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Do Not Order From Overstock!! They Are Pond Scum!!
Posted by StL_Ally on 03/13/2008
MISSOURI -- Please see the following email sent to my mother for a return on shoes she sent to me as a gift that did not fit.

We received your return for the Circa Joan & David Jude Women's Leather Moccasins . A credit in the amount of $17.00 was issued on 3/12/08. This credit will reflect on your account in accordance with the timeframe established by your card provider.

A breakdown of your refund is shown below:

Item price: $ 33.99

Refund Deductions:
Original Discount: $ -00.00
Return Label Cost: $ -00.00
Open/Used Item Fee: $ -17.00

Total Refund Issued*: $ 17.00

*Original shipping is non-refundable.

An open/used item fee has been deducted from your refund because the shoes were dirty. For questions regarding our return policy or for additional assistance, please click here to visit our online Help Center.

Thank you for shopping with Overstock.com.


Customer Care Returns

Please see reply e-mail I sent...
Dear Overstock Customer Service Rep,

This is absolutely ludicrous! Those shoes were not worn or used in any sense of the word. Pictures were taken of those very shoes, box and all at the post office prior to mailing them to your facility. This is something I thought would be in my best interests when I heard a friends horror story about a return fiasco with your company Overstock.com.

How is someone to know that a product they purchased on-line is or is not the product they purchased, shoes in this case, without opening the box? Please explain this to me?

If a full refund is not approved for this return, you will see my reviews on your return procedure and horrible customer service on every review for every item you have on your website, Overstock.com. I will make it my daily amusement to ensure that your on-line consumers browsing with Overstock.com be wary and proceed with caution due to the Overstock.com return 'policy':

"Don't open that package, unless you the consumer only want half of what you paid for it refunded back! Regardless if you used it or not! And you can forget about being reimbursed for shipping it back to us too! We will just resell this product over again and do it to someone else."

I think I like the mantra 'And then some better' but who am I just someone who tried purchasing some shoes. That was obvious to the four (4) people in the room did not fit my foot as soon as they were pulled from the box!

Not to mention the other sites I will voice my concern on. I know you are merely a Customer Service minion but I would suggest that someone get this into the hands of someone that can do something about getting the full refund with in the next 7 business days, including shipping which was $9.75.

In seven days without a full refund and return shipping, I will contact Consumer Reports, I will contact the on-line BBB, I will contact my local news in St. Louis, MO, I will place a nice long babbling conversation on my blog of how my mother was taken advantage of by Overstock.com, just because she was trying to be kind and purchase a gift for me. Oh and hello You-Tube!!!

So, I would simply ask you to rethink the condition the product really was in when 'inspected' by your Overstock.com staff (shoes, in a box for Christ sake)


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Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2008-03-13:
First off, I worked in a shoe store for over 6 years and tell everybody not to buy shoes as a gift because they always go back. Ok i'm done with that.
Second, yes Overstock is wrong, but I am not sure you will get anything out of it from what I read.
Third, you won't get the shipping back, I don't know any company that does that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-13:
You had my interest until you posted:

"I know you are merely a Customer Service minion", that's where you lost all credibility.

Here are some rules you could have followed to help get what you wanted:

• Know your contractual obligations.
• When possible, complain on the spot.
• Stick to concise, relevant details.
• Written complaints generate more results than phone calls.
• Note misbehaving employees by name.
• State specifically how you want to be compensated or have the problem corrected.
• Keep it under one page.

>>>>>> • Be polite. <<<<<<<
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-03-13:
Nothing says "Professional" like this sentence: I will place a nice long babbling conversation on my blog of how my mother was taken advantage of by Overstock.com, just because she was trying to be kind and purchase a gift for me. Oh and hello You-Tube!!!

And making threats to a company isn't a good idea as it won't get you anywhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-13:
If I pony up 17 bucks would you shut up already.

