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Thoughts From An Employee
Posted by Randomworker on 03/19/2009
Hi everyone! I just happened upon this site randomly and saw so many people criticizing Old Navy and their associates, and I am a little shocked. I personally work at an Old Navy as a regular associate and thought I would give you a little insight from the other side.

*Old Navy Credit Cards*
We as associates are HIGHLY encouraged to ask and process the Old Navy Card. If a Manager sees you not asking customers, you can get in trouble. Now contrary to popular belief we do not get commission, in the literal sense. The more Old Navy Cards you process, the more hours you are likely to get, and that means a lot when the economy is down and hours are low. There are games occasionally that we play to get associates to talk up the card in which minor rewards can be earned... and I mean very minor, like a candy bar, or a coffee. Trust me; we do not like asking if you would like to save 10% if you are approved for the Old Navy Card, we have to. So, I am asking you, please do not be rude to us for asking, it is just part of our job, besides, some of the benefits are actually kind of nice, i.e. The Stuff and Save Bag.

*Return Policy*
-Store refunds will be issued in the original form of payment for price paid or a merchandise exchange when returned within 90 days of the purchase date. Merchandise returned more than 90 days after the purchase date will not be eligible for a return.-

Okay, so you have a return (that you bought) and have a receipt/gift receipt, or the credit/debit/gift card that you paid with the original tags there or intact, then you are fine. If you have the credit/debit card there without any tags... it becomes a little complicated... to find the item on your card we have to either guess the color code (which is not on the little tag inside of the clothing that has the item number on it) or find the item on the floor and get the color code from that.

Okay, so you have a gift you want to return. If you have a gift receipt, great! If not, we can exchange for the SAME ITEM in a different size or color. Even if the item you want is the same price but not the same item, it is not up to our discretion as an associate to go against that policy. Personally I will defer to the manager on duty, if they allow it, ok, if not, then they don't. Please do not get angry if they say no, that is the policy anyway. Many places these days will not take back stuff with out a receipt and especially will not exchange without a receipt. So I beg you, if you are getting a gift, ALWAYS ask for a gift receipt, they take two seconds and save many more. Even if you leave and think, "I forgot a gift receipt!" It is not a problem; we can still make a gift receipt off of the original receipt.

Okay, so you have a return but no receipt, no cards to look at, and don’t want to exchange it. All we are permitted to do is a merchandise certificate that is sent through the mail. That is all that the computer will literally let us do, and that is only if the item is of the last few months. If the item is from 2007 and it is currently 2009, then we can not take it back… the number will not even come up in the system. We can pretty much tell if the item is beyond the possible 90 day period.

That is pretty much it with returns and exchanges that I have read complaints about… and honestly, our rules are relatively lenient, but here are some tips to keep you from headache.

1.Keep your receipts!

2.Ask for gift receipts, from the cashier, and from those who give you gifts.

3.Try your selections on in-store.

4.If there is a defect or damage in the clothes when you return them, please let us know so that we will not sell it to another customer.

*Messy Stores*
This one always makes me laugh, if I am not angry or crying instead. People complain so much about messy retail stores, and I find it a tad bit crazy. If you as a customer take accountability for your own personal impact on a store then maybe the store wouldn’t be so messy. I mean, I personally feel the priority of the associate is to help the customer, to answer questions, locate items, and do what we can to make your shopping experience a good one. However, and that is a big HOWEVER, customer service will sometimes, and by sometimes I mean a lot of the time take backseat to refolding and recovering the store. We are usually trying to get as much done as possible as fast as possible so we do not have to stay late closing. Most of us are college kids and have exams, papers, homework, and class in the morning, and can’t afford to be working until midnight and having to finish schoolwork before class bright and early at 7am. That is a slight exaggeration, but sometimes, it honestly isn’t. If you shop at a store, and would like it to be neat, be neat yourself, let the change start with you, put forward the same energy you want. What may take you a few seconds to fold a shirt that you picked up and looked at will take me hours to fix as well as the shirts that everyone else has picked up and looked at. A lot of people generally do not care about their personal impact on their surroundings and do not respect others enough to pick up after themselves. It is a shame really. So many people come into a messy store and act like it is the store’s fault that it is in such disarray. I hope you see the absurdity in that as much as I do. Moral of the story: please take accountability.

