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Not Taking Responsibility
Posted on
Rating: 2/51
WARREN, MICHIGAN -- I am a STRONG believer in paying your bills. No free ride. I have an issue with trying to do this and still getting screwed. First month ...gave my credit card information to set up auto pay at the local office. Credit card was breached. Had to cancel card. Next couple of months, took check to the office myself.

This is Michigan and we had a horrible winter this year so I didn't go there every month to put things in my still half empty unit (half empty because after we shoveled our way to the unit and the door was frozen shut) so I needed to set up auto pay because no one ever answers the phone in the office. When I do try to go to the office, they are often not in the office to accept my check. I followed the directions of an unfriendly associate who answered the phone when I called the 800 number and thought great....I'm set. I get a call today (5/7/14) stating that something went wrong with the auto payment. Not my card... sounds like a system problem since I was then able to go online and make my payment with that same card. They couldn't call me yesterday?, the day before? or even last week?

I get the call on the 7th of the month with a big GOTCHA late fee. Of course I had to pay it because they "can't do anything for me" and I need to keep my property there .... for now. It is for this reason that this company counts on you taking it in the rear but I will NEVER, 100% EVER, use this company again. When I am out, I'm done. I'm just blathering here online because I am pissed and this is all I can do right now but I know a lot of people who I will gladly give my opinion to as well.
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Totally Inflexible - Pray You Never Have Money Problems
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BURKE, VIRGINIA -- I've been dealing with a severe illness and frequent unemployment for several years. When I lost my apartment about 5 years ago, I put all my belongings in storage.

During that time, Public Storage has repeatedly raised my rates (to amounts far above what they advertise), but with the help of family and friends, I have been able to keep my things until recently.

In the past couple of months, I began to try to sell off all but the most important items. Unfortunately, the effort didn't go as well as I'd hoped, and I found myself behind in my payments with some things still in storage and no way to pay.

At this point, about 35 days overdue, I got a relative to agree to help me out with about $450 and take my stuff out of the unit on about the 10th of the month. My rent was $220/mo, and of course I expected a couple of late fees. So, I expected about $220 + $70 for rent and probably $80 in late fees. Less than $400.

They demanded $600 to release my stuff. There would be absolutely no negotiation. I explained to several levels of managers and customer service people that there was almost nothing of monetary value, but only personal stuff, and offered to show them. They refused.

I pointed out that they could have the unit right now, in the middle of their so-called busy season, rather than letting it sit not collecting any rent until the auction date. They refused.

I asked about going to the auction to try to buy it back, since no one in their right mind would have offered more than $100 for it. They told me I wouldn't be allowed to bid.

After calling the attorney general's office about this - they changed their story to there being a minimum bid of the amount owed. They told me a couple of other things about the auction process that will have me talking to the AG again, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag here.

Well, that's my story. Maybe I'm being whiny, and for the most part they have the legal right to do so. But they seem to be willing to completely screw me at a more human level, even if it means costing them hundreds of dollars in lost rent, auction costs, and finally disposing of the crap that no one is going to buy.

Do you want to do business with a company with that attitude?

PS - (After a week of unbelievable stress and anguish, I found someone willing to help me with the money. Now I have all the photo albums and other stuff with personal meaning - but they still have a unit full of crap to sit unrented until it goes to auction. I'm damn sure not just giving them the keys back after this.)
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User Replies:
John Nicholson on 07/18/2013:
The storage place is a business in the business of providing a service while making a profit in order to continue to provide a service. You admit you were late with the rent. Take the responsibility and own up to the fact that you are in the wrong here.
peb31415 on 07/19/2013:
I take offense at you telling me to "take responsibility" and that I'm "in the wrong". Walk a mile in my shoes first. Frankly, I went in begging for mercy, and got none.

Yes, they are a business providing a service to make money - but for whatever reason, they seem to be willing to throw away hundreds of dollars in lost rent and expenses simply to spite their customers.

I was able to pay for a month and a half of rent and two months late fees and vacate immediately. (Note that I was less than a month and a half late.) Any sane person would have agreed that it was reasonable and accepted it, and we would have all gone away happy.

You might argue they did get their extra $150 dollars by taking the hard line, but for what? They won't be able to rent the unit out for two more months. They'll have to go through all the motions of an auction, and probably pay to dispose of what I left behind. Plus whatever lost business they have from one more in a series of bad reviews. Plus, there's a certain risk that the untold part of my story will catch the attention of a lawyer. It's pretty unlikely, but the Cook family got $100,000 in punitive damages because Public Storage didn't want to play nice and inadvertently missed some minor legal details.
Weedwhacked on 07/19/2013:
OP, Your reason of them not being to rent out the unit (and losing hundreds of dollars) as you claim is not relevant. You owe them an amount of money and you need to pay it in full.