I voted AlleyS >Best Answer<
Posted by bargod on 2008-03-13:
Buying anything online is a gamble and clothing even more so.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-03-13:
Except for the shipping charges I think he has a legitimate complaint. He did, much to his detriment, let his anger do his writing.
superbowl has the best answer.
Posted by TGT101 on 2008-06-14:
It says OPEN/used. If it was worn then it was open. So in terms of policy everything is correct.
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Leather furniture from China
Posted by Montana Girl on 11/15/2007
BOZEMAN, MONTANTA -- Found a supposed leather sofa, loveseat, chair on Overstock.com. Paid almost $3,000.00 for set. It arrived timely as promised, about 6 weeks later. (Wonderful local delivery)

The delivery men and I spent over 30 minutes attempting to locate any type of tag which stated that the furniture was indeed leather. The furniture sure didn't look, smell, or feel like leather. Color was much darker than on site. (Dark brownish red/soft brownish gold) Didn't notice immediately, but the furniture was made of really thin pieces of some type of material (still don't know if it is leather).

Only tags found by delivery people said "Made in China."

Cushion are not removable, any of them. Within about 8 weeks a coating that is also the color (the dark reddish brown finish) started to flake, peel off. Especially near the stitching.

There are multiple pieces to this stuff, like one of those cheap handbags, or purses, or coats that are not made of large quality pieces of leather. Something like 24 on the back of the sofa alone, not counting the arms.

Wrote company in August. (Nice letter) Waited a month, no response. Now I am writing to VISA too, sending USPS Receipt, signature and certified.

Anyone ever heard of leather furniture made in China? Anyone have any ideas about how to get this flaky stuff "tested" to see what we have been exposing ourselves too? The material underneath doesn't smell like leather, kind of light brown like a paper bag.

I have it covered now with blankets, (really nice in a new home). Our young daughter has allergies, and get this, she sat on it while freshly out of shower and got hives all over the back of her legs and bottom side!

As it is said, "You get what you pay for." Truly second rate stuff, not first rate stuff at second rate prices. This stuff is JUNK!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-16:
Contact the local consumer protection office and see what they can do to help you. Take a sample of the material to a furniture store and ask them to look at it.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-16:
I think you are right, I don't believe you got leather. You may have gotten some type of suede or faux suede. I'm not an expert though so please don't take my word for it. Do what passingby said, call your consumer protection agency and see what they can do to help you.
Posted by Montana Girl on 2007-11-18:
What's really funny, is the founder of this company "Byrne" is all over the internet, in articles fighting stock fraud! Someone ought to check out the garbage his company sells!
What does one expect when dealing with a company out of SLC? NOTHING unless you are LDS.
Posted by Montana Girl on 2007-11-19:
There should be laws against companies like overstock.com claiming that you are getting 50-80% off items, when the truth is, you are getting what you pay for and likely less.
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Overstock.com Quality Control Nil
Posted by LizzyLou on 02/13/2006
SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- In December of '05, I purchased a $300 bedding set for the 'amazingly low price' of $159. I don't know how 'amazingly low' it was, but it looked nice and the colors seemed perfect for the room I was doing. After a couple of months of searching for a stupid comforter set,I was pleased! The product was indicated as being in stock with shipping to be initiated shortly. About two weeks later, the overstock.com box arrived, but geez, it seemed smaller than a comforter set should...lighter, too. There was a reason. The box contained a truly hideous ceramic bathroom waste can and matching shower curtain! "Let's see," I thought, "maybe I can fashion the wastebasket into a pillow and the shower curtain will work as a duvet cover!" I emailed overstock.com customer service to initiate a return and they treated me as if I had done something wrong! They told me they would have to check the box upon return to MAKE SURE I WAS TELLING THEM THE TRUTH about my order BEFORE they would initiate sending the right product! Three weeks later, I had received NO comforter set and contacted customer service AGAIN to determine what was going on. They told me my order had been cancelled because they were out of the comforter sets. I was very pleasant, but told them a GOOD thing to do is let a customer know that their order has been cancelled so they won't wait forever for it. (My credit card charge was still intact, too.) I went to the website and guess what, the comforter sets were still listed, and they were still listed yesterday.

Perhaps I made the customer service gods mad by returning the ugly waste can and shower curtain and they were 'punishing' me? Unbelievable. Well, short story long, I went to ebay and found a great comforter combo listed by a very reputable seller with lots of sales and am very happy. It also cost less than the 'amazingly low price' charged by Overstock. The funny thing is that Overstock has sent me two emails to post reviews on the product I never received, and I have sent in both of them taking overstock to task. Don't guess they are posting them, but if their quality control is as bad on their reviews as on their shipments, maybe they are! Count me out on further overstock purchases.

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Posted by TXCraig on 2006-02-13:
I order from them all the time! I have had fairly good success with their value, only one product I felt I didn't get a good deal on. I have ordered sheet sets from them and been VERY happy with the quality.

