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MaxAssurance/Protection Plan
Posted by on
SUNRISE -- I really wish that I could use names so that I can say how great this kid was; but alas I can't.

I was in the market for a new computer. I decided on buying HP because it was highly recommended. I went to my local computer stores which are Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Office Max, and CompUsa. I was doing research to see what were the best deals for my hard-earned dollar, I had all the ads that come in the paper with me as I went to the different stores shopping around talking to the sales folk. As I'm shopping I'm also trying to gauge how trustworthy these people are because you know they are going to try to sell you all this other junk you don't need or want. I learned this very quickly because the sales man(mid 30s this guy thought he was a friend to me calling me 'bud') took one minute to sell me a computer and an extra thirty to sell me all this other stuff I did not need. I had to be prepared so I made a list with the things I was going to purchase which were the laptop, a wireless mouse, Microsoft word, a laptop desk, and a laptop case; now you know when I'm telling the people helping me that I'm only purchasing the things on my list they are not very happy because they had a different agenda.

I end up between Best Buy and Office Max; Best Buy is not really pushy and they had the best price on the HP but the guy at Office Max was great and very trustworthy and the computer they had in Office Max was only 20 more dollars which didn't hurt my pocket much. As I'm speaking to the guy in Office Max he is telling me that he was recently hired, we keep talking and he is showing me tips and tricks to find out what computer is best for me and how I could make my decision easier when I was ready. He hands me a sheet that has all these discounts on different things that you could buy when you get a laptop/netbook/desktop; he also hands me the brochure of the Protection Plan where he wrote his info since he didn't have a business card and he told me to take a look at it while I decided where I was going to make my purchase. I gathered all my things from the different stores; I chose to take my business to Office Max. I arrive at the store Friday morning (this happened during the course of a week) with my wife this time because she surprised me in the morning saying she was going to buy the computer and other things for my birthday. As I said before I arrived at the store and there was the guy I had spoken to before, he was on the register this time he acknowledged me when I came in the store with a wave and then I guess he called someone to go help me out by the computers and since I had spoken to him and he knew my story I asked if he could help me. He came over and asked me if I had decided where I was going to purchase the machine and I told him that because of him I would purchase it in Office Max. He was very glad that we had chosen his store and thanked us for our business, he proceeded to go over the things we had discussed that I would be buying. He explained the MaxAssurance or Protection Plan to us and we politely declined seeing as how we had never used the ones we purchased before.

Anyway that computer came out to be 599.99 and the extras were about another 400 dollars something he explained was completely normal on a computer purchase; we bought a printer which had a discount with the black ink, we bought Office Home and Student, a Targus case, Targus Chill Mat, antivirus, a wireless mouse, and a router so we could have wireless internet at home. Again he reiterated the importance of being covered under the plan stating that spending a little bit more would make our purchase last longer and give us peace of mind, and again we declined.

I was very happy with my purchase for exactly 23 days and then it just stop working. I call HP because the computer is still obviously in the warranty period and they tell me they can't diagnose the laptop via internet since the machine is not working correctly. I have to send it in to them but I decided to go to Best Buy and have them diagnose the problem and save myself the headache of shipping the machine anywhere; that diagnostic cost me a pretty penny. Best Buy told me how much it would cost to fix the computer and I nearly blew a gasket because the computer was not even a month old at this point; I asked the guy if HP would cover it and he said that most likely it would not be covered because it was just one of those things that didn't fall within the manufacturers warranty.

Long story short I had to send the computer in to make sure there was nothing they could do about the computer and this is the 20th day that I'm without my pc, it is incredible how things happen. I emailed the guy to tell him how the computer was doing the first week I had it and thanking him for his help, he replied back letting me know that he was glad everything was going well and when I told him a week later that the computer was damaged he said he wished he could do more for me but that the store policy couldn't be broken and that he wished we had been able to buy the MaxAssurance plan for the computer when we bought it and he wished me luck. He also turned me on to this website so that I may let other people know that it is possible that a computer might get damaged or crash and to tell you to BUY THE PLAN AND BE WORRY FREE, IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG OFFICEMAX HAS YOUR BACK AND YOU WON'T HAVE TO FEND FOR YOURSELF.


