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131 Industrial Drive
Grand Island, NY 14072
1-800-768-1049 (ph)
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Ordered one product, sent another
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I ordered a pool ladder for our new above ground pool we purchased to teach our girls how to swim. The ladder I ordered was an A-frame ladder with a platform at the top. The platform was the sole reason I went for this ladder as one of my girls is disabled. The ladder arrived quickly, but was the wrong one. The one I received was the same manufacturer and an A-frame, but no platform. I called customer service and after waiting for 5 minutes I got someone on the phone who asked me who the manufacturer was and after telling her she said "Oh you need to speak with X" and quickly transferred me to a voice mail. I hung up and called back.

After waiting in queue again, I got hung up on. I called back a third time and spoke with the same girl as the first time and explained that I was not interested in speaking with someone's voice mail. She then put me on hold for 6 minutes and then said that she needed me to e-mail her a picture of the box for the warehouse to research this and she would get back with me. This was on 5/30 and I promptly sent the picture in an e-mail. I then received an e-mail on 5/31 asking me if the platform was in the box and I replied no.

On 6/5 I sent an e-mail asked for an update on what is being done to correct my order. On 6/10 I sent another e-mail asking for an update again since hearing nothing back from the first I sent. On 6/10 I received the following reply from Corrine "Yes it was resolved, this is the new updated ladder, the ladder with the platform they do not make anymore."

On 6/10 I sent a reply asking what I needed to do to return the ladder for a refund as it is not what I ordered and was more money than the ladder they sold from the same manufacturer without a platform. On 6/12 I received an e-mail from Corrine that simply stated "All sales are final". No apology or anything. I think it is absolute B.S. that you order one product and they send you something else and tell you tuff. Horrible service, very rude. Stay Away!!!!

Scam Business, Horrible Customer Service, Liars
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Rating: 1/51

NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK -- I ordered over $1000.00 worth of product from them - invoice # ** - on April 7, 2012. My credit card was charged very quickly for the product. Items arrived, likely drop-shipped from various locations, to my home in a most disorganized, but overall quick fashion except for 4 products: a pool liner (expected to be delayed until mid-April), and 3 items shipping from the same location - gasket kit (GK1), LED water return light (SKU4396) and chlorine float dispenser (NA340). Total for items not received was a minimum of $368.46 (not including any prepaid shipping/handling charges). With shipping handling, it would probably be closer to $380.00.

Almost 3 weeks later on April 25th, about a week after I was expecting the pool liner to ship, Nicole (**) contacted me via email to tell me that the liner will be delayed until June 10th. She asked if I wished to wait for the liner or choose a different pattern. I inquired about the other 3 items that I did not yet receive. She told me they were shipping from the same warehouse as the liner.

I said at that time (on April 25th) that I did not like the other liners, so I was willing to wait until the liner that I wanted to come in. I asked if they would offer me a discount since I had to wait an additional month. She said she would tell them that I would wait for the liner, and perhaps they could send the rest of my order along to me while I waited for the liner. She never commented on my question about a discount. Those other items never came.

June 12th, 2 days after the expected date that the liner would be in stock, and 7 weeks after the original order was supposed to ship, I called them to check on the status of the shipment. I still had not heard from anyone. Heather took the call and informed me that my order had been cancelled and the liner was not coming.

I asked why I was not informed or updated with this information. No response. She asked if I wished to order a different liner. I asked if they would offer me a discount for the inconvenience of patiently waiting half a swimming season for a product that was never going to arrive. She said no. I told Heather over the phone on June 12th some time around noon to cancel the rest of the order, all of it. I did not want to do any further business with them. She seemed unfazed and the call ended quickly.

At approximately 4:13 pm that same day, I emailed Nicole, just to make sure that it was understood that I was, indeed, cancelling the remainder of my order. I did not have faith that the message would get through from Heather. I have proof of that email. Nicole responded on June 13th at 6:54 am, and confirmed that she did indeed speak to Heather the previous day. She confirmed that I would receive a full refund. I also have that email as proof.

