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smoking policy
Posted by on 05/06/2001
Outback does not have a separate vented room for smokers and puts non-smokers right next to smokers, divided by a 3 foot high wall. When complaining to the manager, the response is that the law doesn't require anything more. They fail to understand that the majority of customers are non-smoking. I won't eat there until they change the policy.

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Posted by smiley on 2001-06-29:
The manager should a least have apologized if he didn't have a solution. Excuses just don't cut it anymore.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-02:
If that Outback only does what "the law requires" for their customers; they will have many unhappy former customers. Outback is not an inexpensive eating establishment; customer service and satisfaction should be the name of their game; not just what the "law reqires".
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-08:
the manager cant really do anything about it though because the decision is up to the owner and they most likely didnt have the money to do it
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-09:
GOOD FOR HIM!!! He should have told you that smoking is still legal in this country and if you don't like take your whinny butt to a place that only caters to whinny non smokers. If I had heard you complain I would have purposely lit up!
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-20:
Do you expext him to build a wall right there and then? You are the misinformed one!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-01-21:
um, hello, you live in the south---smoking capital of america. if they didn't have a smoking section, that would be a violation of law also.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-08:
I work at a restaraunt in Florida and I blame people like you for my lack of income. When your place of employment is open until 2:00 am, you rely on smokers to come in and run high bar tabs. Smokers tip better, and they are in fact the majority of the guests in bars and restaraunts. Ever since Florida turned non-smoking because of you uptight, pompous non-smokers, employees at bars and restaraunts (especially servers and bartenders) have taken a noticeable paycut. People like you make me want to take my food to-go.
Posted by Pharma_Rep on 2006-03-15:
You are VERY incorrect about the "south" requiring smoking sections. MANY restaurants in North Carolina (arguably the home of most tobacco companies) do NOT allow smoking. Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC are ranked as two of the top three educated cities in the United States and nearly all restaurants on completely non-smoking. Education and non-smoking...coincidence?

Regarding the loss of tipping income and smoking bans - show me cold hard economic numbers that support your assertion. You are presuming that all smokers or the majority have simply said "we're not going to eat dinner at ANY restaurant" anymore because we cannot smoke there? There have been NO economic impact reports that support your assertion - if there is one that you find then I will most humbly apologize. Until then...stop making up things!

Posted by LittleItalian on 2006-09-03:
Then don't eat there. I doubt that they care.
Posted by matadormike on 2006-10-16:
Get real folks If you dont want a restaurant that has this problem with smoke then move to a State that prohibits smoking like California and New York, otherwise the Manager was right and he cannot control the smoke drifting
I lived in Texas and went home several years ago and I had a choice to eat or not eat while there because no of the restaurants in El Paso at that time prohibited smoking and smoke doesnt know where the non smoking section is. I ate there because I loved the Chicken Fried Steak KBOBS offers and and put up withthe smoke and I have asthma, depends on YOU Good lucj finding many restaurants thate will change unless the law does dont have statistics for you but I closed a bowling center for 10 years before the smoking ban and the smokers would be there until the 2am closing Since then the bar is dead after the leagues are over Non smokers dont hang around thus no tips for the watresses or bartenders If you dont work there and dont suffer from the loss of income theres not a lot of room to justify you disagreeing with the worker As for justification Kozaks, Charchoal House, Mama Rosas, Big Daddys, Butcher Shop, Michelinos, Docs Landing, The ANtique House, these are just 8 restaurants good ones in El cajon Ca hat have closed since Caifornia inacted the No SMoking in restaurants and this doesnt include the Bars andLounges that are closed and the business was not replaced ny the "promised by the Governor" Non smokers that will start eating out I always have had the option if I know hat smoking is allowed I have the option to go in or not, Government should not tell business owners how to conduct their business If you dont like smike dont eat there
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Getting Your Steak Cooked Well Done Is A Problem
Posted by Hz04 on 04/19/2008
44124, OHIO -- I've been going to the Outback in Lyndhurst, OH, for a while now, since I live in the neighborhood. They have consistent problem with preparing well done steaks and it seems that their is no cure for it. For some strange reason, its always "bleeding" and red and rare/medium rare, but never well done. Looks like their cooks have serious issues with comprehending what well done means. And this time we went to celebrate my birthday, and it was a disaster (as usual). I had to return my steak, and then I waited for 15 min, and then they bring my steak back and its all burned. And I ordered a 16 oz steak, and what they brought back was about 8 oz (I guess the other half of it burned completely).

