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Customers, this is for you
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
CALIFORNIA -- Hello everybody, so I currently work for Old Navy and have for a little over 4 years. While I do agree with some of the complaints that you all have, you also have to remember that the sales associates that work at Old Navy work for that particular STORE not directly for Old Navy corporate, therefore, the sales associates are not responsible for:
A) the quality of the clothes B) the prices/sale prices of the items and C)store policies. Old Navy corporate decides all of that, the sales associates are basically there to just fold clothes, cashier and to be helpful to a customer by informing the customers on policies and answering questions such as "can you tell me the price of this?" or "do you have this in a size..?" the reason some associates get frustrated with customers is because they don't READ the signs, while yes I agree some of the signs are a bit confusing, most of them do say which item is the one on sale, you can't just look at the price and assume that the item you are looking at is the one on sale, most of the signs say which item is on sale, also, the clearance section says "UP TO 50% off" what that means is there is a variation of clearance discounts and the biggest clearance percentage you can find on something is 50% off, BUT if you look carefully and you are lucky you can find things for. 47 cents! Also, the super cash, that's something that started not too long ago, at first it had many flaws, but corporate has improved it somewhat, for now in order to receive a super cash coupon when the promotion is going on you must spend at least 25$ on your purchase BEFORE taxes, now, don't ask me why they make it before taxes I don't have the answer to that question, when you spend $25 (before taxes) you will receive a $10 super cash coupon, that is the smallest amount in super cash you can receive, there are bigger amounts, you can either receive a $10, $20 or $30 super cash coupon depending on the amount you spend at that time. The coupons say very clearly the dates you can use them and how much you must spend in order to redeem your super cash next time, also, if you READ the back of your super cash it will tell you, "you must spend X amount before taxes to redeem super cash." I can't tell you how many people come up to me with a super cash they have received and it is not valid yet, therefore they cannot use it and for some reason they just can't understand why. If you have more than one super cash coupon we will have to split up your transactions if you want to use all of them at once, we cannot combine them. Super cash is typically handed out a month before the valid date. Also, please DO NOT ask "can I use it anyway?" the answer will always be "NO" why? well simply because the computers will not let us, like I said before sales associates work for that particular store you are shopping at not directly for corporate, the sales associates have no higher authority therefore, they must do what they're managers and most importantly what corporate wants! if corporate wants a coupon to start at a certain date then that will be the date you can use it.
A lot of the sales associates may also have other duties such as working for shipment or signage, shipment is well, the people that receive the shipment and put the merchandise out on the floor, signage are the people that are in charge of changing the signs in the store, but, don't assume that ALL associates do these jobs, because they don't, so if you ask a sales associate about a certain sign and they have to ask a manager about it, it's because they are not in charge of signage and really don't know and just want to be sure they give you the right information. Also, the sales associates don't walk around the store every time they are there and memorize the prices of everything in the store (if someone can do that, wow! amazing!) so don't give them a hard time if they have ask someone to check a price for them. We also never know exactly what is coming in shipment, sometimes things don't arrive in a particular shipment which is why we may not have it, but we could receive it in a next shipment, but we truly never know what is going to come in.

When it comes to opening up an Old Navy card, the particular promotion they may have going on such as getting 10% off if you are approved or not approved may change, it can be get 10% off if you are APPROVED and nothing if your are NOT APPROVED or you may get at least 5$ dollars off if you are NOT APPROVED. Old Navy associates get NOTHING in return when someone applies for an Old Navy card we simply ask if you would like to open one up because we are told to ask, just remember that if you are approved, the amount of your purchase will be put onto your new Old Navy account so there is now a charge on that card, most associates will tell customers this before opening up your account. We do not get any type of commission what so ever on anything! also, at this time Old Navy stores (not the one I work at least) accept in-store payments, so don't walk in there a day before your payment is due and get mad at the associate because you can't make your payment, that is not their fault, as far as I know payments can be done online, by phone or through mail. Returns? the policy is now you can return something from whenever as long as you HAVE A RECEIPT, if you do not have a receipt and you paid with a credit/debit card we can look up your item and return it that way. If you do not have a receipt and did not pay with a debit/credit card, you will receive a MAIL CERTIFICATE that means exactly what is says it is a MAILED certificate, a store credit that will arrive to your current mailing address for the amount in returns you have made, if you paid with a gift card you will receive a gift card back, exchanges? work the same if you have a receipt you can do an exchange for whatever item, if you do not have a receipt but paid credit/debit card we can look it up and you can do an exchange for whatever item, if you do not have a receipt and did not pay with credit/debit card exchanges are NOT ALLOWED and we are only able to do a mail certificate. If you have a gift receipt you will get a gift card for the return amount. If what you are returning was a gift and you don't have a gift receipt or regular receipt you will get a mail certificate. So they key here is if you want to do a return/exchange HAVE YOUR RECEIPT!! Online returns? if you have an invoice your return will go back to you in original form of payment, exchanges cannot be done with online returns. If you do not have an invoice for whatever reason you will receive a MAIL CERTIFICATE. Just keep remembering that these are all store policies and sales associates just follow the rules and do what they have been told is allowed and what is not allowed. Don't blame the associate if you have a problem with the sale prices, coupons, returns, exchanges etc. blame corporate, they are the ones that decide how all of those things will work.

Now, if you're wondering why I rated Old Navy 3 stars, it's because I do agree that Old Navy has a few flaws in their system and they have a few things that could improve, the main thing I think they could improve with returns anyway, is giving a store credit customers can use right away if they do not have a receipt, instead of having to wait for the store credit to come in the mail. I also think they should allow in-store payments. So I do agree with some of the customer complaints. What my point is here, is to help and to make some of you (the customers) understand that it is not the sales associates faults and that when they tell you "I'm sorry, there isn't really anything I can do" it's because there really isn't much they can do, they are simply following store policy.
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Thoughts From An Employee
Posted by on
Hi everyone! I just happened upon this site randomly and saw so many people criticizing Old Navy and their associates, and I am a little shocked. I personally work at an Old Navy as a regular associate and thought I would give you a little insight from the other side.

*Old Navy Credit Cards*
We as associates are HIGHLY encouraged to ask and process the Old Navy Card. If a Manager sees you not asking customers, you can get in trouble. Now contrary to popular belief we do not get commission, in the literal sense. The more Old Navy Cards you process, the more hours you are likely to get, and that means a lot when the economy is down and hours are low. There are games occasionally that we play to get associates to talk up the card in which minor rewards can be earned... and I mean very minor, like a candy bar, or a coffee. Trust me; we do not like asking if you would like to save 10% if you are approved for the Old Navy Card, we have to. So, I am asking you, please do not be rude to us for asking, it is just part of our job, besides, some of the benefits are actually kind of nice, i.e. The Stuff and Save Bag.

