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Poor customer service
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I were sitting down watching TV and being LAZY when I ordered a COMBINATION from Papa John's on Saratoga Ave. She said the delivery would take 70 minutes. After almost 75 minutes the delivery man showed up. I signed the paper for the credit card and put a 4 DOLLARS tip for the driver. After opening the box, I noticed that instead of COMBINATION, he brought this pizza which had white sauce with pineapple and chicken. I was so angry because we waited more than one hour for the pizza.

So I called the place. First they put me on hold for more ten minutes, so I called again. This time the guy wanted again to put me on hold when I told him what had happened. To my surprise, in a rude way he said "Now what do you want me to do about this?" I really didn't know how to answer him back. So I asked to talk to the manager. He surprised me more when he said that he WAS the MANAGER. That really made me more upset. How could a TRAINED MANAGER deals with this kind of situation in such a rude way?

So I said "You are the manager and you ask me what needs to be done??!!" He said: "I can have a COMBINATION pizza ready for you but the delivery is 70 minutes." I started raising my voice and said: "I just waited more than one hour to get a wrong pizza, now you want me to wait for another one hour to get the RIGHT one?" He said the only other things that he could either give me credit or I go and pick up the pizza myself." Great... My husband really was craving for pizza so I told the manager that I would take the other pizza back and pick up the right one.

I arrived at the place in about 20 minutes. One customer was there. Not busy at all. As I was getting out of my car, I realized that I was so upset when leaving the house that I completely forgot to take the WRONG, bad taste pizza back to the store and left it on the kitchen counter. I went inside and told the guy who introduced himself as the manager that I was there to pick up a COMBINATION pizza. He asked: "Did you bring the other pizza back?" I told him that I forgot and he had the NERVE to tell me that he would not give me my RIGHT pizza unless I give him the WRONG pizza back!!!

I was so furious and angry...I told him how upset I was with their service and all he had to say was that this kind of error happens all the time during the day, everyday, and nothing that they can do. So I said: "Give me the credit." And he did... He did not give me my RIGHT pizza back, because I did not have the WRONG pizza with me, but he gave me the credit back without getting the wrong pizza back. This is how the customer was treated... I will not go back and I will make sure that as many people as possible to hear about this experience...They lost my business and they will lose more.

Warning - Omaha Papa Johns - 97th & Q
By -

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- I placed an online order Saturday 2/6/10 at 4:32 pm (for pick-up Sunday 2/7/10 at 6:00 pm from the 97th & Q location in Omaha, Nebraska. I chose pick-up because I figured that would be faster and more convenient than delivery during the Super Bowl. I ordered a large thin crust beef, a large regular crust beef, a large thin crust green pepper, and a large thin crust Hawaiian barbecue chicken (but no pineapple, no onion, plus three cheese blend, plus bacon).

On Sunday 2/7/10, I arrived at the store about 5:55 pm. I waited a few minutes for those in front of me to be helped and then paid for my order ($39.56) with my credit card. I was told that it would be “just a little bit,” that “they weren't quite ready.” I waited and waited. Periodically, I was able to check on the metal shelves to see if my name or address was on any of the boxes.

About 6:55 pm, I finally noticed one box with my information on it. About that time, two young people who had been waiting about 5 minutes (hadn't even gotten to the register to pay yet) got their 3 pizzas. I inquired about when they ordered and what time they were supposed to pick them up and was told they order about 5:15 pm on the phone and were told to be there about 6:50 pm. When I found this out I decided to take the 3 pizzas that now had my name on them and get a refund on the fourth.

By this point I had already missed the majority of the first half of the game. A young African American gentleman had me look at those pizzas and low-and-behold, one was incorrect. There was a thin crust beef, a thin crust green pepper, and a regular crust Hawaiian barbecue chicken with tons of onions, pineapple and no bacon. Now I wanted to take my two correct pizzas and get refunds on the other 2.

He insisted I take the incorrect pizza and get the refund for two, or even all four. At that point there were close to 20 angry, frustrated people in the store and I asked if I could come back tomorrow for the refund since it was such chaos. They thanked me for understanding and told me I would need to ask for ** tomorrow. They even had me fill out all of my information on a napkin (name, phone number, order, total/$) so ** would have a heads up. I did this gladly and left with my incomplete and incorrect order.

