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Papa John's Pizza
2002 Papa John's Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40299-2334
502-261-7272 (ph)
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Papa John's Hates Telephones
By -

Papa John's online ordering is a deficient inept scam. I have had multiple occasions by me and my wife where we have used the online ordering and after arriving at the store they have no record of our orders. Then we are asked if we would like to place an order, but we can't place it at the discounted price. Why? Cause we have to order online. So I booted up my computer placed an order drove across town only to be told by a manager to go back to step 1. Thanks, you simpleminded boob. Why don't you go into your esteemed office log into your own company's website and waste your time placing the order for me?

At first it looks as though there was an error on me, my wife, or the website but after logically analyzing the online ordering system what the hell is the reason for it. Let's say that it may be helpful to someone who has access to computers at work and can order before they leave their office. These same precocious people most likely have access to telephones and could also order by phone. So this isn't a very good reason to use this service. It also takes LESS time to boot up a computer look up the telephone number and call the store then it does to log into the website and order through their website. Meaning you would be using less work time ordering via phone.

Even if this service is beneficial to a select few why not offer the same promotional offers through the phone as online? What is the benefit to having me boot up a computer, logging onto a website, adding and subtracting toppings, placing the order, send a message to the local location, then have me pick up the pizza then finally I eat it. It seems much more logical to call pickup then enjoy.

After trying to find a number to call on their website to log a formal complaint I was forced to log my complaint via their website. I then had to ask myself is this due to their obvious hatred of the telephone? Is it possibly due to a disdain of those pesky telegraph poles everywhere or maybe it's more important to brandish large images of their toppings instead of having a telephone number to contact someone with a possible problem? They even hide the telephone numbers for the domain registration of the website.

After explaining the problem I had with the website I received e-mail basically saying they would check into it for me and included this bit of advice. “The e-mail confirmation would come after the order reaches the store. May I suggest that if you do not get the confirmation e-mail within 10-15 minutes after ordering, you may want to call the store to check on your order.”

I wish I would have read that helpful titbits of information before placing my order or you could have placed this number on your website Papa John's Online Support 1-877-547-7272 option 2. So let's follow Papa John's step to ordering a pizza online. Boot up a computer, log onto their website, add & subtract toppings, complete the order, wait 15 minutes, check your e-mail, look up the phone number for the location, call the location, drive, pick up and enjoy your cold ass pizza! Or I could use their competitors steps look up the number, call, pick up and enjoy. Better ingredients may be in their pizza but it sure as hell isn't in your stupid online marketing campaign!!!

Pitiful Papa John's in Omaha 96th Q
By -

RALSTON, NEBRASKA -- At approximately 5:10pm on Monday October 26, 2009, I ordered 2 pizza's from the 96th & Q location. I called before the pick up and I gave the guy my number so had access to all of my prior orders because my son is lactose intolerant and CAN NOT have cheese as it said in history order or he could have severe complications with how intolerant he is. This showed in all of the prior orders I have placed in the past 2 1/2 yrs yet he said it didn't until I came back to pick up pizzas.

Apparently that didn't matter to the guy. He said they cannot substitute toppings (which they have always done except last time I called back in April 2009, when I got cussed out by the worker and had to drive 6 miles to another local).

Anyhow, just now I went in to pick up order in person and the guy said he would substitute but was not happy. When the pizzas were done, I asked him if he had the order history and THEN he went from no to yes. He said, "Yeah, but you change your number so much (they had my cell, wk and hm but same address and name WITH ALL prior orders including LACTOSE INTOLERANT!!!).

I told him if he had the prior orders from the prior orders, why was he treating me like that? He came from behind the counter into where I was waiting & ** walked towards me. He was standing in my face when he said, “You shouldn't have changed your number so much.” If you have all prior orders, what difference does it make? Again walking and laughing immaturely, ** said, “What do you want me to do about it?” I am appalled and totally fed up with giving Papa John's chance after chance. They hire teenage, morons, that are confrontational.

I will go up the chain with my complaints. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! You will be paying to get insulted and dehumanized. I am 41 and these 'kids' were laughing in my face. Fed up, last time. Hello Godfathers and Pizza Hut. Papa John's... I am a marketing consultant in the Omaha area and the way I and several others have been treated is ridiculous! You are losing margins with the competition by your insulting, teenage, confrontational, moron employees.