By the time they brought it back I wasn't hungry anymore anyway, so I canceled the whole order, and the waitress got all mad. So we had to wait another 20 min for a desert. Everybody else was OK since they ordered pasta and chicken, and I was all upset since I ended up eating bread and salad. And I have to deal with this pretty much every time I go there. Why cant you leave the steak on the grill for a few extra minutes and get it done right the first time????!!!!

Oh, and try to make sure you don't hire psycho waitresses, that would be helpful too!!!
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Posted by heaven17 on 2008-04-19:
"And I have to deal with this pretty much every time I go there."

While I agree that they should prepare your food as ordered, is there a reason you keep going back to this place even after so many disappointments?
And if you tell me it's because the food is good, I'll scream.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-19:
I don’t like outback steaks. they look so bland to me. I get better steaks at Applebees and Chilis then I get from Outback its an ok steakhouse. Choose a diffrent steak house next time
Posted by Ben There on 2008-04-19:
I was at a steak house last week and noticed that they had something like "we are not responsible for the quality of well done steaks". I asked the server about it and she said that customers wanting "well done" are often very hard to satisfy and told of stories very similar to yours. This place I was at actually suggests to those wanting well done steaks to order someing else claiming that the quality of meats and cooking practices they use loose all value if prepared well done, making it not worth the price of what they were charging. By doing this they actually are pushing people to cheaper foods like fish and chicken, but she said it is still better than someone being unhappy with a really expensive steak.

I think since you continue to be unhappy with the way the steaks are prepared, you should grill your well done steaks at home so you know they will be to your exact taste, and eat something else when dining at Outback.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-19:
Ben There--You are absolutely right-on about cooking a steak well-done. The quality of a good steak is ruined when it is cooked well--i.e. dried out and flavorless. When I want a good steak, we buy some good grass-fed, organic beef and grill it. Can't beat it! It may seem expensive, but you will pay much more for much less if you order one out.

I always hear people praising Outback, but personally I've never had a good steak there. I've eaten at one in Hong Kone, one in Puerto Rico and at one here in the US. No luck at any of them. Each time I ate at one was because the people we were with with loved Outback.

Heaven-17--good point.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-19:
Anymore the quality of meat at the Outback is suspect. It's a shame because Outback use to rock. But if you get your steak well done then meat quality is of little relevance. Try the Golden Corral they're pretty good at burning substandard meat and you'll save some money to boot.
Posted by CrystalSword on 2008-04-19:
I prefer well done beef, but that is my choice, and I am rearly disappointed, hubby prefers his to run through the kitchen, slap a band-aid on its butt and hope its still mooing!
Posted by Starlord on 2008-04-19:
Yes, and it is as hard to get a rare steak as it is to get one well done. Cooks tend to fix steaks the way THEY like them. I was eating at a Ponderosa steakhouse once and they give you this little plastic tent on your tray. The color and the number let the cashier know what you got. I ordered mine very rare, and when the waitress brought it out, I could tell it was at least medium rare. The cook at the grill station gives me a smart aleck look, flips open his little fridge, gets a rib eye, throws it on the grill, flips it over, then onto a sizzler plate, and slides it across the counter. I asked, "Why couldn't you do that the first time?" He got this horrified look on his face and said, "You're gonna eat THAT?" I smiled as I headed back to my table.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-19:
I get my steaks medium well or medium thats the perfect steak for me.
Posted by LeeSee on 2008-04-19:
I guess I'm strange, I love mine practically road kill. The rarer the better. :-)
Posted by Starlord on 2008-04-20:
I am with you, LeeSee. Wally, Alton Brown of Good Eats feels that anything past medium is toast, and why spend the money? My sister, when we were kids would not eat steak unless it crunched (shivers.) I hate seeing a beautiful, dry-aged piece of prime beef incinerated.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-04-20:
A steak done more than medium-rare? AAAAAACK!!!!
Posted by Principissa on 2008-04-20:
I'm a medium rare person myself. What I don't understand is why you would go back to a place that continually screws up your food. I give a restaurant 2 chances, that's it. If they still can't get their act together after 2 tries, we never go back. Maybe you should find a different steak house to eat at.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-04-20:
I like mine well done (as in NO MOO LEFT). I like my burgers done that way, too ^_^

