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Deceptive Business Practices and Horrible Dispute Resolution System
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Rating: 1/51

EDMONDS, WASHINGTON -- I strongly caution anybody considering using this company, at this location (Hywy 99 in Edmonds) or anywhere else. The on-site facility managers (at least at this location) are pleasant enough, but they do not give accurate information about the financial end of things and/or are not themselves supplied with up-to-date information, so that you may easily end up with substantial unanticipated expenses, and good luck trying to get anybody at their billing or collections offices to handle the situation.

Last November, I took over a unit from a family member who had allowed it it to become seriously delinquent. I was told how much was owing on it, and assured that if it was cleaned out by the end of the month, there would be no further charges on it. In fact, I was told that if it was cleaned out by the 6th of the following month, all that would be owed was a proration on December's rent.

I paid the balance and cleaned it out by the end of the month (the 29th, actually). I went in to the office to let the on-site manager know it was now vacant and unlocked. I asked him if there was anything that needed to be signed to confirm that, and he assured me, not once but three times, that everything was complete and there would be no further charges. On the same day, I also emailed the contact email address from the company's website, again confirming that I had vacated as of the end of November.

In early December, I received a bill for December rent. I called the local office and left a detailed message confirming I had vacated at the end of November; I asked for a call-back if there was any question about it. I assumed that perhaps the December billing had gone out before the November 29th vacancy had been recorded, and when I didn't hear anything back, nor receive any follow-up billing, I assumed it had been taken care of.

Then in January, I received a call from a collection agency, saying the December bill had been assigned to collections. From there, it has been an ongoing hassle. The first live person I was able to reach said I had been charged because of a "slow" vacating. But she couldn't explain how vacating completely in November could result in December charges. The next person I spoke with said that the unit was a "pay at the end of the month" unit, so the very substantial amount I had paid earlier in the month had not included the charges for November.

Of course, this is directly opposite to what I was told by the on-site unit manager when I came in to pay: He assured me several times that the $800+ in charges I was paying covered everything through the end of November, including all delinquencies, and he even waived a part of one of the late charges, and assured me that if I vacated by the end of that month, there would be no further charges.

So either he lied or the collections office is lying, or one or both are incompetent, but so far I've spend almost two hours on the phone trying to get this resolved, with absolutely zero progress and a likely serious hit to my excellent credit score. The collections office number isn't answered by live operators, and invites you to call customer service for "immediate assistance."

After spending 15 minutes explaining the situation to customer service, she said she couldn't do anything about it, and offered to transfer me to the collections office, which, of course, still had no live operators. After leaving a message, I did get a prompt call back, but another 15 minutes of explanation was met with the bizarre story that what I had paid in November, supposedly all charges through the end of the month, didn't include the November rent, and I'd have to talk to the District Manager. Calling the number she gave me got me a staff directory that did not include the name she gave me.

After calling back three times and choosing three random names from the directory I finally got a live person who said he was in a "different department" and promised to email the district manager to call me, but claimed not to have his email address and was going to have to get it from somebody else. One run-around after another. If you need storage, be aware you are taking major chances with your wallet, your credit score and your schedule by doing business with Public Storage. My advice: Don't do it.

Unethical Practices by Public Storage
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CALIFORNIA -- Upon going to a public storage facility to set up storage for my household belongings I was somewhat taken back by their ethical practices or lack thereof. When initially meeting the site manager he showed me the facilities and the sizes which was OK. However, he took me to what seemed to be the worst storage unit in his facility. It was old and musty and smelled of mold. He seemed pretty unhappy when I asked him if he had any other units for rent.

After finding a unit which fit my needs and didn't smell of must we began to fill out the paperwork. To my surprise the first month was only 1 dollar. Being that moved in at the end of the month he prorated the current month and only charged me 1 dollar for the second month. However, he had done the same and stated to me that Insurance was Mandatory as well as having to purchase their over priced locks which they have for sale. I reviewed the contract and asked him specifically about the requirements for moving out. He simply stated that I just needed to give him a 48 hours notice prior to vacating the unit.

After a few months of using the unit I move out on the 12th of the month ensuring that I give the manager his 48 hours. I showed him it was clean and ready for the next tenant. He takes me to his front counter, gathers some information and done. I ask him about a refund since I am only using the unit for half a month and that they prorated my first month moving in so they should prorate me for moving out.

