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Broken Stoneware, Refused to Honor Guarantee
Posted by Jomiaurija16 on 12/07/2009
I have been a loyal Pampered Chef customer for 17 years and have spent hundreds, perhaps thousands on their products. Many times, when a consultant enters my home, they are "wowed" by how many Pampered Chef products I own. Last night, one of my large pizza stones cracked in half on my kitchen counter.

When I called the customer solution department, I was told that there is only a three year warranty on the stoneware. I was told by many consultants over the years that the stoneware has a lifetime guarantee. That if a piece of stoneware broke, you only had to contact the company, send in a piece of the broken dish, and Pampered Chef would replace the dish.

I am very disappointed in your new warranty. I will now take my business elsewhere.
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Posted by pcdirector on 2010-02-05:
I'm sorry, but that is not a new policy that has always been the policy with the stoneware. The consultants have told you wrong in the past about it being lifetime. The only lifetime guarantees are on the knives and cookware.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-05:
3 years is still generous for a piece of cookware. I don't know of another company that has that long. You said it cracked on the counter...was it from a hot oven to a cold counter or towel on the counter? I always set my pot holders on the oven rack for a couple minutes to warm them before I put them on the counter. That way my hot stone is not getting placed on a cold surface.

Also, is the cold stone going into a hot oven then into colder air/cold counter again? Too rapid of temperature changes can cause cracks and breaks in the stone.

I have several stone pieces and never had a problem. But, I figure that once it is out of warranty, with the amount of use my pieces get, if I do have troubles I have more than got my money out of them. I would just buy another.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-02-05:
"I was told by many consultants over the years that the stoneware has a lifetime guarantee." Doesn't mean they're correct. They get compensated for how much you spend, most are inclined to lie about it.
Posted by Kaya on 2011-07-29:
Used to be a consultant for Pampered Chef - Stoneware has "always and still is" only a 3 Year Warranry Item!!! Check your catalog and you will see this....
Posted by RiffCatz on 2012-02-11:
Your consultant probably didn't go over the rules of stoneware when you bought it from them. There's things that you have to remember when using stoneware. Such as:

1. You have to place it directly on a cooling rack because that works the best. Otherwise it will crack from being put on a cold surface or stove.
2. You cannot place anything cold on it once it's hot because that will cause it to crack. The only way it'll ever crack is if you don't follow the instructions of using it properly. We love the stoneware mainly because it's nonstick so the more you use it then the better it gets. It has a 3 year warranty. PC will not cover it if it's a fault of your own such as if you place it in a drawer below a stove that also has heat go down in that drawer from the oven because PC will not cover that. If you don't properly wash it. You are only supposed to use hot water and the scraper it comes with it on the Stoneware.
Posted by JustSayNo2PC on 2013-01-24:
Also, for a lifetime guarantee, you need to have your receipt and order number. They have a VERY antiquated Oracle database that was supposed to have been updated last year (knowing their IT dept, I am 100% sure it was not completed on time) and it is hard for them to retrieve older orders. So ALWAYS keep your receipt as you will need the order number and date.
Posted by kimhugo on 2013-03-25:
Three of my Pampered Chef stoneware pieces have cracked. My deep-dish covered baker which I have had for over three years, but have use3 only 4 or 4 times, has cracked. I have followed manufactureres directions in preparing and cleaning it and all of my stoneware pieces, but still it has cracked. I expect more than three years from such an expensive and rarely used piece. I used to rave to friends about Pampered Chef stoneware. From now on, I will warn them against it.
Posted by amyeliz on 2013-05-03:
I have the 9x13 baking dish. It cracked two ways. I use it often and also thought it had a lifetime warranty until I asked a rep. On the bottom it tells you what year it was made mine dates back to 1993. I guess I can not complain, I used it 10 years. But the rep said they don't make that dish anymore. I looked at the catalog and on page 11 Letter M 13x9 rectangular baker! $40.00...not sure what she was looking at. Not sure I will spend that kind of money on something with a short warranty.
Posted by Tracy on 2013-06-20:
My pizza stone cracked while it had a homemade calzone on it IN THE OVEN. (nothing frozen, no extreme temp change) I had it more than 10 years but likely only used it 3-4 times a year. I am very disappointed that there's no lifetime warranty. I expected MORE than the return I'd get at Willams-Sonoma. I was mistaken...
Posted by Ruth on 2013-06-28:
I sold PC from 1999-2001. I have 18 pieces including the gingerbread set that I purchased during that time. Not a single one has cracked. I have followed the rules that RiffCatz referred to.. I say this not to say it was the posters fault it cracked, I have heard of many instances where something cracked and the person followed the guidelines. I just wanted to point out that the stoneware can last along time. The area that IMO the poster erred is taking someones word for it. So you are not going to buy what is very good quality products from a company because you trusted their sales people. You might as well not buy Tupperware, Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Arbonne, or products from the many direct sell companies that sell the following products.: cosmetics, wellness products, home d├ęcor, kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps, etc. I mean I have been misinformed by a ton of direct sellers - trying to get a sale. Thats not to say that they are all dishonest. I know many direct sellers that would be horrified to hear if their downline or upline were dishonest. The problem is people, like this poster trusting sales or customer service people in general. Always make it a point to read the documentation from the company. If there is no documentation avoid the company. In customer service situations get it in writing, ALWAYS keep your paperwork, I still have my original receipts from 99-01 for my lifetime stuff. (I have other PC stuff) I am not connected to anyone at PC- haven't bought any pc stuff for 8 years. So I am saying this with no bias. I don't trust sales people or customer service people. I get what I need in writing, and I double check everything. It may be just a little extra work at the time. But in the last 2 months I have saved over $600 dollars on mistakes by sales and cs, because i had it in writing, kept the paperwork, and had double checked it. One receipt I kept for 5 years. Totally worth it. My advice for anyone in this predicament. don't cut your self off from quality by trusting the wrong people. Trust your self by being informed, reading what your signing and protecting yourself.
Posted by Theresa on 2013-10-06:
I had the large bar pan, I took mine from the oven in 3 pieces. I have loved it. Very sad it is gone. But loved it, will definitely purchase another one.
Posted by vicki on 2014-02-18:
I sold Pampered Chef many many years ago, back when any consultant could attend the "national" conference in Chicago, which I did and from the stage the executive directors told us that the stoneware had a lifetime guarantee. That came from the top of the line. They may have changed their policy and that's fine, but that is what it used to be. As a consultant I helped people send back stoneware that had broken or was cracked (only a small piece needed), along with their receipts and they received a brand new piece.
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Cheaply Made Items
Posted by Happyinreno on 03/16/2005
RENO, NEVADA -- In November I purchased a chopper from my pampered chef party I hosted. While taking it out of the dishwasher the chopper slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor, where it broke into pieces. I was amazed that an item that supposedly is made of quality could break so easily. So I then contacted Pampered Chef regarding the warranty that they provide with their products. I was told that because it had fallen then it is not covered under the warranty. I can understand if it was mistreated but for an item to fall into pieces like it did showed me that Pampered chef products are made of poor quality and they don't stand behind their products as well as they claim to. I have purchased many more items from Pampered Chef previously, and I hope they will last.

