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Poor Credit Card Customer Service
Posted by I got ripped off by GE on 09/11/2007
OMAHA -- I just got off the phone with one of the JERKS in PayPal's/GE Money Credit customer service department. When calling I had no intention of closing my account, however, after talking to the guy on the phone and how rude he was, I closed it immediately. I can't believe they have people working for them like this. I have had an account with them for quite some time and have always made my payments on time. I thought when I was making my payments I was actually making one ahead, but for some reason, they were doubling reflecting on the same billing cycle. I wanted to see if there was something we could do to work this out, (i.e. credit late fee) since in good faith I thought I was making my payment not only on time, but ahead of the game. The guy on the phone was rude and not willing to work with me. I don't have to take this from someone like that! There are plenty of credit card companies I am sure that would want to have my business.

That being said, I am making sure I post on every site I can find to show that GE's customer service is impossible and unreasonable to work with.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-11:
PayPal and eBay are legalized crime not having to operate under any banking laws. Your better off staying as far from them as you can. Google them and you will find thousands of complaints about people that had their money stolen and have no way to get it back since PayPal and eBay do not have to answer to anyone.
Posted by mcgiannetti on 2007-11-28:
I have had the same problem with GE Money Bank. Their customer service knows nothing. I don't understand what they do there all day because I have sent a copy of my cleared check 9 times now and am told I never sent anything, and as soon as I do they'll post my payment
Posted by patience77 on 2008-03-24:
What you need to do is make sure you read the terms because with all credit cards if you dont make the monthly payment then you have a late fee. Plus if this was the first time you should be able to have the late fee removed as curteous.
Posted by lamett on 2008-10-27:

File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision

GEMB knows they are violaing FEDERAL LAWS and hope that you do not know or ever find out about them.
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PayPal becomes BML and uses 'Bait and Switch' fraud technique
Posted by Terrybrock on 09/18/2012
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I've been both a buyer and a seller on eBay for quite some time and PayPal has certainly been able to speed things along provided you have included any fees for using the service in the price of your goods. As a buyer, Bill Me Later has offered some fantastic financing options; 6-12-18 months with no handling charges if paid in full by the due date. I'm good at finding these deals and for the things that I want and scrutinizing the bills once I get them. I've noticed twice now that Bill Me Later has offered me extended financing at purchase, only to decrease the time limit when billing time came. The last time I called them about this they took my information to 'send to accounting' stating that someone would get back with me via email in a few days. Two days later I got an email stating that the complaint had been reviewed and corrections, if any, would show up on my account within 24-48 hours. I waited 4 days to see the results of a transaction that took seconds to complete only to see that they had removed special financing completely. As it stands now I have a $1300 purchase that should have had 18 months of no finance charges, instead it has been changed to a straight purchase. I've sent an email detailing this each day for two waiting for a response and am moving towards hand writing a letter with a copy of their advertised financing and a list of dates and times of when I've called.

A few minutes ago I tried to make a $10 purchase using my PayPal account. I use it often and change the method of payment to credit card, that way I don't have to manually enter in the number each purchase. I have $40 in my PayPal account which is set to transfer today to my BillMeLater account as a payment. So PayPal knows I have have only $40 earmarked to go to BillMeLater. The only option they would give me was to charge the $10 to my BillMeLater account or take it from my PayPal account since I had a balance. Sure.... take $10 away from the $40 going to BML and have BML charge me for having insufficient funds. Or charge the $10 to the BML account where I already have another promotional balance being paid off and this new one to be resolved. I found it easier to pull out the credit card and punch in the numbers.

I went back through my memo notes in Quicken and found that this same bait and switch occurred with BillMeLater before and I have had issues with PayPal. BML is not a bank, and therefore is excluded from having to operate under the same consumer protection laws as banks do. It seems like the more I use them, the more shady they seem to operate... forgetting to apply the correct promotion and Ooops, we "forgot" and didn't put on one at all when we "fixed" it. Really? Really.

PayPal is a fast and easy way to collect and send money. BillMeLater is a financing option that might be helpful to some. But beware: At best their systems make a lot of mistakes and their people are not trained on how to fix them and at worse; This is the way it was designed to be.

