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Macy's Worry No More Plan Is Fraud.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
QUEENS, NY, NEW YORK -- I bought a leather couch from Macy's and bought the worry no more plan (extended protection plan). After three years the couch started peeling. I called Worry no more plan company. They send the inspector who spend not more than five minutes and said oh's it's peeling and cracking and took some pictures. Worry no more company send me e-mail and denied my claim stating it's not peeling it's fading. I submitted the claim 2nd time inspector came took pictures again and said oh it's peeling and warranty company denied again said it's peeling and cracking but they can't fix it. I complained to Macy's that they sold to me this warranty and Macy's did not do any thing. Macy's just collected insurance money and they don't want to fix the couch. I spend almost $3500.00 and in three years this couch is peeling and cracking and Macy's' refused to fix or change. They don't want to do any thing. This Warranty is completely fraud. Just getting money from the customers and don't provide any services to customers. Macy's sucks and the Worry no more plan sucks more.
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Rating: 1/51
My husband has been on the phone for 40 minutes with Onstar roadside assistance trying to get through to someone about getting our van unlocked. The key or the satellite would not unlock the van. My husband has talked to several different people repeating the same information over and over. Then, they still got the address wrong of where our van was located. Ugh! What poor customer service and very frustrating!

You pay for this service for 6 years without incident and then have such aggravation speaking with a company that is supposed to be helpful. I hope I don't have to deal with them again. Seriously considering cancelling the service!
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Horrible Customer Service for Inferior Product
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Worst company ever and I don't recommend them at all. I had their service for 2 years. Much of the time, when you press the OnStar button in your car, you get a busy signal--you wait, wait and wait. They upgrade your service without your knowledge and you don't realize it until you receive your credit card statement. On the other end of the spectrum, they've cancelled my service, again without my knowledge and left me stranded in the middle of nowhere without the ability to get directions. Getting these types of issues straightened out is a nightmare and they actually make matters worse when you call them! Everything that this overpriced service does can be done with your Smartphone or with a GPS. I purchased a GPS with voice commands that works 10x better than OnStar and it only cost me $129 compared to a high priced $33+ a month.
Resolution Update 08/15/2013:
It was resolved, in my favor because I disputed the charge on my credit card. OnStar was found to be in the wrong!
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LADY on 2013-09-12:
I'm not sure how you were "upgraded" without your knowledge, they only have 2 plans, and someone has to request to make a switch. They have an entire team dedicated to resolving customer concerns. All you had to do if you don't agree with continuous coverage charges is call in and talk to someone. Lastly, I'm glad that your smartphone and/or GPS have the ability to contact emergency services if you are involved in a serious crash when your airbags deploy and are unable to call for help. They must also provide roadside services! I didn't know GPS OR smartphones could do this. Please let me know where to get one.
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Onstar service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have been having trouble with my overall Onstar service for the last month. Verizon wirless discontinued the family plan with Onstar earlier this year. When I signed up for Onstar hand free calling and pressed the phone button and used the command "minutes" the system said my system was not setup to accept minutes. After several attempts, talking to "technical support" nothing has been resolved. They just keep repeating the same list of instructions over and over again with no professional results and of course no solutions. I was told by one tech that taking my car to the dealer would not work unless I put the dealer in touch with them.

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User Replies:
Alain on 2012-03-16:
Since Onstar is owned by GM, give them a call [300 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48265] at (313) 556-5000 and see if they can find somebody at their headquarters who will assist you. If they continue to give you the run around, file complaints with your state's consumer protection office and at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml It will also be helpful to your fellow consumers if you keep us updated on your (hopefully) progress in dealing with these people.
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Posted by on
What a bunch of slimeballs. It's bad enough that they keep cutting back on services, but their handling of credit cards borders on identity theft.

They have a clause in the fine print of their contract: if they ever get their scummy fingers on your credit card, they can charge it any time they like. It doesn't matter if you specifically tell them that you don't want them to charge you, they'll do it anyway.

That means that you can't leave your credit card on file. So, if you're driving down the highway & want to use their hotel-reservation service you have to pull over & pull out your card.