If anyone has any comments, topics, complaints, let me know! I am more than happy to converse about the store and policies. I hope this has informed you all a tad via the view of one of the ones a lot of you seem to despise. I hope you have a great day! =D
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Posted by bargod on 2009-03-19:
Great review, very helpful.
Posted by old fart on 2009-03-19:
Very Literate review well written... I am impressed!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
Good review. I worked at Mervyn's for a few years and I agree with you about the messy store. Customers get mad if there isn't someone standing at the register at all times, yet complain if the store is messy. At Mervyn's only 1 or 2 associates would be in a department at a time. Usually one works the register and the other cleans or helps people on the floor. During busy times both are at the registers. Don't complain about the store being messy and then complain that you can't find anyone to ring you up. An associate can only do so much at once. When I shop, I clean up after myself. If I knock a shirt off the rack, I pick it up and put it back on the hanger. It takes two seconds and I know it saves the associates a headache later. Another thing that bothered me were kids. I was a sales associate. Not a babysitter. And I hated it when kids made a mess and the parents did nothing about it. I am so glad I don't do retail anymore.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-03-19:
Wow RW great review. I love the concept of own accountability not enough of that now days Good luck in school
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
Agree 100% with those above, excellent review, thank you!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
This the best employee review ever on my3cents. Great job randomworker!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
Great review!
I never did understand why people get so upset about cashiers asking if they want to apply for a store card and save 10%. A simple, polite "no, thank you" always works for me. I've never been offended by being asked and I've never had an employee get a 'tude with me for saying no.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
At Mervyn's our raises were based on how many store cards we opened that quarter. The store was in an area that mostly Spanish speaking and I speak little spanish so I wouldn't get a lot of applications. It was very unfair that the spanish speaking people got the raises and those who don't speak spanish didn't.
Posted by Randomworker on 2009-03-19:
Thanks for all the comments! I honestly didn't expect much feedback, let alone positive feedback, hehe.

At Old Navy, our raises are not based on credit cards, but by an entire sheet of expectations, but getting the cards definately helps. Our hours per week are more direct reflections of how many credit cards we proccess; the more cards you proccess the more hours you will probably get. Oh, and Littleyaya, I work at a store where a good portion speak Spanish. Unfortunately, I took French in Highschool, hehe. You are right though, that our bilingual associates have the upper hand in procuring credit cards. And justbcuz, thank you! Even though I know some people are a little too persistant in asking if someone would like to apply for a card, I personally drop it after the initial "no." That is perfectly fine for me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
Good review! Very informative. I think it's great to be able to get the employee's perspective!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
Excellent review, especially your comments on the messy store. My sister was managing the men's department of a large department store and watched a customer toss packs of underwear on the floor until he found whatever size he was looking for. The same customer then yelled at her because the store was messy. If I pick up an item at a clothing store, I always try and put it back neatly if I decide I don't want it - this seems like common sense to me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-19:
LOL financially...your comment made me think of how many times I've found various grocery items mixed in with clothing or vice versus when I'm shopping at Fred Meyer..and it's probably those same people that are complaining about the messy store.

Someone is putting the sliced cheese in with the Underroos...but who is it??
Posted by Patriciahf on 2009-03-23:
Excellent review and very refreshing to read comments supporting it! It's so nice to hear from intelligent (and sometimes very funny!) people.
Posted by meerae200 on 2009-03-28:
As I was shopping in Old Navy there was a clear hanger on the floor. I slid on it as if was ice. Reported the fall. I had bruise's all on one side of my body. They called and offered me twenty dollars for my injury. What an insult!!!!Shows you how much they care about their customers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-28:
What would you have preferred meerae200? $20,000? How about $200,000? Maybe you should get an attorney and sue ON for negligence, cost of the medical care you received as a result of this terrible fall that probably left you with life long back injuries, and oh let's not forget the humiliation that occurred by falling in front of a store full of people.
oh and btw, did you accept the gift card offer?
Posted by Randomworker on 2009-03-29:
meerae200, I am sorry to hear about your injury. Hangers on the floor are always going to be a problem in retail stores, and associates are instructed to pick them up when they see them. It is especially a problem in the clearance sections, when people have a tendancy to throw merchandise around. Although we try to clear them from the floor as much as possible, we can not be everywhere at once, and if a hanger falls and no associate has been through the area yet... then we have to rely on the customer present to either notify us or place the hanger back. As to why they are clear and some slightly opaque, it is because they are cheap and allow us to keep cost a tad bit lower, which in turn reduces your purchase . If you were injured in the store... I assume you filed a claim on site. Though I am not extremely familiar with corporate procedure, I believe they cover medical bills. If you refused medical attention on site, that might be why they are offering less than you would want. Like I said however, I am not extremely familiar with corporate policy .
Posted by leopard on 2009-03-29:
Meerae, I fell down a flight of stairs once and didn't have as bad as injuries as you described. All I had was one or two bruises. I think you might be embelishing a bit. Did you take the gift card?
Posted by Schmoopie on 2009-04-07:
Great review! I worked in retail for 11 years and I completely understand where you're coming from. I never understood why people get SO ANGRY when you're only doing your job! keep your chin up and thank you for what sounds like excellent customer service!
Posted by EducatedConsumer on 2009-06-08:
Random worker thank you very much for your review. As a fellow Old Navy Employee it is great that customers get to hear our side of things for a change. The messy store part makes me want to scream.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-08:
I've always liked Old Navy. No complaints here regarding the employees or the stores I have visited.

Posted by Neptune31 on 2009-12-05:
Tremendous review! I love reading posts from those within the trenches. It further supports the growing common knowledge that a shockingly large segment of our population is comprised of ignorant, entitled, self-centered shallow dolts. Having spent plenty of time in retail and food service myself, I am amazed at what people are capable of.