Sounds like you just got a bad order picker complicated by them being out of stock when the fixed the mess. They should have treated you better!
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Overstock.com is a SCAM!!
Posted by Jewels on 04/06/2005
ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- My boyfriend bought me a $350 diamond necklace from Overstock.com. We rec'd a necklace with an ugly yellow stone in the middle that costs $250 0n their site. We called to find out what steps needed to be taken to return the necklace in hopes that the correct necklace would be sent promptly. Well, they told us that their label machine that generates labels for UPS was down and they would send us an e-mail within a few days with the label. We wanted the necklace, so I shipped it back at my cost. A week 1/2 later they sent the label and we still have yet to recieve the correct item. When I've called to check the status, it's a total run-around. They've even informed me that our credit card will be charged for a restocking fee!! The customer service rep said he would give us a $5 dollar credit for future purchases on Overstock.com. Well, after this nightmare of an ordeal, we'll never use them again. It's a bad deal because my boyfriend does a lot of on-line shopping. Overstock didn't seem to care that they were losing a potential long-term customer. My boyfriend was attempting to do something sweet for me and Overstock.com has turned it into a totally unpleasent experience. I highly recommend staying away from Overstock.com.

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Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-07:
Cheap boyfriend. Tell him to go to reputable jeweler.
Posted by virginiasoreback on 2005-04-07:
Move over; Willie Nelso:Tex is
On the road again:
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is makin' music with my friends,
And I can't wait to get on the road again.

On the road again:
Goin' places that I've never been.
Seein' things that I may never see again,
And I can't wait to get on the road again.

On the road again,
Like a band of gypsies, we go down the highway.
We're the best of friends,
Insisting that the world be turnin' our way,
And our way:

Is on the road again:
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is makin' music with my friends,
And I can't wait to get on the road again.

Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-08:
Willie Nelson's Lyrics to "on the Road Again"? Save us all the agony pleeeez! Biz has way too much time on his hands!
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-08:
Virginia I have stuck up for you a few times, remind me not too anymore. I don't do music. When I am out of town it is for work or pleasure. I guess it pisses off homebodies that stay at home 24/7.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-08:
Siffer is repeating postings = take your meds.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-08:
He is a cheap boyfriend. Next her birthday present will be from an EBAY auction. If you want quality jewelry you go to a jeweler and you know what you bought is real and guaranteed. I guess you buy jewelry online for your wife too = cheap.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-08:
NOT that this has anything to do with the post MINd you....I could care less whether TX travels for work pleasure!(or whatever) You do not know any of us on this site so stop speculating! Pissed off?....I highly doubt it! Try again!
Posted by shopgirl31 on 2005-04-09:
maybe thats why they call it overstock!
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-13:
They buy year-end and store closeouts, it’s not like you will get first quality merchandise or jewelry from them.
Siffer you buy your wife a lot of stuff from Ebay huh = CHEAP ASS HOLE. Used items too = yes.
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King size bed missing part of the bed
Posted by Tdejen on 12/04/2012
I ordered king size bed from overstock.com and waited more thank four weeks to receive my shipment. At the delivery day the time of delivery supposed to be between 11am to 3pm, and I was told I will get a call 30 minutes before arrival time...no that never happened! I took time of from work 4pm. still no call or no delivery. I called the delivery company after half hour later I was told they are running late they will be there soon. Now 5:30 the delivery man shows up, we ask them to open the box for verification before they leave because that's what overstock told us to do, no! They say no they don't do that, they are just here to drop off the boxes. We signed their delivery form without knowing what's in the box...we start opening the boxes now we are missing all the screws and pins to put the bed together the manual/instructions, and the head board of the bed....we aren't sure if we have all the pieces because we don't have a manual telling us what should be in the boxes. When I called o.com they told me they will get back to me in two business days. When I asked to talk to a manager I wasn't able to and when I asked to talk to the corporate I was told they don't have a phone # they only have email...45 minutes later still no one to answer my question why I was missing part of the bed.. I went online and searched for corporate# and called the # finally someone sounded like they will help me...boy!! I was wrong! The next day the gal called me back to tell me I should have everything and that to check all the pieces....the delivery company don't have it. Then she tells me they don't have the items I'm missing in stock any more....she said they can return everything and will give a refund! At this point I am very frustrated and upset....I have removed my old furniture's and empty my room and purchased new staff that matches this bed and she is telling they don't have the item any more....there is nothing they can do....at this point I don't trust anything they say I'm actually worries if they are going to pick up the staff and give me a refund....the gal told me she will call me back sometimes today to let me know when they will pick the staff and give a refund. I went to their website and the bed is available it is not out of stock! I'm. So disappointed! Such a horrible customer service!! O.com doesn't care about customer satisfaction they just want get you off the phone and out of the way! They don't care about losing customers....I advise anyone not to make a mistake purchasing anything from them.....this is the first time in my life I am posting compliant online....I am very disgusted about the treatment I received by o.com!
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Posted by O.co on 2012-12-17:
Hello tdejen,
I'm very sorry to hear about all the issues that you had with the delivery of your bed. If you send your order information to social@overstock.com we would be happy to see what we can do to make this right for you.
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Posted by Tissy321 on 07/14/2011
I ordered a product from Overstock.com at a very low price. Considering their website advertises 80% off, I never once believed the offer could have been “too good to be true.” After ordering the product I called my friend and informed her of the awesome deal I had just gotten. She goes on the website to order this as well and see’s they are out of stock. With hearing that it was such a good deal she decided to locate them on Facebook. Once there, she noticed someone put up a post asking if prices were correct. The moderator for that site informed them that there was a pricing error and everyone should hear something very soon on their orders. 12 hours later I receive an email that states my order was canceled due to either ME canceling or them lacking enough information to process my order. Well, I didn’t cancel and they had enough information to already take the money out of my bank account and send me an email. Their excuse was a pathetic lie. Well, shortly after I get another email with the subject line of “Opps”. That email did explain the error but never mentioned when my money would be returned and no offer to rectify the situation. A third email then comes stating I can check my account for further details and all money will be returned. Well… still didn’t tell me when MY money would get back to me. I fully believe prices should have been honored. My local grocery store honors their prices. And really, Publix will give it to you for free if it rings up incorrectly.

