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Unfair Overdraft Fees!
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PHILADELPHIA, PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have also had a problem with PNC Bank and will soon be moving to another bank. Beware of online bill pay. I pay my bills every month with online bill pay and always put in the amount and date two weeks before bills are due to be paid. This time I made a terrible error by inserting the wrong date and my bills were paid a week before I was actually paid overdrawing my account by hundreds of dollars. I live paycheck to paycheck and at this time have no money in my savings account to cover these bills.

Of course all of my checks were returned and I was charged 9 overdraft fees ranging from $34 to $36. I was horrified and called the bank to explain. I was told that since my account was in good standing and I have never bounced a check, I would be reimbursed all but $100. I felt that as long as I was getting something back, I better take what I could and stick that as a lesson learned. The woman I spoke to also told me that the checks would be presented again in 3 business days at which time I would have the money in my account. The checks were presented again the VERY NEXT day!!!

Of course again I didn't have the money in my account! Now I am being told that I will have to wait for all of the overdraft charges to appear on my account before anything could be done but that I should be aware that most likely nothing will be done since I was already giving one courtesy refund. I explained that the woman I spoke with me assured me I had three days and was told that they will investigate. Of course we all know this woman will deny this and now I will be charged tons of late fees. Not to mention my credit card companies charging me return check fees. Is this fair?? Does anyone know of anything I could do about this? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

Phony Pending Withdrawals
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Rating: 1/51

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- On a Monday evening I tried to make a purchase for $114 but only had $90.60 in my checking account. My bank card was declined. When I went home and checked my balance it showed a pending withdrawal for $90.60 even though the transaction was not completed and I left the store without any merchandise. I immediately called the store and was told it would probably come off the next day.

On Tuesday the pending withdrawal was still there and I called the store and they told me it was the bank's responsibility. I called the bank and the man laughed and said it was the store's fault "they're holding up your money". I called the store corporate office and they also told me it was the bank keeping the pending status on the money. On Wednesday it was still pending and I called the bank and the store corp. office and again each blamed the other adamantly.

On Thursday I called the bank and explained how each was blaming the other and was told "well it's both. The store could take the $90.60 from your account and you could pay the rest in cash". I told him "are you kidding? It's over! It was Monday. I'm not still in the store. The transaction was never completed. I have no merchandise. There isn't even a transaction number because there was no transaction".

Then I asked if I had access to use this money while the pending status was in place and while he hesitated I said this is a yes or no question. He said no. I asked if I would have been charged a nonsufficient fund charge if I had tried to use the card and he said "well yes, you don't have overdraft protection".

I stated "so PNC can keep this pending status on my money and then not allow me to use it and charge me NSF fees when you know that this transaction is dead"? The PNC representative stated "do you want me to take the pending status off today?" I asked if he can take it off today, could it have been taken off on Tuesday and again he hesitated until I demanded a yes or no answer.

He stated yes it could have been if I had spoken to someone in his department. I stated that this was the same number I had been calling and he told me he was in a special department with authority to take the pending status off and that my call rolled over to his department because the regular department that doesn't have his authority must be really busy. He then said he would take it off and that it would be off on Friday! This is ridiculous. Can this possibly be legal? It's certainly not ethical.

Virtual Wallet a Virtual Disaster
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Rating: 2/51

I have been a PNC customer for about 3 years. I sought them out because my regional bank ticked me off a bit. At first, I was very happy with PNC. First, they gave me a great (teaser) rate on opening an account. Next, there are actually 3 linked accounts, the interest bearing one and two others, that you can move money between. Overdrafts cause money to automatically be transferred from the growth account to the checking, with no fee whatsoever. Sounds great, and it has been at times, but that is when the system works. The price for all this functionality is it is strictly online - no paper statements.

The online portal is the problem. PNC uses a behemoth program called "Virtual Wallet" to allow users to schedule payments, and blah blah blah. All kinds of fancy screens and calendars. Fail - all I want is to see my transactions like in a checking account statement.

To the problem - on a good day it takes VW forever to load. On a bad day, which is yesterday and today, it doesn't load at all. The screen that says it is loading freezes. I called customer service yesterday and today, and they acted as a "go between" to the technical support that knows what they are doing and me. Both yesterday and today I was told "a problem ticket has been opened and someone will call you back." Today I was told it may take 3 days, and after that they would "have it fixed". The customer service representative admitted that the tech support guy told her the problem is "on our end".

That's it PNC. All I wanted was to see my transactions. No fancy graphics. I'm and my money are gone, alone with that teaser rate that you reduced to 0.01% several months ago. It's too bad - I really liked your setup. But I have to be able to negotiate my accounts without delay or a mental fitness exercise. I've seen other complaints and defended you, but that was yesterday.

Business Service
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Rating: 1/51

SANFORD, FLORIDA -- I brought a homeless day worker to PNC to cash a check drawn on my business account. The Sanford Florida branch manager had the personal discretion to waive the $10 fee and help the guy out, but wanted to be a selfish petty prick and refused. I complained that all their smiley talk about customer service is hypocritical phony lip service.

SO guess what? For daring to complain about a policy you might disagree with - they canceled our accounts! Two business checking accounts and a Merchant Service account. How? In the typical way you would expect a machine-like uncaring big bank to act: a form letter in the mail, unsigned because no one had the courage to call or face us. No dispute. No conversation. No redress. Just rude, disrespectful, arrogant and typical of Big Bank.