P.S. If you are in Sunrise and you need a computer talk to the Technology Specialist or the Electronics Manager in that store and he will take care of you.

***Update 09/05***

HP got back to me, the damage is not covered by the limited warranty. I will have to pay for repair out of pocket. According to them the computer was damaged due to an electrical surge/spike, which damaged some of the internal components of the machine.

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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 08/27/2009:
Great review...sometimes it is better than you can't give the person's name on here because most people will think you are that person or a relative of them trying to boost up some brownie points. But, it's always good to let the person's manager know when one of their employee's have done a great job. A letter to them is even better because it will go into their employee's file for consideration at the time of their annual review and those letter speaks volumes for the employee!
disgruntled on 09/03/2009:
Thank you for your review but I think you did the right thing by not purchasing extended warranty. After 34 years of employment with Hewlett Packard and having had recent issues with my own HP computer. After reading other reviews about HP Customer Service I think your mistake (and my mistake) was to have purchased Hewlett Packard in the first place. Fixing a problem with a computer is not normally a problem, getting somebody within HP Customer Service to do anything for you (or even care) is a major problem. You should not have to pay anybody for fixing your computer since its so new but it sounds like that will not happen. Good luck !
French on 09/14/2010:
What the employee was selling him was NOT some flashy extended warranty with all these bells and whistles, but a protection plan, which are 2 very different things. The protection provides the customer peace of mind that no matter what happens, such as quitting on you after 23 days, you will be protected and you WILL get a full refund. Most manufacturers put just a 90 day limited warranty on their laptops that only cover hard drive failure, cd drive failure, and maybe some internal software problems, but beyond that they won't cover accidental damage or wear-and-tear. If something does happen, the manufacturer will find any way to make the problem user-error, which they tend not to cover. If you're willing to pay a little extra, in this case $150 for 3 year protection or even just $100 for 2 years, that covers anything and everything. You won't have to pay more just have someone look at it and then get charged even more for them to fix it. It's just 1 flat rate you pay at the time of purchase and you're covered. Before that 3 years is up and you want a new laptop, you return it, get your money back, credit that towards your new laptop and pay the difference of $150 or $100 for a few more years of coverage. Don't just throw it away after it breaks. That's $600 you can have back! That means you don't have to spend another $600 out of pocket on a new laptop. Yes, I realize your on a budget, but, if you're willing to a pay a little extra to protect your investment it's worth it.
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Warranty a Rip Off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Never buy this warranty, it is a rip off and covers nothing. They will “fix” your computer, but send it back broken in other parts.

Problem Summary (more in the Details)
-It took around 3 weeks to get fixed
-Had to spend another $155 just to get the proper extra things they needed to turn in
-Computer came back and battery was broken (another $90 to replace)
-When I called to complain, they told me it was my fault and there was nothing I can do
-Still have a broken computer, which takes forever to start up, and have to pay more money to replace a battery that I did not break

Bought this warranty less than 2 years ago, and my laptop broke recently (laptop was around 550 and the warranty was another 140).

Instead of fixing it in store, they made me call some help line. That help line said I had to send the computer in to some place. So I had to wait 2 days to get a box to send it in.
Then the box came, and then the slip told me I had to send in a recovery disk. So since Office Max never sold me that I had to call Sony and wait 6 days for that to come (and pay 70 dollars). During that time, I tried to get my hard drive extracted. When I went to Office Max, they said that they could do it for 50 dollars and I had to buy a hard drive case from them for another 35 dollars.

Finally I was able to send the laptop in. It took around 8 business days to fix it, which is a bit long, but what else could you expect from a warranty like this?

When the laptop came back, I turned it on, and it started up, which was the first positive of this experience. Then I logged into windows, and it took 15 minutes to actually log in (more than 15 times normal length before it went in). Once logged in, a warning popped up saying the battery was broken or the wrong battery. The battery was not broken when I sent it in (still had 4 plus hours of battery life left).

I called again to complain about the long login times and the battery issue. Instead of being helpful, they told me my warranty does not cover this and there is nothing they can do. It is my fault I cannot prove the battery works, so they will not replace it. Basically they are leaving me out in the cold, even though I did not do anything wrong. I am not sure I want to spend another 90 dollars for a battery, when the computer could break at anytime again.