One point I did want to ask about was the folding of clothes. I had a friend that managed a clothing chain store, and I stopped in to see her one day. A shirt caught my eye, and since there weren't any on display I picked one up to look at it. I'm never one to just toss it back on the pile - I actually try to replicate the original fold, but I suck at it and I never can. In this instance, I started my pathetic effort and she told me not to worry about trying to make it perfect as they have to refold anything out of place regardless. It made sense through the eyes of the merchandising world as most people can't (along with those who don't even try to) make it look like it did, but I still make the effort. Is that the case at Old Navy? Mind you, not lost on me is the larger point you made about people being thoughtless pigs and feeling they, as "customers", have the right to trash the store at will.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-05:
awesome review

excellent points and well worded

vh ++++++++++

Posted by Ytropious on 2009-12-05:
I lasted 1 month in a clothing store setting, people are just too messy. I'll take a regular item retail chain any day, and even that sucks!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-06:
Couldn't have said it better myself. Customers complain about the silliest stuff. Merchandise tossed in the candy wall? Do you think I did it?

Bathroom nasty...who did that one?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
Amen! I'm also a Nav' Slave. I don't know what it is about our customers that makes them comfortable throwing things everywhere and yelling at us about it in the same movement, but it is extremely frustrating. Dealing with these people 39 hours/week tends to give me little hope in the decency of humanity. They are often mean, disrespectful, inconsiderate, intolerable excuses for human beings from the second they walk into the store. But that majority makes those few decent ones who attempt to fold after themselves and smile at checkout seem like absolute Godsends. = ) Old Navy customers of the world, please be nicer!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-21:
sounds like you deal with a lot of entitlement... people

the kind who think it's ok for them to treat the employees like dirt
and think they themselves are royalty

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
Indeed. I was raised to respect everyone always, but particularly at their places of work. Not sure why that sentiment isn't more common...
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-21:
that's cos some people equate "providing a service" with "being a servant"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
Isn't that the truth, Pepper! Good review and a good reminder to others to treat people the way they want to be treated.
Posted by JustKeepFolding on 2010-02-04:
Randomworker, it's as if you're a copy of myself. I work at Old Navy (just passed the year-mark) and feel exactly the same. I try not to blame the customers, because some people are just morons and don't know any better. And it's those few customers that go through and cause destruction (you can always tell if it was the same person unfolding absolutely everything. They leave trails). I especially agree with your view on the ONC's. We're just trying to get hours toward our next paycheck.

Very well written.
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Don't Buy Old Nay Metal Water Bottles
Posted by Dixietop on 03/04/2009
I bought a metal water bottle from Old Navy and was surprised that after washing the bottle, the bottle continued to taint the taste of the water inside (tasted like metal, or chemicals). Plus without any liquid inside the bottle smells very strongly like some sort of chemical. What materials were used to make the bottle? No one at Old Navy knew when I went to return it, nor was the bottle marked with the type of material.

The only thing the bottle said on it was "Made in China."
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-04:
Surely you jest or have been living in a cave?
A water bottle made in China?!
Are you having thoughts of suicide or what, Dixie?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-04:
Similar to this? http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08011.html
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-04:
Scary, PB!
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-04:
You should definitely inform the CPSC about this.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-04:
Canada recently banned BPA, a chemical that is found in water bottles, travel mugs and - scariest of all - baby bottles. BPA is prevalent in plastics and metals made in China. I think the ban extends only to baby bottles right now, but we're suddenly aware of how dangerous this chemical is. General rule, if it is plastic or metal and made in China, don't buy it (hard to avoid, though).
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Ridiculous Return Policy at Old Navy
Posted by Tessy on 08/02/2009
I had purchased a pair of shorts and a T-shirt at OLD NAVY for my son for his birthday. I have the Old Navy credit card and had a $20. rewards voucher and used these to complete the purchase. Turns out, I needed a bigger size and tried to exchange them at OLD NAVY. They did not have the exact same style short, but I settled for another style for the exact same price. I took everything to the sales clerk and she told me I owed $16.00. I told her no, I was just attempting to exchange the shorts for the correct size. She told me because I used an OLD NAVY rewards voucher, I "lost out" I couldn't believe it! I have shopped at OLD NAVY for YEARS, even had the OLD NAVY credit card and enough purchases to get their bonus vouchers often, and they were not letting me exchange the wrong pair of shorts for the correct size!! I told her to forget it and went home with the wrong size short. So, not only did I have a product that did not fit, I just wasted time trying to exchange them. I was angry enough to write to Old Navy customer Service about this.

I got a reply that said they were sorry, but that was their policy. RIDICULOUS! When a customer cannot return a pair of shorts with all the tags on to get another size, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE POLICY!

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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-02:
I agree..instead of using your reward points and feeling rewarded, Old Navy has mucked it up and probably lost business because of it. Not too smart on their part.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-02:
i think i would return the items, cancel the card, and shop elsewhere.

very helpful.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-02:
Often, stores sneak terms in somewhere so that purchases made with reward vouchers are non-returnable. It can be ridiculous at times like in this case.