But they've recently sunk to a new level of depravity. Now if you call in to buy more minutes, they insist that they must keep the card on file. If you don't remember to call them later on & tell them to remove it: BANG! they'll charge your card whenever they feel like it.

If you don't renew your OnStar subscription on time, your minutes disappear (at a DOLLAR A MINUTE) But they won't bill you, so if you don't remember to call in on the right date - you're sunk. The only way out of that hole is ... you guessed it ... leave your card on file.

My next car will *not* be a GM product specifically because of OnStar. I hear that BMW has a similar service that is nowhere near as Machiavellian in their handling of credit cards.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2010-04-16:
I've had Onstar for five years and never have had a problem with them knowing my credit card number. They saved my life during a medical emergency in 2007. I would not call them "slime balls!"
MDSasquatch on 2010-04-16:
I agree with SloMo 100%; I too was involved in a pretty bad accident; 1 push of the button and the emergency crews were there fast. I have used them to get directions, lots of times, had them find places to eat, etc. I have no desire to stop the service and I will only buy cars that come with OnStar.

They have my credit card on file, but so what; lots of companies do. Unauthorized charges are the banks problem, not mine; even though I have yet to have any.

As a side note, if you have Verizon Wireless, you can have the phone in your car added to your plan at $9.99 a month and the rates are exactly the same as any other cell phone. The only difference is that their "new every two" will not get you a new car...I tried.
OldWolf on 2010-04-17:
Hey, I like the good parts of their overpriced service (even though there are fewer services every year.)

Many companies offer the *option* of 'automatic payments' which work just fine for a lot of people. But many of us prefer to keep control of our own money.

If you don't mind them charging your card behind your back: more power to you. But I *do* have a problem with that, especially when they deliberately arrange things so as to ensure they lose my dollar-a-minute phone service if I don't dance to their tune. Even more so now that they added the nonsense about having to wait until the next day to tell them to delete the record. There is no honest reason for that whatsoever. The operator keys the credit card number into the computer and immediately gets a confirmation. They're done. The whole bit is a transparent scam ... they're hoping you'll forget to call them & so they can go back to charging any time they feel like.

If you want to get right down to it, it's monopoly behavior. I can't get another company to service that equipment so I'm stuck with whatever draconian rules they want to impose.

But we do agree on one count - I wouldn't necessarily call them "slimeballs" ... but the word I prefer would be deleted by the moderator.
PepperElf on 2010-04-17:
out of curiosity isn't there a difference between "card on file" and "automatic payment"?

and "behind your back"... were these charges for things you didn't order or use
or were they automatic charges for things you were using?

there's a big difference in charging your card for say nonsense item
and running an automatic charge for something you're actually using
OldWolf on 2010-04-19:
> "out of curiosity isn't there a difference between "card on file" and "automatic payment"?

Not according to OnStar. I'm always suspicious when someone tries that hard to sign me up for something I don't want in the first place. (And it's probably coincidence that they choose the most expensive option when they charge you automatically.)

Even ignoring their shenanigans, I never use automatic payments unless I set it up myself through my own bank. With automatic payment, *THEY* are in control of *YOUR* money.

I got laid off once - called my creditor to cancel the automatic payment. Four days later the money disappeared out of my checking account right on schedule. That was the last time I signed up for any automatic payment plan.

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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VANCOUVER B.C. -- I have a 2012 Cadillac SRX and activated the OnStar. I have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with them - dropped calls, mis-directions, poor processing of information, delay, choke, many apologies but no results. They failed twice in Seattle (could not even get me to the airport - ended up in a warehouse district miles away), crashed in Houston (with a new rented vehicle), went through 4 collapses of communication in Portland... I am cancelling my service and I would NEVER recommend them.
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On Star Family Link Is Horrible
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
EVERYWHERE, NEW JERSEY -- Don't get on star family link if you want to keep track of a loved one using the car. You can only find the cars location once every 13 minutes! The car can easily be 15 miles away each time you are able to check.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-29:
I think that's reasonable. If you are so overbearing/controlling that you need updates even more constant than that, just get one of those GPS trackers that you can monitor via the internet.
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I Cancelled Over 6 Months Ago and They Have Never Stpped Billing Me
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FAIRVIEW, NEW JERSEY -- I called over 6 months to cancel the phone, never worked right. But they keep charging me.
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On Star tried to force me to keep service
Posted by on
WEXFORD, PENNSYLVANIA -- I just bought a new 2007 Impala. I was told the On Star phone service was free for 3 months. I explained I see no need to pay On Star for cell phone service since I all ready own a cell phone and see no need for people to have to call a second number. The dealer felt since it was there just don't use it.