Think twice before you purchase something from pampered chef. Most of their items are sold on chef.com and William Sonoma which by the way are usually better priced at these stores than Pampered chef and of better quality.
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Posted by mariah66 on 2005-03-20:
I love Pampered Chef products. There was only one product that I had bad luck with and they have an improved model out now. Everything else has worked wonderfully.
Posted by tashap on 2006-07-09:
I am amazed that I would find a less that perfect review concerning the Pampered Chef. I find it hard to believe the chopper broke by dropping it. I have two myself, and trust me I have dropped them both a few times, and I have never had any problems. For those of you that are interested in the products, please do not be turned off by this bad review. I am a consultant, and I have a large number of people that could and would tell you that our products, when handled in the matter in which they were intended work VERY well, and ARE NOT cheaply made.
Posted by freelancr on 2006-11-17:
Anything, regardless of quality can break when smashing into the floor. Keep in mind that the Pampered Chef Food Chopper comes apart for cleaning purposes, so I doubt that all your "pieces" were broken pieces. I simply don't believe your complaint. Pampered Chef ALWAYS stands behind their products and the Food Chopper is one of the top selling items...consistently and I have NEVER heard a complaint. If they replace Stoneware for three years regardless of how it broke, I am quite sure that if you followed proper procedure they would have replaced your Food Chopper as well. Some people aren't happy unless they have something to complain about. Incidentally, Williams Sonoma products are FAR from less expensive and no better in quality, and furthermore, their warranties and guarantees are no better. They are a French company, so go ahead and send your money to them if you want. By the way, Chef.com can't offer a warranty on Pampered Chef products. Are you sure you didn't get your Food Chopper there?
Posted by ceilbaby on 2007-09-07:
Yes, I too had a chopper that broke into several pieces, and not it is not the parts that come apart. When I called Pampered Chef, they told me to go back to where I purchased it, which was at a party 2 yrs before, I did not know the person, I should not have to go back to where I purchased, they should stand behind every item they produce. Don't get me wrong I have probably have 30 items of theirs, but the service you get after it breaks, you are screwed....
Posted by old fart on 2007-09-21:
Do not fall nor give impact! (Chinese instruction manual)
Posted by armywife on 2007-11-05:
I have a PC chopper and it is the second one. On the 1st one, the notches on the clear plastic guard broke off. I had been washing it in the dishwasher also. They do say that it is dishwasher safe but my experience with dishwashers has lead me to believe that it depends on the dishwasher. We have lived in a lot of military quarters with well used dishwashers. Some of them have done real damage to my dishes. My second chopper does not get put in the dishwasher and I haven't had any problems with it breaking. My theory is that some dishwashers get hotter than others and cause certain items to become brittle and thus they break easier.
Posted by Sue Doe-Nim on 2007-12-07:
I have a video that sums it all up.