I will never buy another product from Office Max, and I hope you don’t as well. You will probably get screwed out of around $800 dollars just like me.
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User Replies:
cmthru on 08/16/2013:
I wonder why they asked for a recovery disk. Most every laptop and desktop sold within the last 5 years (including Sony) have a recovery partition as part of the drive. Any shop worth its salt will have recovery disks for all manufacturers.

You say it's still slow to start. That's usually not the drive but software related. The shop did not do its job at all.

Take the laptop to a local repair facility, not a big box store, have them diagnose the problem and give you an estimate. You will have to pay for them to fix it.
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READ before you SHOP at OfficeMax
Posted on
I have first hand knowledge of the sales tactics. I spent 2 months there and have several friends who work there now. You are trained to sell, no matter what. The manager repeats over and over "expectations" and gives daily quota's to hit.

Maxassurance is the number one priority. You have to hit 3% of your sales. Every computer, printer, shredder, and camera. They even sell them on backpacks. The Maxassurance program is owned by OFFICEMAX. They look for loopholes to NOT cover things. Think about it, they sell it and don't want you to use it. IT's not worth it! Even associates have been denied coverage.
It is so High pressure that you feel guilty selling stuff to people who really can't afford the insurance.

The furniture Insurance is the worst, it covers nothing really. The chair insurance is a joke. It only covers wheels. The mechanism is not covered, which is what usually breaks first.

MAXPERKS- It really isn't what it seems. If you recycle you have to make qualifying purchases to reap your rewards. So read the fine print.

SALES- by the way, as it has been mentioned early, the associates are required to greet you very fast, and take you to the item and place it in your hand. Then they are expected to talk to you, get your name, find out what you are working on, and offer all the items you may need. At times it is very intrusive. It makes it so you can't just shop.

There are other choices, pick a better one....
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User Replies:
Skye on 08/21/2011:
Sounds like a business trying to make money. That's the goal, sell sell sell and sell more. Tell the customer anything to seal the deal.

No matter what, you should ALWAYS read the fine print.
trmn8r on 08/21/2011:
It has gotten to be like this in a lot of places. As a customer you have to have a thick skin and be ready to be rude or whatever it takes to escape and get the .(#)% out of there.
Skye on 08/21/2011:
Just say no thank you. Works for me. I refuse to allow anyone to force me into buying something I don't need or want. And if they continue to bother me, I tell them to stop and please let me shop in peace, or I'll go elsewhere. I'm polite but firm. As they say, don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I know they are trying to make a sale to reach quota's, but I also know they cannot force a customer to do anything.

It takes thick skin and a body guard for some people trm.
SteveWiginowski on 08/22/2011:
The thing about the sales makes sense. If I am going to a place, I would like to make one trip instead of multiple trips. When I worked at Toy's R Us, upselling may have felt wrong, but it made sense.

Someone is buying a bike, I would then suggest they buy a helmet, pads, a light, and things like that. Customers don't often think about those secondary items that they may want/need when making a purchase.

If I were at OfficeMax buying a printer, I wouldn't think about buying paper, extra ink, or anything like that initially.
Anonymous on 11/22/2011:
I agree with this review for the most part. It is a high-pressure situation for associates. I was on the management team at my OfficeMax, and yes, we pressured our associates to make sales. What a lot of associates don't realize is that we, as managers are under intense pressure from their bosses, and on up the ladder, to make the company profitable.

I've found that most associates get upset about the way the company is run because they want to have an easy job, and, truth be told, retail isn't just about pointing people at products, it's about sales.

That being said, it was a bit of a miserable experience for me working for the company, but I just don't think I'm built for retail. I imagine it would be like this wherever you are.

