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Papa John's Pizza
2002 Papa John's Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40299-2334
502-261-7272 (ph)
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Pizza Was Horrible Tasting
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Rating: 1/51

ADRIAN, MICHIGAN -- Finally moved to a town that had a Papa John's. For years I listened and viewed ads generated by Papa John's and how great it is. You know the catch phrase: "Better Pizza, Better Ingredients, Papa John's." So now I have lived in this town for 1 1/2 years and still haven't ordered Papa John's until last night. Just to clarify...I have popped into the Papa John's store a couple of times to look at the menu board and pick up a carry out menu and to chat a bit, but never purchased a pizza. One of the main reasons is the pricing I think was higher than our local competitors.

So here I am channel surfing and a commercial comes on for this $12.00, 5 meat, large pizza for a limited time offer. I thought what the heck $12 is reasonable for a 5 topping large and I ordered online for pick up. Back home buddy and I grab a slice. We were famished...both took a bite at the same time. I just wish a video was running because I can not even explain the look on both of our faces at that moment.

To put it bluntly...I am 61 now and I have never experienced pizza so gross tasting in my entire life. From the looks on my bud's face I think the same applies to him. We tried to figure out what the nasty taste was, a spice, the sauce, don't know and don't care to know. BTW...the pie is still in my fridge. Free pick up only! Limited time offer! LOL. Don't think I want another Papa John's EVER. Also, the website wants me to put a star rating 1-5. 1 being the worse. It won't let me put a true rating of negative (-5).

Credit Card Theft by Fraud and Forgery
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- On 12/10/12 I discovered a transaction that I did not generate against my Visa 123 Rewards Credit Card. The card was still in my possession and I had not ordered pizza from anyone. On my CC Transactions Ledger it identified store 1651 (16th Street/Glendale) as the store that had accepted the card. I called the store and the shift manager ** tracked the transaction to Friday 12/07/12 @ 7:57PM.

He informed me of the phone number used to place the order (not mine) and gave me the name of the person whose account is associated with that number, and their address, but then discovered that the order was placed online, but had been picked up in the store. I then asked why they didn't ask to see the CC as they do when I place orders. ** told me they're supposed to but obviously did not. I suggested this changes the culpability of Papa John's and asked for my money to be refunded.

Ten days later, armed with a Police Report and 2 conversations with Papa John's Corporate Customer Service, I haven't even had the courtesy of a return call from anyone representing Papa John's. Perhaps in fairness I should have told ** what I do for a living, but I am confident that he (they) will all learn in time.

I am looking for others this may have happened to during the past six months to one year, especially any that may have involved this store although it is a Corporate owned location, so other corporate stores will also be helpful. The Police Report is entitled "Theft by Fraud and Forgery" and the lack of fiduciary on the part of Papa John's suggests that this lack on their part is acceptable, which it is not. As such, in my opinion that assume liability. Their unwillingness to provide the name of the employee who failed to do their job is in essence casting protection upon them which also increases their culpability.

Arizona is one of a few states that have adopted their own version of the RICO Act (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act) which violation can be charged for activities involving two criminal acts in a 6 month period. Obviously you can see my intent. They didn't want to settle by doing what was right for $13.69. I will get their attention with this action.

If you have been victimized by criminal actions at the hand of Papa John's, please let me know the details and you can trust that in the end we all will bring these unlawful acts to an end. I have been researching all of the complaint sites and much has been unfolded about Papa John's and their business tactics and lack of ethics. There is little doubt that the lack of fiduciary on the part of one of their own will support my basic complaint but if I've got to take the time to do this, well let's do it right then and show them where we stand.

Run!!! Don't Walk Away From That Store...
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Rating: 1/51

SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- My friends and I had a terrible argument today at Papa John's with their employees. They were straight disrespectful, not listening to a customer, and yelling at a customer whereas the customer was calm and was trying to explain the situation. ** claimed to be the manager of the branch, a 22 year old, inexperienced kid was defending his misdeed at all cost. He was shaking, sweating and appearing nervous when coming back at a customer with rudeness. I warned him that I will publish this to people to see and decide whether this is a proper business act, and he said "go ahead", sort of I'm not afraid of that.