Watch their pan burn me.
Posted by grumpy old lady on 2008-01-08:
I agree that Pampered Chef items are made with cheap plastic that easily shatter and the customer service is terrible to top it off. I bought a $50 relish tray only a few years ago and the lid shattered.....customer service will either not sell me or no longer carries a replacement top.....I don't know which way it is because they didn't bother to call me back to let me know. What am I supposed to do with just the bottom? I've since decided to wrap the top in duct tape and wrote on it "Pampered Chef Replacement Part." I thought that would be helpful advertising for them.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-08:
LOL Grumpy!
Posted by Baxtersmom on 2008-08-10:
Ok so if you bought something similar at any store and the same thing happened would they replace it?
Anything hard plastic or acrylis will break if it is dropped.
Posted by quality lady on 2009-10-12:
i cant believe that there are people justifying the crappy products that pampered chef is producing and charging ridiculous prices for. they get people to guilt their friends and family into buying these "quality" products, charge you overpriced shipping charges, and then when the product doesn't stand up to what they tell you during their demonstration they avoid you and give you the run around when you want a replacement. I have been trying to get an answer from pampered chef support service via email for two weeks whether or not their products have a warranty and they just keep giving me the run around and don't answer my simple question! I have been waiting for a replacement can opener for FIVE months and the representative that i gave it to at the last pc party i was at wont answer the hostess's phone calls. after a month of use the $40 can opener (with tax/shipping) required you to go around the can twice before it would cut the lid off. thank god i didn't throw out my five year old, $10 starfrit can opener that i bought at wal-mart! I know i could return it to wal-mart after a month if it quit working properly! I think the other posters are just wanting what i want from pampered chef, QUALITY PRODUCTS we certainly paid QUALITY PRICES so why are they not standing behind their products? I agree that a quality chopper should be made from material that can withstand dropping it on the floor. Its a chopper! not a wine glass! People please don't be fooled by pampered chefs fancy demonstrations! Ask what their warranty is! Ask what your getting for their high prices! They shouldn't hesitate to justify why their prices are so high. And ask why every individual persons sale is subject to high priced delivery charge when the hostess gets dropped off a box of orders and its her responsibility to deliver the goods to her friends and family!
Posted by Bee99 on 2009-12-15:
I have heard people say that pampered chef sells products that you can find at Walmart, target, Williams Sonoma or bed bath and beyond for way cheaper. So I checked it out and found that most Pampered Chefs products are about the same price as other stores. The products usually had no more than a 5 dollar difference in price and pampered chef has a minimum 1 year warranty on all of their products.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-15:
bee, I work at Walmart and we do not carry Pampered Chef. You can only get it by ordering from a consultant.
Posted by Lola44 on 2011-11-01:
Ladyscot - she is not saying that PC is sold at Walmart she is saying that similar products that PC sell can be purchased at other stores. And she is right!!!!
Posted by LisaLu on 2011-12-30:
I have to agree with those who are complaining. PC products are overpriced and then you have to add the shipping charges. I had one of the choppers and after a couple of years, the disk that fit around the blades cracked. I spoke with the consultant that sold it to me, because I had remembered the lifetime warranty. She told me that there was a warranty, but that the product had been changed and that the part that broke was no longer available. I would rather buy something of real quality from a cooking store, or buy a cheapie that I know I will have to replace every few years.
Posted by RiffCatz on 2012-02-11:
Quality lady- Are you kidding me?? You said in part of your comment :

"thank god i didn't throw out my five year old, $10 starfrit can opener that i bought at wal-mart! I know i could return it to wal-mart after a month if it quit working properly!"

First of all You probably have the older can opener that PC used to sell. The new one sells for $20.00. Yeah it's 10 bucks more than your 10 dollar Walmart one is but the pampered chef can opener comes with a 3 year warranty. Name one company out there that has a 3 year warranty on a can opener?? Also 95% of Pampered Chef products are under 50.00. Pampered Chef makes very affordable products. Also Walmart gives you a hassle on every return. Plus mostly all of their products they get from CHINA.
Posted by RiffCatz on 2012-02-11:
-LisaLu, Really? to address your comment here's where you're misinformed:

The food Chopper PC sells the warranty is good for (3) years and not lifetime. Also name one store you can walk into with a broken food chopper 2 years later and tell them that you want a new food chopper for free? Every item PC sells comes with instructions and proper usage. Failure to follow proper usage voids the warranty. This is like any product you buy. It's just not with Pampered Chef but with any company. I know my Sister and Law has owned a food chopper for over 5 years and it's working fine.

Pricing- You have got to be joking me on this one. Pampered Chef products aren't overpriced. In fact 85% of the catalog is under $40.00. Through the entire catalog Pampered Chef puts how long the warranty is good for in a colored circle under or next to each item they sell so you always know what the warranty is. How are their products overpriced? Sure you can find a cheaper food chopper but it'll be complete junk and won't come with a 3 year warranty. Plus buy any product in the store today and try to return a pan at say Kohl's, Walmart, Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond years later. Guess what?? You can't. You have to call up the company and hope you get a replacement sent to you. Pampered Chef you speak with someone who can Speak English and it's a better experience.

Shipping- It's only $4.75 if you order with a consultant for any size order big or small. Most companies charge way more than that for shipping. For a 150.00 order and only 4.75 shipping is quite reasonable. Free shipping is rare these days for companies online.

So overall mostly all their products are budget friendly. Their cookware is a bit pricy but I've seen far more expensive cookware out there. Sure you can buy cheap cookware that is 100.00 for a 12 piece set but it won't last very long. Plus to get the cookware half off you just host a party and you're all set with the price issue. I had someone complain to me also of how expensive the cookware was but then she claims she can bring a damaged pan back to Kohls and get her money back. Well not really because you have to go through the company and not the store.
Posted by wyckedwitch on 2012-04-10:
I need the spring for the salad chopper. So far no luck.
Posted by Jim on 2012-05-14:
I think there a lot of Pampered Chef demonstrators commenting on this site. Face it folks, it's overpriced Chinese made junk. PC should be ashamed of themselves buying junk built by under paid slave laborers in China.
Posted by jthompso53 on 2012-05-14:
I think there are a lot of Pampered Chef demonstrators commenting here and being defensive. Face it folks, the stuff is junk made by cheap labor in China. Pampered Chef should be ashamed of using cheap slave labor in China to produce their products.
Posted by mzkmann on 2013-07-22:
Wow, a lot of haters he dispensing personal ridicule to the original poster. He/ she simply comments about her bad experience with the food chopper and PC's customer service and she gets chastised and insulted left and right here. Like one responder said, must be several PC home reps here.

My wife accidentally dropped (like a few posters here) her food chopper from the countertop to the floor. The (what I'll describe as) two-section plastic cover on top disintegrated from the main chopping mechanism. She and I both tried to reattach it, but to no avail. Seems a couple of prongs had broken off. She swept the floor and there they were.