I just can't eat a piece of meat that is still bleeding *shudder*.

And, yes, it is VERY hard to get a good cut of steak well done and still tast good.

I always ask the waiter/waitress if their cooks are good enough to do a well done steak and have it come out ok (and right the 1st time). If they say no, I order something else.

'But' most of the time the cooks take it as a challenge and I get a good, well done steak ^_^
Posted by old fart on 2008-04-20:
If PMS posted a comment like, "a well done steak is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord" , I'd have to agree with him...
Posted by flipper on 2008-04-20:
I love a a good medium rare steak. My son always said he wanted his "sacrifice burned". To me, he might as well eat shoe leather.
Posted by dimplepie on 2008-04-20:
To the OP. It sounds like you're special!
Posted by travisdavis9 on 2008-12-04:
dimplepie made me laugh, ok back to the topic. The issue is about EXPECTATIONS. Cooks and esp chefs who take their art seriously are offended by the notion of anything cooked more than med. Know that, understand that and your chances of getting a stroke is greatly diminished.
It's like asking the sushi chef to deep fry your unagi, you catch my drift young jedi?
Posted by travisdavis9 on 2008-12-04:
In the meantime just bite your lip if you're at black angus, outback, or 100% positively absolutely at Peter Luger's or Wolfgang puck's Cut...order the chicken or fish.
Another words if you want steak your way, cook it yourself.
Posted by Butterfly Well on 2012-12-13:
If you order a filet and want it well done, order it "butterfly well." Cooks in half the time and this way they also have to give you a steak thick enough to cut part way through and not the smallest they can fine. My steaks at Outback are always cooked done well.
We all have different tastes, so give us "well-doners" a break.
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Outraged By Outback!!!
Posted by Treeguy1227 on 02/28/2007
First off...I always liked Outback Steakhouse,and up til now have probably dropped a few grand in their establishments...but they won't get another dime outta me,and here's why......

Several months ago,I took my youngest daughter (who is 8) to the Outback in Altoona,Pa. We ordered our food & drinks.We ate our appetizers,and then our food came out...a few bites into our meals,my daughter had to use the Ladies Room.It was at the other end of the restaraunt,and you had to cut through the bar area to get to it,so I escorted her. We were only gone a few minutes,and when we returned,our table had been bussed (despite the fact that our meals were barely touched,and our coats were still on the seats at our booth). I saw a busboy (who looked like a cast member from 'Dude,Where's My Car? ')nearby,so I asked him if he'd bussed our table.He removed his Ipod earphones,and said " Oh,man..I thought you guys left.." Our barely eaten meals were still in the top tub of his cart.I pointed to them and asked him if it looked like we were done..and if the coats in the booth might have been an indication we were still there.
He said "Dude.. I'm realy sorry. Let your waitress know what happened.." Plugged his earphones back in & went back to bussing more tables.I told our waitress.She was clearly upset with the busboy's stupidity,and got the Manager.The Manager comes over,and asks "What seems to be the problem?" I explained what had happened,and his response was "...and just what would you like me to do about it?". I said,"How about doing your job...".

He just smirked,shrugged his shoulders & walked away...I couldn't believe it!! The waitress kept apologizing...she couldn't believe it either.I stupidly & begrudgingly paid the bill..namely because I didn't want to cause a scene..especially in front of my daughter..and left.

Since then,I have complained to Outback several times,and get no response of any kind.I'm not bucking for a free meal...all I'd like is some sort of acknowledement that I'd been wronged.An apology from someone higher up the ladder than a waitress would be nice.