So it would be best to hold onto the item as you would get nothing back if you were to return it. A charity would appreciate it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-02:
You were not exchanging for the same short in a different size. You stated that they didn't have the size in the style of short you originally purchased. So you selected the correct size in a different style and same price. That doesn't make it a even exchange.

Per the Old Navy credit card site:
"Restrictions may apply on returns of merchandise (see Rewards Certificate for details)."
What did the certificate say about returns?
Posted by Ponie on 2009-08-02:
I agree, Robf. Anything offered 'free' usually has restrictions attached.
Posted by plummkrazy on 2009-09-05:
You could have just returned the shorts and had the reward points credited back to your account. Learn to read the fine print.
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Return policy is the pits
Posted by Big-G on 01/02/2008
SOUTHAVEN -- No store credit? Wait for a gift certificate in the mail? Give me a break.

This is a lose/lose. I would have spent more money and bought additional items if you would have just given store credit for my return.

Keep it...its the last I will need from you. And for those who say its needed due to shop lifters...how about designing your stores so someone can actually monitor the returns as they are brought in or as people leave.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-02:
Thye have...it's called Costco and Sam's Club
Posted by zigzag6 on 2008-01-02:
There are always strings attached to items bought at low-cost stores. Useful to know, I won't buy anyone gifts from Old Navy (as I'm sure my gifts get returned).
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-01-02:
Costco and Sam's Club monitor what is brought into their stores as well as what walks out the doors - - and they get nothing but complaints about their method. You obviously attempted to get a store credit for an item without a receipt and unfortunately were not aware of their policy. 'Tis the season.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-01-02:
Did you have a receipt? I have returned things to ON with no problems in the past.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-02:
i ordered some crap online for my niece and nephew thru Old Navy,and all the items were too small.I went to my local ON,with my reciept and they were happy to refund my credit card.
People it is easy to exchange,or return....you just need PROOF OF PURCHASE(receipt)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-02:
Once again, the consumer is not holding themselves responsible for not following the store policy. Return policies are posted. If you didn't follow it, then you are out of luck.
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2008-01-02:
At Christmas, my Mom purchased a pair of jeans for my daughter and when she tried them on they were to small. So taking the jeans back with a Receipt, ON was great on letting us exchange the product.
Posted by bigboxworker on 2008-01-02:
Posted by DreyNikHaze on 2008-01-02:
And once again, Old Navy has to take the fall for an irresponsible customer. Stores should not be to blame for your ignorance.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-01-03:
Why is it when a customer is sloppy about receipts, the store is wrong?
Posted by mtholliday on 2008-03-21:
The return policy is not that hard... keep your recipt and you'll be fine. its not different from any other store. besides on can look up a purchace if its been made with a credit card. if you are giving a gift get a gift recipt and nobody will have a problem. its not the employees fault, they are just following store policy
Posted by ThinkingForward on 2008-07-19:
Wow, I'd like to see you attempt to revolutionize the retail industry with your groundbreaking antitheft plans. Fact is, retail stores can't stop people they KNOW are shoplifting due to potential lawsuits. If you dont want to shop there then don't, I'm sure the employees will appreciate one less ireesponsible customer blaming their carelessness on everyone else.
Posted by tinab158 on 2008-09-08:
I have a horror story for you regarding an Old Navy return/exchange WITH a receipt.

My daughter has an Old Navy credit card and earns Old Navy Bucks Back reward certificates based on how much she spends with her card. She earned a $20 reward and used it to purchase a dress, the total bill was $17.70. She brought the dress home and decided she didn't like the way it fit and returned it 2 days later WITH the original receipt and the tags still attached. The cashier took the dress, rung up the returned item and handed my daughter a "return receipt"...the only problem was that there wasn't a store credit or return of the Bucks Back certificate.

My daughter was then told she couldn't "return" an item purchased with the Bucks Back reward. Duh, ok. So...........she asked to "exchange" it for anythng else in the store, and she was told she could not "exchange" an item purchased with the Bucks Back reward. Duh, ok. So.........she then simply asked to have the dress back, but was told no because it had already been "returned" into inventory. Duh, ok. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE? My daughter left the store with her original receipt and a "return receipt" for an item they claim cannot be returned. BTW--If you can't "return" an item purchased with a Bucks Back reward, then why did they take it back in the first place?

Corporate was called, and they say the store took the appropriate action. Duh, ok. Corporate said the clerk should have told my daugher the policy before accepting the "return", but...too bad, so sad. Corporate said that had my daughter used her Old Navy credit card for the purchase, then she would have been re-issued the $20 Bucks Back reward...it makes no difference that the total purchase was less than the reward itself. Corporate was asked for a copy of the Bucks Back reward policies, but they refused to direct me to where I could find it and they refused to send a copy to me.

Well...............I went to the store and found an Old Navy credit card application. In the application, it says that the rewards MUST be used with an Old Navy credit card and the total of the purchase MUST be more than the face value of the purchase. Well...........it seems Old Navy violates its own policies in selling items, but sticks to "invisible" policies when items are returned.