Today about noon I used my gas and time to go back to the store. I brought my printed out confirmation e-mail as well as my receipt. ** was initially on the phone and while I waited another customer came in behind me. I let that customer go first both to save him time as well as not embarrass your establishment with my complaint. I should not have been so considerate. When I explained the situation to ** I was told more than once that he couldn't do anything about it because it was yesterday. I told him that had I been told that information the prior night, then I would have insisted on a refund right there.

When I repeated that I wanted a refund I was then told that I would probably have to take it up with “the Lincoln office.” When I again insisted that something be done now, he opened up the cash drawer, pulled out two $20 bills and threw them on the counter saying “I'll just give you your ** money.” Before leaving I asked if I should take my information and he grabbed it back saying he'd keep it. And this was all in front of my 2 year old son.

Let me say that I was more than pleasant and patient during both of my visits. During my pickup attempt things were absolutely crazy. All of the employees that night were nice, although that didn't get me my pizza. The young girl working up front was visibly upset and I saw her crying behind the front area after another customer was a little more confrontational and demanded an immediate refund. I made sure to tell her I knew it wasn't her fault and I appreciated her help.

(I still don't understand why they kept taking phone orders even after I heard a manager say to stop taking them shortly after I arrived). And today I started the conversation out very understanding of how busy they had been and that I tried to help by deferring my refund until today. However, ** behavior and actions are what prompted my letter. I have never been made to feel so insulted as a customer or consumer. I went above and beyond with my patience regarding numerous mistakes by your employees and was treated horribly. There is no excuse for that.

Bad service and basically stalked kind of
By -

TEMPLE HILLS, MARYLAND -- I ordered pizza two-three days ago during the day online and I paid $10 by papa card and the rest I was to pay in cash. The guy didn't have to call me, he came straight to my door and he confirmed how much I had to pay and I gave him that exact change he said I was to pay. Now then two days later (which was last night) I ordered again and my order was about $20. I pay half of that with my papa card and I was to pay the rest in cash as I did the other order three days ago.

Just to clarify this person who is delivering my order this time is a different person. He calls me asking directions from the Papa Johns restaurant. I have no idea how to get from there to my house so I told him what road I lived off of and he kept complaining that he didn't know where I lived.

So he finally gets, comes into my circle where my condo was, and I'm standing outside where the street and the sidewalk meet, and he rides right pass me and stops at another condo. He gets out the car and he starts to walk towards someone else's door and I yell across the way "Hey is that my pizza!" and he tells me that he thought that my door was over there.

Then when he comes up to me he tells me the price that I needed to pay was $20 and some change. I tell him that that is a mistake and that I paid $10 of that online. He doesn't believe me but he takes the money anyway and he gives me my order. I go in the house thinking everything was over so I ate my pizza and watched a movie.

About 10-15 minutes later the delivery driver calls my phone twice and I finally pick up and he asks me if I was the woman who order the pizza on some street other than mine and I tell him no. We hang up. He calls me back 5 minutes later about three times and when I don't answer he comes back to my neighborhood and he "finds" my door.

He knocks, and keeps knocking, and keeps knocking. I open the door and he says that his boss is on the phone complaining about me paying only $10 and not $20 and he gives me the phone. I try to explain to this manager guy that I paid with a gift card and cash. I go upstairs and grab the receipt that I got offline and show it to the driver. He looks at it but doesn't really "look" at it.

The delivery guy is at my door talking extra, extra loud that my neighbors come outside and wakes up my mother who is sleeping on the third floor with bedroom door closed, now she's upset. The guy finally realizes that he told his boss the wrong address and walks away while saying he apologizes. This guy needs to be fired for putting me through all off this mess.

Papa John's Hates Telephones
By -

Papa John's online ordering is a deficient inept scam. I have had multiple occasions by me and my wife where we have used the online ordering and after arriving at the store they have no record of our orders. Then we are asked if we would like to place an order, but we can't place it at the discounted price. Why? Cause we have to order online. So I booted up my computer placed an order drove across town only to be told by a manager to go back to step 1. Thanks, you simpleminded boob. Why don't you go into your esteemed office log into your own company's website and waste your time placing the order for me?