They overcharged us when delivering a pizza and didn't leave the soda with it. When I called the store asking them to redo the order, **, the manager, probably didn't like the way I told him that I want my pizza with a soda, so he decided to defend his primary decision that he can't help me, saying that he won't do it. I told him that I am a long term customer have been shopping at that branch for over a year already. And I did spend about $150-200 minimum a month at that location. I said that I wasn't satisfied with my order, he refused to go extra mile to amend the situation in a very rude way, while my friends were witnessing this in shock.

So we decided to go see that face live at the store. As I said it's an inexperienced kid carelessly making an absolute business blocking decisions and leaving a customer with a bad taste in the mouth even when we got there. There was another girl, an employee, arguing with me at the same time. Two people were actually yelling while I was trying to explain something. The girl refused to give me her name. But **, I got that right from the beginning, otherwise he wasn't going to provide that either, because he told her not to say her name, smiling, apparently to play on my nerves.

He was trying to make me look like a clown, saying "on the phone you said you'd embarrass me in front of customers, but you're embarrassing yourself right now.” He was making fun of words I was saying without applying a proper thought. Talking back, nasty, unprofessional. The girl with an oily clogged pore face was yelling straight in my eyes bulging hers, so loud as if I stole her purse. It was an atrocious experience. I told her let me talk. Then she yelled with spit "I AM TALKING." Total disrespect!!!

I just wanted to punch that ugly face for such a nasty affrontation. I'd rather let the karma take care of this. Anywho, this was a shocking, very disrespectful people work at this place!!! I will never use this store and will redirect all of my adherents from that nasty attitude pizzeria. I'm not a picky customer, nor an ** like they treated me as I always tip, but if you screwed up the order, and if you rudely refuse to fix it, then you'll go to the dogs with this!

PS: ** called cops alleging that we are threatening him. I told him that I am not threatening. I'm trying to talk to you and he was still stuck, too stupid about us threatening and reporting false claims to cops on the phone!!! My friends really hated that guy his cocky attitude. This is unacceptable!

Trouble with online ordering and local store management
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I ordered from Papa John's online website tonight and had a horrible experience. I ordered the MegaXL -3 topping pizza that was on special for $11.99, and put in my 3 toppings, which were all supposed to be on the whole pizza. I ordered light sauce, and normal crust. After I submitted the rest of my order and received my confirmation, I noticed that the pizza portion was incorrect. It had ham on the whole pizza, but pineapple on one half and mushrooms on one half.

The website directs you to call the local office to make changes to your order or to cancel it, so I called the local number it provided me. I explained to the man that answered what happened, and he first tried to say that my order had already left the store! Since it had only been about 5 minutes since I had ordered, I expressed incredulous that my order had already been completed. He put me on hold, and then came back and said he would have to order a new pizza. I gave him the order and he asked for my credit card. Then said that I had already paid so this would be paying twice.

He then went to get the manager. The manager, and I use the term lightly, was a rude woman who proceeded to tell me that the store couldn't make any changes to an online order! I asked her if they physically made the pizza in her store, or if it was made somewhere else. When she said the pizza was made in her store, I was speechless, because how do you try to tell someone who obviously isn't playing with a full deck, that if the pizza is physically made in the store where she is, and the online order is slightly off, it would be very easy to correct it?

I mean, did she really need to get a call from the corporate office to tell her to put pineapples and mushrooms on the whole pizza, instead of half and half??? But she told me I'd have to take it up with the corporate office, yes she did! I read to her what the website says - that if you have changes to call the local office, and the phone number it gave. Again, she said that it was the right phone number, but she wasn't allowed to make any changes so she was going to cancel the order! And then she hung up. So I'll check to see if she did cancel the order - I'm not certain I should trust someone with her obvious lack of intellect.

So there's my story. An unbelievably stupid manager, who I wouldn't allow to supervise my cat, let alone a store. I called the corporate office to complain, but of course, they're closed and no message number. I can tell you I won't be ordering from Papa John's anytime soon. Horrible service and complete stupidity. I hadn't ordered from them in months since the last snafu and it will be a cold day in July when I do again. I'll spend my money elsewhere.

