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Rockcrok Cracking After 1 Year of Use
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Rating: 1/51

BLAIRSVILLE, GEORGIA -- I enjoyed using this EXPENSIVE piece of equipment ($130+) on a weekly basis. I was fixing some stew, heard a large "crack" and found that this dutch oven cracked almost completely in half (although still intact); liquid was running out of its bottom. I have always washed this by hand and my method of cooking exactly followed the crock's instructions.

I sent an email to the company via their "Solution Center" email address (nothing else on their website even vaguely suited my need for customer assistance). I have not even had an automatic response from them. I tried calling, but was on hold for a long time without feedback as to when my call would be answered. Especially after doing more research on the internet, I have no faith whatsoever that I will receive a favorable response to my request for replacement.

Shipping Charges Are Outrages
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I attended a party hosted by a neighbor. Therefore, I felt obligated to buy something. After looking at a selection of overpriced items, I decided on one and placed my order. That's when I found out about the $5.95 shipping charge to have it sent to our hostess. RIDICULOUS!!! Never again Pampered Chef... no more parties for me.

Large Bar Pan Broke In 4 Pcs... And Can't Figure Out Why
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Rating: 2/51

FLORENCE, OREGON -- Was going to start selling PC in 2012. Got the Large kit and soon within a few months decided it just wasn't going to work for me. Now in the kit was a Large Bar Pan... LOVED IT. Until it had broke in 3 pieces they replaced it. Got the replacement. Read any and all instructions and followed carefully. It was great. Then, just before we moved used it in the oven and I heard the sound... It broke in 4 pieces.

Called them today. Not only were they not or cannot replace it because, the 3 year warranty was up... which they did not tell me that they go back to the original date of purchase but, they couldn't even offer the 2nd one at 50% only 20%. With the total plus, shipping it would of come close to the original price of $37.00!!! LOVE PC... But, their customer service is lacking and that could at least give a better deal on this!!!

Smooth-Edge Can Opener Made in China What Warranty???
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Rating: 1/51

So this is what happens when you do a friend a favor. About 5 years ago I hosted a Pampered Chef party so a friend could make some extra money. The company looked great and so did their products. I bought an oil mister, a Pampered Chef Smooth-Edge Can Opener #2758 can opener, and some other items. They seemed to be quality items from a reputable company but was I wrong. The mister leaked after about 2 years and it was a real struggle to have PC replace the faulty product. Customer service treated me as if it was my fault and only after repeated requests and escalating it to a supervisor did they reluctantly agree to replace (one time only) the mister.

Maybe if it had been made better this would never have happened. Always remembering that these products are priced on the high side. When my smooth edge can opener started to fail about a year ago and now will not open anything, I didn't want to go through the same hassle as before with PC's customer service. The only reason I'm taking this time to explain my situation is to make other potential buyers of PC merchandise aware of poor merchandise, curt and unsympathetic customer service, and to make everyone aware of PC's warranty.

Because of the price I assumed that whatever I bought had a life time warranty against manufacturing defect. You all remember the Odd Couple and what Felix said about the word assume. Enough said and thank you for allowing me to rant.

Products no longer any good
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Rating: 1/51

NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Twenty years ago, I bought a PC spatula for $8. Expensive at the time but I loved it and it lasted 20 years without cracking or discoloring. Two years ago, I went to a party and ordered 2 more at $10 each, one I gave to my son, the other to replace mine which finally had seen better days. The first time I used it in sauce it stained. A year later, I went to another party and got several more for my children and myself at now $12 a piece. I noticed that the 2 new new ones are cracked, and pieces are falling off (into our food??!). I thought there was a guarantee, and contacted the party representative - No reply yet.

I have my receipt. I'm sure if I wrote to say I want to host a party I would hear promptly. Bottom line is these products are no longer made well and they are very expensive. The company doesn't care to stand behind them. Do not waste your money and tell your friends who are hosting why you will not be attending. Do them a favor. These reviews are not bogus - they are all true. I've heard from others as well about things that break after only a few uses.

Pampered Chef Skillet $155 12" Outer Coating Peels Off -Co.Won't Replace
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Rating: 1/51

HOLLYWOOD (WORLDWIDE CO.), FLORIDA -- The currently $155.00 12" Pampered Chef Skillet I have had for several years is now peeling on the sides. The outer coating appears to be peeling away from the bottom edges all around the outside of the pan.

I was told it had a lifetime guarantee but unlike Coach, Kohls, and other quality companies that stand behind their product, Pampered Chef does not. I called customer service and was told it was "normal use", had to have the original receipt, would need to ship it back at my expense (willing to do) and if they didn't deem it was faulty then they would return the skillet as is to me. I have other skillets purchased for less money and used way more frequently (like from William Sanoma) that perform terrific and have not peeled from their exterior or any other displeasing aspects.