From the looks of things, Outback handles it's legitimate complaints with the same nonchalant & incompetent manner that 'Manager' handled mine....
Who knows...maybe that stoner busboy is 'Management Material'....
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-02-28:
Why didn't you tell the manager exactly what you expected him to do? "How about doing your job" isn't exactly helping bring the issue to a conclusion. Sounds like the busboy apologized, the waitress apologized and the manager offered to remedy the situation. You say you have complained to their corporate office several times - have you been asking for a specific action or just sending complaint emails. They may not have replied because you didn't ask them to.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-28:
The manager should have taken care of this situation right on the spot. No doubt the OP was peeved. A good manager would have resolved the situation. That's why (s)he get's the big bucks. I could be wrong but doesn't sound like that happen in this case. There are plenty of cookie-cutter steak houses so in the end who lost... the OP, nope.. The outback - you betcha.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-02-28:
Agreed Stew - what I was trying to point out is don't be afraid to speak up when they ask what do you want me to do to make this right? More often then not they will do it if you just step up and ask.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-28:
Hugh, I've never been a manager dealing with the public but in college I did deliver pizza's for bout 4 years so I dealt with my fair share of angry/dissatisfied patrons. It was my goal to make them happy cause a good part of my income was tips - a good tip night was the difference between Milwaukee's Best or Heinekens. I hate the beast.

I never encountered a customer that I couldn't make happy. Sometimes customers can be demanding and over the top but it's not the complaint that matters. Granted I am fairly thick skinned and when a stranger is yelling at me cause it took 34 minutes when they were quoted 30 its in one ear and out the other (there’s a void there). It causes me no stress. I found all you have to do is actively listen and respond accordingly. Like in this case, If I was the manager I would have actively listened to the story then said something like, "That kind of blows the whole outback experience, huh? Of course there's no charge. If you'd like I could get you a replacement meal out ASAP or I can give you a gift card to cover your next visit". I guarantee you there would have been no my3cents complaint and the relationship with a steady customer would have been strengthened. And for what price - Food cost at these places runs around what 15-25 percent of operating cost. That's the way I see it.
Posted by Jussacuppa on 2007-02-28:
This happens, why get all bent out of shape? At one particular Marie Callendars (in Orange, California), they did this to me. I ordered a salad bar, and so did my friend. We took a sip of our drinks and headed to the salad bar. We left our purses and sweaters at our booth. When we returned, our drinks were gone, AND SO WERE OUR PURSES AND SWEATERS! We were gone only 5 minutes. The restaurant was basically empty. We asked our waitress what happened, and she didn't know. Then she came back with the bus boy, who said he thought we left. He gave our purses and things to the manager! We were so mad, and we complained to the manager. We received apologies, refill drinks, but no comp. A week later, my brother and his wife said the same thing happened to them too! Apparently, the staff is not being trained! After about 6 months we went back, and this did not happen. What a relief.
Posted by GWbiker on 2007-02-28:
Since the so-called Manager appeared to be confused, you should contact Outback Steakhouse Home Office at their web site and explain in detail your situation. Several years ago I had an issue with an Outback restaurant resolved shortly after emailing the Corporate site.
Posted by Shakra on 2007-02-28:
Why get all bent out of shape? You have to be kidding, Jussacuppa. I'd be pretty upset and vocal if somebody removed my food prior to leaving the establishment. This is food that this person paid for and didn't receive.

