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Payless, NU, and EZ car rental in Toronto
Posted by Seanjb on 01/02/2011
TORONTO, ON, CANADA -- It's the the WORST car rental I've ever experienced in my life.
The staff are rude. Their airport pickup is not guaranteed (only if they feel like it, or they may ask you to go figure out some other shuttle that goes to a hotel which is close to their location).
They over charge as much as they can (insurance is required, and only MasterCard insurance is not enough for them, so they charge you insurance).
for airport pick up they charge a fee in form of "their airport tax", that is separate than "airport fee and taxes".

Full size, mid size, compact car is exactly the same: Toyota Corolla or similar. It works if you're looking for mis size or compact car, but if you want a full size car, good luck getting it from them (even though you reserve for full size), and good luck fitting 5 adult and 2 suitcases in corolla!

I returned the car at 10AM (my drop off), they made me wait for the guy to get off the phone for 20MIN,20 min no kidding, and then there was an extra $17 charge for extra hour that I was late at 10:20.

NU, EZ car rental, and Payless have the same staff and location, and owned by the same borthers, based on what I found out.
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Posted by TLawlor on 2012-03-09:
I could not agree more with the comments above. I travel every week of the year for consulting and this was the worst car rental experience I think I have ever had. All the points above are true - horrendous customer service, poor pickup coordination - I had to take a cab back to the airport in order to make my flight. Basically the guy running the NU rental appears to run the shop from his cell phone - supposedly "away parking cars for 10-20 min." but really completely offsite for a few hours. The car size was a joke relative to the reservation classification. Basically, don't ever rent from these guys. You get less than the discount you pay for and more hassle.
Posted by new yorker on 2012-07-25:
They deceive you by making you initial a place on a contract where you'd be agreeing to the insurance, even though you tell them that you didn't want insurance and later, charge you for the insurance. Bunch of despicable people there in Toronto. I have a lot more to say but NEVER EVER AGAIN from these horrendously operated car rental joint. It's not even a company. It seems like it's run by a mom and pop corner joint, operating out of a small room at Ramada hotel.
Their customer service, demeanor, professionalism is out the door. Don't expect to talk much sense with them. These people seem to be from India/Pakistan region where they have yet to learn the proper human respect, courtesy, professionalism and decency. These people just don't belong in a people service business. It was just not right. I was really surprised that I met these type of people through EXPEDIA who I trust and respect. I told EXPEDIA that they should not allow this company to be listed on Expedia because I didn't want other people to suffer the way I did. It was absolutely the worst car rental experience ever.
It is not the car rental companies like Dollar, Budget, Hertz, enterprise, national etc.
It is the bottom of bottom in car rental and should not exist in this business at all.

If they were nice, courteous, tried not to make extra buck by using devious tactics, maybe I might give them the benefit of the doubt despite their shortcomings but NO. These peole are just not nice people. They will never get repeat customers. It looked like they were suffering and desperate for dollars because of the way they conduct themselves. I told Expedia about them and I hope they don't exist anymore. These people should really choose a different type of business where customer interaction or service is not required.
They don't even have a shuttle or any signs at the airport, so you don't know where to go until you call.
They pick you up in a hatchback with other people squeezed in the back. The driver, became the front desk clerk once we got to the ramada hotel from the airport to get the car. Really pathetic operation.
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Horrible Experience
Posted by Nabunijim on 04/07/2014
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My husband and I travel quite often and have rented cars a countless number of times in the past. I've never been through a worst experience than Payless. The staff was rude, they ripped us off, the manager threw the contract in our face when we refused to take "the extra coverage". It was HORRIBLE and a bad way to start our vacation.

It gets better, when we wrote to complain to their corporate office, they made it sound like we were complaining about the extra charges not about the abuse of their employees. Don't ever rent from them especially out of Vegas. Their employees there are beyond rude and horrible; especially the manager. Will complain to consumer affairs.
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Do They Have Any Repeat Customers?
Posted by Bkraf on 07/16/2013
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I rent cars 15-25 times a year and I should know better than to rent from one of the off brands but to "save" a couple bucks I went with Payless this time because they were in the Las Vegas rental car center. They must have a top down management theory to suck as much out of a customer as possible up front because they will not come back.

