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Great for over a year
Posted by on
I’ve had the service for over a year now and have been very satisfied. I got a new number and when I was sure it was working for me (about three months down the line) I had my landline cancelled and the number transferred.

It is definitely a savings at $20 a month at most (if you don’t want a contract). I recently added a virtual number for five buck extra. It just rings on my main line but lets you have two phone numbers for cheap.
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So far happy customer
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CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA -- Well recently I signed up for Phone Power due to Vonage not having selective call block. I'm loving phone power's service much better than Vonage. I like being able to block specific numbers as well as private numbers. It's great having the option to have a cloned line instead of paying for a second line, the customer service is actually in the United States and not overseas. I have the option to have my number published in my local phone book instead of having it only listed through or whatever the site is. The sound quality is wonderful compared to Vonage. My friends can actually hear me when I'm talking to them now. My only complaint about this service is that if you choose to have your number ported to phone power from another provider you will not receive a temporary phone number until the port is approved and complete. So you may be waiting a few weeks from the day you ordered service to even receive your device and have your account fully activated.

So if you're someone who doesn't like waiting for things I would recommend having phone power assign you a number so that you have service right away then have a number ported if you are willing to pay the extra 15 bucks. Well that's all.
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User Replies:
Blackstrider on 12/03/2010:
This is false. Phone Power will NOT port all numbers, nor will they tell you that until you sign up. They will only port numbers in certain geographic areas.
PepperElf on 12/03/2010:
plus this sounds a bit like an advertisement.
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Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- I, recently, cancelled my service, of one month, with Phone Power. I discovered that there "unlimited" calling plan was not, in fact, unlimited.

I received notice that I was about to use up all of the minutes that "the plan that (I am) under", was limited in outbound calls, but only unlimited in inbound calls. The advice I was given was less than acceptable, and I cancelled my service. It was not that I was not impressed with PP in the beginning, as I had paid for several months in advance. I even had to purchase a router to make this program work. "Fine, okay, I will".

When I sent in my notice of intent to cancel, I was told that I had to send "their equipment" back to them because it was "free and only leased", that the monies I paid for it were only for shipping and handling. I looked for any information on their website to show where I was to be limited and that I was only leasing free equipment. This information is not posted, orally or in print. I stated if they wanted the equipment back, to make arrangements to pick it up, and/or to sent an RMA.

I would not recommend this company, at any time to anyone, unless you like to deal in misconceptions.
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Shai G on 06/11/2009:
"Unlimited" = 5,000 minutes. It was not "fine print" it was pretty obvious to any critical reader. And in this business, let the buyer beware. So a reasonably good consumer wouldn't have any trouble seeing the 5,000 minutes. Frankly, I'm happy they have that limit so it prevents abuse of their system by large spammy type users. Same thing on the router... it was totally clear that you send it back, the $15 was for shipping only. Who knows, maybe they have responded to complaints since the original review was written.
Soaring Consumer on 06/11/2009:
It was definitely fine print. I went on the Phone Power website and on the front page it is advertised as unlimited, and on the page where you choose your plan, it says unlimited inbound minutes and unlimited outbound minutes, however next to the unlimited outbound there is an asterisk. Below the plans, in light grey size 11 Tahoma print (by definition, fine print) is the information that unlimited is 5,000 minutes and then it is 2 cents per minute on top of that. In my opinion that is deceptive marketing.

However I do agree with you about that it is clear on the site (as of today) about the modem being a free rental during use of the service with a $14.95 shipping charge.
pgprivacy on 06/12/2009:
I agree with "Shai G" 5k minutes spread over a month is over 2 1/2 hours of outbound calls a day. Either shut your trap or have people call you more often? Seriously, people want low priced phone service but then b#$%h because restrictions have to be placed to meet the price point. If you want to gab all day either pay for overage or go with another VoIp company with a higher price.

Most people already have a router to share internet access and if your only hooking up one computer the HT-502 has a LAN port for one computer.

