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Honest Employee @ Old Navy in Bay City, MI Returns $50
By -

BAY CITY, MICHIGAN -- I would like to begin by stating that if I had the opportunity to share these experiences with the top members of your company's management, I would do so. My name is ** and I live in Saginaw, Michigan. Recently, I was shopping in the Old Navy store located in the Saginaw along with my 3 young children. I've always liked your products because, as a single mother, I can get fashionable clothing for my children at a reasonable price; however, a few weeks ago I had vowed never to shop in your store again due to poor customer service.

I was treated rudely by an employee who made the comment to me that I should, "keep my kids on a leash." She also cussed several times in front of customers, including my children. I wish I had gotten her name and reported her actions but, unfortunately, I did not do so. I began to complain to another employee and asked to speak to a manager only to find out that the person who was so rude to me was, in fact, the manager. I promptly left the store and after calming down from being upset by this manager's remarks, I made a conscious decision to boycott your company if this was the way I could expect to be treated by your employees.

A mere three weeks later, nevertheless, I found myself being forced to visit the very same store for a particular item you had available that I needed to purchase as a gift. Frankly, I live on a very fixed budget as a single mother with three boys but I would have paid twice as much at any other store in the area had it been and seriously considered purchasing it online to avoid going into Old Navy. Unfortunately, I needed the item immediately so I was forced to break my personal boycott of your company. I never would have guessed that I would have had my faith renewed in your store for the reason I decided to boycott it in the first place: one of your sales associates.

The employee who changed my point of view of Old Navy, as well as the entire Gap Company, was named ** from the Bay City Old Navy. This employee was amazing! She was welcoming, friendly, helpful, and, most of all, she was honest. I cannot begin to stress how much her actions changed not only view of this particular store but of your company as a whole. I entered the store with my three children and I was looking through clothing in the boy's department and Stephanie was toward the rear of the store folding shirts. Without delay, she approached us to ask if I needed any assistance and, at that point, I declined.

While browsing items, I went into my pocket to answer my cell phone and I inadvertently dropped a $50 bill from my pocket. I had absolutely no idea that I had even lost it and would not have realized until much later that day. Your employee, **, saw me lose this money and promptly returned it to me. Sadly, nowadays finding good honest people of high moral fiber is incredibly difficult but I want you to know that you found one in this sales associate, **.

I make roughly $9.00 an hour working in a call center so $50 represents nearly an entire day's wage. From where I'm standing, she didn't just return a lost $50 bill; she helped me keep my kids fed and my car fueled so I can get to work. Without that $50 bill, I would have had to intentionally overdraft my account just to pay for gas so I would like to emphasize how much her honorable, upright act meant to me. She just as easily could have pocketed that cash and no one would have been the wiser but she did not and that deserves recognition.

Furthermore, I am glad to inform you that this was not the only good deed she performed for me that day; she also assisted me with finding the item I needed and made my children very happy by giving them stickers to keep them entertained when I had to answer a phone call. My son, **, now asks when we can return to see, “Nice Lady.”

I will only be shopping at the Old Navy in the Bay City Mall going forward for one reason, **. I would greatly appreciate it if these compliments are forwarded to her direct supervisors and/or managers because she deserves to be commended for her actions. These sorts of acts of decency and honesty are becoming quite rare and I feel that she should be applauded. Thank you once again, **, for being a good scrupulous and trust-worthy person. You have renewed my opinion of Old Navy and I am sincerely grateful for your act of kindness. Thank you.

By -

MOUNT JULIET, TENNESSEE -- I love Old Navy clothes, I've been shopping there for years. Lately, I refuse to go to my local store. The Old Navy in Mount Juliet, Tn in the Providence Place shopping center is insane! I can't walk in there without tripping on 10 different things! The sales racks are so jam packed with clothes (most of which are not even on sale!) and empty hangers. You can't get anything off the rack, forget looking for your size!

The people that work there are **! They run around the store with their little headsets on chatting away with each other while customers are digging through a 25 shirt deep mess, that they have thrown on a table. As for sizes - COME ON! Is it impossible to keep some variation? If you are a size 0 or a flipping 20 then congratulations, this store is for you!

I gave up on the store so, I ordered online, it took 10 minutes to pick out what I wanted and to go through the check out process. It said 4-10 business days for arrival. My package comes from UPS on day 6, I open it and EVERYTHING is wrong. No exaggeration - EVERYTHING THAT I ORDERED WAS W-R-O-N-G. I receive size 30 pants (No size 30 lives at this house!) 2 maternity tops (No babies here!) and nothing else. I ordered 2 jeans, 2 khakis, 5 tops, 2 shoes and a necklace.

