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Online Return Customer Service Horrible!!!
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Rating: 2/51

ONLINE ORDER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Ordered 3 pair of pants for my son cause he is hard to fit. Well they didn't fit but he is 15 and he threw out the packing slip. I tried to exchange them in the store but they said without the packing slip they couldn't. Really? They had my card and everything. Called customer svs and they said they could not send me a copy of the packing slip (odd in 2013?). I used a prepaid Paypal card to purchase these which I now don't have because I closed the account to avoid monthly fees.

They said they could only refund money to that card. I don't have the card so I asked if anything else could be done. They said to return items and put a note in it (they would put a note in computer also) and tell them I don't have the card any longer and ask them to send a gift card instead. This was my only option so I did.

I received an email saying they received my return and were going to credit it back to my card. I immediately called them. They said they would make a note and make sure it came on a card instead. Well it never came. Called yesterday to see if it was processed yet. Guess what? They put it back on the card. Transferred me to some credit card division. Nothing they could do!!! Now I am just out $60!!!

This is what their employee told me to do and I am supposed to just suck it up like I did something wrong! I will never order from Old Navy again. Besides that their shipping is the slowest I have ever seen. Also the fact that if you buy an online item in the store and you can't return it is very strange and annoying. Obviously whoever bought it online was able to return it but because I bought it in store I cannot???

Excellent Customer's Service
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Rating: 5/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Last weekend, I really enjoyed shopping at the various Old Navy in the area where I lived. I started out at Triangle in Raleigh, then Southpoint in Durham, and on Monday, I finished up at Crabtree Raleigh Old Navy (06596). I had purchased over 100.00 worth of items so I began to look for my coupon for 30.00 off. After searching for a while, I went to see if I had left it in my car. Unfortunately, I didn't. Therefore, I went back in the store and told the cashier which in turn she asked a young lady who I assumed was in management. After speaking with her, another young lady named Ebony came over to see what was going on. I explained the situation to her.

I told her that I apparently left the coupon at home. I told her that I wanted the items which primary were jewelry for Christmas gifts for my daughter's friends. I told her I would be more than willing to call the coupon in along with my gap credit card and pick the items up on Saturday. I had to leave because my daughter had a 3:30 appointment.

Ebony immediately stated that it was not necessary and the fact that I visited the store almost weekly that she would override and give the discount. I was so impressed with her and her discussion. I was willing to call my Gap card to see if they could give me a number but Ebony said that was fine because she didn't want my daughter to be late for her appointment. I am so pleased and happy that she made this experience such a pleasant one. I used to shop a lot at Gap but because of this experience, I will be doing most of my business with Old Navy especially at store number 06596. Thanks Old Navy for hiring such a wonderful employee by the name of Ebony.

Clueless and Rude Employees
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EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS -- My sisters and I went to Old Navy this past weekend to take advantage of coupons we received for a charitable cause. We found lots of nice things, including slipper boots, but we needed a size up. I asked an employee for the next size up, and was shortly told 'no'. The check-out experience we had was worse, though. We step up to check out, my oldest sister went first. She has picked up a pair of slippers clearly marked $8.00, and they rang up close to $13. Someone I took to be a supervisor yelled back to see if they were $8 or the price they came up, and was told they were in fact $13. She asked my sister if she still wanted the slippers, to which my sister said no.

She wasn't rude about the error. Next I checked out, I handed my coupon over first, and when my items were rang up, it came up to almost $18, which wasn't right. The coupon had not been applied, it was still in the employee's hand. I asked if the coupon had been applied, and the supervisor said NO. And lastly, my little sister checked out with the same boots I had, and a pair of socks, and used my older sister's re-usable coupon (you could use the coupon at many different retailers as much as you liked). The coupon's discount was given, but the boots rang up almost $13, and not $8 as they were supposed to be.

The supervisor even asked another associate which shoes were on sale, and he/she said the tall boots with the pom-poms, which is what I got at sale price, and what my sister should have gotten at sale price. Overall, the visit was fine until check-out. The supervisor/trainer was very rude and snobby, not welcoming at all. All I can say is watch the sales total as they ring your purchases. :(


BARBOURSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA -- 7/2009 - BEWARE!! If you are going to shop at Old Navy beware of the return policy that applies when the purchase has been made with a check. I recently shopped in Old Navy and needed to return some of the clothing that was purchased with a check. When the purchase was made, my check was processed as an electronic transaction and of course my original check was given back to me - pretty much the same as a debit purchase and since it was an electronic purchase, my account was checked for the funds plus the purchase cleared my bank quicker.

When I made the return I was not given cash back or even crediting the money back to my account would have been suitable - THE NEW POLICY IS THAT IF YOU WRITE A CHECK AND MAKE A RETURN, YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO RECEIVE A CHECK BACK FROM THE OLD NAVY CORP. OFFICE. The clerk was quick to point out the policy was on the bottom of the receipt - little late to change my mind if I find out the policy after my purchase has been made!!

A 10 day hold would have been understandable, but to process my check as an electronic transaction and then make me wait on a return check from the company!!??!! My shopping days at Old Navy are over and it is a shame because I shopped there often and especially at Christmas and back to school time.

By the way, last year Old Navy took clothing vouchers and this does not apply to me, but I felt horrible for a lady who had shopped in the store for 2 HOURS and watched her be rejected at the register, being told we do not accept those anymore - I felt sorry for her. By the way, I looked at the message the clerk had told the lady existed at the front entrance and it was tiny and not well displayed. Clothing vouchers or not, treating a customer with respect and dignity count!!

