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Poor Online Service and Organization of Old Navy Online Store
Posted by on
MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I was originally very excited to order a pair of pants that the stores did not have in my size on your online store. However, I am truly dissatisfied with your online services for the following reasons.

1. I viewed through the online sales and found a few things that I was interested in purchasing, since they provide a shorter (Ankle) version of pants that are not available in the stores. I found a skirt (Brown Sateen Skirt, which would match the blazer that I wanted to purchase women's sateen blazer) however, every time I tried to choose the item it came up unavailable. I called a representative to assist me but she was unable to find the shirt at all, even though the internet said they had it in a size 12. (The next day after I placed the order, the skirt came up with no problems). This was frustrating to see since I had already placed the order and was not going to pay another shipping cost.

2. I wanted to purchase $100 worth of items to receive the free shipping, however, this conflicted with the $10 rewards that I also wanted to use. You could not enter both. I decided not to buy a pair of jeans because of this disappointment. I called a representative again to ask about the skirt, she could not help me and she told me I could not apply both discounts.

3. When I received the package, I ordered the Women's mid-rise herringbone pants ANKLE, they were $20, to match my coffee blazer. However, the package said Ankle, the pants were not an ankle. They were very long and the label did not say Ankle.

4. I called a representative to help me, she was not pleasant. She told me they sent the wrong pants, and they no longer had any in an ANKLE. She did not try to accommodate my disappointment nor offer any type of exchange. I told her this is an inconvenience now that they sent me the wrong pants and I have to go to the store to return them. I now do not have a matching skirt or pants for my blazer. I have to return the item, which should have not come up if you did not have them in an ANKLE in the first place. Not my mistake and no apology.

5. I go to the Old Navy store to return my pants. They only want to give me back $17.65 for the pants, because I got them with a discount from the Rewards. I now lose my rewards points that I have earned. The pants were originally $20.00, I could have applied that money to the other purchases. I am very angry with this process. The saleswomen explained there is nothing she can do, the store gets returns all the time. I lose my reward money.

6. I was originally very excited to see the prices of your online store. However, I will never recommend anyone to purchase from your online services and I will not be purchasing from Old Navy any longer. I just recently started shopping with your store. I wanted your company to know of the poor service of your online company.
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GothicSmurf on 01/04/2008:
If you only paid $17.25 for an item, why should you get the full $20.00- Even if you did pay with your rewards. They are the same as a coupon. If you bought a shirt with a coupon and end up returning that, do you get your coupon back to apply to another purchase?
DreyNikHaze on 01/04/2008:
You get back what you paid. YOU DO NOT GET YOUR REWARD BACK. You physically paid $17.25 out of pocket NOT $20.00. What school did you go to that taught you such math? Wow, I'm just amazed. Would you like me to give you the rest of the money so you'll quit whining? Good Lord.
Suusan B. on 01/04/2008:
How in the world can you expect to get back more than you paid? We're talking about $2.75 here . . . . and this is not poor customer service - - it's just the way it is.
jenjenn on 01/04/2008:
I don't think the poster was upset about the money, but upset because she lost her rewards points. I shop Old Navy online & have never experienced at problem.
Ponie on 01/04/2008:
I once ordered some blankets from Brylane, using the 'new customer' certificate for either $10 or $20 off. I received a card from them saying the blankets were no longer in stock and they would send me a refund check. The amount mentioned was minus the new customer certificate, but the full amount of the check I enclosed with my order. When I got it, I called Brylane and discussed this with them. The fellow I talked to was very understanding and said he'd mail another certificate to me which had no expiration date. Of course, I used the certificate at a later date. Perhaps the difference is that I did this transaction by mail and not online. Had he not agreed to send a new certificate to me, I wouldn't be unhappy because I really wasn't out any money.
GothicSmurf on 01/04/2008:
Ponie- What you did sounds reasonable though. You basically asked if you were able to apply that discount to something else as you never got a chance to order. I'm sure you called and were calm and rational and didn't demand extra money that you didn't pay, and you weren't expecting or going to be upset at either outcome.
cspringer on 10/18/2011:
Here's an idea, now that its already too late. You should have just taken the free shipping on the 100 and kept your rewards. Always be frugal with free money that should be a rule. Once you got the free shipping and saved around 10 on that and said "hey look here's that skirt" you could have used your rewards and cancelled out the shipping and still saved a little extra money on it. It's too late now though, plus online shipping has a lot of ways to go wrong regardless.
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Old Navy Online NEVER shipped goods
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- On the morning of December 2nd I placed an online order with Old Navy; since these were gifts I made sure that everything was in stock. At the same time I ordered from other sites, one being in the uk. On the afternoon of December 11th my package from the uk arrived and made me think "hey where is my Old Navy stuff???" I check my order status and it's not even shipped yet. .. .It's still being processed! Since Dec 2nd. .. Really???? So I call Old Navy and the not so helpful CSR tells me the same thing . .. My order is "being processed". .. Really????? When will it ship "soon" really?? Old navy has had my hard earned money since Dec 2nd. .. And my order hasn't even hit the road yet? I say I want to cancel the order and I'm told that I can't because it's already in the "processing stage" really!???? I request a supervisor but "none are available" then to get me off the phone I'm told someone will call me back --- still waiting. Warning: if you feel the need to purchase anything from Old Navy . .. Never ever purchase online. Worst customer service - worst shipping/process 7 full business days and the order still isn't shipped! Why is this acceptable??? Oh wait. .. It's not!
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Refund Processed, but Was Sent Condescending Email
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ONLINE, FLORIDA -- I ordered 2 pairs of twill shorts from Old Navy. When I received them, I removed the tags (including the sewn on tag in the back which is VERY itchy) and put them in the washer. When I took them out of the washer, both pairs were fraying along the pocket and belt loop seams. I called their customer service dept. and was given instructions to return as a defective product, and reordered the same 2 pairs of shorts.

