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The Pizza Delivery Man Lied About Delivering Pizza to Customer
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- The pizza delivery man from Papa John's located on 6132 Merrill Rd lied about the calling to a guest at Regency Inn. The driver called an hour and 20 minutes when it was past 45 minutes and the pizza was lukewarm not hot and fresh.

That is very bad service and what makes the situation worst is that the pizza delivery guy is a liar and needs to be fired for lying to his supervisor, and the older gentlemen from the front desk has confirmed that the pizza delivery guy did not show up. Me, the customer, called the Papa John's Pizza place. Please do your company a favor and please hire a new pizza delivery person who delivers on time, gives hot, fresh pizza, and the person doesn't lie. You just lost a customer.

Terrible Customer Service and Do Not Honor Their Coupons
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Rating: 1/51

COQUITLAM -- I tried to use one of their coupons that they have in the entertainment book. I was told that they were not accepting their own coupon. After speaking with the manager Michael who refused to honor their coupon - he swore and hung up the line after being challenged. Terrible customer service and a complete waste of time. Don't understand how they will stay in business if that is how they treat their customers. AVOID.

Terrible Pizza
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Rating: 2/51

CHARLES TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA -- Ordered two pizzas - one thin crust and one original crust. I asked the server how thin the thin crust was, and he held up a cooked, stiff pizza crust for me to see. So I assume they partially precook the crusts before topping them and cooking them for customers. Tasted like cardboard. Toppings? They should give you a magnifying glass with your order so you could spot them. I had romas and onions; the tomatoes were pretty visible, and each piece may have had 4-5 pieces. Onions, maybe one tablespoon on the entire pizza. Still looking for a decent chain pizza. It's definitely not Papa John's.

Horrible!! Do They Depend Upon Repeat Business?
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Rating: 1/51

WARMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Got a coupon in the mail for a large pizza with 5 toppings for $12. Rather than order online I physically went to the store to order and was prepared to wait. I questioned the manager about the different toppings so I didn't make a mistake. He acted totally disinterested and treated me as an annoyance. Great customer skills!! Fast forward. The pie was cooked in about 12 minutes. Receipt showed the regular price of $20 minus the $8 discount.

Arrived home where my hungry wife who had no lunch was waiting for a good pie. What a disappointment. The crust tasted like cardboard, hard to find the toppings and very little cheese or sauce. It went into the garbage. Never again will we order from Papa John's.

WORST customer service in the lower mainland - B.C.
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, MICHIGAN -- Just letting everyone know about how bad the customer service is in the lower mainland B.C. If you're ordering from certain stores who are franchises owned by "new Canadians" be prepared for the worst service. I was told by one of these "owners" that "I should be so lucky to live in Canada". This is coming from someone who my country welcomed them with open arms to a Canadian born citizen. I spent over 7 MONTHS to have this address. I was issued 5 free pizzas, and in the end, they backed out of the agreement.

Then to top it off, Jeff decided to tell me that he was the "owner" of Papa John's! Beware when ordering from these places. My local store is amazing, however, my experience on the whole is complete crap! AND, their head office's policy is to waste as much time as possible. Let's see if Incident # ** is solved soon.

Banned From Papa Johns After Leaving Feedback
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- Ordered pizza first time online. Afterward I got a call stating my order would be two hours late and that was not so much an issue. Once we got the pizzas they were cold and tasted like the worst pizza we have ever had, ever! Well it was $40 dollars so we felt like feedback was important as very unhappy. Got a call from the store the next day from an angry manager who was aggressive and I stood my ground. Then she tried to claim I was cussing in my responses.

When I asked her to tell me what foul word I used as those kinda words do not come out of my mouth just to win what was turning into an argument...the whole time she was talking very loud as if someone was listening to conversation while telling me to "Calm down" & "Please do not talk to me like that" when the only thing I asked was what foul words had I used. She hung up but not before telling me I was banned from Papa John's and my address was banned.

Sent another feedback regarding the phone call and got a response from store owner, quote "This morning's call was from the restaurant GM and she was genuinely trying to find out from you what happened so she could make the situation better for you and hold her employees accountable. We appreciate your business and feedback nonetheless." Basically was a bad experience and will continue to enjoy the other pizza chains in the area who offer fast hot pizzas. My opinion in the eyes of Papa John's pizza "You're not a customer if unhappy, but a trouble maker."

