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Received a Totally Damaged Patio Umbrella
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Rating: 1/51

Overstock.com sent me a completely damaged patio umbrella that I paid $258 for. The metal was actually ripped apart on the pole. It was severed in several places so it was knowingly sent damaged by the company. This is the first and last time will do business with this company. They did reimburse me for the product, however, I had to hold it on my porch for 10 days for a pickup which never came then had to dispose of it myself.

Worst Experience Ever - Seriously Traumatized
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Rating: 1/51

Regarding purchase of: Ergo Tech Monitor Stand 100-D28-B13

I'm not trying to be dramatic here when I say worst..because it really was. They sent me the wrong models TWICE. Each time there were multiple stickers ON the box that clearly showed that it was model 100-D28-B22 NOT the 100-D28-B13 that I ordered, so immediately I knew it was wrong and sent them back.

The first time around I understood that it could be a mistake and gave them another chance. Then I got the EXACT same ones again. I called them immediately asking them to actually look at what boxes they were sending before they even ship anything out to me again. They told me they would talk to the warehouse the next business day and I got no response until 2 days later when I had to call them myself.

Then they asked me to send pictures because they wanted "proof" as if the warehouse people were blind and can't see the stickers on the boxes. Might as well have asked me to 3D print a Braille version of the picture. I'm only a 100 pounds and had to lift 64 pounds from the leasing office to my apartment door.. just so UPS could pick them up as soon as possible since they only come after the leasing office is closed.

I left early for work to wait for FedEx delivery because I didn't want to go through it again and it'd be easier to just refuse the package. I literally called every single day, sometimes 2 times a day and was VERY patient and courteous to the people I talked with, except maybe for one of the last few reps, where at that point I couldn't hold in my frustration and was on the verge of tears. I gave overstock MULTIPLE chances to fix this and guess what they did in the end?

I waited patiently for over a week and they basically said oops the website was wrong and that they don't even carry the product. They just gave me a full refund and nothing in return, not even in-store credit for the extreme inconveniences I went through for a week.

The manager I called said the system wouldn't allow it because I was fully refunded and the case was closed and resolved. Resolved on whose behalf? I can't believe overstock can be that selfish. Yes it is resolved for them because I basically helped them find a huge flaw in their system, NOT for me because I literally suffered in sweat and tears and blood (from carrying the plastic rope thing the box was tied in) and still never got the product I ordered.

The best they could offer me was a useless 12% discount on my next purchase which I refused because they've now lost all of my trust and I'm never purchasing from them again. In all seriousness, I'd have a better chance at surviving a death match with Ronda Rousey than buying from them again.

They did initially agree to give me "inconvenience fees" but turns out they take it out of your purchase amount. Which may be understandable if I was the one who chose to return the product. But it was their huge mistake and they promised me a product which they couldn't deliver because it seems like they basically put up a fake page selling a product they don't even have. I'm surprised they still have this page up. I have a hard time believing that it could be just a "mistake" when the picture, item description, model number, specs and everything matches on the website. Which makes me believe even more that they are doing this on purpose and sending out the wrong model (cheaper and a lot less popular/harder to sell). Makes me believe they are trying to run a scam and hoping that you will either accidentally open the box (meaning partial refund), just shut your mouth and stupidly believe that this is really the product you ordered just so they can get rid of a product that they can't sell.

I've honestly never had as bad of an experience from any other company. I'm not going to be a hypocrite here and throw around "mistakenly" wrong images of the company like Overstock does with their items, because I, for one, actually have morals and understand the effects of libel. But I will definitely be warning everyone I can what happened to me, because I would not even wish this on my enemies.

Let the Buyer Beware!
By -

ANYWHERE, MISSOURI -- Let the Buyer Beware! (Austin Reed suit): Overstock.com represents this product with a picture of an American made Austin Reed suit that retails for around $600 (I recognize the suit pictured, as I own one in another color). The suit they send is a Chinese made version that sells elsewhere for around $300, with different lining and different label. (Check the inner pocket and lining as shown in the pictures. The suit they sent to me had a silver-grey lining and a different label.) My attorney called this false advertising and fraud, since it shipped across state lines.