Two weeks later the word "phone" appears on my radio, then an advertisement comes across my speakers. Just out of no were.

I hit the On Star button and spoke with a customer service rep and asked the On Star be turned off. I was told On Star was free for a year and they could not turn it off. I was stunned at that response. I asked for a supervisor named Gladys and explained free or not I did not want On Star at all. Gladys told me I had to keep it like it or not until 2008.

I called GM and was told the same thing. After I replied I would demand the dealer take back the car, GM told me to call the dealer and request they remove On Star.

Today I had my appointment to remove On Star. But before the dealer service department could remove On Star, I was told I had to call On Star and have then cancel the serice. I call On Star again. Again I am told tough, it can't be turned off because it comes free. I explained I was at the dealer and if it was not off in one minute I would request the dealer take the car back. Within thirty seconds the On Star was canceled and the service tech from the dealer told me it was now off and he removed it.

On Star is trying to FORCE you to use it's service even when you don't want it. If GM really thought about the customer, they would have added blue tooth, not try and force the customer to pay even more for another phone number that they don't want or need.

Then to FORCE me to keep On Star for tracking purposes is totally beyond a privacy issue, it's more like stocking the customer.

I see no need to pay GM / On Star $200.00 a year.
I see no reason why GM /On Star tried to force an unwanted product on me other than to keep track of my driving. What other reason could there be?

I did not want On Star. It was that simple.

I will never buy any GM car or truck again, I will not be forced to use a product I do not want.

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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 2007-04-04:
It honestly seems like you are getting extra worked up about this. They didn't charge you anything, you weren't forced to USE the service. To not buy a GM product because of it seems overzealous.
tnchuck100 on 2007-04-04:
I must agree with what skymarshal did. In all probability they would have automatically charged him at the end of the free period because he did not cancel the service. He also states the dealer said it was free for 3 months, while the conversation with OnStar said it was free for a year. Then Gladys says it's until 2008 (8 months). I don't think I would trust any of them. skymarshal, IMO you did the right thing.
spiderman2 on 2007-04-04:
My husband had a vehicle with OnStar free for a year. At the end of that year period, it turned off with no problem. Sky -- your car proabably has a black box in it so Onstar isn't the only way that you can be tracked!
Anonymous on 2007-04-04:
On Star is a valuable service. It saved my life a year ago. It is well worth the price.
Ponie on 2007-04-04:
You probably insisted they install manual shift also, right? Why in the world are you using the Internet? Did you run out of wood for your smoke-signal fire? I just HATE it when I get something at no cost!
Anonymous on 2007-04-05:
If I started getting OnStar ads when I was driving, I'd rip it out too. I had it for a free year also (without the phone) and I happily let it slip away at the end. The marketing person who called me at home couldn't believe I would let that 'valuable service' go. Got along without ya before I met ya, going to get along without ya now!
Anonymous on 2007-04-05:
Why don't you want the on star in your car. Are the police after you and you don't want people to know where you are. Are you even old enough to drive or did you "borrow" an car and do not want to be tracked. Too bad they did not say go ahead let the dealer take the car back we don't want your service. You need a car to get around so it would have been your loss.
Dedicated Reader on 2007-04-06:
Beware of OnStar. It came "free" for one year on my 2001 Buick. Plus all kinds of junk mail and sales calls. I made the mistake of renewing with a credit card. I notified them three times (including one letter from my attorney) advising them that they could not ever charge on that card again. 14 months later, you guessed it -- unauthorized charges from OnStar. After I reminded them that this might constitute fraud under my state's law (this was before OnStar made it part of the "agreement" that if you give them a credit card once, you automatically agree to all future renewals) and after speaking with five people, I got my refund -- four weeks after they promised it to me.