What Happened to Old Navy?
By -

I'm not much of a mall shopper but back some years ago I would stop by Old Navy and check out some of their clothes. In general they were a bit too young for me, but I liked that they were reasonably priced and seemed to be kind of a good value. I'd pick up one or two things if they looked at least practical. I also thought the ads back then with Morgan Fairchild were humorous.

But lately, I've noticed that the quality at least on the men's side has plummeted to sub-Wal Mart Status. I would check out the shirts and if I tried one on, I'd notice that they were poorly fitted and simply not well designed. If there was a shirt pocket, it would almost go down to my belt line.

The last thing I was truly horrified by in Old Navy was a faux Navy peacoat. It was not just that it was not that precise of a knockoff, but it wasn't even made from wool, or as far as I remember, even cotton. Envision a navy colored Snuggy transformed into a jacket and you will pretty much get the idea. It's sad that even K-Mart seems to have better quality clothes now than Old Navy. I can get all cotton Henleys there and at least decent Fruit of the Loom underwear when I want.

I don't know who they are hiring as buyers, but they need to up the quality. The clothes now look like they would last one or two washes before mutating into Salvation Army material. It's a pity. Now it seems the quality at the GAP, Old Navy's parent company has lower its quality bar to what Old Navy used to be and Old Navy will sell anything that even vaguely resembles clothing.

Strong chemical smell in stores and on clothing
By -

I have just started noticed a really strong chemical smell in the Old Navy Stores. I actually had to leave the store, it was so strong. It was really making my eyes burn. My 8-year-old daughter even commented on it. We have been in 2 different old Navy stores in 2 different states and the smell is the same. I ordered some clothes online from Gap and Old Navy and the very exact smell is on the clothing. Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be? I really like shopping at Old Navy and Gap but if this smell continues, will be forced to not shop there any longer.

Unfair and Discriminatory...
By -

I'm short. And I've had two children. I'm not massively overweight, but sometimes normal shirts don't fit me and I have to choose plus size. On the flip side I'm in petite size for pants... I'm just over 5'1". So I have to buy a lot online. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem. However, Old Navy offers coupons and discounts IN STORE. Doesn't do me any good. And they don't work online. So... because I'm short, I don't get discounts? I also have to risk buying something that doesn't fit, get it, try it on, and if it doesn't, send it back... because they won't accept them in store of course. What a pain!

On top of that, shipping. I can't just go to the store and grab a pair of jeans. No, I have spend an additional $7.50 to get them. So no discounts PLUS shipping. Discrimination anyone? Old Navy needs to add an online code for petite, tall, and plus sizes... and FREE shipping. Until something is fixed, I won't be shopping Old Navy, nor will over 400 mothers in my mother's group who had no clue about this situation until I went through it recently. Now they're appalled. Nice work Old Navy...

Ridiculous Return Policy at Old Navy
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I had purchased a pair of shorts and a T-shirt at OLD NAVY for my son for his birthday. I have the Old Navy credit card and had a $20 rewards voucher and used these to complete the purchase. Turns out, I needed a bigger size and tried to exchange them at OLD NAVY. They did not have the exact same style short, but I settled for another style for the exact same price. I took everything to the sales clerk and she told me I owed $16.00. I told her no, I was just attempting to exchange the shorts for the correct size. She told me because I used an OLD NAVY rewards voucher, I "lost out". I couldn't believe it!

I have shopped at OLD NAVY for YEARS, even had the OLD NAVY credit card and enough purchases to get their bonus vouchers often, and they were not letting me exchange the wrong pair of shorts for the correct size!! I told her to forget it and went home with the wrong size short. So, not only did I have a product that did not fit, I just wasted time trying to exchange them. I was angry enough to write to Old Navy customer Service about this. I got a reply that said they were sorry, but that was their policy. RIDICULOUS! When a customer cannot return a pair of shorts with all the tags on to get another size, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE POLICY!

Ridiculous Exchange Policy
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I received a shirt from Old Navy as a gift. I love the shirt, but needed a bigger size. The gift-giver did not include a gift receipt, and I was told by the store that even though the tag was still on it, I could not exchange it for the next size up. I was told they would send me a gift card in the mail for the lowest selling price, even though I had NO DESIRE for a refund of any kind. I just wanted another size in the same exact article of clothing.

I can understand having this policy for RETURNING an item, but it is unfathomable to me that they will not allow a simple exchange for the same exact item in a different size. There is no profit/merchandise loss for them in a situation like this, and it is not showing customers that they value them and their happiness in any way.

Old Navy Online NEVER shipped goods
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- On the morning of December 2nd I placed an online order with Old Navy; since these were gifts I made sure that everything was in stock. At the same time I ordered from other sites, one being in the UK. On the afternoon of December 11th my package from the UK arrived and made me think "hey where is my Old Navy stuff???" I check my order status and it's not even shipped yet... It's still being processed! Since Dec 2nd... Really??? So I call Old Navy and the not so helpful CSR tells me the same thing... My order is "being processed"... Really???

When will it ship "soon" really?? Old navy has had my hard earned money since Dec 2nd... And my order hasn't even hit the road yet? I say I want to cancel the order and I'm told that I can't because it's already in the "processing stage". Really??? I request a supervisor but "none are available" then to get me off the phone. I'm told someone will call me back - still waiting. Warning: if you feel the need to purchase anything from Old Navy... Never ever purchase online. Worst customer service - worst shipping/process, 7 full business days and the order still isn't shipped! Why is this acceptable??? Oh wait... It's not!

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