When it comes to the MaxAssurance, you have to read the fine print. They don't look for loopholes, they just have very specific terms to being able to utilize the service, and if the associates don't explain it properly, or understand it themselves, it's going to create friction when it doesn't work as expected.
Josh on 03/29/2012:
I don't know where you guys are coming from on MaxAssurance. I have always gotten my money out of it. I have had 3 laptops that all used it, a printer that used, a shredder that COULD have used it if I got it and 2 chairs that used it. From what I was told and have experienced it just gives the store extra overhead to be able to cover long-term problems that are in the scope of the warranty. Read what it does and doesn't cover. There aren't "loopholes" It is in the back of the brochure in black and white.
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Read this before you shop at OfficeMax!!!
Posted by on
HOUSTON TEXAS -- In my humble opinion, OfficeMax is a miserable place. When you walk in, employees have to be very aware of you. I'm not going to say I work there, but read betlinesween. Its a high pressure job. The store is doing miserably, for some time now (since 2006, when they shut down a bunch of the worst producing stores, to decrease loss). Staples and Office Depot are kicking Office Max's butt. When you come in, on every purchase, or visit, employees are supposed to find out your problem or issue, and pressure you into a sale. Once they have you sold on something, they are supposed to try to get you to buy something more expensive or at least any thing related, like accessories. At that point is all about signing you up for max perks and selling you Max assurance on the product. Most of the time its totally unnecessary and protects you against the things that a decent store would replace without the stupid max assurance. Its a way to make a lot more money, because margins are already so low, and its still not good enough to beat competition. Just letting you know that you should do your research online. Find the product you need, price compare online by googling the specific model of what you need. Once you find a reputable company that sells the specific model you need, order it or go pick it up. You can usually have it delivered for free to a store near you, if its only available online. I avoid OfficeMax like the plague or Kroger. Don't get ;me started. Good luck little customers. May the force be with you and may you be wiser next time. As soon as you go in they probably pressured some guy to go bug you for a sale! No kidding! Business is so slow, I am honestly amazed they are open. I can't believe they haven't pulled a Circuit City yet. Maybe their a shell company. I think they already got busted for fraudulent rebates by the government or IRS. Check it out if you don't believe me. Do I need to say its a horrible cold environment to work for?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/08/2009:
Yeah, Office Max's financials don't let so hot. They've been in the red three out of the last four quarters. I can only imagine that working for a company that's on its way down is not too much fun.

thisIsMyHand1e, You offered up some really good insights. Good review!
SteveWiginowski on 10/08/2009:
When I worked at Toy's R Us, they wanted us to sell accessories to customers as well as extended warrenties. There is nothing wrong with that. If you don't want them, then you don't buy them. Stores generally want you to buy more from them, not less. If you go in there to buy a printer, then they will push extra ink, paper, and a warranty. It makes sense.
Ytropious on 10/08/2009:
I agree that basically every place pushes employees to upsell, it's just part of working in retail. I do know however that there are a lot of places that REALLY hammer the employees to do it, causing a lot of misery. Office Max might be one of those places.
Anonymous on 01/27/2010:
I work at OfficeMax and rather enjoy it.

Yes, when a customer walks in we are supposed to be aware of them. If we weren't, we'd have customers in here saying "when I walk into OfficeMax nobody even notices me or helps me." Yes we're aware. We're trying to sell stuff... it's our JOB.

I agree with Ken: this is just a disgruntled employee making claims that really hold no water.
Texas on 07/25/2013:
I work at Office Max and I love my job. I will tell you what we train to do. We greet the customer and find out what brought them into Office Max. We then train our staff to help solve their problem and make sure they leave happy. Yes of course we train our team to sell accessories to computers, tablets, printer and so on. I buy Max Assurance on many of the items I own. I can spend 2.99 on my daughters binders and when the middle of the school year roles around and she has destroyed it I can walk into any Office Max and they replace it for free. They even let me pay 2.99 on the binder I got for free so I can do it with the new binder. So I get away with buying my daughters binders for 2.99. Tell me what store you can go to with a torn up binder that has been drawn all over and ripped up 6 months later and ask for a new one? I have NEVER reprimanded any of my team for not up selling. I teach them the tools to sell and help solve problems for our customers and they run with it. I have worked at several different retail chains through the years and one thing I can honestly say is that my Office Max is very laid back and understanding. Some stores may be run differently but I have a very low turnover rate because my team is happy.
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You Can Cancel Your Max Assurance Warranty Anytime!
Posted by on
Cancellation: You may cancel this Contract at any time by surrendering it or providing written notice to the retailer at the address where You purchased this Contract You may also cancel this Contract by surrendering it or providing written notice to N. E.W. at the address listed above. This Contract may be canceled by You for any reason. In the event You cancel this Contract within thirty (30) days of receipt of this Contract. You shall receive a full refund of any payments made by You under this Contract. In the event You cancel this Contract after thirty (30) days of receipt of this Contract, You shall receive a pro rata refund of any amount paid based upon elapsed time less an administrative fee not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the price of this Contract or twenty-five dollars ($25), whichever is less, and less any claims that have been paid or repairs that have been made.