Before the emails started I also “liked” their Facebook page to stay updated on what was going on. Someone posted a link to BBB on there and I made a comment under it. The post was deleted. I asked why this was deleted and the moderator explained they didn’t know what I was talking about and never seen a link and they welcome any and all feedback posted to their page. The person re-posted the link to BBB at that time. Well, now all of the posts have been deleted. So there’s lie number 3.

Lie 1 = They told us a certain price and then went back on that price.
Lie 2 = Blaming me for their error!
Lie 3 = Deleting posts on FB.

Please do your research into this company before buying anything from them. They will not honor their name. Google had an issue with them spamming to make their posts show up at the beginning of the search engines and there’s a lawsuit forming against them from CA right now. Not a reputable company at ALL! They genuinely do not care about their customers.
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Posted by idontthinkso on 2011-07-14:
Added a link to BBB just to tick em off.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-14:
You may choose to want it another way, but online price errors are NOT honored like they are in a brick and mortar store if the item is mismarked - it is totally different. In every case I have seen, the company simply cancels the order. Many companies have a disclaimer in the fine print to this effect.

As far as your refund, it can take several days to get an electronic refund, due not only to individual company procedures, but the manner in which these transactions are processed.

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-14:
I've heard of this happening with other companies, and orders were cancelled. It must be a bummer to get excited thinking you are getting a heck of a deal, only to find out later that it was a mistake.

I just ordered from Overstock for the first time, by the way. Didn't have any issues to speak of.
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Posted by Ncaraveau on 07/27/2009
I ordered a ring from them as a gift, paid for overnight shipping ($40), which took three days. It happened to be the wrong size, so I called to see if I could exchange it and was told that they will not do exchanges for wrong sizes or colors. It would also cost $5 for the return shipping label and an additional $10 for a Jewelry Inspection Fee. So if I decide to send it back I would have paid around $55 for nothing.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-27:
Try selling it on ebay. Always, always, always read restrictions, polices, etc when purchasing from discount websites.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-27:
It's pretty easy to have a ring resized at a jewelers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-27:
I agree with Ken, especially if the ring's too big. Always easier to size smaller than bigger.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-27:
It's also easy to check your ring size before you order. Thus avoiding this problem all together. (You can print out a ring sizer from Overstock)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
Overnight shipping is NOT Overnight delivery UNLESS stated.

