because whatever virus I had messed everything up. My issue is I spent $129.99 for this protection and less than 2 weeks later was infected and it totally messed up my PC. Thankfully, Office Max did take it back and I got another laptpop. This HP comes with Norton for days, and after that I am not sure which one I am going to use. Norton seems great so far, but I am extremely paranoid right now about any website. I will not be using CTRLCenter anymore and I think I will be trying to get my money back for that.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/22/2011:
Trying to figure this one out. You purchased CTRLCenter services and the extended warranty. CTRLCenter helped you out at every turn, and OfficeMax replaced the computer when nothing else could be done. In other words, every part of what you purchased worked in the way it was supposed to, and you're saying you'll never buy it again?
Josh on 03/29/2012:
That is what it sounds like. It sounds like the user messed the computer up pretty bad by falling prey to multiple bait-virus attacks and Office Max was there every single step of the way. In the end the damage that the user did to the computer was too extensive and that is when the warranty kicked in to replace the laptop and the Guarantee that comes with all Ctrlcenter products kicked in to refund her money for the Tech Support when the Tech Support came upon an unresolveable issue. It is a shame that some people can get such excellent service and then give a product a bad rating over their own ignorance. If she had not purchased the warranty or Ctrlcenter she would have had a $500 paperweight after only 1 week.
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I'm begging out AVOID Max Assurance.
Posted by on
Wow reading that was like having a flashback of my experience with Max Assurance.
I purchased a laptop from Office Max and the extended warranty and was told by the attendant if I had a problem walking out of the store that day and dropping the thing they would take it in no questions asked.
Eight months later I tried to turn the computer on and I only got a blank black screen. No bios symbol no start-up nothing at all. Only the power symbol was lit and it was showing the computer had power to it. I took it in to the store and the attendant was very helpful and sent the computer out for me to Max Assurance, or whatever company they used to do the repairs, but for short I'll just use MA. So MA calls two weeks later and tells me they are not allowed to fix the computer because it is still under the manufacturers warranty and they are not authorized to repair it. They did however tell me it was a faulty motherboard so they had enough authority to identify the problem but not to fix it. I'm not going to say the manufacturer because I don't believe they are at fault. MA said they couldn't even send it to the manufacturer for repair and that I had to do it myself. I did and they repaired it without a fuss.
Not the end of the story. Another six months pass and the exact same problem happens! This time I KNOW the laptop is past the one year warranty by the manufacturer. So I call MA to start the process again and they claim I'm still under the manufacturer warranty. Luckily I'm looking at the receipt and am CLEARLY past the one year mark, but the person I talked to said she couldn't do anything for me so I hung up. I called the actual Office Max store, and they again were very helpful, the store attendant set up a conference call between the manufacturer, MA, the attendant, and myself. We finally got everything straightened out and MA finally sent me out a label to get it sent out again. Two weeks later I got a call saying it was another faulty motherboard... they replaced it a second time and sent it back.
When I got it back I noticed several of the keys didn't work. This time I knew better than to try to call MA, I called the store again and I really can't explain how great they were but again the attendant got MA to send a label out for another repair. Two weeks later a call, and I bet you can guess the problem...and the answer is faulty motherboard surprise surprise, so they replaced it a third time. This time however they also replaced my hard drive so I lost all of my information, including documents, programs, pictures, music, etc.
I just got the laptop back two weeks ago and it works fine as far as I can tell. I'm actually just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Of course this story in the condensed version. All of the phone services are automated so as soon as I called any of these companies and entered in my serial number for the laptop their machine told me I was out of warranty and disconnected my call immediately. So there was a ton of calls I didn't mention but there it is. My horrible experience with Max Assurance.
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Terrible Customer Service
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MISHAWAKA, INDIANA -- Two Fridays ago I purchased four $100 Visa Gift Cards from store #38 in Mishawaka, IN. I paid for them and got activation receipts claiming the cards would be ready to use within 24 hours. I left the store feeling satisfied with my purchase. However, when I went to use one of the cards 2 full days later, the card rang up as denied. So I call the number on the back of the Visa card and when I entered the card number, it said the cards status is unknown and I got transferred to someone to talk to. The person on the line told me that there was never any money loaded onto the card. I asked him to check the status of the other 3 cards I had and they all came back the same. So the next day I went back to the store I purchased them from thinking this would be a quick fix since I had the sales receipt showing that I paid for these cards, and Visa told me there was no money loaded onto them. I was very wrong. After two and half hours in the store talking to the manager and various people whom he told me I needed to contact, still nothing was resolved.

The manager gave me the number for Blackhawk, the company who processes gift cards. The person I contacted there said the cards did not show up as activated in their system. Then I called OfficeMax customer service and told them the whole story and gave them the reference numbers and names of people I contacted at Visa and Blackhawk. I was told the information would be forwarded on to the District Manager, and that I would be contacted on Tuesday. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him until Thursday afternoon to call, and still heard nothing. Nine days since I bought the cards and I am still in the same situation I was at the beginning, trying to get my money from OfficeMax and getting no cooperation from them in any way. I tried to get the manager at the store to sit with me and contact Visa and Blackhawk together, just so I know that OfficeMax knows what V & B are telling me. Because at this point, I'm still not sure they understand it, regardless of how many times I have told this to different people affiliated with the company.

I have sales and activation receipts for the specific cards in question, coupled with Visa and Blackhawk stating the cards were not paid for from OfficeMax, thus not being activated. Why is this so difficult to fix?
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/29/2009:
It seems like your money simply disappeared into oblivion and nobody is willing to help.

At this point, I recommend contacting the Indiana Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. The website is
Anonymous on 03/29/2009:
Before you go as far as contacting the Office of the Attorney General, how did you pay for the gift cards? If you paid by credit card, or debit card, contact the card issuer/bank of the card that you used and file a dispute or charge back. This will force Blackhawk and Office Max to respond with an explanation, or your money is automatically returned.

You have already gnne through a lot of frustration trying to get your issue with Office Max resolved. Contacting the Attorney General before pursuing your other options may create more needless delay and red tape for you and will only lead to further frustration for you. Good luck! Please let us know how this turns out.
Ben There on 03/29/2009:
Just out of curioisty, why did you buy gift cards for yourself?
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