After mailing the original pairs back, I rec'd email confirmation that they had gotten the package, and a 2nd email saying that only unworn or unwashed items were eligible for return, but AS A COURTESY they had decided to process my refund. Their return policy clearly states, only unworn, unwashed, OR DEFECTIVE items are eligible. I did not need a condescending email telling me they are doing me a favor! Their own customer service dept. told me the items were clearly defective!

Poor service Old Navy, I always thought better of you!
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 11/19/2013:
In fairness they couldn't determine for sure over the internet what condition the clothes were. It sounds like you put them in the washer first, which would technically make them ineligible for return anyway. I do get that you didn't find these defects until after you had washed the clothes though.
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Old Navy Harmful Children's Product
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VENICE, FLORIDA -- I purchased a girl's tank top from Old Navy that was covered in defective sequence. The sharp edges on the defective sequence resulted in cuts and scratches to the interior of both of my daughters arms (from underarm right down to her wrists). I contacted Old Navy to advise them of the defective product and to request that they initiate a product recall and remove the item from their shelves in order to prevent other children from suffering the same. After more than a month and despite me sending the item to their risk management department for assessment (the sharp edges are visible to the naked eye), and showing them photos of the damage that was done, they concluded that the product "meets with their industry standards" and declined to recall the item or remove it from their shelves. Instead, they offered us a $50 gift card for "the inconvenience". I'm pretty sure any item of clothing that causes cutting and scratches does not meet with any standard. I am disgusted by their lack of concern for their most vulnerable of consumers. I am even more disgusted by the fact that they are not willing to take any proactive measures (ie remove the item from their shelves) in order to prevent someone else from being hurt. Shame on you Old Navy!!
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 06/14/2013:
I think they meant sequins.
jktshff1 on 06/14/2013:
Soaring Consumer on 06/15/2013:
I suggest sharing your concerns with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Sue on 06/29/2013:
Sorry..spell check!! Yes, I meant sequins and yes, I have contacted Consumer product safety. Old Navy advised me that of the 25,000 shirts they put out, my daughter was the only one with an issue. I am assuming that others are returning the shirts for a refund or simply discarding them. I suggest anyone else who has the same problem contact The Gap Inc Risk Management department. Oh, and make sure you go see a doctor. They must have inquired 4 separate times as to whether or not I had any "medical documentation". I think they were more worried about getting sued than simply recalling the shirts as I had asked and saving another little kid from experiencing the same.
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Misleading Bait and Switch Tactics with regard to their credit card promotions
Posted by on
Back in May, I went to a store in Fort Worth, TX and was told by the cashier that my order of less than $20 would be half off if I signed up for an Old Navy Visa card. I thought that sounded like a good deal so I said go ahead. Hadn't heard or thought about it since. Fast-forward to tonight, I get a call from a collection agency telling me I owe over $110 as a result of this card. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, the half of my order that was being "saved" on the purchase, around $9, was put on the card and had been accruing interest ever since, to the tune of over $110. I had never actually seen any bills or past due notifications because I was never aware anything was on there. Concerned about the repercussions on my credit rating, I had little choice but to pay $80 in order to put my account back in "good standing." So an innocent trip to Old Navy for some sunglasses turns into me wasting an hour of my time and having to fork over $80 to a collection agency and I don't even know if that's the end of it. Do I have any recourse? Is Old Navy willing to recognize that these practices may not be the most upfront and honest? I seriously had no idea that any charges were being put on the card and never actually laid hands on the physical card nor was I aware any such charge even existed.