Next car, different OnStar problem. Hard, hard sell to use their cell phone services. Got rid of them fairly easily -- told the rep about the crash I was in a decade ago, when the other driver wasn't paying attention to her driving and plowed into me. I was in a coma for a month and also had massive internal injuries along with having my leg ripped off. I informed the OnStar rep that if I was in another crash and the other driver was using an OnStar service at the time, I would sue her (the OnStar rep) panties off, along with everyone else at OnStar. Selling a "service" that encourages drivers to not pay attention to their driving is criminal in my book.

Haven't heard from OnStar since.
Starlord on 2007-05-19:
I would love to have On Star in my vehicle. I have never heard anyone refer to it as a cell phone. I have heard about On Star getting people medical help when needed, or unlocking doors when people had locked their keys inside, or contacting help when people's airbags deployed, finding the car when it is stolen, and much much more. You don't know how much it would mean to me to just press one button to get help if I had breathing problems or had my sugar crash. Now, I have to use a cell phone, which requires me to press 911, then tell the operator who answers where I am, so they can route the call to the proper agency. Pardon me, ma'am, but I just slipped into coma, and I can give you no further info. Just find me if you can, before I die, hopefully.
forcomplaintsonly on 2008-03-21:
Here is what we were told about ONStar, The OnStar itself is free for a year, but the cellphone service is only free for 3 months or when you use the minutes up that are allotted. The cell phone service does not automatically renew.

I am like a lot of people here, why would you not want ONStar on your car, after all it is free, and if it is stolen, have a lot better chance of getting it recovered. Also if you lock your keys in your car, you can call them and they can unlock it, plus if you are ever in an accident, they will call the police and ambulance for you, who knows anymore, when we will be in a wreck and either the driver and/or all the passangers are knocked unconscience and ths service could be a life saver.
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Posted by on
WETMORE, MICHIGAN -- OnStar - I cannot enumerate the many times I have enthraled over the wonders of OnStar --this was a true incentive when purchasing a GM product-we were Mountaineer fans for many years-and my enthusiasm encouraged others to check out its many wonderful attributes But now I realize through no fault of yours (or our's) that unless I pay a price for a product I felt was mine I would loose it -- and further - even if I was more than welling to pay that price if I replaced the vehicle with another GM product I could not carry over the minuets I had left and that I had paid for -- and in fact unless I go out and just sit in the car and use my time I will just loose everything come the closure date of Oct. 23 --ironically my birthday. I do feel this is a bit unfair--

On the one hand = thank you for a product that gave us years of security -- we used it, enthused about it and appreciated it -- but truly is there no way one can transfer minuets if we decide to replace our car in the spring? Incidentally I have not mentioned the fact that we are very very pleased with the GM product we own at this time--and in fact this is the first car we have kept more than two years in a very long time.