We or N.E.W. may not cancel this Contract except for fraud, material misrepresentation or non-payment by You; or if required to do so by any regulatory authority. If We or N. E.W. cancels this Contract, You shall receive a refund of one hundred percent (100%) of the pro rata unearned portion of the Contract price less any claims which have been paid. We or N. E.W. may not cancel this Contract without providing You with written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of cancellation. Such notice shall include the effective date of cancellation and the reason for cancellation. In Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, South Carolina, Washington and Wyoming:

If You cancel Your Contract within thirty (30) days of receipt of Your Contract and do not receive a refund or credit within thirty (30) days of receipt of the returned service contract, a ten percent (10%) penalty per month shall be applied to the refund.

Insurance: This is not a contract of insurance. Obligations of the Obligor under this Contract are insured under a service contract reimbursement insurance policy issued by Virginia Surety Company, Inc. In AL, AR, AK, AZ, CT, GA, IL, KY, MO, MT, NH, NC, NY, OH, lX, UT, WA, WI, and WY only: If You have filed a claim in writing under this Contract and the Obligor fails to payor provide service within sixty (60) days of filing such a claim, or if You are otherwise dissatisfied, please submit Your claim in writing and a copy of this Contract and the sales receipt for the Product to Virginia Surety Company, Inc., 175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois 60604, Attention: Service Contract Claims, 1-800-209-6206.
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User Replies:
mad at max on 01/29/2009:
You can get your money back from Max Assure. It is the law that they have to refund your money pro rated to the cancellation date. You can do this in writing to the insurance company itself.(It's not part of Office Max. Office Max justs gets a commission) Their phone # is on the Max Assure brocure. I had to hangup and call back 3 times until I got someone to give me the address. I got my $249.99 refund 7 days later.
When I called the computer manufacturer, their extended warranty wa $99 versus Max Assure $249 !!!!
Failalot on 04/12/2009:
I swear, so many people complain about companies trying to scam them, but when you work retail, and witness so many people coming in with armloads of coupons and endless complaints and atrociously rude attitudes, you begin to wonder if the customers are trying to scam the companies. At least the companies are honest, albeit only in fine print. It's better than some of the outright lies given to employees by devious bargain hunters just looking to manipulate green and un-confident employees in order to pinch some pennies.
Don't even try to say it doesn't happen. If you've ever worked retail, you've seen customers come in with expired coupons, try to play it off like they're still valid, then throw a hissy when you adhere to policy, even when you go about it in a courteous manner.
The customer is not always right, the customer needs to suck it up and do some reading, the customer needs to pull their head out of their ass. Nuff said.
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Don't Pay For Max Assurance Extended Warranty!!
Posted by on
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Dealing with Office Max Max Assurance has been an utter nightmare. Not only are the help desk and computer help desk agents liars, but they are incompetent as well. It took two grueling months to finally get a refund for my all in one printer. They had the nerve to send me an Office Max purchase card! Needless to say, after a tongue lashing they are sending me a check. I work in a very small office consisting of only 3 people. We were unable to conduct business as usual during this two month time frame. We were forced to work from our homes where we had to use our own personal printers, faxes and copiers. During these 2 months Max Assurance had hired a tech company Prism Pointe Technologies.

The field technicians they sent out were either indolent or semi mentally retarded. None of them seemed to know what they were doing. Any time they came and gave Max Assurance their prognosis it would take another two weeks to get the technician to come back out with a replacement part. Twice the parts they ordered were incorrect and sent to the wrong address. Countless hours I had spent on the phone with both companies trying to get someone to fix my All in One or replace it.

Each time I called I had to speak to a different help desk agent no matter if it was a day later or an hour later which left me even more frustrated. The first 5-10 minutes of my call was sitting in silence while the new agent reviewed my 2 month long profile only to have them ask the same questions. The majority of the time the agent I had spoken to previously did not feel the need to make any notations in my profile as to why I was calling or what they had promised me they would do.