The real problem here is that this person should have been more vocal about it. The last thing he should have done is pay for the food.
Posted by mnid116 on 2008-02-12:
You are absolutely correct!! I have been a patron of Outback in Sunny Isles Florida for quite some time (years) and over the last 6 months or so I noticed that when I pay my bill, I don't get any change (coins). I am told by the waiter/waitress that they don't have change!!! Only after I insisted, did I get my change. I was told on a second occasion that they round up to the next dollar!!!! I have complained and no response!!!
Posted by doodle10 on 2008-03-25:
I love Outback, I've eaten there frequently for over 12 years (in Louisiana) Despite a few episodes of bad service/food, I am always happy. BUT, in those few cases, I absolutely make my point when speaking to a manager. I have NEVER been seeking a free meal, usually just a quick resolution, but I have to tell you, on a few occasions, and despite saying it's not what I wanted, I have received free meals. That is their responsibility to make you happy, and trust me, a scene is worse for them than for you. That bill would have gone UNPAID for sure. I probly would have given the apologetic waitress a small cash tip for her sincerity, but that's IT!!! Don't hold your tongue, say what you feel and feel what you say!!! I won't leave angry b/c I don't want to have to give up Outback...LOL
Posted by Nashadi on 2008-05-04:
The manager didn't handle the situation very well, but in the busser's defence, you did leave the table completely empty. There have been plenty of times in my years of waitressing that people leave having not eaten a surprising amount of their food and/or forgotten jackets/purses/etc. It happens. It has also happened to me that entire parties have got up for the restroom or smoke breaks or what have you and based on previous experiences I have thought they were done and cleared the table. It happens at every establishment, and is especially common with younger employees. As for the manager, shame on him for being so rude and rigid!
Posted by Jayhawkz274 on 2008-08-12:
mnid116 why are you mad? THEY ROUND UP. YOU ARE GETTING MORE BACK!!!!!
Posted by CLYNN on 2008-12-03:
mnid116 we all know your type and we all hate to wait on you. You want water with a bowl full of lemons. You want to split your meal with your significant other who can't stand eating our with you and spends their time checking out the wait staff. Then you leave maybe a dollar tip because it's the year 2008 and you still JUST DONT GET that we work for tips. Guess what, we remember you when you come back to our restaurants. One day we dream of letting you know exactly what we think of people like you. Stay home, cook some frozen dinners, and save EVERYONE the burden of having to deal with you in a restaurant.

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Stupid Policy
Posted by Scorpiohead on 02/22/2005
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My wife & I recently went to Outback for dinner. It was about 730 on a weeknight and much to my surprise, the restaurant was very crowded. No problem. As we waited to give our name to the hostess, the people in front of us were told it would be about 25 minutes for a table (non-smoking). My wife & I both smoke. When I asked approximatley how long the wait would be for smoking, the hostess became surprisingly rude and stated she had no idea! She advised me that smoking is first come-first serve. In other words you have to stand around the people eating in the smoking section, wait for them to get up and then run to the table! This is what the hostess actually told me! I advised her that's really not fair--Lets say someone has been standing around hovering for 20 minutes and just happens to look away for a second when someone gets up and then I speed over to a table ahead of them. She just shrugged.

Are all Outbacks like this or just here in Nevada? Are there other restaurants that do this? To me, it's an absoluetly ridiculous policy. If I was sitting having dinner, I sure would not want people staring at me--waiting for me to get up.