Of course he says he cannot give me a refund and that if I had informed them on the 1st of the month they would have prorated my rent for that month and given me a refund. Well that didn't sit well with me considering that he specifically told me that all he required was a 48 hour notice in order to move out.

I was furious that I was losing out on the hard earned money I had worked for just so that they can keep it. So I called customer service and informed them of what had happened and they referenced the contract which I had signed that I will contact the public storage on the 1st of the month if I plan on terminating service so they can prorate my payment required for that month and that failure to do so is a forfeiture the left over amount.

I believe that Public Storage managers need be tested for ethics as well as properly informing their clients of the move in and out procedures. To me what this manager had done was very shady and unethical and probably occurs to other consumers as well. Also, if they can prorate the rent for my moving in to a storage unit then why can they not prorate me for moving out? Seems like a crime to me.

Unauthorized Withdrawals - A "Mafia" Organization: Public Storage Inc.
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- The following is the verbatim version of my video clip on YouTube I'd posted and placed a link yesterday. Several years ago I started to rent from Public Storage Inc. Shoreline, WA. Along with my household, family heirlooms, my birth certificate, my art and art supplies, keys to my home, my address, my signature, my social security number, the title to my car, private medical documents, practically my life.

I put everything into storage to focus on my health. My bills were paid as initially arranged by the 10th of each month. On a few occasion I was late. I always paid all of the late and lien fees, even when they caused them. I was too sick to rebuttal w/ a large company like that. This time I am determined to "defend"€ myself. I hope w/ this video clip to reach others out there who either had the same or similar experiences w/ Public Storage Inc. and united our complaints lead to an investigation of Public Storage Inc.'€™s punitive, mafia or camorra like business practices and someone levies heavy fines against them in the thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Here is my last experience w/ Public Storage Inc.: On September 1st I noticed at my bank that my negative balance was caused by Public Storage Inc.'€™s UNAUTHORIZED withdrawal of funds -of an already paid unit for the month of August 2009- I almost got a nervous breakdown. On August 27 they took amounts $254 & $267, causing not only 2 fees of $ 35 for each amount, but subsequently additional fees like for charges for 5 Lattes, now each at ~$40, and the fees of other places I drank or ate. The bank's assistant manager called the PS's national telephone contact number on my behalf because I was too distressed.

A female voice told us apologetically that there was a computer glitch in their system that caused the withdrawals of numerous credit cards and I have to contact the District Manager ** to get the charges reversed. We immediately called that # she gave us and left a message urging the amount to be immediately reversed. I called the following days on several occasions w/o being able to reach the District manager in person.

5 days later I received a call from District Manager **. He offered no apology, additional explanation or proper customer service. Instead I was receiving conflicting answers -no he was attacking me verbally! I began to inform District Manager ** that I incurred additional fees to the ones Public Storage Inc. had caused but he interrupted and accused me of having made the payment online myself. I told him that since <5 yrs I make my payments on the 10th latest on a regular basis.

He then attempted to explain "cookies" to me, insisting that "€œcookies"€ (!) in my computer are responsible for the payment!! Was this a joke? His attitude and demeanor stuck me as rude, and extremely un-professional. I stated to District Manager ** that if no valid explanation as well as a reversal of the amount they unauthorized took and the fees they'™d caused could be provided then I would be contacting his Superiors. He laughed.

I added I would also talk to the Seattle Police Department and my Banks Fraud department. District Manager ** then said, "€œMaybe if you paid your bills on time, then you would not have this problem."€ Instantly I felt humiliated, disrespected and embarrassed at his utterly ridiculous and offensive comment. I tried to hold back the tears that began to form... when I stated to District Manager ** that he was to never comment to a customer of their timely payment in that fashion. He then offered no apology again, and repeated the offensive comment for the second time!

Adding the possibility of my property being auctioned off. Above all, District Manager ** does not have any insight into my personal or financial stability. I have NEVER been so embarrassed and mortified by an individual that works for a business in which I am paying for services.

The next weeks I spend making calls to contact numbers published or given to me by the national telephone contact # 1-800-688-8057. Many #s were consistently incorrect and then all I got were various additional #s and very limited voice-mail menus. There's no way to reach a person, #s had changed, names I was given were not in the Company'™s directory, that specific office I was trying to reach had now moved to Oregon etc. At one point I started to leave my complain and contact at every phone# I was directed to.