I Have my acknowledgment here for $234? That will be $250 sir. But I have it right here $234 in writing from your company. That will be $250 sir. Great way to start the vacation.

I don't care for any gas insurance any anything, please get me on my way. But sir many people get the blah blah, Very mad at this point, please give me the car and let me go.

Finally get the the POS car that I rented that has a hole in the carpet where your heal rests by the gas peddle bigger than a softball exposing the styrofoam and the cars metal floor. I take a picture to the desk and I'm told they are all like that and they don't have any others to give me.

Drive this POS for 5 days and upon my return there is no one to take it back. Finally one of their sloth like employees manages to crawl out of where ever he was hiding to come out and be rude to the customers.

Pay more money up front at Thrifty or Alamo or whoever.
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Worst Car Rental Experience, EVER!!!
Posted by Galvin4 on 07/11/2013
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We rent cars about 10-12 times a year. This was our first and last rental with Payless.
Booked via Internet and the quoted price including fees and taxes was $67.54 due at pickup.
After several [snip] attempts to upgrade to a higher class car the renting agent started on insurance, telling us it was mandatory.

My husband, having been a car insurance for over 40 years, quoted the terms of our personal insurance policy. He was told by the agent that my husband didn't know what he was talking about. After making it clear that we did not want to take the insurance the agent printed the Rental Agreement and asked my husband for his signature. I thought it strange that he did not ask for a signature or initials that we declined the insurance and asked to see the contract. Not only was the insurance on there, but other additional services such as "roadside insurance". ( Duh, we have full coverage with AAA).

The total amount due added up to $168.50 for a 2 day rental. Needless to say, we had the agent revise the contract. The total time spent to get the car rented was 65 minutes.
Subsequently, our plans changed which made it necessary to extend the car for 1 additional day. I attempted to reach the office by phone and had to make 3 additional calls, each time being put on hold for over 15minutes. I was dissatisfied with their policy of charging a "contract termination fee" of $11.00 for extending for one day in addition to the extra day rental charge.
Overall a horrible experience.
Stay away from Payless Car Rental!
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Charges More Than Double Of Price Quoted At Pick Up!
Posted by Rwatt1111 on 04/25/2013
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Our family vacation began with a flight to our usual place of destination which meant we were flying into Tampa Fl. Our reservations were made 6 months in advance and now it was time to soak up the sun, First we got on the shuttle to the off sight rental facility of Payless Car Rental in Tampa, FL. when we arrived and noticed two people ahead of us we figured that this would be quick and painless at Payless, but instead it was the beginning of a NIGHTMARE!

I was listening to what the rental agents were saying to the people as they were being processed and a lot of it was concerning to me and sure enough my wife and I were next after waiting 45 minutes. They asked for the drivers license of all licensed drivers that would be in the vehicle, not of just the driver of the rental. Next we told them again the two car seats we needed even though this was already on our itinerary and listed on our confirmation.

The agent that was helping us started to go into a sales speak explaining to us what our charges were and what extra protection we should take. The first thing that caught my eye was the base rental fee of $589.00...... WHAT...we were quoted and reservations were made with a price of $245.00. Even though we had this set price that did not include the taxes and list of 6 other additional fees and then proceeded to tell us that did not include the car seat rental even though it was listed on our reservations and listed on the quote. Continued by scare tactics for us to pay another $19.99 per day for protection that your insurance company would not cover....what was that I ask? The agent explained to us that in the state of Florida if I were to not take there insurance and there was damage to the vehicle whether my fault or not we would be liable for rental fees as long as it takes to get that vehicle back into operating condition....most likely that would take 30 to 45 days and we would have to put an additional $280.00 deposit down if we opted out of there insurance.

When you think that is the end we are only half way there...my wife saw another additional charge of $80.00...for a second driver...I was the only driver and I was the only driver listed, but in the state of Florida as was quoted by the agent all licensed drivers must be charged this fee! at this point I was ready to take the shuttle back with my 16 month and 4 yr old boys and head back to the airport...were told that we would still be charged and that we would have to dispute these charges with our credit card company! We sucked it up took the rental walked out to get in our full size rental vehicle to find a Nissan Altima! Nissan and all other rental companies list this vehicle as mid-size! When we returned home to contact Orbitz and Payless we got a credit of $27.00...Our final bill $554.00 Our quote $245.00 difference $309.00 more than quote and a bad start to a much needed vacation! BBB here I come!
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Posted by Orbitz Customer Relations on 2013-04-26:
Hi Rwatt111,
My name is Kristi, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.
Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Orbitz Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
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Car Insurance Scam
Posted by Andorian1701 on 03/11/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Join me in expressing my dissatisfaction with a poor car rental company.
Feel free to make this go viral and repost.