I Will Never Order From Papa John's Again In My Life
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- So me and my sister decided to order a pizza from Papa John's to be delivered to us b/c it was late and cold outside so we both did not want to get out. I had ordered from them at least 3 times within a few months. Well the delivery guy decides to act like he came by my apartment complex and called my cell phone to have me come down and open the gate.

So 40 minutes went by and then the Manager at the store decides to call me and inform me that the delivery guy already came by and no one answered my cell phone but that he was on his way back to my home. Mind you the delivery guy never called my cell b/c if he did I would have answered like I answered the Manager when he called from the store, but I wasn't angry I went and stood outside in the cold for a couple of minutes waiting on the delivery guy who never showed up.

So I called Papa John's back and the young lady informed me that the driver went on another stop and would be back by my home in at least 30 min. I ordered the pizza almost an hour ago by now which means that my pizza would not have been fresh. So b/c I paid over the phone with my debit card, (which they had already charged and ran through) I decided to go up to the location and have them make me a fresh one b/c the delivery guy still was not there.

Well the Manager basically called me a liar in my face by saying that his delivery guy did call my cell b/c he said so, so I asked the manager if he wanted to see my call log to prove that he didn't call me and also asked the manager to get the delivery driver out here to talk to me, he refused both.

So get this they still had charged me a delivery fee, but in order for me to get a hot and fresh pizza I had to get into my car and go up there to get my own pizza. So when I asked him to credit the delivery charge the manager told me that he couldn't do that, and that I would have to call their business dept. in the morning. So I told him to keep his pizza and credit my whole card for the full amount. After going back and forward with him, he finally did.

Well by then I was very upset, b/c I couldn't understand how I as the customer had already paid them for the pizza to be delivered but had to go and pick it up myself and he still wanted to charge me for the pizza and the delivery fee b/c his driver told him that he had called me, but he would not look in my phone to see that the only call that I had was from him, or call the driver to have him come and speak with me.

So I guess he got upset and the Manager decides to pick the pizza up off the counter next to me and throw it on the floor. HOW RUDE and degrading. So when he did that I got very upset and asked him to call his Supervisor over him right now, but he wouldn't. Well this morning I called the office and spoke with the guy over all Papa John's in Beaumont Texas and he stated to me that he knows that his driver does not lie b/c he is one of his experienced drivers and that he did call me. He also told me to try another competitor.

He wouldn't let me talk at all. He was rude as well. He also would not give me the owner's number to speak with him. I told him that I will make sure that everyone that I know hears my story of what happened. He threatened me with defamation on the business. But I don't feel that it is that. When you shop somewhere as a customer and spend your money you deserve to be treated like one. They were rude and I will never order from Papa John's again in my life. Pizza Hut all the way!!!

Staff Does Not Wear Gloves When Preparing Food
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Rating: 1/51

ALL OF THEM, FLORIDA -- After ordering pizza online I decided to pick it up at the store and save my self $7 and delivery fees and tip. When I walked in the store a girl came over covered in pizza dough powder to assist me. As I look to my right I noticed another person preparing the pizza dough not wearing gloves. When I mentioned it the cashier she told me they don't ever wear gloves.

Now in South Florida at least 50 percent of the population have some kind of disease or something. I really think people should be wearing gloves when preparing food and I thought it was a state law. Not sure if it's right or not but beware they don't wear gloves. I called customer service and they said that none of them wear gloves.

Delivery Took 1.5 Hour
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Rating: 1/51

DANVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I called for a delivery with Papa John's on Fairchild in Danville, IL at 8:45 pm tonight. This would be the only true meal for the day since I decided to eat less during lunch because I have been indulging in a lot of cookies. Imagine I was extremely hungry as we just did a little hiking in the woods prior to so on my way home, I called for delivery.

I was very accurate with what I asked on the order along with providing my phone number and address along with apartment number. This was not my first time placing calls for delivery with them. In fact, I had a delivery that was done over the website less than a month ago so all the data should be there.

While I was waiting for the pizza, I was eating a little bit but still very hour passed and still did not hear anything from them. So at last, I made the call and check on the order and they said they called and then I said I didn't get any missed calls or anything from them. It turned out they put one number off on their system that's why they couldn't get to me as well as not knowing my apartment number.

