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CTRLCenter a joke
By -

I recently bought a brand new Toshiba laptop and I knew I needed a good antivirus software. After talking with them about what would work best for me, it was highly recommended I purchase CTRLCenter PC Protection which uses McAfee and provides me with tech support 24/7. I also purchased the extended warranty and I really liked the idea of having access to a PC tech 24/7 to help resolve any issues that might arise. Well, issues arose after only one week!! I set it up just like I was told prior to going online.

One week later the first call was because I kept getting these strange pop-ups that were not allowing me to do anything. 2 hours later, after they accessed my PC they supposedly removed it the virus I was told all was safe. The tech told me I had a pretty extensive malware bug and he finally was able to isolate it and remove it. The very next day, my touchpad stopped scrolling. I called again and they accessed my PC again and something then happened to IE. They said I needed to call Microsoft who in turn said I needed to call Toshiba. I called Toshiba and they walked me through a few steps and it was working again, or so I thought.

On day 3 I had trouble yet again with IE and now with Google Chrome. Anytime I typed in a website, I was taken to another strange site. I was at my wits end. I called CTRLCenter tech again and after 7 hours of working on it I was told that IE was shot and I needed to follow this long list of steps when going to any website because whatever virus I had messed everything up.

My issue is I spent $129.99 for this protection and less than 2 weeks later was infected and it totally messed up my PC. Thankfully, Office Max did take it back and I got another laptop. This HP comes with Norton for days, and after that I am not sure which one I am going to use. Norton seems great so far, but I am extremely paranoid right now about any website. I will not be using CTRLCenter anymore and I think I will be trying to get my money back for that.

Office Max Does Not Care
By -

ORO VALLEY, ARIZONA -- Three weeks ago, I purchased a D-Link Ethernet Router from Office Max. Because I was waiting for my Internet-ready Blu-ray player to arrive I did not even take the unit out of the box during the first two weeks I had it. In the third week I opened the box and tried installing the D-Link. I tried for 6-8 hours changing my computer's LAN settings, reading the troubleshooting instructions and making numerous calls for support to Samsung and Comcast Cable -- and those companies tried their best to help me. Unfortunately they could not resolve my problem and D-Link could not be reached.

After all this headache which later resulted in my having to call Comcast to get my Internet connectivity restored, I reboxed the D-Link with the original receipt and everything it came with and went to Office Max to request a return. To my disappointment and chagrin, after speaking to two cashiers the manager was called in to tell me that they could not give me my cash back because the package was opened and it was older than 14 days. I told the manager that this was unsatisfactory and not like the policy of most large chains that allow 30 days for such returns. He said the best they could do was give me a store credit less 15 percent for a restocking fee.

I told the manager that I was upset and that I'd rather just take the unit out and smash it on his counter at which point he said he'd call the police if I went ahead. I told him that I didn't agree with their policy (which he showed me was in small pale blue print on the reverse side of my receipt) but since that was the best they would offer I would take the partial refund, buy one last item to use it up and then never shop at Office Max again. The Manager stated that this would be fine.

It might be "fine" for Office Max, but it was hardly fine for me considering that trying to use the router was all but impossible and it wasted half a day of my time. The Router cost only $20, so for the $3 restocking fee they gave me all that grief and lost a good customer.

This makes absolutely no sense to me, but since I need a new ink cartridge for my printer that will be the last item I buy from Office Max using the partial credit they allowed. Office Max: you guys have no clue of how to handle customer relations and I can't see you surviving in this type of economic climate being particularly hard-nosed on your returns policy. Good luck, you'll need it.

Officemax Rewards Are a Scam
By -

I want to generate bad publicity for OfficeMax here and tell the rest of the world my horrible experience with them (never do business with them again). The rewards they issued me failed at every step of the process and it takes a boxing match just to receive it, because Customer Service is both rude and unhelpful. A manager had just hung up on me - I was trying to escalate the priority of my complaint so I would not have to write this, but she instead hung up on me.

Here is my experience: I bought an expensive printer from OfficeMax, only because they promised a reward. Me being naive, I signed up for MaxPerks and bought the printer. They didn't honor the MaxPerks reward, despite it being on their advertisement, so I sent over 10 emails, in the span of 3 months, for them to honor the MaxPerks reward. It eventually came, but at the cost of 10-emails, numerous phone calls, and 10 hours of my time. With the MaxPerks rewards, I ended up ordering some items online (that OfficeMax cancelled! false advertising) and I ended up getting a replacement gift card.

I ordered another item online (that OfficeMax cancelled yet again!) and they sent another replacement gift card. Seeing that the online order is an incredible failure, I go to OfficeMax to buy another item using this gift card. After a 30 minute drive, they tell me that the gift card has 0 balance. I call immediately and I was promised that within 48 hours, the card would have its balance and I would receive an e-mail, another hour or two lost. 6 days later, nothing. Subsequently, I call OfficeMax and ask to speak to a manager. She says all she can do is do a feedback form for an "inconvenience".