Needless to say, my daugher will NEVER step foot in another Old Navy store! They've lost a faithful customer over a ridiculous return/exchange policy! Poor customer service is the reason many stores lose customers...and why many stores are forced to close their doors. It's all about customer service, too bad Old Navy hasn't figured this out yet.
Posted by angelface82288 on 2008-09-24:
I love how everyone complains about store return/exchange policies, no matter what store. The problem with some customers is that they do not shop as smart shopers. No matter what store you shop at you should read their recipts for return policies. As for the bucks back issue, if customers just took time to read any of the fine print on any of the coupons they recieve from any store they would understand the terms and conditions set for using the coupon. If everyone took the time to read fine print and pay attentiion to all store policies, no one would have silly complaints such as these. And don't get mad at the employees that are just relaying return/exchange policies (as they say don't shoot the messenger). Just put yourself in the employee's shoes, they are not there to make your life and shopping experience hell, trust me, we don't get kicks out of that! Respect all no matter what your issue!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
zigzag6, you could just get a gift receipt... They will happily give you one if you ask for it. Keep your receipts! And if you pay with debit or credit, they can look up your purchase that way as well. You do get store credit without a receipt, which a lot of stores won't allow, you just get it in the mail. Do you know how many people walk in the store, pick something up, and try to return it for store credit? Amen, angelface82288!
Posted by cspringer on 2011-10-18:
If Old Navy put enough high tech technology in their computer to track every return, not only would the computers be slow and frequently shut down because of an overload of information, but it would cost Old Navy a ton of money to install all of that and they wouldn't be able to keep track of all of the traffic in every single store as easily because the information from the computers would have to be transported through the computers some how to the bigger offices which would take even longer to proccess an order and make sure the oficce got it. Here's a better tip either ask for a gift receipt or maybe keep track fo your receipts! IT's not ONs fault that you are not organized, and even then they could have looked up your receipt if you payed with anything other than cash. If you ask me there system is pretty smart and still then they lose millions of dollars every year. Raising sales goals that might not be able to be met and in the end causing employees to lose hours and make the economy suck even more. So no, I'm sorry your idea is not good enough.
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I am no longer shopping Old Navy
Posted by Janfebapr on 12/30/2006
I would like to add my 3 cents on Old Navy's return policy. My family was adopted by a church this christmas and two of the gifts were coats for my teen duaghters. The coats were not big enough and they had coats to begin with but what they need and wanted for christmas was clothing. T'was the night before christmas and I scrambled around to get to the nearest Old Navy store in town. I approached the sales cleck and proceeded with an exchange in hopes of getting two gifts cards that would be able to provide my girls with the clothing they need. The coats had the selling tags attached but there was no reciept. The sales cleck informed me of the new return policy for Old Navy, They needed my drivers license and scanned the coats for the amount. The amount along with my information would be sent in to their headquaters and in 10 to 14 days I would receive a gift card for the amount of the coats. Problem!!! T'was the night before Christmas and I just received these two coats from the church a few days earlier, the amount on the gift card would have been $27.56 for both coats combined, and each coat had a selling tag of $68.00, I inquired about the price difference and the young woman replied "Their on sale now." So the church spent $68.00 plus tax for each coat and we would get back $27.56 for a total on these two coats. "Wow" I am meeting our secret santas in January and will be taking the two coats to them and will explain the return policy of Old Navy and what I intended to do-Which was to take the balance owed for each coat, apply them to two Old Navy gift cards so my girls could get the clothing they need, I explained my intentions to the sales cleck, who smiled and said "I'm sorry, we have a policy". I'm sure the church will find two individuals who need the coats. I am no longer shopping Old Navy and will tell my story!
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2006-12-30:
Are you sure the coats weren't donated by Old Navy? Return policies have gotten much stricter by all merchants. Without the receipt they don't have to do anything. It appears they were willing to allow you the current price even without the receipt. Did you try bringing your girls with you and try to do a merchandise exchange instead of credits?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-30:
I believe that a gift horse is being stared at.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-12-30:
Since your girls already have coats and the return will be at the current sale price I would return the coats to church to give to children who do not have coats. I don't believe any store is going to return something at full price when it is currently on sale without a receipt. Someone tried to do something kind for you and you are turning it into something ugly. Maybe a more appreciative family can benefit next time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-30:
Bingo Spidee.
Posted by janfebapr on 2006-12-30:
tnchuck100,yes I am sure the coats were not donated by Old Navy. I was homeless 3yrs ago and participated in a program which I suceeded in getting on my feet,area churches sponser families for the next three years for Christmas. My girls tried the coats on, when asked where the coats where located the associates helped by informing me the brands that I had were the largest size they carried. This is not an issue of ungratefullness by all means. Your avarage cost of a pair of jeans would run the amount they were offering me. I believe a drivers license and my personal information along with the price tag still attached to the coats would have sufficed a balance transferred over to gift cards used in their store. The parish used their funds to help me and my girls during the hoilday season, they clearly spent the amount of $68.00 per coat there was no clearence sticker on the tags. I got this off my chest! Looking for no sympathy here, just thought "wow" I am now aware and the coats will be returned to the parish and I will tell them of Old Navys return policy and hopefully the parish will remeber to include the receipts for all gifts. I still think their policy is lousy and if people spend a certain amount of money for an item, then technically wouldn't they would want the same amount applied for an exchange or credit?
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-12-30:
I can almost guarantee chuck's right and those were donated coats to start with.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-30:
Time for the New Army!
Posted by GRANNYLKM on 2006-12-30:
My family "adopted" 2 families for Christmas. When I bought clothes, or whatever, I ALWAYS got a gift receipt and gave it to the family so they would have no problems exchanging items.
Posted by Justusryan on 2006-12-30:
But we really don't know if $68 dollars was the amount spent do we? I mean I don't work at Old Navy, so I have no idea if they use clearance stickers or not. Prehaps the were a DAT special?
Posted by Justusryan on 2006-12-30:
Plus you were not really a customer of Old Navy, so for them to give you a store credit on the lowest selling price is pretty generous. Who knows when that style of coat was last in their stores?
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-12-30:
I doubt that the Church would spend nearly $70.00 on coats. That is a lot of money for a coat to donate when you could buy cheaper coats and help more people. I got a winter coat there a few weeks ago for like $20 bucks. The list price was also something like $60.00. Old Navy does that with everything, they put a big price on the tag then have sales constantly. I would do like the others say and return the coats to the church for someone who CAN use them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-30:
I'm not sure I agree.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-30:
Well just spend the money(from the coats which you did not purchase in the first place) somewhere else and get them coats.
Posted by tander on 2006-12-30:
I don't think the church would of spent that much on the coats either.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-12-30:
$70.00 is a lot per coat when you could buy $30.00 coats and help twice as many people! :)
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-12-31:
I was in the same boat a couple of years ago. I got a brand new travel system stroller, as a gift from a local charity organization. I was in a raffle with about 75 other pregnant woman. I already had another stroller just like it and didn't need it. I ended up giving it to a single mother who just lost everything she owned to a house fire, this was in the first week of November.