I gave all these information to them over the phone but they input it wrong. When the pizza finally came, it was too late because I waited too long and already ate. At that time, I was not a happy camper anymore and demanded that they need to give me half off because it's not right for them to deliver this kind of service.

Over the phone, the boy who I spoke with refused to give any discount and so we ended up paying for full act for a stale pizza. I called the manager afterwards and made a complaint and he was willing to give me credit next time but I am still concerned whether they're going to put crap on my pizza next time. So this is a terrible experience with Papa John's. Last time I placed the order, I was also a generous tipper too. It was just unfortunate that their employees so incompetent.

Poor customer service
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I were sitting down watching TV and being LAZY when I ordered a COMBINATION from Papa John's on Saratoga Ave. She said the delivery would take 70 minutes. After almost 75 minutes the delivery man showed up. I signed the paper for the credit card and put a 4 DOLLARS tip for the driver. After opening the box, I noticed that instead of COMBINATION, he brought this pizza which had white sauce with pineapple and chicken. I was so angry because we waited more than one hour for the pizza.

So I called the place. First they put me on hold for more ten minutes, so I called again. This time the guy wanted again to put me on hold when I told him what had happened. To my surprise, in a rude way he said "Now what do you want me to do about this?" I really didn't know how to answer him back. So I asked to talk to the manager. He surprised me more when he said that he WAS the MANAGER. That really made me more upset. How could a TRAINED MANAGER deals with this kind of situation in such a rude way?

So I said "You are the manager and you ask me what needs to be done??!!" He said: "I can have a COMBINATION pizza ready for you but the delivery is 70 minutes." I started raising my voice and said: "I just waited more than one hour to get a wrong pizza, now you want me to wait for another one hour to get the RIGHT one?" He said the only other things that he could either give me credit or I go and pick up the pizza myself." Great... My husband really was craving for pizza so I told the manager that I would take the other pizza back and pick up the right one.

I arrived at the place in about 20 minutes. One customer was there. Not busy at all. As I was getting out of my car, I realized that I was so upset when leaving the house that I completely forgot to take the WRONG, bad taste pizza back to the store and left it on the kitchen counter. I went inside and told the guy who introduced himself as the manager that I was there to pick up a COMBINATION pizza. He asked: "Did you bring the other pizza back?" I told him that I forgot and he had the NERVE to tell me that he would not give me my RIGHT pizza unless I give him the WRONG pizza back!!!

I was so furious and angry...I told him how upset I was with their service and all he had to say was that this kind of error happens all the time during the day, everyday, and nothing that they can do. So I said: "Give me the credit." And he did... He did not give me my RIGHT pizza back, because I did not have the WRONG pizza with me, but he gave me the credit back without getting the wrong pizza back. This is how the customer was treated....I will not go back and I will make sure that as many people as possible to hear about this experience...They lost my business and they will lose more.

Warning - Omaha Papa Johns - 97th & Q
By -

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- I placed an online order Saturday 2/6/10 at 4:32 pm (for pick-up Sunday 2/7/10 at 6:00 pm from the 97th & Q location in Omaha, Nebraska. I chose pick-up because I figured that would be faster and more convenient than delivery during the Super Bowl. I ordered a large thin crust beef, a large regular crust beef, a large thin crust green pepper, and a large thin crust Hawaiian barbecue chicken (but no pineapple, no onion, plus three cheese blend, plus bacon).

On Sunday 2/7/10, I arrived at the store about 5:55 pm. I waited a few minutes for those in front of me to be helped and then paid for my order ($39.56) with my credit card. I was told that it would be “just a little bit,” that “they weren't quite ready.” I waited and waited. Periodically, I was able to check on the metal shelves to see if my name or address was on any of the boxes.

About 6:55 pm, I finally noticed one box with my information on it. About that time, two young people who had been waiting about 5 minutes (hadn't even gotten to the register to pay yet) got their 3 pizzas. I inquired about when they ordered and what time they were supposed to pick them up and was told they order about 5:15 pm on the phone and were told to be there about 6:50 pm. When I found this out I decided to take the 3 pizzas that now had my name on them and get a refund on the fourth.

By this point I had already missed the majority of the first half of the game. A young African American gentleman had me look at those pizzas and low-and-behold, one was incorrect. There was a thin crust beef, a thin crust green pepper, and a regular crust Hawaiian barbecue chicken with tons of onions, pineapple and no bacon. Now I wanted to take my two correct pizzas and get refunds on the other 2.