The suit itself (not the lawsuit): The suit was poorly constructed and of thin material. It weighed around half the weight of my other Austin Reed suit (the American made version, bought locally). It did not arrive in its original packaging, and was in fact balled up in the box, and hung on a hanger which advertised a competing brand. I hope potential shoppers read this and understand not only that the suit they will receive is substandard and made in China, but if they still decide to purchase this suit, that they also understand that after adding $60-$100 for tailoring, this is no bargain in any sense of the word at the Overstock price.

Customer service: After many emails back and forth with Overstock'€™s representatives, who first tried to send me another Chinese suit, then another pair of pants (because they couldn'€™t comprehend the written word, I can only assume), their only solution offered was to return the suit. I did so after taking pictures, as my attorney recommended. (There will be no further discussion of this, as the issue is not yet resolved.) After the suit was returned at their request, Overstock offered to refund the purchase amount, but not the shipping cost, and had the gall to add a charge for return shipping in an amount almost three times the original shipping cost.

Needless to say, "that ain't going to fly"€. Conclusion: I have dealt with many online vendors from Amazon to Zappos, but never had such a poor customer service experience, nor felt cheated by the seller. I will continue to shop from A to Z, but will skip over the "O"€œ from now on. I will not be shopping Overstock.com ever again, and will not recommend them to my friends, or to anyone reading this review. P.S. I should have checked their stock performance first (OSTK), as it seems it has been falling rapidly (60 %!) this past year. I do not wonder why.

Just Say No to the Big O
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Rating: 1/51

UTAH -- My wife ordered a couch on Oct 12th from Overstock.com after they screwed up our order on the 6th and we had to reorder the couch again. The woman at Overstock who took the order told my wife, do not take delivery until the couch is brought into our home, set up and to inspect the couch to make sure it is not damaged. I have been waiting for almost a month to get my couch and it arrives tonight on the delivery truck with instructions to only drop it at the doorstep, no set up, no inspection just dumped at the front door.

We tried to contact someone at Overstock and had to wait for at least 30 minutes to speak to someone from management, he was useless and unable to help us, by this time the delivery truck had left and we still had no couch and no refund from overstock in sight, so I don't know what to do. I know BBB is basically useless but I will copy and paste my experience with Overstock to many websites including the Attorney General in Texas and Utah.

I just wanted my couch delivered and set up like they promised and now I have no couch and those liars (Overstock) still have my money and Overstock has done nothing but increase my stress level and still no couch. Overstock is incompetent and unethical.

Overstock Rips Consumers Off
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I used to be one of Overstock.com customer service reps. and have been reading the complaints on this site concerning Overstock service. Here's the scoop: Overstock CSR's are trained to lie point blank. While I was employed with them I receive numerous complaints from angry customers that received damaged goods, wrong orders or just never got their order period and it had already been paid for. Overstock Customer Service reps work from a totally different state than the warehouse okay. At the time I was employed through them our customer centers were in Wyoming and New Mexico, the warehouse however is in Utah.

So any complaints we received had to be resolved by filing a grievance form on the computer. Not only that the orders are paid for we then place the order to the warehouse and a lot of the times that order never gets shipped out but hey Overstock has that little problem covered. When the customer calls in to complain they will tell you that yes it has been shipped and that it was UPS's fault or USPS's fault when the whole time it was never shipped. Now a grievance is filed through Overstock and that takes at least if you're lucky 72 business hours and you'll be lucky if you see your order at all.

As for the orders being shipped to the wrong address well the people at the warehouse itself most of them can't understand or read English - are you following me. A lot of times you'll get something damaged or missing a part yeah good luck getting that resolved. Long story short if you don't want to get ripped off stay away from Overstock. They lie to get your business, once they've conned you into ordering they couldn't care less about whether you get your merchandise or not. And as for their refund policies I had customers that would call me and complain that they had been waiting 6 months for a refund or exchange and had never got it.