At first it looks as though there was an error on me, my wife, or the website but after logically analyzing the online ordering system what the hell is the reason for it. Let's say that it may be helpful to someone who has access to computers at work and can order before they leave their office. These same precocious people most likely have access to telephones and could also order by phone. So this isn't a very good reason to use this service. It also takes LESS time to boot up a computer look up the telephone number and call the store then it does to log into the website and order through their website. Meaning you would be using less work time ordering via phone.

Even if this service is beneficial to a select few why not offer the same promotional offers through the phone as online? What is the benefit to having me boot up a computer, logging onto a website, adding and subtracting toppings, placing the order, send a message to the local location, then have me pick up the pizza then finally I eat it. It seems much more logical to call pickup then enjoy.

After trying to find a number to call on their website to log a formal complaint I was forced to log my complaint via their website. I then had to ask myself is this due to their obvious hatred of the telephone? Is it possibly due to a disdain of those pesky telegraph poles everywhere or maybe it's more important to brandish large images of their toppings instead of having a telephone number to contact someone with a possible problem? They even hide the telephone numbers for the domain registration of the website.

After explaining the problem I had with the website I received e-mail basically saying they would check into it for me and included this bit of advice. “The e-mail confirmation would come after the order reaches the store. May I suggest that if you do not get the confirmation e-mail within 10-15 minutes after ordering, you may want to call the store to check on your order.”

I wish I would have read that helpful titbits of information before placing my order or you could have placed this number on your website Papa John's Online Support 1-877-547-7272 option 2. So let's follow Papa John's step to ordering a pizza online. Boot up a computer, log onto their website, add & subtract toppings, complete the order, wait 15 minutes, check your e-mail, look up the phone number for the location, call the location, drive, pick up and enjoy your cold ass pizza! Or I could use their competitors steps look up the number, call, pick up and enjoy. Better ingredients may be in their pizza but it sure as hell isn't in your stupid online marketing campaign!!!

Pitiful Papa John's in Omaha 96th Q
By -

RALSTON, NEBRASKA -- At approximately 5:10pm on Monday October 26, 2009, I ordered 2 pizza's from the 96th & Q location. I called before the pick up and I gave the guy my number so had access to all of my prior orders because my son is lactose intolerant and CAN NOT have cheese as it said in history order or he could have severe complications with how intolerant he is. This showed in all of the prior orders I have placed in the past 2 1/2 yrs yet he said it didn't until I came back to pick up pizzas.

Apparently that didn't matter to the guy. He said they cannot substitute toppings (which they have always done except last time I called back in April 2009, when I got cussed out by the worker and had to drive 6 miles to another local).

Anyhow, just now I went in to pick up order in person and the guy said he would substitute but was not happy. When the pizzas were done, I asked him if he had the order history and THEN he went from no to yes. He said, "Yeah, but you change your number so much (they had my cell, wk and hm but same address and name WITH ALL prior orders including LACTOSE INTOLERANT!!!).

I told him if he had the prior orders from the prior orders, why was he treating me like that? He came from behind the counter into where I was waiting & ** walked towards me. He was standing in my face when he said, “You shouldn't have changed your number so much.” If you have all prior orders, what difference does it make? Again walking and laughing immaturely, ** said, “What do you want me to do about it?” I am appalled and totally fed up with giving Papa John's chance after chance. They hire teenage, morons, that are confrontational.

I will go up the chain with my complaints. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! You will be paying to get insulted and dehumanized. I am 41 and these 'kids' were laughing in my face. Fed up, last time. Hello Godfathers and Pizza Hut. Papa John's... I am a marketing consultant in the Omaha area and the way I and several others have been treated is ridiculous! You are losing margins with the competition by your insulting, teenage, confrontational, moron employees.

I see lawsuit after lawsuit if anyone has gone through what I have been through. Enough already! You won't be getting my money anymore and I will pass along to all of the newsletters and organizations I am involved in. Trust me, 1 customer can affect thousands by your bad behavior. Especially, in the lactose intolerant community which I am active in. I will go all the way up the ladder. I had always given your company a C, but now an F- for all of the children and adults that are selective with lactose intolerance. These will be forwarded to the right people! Even our organizations to warn others!

