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"Cold Mash Potatoes"
By -

TURNERSVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- On 3/6/09 I went to the Turnersvill, NJ Outback Steakhouse with my wife, daughter & her husband to celebrate my daughter's birthday. I'm a 54 year old, semi-retired male. We first went to the Road House Restaurant but the wait was too long. We decided to go to Outback instead. We had to wait almost 30 minutes to get inside. Right away the problems started. They seated us at a table that was too small for 4 large adults. Also it was unstable and it rocked. I asked to be moved but they said "no other tables were available, take it or leave it."

The start of things to come on very poor customer service. We finally got our food after 20 minutes and my mashed potatoes were ice cold. I waited for a waiter for a few minutes, nobody came, so I took my dish back to the kitchen. After 5 more minutes of watching my family eat without me, they finally brought back the mashed potatoes and they were only semi-warm. The lady told me they have given me the old batch of potatoes first, like I wanted to really hear that comment.

As we ate the table rocked back and forth every time someone cut their steak or chicken. I was so upset, I hardly ate anything including the semi-nuked mashed potatoes. No one came buy to offer any apologies or attempted to remedy the situation.

My daughter was so upset, she walked out of the restaurant crying. I then asked to see the manager and his name was **. Where did you get this guy at? He was and is the worst customer service person you could have hired. I told him of all my troubles and he only offered me 2 free appetizers on my next visit. I said "next visit, I'll never step foot in another Outback restaurant again in my lifetime." I said "the least you should do is comp the dinner free of charge and give my family another free dinner on the house. Then maybe I could re-evaluate this chain."

He then told me I have a rotten attitude and to stop talking and listen to him. He didn't want to hear my side of the story. He said we are done talking and to leave his restaurant. I was so upset when I got home I called the restaurant and asked to speak to ** again and I told him I was contacting my Chase Credit Card company and reversing the charges of $95.00. He started hollering at me again and said never to come back to his restaurant again. You seriously have to investigate this manager and provide counseling and therapy. How can you ever hire a cruel and demeaning person like this in the public eye?

Management & Wait Staff Did Nothing to Stop Verbal GAY Bashing
By -

NASHVILLE - RIVERGATE AREA, TENNESSEE -- Last night, my partner and I went for dinner at Outback in the Nashville, TN Rivergate Area (Madison). We were seated in the smoking bar area. As soon as we sat down and ordered a beer, the table of two men beside us started making crude comments about gays. We are both professionals and were dressed as such. We weren't being "gay", flamboyant, or causing a scene. But the comments continued and increased in intensity as the minutes passed and we became more and more uncomfortable.

The salads arrived, the waitress asked if we needed anything else. Not wanting to provoke the table next us, we quietly said "yes". Anyone in the restaurant would have known otherwise as the table beside us had already raised everyone's brow more than once or caused bar patrons to turned around to see who was yelling such slanderous remarks. At one point the man primarily responsible, turned around and looked at me and asked if I was using my fork and could he have it. For why, I do not know. But I said I was going to use it. He turned back around and said "**!" No one from the Outback staff ever approached the table or asked them to keep their voices down.

The comments continued from the table beside us. (At that point I unlocked my cellphone and had 911 ready to dial.) Before we could finish our salads, the man next to us yelled "G.D. Homosexuals" across the bar and a young mother, who was taking her child to the restroom, gasped in horror and snatched her child into the restroom. Just about that time our waitress came by and we told her to ask the Manager to meet us outside.

Leaving our beer, salads, and undelivered entrees behind we went outside and waited. When the Manager finally appeared, we informed him of what happened. He said this is the first he had heard of it. We told him that the verbal gay bashing had gone on for nearly 40 minutes and it was escalating to the point we became fearful, didn't want to provoke a hate crime and decided to leave. He had no excuse for his staff nor did he seem to care much. In hindsight, we should have probably filed a police complaint, but I'm glad we didn't stick around and become a hate crime victim.

Getting Your Steak Cooked Well Done Is a Problem
By -

44124, OHIO -- I've been going to the Outback in Lyndhurst, OH, for a while now, since I live in the neighborhood. They have consistent problem with preparing well done steaks and it seems that there is no cure for it. For some strange reason, it's always "bleeding" and red and rare/medium rare, but never well done. Looks like their cooks have serious issues with comprehending what well done means. And this time we went to celebrate my birthday, and it was a disaster (as usual).

I had to return my steak, and then I waited for 15 min, and then they bring my steak back and it's all burned. And I ordered a 16 oz steak, and what they brought back was about 8 oz (I guess the other half of it burned completely). By the time they brought it back I wasn't hungry anymore anyway, so I canceled the whole order, and the waitress got all mad. So we had to wait another 20 min for a desert.

Everybody else was OK since they ordered pasta and chicken, and I was all upset since I ended up eating bread and salad. And I have to deal with this pretty much every time I go there. Why cannot you leave the steak on the grill for a few extra minutes and get it done right the first time??? Oh, and try to make sure you don't hire psycho waitresses, that would be helpful too!