My observation is that considering the price of plastic PC items such as this, they shouldn't break that easily when they accidentally fall to the floor. It's not like she was doing a quality control test and she intentionally dropped or propelled it to the floor. It dropped with minimum velocity.

I've got an older Black and Decker Handy Chopper Plus that I MUCH prefer to this overpriced/hyped item from PC. I've managed to break off a prong or two from it over the years and it STILL works. And in my opinion does a better, quicker job without any physical effort - other than pushing a button.

Anyway, my wife called PC Customer Disservice describing the problem (thinking that possibly there was one of PC's famous warranties still in effect) and was told that she may purchase a new one right then and there. NO offer for a discount, etc. You might think that a company such as PC might (just might) offer some kind of customer satisfaction and ensure some future business by offering SOMETHING...anything. But, no...NOTHING. Do we want to buy another one at full price and pay s and h? Heck no! They're all over ebay for half the price or less!

I'll advise my wife to not go to another one of those silly parties again for overpriced, overhyped junk.

What a racket!!!

Ok, bring it on, haters.
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Lifetime warranty - not so
Posted by Gidget123 on 04/05/2010
After spending $400+ on Pampered Chef pots, that are about 5 years old, I needed to return a couple of them for replacement. Basically my family skillet had a black unremovable spot right in the center and was no long flat, rather the center was out of shape. My small and medium saute pans were releasing the black coating. Still under my lifetime warranty and with my receipts, I called and send them in for replacement.

Well, the lifetime warranty isn't so. According to them, they look at your returns, do tests and a team decides if it is manufacture's defect or if you simple "misused your pots". Don't fall for the lifetime warranty pitch, I have written the company and have demanded a copy of the tests and the results that lead to their denial to replace my pot.

I was a loyal PC customer. Now just a very disappointed one. No more business from me.
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Beware Of The Warranty - They Don't Honor It!
Posted by Culinarymomma on 04/10/2008
My husband and I purchased a non-stick family size skillet for a little over a $100 from a Pampered Chef consultant. We did this because Pampered Chef offered a lifetime warranty on the pan and glass lid. After using the pan for 3 years the non stick surface came off a little at a time. We use non-stick utensils and do not put our pans in the dishwasher.

Sadly when I went back to get my pan replaced with the lifetime warranty. Pampered Chef claimed that it was passed the 2 year warranty. The receipt very clearly states Lifetime Warranty.

From now on I will buy my pans from Costco - they honor their return policy. AND having only spent $19 on them, I won't feel so cheated if the non stick comes off of these.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-10:
100.00 for a fry pan? That was your first mistake. Likely they have some abuse clause, etc. Warranties these days are virtually worthless - usually just a selling gimick. Additionally, these days "lifetime" may just apply to the "lifetime" of usability of the product - NOT how long you the consumer are going to live!
Posted by MarshPeep on 2008-04-10:
'Lifetime' of usablity of the product? Interesting. Makes sense - it certainly gives manufacturers a very large loop hole. A hole big enough for us customers to hang ourselves.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-10:
Doesn't it just make your skin crawl when one of your friends joins up with one of these home party sell you stuff cults. Another number on the caller id that doesn't get answered.
Posted by MarshPeep on 2008-04-10:
I hear you, PMS! I hate that crap. At the mall, you can always spot one of those sell at home dealers. Because all around them, you'll see a circle around them of ladies ducking, hiding behind pillars or racks, or high-tailing it in the other direction. Nobody wants to run into one of those dealers, they'll try to make you have a party selling more of that sh*t.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-04-10:
Ugh, my sister is into these things called "purse parties". They try to get you to buy all these designer bags and then have parties and sell them to you friends and family. She'll call up and ask me if I want to buy a purse at least 3 times a week. First off, I don't carry a purse. I have a messenger diaper bag for the kids and I put my wallet in my pocket. Second I'm not spending no 300.00 bucks on a purse just because your my sister.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-04-10:
We had some "friends" that would invite us over to "parties". They were always some sort of buy/sell party. Once they said they were having some art party where things would be on display. Come to find out it was their cousin, and they were selling the pieces... and of course everyone was encouraged to support the artist! Another time they had a craft party... and all the products were from their Aunts and cousins... and expensive!

Needless to say we learned very quickly to stop attending this "parties"... we couldn't afford it!
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-04-10:
I don't carry a purse either (Well here to work I do because I can't wear clothing with pockets). I still get the oddest looks when I go someone and they have to inspect my bags (concert venues). I always get, "Where is your purse?" Uh, I don't.carry.one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-10:
I love to cook. I have numerous pots, pans, and skillets costing over $100. I also have a number of gadgets made by Pampered Chef. They seem to be of 'good' quality and I've not had to try to use a warranty claim. The poster may try telling the seller (the one hosting the party) about the experience. A good friend would want to know that their product does not meet the expectations of their friends.
Posted by TNT8385 on 2008-04-10:
I think maybe that particular skillet they bought was just for 2 years and not a lifetime warranty item. Maybe some of their items are covered under a lifetime warranty, but not this one. That's my opinion.
Posted by WolfAtRest on 2008-04-11:
Many items you buy now have "Lifetime Warranty" on them but instead of your lifetime it's the "expected lifetime" of the item that's covered. A lot of tools come with this and if you're lucky it's for more than about two years. If you look at that warranty it should say in the small print whether or not it's for the lifetime of the pan. It's just a big gimmick to get you to pay way too much for something that otherwise you'd just go to Wal-Mart and get a cheaper version of.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-04-11:
I'm in agreement with your comment, Ghost. I wouldn't pay that price because I'll get the 6" fry pans at KMart or Target for $3.98--and toss them when they start showing wear. The amount of cooking I do, it isn't worth it to me. However, a member of my extended family is the Executive Chef at a Morton's location. He pays more for a small sauce pan than I pay for a Microwave oven! Calphalon is another brand he buys whenever his wife will let him bring another pot or pan into the household.