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Posted by Alain on 2012-09-18:
Thanks for your review. It makes me reluctant to consider using either of these companies.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-18:
I do not mind using PayPal - I have for several years. The only thing I don't like is accepting payments for an Ebay purchase and getting whacked with a high fee, because in the old days we got checks or money orders.

BML is a whole nother story. The whole concept of Bill Me Later is a crimson red warning flag. I don't mind credit card companies, because I know how they work. Whenever you get promotional rate offers, you have to be meticulous about the terms. Your complaint indicates that even when you are with BML, the terms can *change*.

I would not have used BML, and your complaint makes me double down on that choice.
Posted by David on 2012-09-26:
I too have used PayPal on Ebay, after selling an item(watch)the buyer contacted PayPal and claimed he never got the item, PayPal refunded the buyer in full without even notifying me.I have not used PayPal since.
Posted by jaytease on 2012-09-26:
Thanks for this review. I have always hesitated to use PayPal and buy products or services where PayPal is only option. Now, I will reconfirm to NEVER use it. Thanks again. PayPal ought to PayAttention!
Posted by billtech66 on 2012-09-26:
I use paypal a lot, but always change the charge to my credit card, since I've also found out the hard way that Paypal is not on my side when a dispute arrises.
Also, I was quite put off by the Bill Me Later option in the past, which sounded very suspicious. I never used them, so thanks for clarifying that I made the right choice. :)
Posted by Joe66 on 2012-09-26:
I really like using PayPal...but their customer service sucks. Its very hard to get a customer service rep on the phone and when you do you don't get good service. Most of them seem new. I sent in a survey recently giving them a bad review on customer service but have not heard back. After all they are handling your money and you should have secure access to it. Keep a small amount there until their service improves. Is Google coming out with something similar? By the way, if I transfer money from my checking account to PayPal it shows up instantly in the checking account as a deduction but takes 3-4 days to appear in PayPal? What gives?
Posted by JoeBelow on 2014-03-02:
I have not enjoyed using BML. I went for $15 promotion off of an order if I used BML. I trusted paypal so I figured it wasn't a bad idea. So when I submit my order their is no mention of that $15 off. The vendor told me BML would credit me for that. So I waited several days, checked the BML site, checked my email invoices and still no mention of this $15 promotion. So I emailed them an asked about it, you get an automated response with common solutions that did not address my issue. So I waited for about a week, no response. I emailed again asking about the promotion an why I did not get a response yet. They said sorry for the delayed response an it needed to be reviewed to see if I got the promotion. So I waited another week, no responses, I emailed them an got the same automated email, replied to it and retyped my inquiry. I finally got a response from them telling me I will get $15 in 1-2 billing cycles. That is a little detail they tuck away from the open. I was wanting to use that $15 to go towards my balance but it can't for this billing cycle cause they want to string you along. I did get a speedy response however when I told them I wasn't going to use my bank account an asked if money orders are accepted. They called me hours later and the lady did not address my question, she just kept wanting to transfer me to someone who I could set up a banking account with. I had to tell her three times, no I am not setting up a banking account for she finally stopped pushing it. Apparently BML really wants your bank account #. Overall they are a pain in the arse, wish I would have not taken the offer. It has been more of a burden dealing with the customer service an learning about all the little details that makes it just a pain in the ass more than anything. They def. lost a customer.
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Beware of new PayPal Phishing Scam!
Posted by Chemman on 07/06/2008
I just read about a new PayPal phishing scam and thought I'd pass it along as a warning to everyone. Again, the best way to combat this kind of stuff is to never click on a link in an email. If you think there is a problem with your PayPal account, type the site's address directly into your browser's address bar. Here's the article about how it works:

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-06:
Phishing scams hit all the major financial institutions. A good way to combat is to download the latest Firefox browser. If you click on a link it searches an excellent database that detects phishing sites, then provides a warning screen with details on the scam.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-07-06:
Thanks for the warning...also it's important to report it (forward the entire Email) to PayPal to investigate it...as said above, never click on any links IN that Email...PayPal's website has the Email address to forward and report those Email Scams.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-07-06:
This is actually a very clever attempt to scam folks. I have not seen this technique used before, and I am glad I read this. For those who did not read the whole article, you now have to be very wary of links that are EVEN legitimate Paypal links! Scary stuff.