At 11:06 am, Charlie **, (orders@pooldeals.com) supposedly the owner of the company, sent me confirmation of a refund for $302.99, which less than what I am due. I responded, at 3:20 pm, asking why the amount being refunded was less than the amount I am due. I have yet to receive a response from him. The $302.99 refund finally showed up in my account today.

Today, I forwarded the same email that I sent to Charlie regarding the rest of my refund onto Nicole, who responded that the other items that I told them to cancel were already being shipping to me via UPS. She provided a tracking number and stated, unfortunately, it was too late to cancel the order. The tracking number indicates that the order was scheduled for pick up 2 full days AFTER I told them to cancel the order. They did not cancel it, but chose to ship it to me anyway.

UPS has been to my home to deliver, but the package required a signature for delivery. Luckily, I am never home for UPS to deliver to in person, so I wrote on their door note "return to sender - refused". Based on previous complaints ALL OVER the internet about this company, they will attempt to charge me a re-stocking fee and another shipping fee.

I am about to file a fraud complaint with my credit card against them and block any further charges that they may attempt to post. In the meantime, they owe me AT MINIMUM another $65.47, without any prepaid shipping/ handling charges refunded.

Terrible Products and Invisible Cutover Service
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Rating: 1/51

NY, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a pool cover with a 10 year warranty. After 2 years it is literally falling apart. Pooldeals.com doesn't warranty the products they sell and says you have to go to the manufacturer. Fine. So I ask who that is and they won't tell you. They claim the info came when I got the pool cover. I don't remember seeing it. So I simply asked for them to provide the name and a contact number and again they refused to do so. You can only deal with their customer service online and it seems automated so you never get a real person answering your questions. So I emails them and asked for a number to call and speak with somebody from Pooldeals.

No number just a form response. This company buys terrible products, bill them as the best quality with 10 year warranties knowing all along that the products won't last a few years at best. But of course they are off the hook and it's not their problem. It's a scam. They and their owner ** should be shut down and he should go to jail.

Sucky Business
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND ISLAND, NEW YORK -- They Suck!!! I placed order on May 29th. Nowhere on the site did it say item was back-ordered. They took the money on June 1st out of my account. I contacted them on June 8th only to be told item was on back-ordered until June 15th. Contact them on June 15th to be told that they would find out from warehouse and update me. I had to contact them again today June 22 only to be told that the item was no longer being sold and they would refund me. They could not tell me when they would refund my money.

Why would they take my money before they even had the merchandise to sell. Not professional at all. No apologies. Bad Business. Seems to me that an honest business would not take money until item was available, would contact me when item was found to be back-ordered with notation and when it was expected, would contact me when item was no longer available. Offer a comparable item, maybe even with a slight discount.

Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- I ordered a pool cover from this business. It is so thin I feel sure it will not last but one winter. I found another cover and wanted to send the Pool Deals one back. I have been trying and trying to get in touch with them. I have left lots of messages with no response. I am trying one more time but I don't anticipate any response. I wish I had read these other reviews from customers before I purchased. Sounds like it is not a very reputable company.

Do not trust this company
By -

NIGRA FALLS, NEW YORK -- I had ordered 3 products from this company via the internet on 4/28/07 I received 2 of the products not long after I ordered them but the 3 product was the pool liner for a 24' round beaded liner. I waited and waited for this liner until I had worried if I was going to get this liner. I sent e-mails and made phone calls to this company and received no response from this company so I contacted the BBB of upstate New York. Three days after contact with the BBB I received the pool liner but found out that they sent me a 20 mil. liner and not the 25 mil. liner that I paid for. The BBB did send this company a letter and the company sent back a letter to the BBB and not to me that I have a credit on the difference of the price as if I will order from them again. This company is out of Niagra Falls, NY.

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