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Magnesium RS Belt
Posted by Dooky99 on 12/21/2013
I bought the Magnesium RS 12-30-12 for 500 dollars. The Endurabelt for the vacuum has already broken and it's not even a year old. Oreck claims that you will not have to replace the belt and make it impossible to do so yourself. The belt costs 12.99 each plus labor. I think Oreck should stand behind their products. They don't.
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Took in for Warranty Repair What a Joke
Posted by Menglebrecht on 11/02/2013
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- Took vacuum in for repair the connection between the bag to the unit broke sending dust everywhere. The Vacuum has a 15 year warranty in the book. The service tech ask me if we have pets? I said yes and he told me the vacuum is covered in urine and he cannot work on it. adding that the hose clamp I put on the connection voided the warranty. The vacuum sits in the garage so the dogs do not urinate on it. He told me it would cost $150.0 plus to fix.

I called Oreck who said clean up the vacuum and take to store in Ontario CA. when I took it there after cleaning, with bleach and sanitizer, I took the unit to Ontario store the tech told me that he heard about this unit and that he would not work on it as this unit is covered in urine, not even examining the Vacuum. This unit was taken on a regular basis to the Riverside store for service.
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They Lost My Vacuum Cleaner
Posted by Esther.alvarado on 03/19/2013
ST. CHARLES, ILLINOIS -- I brought a vacuum in for repair. Salesman convinced me to purchase a new one, and they would give me credit $100 for old one. I took this deal (shouldn't have but it did), because mine was really in good shape.
He was going to destroy my trade in!! I paid $800 for that thing.
So I asked him if I could have it. He said yes. I asked him if he could fix it, he said yes. So I left the vacuum to be repaired and went home with my new one.
They never called me to tell me it was finished with repair. I lost track of time and didn't pick it up for five months.
Now here is the problem. When I picked it up, I did not get my vacuum. I got someone elses. I knew because it was in bad shape AND more so it did not match the serial number that was on my repair receipt.
I called many times, they claim that the one that I have was a newer model so I made out on this deal. He could not find mine, he said it must have been given to someone else.
I called the 800 number, she told me it should never have been repaired because it was a trade in. HOWEVER their salesman let me have it and accepted the job of repairing it. Plus she claims it was destroyed, they the salesperson did not understand that it was to be repaird. I was flabbergasted. Now they are lying. How did he not know, he wrote me up a repair receipt.

The salesman refunded me the repair cost and I left them the vacuum. Now whatever the story behind this is, the problem is that they lost my vacuum cleaner and offered no reasonable solution to me the customer. Honestly Oreck Company, I feel we pay way too much for these vacuums so that your people can ignore serial numbers and not give people reasonable solutions when you screw up. For the amount of money we spend on your products we should get top quality customer service. What did I learn from this, as other people have said, their service is terrible, they are not worth the money we pay. I could have gone to Target and bought a vacuum for a lot cheaper. I will never recommend one of these items, nor will I ever buy another one again. I will not take another item to them for service, I will take it somewhere else.

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Poor quality
Posted by Rl21 on 12/20/2012
MASSACHUSETTS -- I have replace the mop head attachment twice in one year. I rarely use the mop and when I do the steam shoots out of the top of the head.
The swivel tube that the steam travels down to the head is made of plastic
and is tied to a plastic tube so it can flex. The plastic snaps off at this connection. I called Oreck and they laughed at me when I told them the head was poorly designed and they told me it is not very common a problem. My suggestion is to buy another product. It isn't worth $200.
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Poor Design
Posted by Pvf10 on 08/21/2012
CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- I purchased the the XL Platinum Power Vacuum 8/2009 had nothing but problems with it---took it in several times for repair and was told well the problem was with my carpet. I upgraded to the Edge in August of 2010 which was suppose to work better---not true. These vacuums are the most difficult and picky machines I have ever tried to work with in my 70+ years.