Old Navy and all its partner stores will be losing business as a result of these types of bait-and-switch tactics, I'm sure.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 09/19/2011:
Isn't it the case that whatever the bill came to be, it was placed on the card? You would be aware it was on the card if you didn't have to pay, I assume.
Anna Molly on 09/19/2011:
One would have to place the purchase on the new card to GET that deal. It's the same way at Target.
jktshff1 on 09/20/2011:
were you not mailed a bill?
skelly39 on 09/20/2011:
The poster did not say that they did not pay for the sunglasses. The poster said that the 50% off was not actually 50% off, just charged to the card. So the poster not only did not save 50% but got late fees and interest charged on the 50% he/she did not owe that was charged to the card. He/she would not have expected a bill for $9 because he/she thought he/she was saving $9 by taking the card.
Thanks for the heads-up, OP.
glinedesign95 on 09/20/2011:
Yeah guys, I was never informed of a charge being placed on the card itself, just that if I were to sign up to a card I would get a certain amount off the bill. I believe the actual card was mailed to me at a later date, but given I had no intent on actually using, I probably didn't open it. I never saw any bills as I wasn't expecting to be responsible for any charges.
Anna Molly on 09/20/2011:
glinedesign95, how did you pay for the sunglasses?
glinedesign95 on 09/20/2011:
My existing debit card.
At Your Service on 09/20/2011:
In order for something to be legitimately charged to you, you would need to sign for it. Why not just ask for a copy of the signed receipt for the initial charges?
Starlord on 09/20/2011:
While I feel you were the victim of a dishonest promotion or clerk, this is not Bait and Switch. Bait and Switch does not cover all times when a customer feels they are a victim of dishonesty. Bait and Switch is a particular type of dishonesty. I hope you can get this resolved.
skelly39 on 09/21/2011:
AYS you do not need to sign at many places if the charges are under a certain amount, like $25. This is not the OP's fault.
cspringer on 10/18/2011:
That was actually your cashiers fault. They are supposed to tell you that in order to get the discount you must put your purchase on the card, and as for not getting any bills in the mail or anything you might want to call 1-800-OLDNAVY and make sure your billing address is correct with them..this should clear up any future confusion and if you take up what happened with them they might be able to help you out. Your best bet is to call that number.
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Strong chemical smell in stores and on clothing
Posted by on
I have just started noticed a really strong chemical smell in the Old Navy Stores. I actually had to leave the store it was so strong. It was really making my eyes burn. My 8-year-old daughter even commented on it. We have been in 2 different old Navy stores in 2 different states and the smell is the same. I ordered some clothes online from Gap and Old Navy and the very exact smell is on the clothing. Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be? I really like shopping at Old Navy and Gap but if this smell continues will be forced to not shop there any longer.
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User Replies:
Buddy01 on 04/19/2010:
Sometimes at my store (not Old Navy), there is a smell to the clothes and it is from the fabric treatment done by the manufacturer.
TiredMT on 04/21/2010:
Thanks for the info. I have been doing some research and apparently clothing manufacturers use formaldehyde in their clothing and this could possibly be the smell. It is definitely in the clothing. I washed the clothes purchased online with baking soda. That didn't work, so tried adding vinegar to the wash and after 5 washings, the smell is almost gone but the clothing looks worn. I really love Old Navy and Gap clothing but I just cannot tolerate this smell. It's a shame.
Customer on 05/29/2013:
I thought it smelled like the Monkey House at the zoo...the smell was also on the clothes..but was gone after I washed them...but yeah..it was not pleasant to shop there.
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Clueless and Rude Employees
Posted by on
EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS -- My sisters and I went to Old Navy this past weekend to take advantage of coupons we received for a charitable cause. We found lots of nice things, including slipper boots, but we needed a size up. I asked an employee for the next size up, and was shortly told 'no'. The check-out experience we had was worse, though. We step up to check out, my oldest sister went first. She has picked up a pair of slippers clearly marked $8.00, and they rang up close to $13. Someone I took to be a supervisor yelled back to see if they were $8 or the price they came up, and was told they were in fact $13. She asked my sister if she still wanted the slippers, to which my sister said no. She wasn't rude about the error. Next I checked out, I handed my coupon over first, and when my items were rang up, it came up to almost $18, which wasn't right. The coupon had not been applied, it was still in the employee's hand. I asked if the coupon had been applied, and the supervisor said NO. And lastly, my little sister checked out with the same boots I had, and a pair of socks, and used my older sister's re-usable coupon(you could use the coupon at many different retailers as much as you liked). The coupon's discount was given, but the boots rang up almost $13, and not $8 as they were supposed to be. The supervisor even asked another associate which shoes were on sale, and he/she said the tall boots with the pom-poms, which is what I got at sale price, and what my sister should have gotten at sale price. Overall, the visit was fine until check-out. The supervisor/trainer was very rude and snobby, not welcoming at all. All I can say is watch the sales total as they ring your purchases. :(
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/16/2009:
That's to bad, the Old Navy by us is outstanding. Guess it's the luck of the draw if you get a good one.
Ytropious on 11/16/2009:
By "clearly marked" do you mean on the boots tag themselves or on the peg hook or display you got the boots from. Chances are the boots were put in the wrong place by other customers. Just because they were in an area marked 8 dollars does not mean they are supposed to be 8 dollars. It might also be a sale on a specific color of those boots, who knows. Just because they didn't give you them for 8 dollars doesn't mean they're rude.
Burl on 11/17/2009:
They were in the right spot. There were plenty of other colors and styles of the same slippers, right by the sign labeled $8. They aren't rude for not giving them to us for $8, just the way we were treated overall sucked. After my sister said no the supervisor's attitude got worse.
Burl on 11/17/2009:
Excuse me, I meant the boots were right next to the sign marked $8. There were plenty of boots, same style in different colors and patterns. This is not just something someone discarded. The slippers were also right next to another $8 sign.
katie2common on 03/01/2010:
Did you READ the sign by chance? The sku numbers on the tag and the sign should match. Also comparing the original price points on the sign to the item may help determine what is on sale.
PepperElf on 03/01/2010:
exactly. the sale sign will have the SKU in question on it.