You're better off staying away from this company. I know people who quit cause of the dishonesty of this company's business practices including myself. Let me make myself clear I am not a disgruntled ex employee by no means. I just believe that if you are going to spend your money on something you should get exactly what you ordered as seen on the site, not some cheap or damaged version of it. Nor should you be penalized, i.e. restock fees for asking for a refund cause it didn't fit or cause you received damage goods from the warehouse.

And in no way should you be lied to when you call into a call center to request as to where your order is or for a refund or anything else. You are the consumer it's your money and you have a right to be treated honestly and fairly. That is why I quit this company. Cause in my opinion if Overstock actually cared what people thought or the fact that they lose good customers everyday because of the crap they dish out, they would listen to their customers and do what they had to to make it right . However this not the case with Overstock. They need to change how they operate.

King Size Bed Missing Part of the Bed
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered king size bed from Overstock.com and waited more than four weeks to receive my shipment. At the delivery day, the time of delivery supposed to be between 11am to 3pm, and I was told I will get a call 30 minutes before arrival time... no that never happened! I took time off from work 4pm. Still no call or no delivery. I called the delivery company after half hour later I was told they are running late, they will be there soon. Now 5:30 the delivery man shows up, we ask them to open the box for verification before they leave because that's what Overstock told us to do, no! They say no they don't do that, they are just here to drop off the boxes.

We signed their delivery form without knowing what's in the box... We start opening the boxes now we are missing all the screws and pins to put the bed together, the manual/instructions, and the head board of the bed. We aren't sure if we have all the pieces because we don't have a manual telling us what should be in the boxes. When I called overstock.com they told me they will get back to me in two business days. When I asked to talk to a manager I wasn't able to and when I asked to talk to the corporate I was told they don't have a phone # they only have email... 45 minutes later still no one to answer my question why I was missing part of the bed.

I went online and searched for corporate # and called the # finally someone sounded like they will help me... Boy!! I was wrong! The next day the gal called me back to tell me I should have everything and that to check all the pieces. The delivery company don't have it. Then she tells me they don't have the items I'm missing in stock any more. She said they can return everything and will give a refund! At this point I am very frustrated and upset.... I have removed my old furniture and empty my room and purchased new staff that matches this bed and she is telling they don't have the item any more.... there is nothing they can do.

At this point I don't trust anything they say I'm actually worried if they are going to pick up the staff and give me a refund. The gal told me she will call me back some time today to let me know when they will pick the staff and give a refund. I went to their website and the bed is available it is not out of stock! I'm so disappointed! Such a horrible customer service!! O.com doesn't care about customer satisfaction they just want get you off the phone and out of the way! They don't care about losing customers. I advise anyone not to make a mistake purchasing anything from them.

This is the first time in my life I am posting compliant online. I am very disgusted about the treatment I received by o.com!

Longest Delivery Ever...
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Rating: 1/51

This is what $1,146.99 gets you at Overstock… I ordered a couch through Overstock on 01/02/15. Now I know what BigO means because I've been sitting here wondering “O” where is my couch. It's 02/05/15, and the couch just arrived. I called multiple times to understand why shipping was taking so long in the past weeks. Incremental weather. Finally, yesterday the shipping company called and said they would contact me tomorrow about delivery. I said "at what time?" The lady on the phone kept just saying tomorrow.

I ask her about the "4-hour-delivery window" and she rudely responded that "yea we have a four hour delivery window" and continued to prompted me that they would call 20 min before arrival “sometime" tomorrow without providing any indication to what time that would be. I tried to communicate that I would be at work all day, and that I work 20 min from home, and if she would provided a bigger indication of what time it would be delivered. She finally agreed that they would call a whole 30 min beforehand. Still no window. So frustrated, I agreed.