I was upset, an inconvenience? 12 hours, do you know how much I make per hour that it's an "inconvenience". After a few more minutes, she tells me she cannot do anything, I make sure she actually noted my complaint, and in the middle of doing so, she hangs up on me. OfficeMax - I've dealt with Customer Service with BestBuy, Victoria Secret, Staples, OfficeDepot, Amazon, and they were able to easily issue me gift cards. I never had to escalate it like this. So, I am telling anyone who reads this, beware of OfficeMax. They lie and cheat to take your money. They ignore the voice of the consumer. Please everyone, share your story here.

Worse Customer Service Ever!
By -

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I have been shopping at Office Max for years now, but in recent times, the store in the city of Vallejo CA has the worse sales associates I've ever came in contact with. On December 28, 2009 I purchased a file cabinet in addition to other office supplies. When I got home, I realized that I had purchased the smaller cabinet in error after opening the box the sliding the contents out. My husband put the hardware back into the box and I had gone back to Office Max to purchase the lateral file cabinet I had originally wanted. The sales clerk who helped me this time was very rude.

After I handed her the merchandise ticket, she smirks at me and said that there's been 'too many customer returns' and 'why can't customers makes sure their purchasing the right item before checking out'. I was appalled. I said to her "it's after Christmas and there are going to be returns, whether you like it or not. Furthermore as long as a customer has their receipt and the product is being returned in its original condition, it shouldn't be a problem." Then she gave me a look of contempt.

I completed my purchase and later on I called the corporate office of Office Max with my complaint. I soon received a call from the store manager of that location and he assured me that he would get to the bottom of what had happened. The next day when I returned the cabinet purchased in error, I asked for assistance with getting it out of my car. The clerk smiled and asked me to wait until he rang up a customer or two... even though I was the next person in line. I then went and asked another associate to help, who immediately retrieved a dolly-truck and got the item out of the car.

I will not be shopping at this particular store ever again. I rather travel 25 miles to another city to shop for office supplies. The customer service at this Office Max is the worse I ever encountered. It's obvious that the people working there don't fully understand what customer service is. Most of the time, there is only one checkout lane open, filled with customers while sales associates are just standing around talking. I hate to see people lose jobs during these difficult times, but some people just don't deserve them. A job is more than just collecting a paycheck. Bad customer service can be damaging to a business. Thank you for reading.

Max Assurance Insurance Complaint
By -

ARIZONA -- I bought a chair from Office Max (EZ Chair) & bought the warranty. After 2 years with the chair, the Lift Mechanism that makes the chair go up & down had pin that pop out of the bottom of the pump. I called into Max Assurance was told I was going to get a call from someone that is going to come to my house to take pictures of the chair (Couple days have come by & no call.). I called back & asked when someone was going to call me. I was then told, no one is going to call me & that I would need to take pictures of the chair myself & "mail" those in!

I told the CS Rep that I will take the pictures & email those to your company which I did. I get an email back stating that this is not covered by the warranty, that they only cover Normal Wear & Tear to upholstery, including seam separation. I then called the Max Assurance to confirm "where" on the terms & conditions, where it states that this is not covered. The supervisor ** reviewed the contract & said himself that he doesn't see anywhere that states this would not be a covered item. ** said, he would go back to the contracts dept & get additional information & give me a callback, no later than the end of the next business day.

Three days later, no call from **, I then call back. ** is not available, so I speak w/ a different supervisor **. She tells me the same thing that the pump mechanism is not covered. I am stuck w/ a broken chair. Fortunately, I paid w/ a Visa CC. For everyone out there, if you attempt to correct a product or return it & the merchant is not willing to, contact your Credit Card Company. They will refund your money & take back the funds electronically from the merchant.

The merchant will somehow have to arrange to come by & pick up your damaged item themselves, at their cost. If you're not home, oh well, they are going to have to come by as many times to house to try to pick that up. It will cost them more in the long run (FYI, I called EZ chair & asked them how much this would cost for the pump mechanism.) $9 dollars.

I Know Nothing About Laser Printers
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- This is the second time at this store, Airport Road, Naples, that I have had money in my pocket to buy a printer. And the first time, years ago, one older man said to me, "yes we only have that one Mac compatible printer, but the box is way up on the shelf." He walked off. I walked away and reported it to the manager. I'm not a whiner. This was maybe 5 years ago. The printer was like $600.

This time, on the Sunday before Memorial Day 2008, (not near closing), I went in and there were 3 men who worked there, leaning against the front window, chatting. One was an older man with a beard. I asked, "Do you know what happened to those closeout laser printers you had up here yesterday? Did you sell them all?" The older man said, "no, we have them, they're in the back." With that, he resumed chatting with his employees, co-workers or whatever. I just stood there mouth open. I said "Would you mind telling me where 'In the back' or shall I just wander around aimlessly?" He said, "you'll see them, off to the right." I was stunned.