I see lawsuit after lawsuit if anyone has gone through what I have been through. Enough already! You won't be getting my money anymore and I will pass along to all of the newsletters and organizations I am involved in. Trust me, 1 customer can affect thousands by your bad behavior. Especially, in the lactose intolerant community which I am active in. I will go all the way up the ladder. I had always given your company a C, but now an F- for all of the children and adults that are selective with lactose intolerance. These will be forwarded to the right people! Even our organizations to warn others!

Best Pizza I never got
By -

Never in my life have I let a food delivery and human incompetence get me worked up. But tonight Kitchener, Ontario Papa John's really took the cake! I booked my pizza order online at 8pm... As pricey as anything, but I was sold just to try it.

An hour and 25 minutes later, I get a call on my cell phone. I can't understand the guy, but I think he's down I run down to let him in... Nope, not I call him back...he says he's outside, I tell him I'm at the door and there is no one in sight. Honest mistake, even if my apartment was on the same street at the Papa's and 10 blocks I stay on the phone with the guy, telling him every land mark in sight.- Being literally 20 feet from City hall being the main one. Nope. No comprehend.

Minutes pass, and he hangs up on me in the middle of his humming and hawing and mumbling. I try calling back, no answer, tried one more time...nothing again. I'm about to head back in when I realize my keys are on my table and my auto lock door is closed because I was chasing a delivery guy who got lost 10 blocks from his home base. (Even if he was close, I would have seen him. He was no where in sight...not even on the right block).

After 2 hours of being stuck outside, I get in to get the Papa's number, I call them and get a friendly fellow who offers me bread sticks as soon as he answers the phone... I asked him what was up with the pizza and explained what happened. (Now hungry as a horse)! The guy says "he couldn't find your place, it was a bad address." I told him I was standing in that address and on the street and didn't see him...

The guy on the phone develops a bit of an attitude and says "give me a minute, I'll talk to the driver..." 8-10 minutes pass while I'm on hold. WAY more than enough time to investigate the pizza issue. So I hang up and call back. The same guy answers on the first ring and says "hold please" and puts me on hold. I hang up and call back... This goes on for 15 minutes or so. (I was just working on principal after the 2nd time). At one point I shouted "NOOO" when they said "hold, the guy stopped and said "what...?" and I said "where's my pizza?" and he hung up.

FINALLY the next time I call they actually answer the phone like nothing happened with the "papa's" phone answering if they weren't looking at the call display this time (as they were the first 30 times). Finally I ask this guy "where is the customer service papa's states they have on their site?" He says "You know what buddy, you should have called back about your pizza 2 hours ago! Don't call here again."

I will never call there again. I went into the Pizza Pizza that I live right above. I should have gone there in the first place. They have whole wheat crust, gluten free crust as well as crispy crust on top of their regular dough - on top of that, they have WAY more toppings and they have WAY better prices...what was I thinking trying to switch Papa John's? Never again.

WORST customer service in the lower mainland - B.C.
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, MICHIGAN -- Just letting everyone know about how bad the customer service is in the lower mainland B.C. If you're ordering from certain stores who are franchises owned by "new Canadians" be prepared for the worst service. I was told by one of these "owners" that "I should be so lucky to live in Canada". This is coming from someone who my country welcomed them with open arms to a Canadian born citizen. I spent over 7 MONTHS to have this address. I was issued 5 free pizzas, and in the end, they backed out of the agreement.

Then to top it off, Jeff decided to tell me that he was the "owner" of Papa John's! Beware when ordering from these places. My local store is amazing, however, my experience on the whole is complete crap! AND, their head office's policy is to waste as much time as possible. Let's see if Incident # ** is solved soon.

Banned From Papa Johns After Leaving Feedback
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- Ordered pizza first time online. Afterward I got a call stating my order would be two hours late and that was not so much an issue. Once we got the pizzas they were cold and tasted like the worst pizza we have ever had, ever! Well it was $40 dollars so we felt like feedback was important as very unhappy. Got a call from the store the next day from an angry manager who was aggressive and I stood my ground. Then she tried to claim I was cussing in my responses.

When I asked her to tell me what foul word I used as those kinda words do not come out of my mouth just to win what was turning into an argument...the whole time she was talking very loud as if someone was listening to conversation while telling me to "Calm down" & "Please do not talk to me like that" when the only thing I asked was what foul words had I used. She hung up but not before telling me I was banned from Papa John's and my address was banned.

Sent another feedback regarding the phone call and got a response from store owner, quote "This morning's call was from the restaurant GM and she was genuinely trying to find out from you what happened so she could make the situation better for you and hold her employees accountable. We appreciate your business and feedback nonetheless." Basically was a bad experience and will continue to enjoy the other pizza chains in the area who offer fast hot pizzas. My opinion in the eyes of Papa John's pizza "You're not a customer if unhappy, but a trouble maker."