I can just imagine what a creditor would say if I told them to accept less money than what we agreed on because "its better than nothing."
Soaring Consumer on 07/20/2013:
Do you have a written contract and/or copies of the advertisement guaranteeing or promising a rate for an infinite amount of time?
peb on 07/23/2013:
Creditors accept partial payment routinely when it's a potential bad debt. It *is* better to get something than nothing.

They did get their full amount, but I didn't think that was going to be possible when I was trying to negotiate with them.

No, I don't, and I expect over time the rent will go up. My main objection is charging me *today* more than what they advertise *today*. The randomness of the rate increases is just a minor annoyance.
Wayne on 07/30/2013:
I think the point is that they will loose money, because I was considering renting from them, and I have been reading the bad reviews, and it's not the bad reviews Per Se, it's their response to those complaints that led the bad reviews. No Thank You, I will be going elsewhere!!!! I hope that your situation gets better, and that everything works out for you.
micky d on 08/14/2013:
Storage facilities are in the business to make money. They are not shelters for your belongings. Tell your mortgage company, car dealership etc to take What you want to Pay and see where that gets you.
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Not Secure, Not Safe, Totally No Responsible
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Have been renting a storage unit from them for 2.5 years. Rent has increased by 25% during that time. Also purchased insurance through Willis, the company they promote when you sign up with them.

It had been four months since visited the unit and as soon as we walked in we noticed boxes ripped open and clothes missing. We immediately reported it to the front desk and called the Miami PD. While the officer was filling out the report she pointed out a gap in the wall between our unit and the one next door where you could force your arm through!. All the stolen items were within and arms length of that opening and it was clear that this was how the items were removed?. When we brought this up with management we were told that 1. All the units are built this way, 2. That the units are exactly as they were when Public Storage bought the building 8 years ago. 3. We are (of course) the first ones to have ever had this problem!

Willis, the insurance company, immediately denied any claim as "the lock is intact and there is no visible evidence of forcible entry". Of course neither Public Storage or Willis wants to answer as to how the property was ever certified and accepted for insurance when, according to Public Storage "every unit is like this and they have been like this since we bought the property 8 years ago".

Bottom line is that all Public Storage will offer is a canned "we are terribly sorry for your loss, if in fact there was one, but we bear no responsibility!. Maybe we can cut a little off your rent going forward."

Public Storage policy is clearly that your neighbors can steal from you and Public Storage, and their insurance company, bear no responsibility. There are far better, far more professional companies out there! Find one before you make the same mistake we did. We had over $3000 of clothing stolen and Public Storage has absolutely no interest, I would not be surprised if it was an inside job as surely the employees knew about the gap and from the number of similar theft complaints that I have read it seems to be quite a racket that they have going.
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leet60 on 03/16/2013:
I would file a small claims action against the storage company. You might garner partial satisfaction if you can convince the court they were negligent in not providing you with a secure space.
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Rip off and rat infested
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The prices are too high and at the time of moving in my things they informed me that I should move out before the 6th of the month or I will be charge, which sounds great at the time, now it was time for me to move out my things in which I did on the 5th of the month. I went to the clerk to let her know that everything was out of the unit, she told me that I have to pay a fee for the 5 days that I use the unit. I took out all my things and there were so many rat poop I was sick to my stomach. I had the worst experience with Public Storage.
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micky d on 08/14/2013:
You are allowed to prorate up to and including the 6 th of the month. If not then full mths rent was due on 1st. If not pd in full by 6th and not vacating by 6th, then rent, late fee are due. And locked out of gate. Simple
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Rip Off and Not Professional
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JAMAICA, NEW YORK -- Never again will I ever use Public Storage or tell anyone to use Public Storage. They are a rip off and the property managers are oblivious and have no respect. They speak to you as if you are stupid and have no common sense.

I've beenn a customer of Public Storage since April 2 2012 and every month I have a problem with them. If you don't pay your bill on the first of the month, after the 6th they lock you out of your unit and they tell you that you have to make the payment before you can go in your unit. It clearly states that your unit is month to month and after the 6th is considered late and you will be charged a late fee, not that you won't be able to use your unit.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, I lost my car and have been without lights for 2 weeks and no heat, so I was late with my payment. I called Public Storage to ask them if I can make the payment for October because that's what I can afford at the moment. They told me no, I had to make the full payment for October and November because it's the 1st of the month. I explained my situation to the manager and he told me he just works there and is only doing his job.

I called customer service and the lady whom I spoke with was even more belligerent than the property manager. I finally got the district manager number and called him. He showed some compassion and I was only able to pay for October. Now, I called to pay my November bill it's the same problem all over I called the property manager he said if I can't make my payments on the first I should just move out, if I don't like what he's saying.