*Return Policy*
-Store refunds will be issued in the original form of payment for price paid or a merchandise exchange when returned within 90 days of the purchase date. Merchandise returned more than 90 days after the purchase date will not be eligible for a return.-

Okay, so you have a return (that you bought) and have a receipt/gift receipt, or the credit/debit/gift card that you paid with the original tags there or intact, then you are fine. If you have the credit/debit card there without any tags... it becomes a little complicated... to find the item on your card we have to either guess the color code (which is not on the little tag inside of the clothing that has the item number on it) or find the item on the floor and get the color code from that.

Okay, so you have a gift you want to return. If you have a gift receipt, great! If not, we can exchange for the SAME ITEM in a different size or color. Even if the item you want is the same price but not the same item, it is not up to our discretion as an associate to go against that policy. Personally I will defer to the manager on duty, if they allow it, OK, if not, then they don't. Please do not get angry if they say no, that is the policy anyway. Many places these days will not take back stuff without a receipt and especially will not exchange without a receipt. So I beg you, if you are getting a gift, ALWAYS ask for a gift receipt, they take two seconds and save many more. Even if you leave and think, "I forgot a gift receipt!" It is not a problem; we can still make a gift receipt off of the original receipt.

Okay, so you have a return but no receipt, no cards to look at, and don’t want to exchange it. All we are permitted to do is a merchandise certificate that is sent through the mail. That is all that the computer will literally let us do, and that is only if the item is of the last few months. If the item is from 2007 and it is currently 2009, then we can not take it back… the number will not even come up in the system. We can pretty much tell if the item is beyond the possible 90 day period.

That is pretty much it with returns and exchanges that I have read complaints about… and honestly, our rules are relatively lenient, but here are some tips to keep you from headache.

1.Keep your receipts!

2.Ask for gift receipts, from the cashier, and from those who give you gifts.

3.Try your selections on in-store.

4.If there is a defect or damage in the clothes when you return them, please let us know so that we will not sell it to another customer.

*Messy Stores*
This one always makes me laugh, if I am not angry or crying instead. People complain so much about messy retail stores, and I find it a tad bit crazy. If you as a customer take accountability for your own personal impact on a store then maybe the store wouldn’t be so messy. I mean, I personally feel the priority of the associate is to help the customer, to answer questions, locate items, and do what we can to make your shopping experience a good one. However, and that is a big HOWEVER, customer service will sometimes, and by sometimes I mean a lot of the time take backseat to refolding and recovering the store. We are usually trying to get as much done as possible as fast as possible so we do not have to stay late closing. Most of us are college kids and have exams, papers, homework, and class in the morning, and can’t afford to be working until midnight and having to finish schoolwork before class bright and early at 7am. That is a slight exaggeration, but sometimes, it honestly isn’t. If you shop at a store, and would like it to be neat, be neat yourself, let the change start with you, put forward the same energy you want. What may take you a few seconds to fold a shirt that you picked up and looked at will take me hours to fix as well as the shirts that everyone else has picked up and looked at. A lot of people generally do not care about their personal impact on their surroundings and do not respect others enough to pick up after themselves. It is a shame really. So many people come into a messy store and act like it is the store’s fault that it is in such disarray. I hope you see the absurdity in that as much as I do. Moral of the story: please take accountability.

If anyone has any comments, topics, complaints, let me know! I am more than happy to converse about the store and policies. I hope this has informed you all a tad via the view of one of the ones a lot of you seem to despise. I hope you have a great day! =D
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User Replies:
bargod on 03/19/2009:
Great review, very helpful.
old fart on 03/19/2009:
Very Literate review well written... I am impressed!
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Good review. I worked at Mervyn's for a few years and I agree with you about the messy store. Customers get mad if there isn't someone standing at the register at all times, yet complain if the store is messy. At Mervyn's only 1 or 2 associates would be in a department at a time. Usually one works the register and the other cleans or helps people on the floor. During busy times both are at the registers. Don't complain about the store being messy and then complain that you can't find anyone to ring you up. An associate can only do so much at once. When I shop, I clean up after myself. If I knock a shirt off the rack, I pick it up and put it back on the hanger. It takes two seconds and I know it saves the associates a headache later. Another thing that bothered me were kids. I was a sales associate. Not a babysitter. And I hated it when kids made a mess and the parents did nothing about it. I am so glad I don't do retail anymore.
RestaurantGuy on 03/19/2009:
Wow RW great review. I love the concept of own accountability not enough of that now days Good luck in school
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Agree 100% with those above, excellent review, thank you!
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
This the best employee review ever on my3cents. Great job randomworker!
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Great review!
I never did understand why people get so upset about cashiers asking if they want to apply for a store card and save 10%. A simple, polite "no, thank you" always works for me. I've never been offended by being asked and I've never had an employee get a 'tude with me for saying no.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
At Mervyn's our raises were based on how many store cards we opened that quarter. The store was in an area that mostly Spanish speaking and I speak little Spanish so I wouldn't get a lot of applications. It was very unfair that the Spanish speaking people got the raises and those who don't speak Spanish didn't.
Randomworker on 03/19/2009:
Thanks for all the comments! I honestly didn't expect much feedback, let alone positive feedback, hehe.

At Old Navy, our raises are not based on credit cards, but by an entire sheet of expectations, but getting the cards definitely helps. Our hours per week are more direct reflections of how many credit cards we process; the more cards you process the more hours you will probably get. Oh, and Littleyaya, I work at a store where a good portion speak Spanish. Unfortunately, I took French in Highschool, hehe. You are right though, that our bilingual associates have the upper hand in procuring credit cards. And justbcuz, thank you! Even though I know some people are a little too persistent in asking if someone would like to apply for a card, I personally drop it after the initial "no." That is perfectly fine for me.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Good review! Very informative. I think it's great to be able to get the employee's perspective!
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Excellent review, especially your comments on the messy store. My sister was managing the men's department of a large department store and watched a customer toss packs of underwear on the floor until he found whatever size he was looking for. The same customer then yelled at her because the store was messy. If I pick up an item at a clothing store, I always try and put it back neatly if I decide I don't want it - this seems like common sense to me.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
LOL financially...your comment made me think of how many times I've found various grocery items mixed in with clothing or vice versus when I'm shopping at Fred Meyer..and it's probably those same people that are complaining about the messy store.