other customers might have moved the boot to that area in which case the sale would not apply
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Posted on
BEWARE!! If you are going to shop at Old Navy beware of the return policy that applies when the purchase has been made with a check. I recently shopped in Old Navy and needed to return some of the clothing that was purchased with a check. When the purchase was made, my check was processed as an electronic transaction and of course my original check was given back to me---pretty much the same as a debit purchase and since it was an electronic purchase, my account was checked for the funds plus the purchase cleared my bank quicker. When I made the return I was not given cash back or even crediting the money back to my account would have been suitable---THE NEW POLICY IS THAT IF YOU WRITE A CHECK AND MAKE A RETURN, YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO RECEIVE A CHECK BACK FROM THE OLD NAVY CORP. OFFICE. The clerk was quick to point out the policy was on the bottom of the receipt---little late to change my mind if I find out the policy after my purchase has been made!! A 10 day hold would have been understandable, but to process my check as an electronic transaction and then make me wait on a return check from the company!!??!! My shopping days at Old Navy are over and it is a shame because I shopped there often and especially at Christmas and back to school time. By the way, last year Old Navy took clothing vouchers and this does not apply to me, but I felt horrible for a lady who had shopped in the store for 2 HOURS and watched her be rejected at the register, being told we do not accept those anymore--I felt sorry for her. By the way, I looked at the message the clerk had told the lady existed at the front entrance and it was tiny and not well displayed. Cloting vouchers or not, treating a customer with respect and dignity count!!
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User Replies:
TheMightyBoosh on 08/30/2009:
Who pays with checks anymore anyway?
andbran on 08/30/2009:
why didn't you simply pay with a debit or credit card? returns are easier that way. nowadays policies everywhere change like the wind. you have to learn to keep up.
SteveWiginowski on 08/30/2009:
This kind of makes sense to me. Let's say you write a check and return the item later that day, there's no way they would give you cash back for a check that hasn't cleared. Also, I don't think they would credit your account either right away. If they were to do this, but you gave them a bad check, then you'd have more money than you should (for a day or more at least). Did they tell you how long it would take for them to send you a check? One would hope it would be a couple days only.
plummkrazy on 09/05/2009:
It only takes about 3 business days to receive a check, and I do not see how that would be much of an inconvenience, considering how inconvenient writing a check is in the first place. Maybe you should pay closer attention to return policies...or join the rest of us in the 21st century and use a debit or credit card!