I'm sure Paypal will have this loophole squashed in no time, but definitely something to watch out for... Good find Chemman!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-06:
Very Helpful Chemman! Thanks.
Posted by fazie on 2008-07-07:
I got one that looked like i had just bought something." this is to confirm your payment of $347.86 to blah blah blah.
well i knew i hadnt bought anything recently so i forwarded the whole email to paypal, have since received 6 more of the same type of emails.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-07-08:
If you receive an email that you think might be wrong, forward it unopened to spoof@paypal.com. they can ascertain in a matter of minutes if it is legit or phony, and take the appropriate steps. Same thing with ebay. I have gotten complaints about merchandise I 'sold,' and I have not sold on ebay for a couple of years. I just forward the email to spoof@ebay.com and they tell me in minutes it is not from them, and the proper authorities have been notified.
Posted by patvanv on 2008-07-08:
The last email I read just before reading this M3C was the actual phishing attempt!!! Thanks for info.
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Increased time for refund
Posted by ChuhBaca on 12/14/2011
I attempted to make a purchase via Yugster.com. They were having an issue with their servers, which caused my payment to be withdrawn, but not submit the order. I received an error the first time using Paypal, so I thought it was an issue with that payment method. I re-entered the order using my debit card as the payment method and received the same order.

Shortly after, I received an email from Yugster describing the problem and the steps they are taking to resolve the issue. They were very pro-active in acknowledging the error and issuing a refund. Well I can see the refunds were received by Paypal and my bank the very next day!

Here is the difference; The refund issued for the debit payment method was there the day after the occurrence. The refund issued to Paypal was there, but they placed a hold on it, so these funds are not available to me. I'm told this can be 3-5 days before it is available.

So, if a speedy refund is part of your consideration in using Paypal vs a debit or credit card, you may want to skip Paypal.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-12-14:
very helpful review!
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-12-14:
I hate Paypal. If I have the option to pay any other way, I'll do it. If it's the only option, I'll question if I need the item in question.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-12-15:
Paypal is very slow at refunds. This week i asked virgin mobile to refund me as my phone broke and was not using the service, they told me to expect the refund in 5-7 business days as thats my banks policy. Hey its better than waiting 30 days for accidently ordering something for 100 bucks on facebook (wanting to order something for 5, assuming 5 dollars was posted at the first slot, doh!), to dispute it and get a refund! That was the worst....
Posted by Alain on 2011-12-16:
Very helpful information, ChuhBaca, and a good review!
Posted by Warybuyer/seller on 2011-12-25:
Paypal has always said that it would take at least 3-4 business days to receive funds withdrawn to your bank account and claimed that it's your banks's policy. It isn't. I asked my bank how soon funds would be available to me if they were transferred in electronically, and they said IMMEDIATELY. Ask YOUR bank!
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-12-26:
Hey Warybuyer, you are correct. The do blame your bank. I didn't have to ask my bank, they demonstrated it. I had attempted to make the original purchase with Paypal. When that didn't work I tried payment directly with my bank debit card.
Refunds were issued by Yugster at the exact same time. The payment from my bank was credited immediately while Paypal didn't let me access the funds for about 4-5 days!
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Paypal Tolerating Fraud and Illegal Activities.
Posted by Ricomania on 06/22/2010
I purchased Window 7 Ultimate from ugetfile.com. I checked with Microsoft and they do allow some venders to sell their products via download. I received my invoice via email it include a link to download the software and a product key.

I noticed something wrong right away, the phone number was phony. it says 617-555-6986. There's no 555 phone numbers. So I decided to investigate the address too and, according to Google maps and Mapquest, it too was phoney and did not exist. It's below, you can check it and see for youraelf.

uGetFile. Com
44 Main Street
Boston Mississippi 02116

The street, the zip code, the city, even the phone number's area code are actually in Massachusetts instead of Mississippi. The 44 in the address does not exist in either state. Upon further investigation I found that the company and owner's information show that they are really located in California.