Today, I got a call during an important meeting. The gentleman on the phone said "we are with the shipping company, and we are 20 min out from your house." Seriously? Anyhow, I dip out of the meeting rush back to the house, sign for the package and head back to work. I just got home, pulled the couch out of the box, and there is a foot sized hole in the bottom of the thing. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any company. As a high ticket item, I would expect much better service. The couch was only being shipped from within the US and took over a month. It shows up damaged.

I just called to inform Overstock. The customer service representative never even said sorry. He just asked me would you like to return for full refund. I told him I would like a replacement couch, but not if I have to wait another month to get it, so I'll take full refund. I posted my experience and share with friends and family in hope that people will shy away from contributing to a company that has no respect for its consumers and pitiful customer service. Would think I ordered a couch from Comcast.

Don't Buy on Overstock
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been an online purchaser for a long time and I stick with my regular and reliable stores, rarely do I buy from Overstock.com but on this occasion there was this bed I wanted. Well the large bed headboard was sent in packaging only fit for a pillow, so inevitably the package was very damaged, a whole corner broken off and two large cracks in the top. Terrible, but it happens and that's why there is returns assistance... or so I thought.

First my returns submission vanished, then customer service insisted that I return the 3 heavy boxes to a UPS store by myself (already helped the UPS driver bring them in as he came on his own and they were too heavy). Then they told me I wouldn't be refunded for up to 2 weeks, then they told me I would expect a home pickup one day in the next 2-10 days which suggests I stay home every day. This was disgraceful and everyone else who goes through this must stand up to them. Finally they agreed to refund the money in 1-2 days and an inspector might be out within 10 days to view the damaged item, I got this in writing from 2 online chat agents.

Needless to say they lied and I have no money and just a broken bed... The fight continues, do NOT buy from OVERSTOCK. So refund promised today, didn't arrive today... so guess what, back on to customer service and again they extended their time frame and guess what... it''ll be in my account tomorrow... again!!! So I asked them where I get my lawyer to contact and she just ignored the question, I repeated it time and time again but she ignored it. So finally I gave up and said I guess I'll have to find out where my lawyer contacts by myself... still no refund.

I don't want a smashed up bed, I want them to take the bed back and refund my money... guess what, they just ignore everything I say or ask. Overstock has turned into a scam!

Filtering Negative Review Is the Same as Lying About Your Products Quality
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE, UTAH -- I purchased a $5,100 couch from Overstock based largely on the glowing reviews. I assumed a couch at this price must be a good quality since there wasn't a single negative review. Since we as consumers are buying these products site-unseen the reviews are a major factor in whether someone does/doesn't buy. You must trust the company you are buying from to be open, honest and ethical in allowing reviews, even negative ones, to be posted.

Overstock clearly is none of those things. I have attempted on 5 occasions to leave a review an honest, unemotional, review, each one was rejected. It is far worse to only allow positive reviews than it is to have no reviews at all. That is a COMPLETE misrepresentation of the products you are selling. My review spoke in detail about the quality of the product, from a very informed perspective and was rejected not once but five times.

They cited the fact I mentioned the shipping, which was out of their control, but every single positive review on their site currently for the product also mentions shipping but they let those get posted as they are 5 stars. I feel robbed and cheated in this whole process. This is purely unethical and I will go to great lengths to insure all potential Overstock consumers are informed about this practice of filtering out negative reviews. Buyer beware.

Additionally I called to try to cancel the order before receiving the shipment since the date of the shipment kept slipping out. The Overstock representative on the other end of the line convinced me to accept the delivery by telling me, repeatedly, that if I took delivery a manager would call me back and compensate me with a credit I could use on future purchases. They did not. I took delivery based on that promise, which they broke, and I ordered based on reviews that they have manipulated to misrepresent the product.