I called the customer service line and talked to a lady who chewed gum in my ear while talking to me as if I was her 10 yr old daughter. (I'm sorry, but I was just screwed over by your company... maybe calling me ma'am or hmm... using my Last name would have been a bit more polite.) She asked me for my tracking number, address blah blah blah. Finally, she asks me what's wrong. And I told her, she asked if they sent any of the items I ordered and I said NO. She became quiet for a few moments and then HUNG UP ON ME.

I did not call from a cell phone, my phone did not randomly die, THE GIRL HUNG UP ON ME. I called back - THE SAME GIRL ANSWERED THE PHONE. I said my name and that I had just called and that she hung up on me. I kid you not, she said "Nu-ugh". I said yes you did and I want this taken care of right now. She said, "You hung up on me [insert my first name here]". I couldn't believe it! We went round and round and round. She tried to make it seem like I had ordered the items I received and there was no way Old Navy could have messed a shipment up that bad.

I was online looking at my order shipment! And there were no 30 pants or maternity tops requested ANYWHERE on my order! It took 2 weeks to get the whole thing straightened out, I'm now waiting for my ORIGINAL order to be delivered. I was given free shipping, 4-10 business days. I'm on day 8 as of yesterday. Old Navy is a joke. I'm shopping at target from now on. Same clothes, Same price.

Poor Online Service and Organization of Old Navy Online Store
By -

MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I was originally very excited to order a pair of pants that the stores did not have in my size on your online store. However, I am truly dissatisfied with your online services for the following reasons.

  1. I viewed through the online sales and found a few things that I was interested in purchasing, since they provide a shorter (Ankle) version of pants that are not available in the stores. I found a skirt (Brown Sateen Skirt, which would match the blazer that I wanted to purchase women's sateen blazer) however, every time I tried to choose the item it came up unavailable.

I called a representative to assist me but she was unable to find the shirt at all, even though the internet said they had it in a size 12. (The next day after I placed the order, the skirt came up with no problems). This was frustrating to see since I had already placed the order and was not going to pay another shipping cost.

  1. I wanted to purchase $100 worth of items to receive the free shipping, however, this conflicted with the $10 rewards that I also wanted to use. You could not enter both. I decided not to buy a pair of jeans because of this disappointment. I called a representative again to ask about the skirt, she could not help me and she told me I could not apply both discounts.

  2. When I received the package, I ordered the Women's mid-rise herringbone pants ANKLE, they were $20, to match my coffee blazer. However, the package said Ankle, the pants were not an ankle. They were very long and the label did not say Ankle.

  3. I called a representative to help me, she was not pleasant. She told me they sent the wrong pants, and they no longer had any in an ANKLE. She did not try to accommodate my disappointment nor offer any type of exchange. I told her this is an inconvenience now that they sent me the wrong pants and I have to go to the store to return them. I now do not have a matching skirt or pants for my blazer. I have to return the item, which should have not come up if you did not have them in an ANKLE in the first place. Not my mistake and no apology.

  4. I go to the Old Navy store to return my pants. They only want to give me back $17.65 for the pants, because I got them with a discount from the Rewards. I now lose my rewards points that I have earned. The pants were originally $20.00, I could have applied that money to the other purchases. I am very angry with this process. The saleswomen explained there is nothing she can do, the store gets returns all the time. I lose my reward money.

  5. I was originally very excited to see the prices of your online store. However, I will never recommend anyone to purchase from your online services and I will not be purchasing from Old Navy any longer. I just recently started shopping with your store. I wanted your company to know of the poor service of your online company.

Online Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I ordered flip flops online at 1 AM Monday. Paid $7 shipping for a $10 order so I would have them by Saturday since I leave for vacation on Sunday. I just checked the tracking on the package. Won't be delivered until Monday. I will be gone!

Shirt Dyes My Skin Blue and Ruins My Clothes
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Rating: 2/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I recently purchased a blue mermaid shirt from Old Navy and now my whole torso is blue with the exception of a bra out line from the bra (which was white and is now ruined and won't wash clean) that I was wearing.