I too would tell the person who hosted the party. They should be aware of the probably one in a couple hundred fry pans sold that it's inferior. They could probably do something about getting a credit/refund, also. Two years seems like a short 'lifetime.'
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-11:
I bought a new set of stainless, heavy duty pans, that were on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond, for $159 in December (and I used a 20% off coupon). They have copper bottoms and, so far, have been wonderful. The last stainless set I bought was about 30 years ago! The set was normally $250 (Emerill brand). Nothing sticks to them and, if it does, it easily comes off. I looked at Costco (my first choice) and they didn't have anything that I liked at the time and I did get these cheaper than anything they had because of the sale and discount coupon.

Don't buy non-stick pans. The coatings deteriorate and it is being found that the substance they use to coat the pans is very unhealthy. If you use a medium heat (as recommended) to cook, hardly anything ever sticks. If you buy one good set of pans, they will last quite a long time. If you hardly ever cook, they will probably last a life time.
Posted by ChefHays on 2008-06-18:
The Pampered Chef used to sell cookware that had only a 2-year warranty. All the cookware that has been sold in the couple of years has had the lifetime warranty. And it is for the lifetime of the user, BTW. I'm a Pampered Chef consultant and I've contacted the original poster directly to offer my assistance. If her receipt says that it's the Professional or Executive Cookware (with an "L" in the guarantee section), then the company WILL replace it. I've helped dozens of other customers replace broken stones, broken food choppers and a few pieces of cookware. The only time the company does not replace an item is if it is past the warranty period.
Posted by ChefHays on 2008-06-18:
The Pampered Chef used to sell cookware that had only a 2-year warranty. All the cookware that has been sold in the couple of years has had the lifetime warranty. And it is for the lifetime of the user, BTW. I'm a Pampered Chef consultant and I've contacted the original poster directly to offer my assistance. If her receipt says that it's the Professional or Executive Cookware (with an "L" in the guarantee section), then the company WILL replace it. I've helped dozens of other customers replace broken stones, broken food choppers and a few pieces of cookware. The only time the company does not replace an item is if it is past the warranty period.
Posted by Ashley1616 on 2009-05-14:
ChefHays is right..the Pampered chef had the Generation II pan set with ONLY A 2 YEAR GUARANTEE.. if it was professional or executive they would have replaced it. You should check what you have before you try and bash the company because if they looked up your order and told you it was a 2 year guarantee then you have the oldest set and it had ONLY A 2 YEAR GUARANTEE!!!!!!!
Posted by tigerpilot on 2009-06-29:
This is a company with a very poor level of customer service as evidenced by way too many postings all over the place. The "Consultants" need to get their acts together and beat up on the company before they have to switch to Avon.
Posted by susie on 2012-04-03:
I bought the stone cookie sheet and it cracked ,when I contacted the company I was told it was no longer covered under warranty that it was paSS THE TIME .
Posted by nomorepc on 2013-02-28:
I purchased an entire set of cookware plus extra pieces 15 years ago before I got married because the consultant said the items had a lifetime guarantee and the non-stick coating was manufactured in such a way that it would never flake off. I called Pampered Chef as the coating has started to flake and was told this set only had a 2-year guarantee. I NEVER would have purchased the set (and all the other pieces) for a 2-year warranty! They didn't even have the professional cookware at that time, so I know I wasn't "confused" over which items had the warranty. Perhaps my consultant was very poorly trained, but that's quite a misunderstanding! I guess at least now I have a good reason to say no if someone hits me up for a party!
Posted by Jerry Mitchell on 2014-01-07:
Pampered Chef's lifetime warranty for professional cookware is just fools bate. They have setup nearly impenetrable barriers to getting a settlement, including incredible wait times for contact call, failure to follow-up and not returning em-mails and voice-mails. I had the same result with both the company and the local consultant.
If you plan to pay their incredibly high prices for the
lifetime warranty, save your money.
Posted by Deanna on 2014-03-06:
I bought the professional set with the lifetime warranty. But they will not honor that warranty regardless of what they say. I agree do not pay there inflated prices. Only good thing is I got it at a discount with hostess benefits but still too much if they are not going to honor their warranty that brag so much about. Worse customer service I have had in a long time. I had ordered some things last week to help out a new consultant who is a daughter of a friend. Unfortunately, all the items will now be returned as I will not buy from a company who does not honor their warranty on their products.
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Posted by Susie99 on 10/14/2012
Over the years I have purchased Pampered Chef products and have really enjoyed them. at the party I was told there was a lifetime guarantee on the products also. A couple of months ago one of my bar pans broke in half in the oven. I called the lady that was the representative at the party and she now tells me that it is only a three year warranty. Funny how the warranty changes after you purchase the product. She was nice enough to replace it this time but told me that when you cook on it you can't have frozen meat on it and you can put frozen pizzas on it and you have to have the pan full on it etc. Well this certainly isn't told at the party is it. I would never have purchased these very expensive products if I had of known all these things about them and then the warranty changes. I really like the products and if the truth had of been known would you really sell as many items at a party that you do. I have read the comments on the warranty of your products and maybe as a company you should realize that we are not lying when we tell you that we were told that it has a life time warranty and maybe there should be a paper in the box or stamped right on the box that you need your receipt and there is only a THREE YEAR warranty not LIFETIME.
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Posted by Kay on 2013-09-26:
I also thought there was a lifetime warranty. One item I bought was the soap dispenser. Shortly after I bought it, the top began to stick, I have to manually pull it up to make it dispense soap. I called the company and was told to run hot water over it! It didn't help, by the way. No more pampered chef for me!!
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Cheap Products Made in China With Cheap Labor
Posted by Jthompso53 on 05/14/2012
Just about like any of these home party marketing schemes Pampered Chef comes in at the bottom of the pile for low quality, overpriced junk made in China. Little of it is actually made in the U. S.A.