Very disrespectful and unprofessional.
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DebtorBasher on 12/01/2012:
It sounds like the property manager was giving you a break for your situation on the October payment. But, it sounds like he expected you to be able to catch up on the payments for the next month...otherwise you will always be one month behind and he can't make those exceptions for everyone. I understand your situation, but I also understand the manager's as well.
Natashapierre30 on 12/02/2012:
Thank you for your respond but the prperty manager was not willing to help me at all the district manager was the one that said it was OK for me to pay October bill and a letter was later followed from the district manager stating that due to hurricane sandy all late fees and any customer that went over into a lien will not be charge and November fees will be remove the property manager was not trying to let me make that payment
At Your Service on 12/04/2012:
I agree with DebtorBasher. It's wonderful that people will help, ultimately though, I can see them still holder the renters to the agreement.

Hopefully everything is working out with you now that you've got their D.M. waiving a month of rent. I would think this would be much better as a 'compliment' to them rather than a complaint.
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Impressive Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Today while waiting to purchase boxes at the public storage on Village Drive in Virginia Beach, I witnessed a woman being down right rude, crude and utterly despicable. I have never seen an adult act this way. I have to tip my hat off to the manager on duty because she tried her best to help this woman. The manager tried to break down her account and explain to her why she owed what she owed and the woman LOST IT.

The manager even tried to go over her lease with the woman but she just wasn't listening and kept being crude. It got to the point that I had to step in and tell the woman that the person you are yelling at doesn't make the rules. The woman was so angry she stormed out and left. What was so crazy when leaving the parking lot she hit the key pad on her way out and smashed her car. I have never seen anything like that before IN MY LIFE. I know have a new found respect for individuals in customer service because some people are unbelievable. In my opinion you should treat people how you want to be treated. That saying that the customer is always right is so WRONG!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 10/21/2012:
thank you for posting this example of a superb manager handling a rude customer. many times the customers are the one who are the worst.

very helpful review, and voted as such!
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Are these practices legal????
Posted by on
WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT -- If they verbally agree to something...can they renig??

This is long, so please pardon me. Thanks!!!

I was searching for complaints on Public Storage and ran across

I'm in a dilemma with Public Storage in West Haven, CT. In March, 2006, I became homeless after my landlord did not pay her mortgage and the bank foreclosed. The bank wanted the house empty and, I was forced to place my belongings in storage. I chose public storage because of a $1.00 special they had.

When I obtained my unit, I also applied for the 3 month stay special. I was forced to stay in a hotel, that literally took all my savings. A friend found out and told me I could stay with him. But by this time, I was all out of money and had to start over trying to save, knowing I had a storage bill.

My first month prorated bill in April was $147. I paid that, but then in May, it jumped up to $211, the 2nd month. I paid it. I paid June, July and August bills of $211, sometimes $235 (late fees after the 8th).

Recently I fell behind on the payments.
I was late for my September payment. After the 8th day, they attached a late fee that made it $235. After the 15th day, they attached another $75. I called and told them I didn't have the money. That took me into October.
Late September, my part time job folded, and I had no income.

So now, I couldn't pay October bill. But I had asked the manager to bear with me. By the 3rd week of October, I found a job. But I had to wait to get paid. The storage manager agreed verbally, that I can make payments little by little until I bring the bill down. By my figurations, I thought that by the time I get paid, I would owe, about $700.

I get direct deposit, and my funds are placed every 16 and 5th of the month.
My first paycheck was in the bank on the November 5th. On the 5th, I immediately submitted $500 to Public Storage, online payment. My bill showed that I owed $741. That would bring me late, but current with November.
On November 10th I received a letter stating that they were going to auction my unit on November 14th. I called and told them I made their payment and it went through online, it was not declined.

They stated that my bank informed them that they could not release the $500, and because they did not get the check, they were going to auction the unit.

I called my bank, and they told me that because it was a new account, certain restrictions were place on ATM and online debits for my protection. I explained to public storage the restrictions and told them that I can give them money everyday until the bill was paid. They agreed that I make weekly arrangements to pay a certain amount each week.

I kept those arrangements, took funds out of my bank everyday, and paid them the money on the day it was due. I had to make 3 payments in two weeks. The last week, Thanksgiving week, my final payment was $210. I was short $6.00. On November 28th, the day before my final payment, I informed them, and they told me that I will be charged an additional $75 if I didn't pay the $6.
By this time, I was literally crying, but arguing the reasoning behind that.... for only $6.00.

The clerk offered to put in the $6.00 if I promised to pay her back.
On November 29th, I submitted my final payment of $204 ($6.00 was put in by the clerk), to a clerk, whom I did not know of. He stamped my bill as "Paid in full".