I did try taking it back to WalMart, where they said that they got it, but couldn't get anything for it. I explained the situation to a manager and she wouldn't exchange it. I understood this and went home, although I needed the money too. That is when I learned of the mother and the fire.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-31:
Also if you can afford to shop at Old Navy, why are you accepting charity from the church, do you really need it or are you just trying to get them for free. If you can afford to shop at Old Navy and will stop because of this you are taking coats from those that really need them. Now I can see why you amre making a big deal of this. Money is the most important thing in your life, even more important than your diginity and moral values. I think the church should see if you really need the charity or if you are just trying to get things for free.
Posted by Justusryan on 2006-12-31:
ghostbuster, I think you just said what we were ALL thinking. I myself wondered how the OP can come on the internet, when such services and PC's are not free. Unless of course at the library.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-31:
Posted by janfebapr on 2007-01-01:
Wow-Folks, I am not hearing solutions here,just nasty remarks from people who don't me. This site was to be of helpful information,not personal attacks. I relayed the reasons of my return,it was with a purpose to inform that everyone has different circumstances. It is with great ignorance on some peoples levels to attack. I do shop, I work full time and pay taxes and also am colledge bound. Sometimes there is not enough to go around,so theres help. The issue was a return policy and how it did'nt seem fair. If you all would look at the comments posted, there seems to be more negative remarks then helpful,more questioning on my integerity and honesty and if my daughters deserved a gift at all. I think this is a great example and a lesson, I will be taking the coats with my circumstances along with these comments to the parish when I met with them. Thanks all, you all proved to be useful and sometimes students need a PC. Burning the midnight oil, there are geniune people out that have fallen and are trying their hearts out to be the examples of what people can accomplish when they lose it all. Just remember people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-01-01:
You're the one who tossed the first rock at Old Navy.
Posted by DreyNikHaze on 2007-01-01:
Jane you have to understand retail stores all have return policies. Most of them don't let you return anything without a receipt. Gap Inc. is generous enough to let you return something to their store without a receipt for the current selling price. If you go to Old Navy.com and read their policies I'm sure you'd see what I'm talking about. I'm sure you knew before you even went in there that they were going to give you the current selling price, but you were "hoping" they would bend the rules for you as a lot of customers do these days. Just be thankful they were going to offer anything at all rather than turning you away like most would. My advice for next time, make sure that you have a receipt to avoid this in the future with ANY store.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-01:
The return policy seems 100% fair to me. Without a receipt they have no proof that anything was ever paid for. Blame the theives for stricter return policies.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-01-02:
I don't like the policy and think that having to wait 10-14 days for a refund is a waste of their time and the customers. However, it's their policy and I will still shop there knowing it's what I face if I lose my receipt. I do want to say that alot of poeple were rude to you and that's too bad. It's not"out of line" to want to exchange/return items you don't need for items you do need without feeling like you should just donate them instead. I hope it works out for you.
Posted by MRM on 2007-01-02:
No receipt, no refund. Period.
Posted by Let Me Talk to Your Manager on 2007-01-03:
I am just reading this string and, seriously, there was no need to act like bullies. You can spare her and the rest of us your sermon on who does and does not deserve charity. Useless.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-01-03:
"LMTTYM"...... who's being a bully? If anyone its you because you have posted four complaints about four different companies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-04:

