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Unauthorized ACH Withdrawal From My Checking Account
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- First I want to explain that I do not rent from Public Storage, I have never rented from Public Storage, and I do not have any rental agreement with Public Storage. I AM NOT THEIR CUSTOMER! Somehow Public Storage made an unauthorized ACH withdrawal for $216 from my checking account in May 2016. I did NOT WRITE A CHECK FOR $216 to Public Storage. I filed a fraud report with my bank and they are investigating. So far they tell me that Public Storage had my bank account number and the bank's routing number, and using these numbers Public Storage was able to do a fraudulent withdrawal.

My phone calls and emails to Public Storage customer support have elicited no help at all in this matter. I looked in my files, which I have kept for over 15 years, and found that eleven years ago I sent a check to Public Storage to pay a bill ONE TIME for an acquaintance who had a Public Storage rental unit and a contract with them. (Acquaintance was low on funds, I paid for him) I did not have a rental unit or any contract with Public Storage; I never did, and never will.

It is important to note that eleven years ago my check went to Public Storage directly, not to the person with the rental unit, therefore only Public Storage had my checking account number and routing number. Public Storage kept a copy of my check for ELEVEN (11) years, then in May 2016 used my account number from my old check to withdraw $216 from my checking account. I do not rent from Public Storage, I never have, I have no contract or agreement with them, I do not owe them any money, yet they took $216 from me.

Public Storage should give me an immediate refund, and fire the manager-accountant who performed this fraudulent ACH withdrawal. So far I filed a fraud report with my bank, a police report, and complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Division of the State Attorney General's Office. Still awaiting a resolution.

Tamika, Myrna, Rachelle, Derek, Cofill Are Unethical Liars. This Is A Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA -- This company is engaged in unethical practices as they lied and kept sending invoices yet failed to ever send any notices or email or phone messages that there was an auction. The company improperly raised the storage fees and my father who was a disabled veteran had many of his possessions there for over 20 years. He was in the hospital and passed away. The company called to workout something on Tuesday November 15, 2016 and when we replied they never responded.

They send an email on Wednesday morning November 16, 2016 stating that there was an upcoming auction but failed to provide any date, time, etc. Then an hour later their customer service email that the auction had already taken place. This company owes us $1,000's of dollars as the items sold have high value along with many personal items. The company is full of thieves that take advantage of disabled army veterans on their death beds at the VA.

Do not rent from Public Storage, or leave if you already do.
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Rating: 1/51

I would like to give a word of warning to any that are considering renting storage space from Public Storage. As a company, they will probably try to draw you in to renting with them using some offer that seems pretty reasonable at the start. Then, every 6 months to a year down the line, they'll bump up the rate, citing market rate as the reason. I will note that their idea of market rate is not based on the competition in the area, but on what they feel like they can get away with charging.

Public Storage claims to give 30 days written notice of increases of the charge and any fees, but I have only ever received notification by email very shortly before that increased charge was due. On top of this, if you do not pay the increased amount by the 6th of the month, they will lock you out of the area where your items are stored until you are up to current, including any increases to charges or late fees that they have made in this manner. In short, you have lost access to any of your items past this point unless you pay their increased charges.

I first started storing items in a 10' x 15' unit with Public Storage in February 2009, with an initial rate of $96.90 from their advertising. What their advertising did not mention is that the $96.90 was listed in their system as a discounted rate, but with a higher rate already in their system.

Since this time, I have had my rates increased progressively over the years I've been with them to a current rate of $161.00 per month, and a late fee that increased from the one listed in the contract of $20.40 to the current late fee of $32.20. The only notification of increases I've ever received from them on the increases to rental rate have been by email, and no notifications of an increase to the late fees until they've come up.

It is possible that this lack of notifications is because of some break in their system. Perhaps there is a flaw that doesn't update the mail address for notifications, even if you update it in their system. If so, this is still a problem. I've called a few times on their corporate line just to make sure my information was current. It is, but this has made no difference in receiving any sort of notifications.

To give you a better idea of just how much of an increase this is, I have had my rates on the rental go up by over 66 percent since 2009. This is 66 percent increase over 5 years. The late fees have apparently also increased since 2009, though in this case, the increase is a little over 58 percent. All told, I'm paying two thirds more than when I started this thing, all because Public Storage felt they could get away with charging it.

When I checked other companies in the same area, the rate for the same size storage unit is currently between about $90.00 to $130.00. None of them came close to what Public Storage claims is market rate. Public Storage claims that market rate is somewhere around $178.00 in that area, even though they list a lower rate for new customers.

Public Storage figures they can increase the rate each year, as they figure most people will just pay the extra rather than dealing with the hassle of moving their stuff back out. And for those that can't pay the increases, well, Public Storage has some hefty lien handling and sale fees that they add on as well, taking those and the additional rent and late fees they'll also charge on the items that can't be recovered until they get paid. Those fees come out of the proceeds they get by selling whatever is in that storage unit.