I purchased a vegetable peeler recently. You can tell it is cheaply made by the feel. A better one can be had at Walmart for about 1/4th the price. All of the stoneware is overpriced and again can be purchased at Walmart for 1/2 or better. Stay away from Pampered Chef junk.

Premier Jewelry is another rip-off with junk jewelry made in China. The markup is tremendous with at least 4 levels of sales people getting a big chunk of the markup. Stay away from home party junk.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-14:
I have a couple of ice cream scoops in different sizes made by Pampered Chef. I bought them online, not from a home party. They have "Made in China" labels on the bottom, and are stamped "Stainless".

I have had them for 7 years and they work great and are a pleasure to use. I have no idea about the labor used to make them, but I do know that China is a critical player in the world economy.
Posted by whythelongfaces on 2012-05-14:
Just because you do not like it doesn't mean others don't. And what does China's labor economy have to do with anything? The same Chinese junk can be found at the Walmart.

I happen to like both PC and PJ. I have several pieces of both, and a closet full of Partylite.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-05-15:
i have several pampered chef items, and i am not impressed. the quality is not there.

very helpful review!!
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Baking Stone Shattered in Oven
Posted by Oksue on 02/07/2008
MUSTANG, OKLAHOMA -- I have never written a review before about a product, but was compelled to write this one in the hopes that it would save someone from wasting their money on a defective product that the company obviously needs to discontinue. I only used my baking stone about four times before it shattered into several pieces while baking a frozen pizza at 400 degrees. You better believe I was quite shocked and upset. I followed all of the use and care instructions of the baking stone to the T so the only thing I can conclude as to why this happened was that the product is defective. (The instructions stated that there was no need to preheat the stone to put a frozen pizza on it.) Upon doing some research I came to find out that this problem was not unusual. I tried to obtain a refund from the company but was told that they only offer a 3 year guaranty with the baking stones. There was no such warranty info/limitation included with mine when I purchased it. I don't like to do business with a company that does not stand behind their products if they are defective.

You better believe I will never purchase anything from this company again!
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Posted by thensider on 2008-02-07:
how old is it? your outside the 3 year warranty period?
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-07:
I have a pizza stone and use it about 3 times a month. Were you heating the stone in the oven or were you putting the frozen pizza on and then putting it in the oven?
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-07:
I have a pizza stone as well, not pampered chef brand, mine says to heat the stone a little before putting my pizza on it. Were you just placing it in the oven? I always put the stone in a cold oven and then preheat it. I'm curious as to how you were using it and cleaning it. I'm not saying that you are at fault at all, if you were using it according to pampered chef's instructions then it was clearly defective.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-02-07:
I have a pizza stone I've had for years (at least 6) and it's a Pampered Chef brand. I always pre-heat mine prior to putting the frozen pizza on it. I would suspect the one you had was defective...
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-07:
My wife would know better, but I'm pretty sure we had one of these that busted in the oven as well.
Posted by oksue on 2008-02-07:
I purchased the stone in 1999; however, rarely used it. About a month ago, I decided to heat a frozen pizza on it. I preheated the oven, then placed the stone with the frozen pizza on it inside the oven as this is the directions per Pampered Chef. It did not shatter until the pizza was just about done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-07:
Mine needs to be placed in the cold oven, and preheated along with the oven.

It's not PC brand, though...
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-02-07:
I wonder if there was a chip or maybe a hairline crack? This may cause it to break.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-07:
I've always preheated the stone along with the oven, if you were using it per their directions, then there was most likely a defect in that one.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-07:
Leela that's what I have to do with mine. I have to actually put the stone in a cold oven, preheat it, and then it says to put the pizza on after the stone has preheated. To wash it I have to soak it in clean cold water, with no soap, and dry it overnight on the counter on a wire rack.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-07:
I don't have the pizza stone, but I do have the stone bar pan. I use it all the time and have never had a problem. I purchased the pan about 4 years ago, I no longer have the instructions. However, I remember the PC lady recommended we keep it in the oven at all times so that it preheats with the oven. That's pretty much what I do.

It's too bad that this happened to your stone - I'd be angry too. Personally, I love all my Pampered Chef products, especially the spatulas.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-07:
Just checked out usage/directions of the stone on PC's site. They do NOT require preheating.

Sounds more and more like a defective product.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-07:
From a pure physics standpoint a stone has a greater chance of cracking putting a cold pizza on a preheated stone than it does allowing both to heat at the same time. That being said from a culinary standpoint one would want to preheat the stone first as to achieve a crispier crust.