On September 25 @ 9:52 I received a call from a female voice @ Public Storage Inc. that they will return $ 254 back into my account. My questions in regards to the fees they caused were not only ignored but she just hung up the phone on me. On September 28 2009 Public Storage Inc. returned $ 254. I was left w/ not only the fees to pay at my Bank, Starbucks, and OliveYou but ironically accrued additional fees for the storage units I am renting from Public Storage Inc.

Time was of the essence here, because the rent is due latest by the 10th of each month to avoid late charges, lien fees etc. Instead Public Storage Inc. handled this matter in particular w/ extreme time delay, no responsiveness and thus using their punitive practices to their benefit, while trying to bury the fact of unauthorized and untimely charges they initiated and being able to do so when de facto w/ the CORRECT option of "œone time payment" (which I regularly used) they should have never be able to do.

On October 8th The Fraud Department of Chase Bank informed me as long I am still customer of Public Storages Inc. they cannot investigate it as fraud. Go figure! Seattle Police stated I am watching too much CSI and they would not check or compare IP-addresses of who instigated payments and since my debit card was used to pay my storage unit, it is more of harassment than crime. They suggested going to small claims court instead.
. Something is very wrong here! Since over one month I am drowning in fees I didn't cause, surviving almost penniless and now @ the risk losing everything I have, while having wasted valuable time focusing mainly on Public Storages Inc. to get this last matter resolved the right way. I was hoping that once my treatment is completed successfully I would reunite w/ my belongings. They are all what I've left from a healthy and happy life.

Public Storage
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Rating: 1/51

HARWOOD HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- I called them today to let them know I was moving out on August 8, 2015. Asked the representative about pro-rating for the month and she told me that I had to pay for the entire month. She told me "after the 6th you have to pay the full month". What a load of crap! This is robbery as far as I'm concerned. How many people are they doing this to? I would never recommend them to anyone. They seem to get away with it. Is there anything I can do?

Public Storage Employees in Austin, TX Helped Couple Take My Car From Behind Secured Gates
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Today, May 21, 2012 at around 9:55 in the morning, I went to Public Storage at 13675 N US Highway 183, Austin, TX 78750 location. The reason I was going was to close out my account (in excellent standing - I paid my dues each month just fine). I was also going there to let the buyer of my vehicle through the password-protected gates to get the vehicle I sold him. Mind you the title of the car is in my name and the vehicle is paid off with no liens or anything on it. It's a clear title.

Public Storage had no recollection that I was in the process of selling my vehicle so their actions today cannot be justified in any way possible. This was complete disregard for customers property stored at this particular location. And as of now, all customers property is at risk of being stolen due to the employees currently working there today. I don't know when their shift ends but they were there at 9:55 this morning. The place opens at 9:30am. Please read on.

Upon arrival at this Public Storage location, I noticed the buyer had a big truck (I'm guessing a F1 something -- one of those models) and he had already gotten my car out from behind the gate. I'm assuming using his truck. I was annoyed at seeing this because I specifically told him that he was not allowed to get the vehicle until I let him in. So I know I didn't give him the password to get in nor out. So since I knew I didn't let him in and out, I wondered if the staff let him in. So I did inquire.

I went in and asked the two employees working if they let the man and his wife in the gates. And the African-American (or ** American or however she prefers to be defined) female stated they followed her in. She then used the word "snuck in". That's not possible if you're seeing them right behind you. She didn't bother to check to make sure they were customers. She just let them in.

Now the thing is with the protected gates is that you not only need a code to get in, but you need that same code to get out, otherwise you're stuck. So the question came up, "Who let them out?" And the Caucasian-American (or ** American or however he prefers to be defined) male spoke and said he let them out. Now if someone doesn't have the code to get out, then that must mean they aren't customers. So why did he let them out?

He had no idea who they were nor could he safely assume they were customers because customers have the code to get out. I looked at them and said, "that's my car they have". And they looked like they didn't hear me. So I repeated myself. I said, "That's my car you let them take. I told them I'd meet them here so I can let them in." After all, my transaction with the husband was not complete. Had I shown up too late, my car would have been gone and that would have been a huge lawsuit against Public Storage.

