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Customer Non-Support
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Rating: 1/51

I was on their 2 year plan paid upfront. When the plan was due again, they automatically switched me to month to month without my knowledge or consent. As a matter of fact, when I saw the $25.24 charge on my account, I asked them if that was for taxes and fees, and they said "yes".

A couple of months later, I noticed they were charging me each month $25.24. I could fill this complaint form easily, but let me cut right to the chase. If you are on their new yearly plan of $149.22, make sure you contact them one month before your renewal time is up. Make them tell you exactly if the new yearly plan is the same as it has been.

Do NOT, NEVER give them free access to your charge card. ALWAYS a one time only charge. They said they had to have my card number in the event I made overseas calls. I said that I have no reason to call overseas - email is better for that. Their VOiP is ok. Tech support is ok when you finally get a supervisor. Billing and/or customer service people are... let's just say one's IQ is not a part of the employment requirements.

Watch Out When Contract Ends!!!
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Rating: 3/51

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- After my 2 years contract expired Phone Power renewed my service even though they did not have my phone number anymore. They never sent me any notice of my contract ending and that they would renew on a month to month basis at $25.00/month instead of the $8.99 I was paying per month. Got nowhere with customer service. PS: if you have a fax machine on their service it will never work right. They tried to get it working for months.

Month-to-Month Service
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Rating: 2/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I renewed my plan from a 1-yr contract to month-to-month. I cancelled the month-to-month service and was charged $99 for canceling my now 1-year contract. Deceptive, unethical and let's screw the consumer for what we can.... never again cause I will never have a landline. I walked into the living room away from my office and the calls would drop or voice would drop on one end. All-in-all it's better to use your cell and landline companies can go the way of the dinosaur... the sooner the better.

Deceptive Business Practice
By -

I signed up with Phone Power a few months ago because of their great prices on VOIP service. I use Phone Power for my home phone service and I occasionally send and receive faxes. A little over a month ago I started having problems sending faxes. I called Phone Power's support on several occasions and they even had me get my internet provider involved to check things out. My internet provider found no problems with my service and suggested that I talk again with my VOIP provider.

When I called Phone Power back to discuss what my internet service provider had said I was told that Phone Power does not guaranty that faxing will work with their service. I said that "it worked originally and I have worked with several of your techs over the past couple of weeks on this problem and no one has ever said anything about not supporting fax." I said "your web site has instructions for enabling fax and I do not remember seeing anything on your site about not supporting fax."

He said "there is also nothing on our web site that says that we do support fax." I said "the instructions that you have for setting up fax certainly imply that you support fax." He said "but they do not say that we support fax. If fax happens to work, great. If not, oh well." I said that "I need to be able to send faxes occasionally and if you are refusing to provide this service then I need to look for another VOIP provider." He said "let me look at your account." He said "you will have an early termination fee if you leave before your contract is up." I said "can the fee be waived since you are not providing the service that I need."

He said "Since we never guaranteed that you could fax we will not waive the termination fee." So now I am stuck until my contract ends. If I need to send a fax I have to go to some place like Kinkos. BEWARE OF THE DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES AT PHONE POWER.

I Miss Broadvoice, Phone Power Is Horrible! Don't Use Them Yet!
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- When a company acquires another company, you might think that good things are about to happen, innovation, new features, great customer service, etc. Well did not happen when Phone Power acquired Broadvoice which I had for 7 years and not intention of going anywhere. However in the past several months Phone Power is making me so angry!! The service now constantly fails, when I call to fix it they always take your number for the Tier 2 to call you back, as if you are always going to be next to the phone when they call.

I happened to be out twice when they called and they could not do anything. Every other week the service disrupts, now after messing with my account for 1:32 minutes, they had to call me back. No call for 3 days, not even to say we did not forgot about you. As I called them back, guess what? "I'll have to take your number so tier 2 can call you back." Pathetic Phone Power! Pathetic! As to recommendation, I'd suggest you to go with those that have been established for a while at least until Phone Power get their things straight (or shut down).

Too Many Problems and Outages
By -

WINNETKA, CALIFORNIA -- Having had Phone Power for a few months it has gotten to the point where I have to tell my callers "I will call you back on my cell phone" as the calls get dropped. This is when I can actually get a call to go through. Many times I get a dial tone, dial the phone but nothing happens. When I log onto the Phone Power site it will say something to the effect of "100 callers ahead of you", when it gets to number 1 it says something to the effect of "can't connect you to customer service". This has happened repeatedly.

When I have complained they say "most of my calls have completed". I was in the hospital and needed to call home, couldn't get through due to yet another outage. I need a system that will run properly. I've ordered with another company.

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Rating: 5/51

It's worked well for me. I liked that I didn't have to buy the adapter and they will always replace it if it ever malfunctions. Do make sure not to cancel your old number before you have it working with Phone Power if you aren't getting a new one. I almost did that and that wouldn't have been good. I did my shopping around before I went with Phone Power and in my opinion, it's hard to beat the price considering all the features included like the second line, mobile apps, and softphone.

I can't see how anyone will have landlines before too long now that we are able to use our home service on any device through VOIP. There aren't any long distance charges. I don't call internationally, but they do include some free international calling too.

Quality Product
By -

The customer service is really above the rest. It drives me nuts when I have to listen to long robotic options and press however many buttons before I can speak to a live person. Plus they are actually in the US amazingly. After speaking with a young lady in sales, who was very knowledgeable, she transferred me to tech support for some more detailed questions I had about my desired set up. Both were polite and patient while I made sure it was something that would actually work for me. I decided to go for it obviously and 6 months down the line I have no regrets about it. The quality is great.

Solid Service, Easy on the Wallet
By -

DSL recently became available in my area so when I got it I was told I should also switch to a VOIP service since they were cheaper. I did some research and saw Phone Power had good all around ratings among different sites. I called the sales line, asked a few questions which they were helpful on, and they helped me order. I'm happy to report it's been working flawlessly for 8 months now. These days anything that can save us money is incredibly helpful so I would recommend this for anyone needing phone service for less than the high landline prices.

Find Other Service
By -

I used Phone Power for 3 years. It's cheap but you get what you pay for. Service is spotty and don't expect to receive technical support. I had several issues where I called in and it would take days to get your service restored. Phone Power was my home line but my primary line is my cell phone so the service saw very little use and even then there were way too many issues. Like I said it is cheap and their introductory offer was too good to be true, very much so. The thing to watch is when you have had enough and cancel service they have a hook waiting for you.

You must return the cheap little phone modem to them within 30 days of canceling service or they charge you $99.90 for the device please their late return fees. My sister and I signed up for Phone Power at the same time and took the 2yrs of service offer for $199.99. She could deal with the service issues and after 6 months had to switch back to Bell, taking her phone number with her. She wrote off the $200 she spent on Phone Power service as a lesson learned, Phone Power only allow you to cancel service for a refund within the first 45 days. She contacted Phone Power about switch to Bell and they never asked for the return of the modem.

About 2 1/2 years later she get contacted by Phone Power collector wanting the $99.90 modem fees plus a whole slew of late charges. Beware of them you'll get hooked on their offer and they'll burn you when you cancel. I've know several people who have had them but none that have had a good.

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