Payless car rental in Orlando, Florida at MCO

On 2-5-13, I rented from them. They pushed the CDW. Said it would cover all damage, deductible and extra fees that might be incurred from an accident, scrape, any damage.

Well, some backed into me, and we got info and Allstate said the CDW would cover it.

Now a month later, Allstate paid it but not deductible, and then Payless added $171 in lost rental and $200 admin fees. Then charged it to debit card with out notice just this month.

WILL NOT USE AGAIN. THEY PUSH THE CDW – Collision Damage Waiver and say that it will cover deductible and be primary and not get charged for rental while being repaired. well they lied. I paid for the coverage and still got charged the deductible, the rental, and a $200 admin fee. So they are not trustworthy.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-03-12:
What is mco & CDs?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-03-12:
If memory serves me right, MCO is the airport code for the Orlando International Airport and it says in the review that CDW is Collision Damage Waiver.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-03-12:
Thanks DB
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Great experience
Posted by Venicefontana on 07/11/2012
DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- I'm in the market right now for a rental and was reading all these horrible reviews about Payless. I had a great experience with them so I felt obligated to post one of my own. I rented a compact car with them that was dirty. They told me to bring it back. In exchange, they gave me an upgrade and promised it was complimentary. At checkout, the charge remained but the manager came out and when I explained the situation and told him who I spoke to, he verified and honored the complimentary upgrade.
Keep in mind when you read these complaints, that hundreds of thousands use these companies but only a few complain because of odd situations here and there. If you get things in writing and document who you spoke to and when, you cover yourself.
I would definitely use them again.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-12:
No matter how many complaints a company may have, if they deserve a compliment then it's great you took the time to write it.
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Never Again
Posted by Isabellituri81 on 12/28/2011
ORLANDO, WASHINGTON -- We had problems with the car in the first hour we had it. I called the company to report the problem with the car and was treated very bad. The company representative said I had to pay for the AAA, and because I refused(if everything was working property in the car we didn't had do call anyone) she said she didn't want to rent the car for us anymore and took the car from us. She left me, my friend and our 3 children with no car. This was my first and last time using this company, they have terrible employs representing them.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-28:
I had a little trouble understanding what happened.

Are you saying that Payless told you that you would have to pay for the service call if it turned out the car had no problem, and you refused?

What exactly happened to the car in the first hour? Wouldn't start? Something else?

Ultimately, did Payless send a tow truck and tow or drive the car away, leaving you in the street?
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Underhanded / Deceptive Business practices in Costa Rica
Posted by 260mike82 on 12/07/2011
SAN JOSE, FLORIDA -- Be careful with this company, and actually I would advise to not rent from them (Payless or you Save), espcially if ever in Costa Rica. First, they were an hour late picking me up from the airport, then I had to wait another hour while another couple in front of me had problem after problem with their car. Finally, around midnight, I was able to proceed with renting the car I had already booked on-line. I declined addicional insurance, and while signing the contract, they hid the charges in abbreviations, and told me I was initialling to decline insurance (when in reality, I was initialling to accept it!). Also, they never explained the charges, after I repeatedly declined the insurance and asked in the agency. Then when I contacted the company after the rental, they told me it did not matter what I said, because the contract was signed! Literally, the most underhanded and shady business practices possible. Again, DONT RENT FROM THEM!!
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Payless ripped me off $80
Posted by Smashingrox96 on 11/11/2011
I rented a GPS unit with my car for 8-day rental, but the unit didn't work and I returned it halfway through trip, promised the charge would be removed from bill. It wasn't removed, and two straight months was promised it would be removed and it never was. Will never go there again.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-11-12:
Have you contacted your credit card company to dispute the charge? You should before you exceed the time allowed to dispute this charge.

It's obvious Payless isn't going to reverse the charge for you at this point.
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