Amusing explanation of Overstock.com "lowest price" guarantee
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- This is the online "help" chat I just experienced:

Welcome to Overstock.com's Customer Service Live Chat! You will be joined with a chat representative as quickly as possible. (Less than 2 minutes)
Welcome to Overstock.com Customer Service, you are now chatting with Anderson.
Anderson: Thanks for visiting Overstock.com. This is Anderson, how can I help you?
you: I was just going to order a Garmin 550 gps and I happened to froogle it and found it for $100 less on the compuplus.com website.
you: then I read your low price "guarantee"
Anderson: I'll be glad to help you with your concern.
Anderson: To help you better, can I have your order number or email address please?
you: that if I CHOOSE to purchase it from you
you: for $100 more
you: I MAY BE ELIGIBLE to receive the diffwerence as a store credit?
you: LOL
you: are you there
Anderson: Just to reconfirm, have you submitted your order?
you: no, luckily I did not...or I would be furious.
you: but I was ASTOUNDED to realize your low price guarantee is meaningless
you: I always believed you had the lowest price
Anderson: Let me help you that.
you: a few dollars off I could understand..but $100???
Anderson: Can I have the catalog number of the item you are referring to?
you: Catalog #: $799.99 $239.99 $560.00 (70%) 10480943
Anderson: Are you referring to the 'Garmin StreetPilot c550 Automotive GPS System' for $239.99?
you: compuplus has it for 159.99
you: yes
you: and $25 off for using online banking.
you: their shipping is 14.95 yours is 2.95
you: they do not chg sales tax to MD either
you: you do.
Anderson: We do have a Best Price Guarantee policy.
Anderson: I'll provide the steps to claim for the Best Price Guarantee.
you: its identical mdse brand new in stock
you: what?
you: I should pay you $100 more
Anderson: Please click at the Best Price Guarantee logo at the product page.
Anderson: Just below the 'Best Price Guarantee' logo, you can find the link that states as "Found it cheaper?Let us know."
you: for a $100 gift certificaTE?
Anderson: Please click at that link that says "Found it cheaper?Let us know."
you: I did
you: and its CRAZY makes no sense
Anderson: As you've not yet placed the order, please select the option as "NO".
Anderson: A 'Best Price Guarantee' form will pop up.
you: pay $100 more
Anderson: : Just fill that form and submit it.
you: and MAY BE ELIGIBLE for difff in store credit
you: I did already
you: no one responded to me
Anderson: Our Specialized Representatives will check it and update the correct prize in our system.
you: when?
Anderson: *price
you: I wanted to do biz w you.
Anderson: Could you let me know the model number of the GPS in compuplus.com website?
you: yes hold on..
Anderson: I'll standby.
you: Garmin StreetPilot C550 GPS Navigation System - 010-00522-00 Model # 0100052200 Receiver: New high-sensitivity WAAS-capable GPS receiver by SiRF Display: Automotive-grade, sunlight-readable, anti-glare TFT LCD display, 2.8"W x 2.1"H (7.2 x 5.4 cm); 320 x 240 pixels, with touch screen
you: Garmin StreetPilot C550 GPS Navigation System - 010-00522-00 Model # 0100052200 Receiver: New high-sensitivity WAAS-capable GPS receiver by SiRF Display: Automotive-grade, sunlight-readable, anti-glare TFT LCD display, 2.8"W x 2.1"H (7.2 x 5.4 cm); 320 x 240 pixels, with touch screen Click for Price Average Customer Rating: 4.58 out of 5 Item is brand new and in stock
you: Comp-U-Plus low price: $159.99 We occasionally sell our products at prices lower than the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When we do, we can only display our sale price here. You can expect tremendous savings when the product you're viewing does not display the advertised price. Comp-U-Plus low price: $159.99 We occasionally sell our products at prices lower than the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When we do, we can only display our sale price here. You can expect tremendous savings when the product you're viewing does not display the advertised price. We occasionally sell our products at prices lower than the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When we do, we can only display our sale price here. You can expect tremendous savings when the product you're viewing does not display the advertised price.
Anderson: The Model number of the item in our site is Street Pilot C550.
Anderson: To satisfy the Best Price Guarantee credit:
Anderson: The product must be purchased from Overstock.com.
Anderson: The product must be the exact same make, model, and color purchased at Overstock.com.