If for some reason the sale doesn't make their total of fees, Public Storage will still charge you the additional amounts, too. What this means: If you are late in paying, and you are unable to catch back up, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ITEMS, and you will be charged more for the privilege of letting them sell off the contents of your storage unit for them to collect on those inflated fees.

Short form of this, stay well away from Public Storage. They are a greedy company out to gouge you for as much money as they feel they can get out of you, with a particular Target painted on long term customers. If you've been with Public Storage for years, they figure you will pay whatever they insist is the rate rather than moving. If you must use a storage place, do not use Public Storage. Stay far clear of this company for your own good. Tell your friends to stay away. Tell companies to stay away. Share this message on social media, in your email lists, on your corporate newsletter.

Let Public Storage know that they can not treat customers like this in the only way that they will listen to, by reducing their profits. Take away their paycheck, because they certainly haven't earned it. Don't rent with them. If you are already renting with them, find a way to stop using storage, or go to another storage company. It will be worth it. Stay with them, and you'll find yourself wondering why you didn't listen.

Illegally Put A Lien On My Unit
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Rating: 1/51

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Received notice that my storage rent was due "BEFORE NOV 2ND 2013". If not paid a lien would be placed and my lock cut and unit to be scheduled for auction. That in itself is acceptable terms as I was running a month behind on paying my rent for the last 2 previous months but I was always able to get my payment in just under the lien date deadline. When I received the preliminary Lien Notice I was okay with its terms because I receive my temporary disability (emergency surgery) payment on November 1st. 2013. So I proceeded to go into the facility cash in hand to pay my bill on Nov 1st at 9 AM which is before Nov 2nd it is right or is there another calendar I'm unaware of.

LOCK IS CUT, LIEN PLACED, UNIT SCHEDULED FOR AUCTION and when did this occur I asked and the very rude representative said it occurred at the stroke of midnight Oct 31st/Nov 1st I showed him the notice where it stated payment due before Nov 2nd he stated that they could take possession of the unit any time they wanted.

I completed the "DECLARATION IN OPPOSITION TO LIEN SALE" Public storage filed in small claims court we go to court Jan 14th at 8:30 AM Dept N10. Any direction of regulations or codes that anyone believes would be relevant would be great. Oh and they were also charging me a $30.00 late fee but legally at most they can only charge $15.00 civil code 21713.5

Unethical Business Practice!! SCAM!!
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I have been a customer with Public Storage (Belleview in Denver) since 2003 (11 years!!!). But, over the last few years, I have been noticing increases in monthly rent without prior notice. Just this past year, December 2013, I received a call from the manager telling me that our things would be auctioned off. I was confused because we pay our monthly bills using the automatic autopay on, so I called him and he ignored me and even hung up. I called back and was directed to the voicemail box. So, I had to resort to threats. I told him that if our things are auctioned, I will contact a lawyer to sue them.

A few months later, our storage was broken into. Because we paid extra for insurance, they told us that they would do an investigation, but a year later and we have not heard back about that "investigation". Our tires were slashed multiples times here. Recently, the manager called me and told us that our payment was late. So, I did a manual pay online. The next day, we were locked out of our storage and the manager made my dad pay $220 in cash to enter and did not even give him a receipt ( my dad does not speak English).

My dad called me, so I called the manager and told him that we have already paid and even gave him the confirmation number. He ignored this and refused to return the money. I went onto my online account and there were documents online that my dad has paid the $220 in cash. The manager once again hung up on me and was very rude. We have thought about moving storage on multiple occasion, but this location is the most convenient. However, it is not worth the trouble and I will be moving out soon. It is unethical business practice and the people are RUDE when it comes to customer service.

Great on Site Managers, Extremely Poor Facility & Horrendous Corporate Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GAMBRILLS, MARYLAND -- The facility located in Gambrills, MD 21054 is falling apart. I had 3 - 10 x 35 units since July of 1993 under the ownership of Shurgard. Public Storage "PS" took over the facility over 10 years ago. The local on-site management is great and friendly. Since the purchase by P.S. they have NOT maintained the structure as needed.

It needs the following: New roofs. New ceilings - coming apart because the ceiling is leaking. Bat & other types of infestation - several units completely unusable. Installation of bathroom for employees - in the past they went across the street to Wendy's, in the spring of 2014 the brought in a Porto-Potty; it's always dirty, hot & smelly. Great way to treat employees. Security - 138 inner units were broken into in the fall of 2013. Solution as of late
Spring - 4 outside cameras facing away doors and toward cars only. Resolution is extremely poor. They need at least 6 more cameras.

Claim of climate control; this infers that either the interior has heating or air conditioning. It has neither, nor are they insulated. Public Storage removed all gutters & downspouts. Water falls and splashes onto and in the space if the door is not completely shut. Snow removal is almost non-existent. Leaf removal is non-existent.

Inconsistent rate increases; I was paying $359 for 1 (10 x 35) and $332 each (total 664) for the other two which were connected without a dividing wall (20 x 35). The new rates went up 9.5% on the single unit and 20.5% on the double wide. All of the 10 x 35s were increased by 20.5%. Called customer service and they stated that it was an "Executive Office Decision" and to call my local District Manager - ** (he's totally useless). After repeated unanswered calls to the DM I reviewed my being there. Best decision for us was to move our business & personal goods to Storage Mart across the street. Every 10 x 35 renter has moved out (except one).