Someone is putting the sliced cheese in with the Underroos...but who is it??
Patriciahf on 03/23/2009:
Excellent review and very refreshing to read comments supporting it! It's so nice to hear from intelligent (and sometimes very funny!) people.
meerae200 on 03/28/2009:
As I was shopping in Old Navy there was a clear hanger on the floor. I slid on it as if was ice. Reported the fall. I had bruise's all on one side of my body. They called and offered me twenty dollars for my injury. What an insult!!!!Shows you how much they care about their customers.
Anonymous on 03/28/2009:
What would you have preferred meerae200? $20,000? How about $200,000? Maybe you should get an attorney and sue ON for negligence, cost of the medical care you received as a result of this terrible fall that probably left you with life long back injuries, and oh let's not forget the humiliation that occurred by falling in front of a store full of people.
oh and btw, did you accept the gift card offer?
Randomworker on 03/29/2009:
meerae200, I am sorry to hear about your injury. Hangers on the floor are always going to be a problem in retail stores, and associates are instructed to pick them up when they see them. It is especially a problem in the clearance sections, when people have a tendency to throw merchandise around. Although we try to clear them from the floor as much as possible, we can not be everywhere at once, and if a hanger falls and no associate has been through the area yet... then we have to rely on the customer present to either notify us or place the hanger back. As to why they are clear and some slightly opaque, it is because they are cheap and allow us to keep cost a tad bit lower, which in turn reduces your purchase . If you were injured in the store... I assume you filed a claim on site. Though I am not extremely familiar with corporate procedure, I believe they cover medical bills. If you refused medical attention on site, that might be why they are offering less than you would want. Like I said however, I am not extremely familiar with corporate policy .
leopard on 03/29/2009:
Meerae, I fell down a flight of stairs once and didn't have as bad as injuries as you described. All I had was one or two bruises. I think you might be embelishing a bit. Did you take the gift card?
Schmoopie on 04/07/2009:
Great review! I worked in retail for 11 years and I completely understand where you're coming from. I never understood why people get SO ANGRY when you're only doing your job! keep your chin up and thank you for what sounds like excellent customer service!
EducatedConsumer on 06/08/2009:
Random worker thank you very much for your review. As a fellow Old Navy Employee it is great that customers get to hear our side of things for a change. The messy store part makes me want to scream.
Skye on 06/08/2009:
I've always liked Old Navy. No complaints here regarding the employees or the stores I have visited.

Neptune31 on 12/05/2009:
Tremendous review! I love reading posts from those within the trenches. It further supports the growing common knowledge that a shockingly large segment of our population is composed of ignorant, entitled, self-centered shallow dolts. Having spent plenty of time in retail and food service myself, I am amazed at what people are capable of.

One point I did want to ask about was the folding of clothes. I had a friend that managed a clothing chain store, and I stopped in to see her one day. A shirt caught my eye, and since there weren't any on display I picked one up to look at it. I'm never one to just toss it back on the pile - I actually try to replicate the original fold, but I suck at it and I never can. In this instance, I started my pathetic effort and she told me not to worry about trying to make it perfect as they have to refold anything out of place regardless. It made sense through the eyes of the merchandising world as most people can't (along with those who don't even try to) make it look like it did, but I still make the effort. Is that the case at Old Navy? Mind you, not lost on me is the larger point you made about people being thoughtless pigs and feeling they, as "customers", have the right to trash the store at will.
PepperElf on 12/05/2009:
awesome review

excellent points and well worded

vh ++++++++++

Ytropious on 12/05/2009:
I lasted 1 month in a clothing store setting, people are just too messy. I'll take a regular item retail chain any day, and even that sucks!
Anonymous on 12/06/2009:
Couldn't have said it better myself. Customers complain about the silliest stuff. Merchandise tossed in the candy wall? Do you think I did it?

Bathroom nasty...who did that one?
Anonymous on 12/21/2009:
Amen! I'm also a Nav' Slave. I don't know what it is about our customers that makes them comfortable throwing things everywhere and yelling at us about it in the same movement, but it is extremely frustrating. Dealing with these people 39 hours/week tends to give me little hope in the decency of humanity. They are often mean, disrespectful, inconsiderate, intolerable excuses for human beings from the second they walk into the store. But that majority makes those few decent ones who attempt to fold after themselves and smile at checkout seem like absolute Godsends. = ) Old Navy customers of the world, please be nicer!
PepperElf on 12/21/2009:
sounds like you deal with a lot of entitlement... people

the kind who think it's OK for them to treat the employees like dirt
and think they themselves are royalty

Anonymous on 12/21/2009:
Indeed. I was raised to respect everyone always, but particularly at their places of work. Not sure why that sentiment isn't more common...
PepperElf on 12/21/2009:
that's cos some people equate "providing a service" with "being a servant"
Anonymous on 12/21/2009:
Isn't that the truth, Pepper! Good review and a good reminder to others to treat people the way they want to be treated.
JustKeepFolding on 02/04/2010:
Randomworker, it's as if you're a copy of myself. I work at Old Navy (just passed the year-mark) and feel exactly the same. I try not to blame the customers, because some people are just morons and don't know any better. And it's those few customers that go through and cause destruction (you can always tell if it was the same person unfolding absolutely everything. They leave trails). I especially agree with your view on the ONC's. We're just trying to get hours toward our next paycheck.

Very well written.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CARSON, CALIFORNIA -- My father purchased an Old Navy cardigan from Salvation Army near Palos Verdes today. It is new because it still had the original tag on it including Salvation Army's own price tag. At the register, I asked the woman to remove the anti shop lifting device attached to it. She told me that is why they are selling "AS IS" because it was donated that way. She suggested, I keep the tags on, take my receipt to Old Navy and have them remove it.

I went to Old Navy at Carson Mall the same day. Despite the fact I HAD A RECEIPT and the Price TAGS from OLD NAVY and Salvation Army...they refused to remove it since I did not purchase it from their stores!!!!!

End note: I went to Sears next door, they tried to remove it after hearing my story. Unable to remove it, I went to JC Penney for help. They helped me after hearing my story and REMOVED the shoplifting device for me. A lesson to OLD NAVY: CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I will NEVER shop at Old Navy again. Sears and JC Penney have just gained a loyal customer. I will make an effort to purchase from their stores instead.
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User Replies:
ktisnumeroUNO on 02/22/2012:
I am not sure what is hard to understand about this.. You bought it from the Salvation Army, not Old Navy. Regardless whether it is Old Navy's product or not, you chose to buy this item second hand knowing it had a security tag on it. It is NOT Old Navy's responsibility to remove that tag without a purchase receipt from THEIR store. They have no idea is that item was stolen before you purchased it or not...
CC on 02/16/2013:
Regardless, customer service should be the ultimate goal. Did she beep when she came in? Remove the friggin theft device and keep the customer. If its stolen, you still aren't going to get it back. And she'd be pretty dumb and desperate to come back into the store and ask someone to remove it.