Since both the address and phone information were phony I decided to also check the Windows 7 product key. I used a free program, I can't recall it's name but it was something I ran across while perusing a tech site. I opened the program and put in the key and it indicated that the key was invalid. I followed up by calling Microsoft again and was informed that the product key I was issued was whats called an MSDN product key. It and Microsoft products are sold at a discount as kits to techs for trial and testing purposes only. They told me that the software and keys were not for sale or resale, and advised me that it was not permanent and would eventually be blocked by Microsoft. I was told to get a refund or proper software and key from the vender I purchased it from.

I immediately started a dispute against ugetfile.com on Paypal, which is how you settle disputes on Paypal. I stated all that I was told by Microsoft and requested a valid product key or refund. Instead of issuing me a proper key uGetfile.com decided not to talk to me and to escalate my dispute to a claim, which is the next step. Paypal decided with the vender.

They say because their claim process only deals with the shipment of goods not the attributes or quality of goods. At the bottom of the same email that was used to state their decision it clearly stated that Paypal does not tolerate fraud or illegal activity.

In my opinion that's a false statement. To me it's obvious that Paypal does tolerate both fraud and illegal activities. I went to a Paypal users forum and found many posts where Paypal users complained of similar incidents and results and that pursuing this further is futile. Below is a copy of an email I had prepared as a next step of communication with Paypal but decideed against.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. I read and had forgotten what your claims process covers. However I read even at the end of this email you sent that Paypal does not, I quote you using a cut and paste from your text below, "PayPal does not tolerate fraud or illegal activities". How do I go about instigating an investigation into fraud and illegal activity?

From my own checking what I bought from user Do Ha Duy Thanh is in violation of Paypal's no fraud or illegal activities tolerance policy. I want to request from you and hope that you investigate more thoroughly user Do Ha Duy Thanh.

Mr. Do Ha Duy Thanh, in my opinion, used PayPal and sold me a product from Microsoft that Microsoft stated is illegal to sell or resell. In the email from the seller with the product key which Microsoft told me was illegal to be sold or resold, the company information on my invoice is incorrect. Not only is it incorrect it is nonexistent. I used MapQwest and Google Maps no such address found. The city does not exist in the state named. The zip code is not in the state named. The phone number's area code is not in the state named. After the area code the phone number's first three digits are "555". A nonexistent phone number. That's fraud. Is it possible to check and see if fraudulent information was used to set up his PayPal account? Did PayPal unknowingly allowing this? How many others are also being defrauded and illegally sold this and other Microsoft products by this user via PayPal?

Here's a copy of the information that I copied and pasted from the invoice emailed to me after the sail (You can check and verify for yourself if it will help you in your decision):

uGetFile. Com
44 Main Street
Boston Mississippi 02116
United States
PHONE: 6175556985
WEB SITE: http:// www.ugetfile.com
E-MAIL: admin@ugetfile.com

There is a lot more information that I gathered from just my own investigation that I feel will help you in your investigation. I believe that if/when you check into this user you will come to the same conclusion that I have; that I have been defrauded and sold an illegal item, and PayPal is what this user used to accomplish it.