I requested to vacate. They told me that in order to not owe another bill, I would have to vacate by November 30th, the following day. I told them, impossible, I would not have any funds until December 5th. I gave them all I had.
On the same night I paid the bill in full, I borrowed the money to get a big truck from Uhaul, paid a driver and another guy to help me move. We went to Public Storage.

I keyed in my access code, and it stated, "access denied".
But I didn't give up. The gate was open, and the guys had the idea to get my things and bring them to the gate to load the truck.
I went to my storage unit, and it had a lock on it.
Now I had no way to get my things, before the deadline, and I paid money for a truck and help. $150.
The following day, I went to Public Storage, paid the clerk her $6 and explained that I had come there the night before with a truck to get my things, but, there was a lock and I could not get them. She explained that she would have felt uncomfortable if she left my unit opened. I told her that I spent a lot of money on a truck I could not even use, and now I had no money for another truck or help.

I told her that now, the only way for me to get my things out is to use my Blazer. But that would take a while. I have 6 rooms of furniture!!
She told me that under the circumstances, she would work with me. I promised her that I will move my things out day by day, after work.

From December 1st through December 9th, I have been moving my things day by day with my Blazer. When I got paid on the 5th, I had to pay back, the person I borrowed the money to get the truck, and that left me with only $64. So, I still don't have the money for a truck.

Today, December 10th, @6AM, I went to Public Storage and took another load.
Seems like it will take only about 4 more loads before I'm all moved out.

At 2PM, I went back to Public Storage to get another load, and my access was refused.
Now they are telling me that it's past the 8th, and before I can get anything else, I have to pay them $86.

Is there anything I can do? I won't have any more money until the 16th, and it seems that they are putting me deeper and deeper in the hole.

I can't wait to stop dealing with Public Storage. I just want them out of my life!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/10/2006:
pgir, I cannot really tell you if 'these' practices are legal or not. But, a verbal agreement WILL not hold up in court. I respectfully suggest, in your current situation, that you choose and pick the items most valuable to you, and move those only, give up on the rest. It seems to me that's an awful lot of furniture (for one person) to put in storage, and, it can't ALL be that meaningful to you.

Until you can really get back on your feet, (oh, it's really unfortunate what happened to you was caused by your landlord, too), get yourself settled again, realize that all these rooms of furniture mean nothing, if you have no place to put them.

I have a different situation going on (considering furniture & storage), and, if you are interested in hearing it, click on my name and email me.
pgir on 12/11/2006:
Hi, emt_c.
They won't even let me in until I pay the amount they want me to pay.
At the time I put my things in storage, I had the funds for 100 ft truck and 3 men to help.
The most valuable itema are stored in the back of the storage unit. ie: a $3000 Nuemann mic, $15,000 worth of studio equipment, including my sound board, all my Studio equipment, 2 organs, a Triton and a Fantom S88, condensor mics. Not counting all my kid's video games, classic Nentendo, Playstations, and the old Atari. Then there's my antiques, I have Ming China from my Mom, and valuables that were left to me by my Dad. I have 3 brand new couches, my kids' clothes, washer and dryer, 2 computers and monitors, and ALL MY CHRISTMAS ITEMS, PLUS AN 8 FT TREE. While getting my things, day by day, I finally worked my way to the back to get the forementioned items. Everything up front was things like my boxes of dishes, my kid's beds, heavy tools, patio furniture, cabinets, smaller dressers, 3 desks, kitchen tables and chairs, dinig room hutch. I moved 4 beds, all the kids' tvs, some of the kids' furniture, some of their toys. It took me 7 days to move all that stuff, packing the SUV. With the items left, I just need about 4 more trips and I'm out.

All the valuable items were placed in the back for protection. It's a 10 X 15 unit. I'm going to call the corporate office in the morning to see if I can get 2 more days to finish getting my things out. Please wish me luck!!!
*Brenda* on 12/11/2006:
Just pay your bills on time and you won't have problems. You (or your landlord really) dug yourself into the hole. Since you have so many valuable items you should have sold one or two of them when you realized you were running out of money. You have a $3000.00 microphone but can't pay a $86.00 bill? Something doesn't sound right here.
pgir on 12/11/2006:
Brenda, I explained that they won't let me in the storage unit at all now. Even if I did want to sell something, they won't let me in.

And Brenda, sometimes there are circumstances that prevent people from paying their bills "ontime" If you read my situation, you would have seen that my job folded, but I found another one, but, I had to wait for my pay day to get current. I get paid every two weeks and had to wait for my pay days to initiate.

