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Want A Permit For A Shed? Its Easier To Win The Lotto! What A Joke!
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NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Pasco County, In West Central Florida has made it nearly impossible to get a permit for even something as simple as a storage shed. This is really a joke... it costs more to get a survey, building plans, and pay all the fees the city requires than the cost of the shed, Its not worth it! I built a shed 4 years ago and recently the City of Pasco put a stop building sticker on it....The shed has been there for 4 years! I am about to tear it down! I am really pissed off! At this point I am ready to have a Garbage dumpster brought in and tear the whole fricking thing down... I am so pissed, I would rather do this than donate another penny to the County!

What Bull! This is my Property! Not the county's.. What business is it of their's if I have a shed on my property!

This is supposed to be land of the Free?

It is so far from being the land of the free anymore it is pathetic !!!! And we as Americans are letting this happen!

It is impossible to do just about anything today without the city,county, and Government sticking their hand out expecting donations.

This is not freedom! I would love to hire a lawyer and sue the crap out of the county! Are there any lawyers interested? Any suggestions?

Please write to wsdesign2000 at
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Slimjim on 10/12/2008:
Is this shed close to your property line? While it sounds like they may be giving you the biz a bit for not permitting to start with, there are reasons why building permits are required. Most noted are safety and the integrity of the building and proximity to property lines. Even if not, do you have a neighbor who you don't get along with or is just plain a jerk? After 4 years, either someone from the city happen to drive by and see it, or you have a whistle blower next door.
Anonymous on 10/12/2008:
Government is all about fee generation and make-work programs for the otherwise unemployable. I used to get upset about our decreased ability to use our property (and earnings) as we see fit. But, now, I'm delighted that others are finally waking up. Don't waste your time suing the county, OP. One thing government is very good at...stacking the deck in their favor.
madconsumer on 10/12/2008:
this is sad to hear. nowadays to even build a non-habbital structure costs as much as one for habbitation. I think I would do as you say, tear it down and not re-build one.

did they come up with some new zonning laws? or did someone make a complaint against your shed?
yoke on 10/12/2008:
In the town I live in it seems it depends on who you know as to whether or not you need a permit. We went thew h**l to get a permit for a shed and my neighbor next door just put one up and got the permit after the fact with no problem, he is on the rep town committee!
prez22 on 12/08/2008:
nathhowe on 06/11/2010:
Prez22 please contact me as I am going through the same situation with the county and would like to know your outcome, thanks!
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Porch has to come down
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PASCO COUNTY, FLORIDA -- I bought my house in 2006, which was sold to me WITH a screened porch. A neighbor got vengeful with me, one who knew that my porch was built without a permit. So I get a visit from code enforcement telling me the porch was never permitted and must come down or I must hire an architect or engineer to write plans out for the porch and certify that the porch is built to most current codes (probably isn't). This whole time, I've been taxed on the porch, it is clearly on the property appraiser's website, the realtor didn't catch that there was no permit, really who would have thought??? he property appraiser office simply says they only check for what's on the property, they're not concerned if a permit has been pulled for it. Why must I pay to have the porch examined and permitted when it was there when I bought it and since its been on the payrolls. They're saying I must also pay double the permitting fee for the porch as well. Also, my Rubbermaid shed, that has to go to. I didn't get a building permit to put up a Rubbermaid shed. Anyone know of another county that is like this, or what I can do about my porch. I love my porch and I feel this should have been caught before I bought the house. Thanks for any advice!
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Skye on 06/11/2010:
Do as they ask, and get a permit. Just because it was there, when you purchased the house, does not mean it was legal. You aren't the first person this has happened to, and you won't be the last. It's a good heads up for everyone out there.
PepperElf on 06/11/2010:
good point.

did you have the house inspected before purchasing it?
I'm just wondering if an inspection would have revealed that issue. (maybe? maybe not?)
madconsumer on 06/11/2010:
the only way to determine if a porch is legally built with a permit, is to go to the permit office and do a search.
Starlord on 06/11/2010:
The mobile home we had in Arizona sat on a lot that had an easement along the back side of the property, as all lots where we lived did. The easement was 15 feet either side of the centerline of what some would consider an alley. This was to allow the passage of utility trucks, and if necessary, emergency vehicles. We had lightning strike the pole in our back yard that held a transformer that served four homes. The electric utility had to drive their small truck through our yard to get to the pole to replace the transformer because everyone along both sides had built fences encroaching on the easement. I understand that none of the fences had county permits and the county may make everyone cut their fences back to the easement lines.
nathhowe on 06/12/2010:
I'll be doing everything to get the porch permitted, but the costs are going to be so high its just sickening and if the porch isn't to code, its on me! The only way to get the costs of all this back I assume would be to go after the seller through a small claims court I assume. And yes, I DID have the house inspected and apparently permits weren't pulled. I would think this responsibility should have fallen on somebody during the buying process. Right?
PepperElf on 06/12/2010:
I hope it's within codes - and if it's not within codes I hope it's an easy fix to get it there.