Ripped Off and Poorly Served
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 2 stars

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI -- So my wife calls this local Papa John's and asks about specials, our grand kids are out with me and we were set to pickup on way home... We got there 15-20 min. Like they said, then after they immediately collect my 38$ for what later I learned was 23$ order, sat there for 30-+ min waiting for what I later found to be the boxes is been staring at for 30 min. wondering when mine would be done.

With hungry boys sometimes you'll forgive some things but, when got home realized the overcharge, and still sore from the service my wife called them and here's the great part. They say they can't do anything really but take the pizzas back? Huh? I'm supposed to return the pizza and get a 10$ credit on my next order? So now I'm just mad... I call the 800# and this clown tells me the special she ordered was an online only deal... And I said they quoted her 23$ on the phone and charged me 38$ he says that's because I picked it up, I said really?

Let's see if I pick up another one... Like ever. It's really sad even the pizzas were lame excuses of what I'd come to know as Papa John's. My boycott list grows... My new motto is think local business that kinda junk would never happen in a small owner place. How rude these franchises treat customers no better than the products they serve. Just assembly line, rip off TV ads.

Trouble with online ordering and local store management
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I ordered from Papa John's online website tonight and had a horrible experience. I ordered the MegaXL -3 topping pizza that was on special for $11.99, and put in my 3 toppings, which were all supposed to be on the whole pizza. I ordered light sauce, and normal crust. After I submitted the rest of my order and received my confirmation, I noticed that the pizza portion was incorrect. It had ham on the whole pizza, but pineapple on one half and mushrooms on one half.

The website directs you to call the local office to make changes to your order or to cancel it, so I called the local number it provided me. I explained to the man that answered what happened, and he first tried to say that my order had already left the store! Since it had only been about 5 minutes since I had ordered, I expressed incredulous that my order had already been completed. He put me on hold, and then came back and said he would have to order a new pizza. I gave him the order and he asked for my credit card. Then said that I had already paid so this would be paying twice.

He then went to get the manager. The manager, and I use the term lightly, was a rude woman who proceeded to tell me that the store couldn't make any changes to an online order! I asked her if they physically made the pizza in her store, or if it was made somewhere else. When she said the pizza was made in her store, I was speechless, because how do you try to tell someone who obviously isn't playing with a full deck, that if the pizza is physically made in the store where she is, and the online order is slightly off, it would be very easy to correct it?

I mean, did she really need to get a call from the corporate office to tell her to put pineapples and mushrooms on the whole pizza, instead of half and half??? But she told me I'd have to take it up with the corporate office, yes she did! I read to her what the website says - that if you have changes to call the local office, and the phone number it gave. Again, she said that it was the right phone number, but she wasn't allowed to make any changes so she was going to cancel the order! And then she hung up. So I'll check to see if she did cancel the order - I'm not certain I should trust someone with her obvious lack of intellect.

So there's my story. An unbelievably stupid manager, who I wouldn't allow to supervise my cat, let alone a store. I called the corporate office to complain, but of course, they're closed and no message number. I can tell you I won't be ordering from Papa John's anytime soon. Horrible service and complete stupidity. I hadn't ordered from them in months since the last snafu and it will be a cold day in July when I do again. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

I Will Never Order From Papa John's Again In My Life
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- So me and my sister decided to order a pizza from Papa John's to be delivered to us b/c it was late and cold outside so we both did not want to get out. I had ordered from them at least 3 times within a few months. Well the delivery guy decides to act like he came by my apartment complex and called my cell phone to have me come down and open the gate.

So 40 minutes went by and then the Manager at the store decides to call me and inform me that the delivery guy already came by and no one answered my cell phone but that he was on his way back to my home. Mind you the delivery guy never called my cell b/c if he did I would have answered like I answered the Manager when he called from the store, but I wasn't angry I went and stood outside in the cold for a couple of minutes waiting on the delivery guy who never showed up.