I feel no remorse for people who fail to read policies. All companies have them and they have to be followed.
D. Aliff on 09/09/2009:
So your angry because you wrote a check and have to get a check in return? That doesn't make sense to me, maybe I'm odd though.

The reason companies do that is because all you have to do is buy the things with a bad check, go back and get your cash back. The company gave you $30 for the pair of pants you were supposed to of given them $30 for, only you never gave them the money, so they just gave you $30.

It's not unreasonable to make you receive your refund in the manner you paid for the item, it's common sense.
Anonymous on 09/09/2009:
It is no different than paying with a credit card and the refund going back on the card. Why is this a problem for you? The check 21 system is no more than verifying that you have funds available NOW. The check still has to clear your bank. You can STILL bounce an EFT check the same way you would a paper check.

Write the check, go to bank, pull out money. Or have other checks or payments post after the EFT but before it clears. Do you really have to be told this?
solow on 09/23/2009:
I work at Old Navy and believe me people will try to cheat money. so we started sending checks out now just to be on the safe side just like D. Aliff mentioned.
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
This has been the policy on checks for at least two and a half years, as I recall. I always try to remind customers of this policy as they are writing their checks as an attempt to encourage them to pay with debit and combat the inevitable backlash whoever processes that return will receive. You could pay with debit, cash, credit, gift card, merchandise certificate, mall gift certificate, gold, silver, or conch shells and avoid this. Or just make sure you want what you are buying. I can't remember the last time I returned something, or even whether it's happened at all.

Whatever you do, remember that it is NOT the cashier's or even the manager's fault, and that for every complaint you have, we already heard it from 20 other customers that day. Our job is to enforce those policies we may not even agree with. Complain to Corporate if you want to see a change because we are even more powerless than you. Trust me. And trying to get back at us by telling us you "won't be back" is just pointless and rude. None of us are particularly offended by the fact that you won't be returning if you are mean to us. = )
Ytropious on 12/20/2009:
lol conch shells. It would be neat if they were actually currency.
norcal on 01/19/2013:
we got gifts from Old Navy for xmas from grandma, I just want to exchange, I didn't have a receipt but they still wouldn't let me exchange. I had to wait 10 days for merchandise certificate, now I don't want to buy anything from them.How does this certificate work? can I spend as little as possible and get money back so I can go somewhere else to spend my money. Plus the clerk was rude about as well. Check money order ATM a gift doesn't matter when the tags are still on it, they need to honor there customers more....
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What Happened to Old Navy?
Posted by on
I'm not much of a mall shopper but back some years ago I would stop by Old Navy and check out some of their clothes. In general they were a bit too young for me, but I liked that they were reasonably priced and seemed to be kind of a good value. I'd pick up one or two things if they looked at least practical. I also thought the ads back then with Morgan Fairchild were humorous.

