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How to ruin your vacation
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We arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to begin our one week vacation package. As we passed through the airport to find our transportation to the resort, we encountered a man behind the counter who offered us several "goodies" in exchange for a $160 fully refundable deposit if we just sat through a 90 minute vacation club presentation at the Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta. We thought we had nothing to lose and the "goodies" would be fun (free whale watching trip, a free show, and a discounted fishing trip) so we signed up for the next day. The next day we visited Paradise Village and we were swept off our feet with an offer to move in that day at no cost for lodging and meals and more extra goodies. We signed for a 35 year package for close to $20,000. Overnight my wife and I talked and reviewed what we had done with our grown children back home. We realized that the whole points system to use the program seemed complex and that we may never fully use a program for 35 years as we are both in our sixties. We found a provision in the papers providing for a rescission of the agreement. The next morning we met with the sales people and provided a letter rescinding the agreement. We were ushered into a private office and offered a shorter term deal at less money. We declined. We were then advised that we would have to pay for our lodging at about $375 per night and our meals. We checked back at our package resort and our room had been sold so moving back was not possible. We added up the $375 per night and that totaled $2,250 which with food added would be more than our original one week package. We also were informed by the sales manager that we were liable for $595 in paper work charges. Our total tab at Paradise Village came to $1,342.40 for two nights. We were discouraged and upset. We realized our one week vacation was ruined so we decided to fly home. The one way airfare was $1,245.28 plus $84 for baggage for two on Delta, but at least that was less than $2,250 plus meals and home seemed much more attractive at that point. Our decision to look into Paradise Village cost us $2,671.68 plus a ruined $2,449.20 vacation. Our advice to travelers, just go and enjoy your vacation. Ignore the nice, smily faces who try to entice you into spending just 90 minutes listening to the vacation club hype or timeshare hype. You will be a lot happier than we are today.
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Skye on 03/14/2011:
Buyer beware. They must have really left an impression on you, that caused you to sign up immediately, without talking about it with one another.

Thank goodness you were able to get out of it, because you did sign legal and binding contracts. They did not ruin your vacation, they did not force you to sign up, and later regret it.

Thanks for sharing your story.

karleebarlee on 03/14/2011:
Unfortunately, you probably should have thought about it and slept on it before signing anything =/.
unhappy999 on 03/14/2011:
I am glad you were able to get out of it but you learned an expensive lesson. Never, never fall for these time share traps. Most people, even if they are young, never get their moneys worth. The problem was not that you attended their presentation, the problem was that you didn't say "NO". $20,000 is a lot of money to spend without thinking about it first. For a little more than that I bought a brand new car that I spend 3 weeks thinking about before I bought it.
cabowabo on 03/17/2011:
Everyone makes mistakes and yours was that you purchased. I TOO made the same mistake and continue to regret the purchase. They should be ashamed that they ruined your vacation but you know the aren't. The one good thing is you kept your nest egg. Thanks for sharing.
lpescador on 05/16/2013:
Well- believe it or not you got actually lucky. If you had had kept the deal you would be out the 20k for the purchase (zero resale value), ever rising maintenance for 35 years, and if you ever wanted to get rid of it you would have to pay Paradise Village another $2,000 for the privilege! I know lots of owners at this resort who wished now they had cancelled!
Maria on 06/14/2013:
My husband and I purchased a 33-year plan and have never regretted it. We originally thought we would trade the week to vacation in other member resorts. But in the twelve years we have owned we always go back to Paradise! The points system works well because it doesn't tie you to a particular week. You can bank points one year and go for two years the next. We love it!
Rachel on 11/25/2013:
we signed up as well for a 1 week 1 bed ocean side and we have used our week on a regular basis. Sometimes we accumulate the points and stay longer another year. We always think that we could give our kids the week as a gift if we know we will not use it. Paradise Village is a nice place to spend a week or so - there are nice restaurants around and the beach is nice. Would we do this again? Maybe not but we are enjoying it.
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