Therefore, I was left to bring the new agent up to date and start from the beginning. I had been promised each time the field tech would call a certain day or time and they didn't. I had been promised the part would be in within a certain time frame and it never was. I had been promised a supervisor would call me never happened. I spent two months getting the run-around. Some of supervisors even stopped answering my calls. I have no idea how this company is functioning. I have never dealt with a company as disorganized and inept as this one. I wouldn't even recommend them to my worst enemy.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/16/2008:
I am fast coming to the conclusion that NO purchased warranty is valid or worth the having. It's rather depressing.
Xandra on 08/09/2008:
I don't understand why people in other parts of this country are having issues with Office Max when out here in Western Washington I've heard and experienced nothing but good. Not only have I not had a problem with the folks at Maxassurance, I was sent my gift card for my HP C5180 right away after I had knocked it off the shelf. For my GE phone it was still within manufacturer's warranty but I brought it back to the store with my receipt, explained the situation the the store manager in the Woodinville store, (I believe his name is Chris) and he let me exchange it for something else! Maybe we are just lucky in the Puget Sound area, but I've found that with both Office Max and Best Buy, the replacement plans have paid for themselves several times over.
shopoholic180 on 12/04/2008:
Office Max has been nothing but a help to me as well in running my small business
crash_kelly on 12/05/2008:

LazerPhreak on 09/15/2010:
I understand your problems with incompetent technicians. I have no response for that. However, if you would of read your Max Assurance brochure, you would have seen in plain English "We will repair or replace the product with one with similar features or reimburse you for the purchase price of the product including sales tax, with an OfficeMax gift card..." Would you get a mortgage without reading the print? People like you are what give replacement plans a bad name, not the plans themselves. A good service / replacement plan will protect anyone's budget when (not if) their product fails. Why do people like you expect other's to break the rules just for you?
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Don't Walk, Run From These Businesses And Their Max Assurance Coverage
Posted by on
HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I purchased two HP Pavilion Desktop PC's from our local Office Max Store and paid for the Max Assurance extended warranty for three years on both computers. A year after I purchased these computers, one of them had its motherboard go out of it. I called Max Assurance. They issued me a claim number and told me to contact this 800 number. I did so and was on hold for 20 minutes. I then was given a reference number to give to the technician when I spoke with him. After being on hold for another 10 minutes, I finally get to speak with someone who thinks he understands my frustration with their system. He leads me through the long process on filing a claim of what my computer problem is and then tells me that he'll send this to their Tech. Support Dept. and someone from there will call me. No one calls, so I finally call them back 2 days later. Once again to be put on hold several times.

I finally get to the Tech. Support Dept. and they finally trouble shoot the computer and determine that the motherboard is bad. They tell me they'll order me another one and get it in the mail to my son's college apartment immediately. a week later no mother board,. I call them again. We'll get it on order and have it sent next day to your son's the lady tells me. OK no problem. Where does it show up? My house, 2 hours away from where it needs to be. I end up driving it to my sons house. A service tech. is called to repair the PC but never schedules an appointment so, after several phone calls and no shows, we finally get the motherboard put in. it works for 34 days and is out again. I am now going through this whole entire process again.

It is nothing but the run around with Max Assurance and with the computer service center they contract to do their servicing. Who is this contracted service center you ask? try BARRISTER GLOBAL SERVICES NETWORK. Each time we have been down 30 days or more and we get nothing but the run around. I fully believe that they are banking on you getting tired of being given the run around and you will give up and get your item fixed else where or just buy another one while they're running all the way to the bank with the money you've paid for their worthless coverage and the money you've lost in the process.