-Part time retail worker for over 6 years
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Employees Perspective..
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I work for Old Navy; I have for the last two years. I've read a lot of complaints about ON, and I've got to say, a lot of consumers sound like they never worked a day in their life.
Don't get me wrong, sometimes ON's policy is booty, but don't shoot the messenger. If you're nice and respectful I don't mind bending over backwards to help you. Attitude goes a long way, seriously. If you come up and start making demands my first reaction is going to be "who the heck do you think you are talking to me that way?" Common courtesy seems to be lacking these days. I'm only twenty and I have better manners than some of the older people that come in.

1. Imagine working all day trying to make everyone happy. I have to keep things folded, talk to everyone, help them out, and be able to ring. Customers come in and unfold an entire stack of shirts. I promise you, when I ask you if you need help, I honestly mean it. I'd rather spend 30 minutes looking for your size (and trust me, I don't care if you're XXL or XS) than have you spend 5 minutes and destroy my whole table. It takes the average employee 30 minutes to fix what you mess up. Don't be rude; let me help you. Heck, don't you want someone to do the work FOR YOU anyway?

2. I'm not trying to rip you off. Look, I totally get that someone gave you a present without a gift receipt. But trust me, with every transaction I asked my customer "would you like a gift receipt just in case?" and almost every single time do you know what they say? "No, they don't need one. If they don't like it, too bad." So instead of getting livid with me, get mad at the person who bought it for you. THEY didn't care enough about your interest to spend 2 seconds and let me print out a gift receipt. Standard policy is placed on the counter at my store. It even says it on every receipt we give you. "Refund in the form of original payment." If you don't have a receipt, you can exchange it for the EXACT same item in a different size or colour, or you can get a mailed check. Most stores only carry in-store merchandise certificates around Christmas time. My store carries them all the time but you have to be a cash-handler to over-ride the system. If you're not given manager over-ride access, you have to call a manager or Cash handler and explain to them why you're bending the rules for a customer. What does this result in? It results in the employee getting in trouble. Me, I can over-ride it anytime. But if you come off with a crappy attitude, why should I give you anything easier than a mailed check? I can also over-ride it and give you a gift card, but why risk being audited by my manager for you if your attitude sucks? Policy says I'm NOT SUPPOSED to do either of those, but I will if you're nice. Honey gets you further than vinegar. Manners go a long way.

3. Don't complain about me being rude if you're on the phone. I have enough respect for you not to answer the phone when I'm ringing you up; why can't you spare 2 minutes and give me the respect I'm giving you?

4. Customers complain about cleanliness. Here's the thing, it takes 3-4 times longer to fix something to mess up. 2 seconds is all it takes to DESTROY a nicely folded and sized pile of shirts. What will it take me? 10 minutes. 10 whole minutes. Why? Because if I don't do it right, customers complain. I honestly can't win. And who do you think makes the store dirty? Do you think employees run around messing up the store? Leaving clothes everywhere and leaving their empty soda containers around the store? No. CUSTOMERS make the store dirty. So instead of getting p/o'd at us, get mad at the guy you see unfolding an entire table of shirts looking for his size only to find once he finds his size, he doesn't want it anymore. I would LOVE to be able to keep my store clean. But I can't. Not when I have 20 people in the store at a time and I'm trying to help you.

5. I have to push the store credit card (ONCs as we call em). This is what I get to hear every 5 minutes "Have you gotten any ONCs?" "Why haven't you gotten any? You've been here for 2 hours." "I expect 2 enrollments before you leave." "you can't leave unless you get an ONC by the end of your shift." And when I FINALLY get one on the off chance someone wants 10% off, my manager on duty will come back and say "So, anymore ONCs?" Me: "I just got one an hour ago!" Manager: "Well, it's been an hour since you got your ONC. You should have another one by now." Oh and my favourite thing to hear is "You're asking the wrong way. Don't give the customer a chance to say no. Don't ask them if they want to apply; SELL the credit card!" How do you SELL a credit card? Me, personally, I don't care if you don't want a credit card. Its your right. But I HAVE TO ASK you. I have to. My manager is on my butt if I don't. Trust me, just let me ask you and you can say no. Two seconds is all it takes. "Want to apply for an Old navy card? No? Okay." Easy as pie.

6. What one employee knows, another one might not know. I know a lot of things other associates don't know. That's not their fault. The things I do on a regular basis like give you in store credit instead of a mailed check are actually BREAKING policy. But I do it because I want to help you out. I WANT TO HELP YOU. I'm risking getting in trouble for YOU. I don't even ask that you thank me; just be nice and polite.

7. Don't just every ON by the actions of one. This is really common sense. Not every employee is awful and rude. I have developed personal rapport with some of my regular customers. Some I know by name and we talk about their kids and family! I've searched every stack of denim in the store (up high on the shelves, some without tags or sizes on them, and the entire store room of over 200 pairs) for ONE customer. I've called 10 stores-- 10!-- to find a customer's item at another store and ended up clocking out 30 minutes late and missing MY BUS because of it because I wanted to help her. Some employees are crap; and some GMs aren't any better. I know a bunch of crappy rude employees and I don't agree with a lot of ON policies But don't diss the entire ON and GAP staff because you've dealt with the rotten apples.

8. I have an ON card. I hate it. One, you can't make more than 2 online payments in a billing cycle. Two, if you pay by phone, they charge you 15 dollars to make the payment. Three, the interest rate is bogus. Four, you can't make a payment in store. Trust me, I would like to go into work and pay my balance. This isn't our fault; it's the company's. Don't get mad at me because we don't take payments in store. It says on the paper when you apply that we don't take in-store payments.
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User Replies:
goduke on 06/22/2010:
I agree with a bunch of what you said, which is why I voted it helpful. It does seem that there's a bit of a current of "we (Old Navy) are doing you (the customer) a favor by being here and letting you shop." I think if you turn that corner (and I'm betting your almost there already) to "you (the customer) are doing me and Old Navy a big favor by shopping in our store and spending money so I get paid," you'll find that some of these minor inconveniences (such as folding clothes) will become less important. If you live and breathe the value of the customer, you'll find yourself moving up in any customer-focused business (such as retail). Thanks for sharing some really good perspectives. Good luck in your career!!
Venice09 on 06/22/2010:
Excellent post. This should be required reading for all consumers. A little common courtesy and understanding can go a long way.
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Old Navy Employee Perspective
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This is just to inform you on some of the issue you all are having at Old Navy.

employees on the sales floor: if it is not Christmas season or back to school season, you are not going to find many employees on the sales floor because it is not as busy. I understand you may need help on the floor with something, and I agree with your complaints. but DO NOT catch an attitude with the employee you do find because that just frustrates us. it is not our fault that there is nobody on the floor. DO NOT ask somebody who is on the register to come help you, they can't leave the register area. normally you should ask the person in the fitting room because it is easier.

small amount of cashiers: I agree 100% with your frustration because I get frustrated. there has been times when I was the only cashier for 2 hours and customers catch an attitude and yell at me like it is my fault. you just have to be patient because sometimes people call out and sometimes the managers just don't schedule enough people. if you think you are getting impatient, so are we.

false advertisement: I'm sorry but this is just your issue that you don't want to admit you are wrong. when you see a sign that says $10 shorts. right under it will tell you the original price and the style of shorts. DO NOT get angry because you didn't read the sign and you are coming to me with a shirt thinking it is $10. me being the person I am, I'm not going to argue with you. either get it or leave it there. you have to understand some customers will pick up items and put it back anywhere so don't just pick things up because you see $10. you have to READ. please don't catch an attitude with the cashier, it is not their fault.