I can understand if a person misspells my name on a document, but to let people in passed secured gates both in AND out -- people who are not customers -- this is a serious problem for the company and current customers who have their things stored at this location. What is the point of having secured gates if Public Storage employees are going to let anyone in AND anyone out?

Their decision threatens the company and customers because those two people could have EASILY (with the help of those two employees) taken any other vehicle that was on the premises if not just robbed the storage units. And they would have done this again with the help of Public Storage employees. The employees just let these two people come and go without asking for identification whatsoever.

Again, my transaction with the couple was not complete, which is why the vehicle was still behind the gates in my paid for parking space on the Public Storage premises. I am disturbed greatly that such reckless employees are working for this company. This isn't even a case of being a "honest mistake" or a slap on the hand don't do it again type of thing. This is a huge threat for all of customers who currently have property at that location. Such a huge breach in security should result in firing them. They are clearly not responsible people and are a financial threat to customers and Public Storage.

And to top it all off, they sort of chuckled about their error and did not even bother to apologize. Can you believe that?! It's a good thing I've closed my account today. Again, we're not talking about a small item being taken, this was a VEHICLE in broad daylight and they let non-customers behind the gates and then let them OUT of the closed and secured gates without question. If they didn't have the code to get out, why in hell did he let them out?!

There was a reason I did not give these this couple the code myself and that reason I've given in this message: the transaction was not complete until I showed up with the remaining paperwork. But transaction or not, what in the world were these two employees thinking to let people in who are not customers? And nobody can rightfully say they didn't know because in order to get out, a person NEEDS the code otherwise the gate will NOT open. And Public Storage employees today, not only let them in without any sort of identification of who they are, but they ALSO helped them OUT by putting in the code so the gate would open.

Had the employees checked the names of the couple in the system, they would have seen that no such customers by either name exists in the system anywhere. And they should have immediately called me to let me know someone is trying to take my vehicle in addition to contacting the police. But they did none of this, instead they chose to help the couple remove a vehicle from the property, that they had no right to remove at that time until I showed up with the final paperwork and the transaction made complete.

This was beyond reckless and sloppy. This was just lack of concern for the security of Public Storage customers' property and also shows a lack of concern for the financial risk they've caused their employer (Public Storage). These two people don't deserve a second chance. This was unthinkable. I was lucky I arrived when I did, otherwise Public Storage would be facing a huge lawsuit that they'd easily lose.

If you have property at this location, then I would strongly recommend you get it removed immediately until the two employees have been fired. I don't even know their names, but if Public Storage would make a public announcement to let everyone know of this firing then that would help customers a great deal in putting their trust back into Public Storage. As of now, I don't trust them. They will not get my business ever again, until they fire them. I will not store my property at such a company who have careless employees working who help non-customers in and out of the secured gates to take other people's property without question.

Remove your property if you don't want to be a victim of such carelessness. I got lucky I arrived when I did. But will you be as lucky as I was? Is it worth testing your luck just to see? There are other storage companies in the Austin area. Uncle Bob is pretty good from what I hear. But there are so many that you can chose from to secure your belongings with a staff that doesn't let any old person behind the secured gates and doors. Why take the risk when there are many storage companies in the area?

Info from a Public Storage property manager
By -

I've read some of these reviews, and all I can say is that these people should have paid attention when the agreement was explained to them. Here are some facts: If your things were auctioned, its because no payment was made in 60, 90, 45, etc days depending on your states laws. I make calls just about EVERY DAY to try to get people in to pay their bill to keep them from getting a late fee. It is not my fault if these people don't answer the phone or return my calls.

If you put a check in the night drop on the last day of the month, and we don't get it until the next morning, you're still going to be charged a 30 day fee. They do raise rates every year by a dollar or two. A letter is sent 30 days or more to the address that we have on file. Did you move? Well, its in the agreement that we need to know if you change your address.

Our locks are NOT overpriced. Where else can you get a disk lock for $11.99? Ace Hardware, $16.99. Home Depot, $15.99. Walmart, $13.99. Yes, I've looked. Insurance is required. People get mad at us if something were to happen, and blame us if their insurance is canceled. If you go 45 days late, your insurance cancels. You will have to reinstate it, on top of everything else. We can't force you to get it, but if you decline it, its totally on you if there is a fire or break in.

