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Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- My wife and I went to New Bern location of Outback on February, 28 2012. It was Tuesday, around 7:45, and the restaurant was completely empty. The Hostess sat us right next to a loud party celebrating a birthday. They were using foul language and were quite loud. We waited for 10-15 minutes before our server finally arrived to get our drink orders. Like I said before, the place was empty. There were a handful of people at the bar, our table, and the party next to us. That was it.

It should not have taken that long to get a drink order in. We ordered a Blooming Onion that came out burnt and we could not eat. Both of our baked potatoes were cold. We only received one refill during the entire meal. Even after we were done eating it took 15-20 minutes before the check arrived. There was no excuse for the horrible service by our waitress. We even contacted Outback about our experience. It has been one week, and no response. We will never eat there again.

The Manager Needs To Be Evaluated.
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Rating: 2/51

HOUMA, LOUISIANA -- My wine came in a dirty wine server. When I showed the server, she took the wine server, but left the contaminated wine. My soup was served cold. It had never been heated. It came straight from the refrigerator. She took it. When it came back, the cheese would not even melt. I refused to eat it. When my entree came, the lettuce wedge was discolored-- like it had been cut days ago and turned brown on the top.

We are very good Outback customers. We eat at Outback at least 3 times a month. This was shocking!!! We love Outback Steakhouse. Please check the Houma one out. The waitress only serves what the kitchen puts out. All of this should be monitored by the manager. The Outbacks we frequent are in Texas usually. We visit the Houma one once in a while. We will go back to the Houma one again after a few months. I surely hope you can help.

Why Was I The Last To Be Served
By -

ELLICOTT CITY, MARYLAND -- Went to dinner after working - a treat for me. Waited and got a table, finally ordered food - onion, salad & steak. Waited, got my onion. Waited for salad - two different tables - one in front of me and across from me got their salad and I was still waiting. Problem was they had gotten there 10 to 20 minutes after me. Ate my salad, waited for my steak - again the other two tables got their food. Asked for the manager - finally my steak came - cool. The manager says she would try to find out why the other tables were served before me.

At that time just took the steak home, paid my bill and waited for the manager. I went to the front and asked to speak with the manager. She finally came out and said that if I was in a rush I had tell them. I was not in a rush, I just wanted to know why I had to wait for other tables. They got their food and I finally got cool food. Why?

A Thank You
By -

WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA -- I recently complained to Outback Steak House in Waynesboro, VA about a prime rib cut that was tough and undercooked and then the second cut was overcooked and tough. Nice staff, just a bad cut of meat. Time did not allow me to order a different item as I had ordered 2x and my table of 8 had finished eating.

Just want all to know after I wrote my email to Customer service at Outback I had a telephone call from the manager of the local restaurant. He talked about my experience and was more than willing to make a good experience into a bad one. I will receive a gift card and this time I will order the rib-eye steak. Yes, businesses do listen. I have high regards for Outback and know the manager will listen if service is not good. Thank you John.

Was It Really Prime Rib?
By -

WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA -- I ordered 8 oz prime rib-medium rare-bloody and very tough. Sent back and the next cut was overcooked (humped in the middle-looked like it had been put in the microwave and tougher than the first cut-they assured me it was a different cut). Manager came and was very nice and even said it did not even look like prime rib.

This meal was a Christmas gift and I did not get to eat as the other 8 were finished and had places to go as I did too and I did not have time to wait for another food item to be prepared. The meal was taken off the tab but the point is I did not get to eat and my gift was over. I wrote Outback but people tell me it does no good--they usually do not respond. We will see.

Poor Food Quality
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- We moved up from Florida which is where Outback started so we know what the quality should be. The Outback in Chattanooga always serves poor quality in their food. We said at our last visit we would never go back again, and what did we do go back only to find the food terrible. How can the name "Outback" be so different from Florida to Tennessee? The food is always overcooked or undercooked, burnt and taste like it is left over and reheated. I assure you we will never go back to Chattanooga Outback again. Someone from corporate should take the time to visit this location and see why it is managed so poorly.

Outback Restaurant Food Poisoning
By -

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- A business associate and I were recently dining at the Outback Steakhouse in Lubbock TX and although we had different entrees, we shared the same appetizer: a blooming onion. We were sicker than dogs the next day and didn't recover for a week. This mirrored an experience I had in Louisiana... Different entrees, but the same illness the next day. FOOD POISONING.

Shortly after the Lubbock trip I saw the special offer that Outback was going to offer free blooming onions to service personnel. Is this Al Qaeda trying to diminish operational readiness? You be the judge, but Troops, unless you are interested in soiling your BDUs – DON'T DO IT... Just walk away from the blooming onion!

Who else's food are you sharing (Outback Restaurant)?
By -

COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Visited Outback and had terrible experience. Ordered Sirloin steak and added grilled shrimp. Bit into the shrimp which we considered cold/partially raw. Asked our server to fix the problem. To our surprise she came to the table with small plate to retrieve the half eaten shrimp and the others to return them to the kitchen for further cooking! After thinking about what just took place I was shocked to think about how many other people's partially eaten food was returned to the grill where my food was being cooked.

An email to Outback customer service and ultimately talking directly to the manager revealed this is standard practice. I therefore am NEVER going back to a place that allows chewed food on the grill with my food. The manager did offer free food to make up for my experience... but I graciously refused... not worth ever going back to me.

Expensive Hairy Food
By -

My stepdaughter and myself made the decision we would eat at Outback Steakhouse, the one on Canal Drive in Kennewick, WA. We made the decision because we haven't been there in a long time. It turned out to be the most unpleasant and expensive dining experience in my life. During the meal my stepdaughter felt something wrap around her tongue ring, she pulled out a long hair. We addressed the situation and they talked a good game, but didn't really resolve anything. The manager offered to pay for the appetizer, but failed to do so.

The total bill including tip, which the server was good, was $77.61 and I paid with my debit card. The next day I discovered I was erroneously charged $676.11. I went back to the restaurant and addressed the error, again I got lip service. If you go there WATCH OUT and take cash with you.

All TV's for Sports Only
By -

BURLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was at the Burlington, MA. Outback for dinner in early February after a day at work. I noticed that all 5 televisions were set to a hockey game and that people in the area around me were not watching the closest TV. So, as I often do at other restaurants, I asked if they could put the news on that TV and was told by the bartender that she had to check on this. She came back to advise that it couldn't be done.

I then asked to see the Manager - he came over bringing his somewhat cocky attitude. He said it "was not their policy" to show anything other than sports". When I said "that seems discriminatory" he replied, "oh, are you saying that only men watch sports?" "Never said that", I replied. "Whether it be male or female who wishes to watch other than sports, you are dictating sports only." Needless to say, I have no interest in returning to any Outback Steakhouse.

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