It's not that I didn't pay the bill, the bill is paid in full. They are the ones that messed up when I came to get my things by not activating my access code, and kept me locked out. Therefore I paid $150 for a truck that I never got to use. Remember? My bill was paid in full when I got the truck??
And no. I'm not going to sell my studio equipment! I worked too hard to get it.
pgir on 12/11/2006:
pgir on 12/11/2006:
Brenda, sometimes, situation prevent people from being ontime with payments. job folded? But I got another one, but I get paid every two weeks. I paid the bill in full.
On November 30th I paid for a truck to get my things. I was locked out and couldn't get them..AFTER MY BILL WAS PAID IN FULL!!!" It's their fault my access code was not activated,'s their fault they did not remove their lock. THEY PREVENTED ME FROM GETTING MY ITEMS AFTER THE BILL WAS PAID IN FULL!!! They made a verbal agreement that I can take the time to get my belongings with my SUV, after they acknowledged that my access code was not activated. I have been moving things out, day by day, and they know this. Everyone that comes though the gate is recorded.

Now they want me to pay $86, from Decemnber first till now, on a vacate agreement, before I move anything else out, and they locked me out again...after they agreed that it was an error that I got locked out on the day I came with the truck. They never told me that I had to pay day by day, or any fees. this came up, all of a sudden.
One clerk stated that if she don't collect money, she don't get her Xmas bonus.
*Brenda* on 12/11/2006:
You said your code didn't work but the gate was open. You got in fine. You also said that you told the clerk that you wouldn't be able to come back until the 5th. Did you want them to leave your unit open with no lock on it? Did you TELL them you were going to borrow money later and come back with a truck? Since you claim to have thousands and thousands of dollars of items in there, I would assume you would want it locked. Especially in Waste Haven.

Furthermore, I don't care about *now*, you should have sold something when you KNEW you weren't going to have enough money to pay bills. Yeah, stuff happens, I get that. I just can't feel any sympathy for someone who has this sob story of getting kicked out and spending all of their funds living in a hotel and then says that they have items worth tens of thousands of dollars which they could have sold to get some cash.
Skye on 12/11/2006:
I think it's shame this happened to you, and they are pretty strict with the rules. Even though you had paid if off, and still needed time to get the rest out, they are charging you rent still for that unit. For every day you are there, they not getting paid for the unit, so they are making you pay, because you still have stuff there. It sounds like if you rent an apartment and then give notice, but don't move out by the 1st of the month. You end up having to pay because you are still there. I don't mean to sound confusing, but I think at this point, maybe you could sell some stuff to finish this last payment, before the bills gets too high again. I know it is suckful, but it's a business, out to make money. It's nothing personal against you.

pgir on 12/11/2006:
My dear Brenda. I think you may be mis-understanding a few things.
On the day I paid the bill of $741 in full, Public Storage's responsibility was to re-activate my access code. I asked about vacating. That was on Nov 29th.
I was told I would have to vacate by Nov 30th in order not to pay for another month. Yes I told him that would be impossible, but I was able to borrow the money to get a truck to get my things out, but my access was code was not activated, as it should have been, due to their error. And I was illegally locked out via my access code. Let's forget about the lock!!! The access code was denied me, AFTER THE BILL WAS PAID IN FULL, so I was ILLEGALLY LOCKED OUT.
When they realized their error, the next day, they verbally agreed to let me get my things out, day by day with my SUV, until I was moved out.

They never, ever informed me that I would have to pay another month. They said they would let me get my things, and verbally said they would work with me, since I was denied access the night before. $86 was never mentioned until yesterday.

During the 7 days they saw me going back and forth, we had conversations about my new apartment, kids, my car even got stuck at one time, and she let me use the phone to call AAA, she never told me about any payments due. She even gave me a handtruck to use for something that was a little too heavy for me to move manually.

Now mind you...when I did get paid, I had to pay back the person that loaned me the money, and had to pay my first months rent on my new apartment.

And I can understand your logic for me selling a few items when I was finally granted access, but they never informed me that I would have to pay ANYTHING, so why would I consider selling anything.

Now, even if I WANTED to sell something, I can't get anything because they locked me out.

I'm in touch with an attorney now, and faxed him everything.
Seems that they it is not legal for them to lock me out without written notice or written warning.
No correspondence or warning was made, not even in person when they saw me coming and going.

Nothing was signed stating the timeframe I had to move everything out. She verbally agreed to let me get my things out day by day and agreed to "work with me" since they errored locking me out after full payment was made.

pgir on 12/11/2006:
Hi Skye.
I can't sell anything, because they won't let me in!!!!
My argument is this. If they had informed me that I had to pay day by day, I would have been aware. They told me nothing. They have my new home number, but never called me on this issue, they saw me coming and going, but never informed me of anything.