It's also in the agreement that we can ask for a key if there is maintenance that needs to be done on a unit. It is not personal, and no one wants to go through your stuff. Are you going to scream and holler and threaten to call the media if your apartment complex needs to get into your place to do some work? You were told how much the rent is after your pro rate. Just because you were charged something cheap for your second month doesn't mean that is the rate. It was explained to you. Its the dollar/admin fee/ lock and insurance for the first month, and a pro rated amount for the second, with a full payment due your third month.

It is also explained that we do not give refunds. The only way you would get a refund would be if you paid for say 6 months, but moved out after 3. You will not be refunded the current month, but will be refunded any months after the current one. The only way to have a discount in the month that you vacate is to let us know when you make that month's payment the date you intend to leave.

Your rent is due on the first. It doesn't matter when you moved in. That's how you get the pro rate for the second month. I can't believe some of the garbage I've read in some of these reviews. Public storage is not out to screw anyone. All you have to do is pay attention when the agreement is explained, and ask questions if you have any.

Never Again!
By -

I recently moved out of my Public Storage unit after an awful experience with them. I rented the unit after moving to Houston from out of state to store some of my belongings that didn't fit in my new place. I planned to keep the unit for a few months until I moved into a larger place. The first month I was there was during daylight savings when clocks had to be set back. That came and went, the following Thursday I had to retrieve some sporting goods to play in a tournament that weekend. I arrived at the Public Storage at 8:15pm on the Thursday following daylights savings (almost a week earlier). I couldn't get past the gate and noticed the time was incorrect at the gate display.

Since I was leaving that night, I had to purchase brand new equipment to play in the tournament that was out of town. I called early the next morning to complain and my complaint was met by sarcasm and "I can't help you here attitude". She sarcastically stated that the problem was corrected and that was all she had to do. It was clear that they had breached the contract by not allowing me to gain access during hours of operation, but when told that, she became very defensive and referred me to management (whom never returned my call). Meanwhile, I had to purchase $450 of new equipment that I already own!!!

After this event, I decided I would move my possessions out immediately after moving into my larger place. So a few months later, I had moved to a larger house and before I could unpack, I had to leave town for work for two weeks. When I left town, my bank (without my knowledge) had canceled my bank card and reissued me a new one due to "suspicious transactions". Therefore, my payment to Public Storage was not processed. Upon returning home, I found my late fees was almost that of my rental fee for the month. So, I paid the ridiculous late fees and on the last day of the month I retrieved all of my possessions.

A couple of weeks later I received a bill for $1.92 for rent and insurance for one day. I called the clarify at the 1-800 number to find out that if I check out after 2pm, I have to pay for the following day! Today I am on my way to Public Storage to pay those vultures in pennies. I will NEVER rent a storage unit from these clowns again. And from the stories I have read, I got off lucky. Beware of high late fees and terrible customer service, even if they are at fault, they will treat you like garbage.

Don't Rent From Public Storage In Longmont Colorado
By -

LONGMONT, COLORADO -- I rented from public storage in Longmont co. I am very disappointed in there service and attitude that I dealt with at this location. I found them online and thought "€œhey what a deal $1 for the first months rent that'™s great."€ So I made the call to hold a unit for me. They called back that day to conform my arrangement to hold the unit for me. What great customer service they have I thought to myself. They called to set up a time for me to look at the unit before I signed for it, and to make sure I knew that I will need to have one lock for the unit. Duh. So we set up the time for 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon.

On that Friday I got another call from a different person from the same store to make sure that I was going to be able to make it to the appointment. When I got to Public Storage the informed me that I have to pay a one time administration fee of $22. What? I asked. It said nothing of that online. We'€™re not required to tell you about that online. That'€™s B.S. I didn't care that much about that $22 I knew that the one month for $1 was to good to be true in the first place. But then they told me that I have to have insurance on the unit to rent it. And it'€™s only $8 dollars a month and only covers up to $1000. That'€™s a scam.