You got the item in 3 days. Don't complain about that. They do not refund for you choosing the wrong color or size. Lots of jewelers won't. Just take it and have it sized at any jeweler.
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Something is wrong with this company
Posted by Calikrypto on 10/23/2007
I ordered a Magellan Triton 2000 GPS unit which is hard to find right now. My order was shipped and I received it a few days later. Awesome so far... until I opened the box. Upon opening the box, it was found that Overstock had shipped me a $200 digital camera instead of my $500 GPS unit. I called the overly pleasant Overstock customer service department. The operator informed me that the digital camera was sent BECAUSE the item that I ordered was out of stock. Huh? I questioned her statement and repeated to her what she had just told me. She again stated that because the item that I ordered was out of stock, they had sent me the digital camera instead. She did not understand why I was questioning what she had just told me. I am supposed to receive a return shipping sheet via email which takes 1-2 days to receive. I hope this is the end of this story and everything else goes good in regards to returning this item and getting my $500 back. I will NEVER do business with Overstock again and I will tell everyone I know not to do business with them either.

After searching the internet recently, I found that my story is not an unusual one. If you search, you will find example after example of horror stories being told about the service of this company...

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Posted by Principissa on 2007-10-23:
Let me get this straight, they sent you a digital camera instead of the GPS unit you paid for because it was out of stock. Why not just e-mail you and say that the item was out of stock. I hope you get your money back.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-10-23:
How bizarre. I've heard all kinds of stories, but never one like this. They've probably got some fine print somewhere on the website that allows for "item substitution".
Posted by nascarmom55 on 2007-10-24:
I had a very similar incident happen to me. I ordered a Timex Ironman watch for my son for Christmas. When I received the box and opened it, I found a watch VERY different from what I had ordered. When I called customer service they informed me that the Timex I had ordered was out of stock and I could wait for more to come in, of which there was no guarantee that more would, keep the watch I was sent or return the watch and get a full refund. I opted for the refund, which only took a couple days to be credited to my account. Not an overall BAD experience but frustrating when you order one thing, receive another only to be told the orginal item was out of stick and they take it upon themselves to send you something else instead of notifying you and finding out what YOU want to do.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-10-24:
Nascarmom, at least you ordered a watch but received a different watch. Ordering a GPS and getting a digital camera is like ordering a TV and getting a toaster instead.
Posted by rascal on 2007-11-06:
I have the same thing going on with O right now...Bought a $490 torchiere lamp from Overstock 2 weeks ago & was thrilled when I arrived home to a large box waiting for me on the porch. Thrillled that is, until I opened the box and found it wasn't what I ordered. btw I wouldn't have even opened the box if there was some indication, say a taped on packing slip, a photo on the outside of the box, that would have provided a clue to what was inside. Clearly this is where I was wrong, I coulda woulda shoulda refused delivery according to Overstock. Evidently Oversuck has psychic powers far beyond mine....they can see into unmarked boxes from Utah to PA, knowing upfront the customer shouldn't have opened them. Makes one wonder if O knew what was in the box.

Sigh, And with the comment that I should have refused delivery on an expected item in an unmarked box, the fun with Oversuck begins. Live chat is useless, it took 20 minutes for the bot to determine my name and address. The live chat replies seemed copy and paste, the responses often didn't align with the question.
me: "when will the correct item be sent?"
them: If we do not receive the original item within 30 days, we will charge your credit card for the full price of the replacement item.
me: hello? (5 minutes pass)
me: hello? so when will the correct item be sent?
(10 minutes pass)
them: "Can you please confirm your zip code?"
me: "Again, my zip is 12345, when will the correct item be sent?"

During our live chat O claimed the item purchased was no longer in stock even though it was listed in stock, still available for purchase on the site. The O bot promised a return label but it's been 5 days. Yes, I have followed up, right in line with the definition of insanity, hoping for a different result.

Oh, and I did receive a repeat email from O stating they'll charge my credit card for the replacement item that I received. Keep in mind they've already charged me for the more expensive item they did not send. If these idiots think I'm paying 2x for the wrong lamp, they've got another think coming.