you: GARMIN STREETPILOT C550 GARMIN STREETPILOT C550 GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM - 010-00522-00 See Full Description Item is brand new and in stock Usually ships in 1-2 Business Days 2 million satisfied customers since 1993 15 years of internet sales 100% customer satisfaction guarantee All items factory fresh with a full USA warranty 30 day money back guarantee Click For Lowest Price Tell a friend GARMIN STREETPILOT C550
Anderson: The merchant offering the lower price must have the product currently in stock.
you: they do
Anderson: The online merchant must be an established site, as determined by Overstock.com.
you: they are established
you: they have a 5 star rating
you: with over 10,000 customer reviews
you: Item is brand new and in stock
you: this is all cut and pasted from their site
you: identical model in stock brand new
you: that I was ready to order from you NOW
you: but id be a fool to order it right now..when your total comes to $100 more
Anderson: I do understand that.
you: I feel foolish even notifying you..but id hope you'd assure me of a match..because I will tell others of this incident..
you: or even cut and past this chat in someones blog regarding overstock..
you: I'm not threatening..
you: but this is not like a $5 deiff in price
Anderson: I'm sorry you feel this way. We do have 'Best Price Guarantee' for the items listed on our website, however, you can fill up the form for it only after you have purchased the item from us.
Anderson: If you would like to purchase this item now, I can help you with $25 discount on it.
you: 25 off what your price?? or 159.99??
Anderson: Yes, I'm offering $25 off our price.
you: they offer $25 off their price for purchasing w an on line check.
you: so I think I will copy and paste this chat around the web..and let other potential buyers see your policy.
you: and this is nothing against you personally...
you: its OVERSTOCK>
you: boy I was fooled, all these years
Anderson: I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused to you. If you would like to purchase this item now, I can help you with $30 discount. If you think this item can qualify for our Best Price Guarantee credit, you may apply for it (after purchasing the item).
Anderson: You'll still be charged $239.99 for it (on our website).
you: I am going to post this chat around the web..and I will wait to hear from your so called "pricing representative" I'm xxxx xxxxxxx my email is jxxxxxxxxxn@xxx.com
you: I'm for real....and not a random idiot.
Anderson: I'm sorry, if you feel in that way.
you: when I order shoes from zappos
you: and find lower..
you: they immediately credit the difference to my credit card
Anderson: Please click to view more information on our Best price Guarantee policy.
you: PLUS 10%
you: that's a guarantee..
Anderson: Overstock.com guarantees that our prices are the lowest you'll find anywhere online. You'll know you're receiving the best deals available on thousands of quality products.
you: yours is just jibberish and doubletalk
Anderson: And if you happen to find a better online price out there, and meet the qualifications listed below, we'll give you the difference.
you: I have found it
you: and cut and pasted every detail
Anderson: You can fill up the form and submit it.
you: and you can see it for yourself
you: but unlike zappos
you: you do nothing
you: but suggest that I pay your price..then submit
you: and be at your mercy.
you: that is not good business
you: it borders on unethical
Anderson: Once you place the order, you can claim the 'Best Price Guarantee' .
Anderson: Our Specialized Representatives in the 'Best Price Guarantee' team will review your request and contact you with a response in 4 business days.
you: lol I can order now from compuplus and the unit will SHIP in 1-2 business days!
you: this is going to be very comicaL READING..WHEN POSTED...
Anderson: If you would like to purchase this item now, I can help you with $30 discount.
Anderson: If you think this item can qualify for our Best Price Guarantee credit, you may apply for it (after purchasing the item).
you: I appreciate your offer..and you have been very polite w me and thorough in defining your companies policies...
Anderson: Shall I help you in placing the order with $30 discount now?
you: I will decline that generous offer, under the present circumstances as per the difference in pricing...
Anderson: Please let me know if you've any additional concerns.
you: it still amounts to about $65 more.. no that will be it...and again I thank you for your time.
you: I will cose this window after having cut and pasted to notepad.
Anderson: Thanks so much for shopping with Overstock.com. Have a great evening.
Chat session has been terminated by the Overstock Service representative.

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