remember... if they say it's not within codes, ask them what you need to change on it to bring it. cos the only answer cannot be "just tear it down"... and if it is.. yeah, the previous owner needs to be brought into this.

and yes, I think you would have a valid claim against the person who sold you the house for not telling you this.

good luck!
RestaurantGuy on 06/12/2010:
I don't think that when you buy a house the home inspector or realtor will pull permits to see if they were purchased. I know they didn't when I bought my house. As for small claims court I wouuld talk to an attorney to see if you can go after the seller for the costs. Not sure if you can or cannot
PepperElf on 06/12/2010:
RG - yeah that was just one of my wild guesses

personally I think the whole "coding" thing isn't so much about having building standards but rather, just another way the local government can charge you for something.

and I'm betting maybe that's the case here... not that the structure is or isn't in standards but that the government didn't get their fee when it was built
Anonymous on 06/12/2010:
nathhowe on 06/12/2010:
Going down Monday morning to talk to code enforcement. Hopefully somebody in that office will have a heart, listen to my story, and we'll find an agreeable solution to this. They certainly don't show much empathy on the phone in the few times I've called about it.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/12/2010:
It's worth a try to talk to them again. I had a friend that lived in Pasco County about 10 years ago - his situation was strangely similar. He was in the middle of building his porch when code enforcement showed up - having been called by his nosy neighbor.

The code enforcement guy was quite nice, he was familiar with this neighbor, as they called the county frequently to complain. He just told my buddy to stop working for the weekend, go down there Monday morning and just get the permit. He went and paid his fee and got his permit - I don't recall what documents he needed, but as I recall it was quite simple.

Just be as nice as you can to the clerk and start off your conversation with the magic words "I need your help". That has a tendency to get them on "your" side of the issue. Good luck and let us know what happens.
nathhowe on 06/12/2010:
Thanks for the magic words Hugh I'll be sure to use them. I feel that others should learn from this in that before buying a house, be absolutely certain that any and all permits are on file with the county before buying. Even the realtor was a shocked at this.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/13/2010:
One more thought that crossed my mind. Did you buy title insurance at the closing? Could this be a case of a defective title? The title says the house came with an enclosed porch, but the county says no. Not sure if this would apply, but it's another avenue to try.
nathhowe on 06/15/2010:
The problem is mine to deal with, I knew it was coming down to this, so ridiculous but that's where I stand. Now I get to go in front of a committee and ask for extension period to get everything taken care of...
Anonymous on 06/15/2010:
Late to the party but if it were me I'd hire a good real estate attorney who has experience in dealing with your particular county. You'd probably be glad you did.
nathhowe on 06/18/2010:
it doesn't matter in regards to the porch, its got to get fixed whether I have an attorney or not. Buyer BEWARE!
Jason on 11/16/2011:
Been living here a year with my disabled wife. I got a feeling a lot of neighbors want to push us out over prejudice. They don't talk much. We got our first violation notice about weeds in the back yard this morning. I looked across to where a neighbor has bad overgrowth. I saw no notice on her door. Definitely a double standard happening along the street. We have degrees
lee on 09/24/2013:
I can honesty say DO NOT move to trashco county Florida! same crap is happening to me over a guy up the street who is a 2 time felon and a renter who has called 5 times in the last year on me alone and several other homeowners in port richey. this place is not the same as it was 10 years ago. now we have a fine based county and city government plus a 60% government handout population. a economy that is on the rocks and a intrusive government. I would tell anyone to stay away from pasco county and Florida as a whole! welcome to the pill mill capitol of the world!!!!
Joe on 06/20/2014:
Got one better. Neighbor was going to build a shop building for ag purposes. Told Bldg Dept it was in the middle of a field. Was told he needed a blueprint drawing which cost about $1200. Submitted it to Bldg Dept and was later told by the same lady that this is agriculture. You don't need a blueprint. Maybe the person that drew the blueprint will give you your money back, REALLY!!
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