Thank you very much,

Ricardo Jobes

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PayPal Buyer Protection Program...has a loophole=SCAM!!!!
Posted by Wary-consumer on 09/30/2005
Warning, PayPal's Buyer Protection Program is not all its cracked up to be. There is a loophole that scammers know of to rip you off. Here's how the scam works......The seller racks up a feedback score of 50 by selling bogus items on eBay (i.e. recipes, beads, or other cheap items). Then once he has a feedback score of 50 and 98% of those are positive, PayPal automatically displays their covered by "PayPal Buyer Protection up to $1000" seal on all his auctions. Then the seller lists expensive items, once he has this "seal of trustworthiness from PayPal". The buyer then sends funds though PayPal thinking that if he does not get the item, then PayPal will give the money back. Well, not so fast...Several weeks go by and no item, so the buyer emails the seller(scammer). The seller then tries to make the buyer wait past the 45 day deadline for filing for a refund with PayPal Buyer Protection Program by coming up with excuses, or saying he will reship(with no intention of doing so) hoping that he can delay they buyer from filing. Now if the buyer is smart, he will file a claim with Paypal before the 45 day deadline, but the scam is not over yet!!! When the claim is filed the buyer must choose if it is a "non-receipt" claim, or "goods significantly not as described" claim. The buyer can only choose one, not both--and here’s the catch--ONLY 1 CLAIM CAN BE FILED PER TRANSACTION!! Well in this case, the buyer got nothing, so he chooses "non-receipt". Once the seller gets notification of the claim he has 10 days to respond, so he ships out a box(empty box, dirt, rocks)anything, just so it has a tracking number. During this 10 day response time the fraudster responds to the PayPal claim by giving them the tracking number of the phony package. Once PayPal runs this tracking number, they see it has been delivered to the buyer, and shuts down your case leaving the buyer empty handed, and the seller runs off with the cash! The reason why is because PayPal says this is a "goods" issue since the buyer got SOMETHING, not a "non-receipt" issue- so the buyer filed the wrong type of claim.-remember only one claim can be filed per transaction!!.....Now if the buyer used funds from his PayPal account to pay for this transaction, or funds from his bank account he is SOL. If the buyer used a credit card he can contact his credit card and file for a chargeback to get his money back...The moral of the story is empty your Paypal account before you buy anything so you can use a Credit Card via PayPal since their Buyer Protection Program is an invitation for scammers that know how to work the system. I can’t understand why Paypal would aid and abet fraudsters by giving them this loophole to exploit innocent consumers. The thing that gets my panties in a bunch is that PayPal gives false expectations that your purchase will be covered when you try to change your funding source from bank account to credit card, when in reality their Buyer Protection Program is a BIG JOKE!! A complete online copy of Pay Pal’s Buyer Protection Policy can be found at www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/ua/policy_pbp-outside
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Posted by Silent_Assassin on 2005-09-30:
i used the papal buyers protection and it worked for me. i had preordered madden 06 from a guy and he ran off with my money. it took 10 days but i got my money back into my paypal acct
Posted by wary-consumer on 2005-09-30:
Dear Silent_Assassin: The PayPal Buyer Protection Porgram can work just fine if the scammer does not take advantage of the loophole. In your case, if the seller would have sent you an empty box WITH A TRACKING NUMBER during that 10 day timeframe, you would have gotten NOTHING back into your paypal account.
Posted by Silent_Assassin on 2005-10-01:
ahh i see. that sucks im sorry that you got taken like that. you could always put in a a dispute with ebay unfortunatly they will take 25 dollars
Posted by wary-consumer on 2005-10-01:
Unfourtunaty I could not file a dispute with eBay, because PayPal deliberately held the investigation open past eBay's 60 day timeframe deadline to void that option for me (what a shady practice). You see they care about the buyer- they just want their cut from the transaction, and dont really care after that. Just for the record, I did eventually get my money back after fighting tooth and nail with PayPal because the seller gave them an invalid tracking number.
Posted by Sharkierools on 2005-10-07:
If you used your credit card on PayPal you can also file a claim through them. I would also file a claim with the PostOffice for mail fraud.
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PayPal Resolution Sucks For eBay Sellers
Posted by Roger&Out on 01/03/2005
Has anyone out there that sells on eBay had the misfortune of dealing with PayPal's resolution center? I recently had a winning bidder on an eBay auction of mine contact PayPal claimimg that they never received their item. My auctions clearly state that I am not resposible for loss or damage if the buyer elects not to purchase insurance. In the email from PayPal's resolution center, they give the seller 3 choices. 1. Issue buyer a full refund. 2. Provide tracking information. 3. Do nothing and PayPal may take the funds from your account after the 7 day deadline passes, which may also result in loss of account usage. WHERE IS THE RESOLUTION? Sounds like the door is wide open for PayPal buyer fraud on eBay. There is no place for the seller to state his side of the case. You can only click on which of the 3 choices you opt for. As a seller on eBay I have 1856 feedbacks with a 100% positive rating. The mail lost the item or the buyer lied, and I am expected to be 100% responsible when it clearly states in the auction that I am not, and PayPal backs the buyer fully. I only have a receipt for the shipping, which shows the buyer's zipcode, on the same date that item was payed for. I at least have some sort of proof that the item was shipped. But since PayPal is now an eBay company, they don't respond to emails. The seller is out listing fees, shipping, and the cost of the item sold, simply because the buyer claims they did not recive their item. I thought I was covered by the instructions in my listings, but obviously not. For you sellers out there, I suggest you do like myself and start requiring insurance and tracking on all items. Buyers looking for free items have an open door thanks to PayPal.
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Posted by the-house-elf on 2005-01-03:
You are right my friend. When Paypal was not owned by eBay they were never the best to deal with, but at least you could get a response in the form of a live body if you wanted to take an hour of your time to find the phone number. Having been purchased by eBay you can expect little more than what you received.