I have insurance and I don'€™t need yours at all. I told the lady that was there. Well you have to have our insurance to rent here and if indeed you have insurance than you can have your insurance fax us proof and then we will return your eight dollar plus tax. The lady told me. I told her that I know for a fact that my insurance covers my stuff no matter where it is all I have to do is tell them where it is and they will cover it. Your $1000 dollars doesn'™t even cover my CDs in storage. I don'™t need your insurance nor will I sign it just to appease you.

She told me that she will get written up if she doesn'€™t get both signature on the sheet. I told her to have a nice day and that I will be rent somewhere else then. She didn'€™t like that so she than told me that I don'™t have to sign for the insurance. Just initial it stating that you are declining the insurance. So I did. I also wrote on the line that I am declining insurance though public storage.

I had my insurance fax them proof that my stuff in there storage unit was covered. When I went in the next day to pull some stuff out and put other stuff in the storage unit I was asked by a different older lady if I had two locks on my unit. I told her no there is only one on the unit that is all that I was told to have. She asked if the other lady had told me that I had to have two locks on the unit. I again told her no I was only told to have one. The lady replied that you must have two on the unit at all times and we have the best locks you can buy for $15.99.

I told her that I will put another lock on the unit but I'€™ll run out to Wal-Mart to get it. She than told me that Wal-Mart's locks aren't as good as our locks. Ours have seven pins and Wal-Mart has only four or five pins. Ours can't be picked and if there drilled it takes five minutes to drill through the lock and with Wal-Mart'€™s locks it only takes three minutes.

Wow a whole two minutes quicker. I'€™m not buying Wal-Mart brand its "Brinks" not a crappy Wally-world brand lock. I told her She replied with. Well Wal-Mart didn't give you a storage unit for $1 for the first month like we did. That may be true but Wal-Mart did have a hidden administration fee of $22 either or even try to scam me with some insurance plan. By the way did you get the fax from my insurance company stating that my unit is covered?

Oh you'€™re that Guy she replied. WTF is that supposed to mean. Because I read contracts before I sign them that I a P.O.S. I thought to myself. So after she was finish with her pushy car salesmen act I finished with my storage unit ran to Wally-World bought another lock and put it on the unit. Not three days later one of the ladies called me saying that the is an $8.20 fee for holding the unit that I failed to pay when I was there the first day to start renting the unit.

Another hidden fee. I'm not going to pay this because I know its from the insurance that I didn'€™t take because I have insurance. it hasn'€™t even been two weeks yet and I'€™m pulling everything out of the unit in just three more days. I'™m sure there going to love me after that. DON'€™T RENT A STORAGE UNIT FROM PUBLIC STORAGE IN LONGMONT CO.

A Good Experience
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Rating: 5/51

MINNETONKA MN -- The manager Suzanne was more than helpful. She picked out a unit that exactly fit my needs. She showed me the unit and how to operate the lock. She went over the paperwork with me. She answered my questions appeared to enjoy her work. She was well spoken, intelligent, and solution oriented. She made me feel very welcome. My only problem with public storage is that they sent out a bill for a second month when I was only renting for one month. I suspect that second month invoice will be retracted since I have now vacated.

Illegally Put A Lien On My Unit
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Rating: 1/51

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Received notice that my storage rent was due "BEFORE NOV 2ND 2013". If not paid a lien would be placed and my lock cut and unit to be scheduled for auction. That in itself is acceptable terms as I was running a month behind on paying my rent for the last 2 previous months but I was always able to get my payment in just under the lien date deadline. When I received the preliminary Lien Notice I was okay with its terms because I receive my temporary disability (emergency surgery) payment on November 1st. 2013. So I proceeded to go into the facility cash in hand to pay my bill on Nov 1st at 9 AM which is before Nov 2nd it is right or is there another calendar I'm unaware of.

LOCK IS CUT, LIEN PLACED, UNIT SCHEDULED FOR AUCTION and when did this occur I asked and the very rude representative said it occurred at the stroke of midnight Oct 31st/Nov 1st I showed him the notice where it stated payment due before Nov 2nd he stated that they could take possession of the unit any time they wanted.

I completed the "DECLARATION IN OPPOSITION TO LIEN SALE" Public storage filed in small claims court we go to court Jan 14th at 8:30 AM Dept N10. Any direction of regulations or codes that anyone believes would be relevant would be great. Oh and they were also charging me a $30.00 late fee but legally at most they can only charge $15.00 civil code 21713.5

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