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Rude, only care about fundraising, didn't learn anything
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I would like to explain "challenges" no issues the school has toward their students. During my time at Paul Mitchell The School Louisville we had learning leaders fired for showing students ways to do hair. Letting the teachers who actually care about us and have the ones that just stay for a paycheck. The second issue with the school is about fund raising. How are you going to help the community but will not help a student that is suffering? The Payments systems should help their students and help the community as well. Instead of telling them "No I can not help you but if you want to donate to this charity that be great."

I had personal experiences of inappropriate clients sit in my chair and the learning leaders still wants me to continue the service without taking the time to realize something bad like sexual assault or damage to our 3,500 dollar kits. (That are cheap and crap). Take it to thought they only want your money for an education you will never get (No makeup classes, facials, manicures).

School Students Hair and Makeup
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Rating: 5/51

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I get my hair colored at the Paul Mitchell salon school every month. Even though they're students; they take their time with each client, and are supervised. If you don't like the way they are cutting your hair or coloring you can speak up and they will make sure you get the cut you want. ;) I like the service here and the professionalism. And they take care of me ;) every visit. I recommend it!!! Four stars...

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Rating: 5/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Paul Mitchell is the nicest school for whoever wants to become a hairstylist. I been coming to Paul Mitchell for years. I meet a lot of students. The teachers are always around when the students need help. I always tell people to go get their hair done there and they come back and tell me, "thanks judy for sending me there".

Paul Mitchell The School Of Normal Il Rude And Uncaring
By -

NORMAL, ILLINOIS -- I took night classes there and was forced to tolerate rude vulgar language by other students! When I went to the learning leaders and school staff I was told to "get over it and lighten up" that being cursed at should not bother me because I was older than most of the people that went there. The learning leaders turn a blind eye and refuse to help you for any reason. The staff only care about the money!!

I was so let down by Paul Mitchell the school of Normal IL, so I dropped out because I kept getting treated like garbage and when I went to fill out the paper work and state the reason I was leaving I started to write unhappy with school and rude staff and the financial aid lady grabbed my arm and yanked the paper out of my hands telling me to leave. I was livid!

Of course it was only me and her in that room so once again I get shafted with no proof. But do not go to that school it has ruined my life not that anyone cares associated with that Paul Mitchell school in Normal IL. But beware look elsewhere it's only a money factory they do not care about you only money money money... This school should be ashamed they need to investigate this school asap!!! It's awful!!! So glad I never have to go back!!!

Was being rude
By -

DAVENPORT, IOWA -- I received text messages from my daughter, Brittany; she told me that she wants me to stop by Davenport school (Paul Mitchell), to give them all the information they needed so my daughter could start her class there at Bradley, Illinois. I was told to see this person, Darrin because Brittany spoke with him about the situation and even told him about her mother being deaf.

While I was there, I explained to him what I had to do, he just got up to walk away and whispered around. (Left me sitting there looking so dumb?) I said to myself, okay if they cannot help me or my daughter to submit all the information they needed to process her class then why am I wasting my time, coming out here for? So I decided to leave.... but this girl chased after me to apologize. Asked me to tell her what happened so I did then she told me to give her the papers with all the information they needed and went inside to make some copies.

Paul Mitchell The School, A High End School? Or A Flop?
By -

I am currently having some "challenges" I would like to address. My first issue is that I feel that this school is more focused on raising money than education. I think the fund-raising has gone a completely overboard. Giving boxes for selling pies and/or making donations is giving credit for something we never actually did. We're told that the State of Connecticut requires that we do a certain amount of cuts, perms (which I have yet to do), colors etc.

These requirements are getting completed by us donating money, getting someone else to donate money, or selling something like pies/coffee/body shop products/candles to raise money. Also giving donations for hours is or should be illegal, and quite frankly it's unfair to students who don't want to donate or simply can't. We have students who are struggling to make ends meet, and they want us to donate money for every little thing.

Second, there is an issue with hours. If a student doesn't hand in their worksheet on time, they don't give the hours to them even though the student is clocked in. I don't know where they come up with these ridiculous rules but myself and other students pay close to $20,000 or more to go to school here and we deserve the hours we put in. $20,000 may be pocket change to them, but to us, it isn't, and they clearly take our money for granted.

Along with the above paragraph, taking swipe cards is also pointless.. needless to say. I don't want to have to chase "learning leaders" down for weeks on end to get my card to get my hours. That's what I'm paying for. Third, they waste a lot of our valuable time. It's unnecessary to have "home room" for an hour or more. "Pow wow" is also too long. I understand if you need to tell us things and what's going on but we don't care to hear or tell "victories".

Fourth, another problem students have is when we need to get our boxes signed, the learning leaders always give us attitude. If they don't want to be bothered then get rid of our worksheets, other schools don't have them. We don't want to bother them as much as they don't want us to. Come up with a better way. Hey, how about they actually track what we do? Maybe even grade a hair cut or two on the floor?

Fifth, their main focus on the floor seems to be that they are more concerned in us selling products then giving a great haircut. They make quotas for us to sell X amount of bottles and if we don't they raise it. That's absurd! If we aren't selling 2 what makes them think we will hit 4?

Sixth, teaching us that we are going to make loads of money when we graduate is not accurate. Some Paul Mitchell students can't even get jobs because all we know is Paul Mitchell, and no one wants to take the time to retrain us. We don't pay to be "coached" on how much money we will make. I won't make anything if I'm not being taught. Seventh, I haven't had a specialty classes in I don't know how long, it's been that long. I want to learn something, please!!!!

Eighth, I want to say, that I think its ludicrous how they have all of these "extra" classes to be certified for in our school, and we actually have to pay for them in addition to our tuition. What is the $20,000 for? I would love to know. This school was only number 1 last year because they raised money NOT because they have a 100% passing rate and a low percentage rate on drop outs and transfers. They actually have the highest percentage rate on that.

The school really isn't as great as the owners and their followers make it, and the saying goes both ways, "you can't judge a book by its cover". Paul Mitchell may look like a great school, but is it???? I don't think so.

Not worth the 15 grand
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Paul Mitchell is supposed to be a name everyone in America can trust, well they should totally avoid all the schools across the globe at all cost. It's a petty mismanaged school that doesn't help students but steals from them at any cost. If you have a passion for hair do everything you can to avoid the Paul Mitchell schools. It's not worth all the money and in my years of training there I'm not only fed up with the teachers drama but I still cannot do a simple blow dry. And don't bother telling them how poorly they run the school because they'll only do more than they can to make it worse. All and all the orlando school has made a permanent damage to my life.

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