I really wish there was an IQ test people would have to pass about the subject at hand before being allowed to post about it! Just my nickel, lol.
Soaring Consumer on 06/12/2009:
Well you obviously both work for Phone Power and insulting customers is not the way to go here. How about actually advertising your plan as a 5,000 outbound minute plan and not the unlimited plan that isn't?
DisputeTheCharges on 06/13/2009:
There is no such thing as an "unlimited plan" with any VOIP provider. They always have a fair usage policy.

Phone Power: (read the fine print under the plans)
Vontage: (read 5.4 Inconsistent with Normal Use)

qwash on 11/21/2009:
The way I look at it is yes phone power should simply just say 5000 minutes instead of unlimited. But at the same time who runs out of that many minutes anyway? Phone Power isn't the only company that does that. Look at Verizon VoiceWing when they were inn business they capped the minutes at 5000. ATT callvantage did it as well. Even cell phone companies do it with their unlimited mobile web access. I don't work for phone power I'm just a customer. There are some things with phone power that I don't like either.
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Great Prices, But Horrendous Support - VOIP
Posted by on
Great prices, but horrendous customer support and sales. Could not let me add, yes, add an additional line without emailing and sending double equipment.

Although the yearly price is good, heaven forbid if you had any problems! Could not work with me on adding service especially in this economy!
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User Replies:
pgprivacy on 06/12/2009:
I find your review very hard to believe? If PhonePower could give you a second line and there were no technical or underlying financial reason(s) I'm sure they would. Your review not being backed up with facts or specific details is reason enough to question the validity. If your serious about needing\wanting more help please email me. Thanks
jaxtax on 10/01/2009:
Have had PhonePower for almost a year and I am very satisfied with the service. I will renew soon as I really like the savings through their company. My only problems I have ever had were due to my ISP and PhonePower customer service was excellent trying to solve this problem. Very courteous and helpful. The only other problems I have had are while downloading a movie the calling party is unable to hear my voice when I answer the phone. I have to stop the downloads before they can hear me. Guess the downloads are using up too much of my bandwidth so I schedule the downloads after 10 pm and stop them before 8am. That has solved that problem.
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Good Deal
Posted by on
I took advantage of buying the retail pack from Amazon that they credit you back for and it turned out to be a pretty killer deal. The box was $79.99 but I got that back as credit with them so I just won't see a bill for phone service for a few months and I own it so I don't have to send it back. It came with a Usb adapter too, which is pretty handy. The quality has been steadily clear so I'll be recommending this to my friends and family.
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Positive Experience
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Well my experience was quite positive. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my landline service and found it. I did the 2 year prepaid promo and even with the taxes/fees, on which the billing representative was refreshingly honest about, included it comes to about $12 a month. Hard to beat that. I've had the service for about two months now and the quality rivals that of my previous landline plus I get an extra line for free which comes in handy when my wife wants to hog the phone. I'm happy with my choice.
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Voip is the way to go
Posted by on
I use phone power as my VoIP service and have been incredibly happy - I'm using the 14.95 unlimited monthly plan. No complaints so far - totally recommend if you're looking to save money.
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Starlord on 12/09/2009:
If you are going to use VOip, try the Magic Jack. Why pay $14.95 monthly? With Magic Jack, you pay $39.95 ONCE, as that pays for the device and the first year's bill. After that, you are charged $19.95 PER YEAR! Only $1.70 per month. We got our first Magic Jack in Arizona after a battle with Qwest over them screwing us over for $500 on a cell phone. We saw the TV ad for MJ and decided to go for it. The day I told Qwest to get their damned lines out of our house was a pleasure. You get your own number, that will travel anywhere you take your MJ. Have a relative being deployed to say, Germany? Buy them a Magic Jack, and he/she can phone home with no long distance charges.Sadly we lost our MJ when we moved to Washington, and since we are moving again, we are going to buy another MJ, since our roommate has her phone through Comcast, we can have our phone through Magic Jack. It is the greatest!
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