Take it from me, RUN as fast as you can away from this warranty coverage and investigate these companies BEFORE you buy.
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User Replies:
Xandra on 08/09/2008:
I have to ask where you are because in Washington State I have had no problems! I'll admit I haven't had a problem with the computer I bought several months ago but with an hp printer and a ge phone I was treated very well both by maxassurance and in the store in order to resolve the problem. Did you try going into the store and asking for help? Both the Woodinville and Kirkland stores where I live have been very helpful!
ptsteve on 12/01/2008:
I bought a desk top 2 years and 9 months ago and also a 3 year warranty. I have had 3 now a 4th repair needed and the warranty states they will buy it back after 3...I have been called a liar, told they can redefine the black and white words on their warranty and are disrespecrful and rude.
goduke on 06/28/2010:
1. lawyers are never free.
2. only a small portion of the settlement is dispered to the class members. The rest of it goes to the lawyers (see #1).
LazerPhreak on 09/16/2010:
To Steve: The No-Lemon policy DOES NOT apply to damages due to accidental issues. Were any of those repairs considered accidental damage? At the Author: Sorry your repair isn't happening immediately...I guess everyone should be on instantaneous time. You could be paying 800 dollars for that repair...
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Officemax Maxassurance is a Scam - Buyers Beware!
Posted by on
ASHBURN, VIRGINIA -- I bought an office chair in August of 2007, though it was a clearance item, the clerk advised me to get an extended warranty policy to cover ANY issues with the chair including rips, peeling, sctratches, etc. whether or not caused by the consumer, and if Officemax does not have the exact same model in stock, the replacement model would be issued. It was a "3-year" coverage from Maxassurance by a company called NEW for $9.99.

Well it's almost 3 years, I have the receipt, I go to the store, they cannot find it in the system and tell me to call this Maxassurance, I call and tell them my chair pads have since collapsed & the leather is peeling everywhere. They said the warranty only covers Casters & Seam separations. I get a current copy of their policy and start naming the coverages, they said that was only effective January of 2008.

This is a scam that needs to stop. It should be illegal to sell these services under a false pretense to consumers. I'm sure they are making millions of $$ scamming ordinary people all over the country.

Buyers Beware!!!
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Anonymous on 07/30/2010:
I've learned that most extended warranties are just a bunch of BS. Its pointless. I never purchase extended warranties on anything. I feel that the product shouldn't need it, if its a good product, and if something went wrong, you're better off contacting the manufacterer
LazerPhreak on 09/15/2010:
Unfortunately, manufacturer warranties are a joke. I find it easier to sum it up with "If it's broke when you take it out of the box, you can get it replaced. Otherwise, good luck" Max Assurance has always been good to me. However, like any contracted service, get a copy of the contract and keep it with the receipt. I hate to say it, but not every salesman is the smartest kid on the block. It is not offensive to ask them to prove what they promise with something in writing. Replacement / Service plans will protect anyone's budget when their product fails. Just make sure you read the contract. You wouldn't just walk into a bank and sign a mortgage without looking at it would you?
Jace on 11/02/2011:
I hate to say it but that associate lied to you. I have worked at OMX since 2007. The Chair warranties are service plans meaning they will attempt to fix it. So if the chair arm broke they would send you a new arm. But if it cannot be fixed it will be replaced meaning they will send you the amount you paid for the chair with tax on a gift card. They don't issue you a new model chair they send you a gift card and for the chair warranties they lie when they say it covers accidental damage its just normal wear and tear seam separation and broken casters. So if the material just ripped they probably would not cover it Officemax in my opinion sucks
Steve on 06/02/2013:
I had a great experience with them.

I registered my chair on their Maxassurance website. I never once had to even talk to a person when I made my claim. I put in the details of what happened to the chair, submitted the page and it told me great news it qualified and within a week I got a gift card for 89.99(Because I opted for that vs a check) and still got to keep the old worn chair.

A logitech mouse I bought from them as well with a replacement plan was also painless for me. In that instance, I took it into the store with my receipt and they literally let me swap it out with the same product, no trying to look me up in the system since I had my receipt, and I bought another replacment plan on the new one for $3. Can't beat a new mouse every year or so for $3.
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I was trying to search for the OfficeMax Assurance page because I forgot what it was and came across a review on here regarding this warranty plan. It was from a worker saying that the plan is a rip off. I will have to definitely disagree, or at least say it depends on what it's for. Just like any insurance in life (except for life insurance) you may "never use it" but it's still good to have. In my case I purchased a printer at a fairly high price and purchased this plan. Through the year I had several problems with the printer, and used the manufacturers warranty to settle it. Well I continued to have problems with the printer and then the refurbished one they sent me.