Why tell me this yesterday, when they saw me the day before. My code was unit was accessible to me on Saturday and early Sunday morning. Why lock me out at the last minute without warning??
pgir on 12/11/2006:
To everyone. I thank the ones who are understanding my dilemma.
I'm going to let my attorney handle this one.
He has everything he needs. I'll let you all know the outcome.
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/11/2006:
Thank goodness you have the money for an attorney. They should be able to work everything out for you.
pgir on 12/11/2006:
I don't have money for an attorney. There's one available at my kid's school that helps families in distress. Since my son is a student there, I'm eligible for assistance. I called his principle last night, and she connected me.
*Brenda* on 12/11/2006:
You, yourself, said that they told you that you had to be out by the the 30th or whatever to avoid being charged another month.
pgir on 12/11/2006:
Brenda...please read all the above with understanding.
Anyway, my son's school attorney called Public Storage and gave them the argument that because one of their employees/clerk, gave me no access,the night full payment was made, no explanation as to when I had to move out, no notice of lock-out, granted me 'legal access' to get my things, until now, and without written or verbal warning, of a lock-out they could be violating a CT statute of consumer law.

So, now I can get my things. I have until the 17th to get everything. I'll be out by tomorrow!

Thank you all for your concerns.
And Brenda...that goes for you too girlfriend!!!!
rhondam718732 on 12/12/2006:
I am glad you're getting yur stuff. I have to say this... I have NEVER read in a post so many ways that a woman was dependent on someonme else in so many ways. What if the storage place didn't let you make pymts? What if they just followed normal rules like I think they would for most people? What if the clerk didn't loan you $6 seems like you skim by and that's no way to do it. Get a full time job and get independent for your sake.
pgir on 12/13/2006:
To rhondam.
First of all, I'm not dependent on anyone! I'm almost 60 years old, and raising 2 minor sons. I paid my rent to my former landlord religiously every month. It was the landlord that didn't pay the mortgage.
I paid $420 for a hotel every week, by myself!!

Although how I make my income is none of anyone's business, I will say that I "did" have money, but due to the forementioned circumstances, my finances became limited. After the foreclosure, I paid $420 a week for a motel, and kept my storage payments up for 5 months, $235....and when my friend took me in, (And I didn't ask him to do that) I found and paid for my myself, in installments, $3800. I fell behind because of the high hotel expenses. And...I had to get an apartment. Remember, I paid the full back storage bill. No-one helped me with any finances. So if you're argument is about the $6.00 that the clerk put in for me, maybe it was a divine blessing, because God knew I worked hard to gain my home-life security back. Maybe God also helped with this situation by having my son tell me that there was an attorney at his school that may be able to help me. ANd it did help, because they were against consumer compliances with the way they handled their business, with no notices and lock-outs before 15 or 30 days.
Public Storage knew I wanted to get my things out, and...due to their error..they locked me out from getting my things when I had a truck to vacate, when the bill was paid in full.
Don't comment and down someone if you don't know them. And please...don't tell me to get a full time job if you don't know if I have one or not.
Sometimes people are put in situations due to no fault of their own. Everything good that's come out of this, I owe to God. All that "WHAT IFS" is irrelevant. What if you had a situation that put you in hardship, and even with a full time job, it was still a hard struggle. You would probably ask your friends for a loan to help you through, I didn't. I did it all myself.
I posted my situation to this board for one reason, that was to find out if a verbal agreement can be renigged legally. Not to exploit all my business. But I knew I needed to explain some issues concerning the problem.
Posting my personal business was not the issue.
So, don't down, try to humiliate, or accuse someone of doing or not doing something if you don't know the issue 100%. Don't assume things, because most times, it's not the case.
NO SIR...I DIDN'T "SKIM BY" on anything!!!
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Info from a Public Storage property manager
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I've read some of these reviews, and all I can say is that these people should have paid attention when the agreement was explained to them.

Here are some facts:

-If your things were auctioned, its because no payment was made in 60, 90, 45, etc days depending on your states laws. I make calls just about EVERY DAY to try to get people in to pay their bill to keep them from getting a late fee. It is not my fault if these people don't answer the phone or return my calls.

-If you put a check in the night drop on the last day of the month, and we don't get it until the next morning, you're still going to be charged a 30 day fee.

-They do raise rates every year by a dollar or two. A letter is sent 30 days or more to the address that we have on file. Did you move? Well, its in the agreement that we need to know if you change your address.

-Our locks are NOT overpriced. Where else can you get a disk lock for $11.99? Ace Hardware, $16.99. Home Depot, $15.99. Walmart, $13.99. Yes, I've looked.

-Insurance is required. People get mad at us if something were to happen, and blame us if their insurance is canceled. If you go 45 days late, your insurance cancels. You will have to reinstate it, on top of everything else. We can't force you to get it, but if you decline it, its totally on you if there is a fire or break in.

-It's also in the agreement that we can ask for a key if there is maintenance that needs to be done on a unit. It is not personal, and no one wants to go through your stuff. Are you going to scream and holler and threaten to call the media if your apartment complex needs to get into your place to do some work?