Food Not Prepared to Customer Satisfaction
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Rating: 3/51

KEY WEST, FLORIDA -- First of all the wait staff was great. My wife and I ordered steaks which we both like well done (on the menu well done is described as no pink showing). Our meal came out in no time, well seasoned but when we check to see if it was cooked all the way through we both had a medium well cooked steak. No problem, we call our wait staff over and explained. She agreed and remember how we ordered our steaks.

About 15 minutes later the manager brings our steaks to our table. Both steaks are cooked about the same almost looking like car tires and wanted us to check it to see if that was cooked enough, with just short of a smirk on his face. It's sad because, we eat at Outback everywhere and this is the only Outback that we have had problems with. We live here in Key West. This manager just think steaks should be cooked to his liking not the customer. We'll still keep going to Outback but not in Key West.

I Will Never Eat at Outback Steakhouse Again
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I went to Outback Steakhouse on Union Ave. on August 24, 2013 around 3:00 pm. My mom is a pastor so as our church members told us about the Restaurant so we gave it a try. My mom called a day ahead to make sure they could accommodate a large party. They said "yes" but that was totally not true. We had to move several times in the Restaurant.

The first waitress took so long with our drinks and when she finally got them they were watered down not good at all then we had to move to another table and this young lady was OK but the same issue came up. Took 45 minutes to bring our bread and took an hour to bring the food. Some had meat on the plates with no veggies like I had wings and ribs. The wings were hard but the ribs were OK. After they finally got our veggies on the plates our meat was cold or eaten up. I will never send anyone to Outback. The worst time ever. Don't come especially if you have a large party they will not enjoy themselves.

Hair in Salad
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Tampa (Henderson Street). Dec. 27 found hair in salad, and Manager saw it and comped $9.99 of $78 total bill. When my family was not with me I called and told him I was surprised he did not comp entire bill. I could have loudly complained as the restaurant was at full capacity, but opted to keep it low-key. He credited another $21 to my Visa but I feel the entire $78 should have been comped.

Also, my guests were hesitant eating their own salads, and the one that ordered a Cobb Salad didn't even finish half of it as she lost her appetite! While Manager said this compensation was standard in the industry, I immediately found examples online where other Outback Managers comped the entire meals for hair in a sandwich and also a salad -- and their total bills exceeded $100. Comments or Feedback -- is this acceptable?

Poor service and food quality
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Rating: 1/51

SUWANEE, GEORGIA -- Went to Outback for a steak dinner. When we were seated we were looking for a nice meal. The service was slow. It appeared that our table was not on anyone's list so we had to wait. My wife ordered the prime rib and I ordered the rib eye. Both were to be done 'medium'.

After a long wait for our salad our meat arrived. Her rib was 'rare'. The waiter said they would put it back on the grill to cook it some more. The best way to ruin a prime rib is to grill it. The meat was black and tasted burnt. My rib eye was tough and tasteless. They replaced it but the replacement was just as bad. All in all the service was slow and the food was not to our liking. We would not be going back for a long time. They must have reduced the quality of the meat they are serving.

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Rating: 2/51

DANVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Myself, my wife and two little girls were at the Danville VA Outback store on Sunday August 5, sitting at the last booth closest to the BAR and the Kitchen entrance. Our Server was **, who we thought was wonderful, we also had the not so happy experience with the Bar Keep on duty **. She complained the entire time we were there and right before we left after we had admired our server take care of almost every table in the lounge area, even the ones that she wasn't even getting a tip from, she belittle ** in front of the entire Lounge customers.

And I will have to say my family and I made a choice before we left that if she is ever at the bar when we come back we will not sit in that area. I really hate to complain but seeing ** handle the embarrassing moment like it was nothing I could still tell she was hurt and didn't want anyone to know....

This Chain Restaurant Got It Right
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

I'm on a real losing streak with chain restaurants. Olive Garden which used to be good now serves half the portion size. Applebee's can't seem to get anything right with bad food and kids working there expecting a BIG tip for lousy service. Decided to give Outback a try.

Went on a Thursday night and was promptly seated in a booth. For an appetizer my wife ordered the French Onion soup. I ordered the Clam Chowder. Both were served hot and excellent. My wife ordered a full rack of the baby back ribs. They were moist and falling off the bone. I ordered the filet with a lobster tail. The filet was cooked to perfection and the tail was done just right. Finally a chain joint got it right. The check came to $55.00 and the waitress was tipped 25%. An enjoyable dining experience, we will return.

Too Salty Horrible Food
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Rating: 1/51

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- Took my mom to dinner for her bday. Ordered steak and lobster. It was so salty we complained and they brought us new ones that were almost as bad. My daughter order the pasta and she's easy to please. I asked her why she isn't eating her dinner and I tasted it. I've had frozen dinners that are better by far. They said it's their new way of seasoning and offered us an online survey for a free blooming onion. I spent $90 bucks and it totally sucked. We will go to Texas roadhouse and Red Robin. Good every time. I'm amazed they're still in business.

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