Return/Exchange policy: okay let me tell you. you can return anything for exact money back on your credit card, gift card, or cash with a receipt within 90 days. if your receipt is expired, or you don't have it, you are not going to get direct money back. the only exception is if you paid for it with a credit or gift card. point blank period. if you do not have any of those then you will receive a merchandise certificate or mailed certificate that you can only use at Old navy. that's it. Exchanges are different. you can do an even exchange for the SAME TYPE OF ITEM. you cannot exchange denim jeans for khakis and expect it to be an even exchange. you are going to have to pay the difference. if you don't have the receipt or credit or gift card, I don't care how much you paid for it because you have no proof don't even tell me because we cannot do that. so if it is not the same item there may be a difference that you have to pay or that you get back.

online returns is very simple. just an online return and we cannot do exchanges with those.

discounts: we cannot do 2 discounts on 1 transactions. the system will not let us do it. so you can't use your 20 reward card and 10%off on the same transaction. it won't go through. and you cannot bring an item back in the store that you have already bought to get a discount on it. that's being very cheap and I hate when customers try to do that. we as cashiers will get in trouble for doing that.

messy stores: you have to realize that customers come in there all the time. I know at my store we are always busy at night and sometimes we don't have that many employees to clean the store at night. my store closes at 9:30 and we don't get out until 11. so realize we do not want to be there til 11pm cleaning a store but whatever we can get done, we do it. I can see if the store is constantly messy every time you come in.

so you pretty much you cannot blame the associate for things wrong in the store, because majority of the time it is not their fault and they cannot do anything about it. the managers are the ones you need to talk to.

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Alain on 07/14/2010:
Sounds reasonable to me.
Venice09 on 07/14/2010:
I think this applies to most stores, but it's a good reminder.
leet60 on 07/14/2010:
I have to point out a few things. There are some valid points in your post yet others fall short. The frustration many of us experience is not due to short staffing. It is due to the visible presence of store associates that are chatting with one another, texting or talking on the mobile phones, or simply ignoring customers.

If we see you standing around, we are not being helped, the store is "messy" then simply put, you are not doing your job. I hate to burst your bubble but this is the rule rather than the exception.

Don't place the blame on a customer if something is placed on the wrong fixture by a customer, the fact that you mentioned this indicates associates KNOW this - put it where it belongs, that is what you are paid for.

FlShopper on 07/14/2010:
Well written and good explanation of store policies.

I know how frustrating it is when merchandise gets left all over the store. I've often said that I want to visit the homes of some customers, take items from one room and throw them in another room and then leave.
Venice09 on 07/14/2010:
Leet, the reason employees know that merchandise is misplaced is probably because they find it in all the wrong places when they are cleaning up at night.

I have to say that I have never been in any store where the employees were standing around doing nothing when things needed to be done. I'm sure it happens but it just doesn't seem to happen to me. Maybe I'm lucky.
Ytropious on 07/15/2010:
I think leet is mistaken. Maybe the cashiers are standing around talking, but as the OP said, where else can they go? They have to stay put and wait for customers to ring out. Also if they want to talk or text then who cares? If you need help then go up and ask them for some. I've never been asked if I need help at Old Navy, some places just don't have those greeting rules in place. I LOVE stores that don't train their employees to ask everyone they see if they need help. It gets old.
retailemployee105 on 07/16/2010:
well Leet I honestly agree with you. but like I said short staffing is a big issue. especially in my store. now I don't know what store you went to but at my store nobody is just standing around texting and doing nothing. if you close the store you want to clean because you don't want to be there all night. and the fact that wen know it is misplaced does not mean we are too lazy to fix it and all. like I said I'm usually a cashier and I cannot leave my register to fix a messy display unless it is near the registers. as much as I hate messy stores I would love to fix it but I cannot. Also they put associates in certain sections to fix so I cannot be placed in the mens sexction and just start fixing womens. it doesn't work like that. Many employees do not greet customers which is wrong. I honestly agree with that. I know if a customer walks past me I say hi how are you. a lot of my employees won't ask you if you need help because they expect you to ask them for help. but customer service in some Old Navy stores is a problem and I agree with you.
retailemployee105 on 07/16/2010:
and Ytropious I agree with you too because I hate having to ask every customer if they need help because I know if I was a customer I would be like annoyed because I would like to look around. I would rather ask for help then be asked. it is required at Old Navy stores just to welcome them and help them if they look like they need help.
mom mom on 07/18/2010:
mdoll444 on 08/08/2010:
mom mom-

As an Old Navy employee, we do honour sales and returns. We will do all returns for the right amount of money, but you need your receipt. I am not going to give a customer x amount of dollars back if there is no proof of purchase. That is handing away free money, and we as employees get in trouble for it.

I have to agree with the OP, it is not only the customers that get upset with the small amount of staff working. We as employees HATE it when they only schedule one cashier, one fitting rooms attendant, and one sales floor associate. Customers need to understand that when there is only 3 people working, and one has his or her break, that means that there is only two people. Two or three people to do everything is impossible. The sales floor associate is not only responsible for covering the cashiers and the fitting rooms attendant's break, but helping out at cash when there is a line, and helping the fitting rooms attendant by putting the clothes back.

This problem is all the managers, and not ours. When you complain about there being no one on the floor to help you? We know that there is no one, and there is nothing we can do about it.
retailemployee105 on 08/09/2010:
that is exactly the point I was trying to make. you cannot come in and get angry at an employee about there being a low staff in the store or you are not getting helped as soon as you would like. you cannot expect the cashier to do everything in the store because it is just not possible.
MaryJade202 on 06/16/2011:
What about employees that blatantly let customers butt in the checkout line? I had that problem today. There was one girl, and another came up to help her, since there were 3 people in line. The first was already being checked out, so the 2nd woman went to the employee that came up to help. I was next. However, another customer came up, and went behind the lady that was before me. My mom got pissed and said, "Your turn." when the employee was done, because it was messed up, and the employee just gets all wide eyed and nods no to me.