-You were told how much the rent is after your pro rate. Just because you were charged something cheap for your second month doesn't mean that is the rate. It was explained to you. Its the dollar/admin fee/ lock and insurance for the first month, and a pro rated amount for the second, with a full payment due your third month.

-It is also explained that we do not give refunds. The only way you would get a refund would be if you paid for say 6 months, but moved out after 3. You will not be refunded the current month, but will be refunded any months after the current one. The only way to have a discount in the month that you vacate is to let us know when you make that month's payment the date you intend to leave.

-Your rent is due on the first. It doesn't matter when you moved in. That's how you get the pro rate for the second month.

I can't believe some of the garbage I've read in some of these reviews. Public storage is not out to screw anyone. All you have to do is pay attention when the agreement is explained, and ask questions if you have any.
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User Replies:
CaliStorageGrl on 01/21/2012:
Not to get anyone's panties in a bunch, but this person speaks the truth. I work in the storage industry and you just can't believe how many people really do not pay attention...they just want to get in and get out...thing is we try to explain the agreement to you but half the time it's just sign sign sign can I leave now I don't have time for this....

BTW...The storage industry is not out to get anybody, but you have to understand it's just like any other business....
goldie on 06/03/2013:
That is fine or whatever. However I think it is crap. I reserved a unit and was told over the phone it would be $21. When I got there you guys got to talking about insurance and before I knew it it was $52.50. When I asked why it was so much I was told you all are not allowed to tell because of legal reasons. I think this a shady way to do business and I will never use Public Storage again. Thank God I had a friend that let me store my things til I moved in a few days.
peb31415 on 07/18/2013:
Well, it's all fine and good that the contract says whatever - but clearly large numbers of people are getting very angry over and over again for the same things.

You (Public Storage management) would do well to notice what they are.
#1. The idiotic prorate policy.
#2. The frequent rate hikes, and charging existing customers much more than advertised rates.
#3. The unwillingness or inability to ever make adjustments for a customer who feels wronged.
#4. Insurance - High cost, no option, bad coverage, etc. You've already been sued for this.

I've been frustrated by a lot of my customers over the years, but there is a reason for the saying "the customer is always right."

There are a few people here with compliments - but they are all about friendly staff when everything went right. It don't think there's a single instance when somebody says "These guys are great, they took care of my problem."
micky d on 08/14/2013:
Since some of the customers like to complain about purchasing storage insurance and a maximum security lock at rental I say do away w the $1 spec. Let them bring own crappy lock and no insurance. Just charge full unit price. How much money you saving now... You Got your $ Store lock on unit and if a thief Hits it w a hammer it pops open. Plus cuts like butter. Never mind mother nature...A tornado, hurricane, storm, flood. Save that 9$ for Lunch at Wendys. For one meal. Where are your priorities. Don't be a cheapskate and them cry if unit Is broken into Or belongings Damaged by inclement weather.
Kevin on 10/31/2014:
Yes, Public Storage is out to get people! They sold our unit and the only money owed was for the lien and late fees that we were NOT aware of because when we made payment via the internet, it never provided that information OR that a lien was placed on the account. Instead Public Storage places a lien on our unit on 8/26 and continued to accept payments even the week BEFORE the auction, again with NO notification. The customer service rep on Sept 2nd, NEVER told us that there was a lien. We asked what do we owe to get us up to date, we paid that amount, ONLY to find out that that wasn't the correct amount! Of course we asked for the "recorded" call to be pulled and we are still awaiting a response from PS corporate office. Only $150 was owed (that we were again not aware of) and PS sold it for $1,600 making a nice profit!
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Public Storage
Posted on
I got a postcard in the mail about my storage rate increase 6-5-10.
Called 6-7 got the run around about rate increase = they will not give me corporate phone number or address.

Tells me going rate for 10x30 is 215.00
Told her I signed a contract supposed to get 5% discount for a year and thought locked in for a year.

I called corporate office by looking on
Public Storage
701 Western Ave Ste 200
Glendale, CA 91201-2349
Public, NYSE: PSA
Phone: (818) 244-8080
Website: Activate Links
Corporate office told me to talk to customer service - told her I already did.

Talking to customer service again.

OK same run around.
Told them to put down customer is not happy
But I have local District Managers name and number - 713-621-9466 Alan Lussier
So anyone else not happy about rate increase, lack of notice and them not honoring 5% discount for 1 year and any other reasons.
Please contact them.

Read contract:
It says continue monthly rental I can receive 5% discount up to 12 months.
Not getting it with this rate change.
Rate change says 30 days notice.
Was not given 30 days notice - aka notice - postcard I received 6-5-10.
This is not legally binding since it was not 30 days notice and should not effect a rate change until August. Not as they say July 1st.