Pampered Chef used to have my support but now I will no longer be a customer of this company. Protect yourself from high claims and little back up as well as less than stated product quality.

Pampered Chef poison product
By -

FLORIDA -- Pampered Chef sucks. Here is a trail of email concern and the not-so-wonderful replies:

ME: Hi, I ordered a 1 gallon beverage mixer-container from a representative at a party, and she moved out of state shortly after that and had never given me a receipt. I wish to return the container as I believe it is made of polycarbonate which has been linked to toxins released in liquids held in them.

PC: Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef. We appreciate you bringing this information to our attention. We would like to assist you further by honoring our generous product guarantee. We have 1-year guarantee on our pitcher. However, let us assure you that Pampered Chef items that are designed to come into contact with food have been tested to FDA standards and are food-contact safe. We stand by the safety and quality of our products. ** Solution Center Representative

ME: Although the FDA had approved polycarbonate containers as food safe, there is increasing evidence that this is not so. On April 18, 2008, Canada declared them as unsafe, and in both the US and Canada they have recalled
baby bottles made from polycarbonate. Therefore, I have also taken measures to ensure the safety of my children by removing all items labeled with 7, and contacting manufacturers who did not label their items to verify construction.

PC: Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef regarding your experience with the Family-Size Quick-StirĀ® Pitcher. Our guarantee guidelines are thoroughly stated on the back of our sales receipt, and they are one of the many reasons why our customers repeatedly order from The Pampered Chef.

Within one year of the original purchase, you may refund or exchange the item for any other item available for sale at the time of the original purchase, provided it has not been discontinued. Understandably, we have to set standards to our guidelines. We are sorry that we are unable to honor your request at this time. It appears that the Family-Size Quick-StirĀ® Pitcher is beyond our 1-year guarantee period, as the ship date of your order appears to be 04-APR-2006

ME: Thanks for your assistance. Regardless, what I needed to know is if the construction of the pitcher is Polycarbonate, so that I may remove it from my home. It is not labeled with any recycle code, nor any of the plastic codes like PP or PE. Could you let me know the construction? I could not find the item on your inventory online.

PC: We do not classify our products using the recycling code you have requested. Like our competitors, we do not disclose the composition of our products as we consider this to be confidential in nature. The Society of the Plastics Industry developed and uses this identification code to help sort products during the recycling process. Their public website states that these identification codes do not provide guidance on the safe or intended use of a product and should not be used for this purpose. If you would like more information regarding the purpose of recycling codes, you can visit

ME: Sent: 23-Apr-2008 It is unfortunate that even though I have stated my concerns for the health of my family, your answers have been nothing short of evasive. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, consumer, government employee, and educated citizen, you can be certain that due to your lack of cooperation, I will be posting your reply on every website I can find and destroying every Pampered Chef item in my cabinet. Hopefully I will not be invited to another party; I would have to bring your email with me to inform others.

PC: We understand your concerns and have addressed your inquiry to the best of our ability and knowledge. I too am a wife and mother of three and have complete faith that our products are safe as well as the information provided in the link below. I would suppose it would be a matter of whom to believe at this point. In the studies provided on the website below, it explains the concerns and misunderstandings there appears to be regarding this issue.Like our competitors, we do not disclose the composition of our products as we consider this to be confidential in nature. We stand by the safety and quality of our products.

Pizza stone
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Rating: 1/51

No solution! They said we were out of luck and that the pizza stone which cracked and broke into 8 pieces is not their problem. It's more than 3 years old and when questioned about lifetime warranty, said not sure where we heard that and too bad!!! Be careful.

Shipping Cost and Tax on That Shipping Cost.
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Rating: 3/51

INDIANA -- I find it disgusting that Pampered Chef charges such a high shipping cost, $5.95 when everything is delivered to the hostess to deliver. Even more annoying is that 7% tax is charged on the shipping of $5.95. Is that even legal?

Pampered Chef POOR QUALITY & Horrible return policy!!

ADDISON, ILLINOIS -- Pampered Chef is the absolutely the worst company I have ever done business with!!! I bought a real expensive kitchen knife and used it once. Washed & dried it by hand!! A month later went to use it again & looked closely & it had several rust spots on the blade. Phoned the company & their reply was: "Too bad it has been over the thirty days since you purchased it so YOU (meaning me) must pay for the shipping!" JUNK PRODUCT considering the high cost I paid for it & very poor customer relations!!! AVOID THIS FLY-BY-NIGHT outfit!!!

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