The registers were in the same checkout lane as well, it wasn't like there were two or three lanes open. Even so, my mom says aloud, "They should've taken you." I say, "I know." I buy the shirt and walk out.

Later, I said, I should just go back and return it for the crappy service and my mom said she was about to tell me to do that. I wish I would've thought of it while in line. I seriously considered going back and returning it literally 10 minutes after I bought it.

My mom would never say things like that in a store either! Which means, it was that bad. Really disrespectful, and I felt totally disregarded. Safe to say my family will never shop there again.
MaryJade202 on 06/16/2011:
If my post was any bit confusing, another customer basically butted in front of me, when the employee that checked her out KNEW I was next in line, because at first it was only three people standing in line. Then the 4th customer comes up and as I said, I was completely disregarded. I also heard no apology, which I would have appreciated with what had just happened to me.
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Online Return Customer Service Horrible!!!
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Rating: 2/51
ONLINE ORDER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Ordered 3 pair of pants for my son cause he is hard to fit.Well they didn't fit but he is 15 and he threw out the packing slip.I tried to exchange them in the store but they said without the packing slip they couldn't. Really?

They had my card and everything.Called customer svs and they said they could not send me a copy of the packing slip (odd in 2013?). I used a prepaid Paypal card to purchase these which I now don't have because I closed the account to avoid monthly fees.They said they could only refund money to that card.I don't have the card so I asked if anything else could be done.They said to return items and put a note in it (they would put a note in computer also) and tell them I don't have the card any longer and ask them to send a gift card instead.This was my only option so I did.

I received an email saying they received my return and were going to credit it back to my card.I immediately called them. They said they would make a note and make sure it came on a card instead. Well it never came.Called yesterday to see if it was processed yet. Guess what? They put it back on the card.Transferred me to some credit card division .Nothing they could do!!!!Now I am just out $60!!!

This is what their employee told me to do and I am supposed to just suck it up like I did something wrong! I will never order from Old Navy again. Besides that their shipping is the slowest I have ever seen. Also the fact that if you buy an online item in the store and you can't return it is very strange and annoying.Obviously whoever bought it online was able to return it but because I bought it instore I cannot?????
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ticia232 on 02/25/2014:
Inform Paypal about what happened. Someone did make a mistake and send it back to card but just because your card is inactive doesn't mean that your money is lost. It went back to them Old Navy can prove it, they have to provide you with the money. A similar thing happened with me with a debit gift card, I got my money back from the Visa.
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Important Information
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After reviewing the complaints over the past two years, I have several things to note--not only about Old Navy--but retail, in general.

While, in certain instances, there can be terrible customer service (rude employees, false advertising, etc.) but it is important to note the difference between an actual flaw in a business and basic retail strategy.

First of all, an important aspect to retail (in any form) is run by psychology. Yes, the more expensive items will be in the front of the store-- it's good marketing. If customers were first presented with clearance items then those will, undoubtedly, sell more. It reduces profit margin which, as we all learned from the recent economic developments, affects everyone. Not only will clothing experience a larger mark-up, but less items will end up going on clearance. It's common to find, in any store, that the items that cost the less are in the back of the store. If you are committed to a certain budget, you will have to go to the back of the store (Old Navy stores aren't very large-- it will take a matter of seconds).

The Old Navy return policy is more strict than most. This can be difficult to honest customers who did, in fact, purchase the merchandise but did not hold on to their receipt. However, those that lost their receipt can still be compensated-- Old Navy can research previous purchases by looking up the credit/debit card, check, or even a gift card. For those who paid with cash, however, cannot offer valid proof of purchase without a recipe. If one is an experienced shopper, it is common knowledge one must hang onto their receipt. Otherwise, Old Navy has no proof what you had actually paid for the item (sales fluctuate about every week) as well as proof that the item had been previously purchased. In order to reduce shoplifting (which does affect the common customer because the more items are stolen, the more Old Navy has to makeup for their loss through the use of "marking up" their clothing), they must require some type of proof of purchase.

The 90 day limit for return policies also aids profit margin. The store is losing money if they decide to return items past that date because their sale price has been significantly reduced. I firmly believe that the 90 day return policy is valid because three months is plenty of time to decide if an item is worth keeping. If you are buying items for Christmas or birthdays in advance, one might even consider waiting to purchase that item-- the longer an item is in the store, the better chance that it will become further marked down. If you are buying clothing in advance (as a "savvy shopper would) then that said "savvy shopper" should make note of the 90 day limit--which is clearly stated on the receipt.

As far as the false advertising, it does, again, have to go back to the psychology aspect of retail. If read, the signs indicate exactly which items are on sale. While I believe that some signs can be interpreted as misleading, the goal is not to do so. When signs are located in a certain area, customers are naturally drawn to that area--introducing them to more than just the sale items. This allows for a better customer experience because the customer is then able to see all of the items on display--allowing outfits to be put together, or even introducing the customer to the new season's clothing. At any retail store, the signs must always be read properly. It is an agreement between the consumer and the business-- almost a contract. If the sign indicates an item is on sale, the business must guarantee that it will be followed. A business does not, however, have to oblige the customer for simply reading the sign wrong-- it's a misinterpretation of the contract.

Old Navy dedicates many training hours to its employees in an effort to guarantee that they will be properly represented. However, human error does occur, and one rude employee does not represent the entire business. It is always a good idea to speak to a manager about any concerns because a rude employee is bad for business--and the customers are ultimately the most important aspect of the company.

Respect is, however, a two-way street. If one does not display kindness or understanding, then one should not expect it from anyone else. Treat others the way you want to be treated is not only an essential aspect to humanity, but it is also what we want our children to learn. "The customer is always right" motto can only go so far, it does not cover disrespect. Being a rude customer is almost as bad as being a rude employee--it's just clothing, so we might as well act like adults.
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Anonymous on 09/02/2010:
Thank you for your post. I especially agree with what you said about people giving respect to give it. I always approach everyone with that attitude and have rarely been treated rudely. Of course, there is the exception to every rule, but most people respond well to being treated kindly.