He insisted I take the incorrect pizza and get the refund for two, or even all four. At that point there were close to 20 angry, frustrated people in the store and I asked if I could come back tomorrow for the refund since it was such chaos. They thanked me for understanding and told me I would need to ask for ** tomorrow. They even had me fill out all of my information on a napkin (name, phone number, order, total/$) so ** would have a heads up. I did this gladly and left with my incomplete and incorrect order.

Today about noon I used my gas and time to go back to the store. I brought my printed out confirmation e-mail as well as my receipt. ** was initially on the phone and while I waited another customer came in behind me. I let that customer go first both to save him time as well as not embarrass your establishment with my complaint. I should not have been so considerate. When I explained the situation to ** I was told more than once that he couldn't do anything about it because it was yesterday. I told him that had I been told that information the prior night, then I would have insisted on a refund right there.

When I repeated that I wanted a refund I was then told that I would probably have to take it up with “the Lincoln office.” When I again insisted that something be done now, he opened up the cash drawer, pulled out two $20 bills and threw them on the counter saying “I'll just give you your ** money.” Before leaving I asked if I should take my information and he grabbed it back saying he'd keep it. And this was all in front of my 2 year old son.

Let me say that I was more than pleasant and patient during both of my visits. During my pickup attempt things were absolutely crazy. All of the employees that night were nice, although that didn't get me my pizza. The young girl working up front was visibly upset and I saw her crying behind the front area after another customer was a little more confrontational and demanded an immediate refund. I made sure to tell her I knew it wasn't her fault and I appreciated her help.

(I still don't understand why they kept taking phone orders even after I heard a manager say to stop taking them shortly after I arrived). And today I started the conversation out very understanding of how busy they had been and that I tried to help by deferring my refund until today. However, ** behavior and actions are what prompted my letter. I have never been made to feel so insulted as a customer or consumer. I went above and beyond with my patience regarding numerous mistakes by your employees and was treated horribly. There is no excuse for that.

Bad service and basically stalked kind of
By -

TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND -- I ordered pizza two-three days ago during the day online and I paid $10 by papa card and the rest I was to pay in cash. The guy didn't have to call me, he came straight to my door and he confirmed how much I had to pay and I gave him that exact change he said I was to pay. Now then two days later (which was last night) I ordered again and my order was about $20. I pay half of that with my papa card and I was to pay the rest in cash as I did the other order three days ago.

Just to clarify this person who is delivering my order this time is a different person. He calls me asking directions from the Papa Johns restaurant. I have no idea how to get from there to my house so I told him what road I lived off of and he kept complaining that he didn't know where I lived.

So he finally gets, comes into my circle where my condo was, and I'm standing outside where the street and the sidewalk meet, and he rides right pass me and stops at another condo. He gets out the car and he starts to walk towards someone else's door and I yell across the way "Hey is that my pizza!" and he tells me that he thought that my door was over there.

Then when he comes up to me he tells me the price that I needed to pay was $20 and some change. I tell him that that is a mistake and that I paid $10 of that online. He doesn't believe me but he takes the money anyway and he gives me my order. I go in the house thinking everything was over so I ate my pizza and watched a movie.

About 10-15 minutes later the delivery driver calls my phone twice and I finally pick up and he asks me if I was the woman who order the pizza on some street other than mine and I tell him no. We hang up. He calls me back 5 minutes later about three times and when I don't answer he comes back to my neighborhood and he "finds" my door.

He knocks, and keeps knocking, and keeps knocking. I open the door and he says that his boss is on the phone complaining about me paying only $10 and not $20 and he gives me the phone. I try to explain to this manager guy that I paid with a gift card and cash. I go upstairs and grab the receipt that I got offline and show it to the driver. He looks at it but doesn't really "look" at it.

The delivery guy is at my door talking extra, extra loud that my neighbors come outside and wakes up my mother who is sleeping on the third floor with bedroom door closed, now she's upset. The guy finally realizes that he told his boss the wrong address and walks away while saying he apologizes. This guy needs to be fired for putting me through all off this mess.

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