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Posted by wearecruisers on 2005-02-22:
I have never heard of going and seating yourself at Outback. When it has been that crouded they usually give you a pager to call you when your table is ready.
Posted by scorpiohead on 2005-02-22:
Wearecrusiers: Apparently, they only hand out pagers if you are sitting in non-smoking. (at least at the one I went to). If you are sitting in smoking, it's like a steel cage battle royale death match.
Posted by sanford31031 on 2005-02-22:
The Outbacks in Georgia are the same.
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2005-02-23:
Is the smoking section only available in the bar? That I can understand being a first-come first-serve basis, but all the Outbacks that I've been to here in MI hand out the pagers for both smoking & non.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-02-23:
That policy is crazy. Every restaurant I've ever been to, including Outbacks in my area, always put you on the list. Then call you based on your preference on smoking, non-smoking or first available.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-02-23:
Good, your habit is filthy....are you so addicted you cant go 2 hours without a cigarette?
Posted by sanford31031 on 2005-02-23:
Hmmm, you think I should write a review on the salad dressing?
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2005-02-23:
I've actually seen a fight over a table in the smoking section. You can't have a comfortable meal with everyone watching you like a hawk to see if you are almost done eating. A couple actually said "we have dibs on this table, when you're done, flag us down" That's a poor way of doing it.
Posted by sanford31031 on 2005-02-23:
Sorry I don't frequent buffets...but I did hear they installed speed bumps at your local buffet to slow you down a bit.
Posted by scorpiohead on 2005-02-23:
Thank you to everyone who responded. Everyone, except legal collector, who condemned me for smoking. I'll tell you what legal collector. Lets see what's worse? Me smoking around you--or you getting drunk during dinner and then going out and killing someone cause your driving drunk. More people are killed by drunk drivers each year than by "second hand smoke"--so come down from your high horse, put down your bottle of Bud and your shot glass of Jack Daniels and dont condemn me about smoking
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-02-23:
Scorpiohead, what exactly does drunk driving have to do with non-smokers having to suck in your noxious fumes at a restaurant? Using YOUR logic (such as it is), I've never heard of anyone dying from secondhand booze.
Posted by sanford31031 on 2005-02-23:
Poor Biz must not go out much, better "google" Outback and get back with us....
Posted by tander on 2005-02-23:
The Outback by my house is a no smoking establishment.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-02-24:
Tell them : http://outback.com Click contact - just fill out the form and submit it.
Really their food is worth the wait!
Posted by drivethru on 2005-02-27:
I really don't care what you poor smokers have to go through except that running fo a table must be really tough for a pack a day man....except the race is all pack a day people so the gagging and hacking must be exceptional!
Posted by rippedoffbybigbusinesses on 2005-03-05:
Non smokers die everyday..........sleep tight
Posted by neenie on 2005-03-13:
I'm from New York City where, by law, restaurants aren't able to accomodate with a smoking section at all. Now that stinks!!
Posted by gradual_grunt on 2005-03-20:
I worked at Chilis and the hostess seats smoking as well. But in the larger stores Chilis is the same way. First come, first serve. I do not agree with the policy either. What is the difference between smoking and non besides the smoke? The only reason I can think of is the want a "more barlike feel". CAll the 1-800 number if there is one on the receipt and at least get some free food out of the deal.
Posted by matadormike on 2006-10-16:
This sounds way too far fetched Id love to know which one to find out and eat there if it happens I go to Vegas, Henderson, Reno all the Time and have nbever had this happen, and I did not sit myself Sure you just didnt say something to tick the lady off? Did dyou ask for a manager?
Posted by matadormike on 2006-10-16:
This sounds way too far fetched Id love to know which one to find out and eat there if it happens I go to Vegas, Henderson, Reno all the Time and have nbever had this happen, and I did not sit myself Sure you just didnt say something to tick the lady off? Did dyou ask for a manager?
The Outbacks I eat at in Nevada You can sit in the bar until the page you or eat in the Bar which tables are first come , in caifornia where you cant smoke th Bar is still the same, you cant sit in there and wait or there are about 14 tables you can sit and eat in there
Posted by matadormike on 2006-10-16:
gradual grunt they dont give out free food anymore too many scams from people that claim they had a bad experience he just send an apology letter now, which is good I had a neighbor that ate at Outback, Applebees, Ruth Chriss, Black ANgus for free for nearly a year making false claims until he got caught and got fined by a judge that was not impressed gave him a 5000.oo fine and 120 hours of community service
Posted by NeoGeo on 2007-02-25:
I don't live in Las Vegas, but I do travel through there alot. Whenever I am in town I go to the Outback Steakhouse. I find the Las Vegas site alot more fun than the ones in New Mexico. The Las Vegas one is happening whereas the one in Albuquerque is kind of dead. Food is good at all of them though.
Posted by Emoryzwife on 2008-08-15:
Lame. Stop smoking!
Posted by Brooklynn on 2009-12-14:
I know that this post was written quite some time ago, I couldn't help but comment on this post. I can understand your frustration at this policy, as a server at an outback please let me explain why this policy is in place.

In my state, smoking is illegal indoors. Even with that law, the pub tables and bar area still has the same policy. The reason that they do not give you a pager or quote you a wait time is because it is nearly impossible to do so.
In the pub table section (where smoking is in other outbacks) there is much more of a "party" atmosphere. Because of this, people tend to hang out, camp, and sit there with friends drinking. The amount of time is too unpredictable for us to be able to promise you a table.