Best Pizza I never got
By -

Never in my life have I let a food delivery and human incompetence get me worked up. But tonight Kitchener, Ontario Papa John's really took the cake! I booked my pizza order online at 8pm... As pricey as anything, but I was sold just to try it.

An hour and 25 minutes later, I get a call on my cell phone. I can't understand the guy, but I think he's down I run down to let him in... Nope, not I call him back...he says he's outside, I tell him I'm at the door and there is no one in sight. Honest mistake, even if my apartment was on the same street at the Papa's and 10 blocks I stay on the phone with the guy, telling him every land mark in sight.- Being literally 20 feet from City hall being the main one. Nope. No comprehend.

Minutes pass, and he hangs up on me in the middle of his humming and hawing and mumbling. I try calling back, no answer, tried one more time...nothing again. I'm about to head back in when I realize my keys are on my table and my auto lock door is closed because I was chasing a delivery guy who got lost 10 blocks from his home base. (Even if he was close, I would have seen him. He was no where in sight...not even on the right block).

After 2 hours of being stuck outside, I get in to get the Papa's number, I call them and get a friendly fellow who offers me bread sticks as soon as he answers the phone... I asked him what was up with the pizza and explained what happened. (Now hungry as a horse)! The guy says "he couldn't find your place, it was a bad address." I told him I was standing in that address and on the street and didn't see him...

The guy on the phone develops a bit of an attitude and says "give me a minute, I'll talk to the driver..." 8-10 minutes pass while I'm on hold. WAY more than enough time to investigate the pizza issue. So I hang up and call back. The same guy answers on the first ring and says "hold please" and puts me on hold. I hang up and call back... This goes on for 15 minutes or so. (I was just working on principal after the 2nd time). At one point I shouted "NOOO" when they said "hold, the guy stopped and said "what...?" and I said "where's my pizza?" and he hung up.

FINALLY the next time I call they actually answer the phone like nothing happened with the "papa's" phone answering if they weren't looking at the call display this time (as they were the first 30 times). Finally I ask this guy "where is the customer service papa's states they have on their site?" He says "You know what buddy, you should have called back about your pizza 2 hours ago! Don't call here again."

I will never call there again. I went into the Pizza Pizza that I live right above. I should have gone there in the first place. They have whole wheat crust, gluten free crust as well as crispy crust on top of their regular dough - on top of that, they have WAY more toppings and they have WAY better prices...what was I thinking trying to switch Papa John's? Never again.

Threatened by Manager
By -

KENILWORTH, NEW JERSEY -- Last Saturday we ordered pizza and mild wings. When the order came (around 8:45) the wings were spicy. When my boyfriend called back to let them know, they told him that they would just give us free food next time. We wanted our food right, so we declined and asked for them to send out a delivery guy with the right wings. At around 9:45 we still didn't have our wings so he called again. This time a girl answered. She said that as soon as one of the delivery guys came back they would send him out with our wings. We asked for our money back as well, since this is not the first time they've screwed up. They agreed.

At 10:26, our wings were still not here. I called this time and spoke with a girl and asked for the manager. She said she was and so I explained to her the situation. No apology, just an excuse that sometimes the wrong wings get put into the wrong box. I don't need an explanation, I need my wings. I also told her that I expect the delivery guy to also bring our $20.00. She said "OK" and that he should be there any minute. She also said that there is only 1 delivery guy working the night shift, contrary to what she told my boyfriend almost an hour before.

Finally, at around 11:00 or so, the man came with our wings. But, when he came he knew nothing about the refund for the order. He called the restaurant and then put my boyfriend on the phone. He spoke with a man (the one from earlier) and he said that we were NOT to get our money back and the girl who said she was the manager was "not the manager; she's new and doesn't know what she's talking about". We gave the driver the wrong wings back and he gave us our money.