My issue is far from resolved and it's been a week of back & forth customer is always wrong emails, live chat and phone banter with no resolution. Best of luck to anyone doing business with this company. You're better off to refuse delivery, do a credit card chargeback.and look for the item locally.
Posted by rascal on 2007-11-06:
Whinex, According to O there is no item substitution. I asked for a similar lamp when they sent me the wrong item after claiming the original item was out of stock. 1. it wasn't, still available for sale on their site 2. they had a ton of the same style lamps to choose from.

O's reply: "unfortunately, we are only able to exchange items for the exact same size and color if the item is received damaged. We do not allow substitutions."

Doesn't seem to make any difference when they select *any* item from the shelf to stuff into the box though...

Posted by donald on 2013-12-25:
i experienced the same thing ordered a pair of winter boots for my girlfriend for christmas didnt open box to check item out i wrapped it and christmas morning she opened it i was suprised as her face drooped no boots not her size a pair of granny shoes about 3 sizes too small for her overstock thanks for messing this up after reading the same of reviews never ever doing any kind of business with you people ever again this is a ridiculous business practice and you people need to be ashamed of yourselfs sincerly donald hoffman derry nh
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Buyer Beware!...So Called "Serta" Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Posted by Jwren on 07/12/2006
I was so excited to get this 3" serta topper, but when DHL dropped it off on my front porch I couldn't belive my eyes.
The box wasn't even taped shut, the topper was falling out of the box. It was not vacuum sealed, it was wrapped in saran wrap and not completely covered, the top of the pad was exposed and it was just loose in the brown box. There was a small logo of serta taped to the saran wrap, looked like someone just copied it from a copy machine, and it was a very bad copy at that, it was not how serta would sell their product. I called overstock immediately and was first told that was not how I should have received it and they offered to return it for a refund, then I was transferred to a supervisor and she informed me that the item was not vacuum sealed and was only wrapped in plastic, she said that the box should have been taped though.
Well in the meantime I did some checking and called and alerted Serta about the experience and was told that Serta doesn't even make toppers. I will never order from Overstock again! What a scam! Buyer Beware!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-07-12:
Did you let Serta know about this? I'm sure their legal department would love a link to the web page selling the "Serta" toppers.
Posted by scrappy1 on 2006-07-12:
Then maybe she ought to also send the llinks for all the other stores that are selling them. Including Sams Club and JC Penney. I love people who just make things up
Posted by jwren on 2006-07-13:
Well even if Serta does make a topper, (which I guess the one person at Serta that told me they do not, might have been incorrect) this is NOT one of them, they would not package their items like that in saran wrap with a logo that was so distorted from overcopying it. They are selling a cheap knock off and trying to pass it off as Serta, and yes I have brought it to the attention of Serta. They are investigating it. I have photos of the packaging and the label to support my findings.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-13:
Overstock by any other name equals "liquidator". As a result, only technologically removed from a coupla guys in dirty overalls, in an old truck, going door to door selling "bargains". Not a hallmark for quality or reputation and a sure stimulus for somebody's working BS indicator. Good luck!
Posted by footballguru on 2006-07-19:
I am very happy that I read this because I was just considering ordering from them. I was also wondering how they can afford to offer products at the huge discounts. I hope this gets out to more people.
Posted by Noneill on 2006-07-19:
Well Serta products don't impress me. Our expensive king size pillow-top mattress went flat in a matter of a few months. We've tolerated it for 3 years now. Need to replace it but I am so afraid of making another expensive mistake.
Posted by cosmicaura06 on 2006-07-28:
My experience is almost exactly the same! The package arrived yesterday - box was torn in half & the mattress was wrapped in cheap saran wrap. I have to agree - the Serta label looks like a cheap copy and it's just stuck on there - no directions, labeling, materials, etc... Not what I would expect from Serta AT ALL! The foam looks dirty and discolored, plus there are deep gouges all over it - disgusting.

Interesting point - according to the DHL (who delivered the package)tracking info, the mattress was sent by Leggett and Platt Inc. A cursory google search shows it to be involved in the furniture industry, but no connection w/ Serta as far as I can tell.

Suffice to say, I've asked Overstock to pick up this hunk of junk and refund my $$. This is my second experience buying a higher priced item from Overstock and receiving subpar products. I think from now on, I'll stick with a more reputable and consistent vendor from this point forward!
Posted by mocean on 2006-08-17:
First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment on your experience with Overstock.com. I was looking at one of the "Serta" toppers when I stumbled across your posting. I spoke to Overstock.com and they stated that they received the product from Legget with the Serta label on it. The FTC rules state that retailers are supposed to be diligent in verifying information like this, especially when it's been brought to their attention that something might be amiss. I checked out Leggett and found that they do in fact, produce many products as components in other products sold at retail. I'm awaiting a response from them as to whether or not they manufacture toppers for Serta. I expect the answer to be yes. I'm not surprised that Serta doesn't have the toppers on their web site, as that is not where they make their money. At the same time, I'm concerned about the condition of the toppers when you and the other person received them.