I think MSCANTBEWRONG & of course my sister leela probably has the best answer on this one.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-07:
I thought it was defective. It's a shame that it's outside the warranty/guarantee period. It's not the poster's fault it was defective.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-02-07:
Agree 100% Princi...I would think mine would have shattered by now as I use it quite often and always preheat it...well heck, I never do things quite right but "I can't be wrong" LOL...
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-02-07:
Well, the stone in question was eight years old. All it would take is a chip or crack while in storage to weaken it. Everything PC I have bought has always been very good quality. I wouldn't condemn their whole product line over this issue.
Posted by oksue on 2008-02-07:
Even though it was 8 years old, I can assure you that there were no chips in it. If there was a hairline crack, then it was there when I bought it. I take very good care of everything I own and took very special care with this product knowing that it was fragile. I had it stored in a divided cabinet in a section all by itself--where it sat the whole time I owned it. I don't know if not using it for such a long period thus the age of the product was the cause or what, but to me it was definitely defective for this to happen. I just don't think it is right for a company to not stand behind their products. I do appreciate all of your comments on this. It makes me feel better to know that people will read this and can use their own judgement in purchasing this product. I just didn't want anyone else to go thru wasting their money like I felt I have.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-02-07:
Stand behind their products? You had it for 8 years!
Posted by oksue on 2008-02-07:
Even though I had it for 8 years, I only used it 4 times. Since it seems to have been defective and they still SELL the product, it should have been replaced.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-02-08:
I am sorry, oksue. but four times in eight years? We don't even have a stone, as we get along quite well with a metal pizza pan. To expect any company to guarantee a product for eight years because you claim to have only used it four times is just wrong. I never saw a company guarantee anything for the number of uses, but for a certain time, and three years is more than generous in a world where 90 days seems to be pretty much standard. I have to go with the company on this one.
Posted by forjenns on 2008-02-08:
I have owned 4 PC stones over the last 15 years. My first bar pan, cracked when I pulled it out of the oven. I have not had any problems with any of my other 3 stones, 1 i have had for more then 6 years. They do have a 3 year warranty and you have to have the original receipt to return so I just replaced. I have never felt their products are sub-quality.
Posted by oksue on 2008-02-15:
All I can say is that from my experience, I'll never buy another one. I feel that the product is evidentally defective/poor quality. Buyer beware!
Posted by pcmom2boys on 2008-02-24:
Although you are not required to preheat your pampered chef stones. It does state that putting cold food on the stone & then placing it in a hot oven will cause it to shatter. As for the warranty it says right in the catalog that the stones have a 3 year warranty.
Posted by mobomofo on 2008-05-15:
Hot stone + frozen pizza = temperature shock

Never, ever, ever introduce something hot to something cold unless directed to.
Posted by Pinkspy on 2009-12-11:
Mine did the exact same thing. Just blew up into 7 pieces while in the oven at 400 degrees! Im glad it wasnt on my counter with my children around.
Posted by momtothree on 2010-01-27:
The other issue to consider with the stoneware is the ratio of food to stone. If you're cooking a small pizza in the middle of a large round stone then it's more likely you might encounter some breakage. You want to be sure that the stone is covered by food over 2/3 of it. I've had a couple of pieces of stoneware break from PC (it's the only stoneware I've ever owned) and each time it was due to my own error (or my husband's).

Also, I have a similar cabinet that you do - I can imagine how it would be possible for it to be bumped over 8 years. And as others have said, 8 years is quite a long time to expect a company to replace an item.
Posted by ang5785 on 2010-04-15:
The Pampered Chef Warranty and info is below:
- Do not preheat stone.
- At least two-thirds of Stoneware surface should be covered with food to avoid thermal shock.
Always evenly distribute food over Stoneware surface; avoid clustering foods.
- Do not place dense, frozen food items (chicken breasts, pot pies, roasts or chops) on Stoneware
Always thaw dense, frozen food in refrigerator prior to baking.
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Defective Pampered Chef products
Posted by Doc77 on 03/02/2008
REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Pampered Chef stoneware baker three years ago. The first time lifted it out of the cupboard, it broke in two in my hands. If I hadn't held on to both pieces, the knife-sharp edges could have severely injured my bare foot. I have tried for three years to get a replacement or a refund from several Pampered Chef representatives, but because the original rep quit and the item is no longer made, I have received nothing to date.

Around the same time, I purchased a Food Chopper. The chopper blade became dull and unusable after only a few uses. I was told later that I should have purchased a special chopping board from Pampered Chef. I have yet to receive a refund or replacement. A representative says she is still waiting after three months for Pampered Chef to respond to her inquiries regarding both of the aforementioned items.

Then in November 2007, I purchased a Rice Cooker Plus. While cooking brown rice in the microwave according to Pampered Chef instructions, the cooker suddenly melted and released noxious gases. I could barely breath and had to open all the windows in the middle of winter to get the fumes out. If I hadn't been standing in the kitchen, my home could have caught on fire. As it is, my expensive microwave oven is ruined.

Finally, the first time I used the Mix 'N Masher to mash potatoes it broke.

I have been cooking for 40 years and have never had similar problems with other cookware. I have heard that other customers have had similar problems with the same defective and even dangerous Pampered Chef products. The fact that I could not find a way to communicate with Pampered Chef directly and my representative has apparently tried for more than three months to no avail, indicates to me that the company is not concerned about the health, safety, or satisfaction of its customers.

I would like to be contacted by someone who could help me get my money back for these items.

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Posted by Tonkey on 2008-03-02:
I have a hard time believing this story, because you would think after the first product you purchased was a dud, you wouldn't buy any other products from them. However, maybe you bought them all at one time?
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-03-03:
if the item is no longer made, how can you expect a replacement?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-03:
Wow, you've certainly experienced a lot of faulty products from Pampered Chef. One must wonder why you continued to purchase them. Anyone that has had that many problems should receive some sort of compensation from the company, especially if they are guaranteed. I wish you luck. I have never had those experiences, I love my Pampered Chef items, but have never had to use the guarantee to get a replacement.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-03-03:
My friend has a kitchen full of Pampered Chef products and has never had an experience like yours. She's used the guarantee once on a pepper grinder, and that was it. I hope Pampered Chef comes through for you in the end.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-03:
Why don't you contact them via the web?