So I called Papa John's back and the young lady informed me that the driver went on another stop and would be back by my home in at least 30 min. I ordered the pizza almost an hour ago by now which means that my pizza would not have been fresh. So b/c I paid over the phone with my debit card, (which they had already charged and ran through) I decided to go up to the location and have them make me a fresh one b/c the delivery guy still was not there.

Well the Manager basically called me a liar in my face by saying that his delivery guy did call my cell b/c he said so, so I asked the manager if he wanted to see my call log to prove that he didn't call me and also asked the manager to get the delivery driver out here to talk to me, he refused both.

So get this they still had charged me a delivery fee, but in order for me to get a hot and fresh pizza I had to get into my car and go up there to get my own pizza. So when I asked him to credit the delivery charge the manager told me that he couldn't do that, and that I would have to call their business dept. in the morning. So I told him to keep his pizza and credit my whole card for the full amount. After going back and forward with him, he finally did.

Well by then I was very upset, b/c I couldn't understand how I as the customer had already paid them for the pizza to be delivered but had to go and pick it up myself and he still wanted to charge me for the pizza and the delivery fee b/c his driver told him that he had called me, but he would not look in my phone to see that the only call that I had was from him, or call the driver to have him come and speak with me.

So I guess he got upset and the Manager decides to pick the pizza up off the counter next to me and throw it on the floor. HOW RUDE and degrading. So when he did that I got very upset and asked him to call his Supervisor over him right now, but he wouldn't. Well this morning I called the office and spoke with the guy over all Papa John's in Beaumont Texas and he stated to me that he knows that his driver does not lie b/c he is one of his experienced drivers and that he did call me. He also told me to try another competitor.

He wouldn't let me talk at all. He was rude as well. He also would not give me the owner's number to speak with him. I told him that I will make sure that everyone that I know hears my story of what happened. He threatened me with defamation on the business. But I don't feel that it is that. When you shop somewhere as a customer and spend your money you deserve to be treated like one. They were rude and I will never order from Papa John's again in my life. Pizza Hut all the way!!!

Credit Card Theft by Fraud and Forgery
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- On 12/10/12 I discovered a transaction that I did not generate against my Visa 123 Rewards Credit Card. The card was still in my possession and I had not ordered pizza from anyone. On my CC Transactions Ledger it identified store 1651 (16th Street/Glendale) as the store that had accepted the card. I called the store and the shift manager ** tracked the transaction to Friday 12/07/12 @ 7:57PM.

He informed me of the phone number used to place the order (not mine) and gave me the name of the person whose account is associated with that number, and their address, but then discovered that the order was placed online, but had been picked up in the store. I then asked why they didn't ask to see the CC as they do when I place orders. ** told me they're supposed to but obviously did not. I suggested this changes the culpability of Papa John's and asked for my money to be refunded.

Ten days later, armed with a Police Report and 2 conversations with Papa John's Corporate Customer Service, I haven't even had the courtesy of a return call from anyone representing Papa John's. Perhaps in fairness I should have told ** what I do for a living, but I am confident that he (they) will all learn in time.

I am looking for others this may have happened to during the past six months to one year, especially any that may have involved this store although it is a Corporate owned location, so other corporate stores will also be helpful. The Police Report is entitled "Theft by Fraud and Forgery" and the lack of fiduciary on the part of Papa John's suggests that this lack on their part is acceptable, which it is not. As such, in my opinion that assume liability. Their unwillingness to provide the name of the employee who failed to do their job is in essence casting protection upon them which also increases their culpability.

Arizona is one of a few states that have adopted their own version of the RICO Act (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act) which violation can be charged for activities involving two criminal acts in a 6 month period. Obviously you can see my intent. They didn't want to settle by doing what was right for $13.69. I will get their attention with this action.

If you have been victimized by criminal actions at the hand of Papa John's, please let me know the details and you can trust that in the end we all will bring these unlawful acts to an end. I have been researching all of the complaint sites and much has been unfolded about Papa John's and their business tactics and lack of ethics. There is little doubt that the lack of fiduciary on the part of one of their own will support my basic complaint but if I've got to take the time to do this, well let's do it right then and show them where we stand.

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