I Placed My Order on the 8th. Didn't Ship Until the 16th
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Rating: 2/51

ONLINE STORE, NEW JERSEY -- If you place an order online make sure you are NOT in a hurry. I placed an order on the 8th. I just today got an E-Mail stating they just shipped it out today. It said it "should" arrive by the 24th. I do all my shopping online. Nobody else was this slow. I have everything I ordered from others. Even stores that I ordered as late as four days ago, their item came today!!

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

I placed an order with Old Navy about a week ago, and when it came in the mail, one of the shirts was missing! I called immediately and got to speak to someone within 5 minutes. She was incredibly apologetic and nice, asked which item and she re-shipped it. She also gave me a 15% discount for the future. This customer service is really great - and I would definitely order online with them again!

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CARSON, CALIFORNIA -- My father purchased an Old Navy cardigan from Salvation Army near Palos Verdes today. It is new because it still had the original tag on it including Salvation Army's own price tag. At the register, I asked the woman to remove the anti shop lifting device attached to it. She told me that is why they are selling "AS IS" because it was donated that way. She suggested, I keep the tags on, take my receipt to Old Navy and have them remove it. I went to Old Navy at Carson Mall the same day. Despite the fact I HAD A RECEIPT and the Price TAGS from OLD NAVY and Salvation Army... they refused to remove it since I did not purchase it from their stores!!!

End note: I went to Sears next door, they tried to remove it after hearing my story. Unable to remove it, I went to JC Penney for help. They helped me after hearing my story and REMOVED the shoplifting device for me. A lesson to OLD NAVY: CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I will NEVER shop at Old Navy again. Sears and JC Penney have just gained a loyal customer. I will make an effort to purchase from their stores instead.

I am no longer shopping Old Navy
By -

I would like to add my 3 cents on Old Navy's return policy. My family was adopted by a church this Christmas and two of the gifts were coats for my teen daughters. The coats were not big enough and they had coats to begin with but what they need and wanted for Christmas was clothing. T'was the night before Christmas and I scrambled around to get to the nearest Old Navy store in town. I approached the sales clerk and proceeded with an exchange in hopes of getting two gifts cards that would be able to provide my girls with the clothing they need. The coats had the selling tags attached but there was no receipt.

The sales clerk informed me of the new return policy for Old Navy, They needed my drivers license and scanned the coats for the amount. The amount along with my information would be sent in to their headquarters and in 10 to 14 days I would receive a gift card for the amount of the coats. Problem!!! T'was the night before Christmas and I just received these two coats from the church a few days earlier, the amount on the gift card would have been $27.56 for both coats combined, and each coat had a selling tag of $68.00, I inquired about the price difference and the young woman replied "Their on sale now."

So the church spent $68.00 plus tax for each coat and we would get back $27.56 for a total on these two coats. "Wow". I am meeting our secret santas in January and will be taking the two coats to them and will explain the return policy of Old Navy and what I intended to do - Which was to take the balance owed for each coat, apply them to two Old Navy gift cards so my girls could get the clothing they need. I explained my intentions to the sales clerk, who smiled and said "I'm sorry, we have a policy". I'm sure the church will find two individuals who need the coats. I am no longer shopping Old Navy and will tell my story!

Clueless and Rude Employees
By -

EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS -- My sisters and I went to Old Navy this past weekend to take advantage of coupons we received for a charitable cause. We found lots of nice things, including slipper boots, but we needed a size up. I asked an employee for the next size up, and was shortly told 'no'. The check-out experience we had was worse, though. We step up to check out, my oldest sister went first. She has picked up a pair of slippers clearly marked $8.00, and they rang up close to $13. Someone I took to be a supervisor yelled back to see if they were $8 or the price they came up, and was told they were in fact $13. She asked my sister if she still wanted the slippers, to which my sister said no.

She wasn't rude about the error. Next I checked out, I handed my coupon over first, and when my items were rang up, it came up to almost $18, which wasn't right. The coupon had not been applied, it was still in the employee's hand. I asked if the coupon had been applied, and the supervisor said NO. And lastly, my little sister checked out with the same boots I had, and a pair of socks, and used my older sister's re-usable coupon (you could use the coupon at many different retailers as much as you liked). The coupon's discount was given, but the boots rang up almost $13, and not $8 as they were supposed to be.

The supervisor even asked another associate which shoes were on sale, and he/she said the tall boots with the pom-poms, which is what I got at sale price, and what my sister should have gotten at sale price. Overall, the visit was fine until check-out. The supervisor/trainer was very rude and snobby, not welcoming at all. All I can say is watch the sales total as they ring your purchases. :(

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