But lately, I've noticed that the quality at least on the men's side has plummeted to sub-Wal Mart Status. I would check out the shirts and if I tried one on, I'd notice that they were poorly fitted and simply not well designed. If there was a shirt pocket, it would almost go down to my belt line.

The last thing I was truly horrified by in Old Navy was a faux Navy peacoat. It was not just that it was not that precise of a knockoff, but it wasn't even made from wool, or as far as I remember, even cotton. Envision a navy colored Snuggy transformed into a jacket and you will pretty much get the idea.

It's sad that even K-Mart seems to have better quality clothes now than Old Navy. I can get all cotton Henleys there and at least decent Fruit of the Loom underwear when I want.

I don't know who they are hiring as buyers, but they need to up the quality. The clothes now look like they would last one or two washes before mutating into Salvation Army material. It's a pity. Now it seems the quality at the GAP, Old Navy's parent company has lower its quality bar to what Old Navy used to be and Old Navy will sell anything that even vaguely resembles clothing.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
That's why you pay $3 for sweaters there. You get what you pay for.
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Unfair and Discriminatory...
Posted by on
I'm short. And I've had two children. I'm not massively overweight, but sometimes normal shirts don't fit me and I have to choose plus size. On the flip side I'm in petite size for pants...I'm just over 5'1". So I have to buy a lot online. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem. However, Old Navy offers coupons and discounts IN STORE. Doesn't do me any good. And they don't work online. So...because I'm short, I don't get discounts? I also have to risk buying something that doesn't fit, get it, try it on, and if it doesn't, send it back...because they won't accept them in store of course. What a pain! On top of that, shipping. I can't just go to the store and grab a pair of jeans. No, I have spend an additional $7.50 to get them. So no discounts PLUS shipping. Discrimination anyone? Old Navy needs to add an online code for petite, tall, and plus sizes...and FREE shipping.

Until something is fixed, I won't be shopping Old Navy, nor will over 400 mothers in my mother's group who had no clue about this situation until I went through it recently. Now they're appalled. Nice work Old Navy...
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 08/03/2009:
There are a lot of places that sell petite pants and plus sized tops. I suggest you shop at one of those.
Eloise on 08/03/2009:
Discrimination??? Old Navy offers regular sizes up to size 20. Anything in larger size would be difficult to find in any store other than one that specializes in Plus sizes. Now before you get all indignent I wear a size 14/16 myself. Am I discriminated against at Lane Bryant because they never order any 14/16's. Get over yourself. I'm sure your Mommies won't last a week before heading over to Old Navy again!
Ben There on 08/03/2009:
There are lots of companies that offer discounts through one sales channel and not another...
Ben There on 08/03/2009:
There are lots of companies that offer discounts through one sales channel and not another...
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
How are you being discriminated against because you're short? That makes no sense. That's like saying I'm discriminated against because I have long legs and I can't ever find jeans long enough in the leg for me. *rolls eyes, sighs*
And, yes, of course you can't return what you buy online in the stores because you got it online. What they sell online isn't necessarily what they sell in the store itself... they can't take it back.
How is no discounts plus shipping discrimination?
Eloise on 08/03/2009:
Oh, did I not mention that Old Navy also has tall and petite sizes! This kind of review ticks me off because it's nothing but whining. If this is how Mom acts I for one don't want to meet the kids!
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
Try googling "Old Navy online promos" I found coupons to be used on their website for free shipping, discounted shipping, 20% off, etc.
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
It's like the reviews that say... "this is a bait and switch"... when it's not.
Or... "it's a scam"... when it's just simply cashier error.
This post isn't about discrimination... in any way, shape or form. If a store doesn't carry what you want, you just simply don't go there.
Ttereza on 08/03/2009:
Often, stores will carry different sizes than the online counterparts. Stores typically carry the most frequently encountered sizes, while "specialty sizes" are available online.