I also want to say that I have worked in restaurants since I was 15. Restaurants work so well with us students, and doesn't conflict with my college schedule. I have worked in many restaurants and all of them have this same policy.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-12-14:
That's what I would have figured too. The bar area is usually first come first serve, and if that's the only smoking area then so be it.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-14:
i thought all seats were first-come, first-serve

i mean ... if the tables in the smoking section are already full... what do you expect them to do?

kick other people out for you?
Posted by wpb.joe on 2009-12-14:
they still allow smoking in Las Vegas restuarants ?
a shame they not only love to take your money, they also have no regard for anyone's health.
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Food Quality
Posted by Michellecoryell on 03/10/2004
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- Management,

My husband and I visited your Anchorage location back in January. We hired a baby sitter for our 2 children and went out for a nice dinner. After brewing over which restaurant to go spend our evening out alone in, we decided on Outback. We had not been to Outback since we lived in San Antonio, TX 2 years ago and we were really looking forward to a delicious meal.

The service was fine, but our meal was less than mediocre. We started with a blooming onion of course, my husband had prime rib and I had pasta with crawfish and shrimp in it. The prime rib was overcooked and dry. My dinner waso.k. It was so much less than what we were used to in our trips to Outback prior to this. It was very difficult for me to pay the check that evening. Typically, it is not difficult because the trip is well worth the money.

I did not complain about the meal that evening because we were trying to have a good evening out. The more I thought about the quality of our meal, the more I thought I should let our voice be heard.