Now the Edge is not picking up anything again. Last week I had the Oreck Compact canister in for repairs. It is just a continuous series of repair problems with these machines. The advertisements are completely false----buyer beware! There are many other less expensive machines that do a far better job.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-08-22:
Oreck is like a Dell computer. They both advertise heavily and sell you over priced junk. My 75 year old mother bought one because it only weighed 8 pounds and was easy for her to use. The problem is it hardly picked up anything, more like a toy. Do NOT buy this inferior product.
Posted by KevinTX on 2012-08-22:
WEll, I beg to differ. My 70+ mother has an Oreck and it simply rocks. I know good, I've owned a Dyson which wore out after a number of years.. we now has some el cheap-o Whirlpool that REALLY does a nice job surprisingly.

Maybe you got TWO bad built machines:) OR, it 'could be your carpet..." :) Odds are leaning towards the last
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Poor design Oreck hand held vacuum cleaners
Posted by Mighty on 02/06/2011
The poor design of hose connection to the "wand" of the hand held vacuum cleaners does not stay connected. The company says to twist the two together but it really doesn't help. A dealer tried to show me how to do it the correct way and he broke the wand.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by JuliaS on 09/21/2010
I purchased another Oreck vacuum cleaner for all my sins, it has broken down numerous times, with the belt going at least three times in the past 6 months - when I spoke to customer service about this they didn't care and said that it was probably due to my carpet .....WRONG I have tile floors (at the house that this particular Orack is kept), and my rugs I am very careful with - they didn't care - my vacuum actually fell apart and was in the shop for nearly 4 weeks whilst they said they were waiting for a part. Think very carefully before buying an Oreck. When we purchased the Oreck we were told by the sales man that some carpet manufacturers were not going to guarantee the carpet if a Dyson vacuum was used instead of an Oreck.
I see other people are having big problems with their Oreck too - I had a Dyson for 5 years and no problems, I gave it to my daughter, wish I hadn't now as she is still very happy!
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Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-09-21:
Thanks for removing my comment. It seems that some people on My3cents have no sense of humor!

As for me, I'll still go to confession to clean my sins!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2010-09-21:
Well, the Basher Loves you Captain...but I AIN'T visiting your blog if that photo is still posted!!!!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2010-09-21:
Thanks Julia...I always wonder if these were any good. I thought they were way over priced and to top that off, very ugly too.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-09-21:
Oreck not only makes crappy overpriced vacuum cleaners, they also make crappy overpriced air cleaners!
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New Years Eve Special Not Meant
Posted by 1SBWA on 04/08/2009
I ordered the New Years Special form TV ad which was also on line. Found my self waiting for the 3ed vacuum which was in ad as a 2 in one.

I waited alright. Jan went to Feb and Feb went to March. Then comes the box. Only what is in it but some car vacuum. Not the sale vacuum.

So I get on line and ask what is going on? this is the wrong vacuum. They send back that it is the right vacuum.

Well as all no that is plain not one of the vacuum's in TV ad Dec 2008. Still not getting what I am paying for.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-08:
Maybe take the vac to a local Oreck store and see what they can do.
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Alas! Poor Oreck!
Posted by Oh sunflower on 01/24/2009
After only 2 years of moderate use (once weekly - 2 room size area rugs) my Oreck XL with its very noisy but powerful engine began to smell like burning rubber and exude dark smoke from its motor case. It sits outside waiting for trash pickup. Never again Oreck!

I think Oreck is like so many products these days that still carry a trusted name but are really junk due to cheap manufacturing.
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Posted by nanomarket on 2009-01-24:
Clever Title to your complaint - The Oreck costs much more than other vacuums such as Dirt Devil, Hover and Eureka. We have owned a Eureka, which is made in China, for five years and only had to replace a switch. I guess it does not pay to pay more for a vacuum.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-24:
Nano, it doesn't. My $49 Bissell has lasted nearly 5 years.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-24:
It is clever. I immediately replied "I knew him well".

You might just have something stuck in the beater bar, and the smell is the rubber drive belt overheating. It isn't uncommon on a lot of brands, and pretty easy to fix.
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2009-01-24:
You probably had a belt break. That's typically the problem when you smell burned rubber and see smoke.
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Billing Department Incompetence
Posted by Zap23 on 12/17/2008
I purchased 2 Oreck XL Air Purifiers and don't think much of the product. What I cannot stand is the terrible customer service Oreck provides.