Clearly you are a specialty size in this store. There are stores where I am considered a specialty size as well. (Small bra size, anyone?) But let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves. I go through some difficulties, but it is not the end of the world, and I am inclined to believe it is not the end of yours, either.
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
cathie111, I think you should file suit against Old Navy at once. how dare they discriminate you like this? oh the nerve. the nerve I tell you.
BokiBean on 08/03/2009:
Is it just me? I can't stand Old Navy clothes, they are hideously ugly.
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
Boki, I don't shop there... too expensive... for me, anyway.
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
If you thought they were expensive, try going to Abercrombie 30, 40 bucks for a t-shirt.
dan gordon on 08/03/2009:
before you wrote you little rant did you try asking Old Navy or writing them a letter. Its just as easy as posting an anonymous gripe.
BokiBean on 08/03/2009:
I love bargains. If I get a splash of bleach or a slop of spaghetti sauce on a bargain tshirt, I can shrug it off..
Ytropious on 08/04/2009:
You think you're the only one with issues finding fitting clothes? I've got A cups, try finding an awesome fitting bra made for small boobs that isn't loaded with padding, hideous, or made for preteen girls. I also wear a small, because I AM a small, but for some reason small is the first size to go. Am I being discriminated against? No, people just don't want to buy sizes they really are. Get over yourself, and fast. You seem to focus on being short, but I really think you don't want to admit you could probably stand to lose a few pounds. No one is forcing you to shop Old Navy, not every store is accommodating of every size, so the entire point of this rant is...well. pointless!
Anonymous on 08/04/2009:
I have to be very careful about clothes I buy, for instance there is no way I could wear an off the rack suit, or an off the rack bikini. Not everyone is built in proportion.
Suusan B. on 08/04/2009:
Discrimination? I don't think so. I wear a size 8 jean with a 36" inseam and there has never been a time when I could walk in a store and grab a pair. I buy from LandsEnd Overstocks and get great deals - - and if I buy them on the computer at Sears then shipping is free and if I don't like them I just bring them back to Sears. I think it is time you get over yourself and look elsewhere other than Old Navy. And as far as the 400 women in your mother's group never shopping at Old Navy again because they don't have clothing in their stores that fit YOU - - right.
jktshff1 on 08/04/2009:
"short people got, nobody"......
Buddy01 on 08/04/2009:
I agree with Suusan. Do you really expect anyone to believe you can control where the 400 other mothers shop?
Ponie on 08/04/2009:
Join a gym.
Cathie111 on 08/04/2009:
I think the entire point of my post was completely missed. Because I have to buy petite...I'M SHORT...going to a gym isn't going to help that "Ponie"...I have to go through hassles to get clothes from Old Navy. How is that fair? I'm not controlling the other mothers in the group. This is what they've said after I posted my complaint. I never whine. I state facts. You cannot go into an Old Navy if you need tall or short clothing. How is it fair that I can't go buy jeans without paying shipping? And if I buy a $20 pair of jeans, they end up $29.09 (with tax). So a $20 pair of jeans for me is nearly $30. Yes I can go elsewhere...and I do. But Old Navy is 20 mins from me. Everywhere else that has petite is 45 mins from me. And to clarify, I'm not in a plus size for pants. when I said I had kids, I was meaning to say my chest is larger. I can't go and wear cute little baby-t's or button downs unless they're plus...and there are other styles that won't fit correctly without plus either.
Ttereza on 08/04/2009:
Cathie, I do think some of the body image comments aren't warrented. But this really is a business, they sell the clothing most often bought first, and then an array of less frequently encountered sizes.

Take my situation, for example. I work at Victoria's Secret with a 30% employee discount. However, when I want to buy a bra that will actually fit me, I need to buy online, pay full price, and then shipping. So a 45.00 bra would cost me around 30.00 in the store, but because I am a specialty size, I have to pay over 50.00.

Things are not always 100% fair, and it's not always easy for us to find what works for our bodies, so people like us have to get a bit crafty and go to extra lengths and other stores to find what works. Hopefully Old Navy will start to stock items that will fit you better. However, if they do not, it is because of a simple supply/demand business plan, and nothing about discrimination.
Good luck.
Anonymous on 08/04/2009:
Ttereza, very well put. I agree that the body image comments were rather rude too.