Michelle Coryell

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Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-03-10:
You really should have said something at the time. If a meal isn't to your liking, you have every right to speak up; I'm sure they would have made the situation right without a fuss. I have to believe you would have had a much better evening knowing that you didn't feel as though you wasted your money.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2004-03-10:
Michelle sounds like the type of girl who isn't ever satisfied. I mean directly above this post she complains about Chili's as well. Give it a rest.
Posted by nekidasajaybird on 2004-03-15:
Again, this is a restaraunt I have NEVER had a problem with. But hey, whatever works for you.
Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-03-18:
Michelle, it is apparent that you are NEVER satisfied with any restaurant you go to, what with your myriad of complaints on this site. If you want a cheap steak that tastes like filet mignon, you are not going to find it at a low-end chain restaurant like Outback! You get what you pay for. If you want top-quality open your pocketbook a little more and pay for better food elsewhere!
Posted by whatevermaxine on 2004-03-23:
Hello. I work for Outback & I must first apologize for your less than stellar experience. We strive at Outback to provide exellent food & service always. I understand that you were celebrating something special & therefore did not want to ruin your night by complaining about something...anything during your anniversary. However, I do think that it is unfair to mar the reputation of Outback's food quality and/or serive when you did not give the server the opportunity to correct a situation (in this case a meal) that you felt was unsatisfactory. Had you addressed your issue, it would have been resolved in the best way possible. Why address the issue here when nothing can be done rather than at the time when something could have been done? I hope that you try the Outback again. We look forward to seeing you.
Posted by whatevermaxine on 2004-03-23:
Hello. I work for Outback & I must first apologize for your less than stellar experience. We strive at Outback to provide exellent food & service always. I understand that you were celebrating something special & therefore did not want to ruin your night by complaining about something...anything during your anniversary. However, I do think that it is unfair to mar the reputation of Outback's food quality and/or serive when you did not give the server the opportunity to correct a situation (in this case a meal) that you felt was unsatisfactory. Had you addressed your issue, it would have been resolved in the best way possible. Why address the issue here when nothing can be done rather than at the time when something could have been done? I hope that you try the Outback again. We look forward to seeing you.
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-25:
I don't know, it sounds to me like you had a legitimate complaint (despite your propensity to discuss your bad experiences here) in that you did enjoy your dinner. However, I would have spoken up, asked them to make it right---at the time---and enjoyed your evening.
Posted by TC on 2004-05-31:
Hey Michelle, You need to take some advise from whatevermaxine, I am a server myself in one of the hottest restaurants in OKC, and it irritates me to no end that people shell out really good money for a meal and find something wrong with it, and then don't speak up about it. If you would just say something to the server about it, they will be more than happy to accomodate you (especially since their tips depend on it) Oh, and by the way, I have also noticed your "other" entry on this site and it appears to me that you are one of those people that literally sit there and wait for a server to make a mistake just so you dont have to tip, shame on you, it may not be real soon, but one day Karma is going to get a real grip on you.
Posted by Omega13 on 2007-09-18:
Food preparation was terrible!
I took my wife to Outback for a meal for her birthday, which is close to an hours trip from our house. It was a disaster. Because of her Armenian background, she likes to order the lamb chops and Outback is the only one to serve that dish in this area. Well, we asked that the lamb chops be cooked "very well done", but they were virtually raw when served (not just undercooked). When we complained, they took them back and when they were served, they were still very undercooked. Everyone else was through with their meal, so she shared part of my steak for her meal, since we didn't want to wait another 30 minutes for them to correct the problem. Even a novice cook knows how to determine the level of doneness of food that they cook. I could only conclude that the cook was totally incompetent! A very bad experience that ruined a planned birthday celebration.
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Food Not Prepared to Customer Satisfaction
Posted by Jnewtonbk on 01/05/2014
KEY WEST, FLORIDA -- First of all the wait staff was great, my wife and I ordered steaks which we both like well done (on the menu well done is described as no pink showing). Our meal came out in no time well seasoned but when we check to see if it was cooked all the way thru we both had a medium well cooked steak, no problem we call our wait staff over and explained she agreed and remember how we ordered our steaks. About 15 minuets later the manager brings our steaks to our table both steaks are cooked about the same almost looking like car tires and wanted use to check it to see if that was cooked enough, with just short of a smirk on his face. It's sad because, we eat at Outback everywhere and this is the only Outback that we have had problems with we live here in Key West, this manager just think steaks should be cooked to his liking not the customer. We'll still keep going to Outback but not in Key West.
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Don't Like the Frozen Shrimp!
Posted by Kirk5448 on 09/30/2013
I ordered the steak and the all you can eat shrimp. The shrimp was frozen and fried very hard. When I pointed it out to my server, she did not take much interest. I used to like Outback, but not anymore.
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I Will Never Eat at Outback Steakhouse Again
Posted by Jessgodservent on 08/26/2013
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I went to Outback Steakhouse on union ave. on August 24,2013 around 3:00pm my mom is a pastor so as I our church members told us about the Restaurant so we gave it a try. My mom called a day ahead to make sure they could accommodate a large party they said yes but that was totally not true. We had to move several times in the Restaurant the first waitress took so long with our drinks and when she finally got them they were watered down not good at all then we had to move to another table and this young lady was ok but the same issue came up took 45 minutes to bring our bread and took and hour to bring the food some had meat on the plates with no veggies like I had wigs and ribs the wings were hard but the ribs were ok after they finally got our veggies on the plates our meat was cold or eaten up I will never send anyone to Outback the worst time ever don't come especially if you have a large party they will not enjoy themselves

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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-26:
I would have complained to the manager.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-08-27:
If you were expecting good food and service don't go to a chain joint restaurant.
Posted by Jessgodservent on 2013-08-27:
We spoke to three different mangers and it didn't resolve anything
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Lousy Food, Down at the Heels Decor
Posted by Carol9467 on 07/18/2013
CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Ordered a lunch special cheeseburger and salad for lunch. The salad was iceberg with cucumber and a cherry tomato. The dressing was glorified mayonnaise. It was not good! The cheeseburger meat was sort-of OK, however it was loaded with too much mustard. The cheese had no cheese taste! In short, this meal was like a bad fast food meal and cost more plus tip. I will not overspend on Outback mediocre food again.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-18:
I agree with you. I tried OB on multiple occasions and came to the conclusion I was paying far too much for lousy food. Almost exactly the same as you.
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Posted by Rhc on 07/08/2013
Very poor service. It took the food over 2 hours to arrive. Two of the orders were wrong. I will never use this business again.
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