While I'm not sure yet, I think this product is okay and the description is correct. At such a bargain basement price, I'm not surprised the toppers don't come with the official Serta logo. I suspect these are Leggett overruns that Overstock.com got their hands on. I do think something needs to be done about the shipping issue so when I order mine, I will take steps to insure mine come in mint condition and well packaged. I have the comments in here to thank for that.

Serta might have been mistaken in telling you they don't sell toppers, but I am still very grateful for your comments. Thank you for taking the time and making an effort to keep the rest of us safe from Internet abuse.

I'll let you know when I hear back from Leggett.
Posted by jwren on 2006-08-17:
Just an update...I reported overstock to the BBB and they responded with an offer for $25 off my next order (I already got the full refund)...but as I told them before I would not be ordering from them again so that was useless...but here is the funny part, the offer was only good for 12 hours... just another little example how they just don't care about their customers or their reputation...As I said before...Buyer Beware!!! Enough said. :) Good Luck to all!
Posted by jwren on 2006-08-17:
FYI: I also wanted to add that overstock did not send DHL out here to pick up my topper as they promised, they told me it could take two weeks or longer to get them back here to get it, I said bull! I called DHL myself and demanded that they come the next day and get this junk off my front porch as I would not be liable if it was stollen as I was leaving for vacation and could not babysit the topper... DHL was quick to respond and bill overstock, never once asked me to pay for the pickup. So if any of you do order one, be sure you do the same if you return it, or you may never get them to pick it up... I have read other stories that they are very bad about picking up returns...
Posted by mocean on 2006-08-18:
As promised, please find Leggett's response below regarding their production of toppers for Serta.


Yes, we do manufacture high density foams as well memory foams for
Serta. We do not manufacture any Latex foam at all.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Keith A. Mauldin
Leggett & Platt Inc.
Director of Retail Sales
200 Brozzini Court - Suite G
Greenville, SC 29615
Phone: 877-550-3626
Fax: 864-286-8738
email: keith.mauldin@leggett.com


Since I was interested in 100% Natural Latex (lasts about 30 years) and not any of the man-made memory foam toppers (last 10-15 years). I didn't buy anything from Overstock. I did discuss their shipping issues regarding this product and they were very apologetic. There is little they can do outside of trying to correct a mistake when it happens. I guess they don't always succeed in that area either, but at least their advertising is accurate. Those memory foam toppers are indeed manufactured under the Serta label by Leggett.
Posted by hibiro on 2006-08-20:
Coincidentally, I visited a mattress store. The salesman (who was also the owner and was definitely not some uninformed new hire) sold mostly Serta mattresses. I was asking some questions about the only memory foam mattress there and asked who makes it. He told me it was some other brand and that Serta does not make Memory Foam. So, there you have it.

Also, only TempurPedic makes the original Memory Foam. There are several knock-off versions of Memory Foam; just go to your local Target. They sell so-called "Memory Foam" pillows for 30 or so bucks while the genuine pillows are 80 or 90 bucks.

Those companies that make the fake Memory Foam aren't really infringing copyright, though, because they are not claiming to be the TempurPedic company and don't use the same exact type of Memory Foam.