Remember, eBay is not interested in you, or your losses. They are interested in their listing fees and final value fees. They talk a big story about service...but there is a saying in the business world that "they" fail to understand. That is "your level of customer service is not how you feel about it as a company, but how your customer feels about it". From your comment, and others, it is obvious how the customer feels about it, but the bottom line is they do not care.
Posted by jumbalaya on 2005-01-04:
Why didn't you protect yourself on the mail end of it? There are proofs of delivery available in all shipping services. Just send out items nilly willy and hope that nothing happens to it? You knew the conditions, and cry about it now? Take the hit and stop crying.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-01-04:
I totally agree with the problem solved statement. You should be tracking your packages, or spring for some sort of delivery confirmation. Isnt it worth the extra 1-3 bucks for piece of mind?
Posted by Roger&Out on 2005-01-05:
Paying no mind to little Jimmy's 2 posts...Like I stated, I gave the buyer the option of purchasing insurance as I don't inflate shipping & only charge actual costs. If eBay or PayPal were to list someplace on their websites that sellers bear the burden for lost or damaged items, I would have required insurance & tracking on all shipments, as I now do. This post was ment to be informative as well as a complaint, so that eBay sellers won't be blindsided by PayPal's so called resolution.
Posted by Flying Dutchman42 on 2005-01-17:
OH BOO HOO poor cry baby,you sellers should accept responsibility for the item your selling why should it be on the buyers shoulders? you set the price you sell the item you set the terms for the sell and when wjen the buyer hits that sned button on paypal u have ur money at the speed of light, i think all sellers to take resonsibility for what they sell because the buyer has no control over that item until the buyer recievs it. So I do not agree with u.
Posted by elspaniard on 2005-01-19:
i too was defrauded by a customer for 123.95 plus shipping. paypal just gave them their money back when they claimed they didn't receive it. i HAD A TRACKING NUMBER USPS and gave the dc proof to paypal. the customer, however, sent the same (opened) package to another address to it shows a different zip code. paypal sided with this crook and will not even look under the "details tracking page of the usps" where it shows one stop (delivery) to their address and then on to the next zip. what a bunch of CRAP!
Posted by shellee73 on 2005-01-30:
Roger, I just had the same experience. Sold an item to a customer and mailed it Priority. I inadverently overcharged her 70 cents shipping and immediately refunded her through that crime syndicate known as PP. Something did not feel right from the moment she use BIN. The e-mail address she had listed w/ Ebay kept kicking back my messages. It was an AOL, so I signed on to AOL and used my account to try and find her. AOL had no such user listed. She was very hard to contact. I looked her profile up on Paypal and used that e-mail address to contact her but there was no response back from her. More than 2 weeks later she contacts me asking where is her item? I responded that it was mailed the same day she paid. I inquired as to why did she wait nearly 2 weeks after the day she should have expected the item. If i was the buyer, I would have made contact sooner seeing as I gave someone my $ and expected something for it. She stated she was on vaction for 2 weeks. OK. I asked her to contact the local PO. If no one was home to receive the package then they were probably holding it. Too late. Before i could send her that e-mail, 3 hours after she 1st contacted me, she filed a complaint with PP. I got the same letter and options you did. My TOS stated I was note responsible for PO errors. I had a receipt for the cost of shipping since i paid w/my debit. It had the city and zipcode plus date stamp. She denied insurance of course. I found out just like you that it does not matter what my TOS are because the customer has all the power. I was willing to negociate a resolution between us but she never gave me the option. # days into the claims process she e-mails me that the item arrived but it is broken AND the broken parts are not even in the box. This girl was pure evil. Nothing was broken and I explained in the item description how to assemble the item. I had pictures showing the item disassembled and assembled. She responded that my excuse was laughable. I asked her to please send back the item, at MY cost, and I would refund her. Then she started getting weird. She would e-mail me several times a day calling me horrible and hateful names, all over 12 dollars. Mind you that the PP claim is still active despite her telling me that the item arrived. I fowarded the e-mail to PP. They asked me for the delivery confirmation #. I felt the situation would be best resolved if she just had both the $ and the "broken" item. I responded to PP's process to refund customer. She e-mails me again asking for her $. I kindly asked her to refer all future contact to PP since they would have to initiate the refund when there is an active claim. If I could have given this unstable person the $ I would have just to get her out of my life. The escalation of her anger was totally out of sync with the situation. After receiving yet another email from her I called PP. The customer service rep. read the case and started laughing. She could not understand why the person was putting up such hell over a relatively little situation. This all began 3 day prior to the tsunami crisis and by now the world is focused on a real tragedy while she continues to raise hell. Her e-mails were really scary. I took them over to a cop friend and he actually gave them to a FBI special agent who works with internet crimes. Seems harassment by e-mail is illegal, just nearly impossible to prosecute. Great system! It has been yet another 2 weeks. PP still has not refunded the customer but has a freeze on the funds. I just know this person will tear me but in FB just as soon as PP gives her the $. I have not listed since Dec. Up till then it was fun interacting with people. It is cool having someone send an e-mail and leave FB saying how happy they are with something they bought for me. If I do sell again, I have learned the importance of Delivery Confirmation. It is interesting how if you buy postage through PP DC is free, but if I haul myself to the PO so I can be certain the shipping is accurate, I have to pay. What a scam.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-02-13:
Here is the phone number to call PayPal...since they only give three options to click on...maybe you can call and give your side of the story...866-571-3011 or you can call customer service at 866-571-3012l. If you want to write to them, here is the address for their corp. office: PayPal Inc. Ebay Prak North, 2211 North First St. San Jose, CA 95131 ... Good luck to you!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-02-13:
It may be a good idea to start your bid amount to include enough to cover confirmation of delivery. So, if they decide they don't want insurance on the item they win, you can still get the confirmation because it was included in the price of the bid that they bidded on. Instead of starting a bid at $20, start it at $22, $23 or whatever will cover the cost.
Posted by dumpebay.com on 2005-03-19:
It really doesn't matter if you answer Paypal or not. Paypal will take the money!
Posted by Hogger on 2005-03-19:
Maybe we need to stop using Paypal untill this situation is made right.
Posted by CAMedWmn on 2005-04-12:
Did you read the Terms of Service for PayPal before agreeing to them in order to accept PayPal payments from your customers? If so, why do you now expect that the rules do not apply to you? If not, why not?