This is the same type of smiley customer service attitude PNC uses when they foreclose and drag grandma out of her house and throw her onto the curb. AVOID PNC and move your money to a local, truly caring credit union. When more of us, the People, do this then the heartless, backstabbing bully big banks will change.

Does Not Modify Mortgages - Predatory Lending
By -

MIAMI, OHIO -- I agree with the previous complaint about PNC! Every time you call to check on the modification process they either lose your paper work or worse they tell you that you did not fax everything! In June I sent all required documents, I followed up the next day with a phone call, they said they received all necessary documents. The next week I received a letter they were missing several docs. So I called and faxed them the same day.

A week later I received a letter stating my request was denied for insufficient required documents. When I called PNC they said they received the docs in time but they were unable to process them before the time limit had elapsed so I would have to start all over again! More than 6 times since May of '09 and three times with a local community service. The same things happened to the community service, they lost papers, would not return calls, they would say they had all required documents one day and the next week they said they were missing docs.

This is predatory lending tactics by definition. If you have the same issues or similar I suggest you file a complaint with the occ at http://www.helpwithmybank/.Gov/. Call them and then file an online complaint with them as well. When the CEO of PNC makes over 20 million with bonuses I say that is an abuse of power and gluttony! If they tell me the investor won't modify one more time... Or tell me the investors name because of the privacy act, yet the investor has all of my private information? Something stinks here, smells like predatory lending!

Modification Or Fraud
By -

PNC Mortgage is not trying to modify mortgages, they simply put you through their applications process and then lose or can't find the information. They repeatedly request duplicate information and claim to not have it.
When in fact most of my information was faxed as requested with confirmations.

I would think a investigation into their modification record would reveal many homeowners in my position who like me have given up after repeatedly filling requested papers and then being told that my papers were not received in a timely fashion. When in fact I responded in most cases immediately by fax and backed it up with a mailed copy.

This organization bought my mortgage from National and my past relationship with my primary mortgage company does exist anymore. PNC mortgage has confused and complicated policies designed to do just what happened to me - cause mortgage holders to get frustrated and give up on trying to navigate their playground.

If only our taxes could have been used to play with them maybe modifying mortgages to families would not be a game in which they deliberately do this. I hope by posting this other consumers will be careful before starting a relationship with this organization.

PNC Is Robbing Me.
By -

BELVIDERE, NEW JERSEY -- PNC is robbing me blind, to the tune of over $700 this month alone. How can I be charged 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 overdraft fees at one time when I'm depositing over $1k at the same time I made the charges? Like most people, I have auto payments set up for my bills. This bank is putting through my automatic bill payments even though the account is overdrawn so they can continue to rack up these $36 charges. How can they put charges through on a negative account?

My husband insisted we open an account here even though I warned of their unethical practices. I've been banking with another bank for over 15 years and never ever experienced this. Unfortunately I moved and they don't have a branch close to me. I have had it, they have stolen an entire week's paycheck from me. Looks like we aren't buying groceries this week or next week.

New Checking Account Policy
By -

NEWARK, DELAWARE -- I had a rather unpleasant conversation with one of the customer service reps. She seemed very aggressive and was unable to explain the reasoning behind a new policy that has been put in place that affects my checking account. I logged into my checking account online and noticed that money had been deposited from my overdraft account even though the posted balance on my account was still positive.

I called customer service and was told that this was due to the items in pending. How can I be charged for items that haven't posted? How do you know I don't have a deposit taking place before they post? How do you know that they are not temporary charges that will drop off my account and never post? I find it hard to believe that this is even legal. If this is going to be a continuing policy at PNC, I will be taking all my business including loans to another financial establishment.

Predatory Lending Practices
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Rating: 1/51

GULF SHORES -- PNC Bank of Gulf Shores seems to be dealing in predatory lending practices. I recently contacted my local branch of PNC and verbally requested an auto loan. I declined the approved loan. When PNC headquarters sent documentation regarding the loan [as mandated by the FDIC] they had run two loan applications, one for an auto loan and one for a secured loan. PNC also ran two separate credit reports through Experian [this lowered my credit score 20 points].

When I contacted the loan officer she said the two loan applications were only internal and two credit reports were not run. The officer had personally checked my credit report again and said Experian did not show two reports requested from PNC. I ran my credit report to find two credit reports had been run by PNC the day of the credit applications. One for auto and one secured loan. The officer suggested I write a letter of dispute to the credit agency protesting the "mistake". When asked why I should protest a hit on my credit by PNC that did not exist [as PNC claims] she had no answer. Corporate was contacted that came to the same conclusion.

Why should a client of PNC have to contest a "mistake" on their report when it was not a mistake - PNC ran my credit twice without approval/ knowledge - providing documentation to Experian would only constitute fraud on my part. Bankers please stop this unethical behavior of lying and deception. I would like to personally thank PNC for lowering my credit score - wonder if my PNC credit card rate will increase due to lower credit score?

Money Taken by PNC From My Account
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Rating: 1/51

TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Sandina, a recovery specialist with PNC went into my new account and withdrew all of my paycheck to cover a past overdrawn account that I had with PNC. I received a letter from her the same day that the money was withdrawn stating that payment was due and to pay the past due amount or set up payment options by sending in a check or money order or contacting her for other options. Before I could even send off a payment or make payment arrangements, she had already taken the money from my account.

Everyone from the PNC 1800 number and even the reps at my local branch weren't helpful at all. The members of the escalation group and Sandina, the recovery specialist said that they can take your money to cover another account. They didn't give my the chance to make the payment or arrangements, they just went in and took everything I had in my account. I am without a doubt closing my account with them and never will I deal with them again!!!!

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