Finally I decided to use the MaxAssurance plan and was able to get a new printer after a year and a half. In my eyes it's a great deal, I essentially was able to get a printer for $30 Well, actually $50 after packaging because the only downside is that you can not replace your product directly with OfficeMax, you have to mail it.

However, they do pay the postage, which I imagine is pretty high. So overall, great plan to purchase with any major purchase there!
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eachmorning on 05/15/2010:
Important thing that many people get hung up on is that the warranty you purchase with an item is for that specific item only. If you purchase a 3 year warranty on an XYZ printer, then you use this warranty to have the printer replaced free of charge, the warranty has been used and is now null and void. It doesn't carry over to the next product until the time runs out.
Keep in mind that there are a lot of store "policies", but that the store manager has the ability to take action depending on the situation. If there is a problem with a product and you're a couple days past the 14-day or 30-day limit, manager can still make return based on situation. Same with if you have problem with the product several months down the road. I've seen managers willing to do a special deal replace an item on-the-spot if customer willing to purchase a new warranty on the new product (saves customer from having to deal with 3rd party). Trying to make customer happy and keep them coming back. Special deal not required, and won't happen every time. But all deals with the individual situation. Now if the customer comes in with an "I'm busier than you, I'm more important than you, you're going to give me what I want and maybe more", then manager will probably go by the book and you'll be playing phone tag with the manufacturer or 3rd party warranty or whoever.
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Office Max - Max Assurance a total Scam
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I purchased a Laser Jet N2727nf all-in-one from Office Max on 1/27/08 for $599. Got talked into the replacement plan by one of the reps for $129. I was told that if I ever have a problem, I can bring back to store and they will replace with an equivalent model. This isn't the case. Office Max referred me to the company that handles the warranties. I was immediately asked if my unit was plugged into a power strip. When I answered yes, the tech said that the strip probably burned out my mother board and that the fact that I used a power strip most likely voided my warranty. He said that if I would have read the manual I would know this. Just finished reading the manual from cover-to-cover. No mention of this anywhere. Now the question is, is my time worth the effort to make Office Max fix my problem? Probably not, but I can assure you Office Max won't be getting any more of my business dollars.
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Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
The catch is, MaxPerks isn't a scam. Employees are misinformed that this is a "bring it in and we'll replace it" policy. In fact, it is a warranty through a 3rd party called NEW. Warranty claims have to be done through them.
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
You can't retract your statement and say that it wasn't on a power strip?
tnchuck100 on 01/26/2010:
"tech said that the strip probably burned out my mother board"

The "tech" is an idiot. The use of power strips with computers is very common. Most contain surge suppression. A beneficial thing. This outfit was just looking for a way out. That makes them a scam.
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
I've never heard of a power strip voiding a warranty

read your warranty carefully

but that just sounds weird.
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
Good point Chuck.
Slimjim on 01/26/2010:
I was thinking the same thing Chuck. Power strips usually ARE surge protectors. You would more likely be called out of voiding the warranty for NOT using one to protect a computer and accessories.
That, and the fact it is nowhere in the manual as this "tech" claims, is why I would say definitely push them hard to fix or replace this unit.
PepperElf on 01/26/2010:
the only time I've seen power strips fail was when some of my coworkers on my last ship tried using theirs in australia, not realizing the power was 220. poor little power strips burned up.

their laptops however were fine, cos they were designed to handle a much wider range of voltages.
though a prong adapter was required.
PuffDuke on 03/09/2010:
Just to inform you, laser printers are to be plugged directly into the wall and not a power strip or battery backup because it can and will damage the unit and the warranties have worked for me but still something could've been worked out and hopefully did for you.
Anonymous on 03/09/2010:
PuffDuke, BA. How true.

eachmorning on 05/15/2010:
First of all, I would have gone to the manufaturers website and checked to see if this was an ongoing problem with your specific printer model. I would then have emailed the crap out of them and let them know that they owe me a new printer.
Second, I would go to the Officemax website and scroll to the bottom to the Customer Service website. I would let them know that the associates are promising the world just to sell MaxAssurance warranties, and that regardless this is the problem you're having and you want it fixed. Heck, each store also has the email and phone of reps for their printers and could have made an effort to help you that way, too.
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