I almost think 90 days for clothing is a bit too much time for a return. When you purchase something at full price and return it for full price, the store must then sell it on sale because it is from a previous season.
robbydee on 09/02/2010:
Great post! Well said and absolutely true!
Ytropious on 09/02/2010:
I agree. This reads exactly like most of the stuff I've learned in pursuit of my BBA.
Anonymous on 09/02/2010:
Great post, thanks for taking the time to put this out there, too bad all the customers that feel "the customer is always right" under every circumstance can't be forced to read this.
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Old Navy does not care about the handicapped
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Here is a copy of an email that I sent to them without as much as a response

To whom it may concern,

Yesterday my wife and I visited your location in Wilmington, DE. My wife had previously received a gift card from you people because she complained about the way handicapped people are treated, or should I say ignored, in your locations. I would call these facilities stores, but in my experience, stores typically have some sort of customer service. Sadly Old Navy does not seem to train their “Associates” in the art of customer service. We went there with the intention of purchasing some of the Graphic Tee’s that were advertised as buy one, get one free. First the racks where this merchandise was “displayed” was not readily noticeable. Your facility merchandisers should be applauded for putting these racks toward the back of the store so that the poor person that makes the initial mistake of coming through the doors will have to see all of the other over priced items. Great work and kudos to that department. After the expedition to find these advertised Tees, we selected a few, brought them to the counter, gave them to the 8 year old behind the register, gave her the gift card, and lo and behold we were told that we could not use the gift card! Now I examined this “Gift Card” (which by the way was for $10, gee thanks for that) and I examined the place where these Tee’s were located in the store, and to my surprise, no where does it say “Gift Cards Not allowed” or “Don’t you dare try and use a gift card for this stuff” or “Sorry, we can’t allow you to use a gift card because we have to pay little Ling Fong $0.05 a hour more to make up for the administration”, nothing, just the word of the 8 year old behind the counter. So we asked for the manager. And as I guessed the manager, a 14 year old, gave us the same story, even after my wife told her that we had gotten the “Gift Card” because of their poor treatment of the handicapped. By the way, in case you are wondering (and I am sure you aren’t) my uses a walker due to her recent bout with cancer. She’s doing well but still needs some help getting around, selecting things in store, stuff like that (thanks for asking [yeah right]).

Anyway I’m done venting now. If you would be so kind please send me an address where I can send the “Gift Card” back to as we won’t be utilizing your facilities again. I will more than likely make sure that none of our friends, acquaintances, relatives, people we pass on the street, and anybody else that asks doesn’t either.
It is a shame that the rest of the American retail market, is in such disarray, and that Old Navy is in such good shape. You must be if you chase away business like this.

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Anonymous on 06/09/2010:
What reason did the eight year old clerk or fourteen year old manager give for not accepting the card?

Regardless though it's just typical for corporate chain stores these days. One wonk in the corporation gives you a gift card while another front-line corporate wonk refuses to honor it.

You did the right thing by exposing these ugly practices on Consumer Federation of America's number one rated consumer gripe site.
clutzycook on 06/09/2010:
What explanation did the manager give you about not accepting the gift card? I'm sorry your wife is ill, but I wonder what her handicap has to do with how you were treated in the store this time around. Do you think that just because she uses a walker, the employees should fall over themselves to give you assistance unasked? If that's the kind of service you require, I would recommend going to a store where they have personal shoppers. Old Navy is, for all intent and purposes, a big box store. It's meant to sell as much stuff as possible with as few employees as they can get away with. I'm not trying to make excuses, but this is how they run their business and I applaud you for taking your business elsewhere. If more people did this, maybe companies would change.

As far as your complaint that the t-shirts were in the back of the store, requiring you to walk past higher-priced items, that's a marketing trick. Every store uses it. Yes it's inconvenient, but that's business for you. They're out to make money. That's one of the ways they do it.

I also have to take umbrage with you calling the cashier an 8-year old and the manager a 14-year old. How would you like it if those people came on here and complained about "the old fogeys" who were making a fuss in the store? I would bet that my fellow M3Cer's would descend on them like a pack of dogs after a fallen bratwurst. Judging people based on their age is not fair no matter how old or young they are.
Anonymous on 06/09/2010:
Well, aren't you just a delight...Honestly, I am shocked that ON didn't jump right on this maturely written letter and send you an apology along with several dozen gift cards.

And btw, Little Ling Fong makes $0.10 more, thank you very much!
goduke on 06/09/2010:
Old Navy clothes are horrible quality. They work well for young teens who are outgrowing stuff, but for adults they are just awful.
Crown Jules on 06/09/2010:
This has got to be the first time anybody has ever called anything from Old Navy overpriced.
spiderman2 on 06/09/2010:
Just Cause gets Best Answer!
FlShopper on 06/09/2010:
Having those tee shirts in the back of the store is the same as grocery stores keeping the milk stocked in the back of their stores. They want you to walk past the things you might want before getting to the things you actually went there for. Every store does it and has been doing it since forever.
You say you examined the card and you examined the area where the tees were stocked but you never mentioned actually asking 'why' your gift card wasn't honored. Was there an expiration date on it? There had to be a reason...what'd they tell you?
Sheriffs Uncle on 06/09/2010:
PepperElf used to be in the Ol' Navy. Wonder what she has to say?
PepperElf on 06/09/2010:
Um.... Anchors Aweigh I guess...

cos I was in the US Navy, not the Old Navy.
hell I don't even like Old Navy .. except my pink st. patty's day sox. those were nice.

always thought their selection was cheap and sucky :)
Venice09 on 06/10/2010:
Excellent comments, clutzy.

The insults and sarcasm in this review make it hard to be on the OP's side.
Ytropious on 06/10/2010:
You want special treatment because you are handicapped, but I don't understand what you are demanding. You want sales up front? Sorry, as someone already mentioned that is solid marketing, same reason milk is in the back of the store. They will never change that, all the complaining in the world will do nothing. In addition is sounds like you have issues with Asians and people younger than you. I think that's terrible. I have Asians in my family and I think it's terrible you call them "fing fong". You are the ignorant one here.
br287 on 06/11/2010:
Are some of you kidding me? First, her disability is no one's business. Second, how can anyone ever help you there when the employees just either keep moving and act like they are busy or are behind the registers. They wouldn't let her use the card because the Tees were a "special offer" and according to the 14 year old you can't use a gift card for special offers. Have we all become so hypnotized by the corporate voodoo? The only way for these company's to get the message is for the rest of us not to buy their crap! And yes Old Navy over charges for their poor quality, third world produced rags! Buy American and stay out of Old Navy!
Alain on 06/11/2010:
I never shop Old Navy, anyway. I'm older, they don't have my style, and they don't have my size.
MRM on 06/11/2010:
Alain, I agree that they don't have the right size. Everything is tight and small.
Ytropious on 06/11/2010:
They probably ARE busy working, and stop saying they are 14! I don't know if you are seriously believing they are 14 or are just trying to be smart. So they are young, IT DOESN'T MATTER!
clutzycook on 06/11/2010:
+10 Yt.
FlShopper on 06/11/2010:
I'd be really annoyed if I got a gift card that came with conditions; you should be able to use it as cash on any merchandise.
mom mom on 06/12/2010:
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Honest Employee @ Old Navy in Bay City, MI Returns $50
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BAY CITY, MICHIGAN -- To Whom This May Concern:
I would like to begin by stating that if I had the opportunity to share these experiences with the top members of your company’s management, I would do so.