Posted by moneybags on 2008-03-03:
If you can't get satisfaction, write to the owner of Berkshire/Hathaway, owner of Pampered Chhef
Warren Buffett
Omaha, Nebraska

It's really a shame that Buffett puts up with this and expects his customers to. Just try working for one of his companies. Awful!
Posted by Mrs. Fantastic on 2008-03-03:
You were waiting on a replacement or service for 3 years, THEN you purchased additional items? Doesn't make much sense to your complaint. I personally love pampered chef and all of the ease their products bring to my kitchen! Best of luck.
Posted by TLC29 on 2008-03-05:
um, did you send your products and their receipts back to the pampered chef company? that's what the receipt says, in great detail, to do. they keep extras of discontinued products to replace ones people break, like your stoneware. you should have no proble getting your items replaced as long as they aren't out of their warranty period.
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Warranty changed after purchase
Posted by Neptune4 on 11/05/2012
I have used Pampered Chef products for many years, continuing to purchase them, although they are more expensive than local stores, because I believed in their quality. However, I have found that the company does NOT stand behind their products, nor do the honor the warranty they sell you the product under.

I purchased the deep dish baker several years ago. I have used it approximately 10-15 times. Today it cracked in the middle after heating. I didn't panic, because I KNEW I had a lifetime warranty on all Pampered Chef products and since it was an expensive product, I contacted them immediatelly. Well, now it seems the warranty that was advertised by their representative (who no longer sells pampered chef) has changed from lifetime to 3 years. Who knew that was legal?

The same thing happened when I called about a plastic stir pitcher that melted in the dishwasher (although labeled dishwasher safe). I was told that my water must get hotter than the average dishwasher. Nothing else, we have washed has melted to date.

Anyway, I will NEVER again buy a Pampered Chef product or HOST a party since I no longer say that I have had a good experience.

However, the baking stone I purchased from local department store at a fraction of price and use daily is going strong after 10 year.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-06:
i was never impressed with pampered chef. i too have a couple of their stone cookewares, and the first one i ever purchased i received with chips broke off around the edges. their response, it is stoneware and that happens. on a brand new never been used item? i gave them another try, and the quality of the other items was not any better.

very helpful review, and voted as such!
Posted by olie on 2012-11-07:
Did you still have your original receipt? At the first party I attended, the PC Consultant suggested keeping the receipt in the silverware drawer. I just checked. I have PC receipts dated over 10 years ago, underneath my silverware.

Your original receipt will definitely back up your replacement claim. It is PROOF that the lifetime replacement agreement is still in effect for your deep dish baker.
Posted by Sheri on 2013-08-12:
No Pampered Chef Stoneware products have ever carried a lifetime warranty. The warranty on their stoneware is 3 years.
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Broken products and nothing done
Posted by Upset in Florida on 08/16/2010
ILLINOIS -- Just tonight 16Aug2010 I was baking in my beloved Pampered Chef stoneware as I do so many nights in the week....when I reached into the oven to pull the 9x9 baking dish out and the whole side broke off in my hand. I was shocked and thank God not burned. I screamed and my husband ran to help and reached in to lift it by the other side and the corner broke off in his hand. We finally slid it onto another pan and got it out of the oven. We salvaged dinner and afterward I called the company customer line. That was a joke as I was told suddenly that Pampered Chef now only has a 3 year warranty on the stoneware line. I thought that was crap since all the many years and years I had bought the products that it all had a life time warranty. And Pamela the custermer service representative was rude in my opinion. You would think that Pampered Chef would Value long time customers in this economy especially!! But I guess not! And from now on I will not be singing the Pampered Chef stoneware praises as I have done so often to my friends. And even more so after reading so many complaints here online of people have problems with stone ware pieces. Oh well I to will be out looking for another company to buy such baking stones from.
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Posted by olie on 2010-08-16:
I'm glad you and your husband are unhurt, and that you were able to salvage the dinner.

Do you still have your receipt? I recall that for any warranty to be in place, you need to have your original Pampered Chef receipt. My PC receipts always included warranty information.

I absolutely LOVE my baking stones. I was wary of purchasing dishes because I wondered how in the world I'd scrub lasagna or brownies out of the corners. You are not supposed to put the stoneware into water.

If you can remember the hostess of the party, or the rep you purchased from, try calling her. You may get better results.
Posted by Kaya on 2011-07-29:
I used to sell Pampered Chef stoneware was "never" a lifetime warranty item - always was 3 years......
Posted by teri on 2011-12-22:
re: Kaya...well if it was 'never' a lifetime warranty then the dozen or so consultants whose parties I've attended the past 15 years were all lying. What each of them said...All we needed was 1 piece of the the stoneware w/the Heritage mark to send back to the company. No questions asked. And if it used to be lifetime but now only 3 years, well, just another reason I don't shop at PC anymore. They are overpriced and you can find the same thing for 1/2 at any kitchen store.
Posted by HB on 2012-02-20:
dont worry just about the same thing happened to me with my 9x9 stone. I was making lasagna and the pan broke right down the middle. Thank god I could salvage the lasagna but the pan was not as lucky. I contacted a rep and was told the same thing, only a 3 year warranty. I looked for my receipt but could not find it. I love Pampered Chef stuff but I've had way to many problems with them to count and have learned my lesson to rely on other brands such as Farberware, etc...
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