Now, when someone slaps a Serta sticker on a mattress topper and makes money selling it, though, that IS copyright infringement and SOMEBODY is going to get the poop sued out of them. Whether that is Overstock or the "company" slapping the Serta stickers on crappy mattress toppers.
Posted by FundsRecovered on 2007-05-05:
Hibiro- did you even read the posts before yours? Serta is the "Named" manufacturer and done so legally by an affiliate manufacturer. Serta probably does not actually even produce any of their items wholy but assemble the parts others manufacture. The recent Menu pet foods recall is a prime example to uninformed consumers that most of the parts or ingredients for the finished products we buy being offered from many manufacturers all have the same roots! Also, large companies poorly package items all of the time and Serta nor it's affiliates are not exceptions! Lastly, there are many companies manufacturing memory foam and it is memory foam by definition. It may vary or may not vary in performance from Tempur-pedic and might be made slightly different. Reagrdless they are all still "memory foam" bacause that's what the product does. Considering all of the different memory tops at Overstock.com have over 700 positive reviews from consumers with ratings over 90% positive I would have to assume since this site is a place to vent you are hearing from the few who had bad experiences. Maybe John Doe at the warehouse was disgruntled that day because the boss yelled at him for being late so he packaged some items poorly and these guys received them? I am not sticking up for Overstock or anyone else but your comments were so ridiculous I had to say something.
Posted by GoodAsGold on 2007-10-04:
Yes, Leggett & Platt makes the memory foam that Serta uses in their mattresses, as well as their innerspring system. (A proprietary product called Miracoils (continuous coils.) Legget & Platt also makes just about every coil system you've ever slept on, including boxsprings/foundations. I would think that Overstock.com advertised the memory foam with the Serta name because everyone recognizes it. Who knows about Leggett & Platt except people like me who happens to know a lot about mattresses. And, they weren't really "lying", per se. Serta DOES use this memory foam in their mattresses. They just don't personally manufacture it. No big deal. Half the products we use are like that. Read the small print sometime.
Posted by doesresearch on 2008-01-09:
Let's settle this- they weren't lying AT ALL: L&P marlets these products under license for Serta - Leggett & Platt To Market Serta-Branded Sleep Comfort Systems Products
Tuesday, April 05, 2005 By: Furniture World

"Sleep Comfort Systems, part of L&P’s Urethane Division, has announced an agreement with Serta International to introduce a Serta-branded line of foam sleep pillows, toppers and other specialty sleep products."
SEE: http://www.furninfo.com/absolutenm/templates/News.asp?articleid=4960&zoneid=8

And BTW, for the price it is an incredible product! I challenge u to find anything even close in the price range offered by Overstock. You don't get a cadillac when you pay for a Hyundai, but Hyundai ain't half bad :)
Posted by doesresearch on 2008-01-09:
And one more for you ; as to Overstock's bad Customer Service. Somehow I accidentally ordered a twin instead of a king, but didn't even look and opened the package. The site clearly stated it couldn't be returned after opened and the rep parroted that, but I asked for the supervisor , who merely asked if I used it and when I said no, gave me an RMA ; not unusual to have to ask for a supervisor, but I was treated courteously and my problem was easily resolved.
Posted by SellPro on 2008-02-29:
What a bunch of whiners & conspiracy theory whacks! The Scion Xb is a Daihatsu, half the appliances under Sears brand name are or were Bosch, some of the Mercedes Benz S and E Class parts are Siemens (crap American products) and Hyundai, a lot of Honda motorcycle parts are actually Hensim Chinese parts… SO WHAT? I don’t have the topper but I have the Overstock 8 and 10 inch Memory foam beds made by Leggett & Platt. They are phenomenal. I have had one for 4 months. Not a single hiccup and 3 times softer and more comfortable than one of our tenant’s bonafied Tempur-Pedic mattress. I have not had a better mattress. We own 2 Serta high-end model regular mattresses and a Sterns and Foster. This $350 mattress is more comfortable. The company has been around for over 100 years.
When you buy a topper for what equates to $19.95, what do you expect? It doesn’t matter who makes it. It’s going to be crap. Now the boxing issue is another story. Who knows about that. I doubt it was Leggett that has anything to do with that.
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Stay Away From These Crooks
Posted by LOCK3481 on 10/11/2011
BRISBANE, CALIFORNIA -- Do not buy from these crooks. I foolishly placed an order with these people. They sent me a completely different item from what I ordered. The item that they sent costs less than half of what I paid them for the correct item. I spoke to two very unhelpful people in their customer service department. They both refused to issue a return for the item. They are refusing to return my money too. Now I will have to fight them through my credit card company for their fraudulent business practices. Stay away from these crooks.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-11:
I'd like to have better details as to what the merchandise was supposed to be and what was shipped. It will be interesting, too, to find out what happens when you try to dispute the charges. Let us know if you're successful.
Posted by O.co on 2011-10-20:
Hi LOCK3481, I'm a member of O.co's social media team and would like to express our sincere apologies for the error. Please email your order information to social@overstock.com and we will be happy to help you.
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