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Will Never Go Back
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GRANGER, INDIANA -- I have been going to PI for 4 years They overbook and the wait time is awful but we loved our photographer Heidi. I have learned they FIRED her because her productivity dropped when her mother died unexpectedly! She is by far the best photographer they had. They are all about the money and have no heart or compassion. I will never go back and will spend hundreds of dollars elsewhere. Terrible management!
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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Where do I begin? I walked in NOT liking this place. Shadows on the pictures, dirty chairs, disinterested employees, cheesy, dirty props, open studio and NO privacy. No one welcomed me to their studio, asked me, May I help you? Nothing. I said, I'm here to take senior pics for my daughter. Manager thought he was being funny by saying, YOU can't use our studio and equipment. YOU aren't the photographer. WE take the pics, not YOU, etc. etc. I actually had to tell him to SHUT UP. During our session, when my daughter left for three minutes to change an outfit, the photographer said, we are going to step out for a minute. I said, are you going out to have a smoke while my daughter changes? NO...ANOTHER CLIENT CAME EARLY AND WE ARE GOING TO GIVE HER YOUR ROOM WHILE YOUR DAUGHTER CHANGES. My daughter came out no more than one minute later, so we sat there for fifteen minutes while another EARLY client used OUR room with MY private possessions in it. I was SO irritated, and finally, seeing the look on my face, the photographer said, What's wrong? and I said I am REALLY irritated. He just said, oh, I'm sorry, and walked away. I have never been so pissed off at a place in my life and will NOT recommend this place to ANYONE unless you LIKE crummy photography studios.

The website also has NO customer contact email address. This is a nationwide chain, and have read complaints from all over the country.
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User Replies:
goduke on 04/16/2010:
So there were dirty chair, cheesy props, no on greeted you, no privacy. What, pray tell, convinced you to stay around for the photo shoot session?
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
I would have politely told them that the group showing up early will just have to wait, since we've already started our session. If they refuse, say fine. Take your daughter and your money elsewhere. End of story.
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
well this Portrait Innovations certainly doesn't know how to keep and retain customers do they? I got to tell ya neville82, I am wondering the same as goduke. portraits are spendy. why give any cash to a dump like this?
PepperElf on 04/16/2010:
you know... I'd suggest looking around at some modeling sites.
sometimes you'll find someone who will rent out his or her studio for another photographer to use. let me know if you want some links to them.

my boyfriend rented one in Japan. the studio turned out to be in the other photographer's apartment, but that's not unusual in Japan and it turned out to be a very good photo shoot.

Out of curiosity, how experienced are you with photography?
I'm just thinking of the college class I took last summer. you may want to consider trying other settings for the photos too; sometimes an outdoor setting can work really well, although obviously you can't change as much unless you've made preparations.

then again, I know how bloody expensive the photography gear is. it's MUCH cheaper to rent the studio & use theirs vs buying all the props yourself. and I don't just mean backdrops but the real gear props like flashes, bounces, stands, more flashes, etc.
momsey on 04/16/2010:
Pepper, I don't think the OP was looking to actually use the photography equipment. I might be wrong, but I think she just said "I'm here to take senior pics for my daughter" meaning "I'm here to have my daughter's pictures taken" and the photographer went off on that as if she wanted to take the photos.
igwt on 07/10/2010:
To answer why we didn't leave, my senior daughter insisted that we stay. I had been packing up my purse and tote bag, getting my keys out, etc. when the "photographer" asked me what was wrong, and immediately after that our room miraculously became available. I didn't discover the chairs were filthy until in the middle of the shoot while we were waiting for the other people to get the heck out of our room. I still think this is the most unprofessional studio I have ever been in and will never be back.
mullinszone on 07/21/2010:
I went there today and left feeling like I had been slimed. I only wanted the $9 package and thought I would splurge on one of the special $30 sheets. I ended up spending 86 dollars and honestly wasn't sure what was going to show up in the envelope I got. The lady taking the pictures seemed to view me as a nuisance. She also didn't want to set up the pictures the way I wanted them. I kept asking for a black background on the special effects and she was pushing the white. She tried to force her favorite poses on me. Personally I think it is stupid to take a picture of a 3 month old on a boogie board that looked like it washed up on Galveston beach yesterday. After she rang me up she got out her calculator and kept messing with it and seemed to be talking to the manager about me. Maybe she was figuring her commission?? I was prepared for a hard sell but I wasn't prepared to be treated rudely and confused to the point I didn't know what I was buying. I shouldn't have given in that easily...I did fight her from $400 to $86 but I let my emotions talk me into stopping at that point and just take what she sold me. I would go again but I will stick to my guns and just get what I came for.
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Discriminatory Attitude by manager to a senior citizen
Posted by on
WICHITA, KANSAS -- I was looking at an ad for a job as photography assistance position at a studio. I called to ask about it and was connected to the manager of this store. I asked about the position and told her that I had gotten this ad from a place that helps seniors get a job. When I mentioned this the manager told me why would we want anyone like you working with us. She said she hadn't heard of such a thing and the attitude of her speech made me feel like elders and seniors were second class citizens and had no right to any respect or consideration. She went on talking like that for several minutes before she told me the position had been filled before Easter. I wouldn't bring a pet to this establishment, let alone a child or grandchild.

I do not accept this kind of attitude and feel like this particular action borders on senior citizen abuse. IT, should not be allowed period from any company or place of business, or at any time from anyone.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/06/2010:
Wow. The manager really said that to you? That's pretty harsh.
Grany14 on 04/08/2010:
Thanks, Jobs are so hard to find now, people should at least be respectable even though the job was filled and just say so instead of talking down to someone.
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Does Separate Households Not Count
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I recently visited Portrait Innovations in Houston, Texas. We were there to visit my son's dad. I decided while we were there, we were going to take our family pictures. My family pictures include myself and children. My son's father also wanted to have pictures done of himself, my son, and his daughter. Well, my son and his father had their pictures done before my family. When it was my turn I was told we did not qualify to get the package offer with any pictures with my son in them because my son already had pictures done with his father and sister. I explained to her that we were there to visit his dad and we were not together. We still could not get the offer with pictures he's in. I don't understand.

We are two individual customers that happen to have a child together. We ended up not taking the pictures because I refuse to leave me son out and we ended up coming back home to find somewhere else to have our family pictures done.
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 03/29/2010:
What exactly was the package offer? Were any restrictions listed anywhere?
Anonymous on 03/29/2010:
It was probably a 'One per family or household' type of deal. And, well, when you have a child together, regardless of divorce, that child still makes you part of the same family.
photog on 01/20/2014:
Its pretty easy. Yes the coupons state one per family/household. If your son is in one session where the coupon is used, he cannot be in the second with the coupon. That equates to the same person benefitting from the special twice. It doesn't matter if its two different families or two different people paying. Lots of people didn't understand this.
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Appreciate Their Work
Posted by on
COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS -- My daughter had an accident on the way to get pictures taken. We were an hr. late, but they were very understanding and patient with 4 kids that were getting pics taken way to close to their nap times and with the adults that were still in shock from the car accident. My daughter doesn't live in town and I am thankful we were able to get the pics while she was here thanks to the patience of the photographers and their co-workers. Will visit them again.
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Venice09 on 10/24/2010:
This is a great testimonial. Some of these portrait places can be short on patience. Having pictures taken with the kids is stressful enough. An accident would make it even worse. I'm glad they were so accommodating and that you got the pictures!
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