Well perhaps if you did not keep buying stuff at Old Navy all the time and budgeted more you would not have to have charity. What's wrong with giving the coats back to the church for another child. You could have simply thanked them for the coat and said it did not fit perhaps another child can use it instead of trying to get back money from what you did not purchase in the first place. Also I am sure the church would have given you something in your daughter's size. Your complaint makes it look like you are just after money and not thinking of another child who the coat may fit.
Posted by lynmich on 2007-01-08:
I will speak on behalf of Old Navy and the return policy as I am an employee of Old Navy. I know your frustration with the new policy but, so everyone is aware, the new policy is to cut down on shoplifting in our stores. As much as an inconvenience it seems to you, it is a HUGE step in the process of "catching" thieves who do steal from the store. If I could share the dollar amount that Gap, Inc. loses each year with you I would but I can't. And as far as the winter coats go... pretty much the entire outerwear section of the stores was discounted to 50% the whole month of December to bring in sales for Christmas. So the chances that full price was paid on those coats was small. Plus, the only coats that do cost $68 are the women's and men's coats. The most a child's coat cost was $48 at full price. So while many are frustrated and can't understand the new policy please remember that there are people out there who steal from stores and, in turn, drive the prices of merchandies up for the rest of you!

Thanks and hope it made sense!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-08:
In my opinion since you did not pay for the coats yourself it was not up to you to get the money back for the coats. You are lucky you got anything back after you told them the situation. Also I saw you replied to the feedback that we gave you. You seem to think that we were rude to you, All people are doing is telling you the reason for the return policy, if you think that they are giving you nasty remarks just because you are not seeing replies that you hoped for does not make the replies nasty. I bet the you found the sales clerk "nasty" because you did not get what you wanted.

Also perhaps the coats were donated from old Navy themselves or perhaps the church got a discount on them because is was for charity, you do no know how much was paid for the coats unles you asked which would be pretty rude of you. Mayb the church got them while they were on sale.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
People, maybe JanFebApr is well either well off, and wants to cheat the church charity, to get free stuff for her children. Or maybe the coats did fit her children and she returned them for money. She probably does not care about her children freezing as long as she gets money in her pocket, for all we know those coats could have fitted her fitted her children and she is returning them for profit. Or it could be a combination of both, she does not need charity, lies and says she does, gets the coats for her children, they fit, lies and says they don't and returns them leaving her poor children freezing.
Posted by Dodes on 2007-10-11:
Once again, unbelievable, I guess we can thank Dawn Robertson, for these customer friendly policies, remember the public remembers. Your poor girls, nothing like christmas spirt.
Posted by Big-G on 2008-01-02:
Give me a break people. Just because someone was given the gift verses buying it doesn't mean the gripe is not legit.

I agree-old navy's return policy is stupid. What's the benefit of making someone wait on a gift certifcate? Give in-store credit and be done with it. Gees most people would use the credit and then some. Their losing sales and giving poor customer service.
Posted by CRUISESHIP1 on 2008-02-02:
the reason why old navy and gap and banana republic do merch credits and take your information. we have a thing called repeat returners people who either 1. steal merch and return it. or 2. people who just continue to return things. so they collect this information and they see if there are any other hits or information about you on the account after so many returns without a reciept they will block you out of the system and you will not be allowed to make returns. target does this as well. this is all in thanks to shoplifters that we see each day in the stores.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
1. It's extremely standard with most charities to include a gift receipt. The fact that they didn't is not Old Navy's fault.
2. ON is not losing a customer if you were donated an item.
3. The chances anyone spent full price on any coat from ON are extremely slim, as they are constantly on sale.
4. Children's coats are $48 at most at Old Navy.
5. No one is casting stones (except you). We are just pointing out the err of your logic and complaint.
6. The return policy is in place for a reason; that reason being theft. People constantly come up to the counters with items from our store, directly from the floor, with tags on, trying to get cash/gift cards for them. One of the most common forms of theft.
7. I work at Old Navy and I assure you, I am as poor as you if not more so. My cost of living (which is anything but extravagant) is much higher than my barely-legal wage. I'm sure a lot of us are in the same boat. The pity card will get you nowhere. No one likes whiny customers.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-21:
... i was going to reply to this
but then i realized this is from last year.


Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
Haha, oops. PepperElf, you bring an extremely valid point to the table. I'm just on a roll... = )
Posted by Alsonotshoppingatoldnavy on 2013-05-08:
Hi I am also not shopping at old navy because my 16 year old daughter had found $200 dollars on the floor and she picked it up walked out then turned around and brought it to the cashiers and they were telling her to walk out take it that she would never see it again, but she went ahead and left it. She called me to tell me what happend so proud of herself. I then ask if they took her name address and phone number because if no one claims what you find in the store it goes to you, she said no and I proceeded to tell her to go back and give them her information. They tell her that if no one claims the money it goes to cooperate WHICH IS WRONG! Then he proceeded to tell her that she can't do anything about it so leave the store. How many 16 year olds do you know that will turn in $200 dollars? Definitely not going there anymore very bad policies and rude people working there!!
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Shirt Dyes My Skin Blue and Ruins My Clothes
Posted by JusttSamm23 on 02/27/2014
I recently purchased a blue mermaid shirt from Old Navy and now my whole torso is blue with the exception of a bra out line from the bra (which was white and is now ruined and won't wash clean) that I was wearing.
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Online Return Customer Service Horrible!!!
Posted by Shaunam0065 on 02/23/2014
ONLINE ORDER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Ordered 3 pair of pants for my son cause he is hard to fit.Well they didn't fit but he is 15 and he threw out the packing slip.I tried to exchange them in the store but they said without the packing slip they couldn't. Really?

They had my card and everything.Called customer svs and they said they could not send me a copy of the packing slip (odd in 2013?). I used a prepaid Paypal card to purchase these which I now don't have because I closed the account to avoid monthly fees.They said they could only refund money to that card.I don't have the card so I asked if anything else could be done.They said to return items and put a note in it (they would put a note in computer also) and tell them I don't have the card any longer and ask them to send a gift card instead.This was my only option so I did.

I received an email saying they received my return and were going to credit it back to my card.I immediately called them. They said they would make a note and make sure it came on a card instead. Well it never came.Called yesterday to see if it was processed yet. Guess what? They put it back on the card.Transferred me to some credit card division .Nothing they could do!!!!Now I am just out $60!!!

This is what their employee told me to do and I am suppose to just suck it up like I did something wrong! I will never order from Old Navy again. Besides that their shipping is the slowest I have ever seen. Also the fact that if you buy an online item in the store and you can't return it is very strange and annoying.Obviously whoever bought it online was able to return it but because I bought it instore I cant?????
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Posted by ticia232 on 2014-02-25:
Inform Paypal about what happened. Someone did make a mistake and send it back to card but just because your card is inactive doesn't mean that your money is lost. It went back to them Old Navy can prove it, they have to provide you with the money. A similar thing happened with me with a debit gift card, I got my money back from the Visa.
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I Placed My Order on the 8th. Didn't Ship Until the 16th
Posted by Memappm on 12/17/2013
If you place an order online make sure you are NOT in a hurry. I placed an order on the 8th. I just today got an E-Mail stating they just shipped it out today. It said it "should" arrive by the 24th. I do all my shopping online. Nobody else was this slow. I have everything I ordered from others. Even stores that I ordered as late as four days ago, their item came today!!
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Old Navy Online NEVER shipped goods
Posted by Angelwhisper85 on 12/12/2013
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- On the morning of December 2nd I placed an online order with old navy; since these were gifts I made sure that everything was in stock. At the same time I ordered from other sites, one being in the uk. On the afternoon of December 11th my package from the uk arrived and made me think "hey where is my old navy stuff???" I check my order status and it's not even shipped yet. .. .It's still being processed! Since Dec 2nd. .. Really???? So I call old navy and the not so helpful CSR tells me the same thing . .. My order is "being processed". .. Really????? When will it ship "soon" really?? Old navy has had my hard earned money since Dec 2nd. .. And my order hasn't even hit the road yet? I say I want to cancel the order and I'm told that I can't because it's already in the "processing stage" really!???? I request a supervisor but "none are available" then to get me off the phone I'm told someone will call me back --- still waiting. Warning: if you feel the need to purchase anything from old navy . .. Never ever purchase online. Worst customer service - worst shipping/process 7 full business days and the order still isn't shipped! Why is this acceptable??? Oh wait. .. It's not!
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Refund Processed, but Was Sent Condescending Email
Posted by Cheryl.pedigo on 11/18/2013
ONLINE, FLORIDA -- I ordered 2 pairs of twill shorts from Old Navy. When I received them, I removed the tags (including the sewn on tag in the back which is VERY itchy) and put them in the washer. When I took them out of the washer, both pairs were fraying along the pocket and belt loop seams. I called their customer service dept. and was given instructions to return as a defective product, and reordered the same 2 pairs of shorts.

After mailing the original pairs back, I rec'd email confirmation that they had gotten the package, and a 2nd email saying that only unworn or unwashed items were eligible for return, but AS A COURTESY they had decided to process my refund. Their return policy clearly states, only unworn, unwashed, OR DEFECTIVE items are eligible. I did not need a condescending email telling me they are doing me a favor! Their own customer service dept. told me the items were clearly defective!

Poor service Old Navy, I always thought better of you!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-19:
In fairness they couldn't determine for sure over the internet what condition the clothes were. It sounds like you put them in the washer first, which would technically make them ineligible for return anyway. I do get that you didn't find these defects until after you had washed the clothes though.
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