At 11:25, my cell phone rang. When I answered, it was the same man, screaming at me that he was going to come into my house and take the money that we got refunded by the driver. He then proceeded to threaten my boyfriend, saying that "bad things are going to happen" and asking him questions like, "Do you know who I am? Don't ** with me", amongst other threatening allegations. He told us we had to bring the money back to the store or he was coming to get it himself. My boyfriend asked him, "What's the difference whether you give us free food now or next time?" He hung up on him because he had nothing to say.

Not knowing what to do, and completely freaked out, we called the local police who did nothing (surprise, surprise) and sat all night looking out our window to make sure he wasn't coming back. I wasn't going to give in AFTER they ruined our order, made us wait 2 hours, and never apologized. Every time we called it was like we were calling a different place. The only thing that scares me now is that this nut knows where we live. I will NEVER order from any Papa John's locations again. If he was smart, he would have eaten that $20.00 and possibly we would have gone back. Instead, he lost a lot more than $20.00; he lost a customer.

Terrible Management & Service
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- After a rather infuriating conversation with a PJ Manager I sent the following email complaint at PJ online. Not really expecting anything to come of it unfortunately. I hope you understand how upset I am that I'm actually taking time out of my evening and away from my family to convey to you how absolutely infuriated I am with the experience we had this evening.

I placed an order for delivery at approx. 9:00 PM & was told it should be there in 30-35 minutes. We're not strangers to deliveries being a little bit later than the estimated time. Things happen. But when we noticed that it was just about 10:00 I decided to call. We thought the driver may have been lost or something? I was told at that time that it was just coming out of the oven & should be here in 10 minutes. OK, so we waited 25 minutes and called again.

So, as you can see our 30 minute delivery has lapsed into the 1.5 hour time frame. Still no courtesy call from the location. We were STILL expecting the delivery. When I called again, for the third time, I was placed on hold for approx. 8 minutes because the Manager was "busy".

Imagine my frustration when I finally got him (Shawn or Sean is the only name he would give me) on the phone and he actually laughed when he said they DO NOT EVEN DELIVER to my address. They're located in Brandon, FL. I live in Tampa, FL. I was quite taken back by his carelessness and disregard to the issue. Especially since he was the THIRD person I spoke to tonight. He continued to talk amongst his employees about how this must be the order that was brought back because the address it DID go to said that they weren't expecting it. When I asked why I didn't receive a call then.

When they knew it was the wrong address I was told - "The driver can't call, he's hearing impaired." That may be true but what about the rest of the office? The amount of unprofessionalism that I had to deal with was beyond acceptable. He just kept saying that it wasn't him that handled the call, all of the employees there are new - none over a week, there's nothing he could do...

Basically accepting no responsibility what-so-ever. As well as whistling in the phone. So, after this lovely series of events I now have to listen to the Manager whistle in my ear while I'm speaking. I said excuse me to which he rebutted, "I don't know what you want. There's nothing I can do. You're not in our area." At this point I was done with the conversation. I asked for his name - He said Shawn. Refused to give me his last. When asked how I would identify him he said Shawn on 60. The only one there. Very curt and The one name he was quick to give up was his supervisor's which is **. But he wouldn't be in until tomorrow.

Bottom line, in my opinion, first the delivery address should have been confirmed. Secondly, this problem should have been caught at least on my second call. Not the third. Lastly, I feel that my situation was handled completely inappropriately and an extreme amount of professionalism and customer service could have been implemented.

I, as well as my family, eat at Papa John's regularly but I feel that this experience from hell will most certainly put a halt to future dining decisions that may involve this company. If the main problem here is lack of training. In all aspects. I might suggest it be put in place. I hope this email will be taken seriously as you can expect my family and I are quite upset.

Delivery Guy Woke Me Up At 1:30am / Credit Disappeared
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I make my 1 pizza order online at 8:30pm. Two hours later, at 10:30, no pizza. I call the store, and get on the phone with the manager. The manager says, "Oh, you know what? We actually don't deliver to your area after dark..." This would have been fine, except I have ordered after dark from Papa Johns about twice a week for months. She was trying to BS me. When I told her how often I order after dark, she switched, and said, "Oh well actually the real problem is we are just slam packed tonight, and have only one deliver driver, and there are still 11 orders ahead of you."