I announce I am interested in a printer, these were marked down to $300, but still, that's a lot of money these days when no one is buying anything, AND there was absolutely no one in the store. Not ONE customer. I walked back there, then walked back up to the office to find the man still talking. I looked in and said, "Excuse me, but next time somebody comes in looking for a printer, do you think you could send someone with them that knows about printers?? I don't know anything about Laser printers, and I wanted to buy one, but I can tell you right now, I am leaving this store and going to Office Depot or Staples."

I said there was a better way to provide customer service than saying they're over there, and pointing. He said (arguing?!!) "I didn't say that," Oh, excuse me, you said they're in the back. Big difference. He made no apology. I returned the new ink cartridge I'd just bought the day before that didn't work, waited while they tested it to see that what I said wasn't a huge lie, and ta daaa, I saved a lot of money. I decided to use the printer I have. Inkjet. I have 3. NONE bought from OM. I am so mad I could spit.

By -

Imagine calling the number listed inside a $100 virtual new PC transfer and set-up via internet product, 1-877-629-2875 and being told "Office Max listed the incorrect phone #". Then finding an alternative number listed on their site of 1 866 951 4485 in which you hold for 40 minutes to be told leave a message in the mailbox... then have it tell you goodbye before you complete your name. To further frustrate me, I was told by customer service there was nothing they could do because the package was opened. Even though you had to open it and insert the disk prior to contacting the support line per instructions inside and outside the package (how convenient).

After pleading my case, the representative finally owned up to having knowledge of the issue as they have received numerous complaints on the product. In addition to advising they too have been unsuccessful in reaching the provider. When asks why they continue to sell the product ** respond "it's a corporate issue". I'm in Wyoming at the customer support center. It's certainly not ** fault. Office Max is so irresponsible and reckless that it continues to selling services they know do not work. However, I can't help but wonder "where in the heck was the support?"

After 20 additional minutes on the phone with ** she finally gave me to the Supervisor who is the only person that can log your concerns on a request that's pointless since they can't reach the provider either. Long story short, do not purchase any support products from them. Lastly, does it not make sense to pull the product and cease doing business with Expert Technology Control Center Support?? Again, do not buy any of their products or warranties! Consider this a fair warning.

Don't Buy Insurance From Office Max
By -

JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- Alright, I bought an Averatec laptop on Nov. 24, 2006 from Office Max. I also bought the offered insurance from Office Max, max assurance. I have been having so many problems with my computer, so I called max assurance to use the trusty insurance I bought (My sister also bought the same laptop, on the same day, had accidental damage, so max assurance fixed hers for free).

Come to find out, of course, I am still covered under the manufacture warranty for another 2 weeks, so I am required to go through Averatec. I have heard numerous bad things about Averatec warranties, so I asked the lady I talked to at max assurance, "what if I wait until I am not covered under Averatec anymore, would you all be able to help me then? She said, no, you already have a pre-existing problem.

Also, she wanted proof of purchase with a receipt, so if you do ever buy anything from Office Max, make sure you save your receipt. So now, I have a crappy computer that Averatec will only fix with proof of receipt and a warranty that is not good to me through max assurance unless I throw my computer up against the wall!

Warranty Con
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- OFFICE MAX WARRANTIES ARE NOT WORTH THE PAPER THEY ARE WRITTEN ON. I had used Office Max warranties in the past, and was very unhappy. I sent in my printer and they sent in one that was in worse shape than mine. I needed 2 printers for our business so I checked Office Max for prices. I had decided not to purchase from them since I had been unhappy in the past. The manager there told me that if I purchased a replacement warranty on the printer I was looking at that if something happens it will be replaced with the same or one of equal value in the store.

Well something happened and she basically called me a liar. She said that her number was not on the receipt therefore I was wrong. I was very upset with her. I called and found out that my equal value is only worth $128.00 instead of the 299.99 printer that I purchased. I must send in my printer first, which they will refurbish and sell for more than I will get with their warranty.

I will never shop at Office Max again and I will warn off family and friends from shopping there. Office Max and this manager have no customer services ethics at all. Stay away from what looks like a good deal on their warranties even when the manager is the one telling you that they will back it, they lie.

Still waiting...
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, HAWAII -- I ordered a desk in November as a Christmas present for my husband. It is now January and I still have not received the desk. I called the customer support people and they just said it was "back ordered". No apology for the delay, no apology that their website doesn't indicate it is not in stock, nothing. Due to my poor experience with the phone line, I sent an email to customer support complaining about the crappy customer support lady, and complaining that I didn't have my desk yet. No response. Emailed again, no response.

Finally, I responded to the email that I received when I made my purchase. That person told me that my desk is being shipped directly from the manufacturer and they (OfficeMax) has no idea if it shipped or not, or when I could expect it. Horrible horrible customer service. If it doesn't arrive soon I'm going to the Better Business Bureau.

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