My name is Lillie S. and I live in Saginaw, Michigan. Recently, I was shopping in the Old Navy store located in the Saginaw along with my 3 young children. I've always liked your products because, as a single mother, I can get fashionable clothing for my children at a reasonable price; however, a few weeks ago I had vowed never to shop in your store again due to poor customer service. I was treated rudely by an employee who made the comment to me that I should, "keep my kids on a leash." She also cussed several times in front of customers, including my children. I wish I had gotten her name and reported her actions but, unfortunately, I did not do so. I began to complain to another employee and asked to speak to a manager only to find out that the person who was so rude to me was, in fact, the manager. I promptly left the store and after calming down from being upset by this manager’s remarks, I made a conscious decision to boycott your company if this was the way I could expect to be treated by your employees. A mere three weeks later, nevertheless, I found myself being forced to visit the very same store for a particular item you had available that I needed to purchase as a gift. Frankly, I live on a very fixed budget as a single mother with three boys but I would have paid twice as much at any other store in the area had it been and seriously considered purchasing it online to avoid going into Old Navy. Unfortunately, I needed the item immediately so I was forced to break my personal boycott of your company. I never would have guessed that I would have had my faith renewed in your store for the reason I decided to boycott it in the first place: one of your sales associates.

The employee who changed my point of view of Old Navy, as well as the entire Gap Company, was named Stephanie from the Bay City Old Navy. This employee was amazing! She was welcoming, friendly, helpful, and, most of all, she was honest. I cannot begin to stress how much her actions changed not only view of this particular store but of your company as a whole. I entered the store with my three children and I was looking through clothing in the boy’s department and Stephanie was toward the rear of the store folding shirts. Without delay, she approached us to ask if I needed any assistance and, at that point, I declined. While browsing items, I went into my pocket to answer my cell phone and I inadvertently dropped a $50 bill from my pocket. I had absolutely no idea that I had even lost it and would not have realized until much later that day. Your employee, Stephanie, saw me lose this money and promptly returned it to me. Sadly, nowadays finding good honest people of high moral fiber is incredibly difficult but I want you to know that you found one in this sales associate, Stephanie.

I make roughly $9.00 an hour working in a call center so $50 represents nearly an entire day’s wage. From where I’m standing, she didn’t just return a lost $50 bill; she helped me keep my kids fed and my car fueled so I can get to work. Without that $50 bill, I would have had to intentionally overdraft my account just to pay for gas so I would like to emphasize how much her honorable, upright act meant to me. She just as easily could have pocketed that cash and no one would have been the wiser but she did not and that deserves recognition. Furthermore, I am glad to inform you that this was not the only good deed she performed for me that day; she also assisted me with finding the item I needed and made my children very happy by giving them stickers to keep them entertained when I had to answer a phone call. My son, Dominic, now asks when we can return to see, “Nice Lady.”

I will only be shopping at the Old Navy in the Bay City Mall going forward for one reason, Stephanie. I would greatly appreciate it if these compliments are forwarded to her direct supervisors and/or managers because she deserves to be commended for her actions. These sorts of acts of decency and honesty are becoming quite rare and I feel that she should be applauded. Thank you once again, Stephanie, for being a good scrupulous and trust-worthy person. You have renewed my opinion of Old Navy and I am sincerely grateful for your act of kindness. Thank you.
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User Replies:
Inat on 04/12/2010:
good review. it makes you feel good to realize that there are still good, honest people out there. unfortunately, they are often overshadowed by the ugly ones
Venice09 on 04/12/2010:
The best part of this review is that you were open to changing your mind. I never boycott a store based on an employee. Employees come and go, and then I'm stuck not going to a store that's convenient for me. A bad employee usually doesn't last very long anyway.

I hope Stephanie somehow gets to see your kind words. Maybe you could forward this to the company or to the store. I'm sure she would love to know that she is appreciated.
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MOUNT JULIET, TENNESSEE -- I love Old Navy clothes, I've been shopping there for years. Lately, I refuse to go to my local store. The Old Navy in Mount Juliet, Tn in the Providence Place shopping center is insane! I can't walk in there without tripping on 10 different things! The sales racks are so jam packed with clothes ( most of which are not even on sale!) and empty hangers you can't get anything off the rack, forget looking for your size!

The people that work there are [snip]! They run around the store with their little headsets on chatting away with each other while customers are digging through a 25 shirt deep mess, that they have thrown on a table.

As for sizes- COME ON! Is it impossible to keep some variation? If you are a size 0 or a flipping 20 then congratulations, this store is for you!

I gave up on the store so, I ordered online, it took 10 minutes to pick out what I wanted and to go through the check out process. It said 4-10 business days for arrival. My package comes from UPS on day 6, I open it and EVERYTHING is wrong. No exaggeration- EVERYTHING THAT I ORDERED WAS W-R-O-N-G. I receive size 30 pants ( No size 30 lives at this house!) 2 maternity tops (No babies here!) and nothing else. I ordered 2 jeans,2 khakis, 5 tops, 2 shoes and a necklace. I called the customer service line and talked to a lady who chewed gum in my ear while talking to me as if I was her 10 yr old daughter. (I'm sorry, but I was just screwed over by your company...maybe calling me ma'am or hmm... using my Last name would have been a bit more polite.) She asked me for my tracking number, address blah blah blah. Finally, she asks me what's wrong. And I told her, she asked if they sent any of the items I ordered and I said NO. She became quite for a few moments and then HUNG UP ON ME.

I did not call from a cell phone, my phone did not randomly die, THE GIRL HUNG UP ON ME. I called back- THE SAME GIRL ANSWERED THE PHONE. I said my name and that I had just called and that she hung up on me. I kid you not, she said "Nu-ugh". I said yes you did and I want this taken care of right now. She said, You hung up on me [insert my first name here]. I couldn't believe it! We went round and round and round. She tried to make it seem like I had ordered the items I received and there was no way Old Navy could have messed a shipment up that bad. I was online looking at my order shipment! And there were no 30 pants or maternity tops requested ANYWHERE on my order! It took 2 weeks to get the whole thing straightened out, I'm now waiting for my ORIGINAL order to be delivered. I was given free shipping, 4-10 business days. I'm on day 8 as of yesterday.

Old Navy is a joke. I'm shopping at target from now on. Same clothes, Same price.

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