Cathie, I'm a petite, so I hear you. Funny thing is that there are a lot of people out there that are 5'2" to 5'4", so why aren't there more pants made to fit this height. It's a wonder, that's for sure.
Eloise on 08/04/2009:
'I have to go through hassles to get clothes from Old Navy. How is that fair?'
Life isn't fair. Get over it!
jktshff1 on 08/04/2009:
Sorry, and not meaning to slam, but what's the problem with going somewhere else?? Apparently, they don't need money from people of your stature. I like my underwear with the slit running sideways...not everybody carries them...it that discrimination?...NOOOOOOOOO!! I spend my money where they got them (Dillards by the way. You guys here need to check them out, quicker to get into when you really got to go)
You need to grow up and get yourself out of the center of your universe. Sorry 'bout that.
Fufu487 on 08/04/2009:
Its not the end of the world, sweetie. I am 5'4 (actually just under) and nothing I purchase in-store fits, that's just the way it is. Instead of ordering online, I pay to have my clothing hemmed. the company is not discriminating against you, they are charging you the same shipping charges they charge everybody who purchases online.
BokiBean on 08/04/2009:
jkt..about the underwear. I got a weird mental image and it took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about... :D
Principissa on 08/04/2009:
HA! I'm barely 5 feet tall, petites are too short because I'm all leg and no midsection, misses is too high cut in the waist but perfect in the thighs, juniors are too low cut and don't sit right on my hips. Good luck being me and finding clothes. I've had the same jeans for 12 years and just patch them. Don't even get me started on tops. Medium fits in the abdomen and shoulders but not the chest. Large is too big in the abdomen and shoulders but fits fine in the chest. I practically live in t-shirts and jeans and whatever tops I make for myself.
PepperElf on 08/04/2009:
I agree about the 400 other mothers part

I NEVER EVER believe it when someone tells me they're going to get other people to stop shopping somewhere or drop a company just over their own personal issues.

Simply put... one person's personal issues with the company or store does NOT mean everyone else has those same issues.

and to be quite honest....
except for the civil rights movement and with celebrities... I have NEVER seen a mass-boycott of a store over one person's issues.

and to be honest I know I won't see one here either.

now personally I don't shop ON either. I just think they're styles suck.
except the pink st. patrick's day socks. everything else sucked
jktshff1 on 08/04/2009:
Yea boki, tell hubby quick as 1 unzip, 2, thumb in slit, pull down and go, ain't got to worry with that side to side thing.
Look quick this is going to go when admin sees it. Maybe I ought to write a review on them.
Anonymous on 08/04/2009:
oh my...
BokiBean on 08/04/2009:
Got it!

Of COURSE you should write a review..its good info!
mh81 on 09/30/2009:
I hear ya. My biggest complaint is that I have to pay to return items that don't fit as well.
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
Uh, yeah, discrimination? Riiight... That would be if they refused to sell you a size 8 because you "looked too fat in it" or something. Clearly that is not the case. The online and in-store sales are ALWAYS different, but there are about equal numbers of both. bearkatkitten, they actually do allow returns of online purchases in the store. They just mark them 50% and put them in the clearance section. Wait, why exactly should there be free shipping? Do bigger, shorter pants magically transport themselves? "Plus" didn't sell in stores because the regular sizes go up to a 20... Try shopping at any other store that isn't a plus-sized store specifically, hon... Get a grip. They won't miss your 400 mothers who "won't shop there anymore", either (but they are totally shopping there now).
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
Also, since when does anyone have the "right" to the lowest-priced Old Navy clothing? I think I missed that amendment...
Anonymous on 12/21/2009:
My husband is a big boy and the mall does not often have big boy clothes. He buys online. So can you. It isn't a conspiracy.
Mallory on 05/04/2014:
I am an Old Navy employee who is 6'0". I get the extended size issue, but it really isn't an issue in our store. Because you obviously didn't take the time to ask an associate how to proceed, here is a simple step by step guide to getting extended size clothes for a discount.
A: go to oldnavy.gap.com and put you email in. You will get all of the online (and in store) coupons. Every day. (Some even for free shipping :))
B: Buy your clothes online. Get your plus size shirts and petite pants. If you spend over $50 shipping is free anyway.
C: if they don't fit, bring them back intk your Old Navy that is 20 minutes away.
D1: re order them online and get a size that works.
D2: the alternative is to order a few sizes online to make sure you get the discount and then return the ones that don't work to your local store. (Because yes, we do take online returns in store).
E: learn the difference between discrimination and inconvenience.
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