I am sure that we are far from alone in this dilemma == both GM and OnStar fans are facing the same situation.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 2007-09-29:
Let me get this straight. You bought a GM product because it had OnStar, (which the GM advertising states is included for a limited time) and now you are crying because you realize you are going to have to pay to continue the OnStar? Did you really think you were going to have it forever? For free? Grow up. All I know about OnStar is what I have seen in GM's ads, and even I know that your included OnStar service when you buy a GM product is only for a limited time.
fazie on 2007-09-29:
Starlord I read it as he already paid for it and it would expire on his b-day in Oct. and that GM would not allow the minutes he had remaining to be transferred to a possible new GM vehicle.
that said I agree with poster it should be transferrable, will the person who buys your current vehicle get the benefit of the minutes left on it??
DigitalCommando on 2007-09-29:
This post sounds more like losing a loved one, not an electrical component. I would think that the excitement of buying a new car would dwarf or eliminate completely the issue of losing a few dollars on your OnStar transfer. Why don't you just keep your old car until the minutes are used? Yes, those minutes should be transferrable, their not, move on.
Ponie on 2007-09-29:
To the poster: It's spelled 'Yooper,' not 'yupper.' :) Ya' know--like Escanaba In Da Moonlight.
yupper on 2007-09-29:
I am amazed at the reaction to my comments ==may I say to the first responder-- of course I know and have been paying for the minuets for our OnStar for years --I am not referring to any free service from the dealer--we were informed that the federal coummunications commission issued a ruling which allows cellular carriers to end their support of the analog cellular networks beginning in 2008 -- because our vehicle has analog OnStar equip. it must be upgraded by our dealer in order to continue receiving OnStar service into next year. Our upgrade would not be costly --- but --we would have to purchase a year of service for 199.00 plus tax-- and if you do it will be non transferable & non refundable --that is where the problem is ==or so we feel.
as for the yupper-- dear yooper-- I did not intended to refer to the beloved upper Michigan yooper-- it was something entirely different --- sorry Esky.
jktshff1 on 2007-09-29:
Good post all in all. At least you read the fine print.
Anonymous on 2007-09-29:
If you have good cell service, On-Star seems a bit of a waste to me. I have a very inexpensive rider on my car insurance that covers flat repair, jump starts, tow in etc. Now that's not going to unlock my car for me remotely, but will cover the cost of a tow company to come and do it for much much less.
Anonymous on 2007-09-29:
Pirate, cell phones, inexpensive riders on your car insurance could not and would not replace Onstar. I had it in my my Acura MDX (Onstar does come on other vehicle models besides GM). When I was in a car accident and the air bags deployed the Onstar automatically connected to Onstar emergency services and they sent help. It is a lot of money, and you should be able to transfer your minutes. But to me, although it can be expensive Onstar proved to be valuable.
Starlord on 2007-09-29:
yupper, I apologize, as I apparently misread your post. As I said, all I know about OnStar is what I have picked up from their advertising. I have never had a car with OnStar, nor do I have any friends that have it, and it doesn't look like I ever will have OnStar. I think it is great, and I agree that if it needs to be upgraded from analog to digital then your minutes should carry over. I know that whoever buys your traded in vehicle will not get the benefit of the minutes, as the analog will be shut down.
Anonymous on 2007-09-29:
Perhaps So JohnInSoCal, but having never had it, nor the need for it, I don't care for the unnecessary expense.
DigitalCommando on 2007-09-29:
OnStar is nothing more than an overpriced electronic babysitting service for people who don't know how to change a flat tire, and probably don't even know where the spare tire is. Cars have been in existence for decades without this "god's gift to the auto industry" I'm sure it can go a few more.
Anonymous on 2007-09-29:
I hear you Pirate. I first got Onstar because the first few months were free and then I paid for another year for the novelty of it. I'm glad I had it when I needed it but I understand why others wouldn't want the added expense.
jktshff1 on 2007-09-30:
good point digital!!
yupper on 2007-09-30:
just a quick note here -- where we live there is not a cell phone signal that is strong enough --wish that there were -- in fact we seem to loose the electricity quite often and for some strange reason our phones would go out, too -- but we did have OnStar --
one quick story -- while traveling along an exprss way in either Indiana or Ohio a van right in front of us lost control and tipped over -- we immediately called this in - and because of OnStar were asked to say where we were until help arrieved -- we had not the slightest idea what entrance ramps were near and of course OnStar knew our exact location and could pass this information along --and may I add I have changed many a tire in my life and am well aware of where the jack is and how to use it --
jsherm2 on 2010-05-24:
You can just get these services on your cell phone now if it's a smartphone- ever heard of the My911 app? Plus it's not limited to your car, and it's cheaper.
SmartReview on 2010-06-05:
I checked it out on my Android. App is great, can used in your car, motorbike (I like this one), outdoor sports and if you are elderly. Travelers: This is very cool and it has insurance options. Wife uses nurse line a bunch saves huge medical bills, and this has it all included. The roadside is on a per incident basis so saves huge on monthly bills. I evaluate product for a living, I give this 9 out of 10.
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