In order to entice people to come back, they are renting the units for $261 as of 08-28-2014. This is a drop of 27+% from the original rates and 33% decrease from their inflated rate increase on the single unit. On the double unit it is a decrease of 20+% on the original rate and 33% reduction on their inflated increase. In addition the smaller units are renting for less as well. The rates are lower than they were in 2013 due to poor quality and increased competition.

Public Storage has many customer and employee complaints against them. After speaking with ex-employees in North Carolina it appears that how they treat their employees and manage their properties is the norm rather than the exception. I can use 3 words to express the overall facility located in Gambrills MD - IT's a DUMP! Beware and rent elsewhere.

Horrible Facility, Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- The reason I am writing you is to relate a recent incident involving Public Storage in Shrewsbury. I have been helping my friend, a single woman, who has stored her household items there between moves. After helping her move into the facility, we noticed that the ceiling in the unit seemed to have sustained water damage. We reported this to a rather uncaring maintenance person who was the only one available at the time.

Several days later, the ceiling collapsed on my friend's household items causing some damage and getting her understandably upset. She hired a moving company to remove her things (at great expense with new storage) and I offered to meet the movers at Public Storage to see if I could work something out. The somewhat hostile regional manager (Jeff)who happened to be there informed me that they were not responsible. I asked him if he had another unit so we would not have to incur the cost of moving to a new expensive storage facility.

He showed me a unit right next to the damaged one that had the same ceiling issue and already had water on the floor. When this was pointed out to him, he shrugged and walked away. When I said I was going to call corporate he informed me that I could do so but the complaint would come right back to him. How convenient.

My friend spent $1000 to move to a new (and much sturdier) facility and has incurred more monthly rental fees at the more expensive facility as well. I finally got a hold of a VP at Public (Jim ) and he informed us that he would refund the money for the 5 months of storage rental fees (we only used a few weeks during which the collapse occurred) but would not do anything about the moving fees or increased rent at the new facility. Very disappointing. Horrible facility and really bad customer service.

Not Taking Responsibility
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Rating: 2/51

WARREN, MICHIGAN -- I am a STRONG believer in paying your bills. No free ride. I have an issue with trying to do this and still getting screwed. First month... gave my credit card information to set up auto pay at the local office. Credit card was breached. Had to cancel card. Next couple of months, took check to the office myself.

This is Michigan and we had a horrible winter this year so I didn't go there every month to put things in my still half empty unit (half empty because after we shoveled our way to the unit and the door was frozen shut) so I needed to set up auto pay because no one ever answers the phone in the office. When I do try to go to the office, they are often not in the office to accept my check.

I followed the directions of an unfriendly associate who answered the phone when I called the 800 number and thought great... I'm set. Well... no. I get a call today (5/7/14) stating that something went wrong with the auto payment. Not my card... sounds like a system problem since I was then able to go online and make my payment with that same card. They couldn't call me yesterday?, the day before? or even last week?

I get the call on the 7th of the month with a big GOTCHA late fee. Of course I had to pay it because they "can't do anything for me" and I need to keep my property there... for now. It is for this reason that this company counts on you taking it in the rear but I will NEVER, 100% EVER, use this company again. When I am out, I'm done. I'm just blathering here online because I am pissed and this is all I can do right now but I know a lot of people who I will gladly give my opinion to as well.

Stay Away Rate Increases Public Storage Rude Corporate People!!
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Do not rent from these folks. I rented from them for years and they keep raising rent. I got into a fight with corporate greedy people. Do not get sick nor end up in hospital. They want your stuff to auction off and late fees every kind fees, even a fee to pay the bill on telephone. They raise rent in cold months so you're stuck in the cold. From 218$ to 280$, the corp. people suck. They don't care and doesn't return calls. Stay away. You will be sorry with this company.

Horrible people, worse than the people in Bombay. Greedy money hungry people. Ruthless corporate greed. Hope they go bankrupt. Hope the economy tanks and nobody rents with these rude people. Long term customer. Just find any place to rent but Public Storage Rental. You may really be sorry. I'm giving my stuff away to not give nothing to Public Storage. Greedy money hungry rude people. What we experienced, stay away! You have been warned... Thanks!

Account Management
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Rating: 3/51

PINEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I previously posted a review under the same title on 9/06/14. I was able to get in contact with the district manage by going to his boss. He called me right away and promised to take care of the problem. My credit card would be credited with the $71 overcharge. That was done but then was re-charged. Huh? It turns out Public Storage paid my next month's payment (the $71) in advance.

When it came time for the auto charge the early payment was applied and I have a $3 credit towards the next month's bill. So, bottom line, it was fixed the way I was told but the problem was fixed. That is what matters. And my stuff wasn't auctioned off as threatened. I have to give Public Storage credit for (eventually) fixing the problem. Better late than never.

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