I bought the Air Purifiers where I would have no interest for 1 year. Sometime after the product arrived I began receiving mailings from Oreck Direct telling me I had a past due bill. I was receiving 2 letters like this per day! What a waste of stamps and trees.

I sent payments, but the letters did not stop. I called and Oreck said I had no outstanding bill, but the letters did not stop. Finally, I escalated the issue and someone figured out that the tax on my original purchase was not forwarded to HSBC. Oreck/HSBC are not one in the same. They are business partners, but hardly much good at actually partnering.

So, Oreck Direct is to straighten this out, and my next months HSBC bill shows I owe $0, zip, nada; in fact, I have a rather large credit balance. I call them to say, “no I have a real debt of about $300 and to please check their records.” Par for the course, I must call several times to fix this mistake.

Three months later I start receiving letters from Oreck Direct saying I am delinquent on making payments and the entire bill of $600 must be paid immediately. Well, I had made some payments because of the tax letters and my bill now should only be $300. I’m wondering what’s going on?

I call HSBC and a supervisor tells me she will work with Oreck Direct to let them know HSBC is still holding the debt that is around $300. She promises to call me back later that day; she never does.

I call Oreck Direct and they tell me HSBC closed my account and sent them back the unpaid debt. Oreck tells me to work with HSBC.

This two-headed monster of Oreck/HSBC will point back and forth at each other all day long, saying "don’t talk to us, talk to them." Obviously they don’t talk to each other.

I insist on a conference call and felt a bit like the fly on the wall as the two representatives discuss the all the pratfalls of their business and the mistakes that were made. Finally, the Oreck Direct associate who had been so uncompromising when telling me to send them a payment NOW and then get my money back from HSBC, apologizes and says the situation is resolved. IF ONLY....

Today I received a call from a collections agency hired by Oreck Direct and they start in with the PAY NOW OR ELSE attitude.

The following is an edited email I sent to Mr. David Orek (like anyone in that company has the brains to actually forward an email) with the copy of the email I had to send to the collections agency:

To David Oreck:

At the end of this email I am including a copy of an email I have been obligated to send to a collection agency because your billing department has repeatedly demonstrated that it cannot competently address or fix problems it has created.

I do not want to repeat the full litany of missteps Oreck Direct (and HSBC, by association) have made, for that information is in your records.

I will say that I have spent a great deal of time in trying to resolve the problem your business created. Your company has repeatedly offered me apologies and promises that the problem has been resolved, now only to find that you have turned my name over to a collections agency.

As I explained to your employee D______, I would like nothing better than to be done with your company once and for all, but you simply cannot get it right, but rather make matters worse. I won’t use the product I bought from you because it reminds me of what a mistake I made when I established a relationship with you to begin with.

To: F______ G_____ with A____ Collections

This is a notice to dispute that I have an outstanding debt with ORECK Direct.

Today you contacted me to collect on a debt with ORECK Direct. When I explained that I do not have a debt with ORECK and was advised me to send a written notice to dispute the debt.

I have subsequently called ORECK Direct and I spoke with D____. She reviewed my account and confirmed that I do not have a debt with ORECK Direct and that a mistake had been made when their computer sent you my information for collection. She said that they would recall the collection notification sent to you.

My past dealings with ORECK Direct have been unsatisfactory and I have little confidence in their ability to carry through with promises. I share my opinion about ORECK's demonstrated business incompetence since ORECK has seen fit to invite you into my business.

I want to stress that I DO NOT owe ORECK Direct any money.

Please, let me know if you need anything else from me to prevent ORECK, through your company, from damaging my credit rating.

Thank you.

CC: posted to Oreck's Contact Us page on www.oreck.com

Last word on my Oreck Experience: I don't recommend the Company. And the product is mediocre, at best.

Any bets on whether Oreck will call off the dogs?
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Posted by Frank Izzo on 2013-05-09:
I purchased an Oreck Vacuum cleaner and have it 9 years we paid for their best one so we get yearly cleaning. Last year the handle became loose which I understand so they fixed it and replaced the cord. Now this cord is like really stiff and isn't like when I bought it and there is nothing we could do. Ever try winding up a cheap cord? Not to happy and now they're filing chapter 11. Thanks
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