Had you a tracking number (available with all but the cheapest forms of shipping), you would still have your money. Don't blame the buyer because you chose to take shortcuts to save a buck or two. The tracking number is the seller's form of insurance, and is just as voluntary as the insurance you offered to the buyer. SInce you have no proof you actually shipped the item, the burden of proof falls on you.

I usually insist that a seller provide a tracking number, and am always willing to pay for it if need be. It saves both the seller and I much aggrivation and time, and gives us both yet another way to resolve a potential issue that can (and often does) come up. The tracking number actually protects both of us from being ripped off by a shipping carrier.

Protest all you want, you agreed to the TOS whether you read them or not. You can decide now to not accept PayPal, but trust me, credit card companies are much tougher when itcomes to consumer protections, and a disreputable buyer can exploit this to their own benefit very effectively, and much quicker than PayPal.
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Credit Limit Reduced from $300 to $100
Posted by SWH on 01/08/2009
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Credit limits are too limiting:

I have been a Paypal "Buyer Credit" customer for over a year and haven't had any trouble until recently. During Christmas '08 I got a letter stating that my credit limit was reduced due to a recent pull of my credit report. I admit my credit score went down a little since buying a house and a vehicle but I've always paid my bills on time. I paid my Paypal account in full every month! Since opening the account I have over $1500 in transactions. All paid!