I can understand being jam packed, but I was just thinking, "So what, you weren't going to call or anything? My pizza just never would have arrived?" But I didn't say that, I just said that I understood and what were my options. She said, "Well, we can wait and just see when your pizza arrives, or I can credit your account for the full amount for another time." I told her I would take the credit, and thanks. I go to sleep around midnight.

TO MY ASTONISHMENT, at 1:30 in the morning, someone is knocking on my door, and calling my cell phone. Its the delivery guy. He is holding my cold, hard, 5 hour old pizza. After waking up and getting dressed, I answered the door and told him that although I appreciated him showing up, I had already opted to take credit for another time, and was sleeping. He said that I might as well take the pizza, that I will still have my credit. I took the pizza from him, threw it on my counter, and went back to sleep. He is lucky I was a cool gal who didn't freak out at him for waking me up in the middle of the night, like I know so many people who would.

Two nights later, I want my pizza. I call to make the order, and told them that I want to use my credit on my account. The girl on the phone just says, "You don't have any credit, what do you want to order?" I explained what had happened, and she said again, "If someone gave you credit, I would see it here, and its not here, so what do you want to order?"

I asked if there was a manager I could talk to, like the one that I talked to the other night. She said that the only other employee there was her shift supervisor, and that he would say the same thing. I asked when I could call back to talk to the original manager I spoke to, and she just said, "I don't know, maybe tomorrow or the next day."

I thanked her and hung up. I am needless to say, upset, and disappointed. Its just a pizza, and I'll live (I guess lol) but I just wish that they kept better communication. I wrote a letter to their customer complaints site, does anyone know if this does any good? Thanks.

Great Job!
By -

OHIO -- Papa John's Pizza - 23 Cent Pizza Promotion For those who were not aware of the story... A franchise owner of a Papa John's Pizza in Washington had 20 t-shirts printed up with "Crybaby 23" and the Papa John's Logo on it. The shirt was a stab at Cleveland Cavalier player, Lebron James. Out of the 20 t-shirts printed, 8 were given out at the game and ONE was shown on camera. After 200 complaints were made from CAV fans, our local Papa John's contacted corp. to find out what to do with the complaints. They were threatening to boycott, etc.

After corp. investigated the issue, found the owner that gave out those t-shirts did so on his own and it was not approved by their corp. offices. To apologize to the CAVS fans the corp. office of Papa John's approved the sale of one large, one topping pizza for pick-up only at all the 40 local Papa John's Pizza places for only 23 cents (23 being Lebron's jersey number). They were to sell these pizzas (one per customer) from 11 am until 10 pm on April 8. Other locations in Columbus, Cincinnati and surrounding areas join in... making a total of about 80 locations.

Anyway... I just wanted to give a "KUDOS" to all those workers that worked so hard to keep everything running smoothly. Yes, there was a long wait, but everything was in order and out of all the 80 locations and hundreds of customers waiting in line at each, there were only two arrest for disorderly conduct. When I got in to place my order, I was very impressed on the way the young ladies and gentlemen were working as a team to get everyone taken care of. I felt for the girl who was hand tossing that pizza dough all day... I'm sure she's feeling it now... but KUDOS to all those young workers.

Papa John's is also donating $20,000.00 to the CAVS charities AND they paid their workers time and a half for their job yesterday as a encouragement for them NOT to call off work. They had workers working throughout the previous night making dough, chopping veggies... they did NOT make up the pizzas ahead of time, which would have saved a lot of time... but they said all pizzas will be made at the time the order, to ensure freshness. The location I went to, had sold over 700 pizzas. The rep. from the corp. office said they were prepared to supply 750,000 pizzas for this promotion.

They had truck deliveries throughout the previous night getting all the supplies out and they had people just putting hundreds of pizza boxes together since Monday. GREAT JOB! Oh… and what did the corp. office do to the guy in Washington that caused all of this? They said, "We had a talk with him and advised him not to do that again" LOL... something tells me this was all a publicity stunt from the beginning, great advertising and the charity donations will be a write off.

PS... Basher agrees that Lebron James is a big cry baby. But so were the fans who complained about the t-shirt. I don't see any difference between what the guy in Washington did with the t-Shirts, when our business hang "Pittsburg Sucks" signs in their windows downtown!

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