Ripped Off and Poorly Served
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 2 stars

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI -- So my wife calls this local Papa John's and asks about specials, our grand kids are out with me and we were set to pickup on way home... We got there 15-20 min. Like they said, then after they immediately collect my 38$ for what later I learned was 23$ order, sat there for 30-+ min waiting for what I later found to be the boxes is been staring at for 30 min. wondering when mine would be done.

With hungry boys sometimes you'll forgive some things but, when got home realized the overcharge, and still sore from the service my wife called them and here's the great part. They say they can't do anything really but take the pizzas back? Huh? I'm supposed to return the pizza and get a 10$ credit on my next order? So now I'm just mad... I call the 800# and this clown tells me the special she ordered was an online only deal... And I said they quoted her 23$ on the phone and charged me 38$ he says that's because I picked it up, I said really?

Let's see if I pick up another one... Like ever. It's really sad even the pizzas were lame excuses of what I'd come to know as Papa John's. My boycott list grows... My new motto is think local business that kinda junk would never happen in a small owner place. How rude these franchises treat customers no better than the products they serve. Just assembly line, rip off TV ads.

Drunk Driver
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I made the mistake of ordering from Papa John's in the past and have avoided making that mistake again. My complaint rather rests in that one of their driver's ran me off of the road this evening (negligently, rather than malevolently). Had there been no Berm for me to swerve into, I very well may be dead, as he turned directly into my driver side door. He had been swerving between lanes before he decided to attempt plowing into me. I have never had such a harrowing experience on the road. I made the mistake of calling the store rather than the police. Like my first mistake of once ordering their horrible pizza. This is not a mistake I will repeat.

Took Forever, and Order Was Wrong!
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I ordered $50.00 worth of pizza and was very disappointed. All three of my pizzas were made wrong. We are a pork-free family and my veggie pizza had pepperoni on it. My Buffalo chicken pizza had bacon bits on it. And my hamburger pizza which I called and specifically told them no pickles on it they had put pickles on it then scrapped them off. There were pieces of pickles on it and tasted like pickle juice.

It was an hour when they called and re asked me about the pickles and said the pizza was on its way, and then it was ANOTHER hour before I got my pizza. It was cold. When I called to get the pizzas fixed my husband to get the new ones and the new pizzas were cold even at the restaurant. I will never order from there again. I was so disappointed. I was trying to do something sweet for my hubby, because he had been seeing the commercial for the hamburger pizza, and I felt like I failed him with cold gross pizza. Never again.

Cold Incorrect Order From Papa John's. No Effort to Correct
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Rating: 1/51

FT. WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- Tonight I ordered pizza from Papa John's. Had Thursday special in my email inbox. Also ordered 2 liter Pepsi. Over 30 minutes later, the pizza arrived cold, with no garlic butter, and no Pepsi. Called the store and was told it was I who ordered the pizza, not them, and it wasn't their fault. In other words, screw you - they're busy.

I'm not accustomed to being treated this way. Additionally pizza delivery is a competitive business, and Pizza Hut has one-upped you almost every time. We had stopped using you guys for a while due to a past issue, and now this has happened on our first order subsequently. Please give a response other than it is OUR FAULT. Could we possibly give you another chance? Not without compensation of some sort an and adequate response.

I will be happy to post this on FB, but don't want to. Awaiting your response. So are my friends and relatives. Your food is good, but we don't expect to have cold pizza and rude people. P.S. The delivery man was confused, but obviously he was doing the best he could.

Terrible Service and Always Late
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- For many years I have been a loyal Papa John's client and shareholder. Lately (last 6 months) their deliveries (on Gallatin Road/Nashville, TN) have always been late. This last time I called to confirm the order would be on time. I was told they were busy and could not guarantee it would be on time. I asked for the District Manager's name.

The "Manager" of the store became very hostile. Said he did not know who I was. I gave him my name and again asked for the District Manager's name. He refused by hanging up on me. So I called Headquarters. Spoke with a lady in Customer Service. She promised that a Manager from HQ would call. That was over a month ago. I called two weeks ago and said nobody has called. A new person apologized and assured me somebody would call.

Today I called HQ again. A very nice receptionist said the only thing she could do is transfer me to Customer Service, even though I was calling to complain about Customer Service. She could not even transfer me to a person in Shareholder services. This is not her fault, it is the fault of upper management that does NOT care about the customer. Short sided... As a shareholder, I have decided it is time to dump the stock and never eat at Papa John's again.

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