So of course during Christmas I spent over my NEW credit limit of $100 (I received the credit limit letter after my purchases). I did not receive any penalty or fee that I am aware of.

I called Paypal GE MoneyBank, spoke with a CSR, supervisor, and manager. I asked if they would return my credit limit to the original amount ($300). The supervisor and manager kept telling me to read my credit agreement and letter that was sent stating why my limit was decreased. They might have well as been robots. I explained to them how great of a customer I had been and that in this troubled economy they needed steady paying customers. The robots still said no and would not restore my credit limit. A measly $300 bucks… really?

I informed the supervisor and manager that I have no choice but to close the account. So I did.

I checked my credit report and it took a small hit because my balance was over my limit and the credit limit was reduced. By the way Paypal BC GE Moneybank is very slow to update/report to the bureaus.

My advice: when using Paypal DO NOT APPLY FOR PAYPAL BUYERS CREDIT.

The End...

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BEWARE of PayPal - They took my funds
Posted by The Admiral on 07/04/2005
I sold an item on eBay to a Buyer in Italy. He selected the slowest and cheapest shipping. I advised him that it would take 6-8 weeks. Long before delivery date he registered a complaint with PayPal (owned by eBay). Without consulting me PayPal took all my funds out of my account (over $200). PayPal did not even wait for the delivery date or a Tracr by Canada Post. My rating with eBay is 100% (not one negative report). The Buyer's rating is 60%. So beware of PayPal and make sure to leave no money in your account. I learned too late not to trust them. My emails to them have been ignored. There is no fax number to reach them. Anyone have any ideas what to do??
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-07-05:
Why leave money just sitting in a PayPal account, when to pay for an item, you can select a CC or instant transfer from checking? This would pay for item just as fast as having the money in your PayPal account. That would eliminate this problem.
Posted by tizmyn on 2007-04-08:
I totally understand your complaint. They did the same to me. Unfortuantely I didn't have enough in my PayPal account to cover the refund they gave so they stole it from my checking account. Went right in and lifted $70.00 out of my Bank account as if it was their account. I had sold a old radio to a guy in Canada. It cost $67 just to ship it. It got there in good time and for over a week and a half no owrd, then I get a notice that he requested full refund through PayPal. All he had to do is ship it back and the refund was given, I had no control. I figured he just bid on it to get the tubes and extra parts then figured he'd get his money back. Guess what, all PayPal needed was verification that I got a paclage from him and his obligation was met and he got his money. I got a pair of yellow rain boots. He kept the radio and the money.
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Unscrupulous Billing Practice of PayPal Buyer Credit
Posted by Dooly on 03/04/2009
NOVATO, CALIFORNIA -- Beware PayPal Buyer Credit! They have unscrupulous billing practices. In my case, I incurred 2 late fees within one month for a bill paid in full on its due date. All this for a service I was tricked into using.

How was I tricked? After purchasing an item on eBay I made payment via PayPal. Although I did not have an account, the default funding source was set to PayPal Buyer Credit. I always chose "More Funding Sources ..." picked my credit card and completed the transaction.

On my last purchase, I forgot to select "More Funding Sources ..." Payment went through, I received my item. I received a bill in the mail from an account that was closed. I paid the bill anyway.

The due date was coming up fast, so my called to ask if we could pay by credit card online. She was told yes.

It wasn't true. The only way we could pay online was to provide checking account information. We didn't want to incur late fees, so we provided the info and made our payment.

That's when we learned payment wouldn't be credited for 2 days, which enabled them to charge a $25 late fee. That's usury!

It gets worse. This evening, 3 weeks later, I get a call from a foreign PayPal representative informing that my they couldn't accept my payment because I didn't have an account. And by the way, you've incurred another late fee of $20.

$45 dollars in late fees in less than one month's time for payment in full on the due date. All for a credit service I didn't need and didn't want because of their unscrupulous billing practices.

The only way to avoid the thieves at PayPal Buyer Credit is to avoid using PayPal entirely.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-04:
I think that the Federal Trade Commission should be contacted about this.
Posted by CoonCatOne on 2010-05-26:
I have had a couple of problems with PayPal. They really do not care about consumers...
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