Calling local district manager - Alan Lussier extension 12 - using cell phone does not input 12 only 2.
Transferring call if wait through extensions rings and gives and invalid extension and return to main menu for valid extension.

Divisonal office 972-591-2676 Connie - nice lady - took my information will have Lussier call me.

So waiting again.

6-8-10 Got a prompt call back from Alan Lassier nice guy, told him everything, he will hold my same rate until July - since I only received the postcard on the 5th of this month and he is checking into my 5% discount and needs the paperwork.

It's just kind of stupid raise rates then people move out and then too many open spaces unoccupied so you give discounts again.
Why not keep the same customers who pay on time at the same rate?
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Skye on 06/07/2010:
Does your contract say you are locked into that 5% discount rate for 1 year? If it does, they should explain why that are not excluding this. You signed an agreement both parties agreed to.
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Don't Rent From Public Storage In Longmont Colorado
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LONGMONT, COLORADO -- I rented from public storage in Longmont co. I am very disappointed in there service and attitude that I dealt with at this location.

I found them online and thought “hey what a deal $1 for the first months rent that’s great.” So I made the call to hold a unit for me. They called back that day to conform my arrangement to hold the unit for me. What great customer service they have I thought to myself. They called to set up a time for me to look at the unit before I signed for it, and to make sure I knew that I will need to have one lock for the unit. Duh. So we set up the time for 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon. On that Friday I got another call from a different person from the same store to make sure that I was going to be able to make it to the appointment. When I got to Public Storage the informed me that I have to pay a one time administration fee of $22. what? I asked. It said nothing of that online.

We’re not required to tell you about that online. That’s B.S. I didn’t care that much about that $22 I knew that the one month for $1 was to good to be true in the first place. But then they told me that I have to have insurance on the unit to rent it. And it’s only $8 dollars a month and only covers up to $1000. That’s a scam.

I have insurance and I don’t need yours at all. I told the lady that was there.
Well you have to have our insurance to rent here and if indeed you have insurance than you can have your insurance fax us proof and then we will return your eight dollar plus tax. The lady told me.

I told her that I know for a fact that my insurance covers my stuff no matter where it is all I have to do is tell them where it is and they will cover it. Your $1000 dollars doesn’t even cover my CDs in storage. I don’t need your insurance nor will I sign it just to appease you.

She told me that she will get written up if she doesn’t get both signature on the sheet. I told her to have a nice day and that I will be rent somewhere else then. She didn’t like that so she than told me that I don’t have to sign for the insurance. Just initial it stating that you are declining the insurance.
So I did. I also wrote on the line that I am declining insurance though public storage.

I had my insurance fax them proof that my stuff in there storage unit was covered. When I went in the next day to pull some stuff out and put other stuff in the storage unit I was asked by a different older lady if I had two locks on my unit. I told her no there is only one on the unit that is all that I was told to have.

She asked if the other lady had told me that I had to have two locks on the unit. I again told her no I was only told to have one. The lady replied that you must have two on the unit at all times and we have the best locks you can buy for $15.99.

I told her that I will put another lock on the unit but I’ll run out to Wal-Mart to get it. She than told me that Wal-Mart’s locks aren’t as good as our locks. Ours have seven pins and Wal-Mart has only four or five pins. Ours can't be picked and if there drilled it takes five minutes to drill through the lock and with Wal-Mart’s locks it only takes three minutes.

Wow a whole two minutes quicker. I’m not buying Wal-Mart brand its “Brinks” not a crappy Wally-world brand lock. I told her She replied with. Well Wal-Mart didn’t give you a storage unit for $1 for the first month like we did.

That may be true but Wal-Mart did have a hidden administration fee of $22 either or even try to scam me with some insurance plan. By the way did you get the fax from my insurance company stating that my unit is covered?

Oh you’re that Guy she replied. WTF is that supposed to mean. Because I read contracts before I sign them that I a P.O.S. I thought to myself. So after she was finish with her pushy car salesmen act I finished with my storage unit ran to Wally-World bought another lock and put it on the unit.

Not three days later one of the ladies called me saying that the is an $8.20 fee for holding the unit that I failed to pay when I was there the first day to start renting the unit.

Another hidden fee. I’m not going to pay this because I know its from the insurance that I didn’t take because I have insurance. it hasn’t even been two weeks yet and I’m pulling everything out of the unit in just three more days. I’m sure there going to love me after that.

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saj80 on 05/06/2009:
You may want to check with your agent, but I'm not certain contents in a public storage unit are covered without some type of rider, although I may be wrong. Nevertheless, it would be worth a call to verify coverage.
x2SliT2x on 05/06/2009:
well thanks for that.
however I have already contacted my insurance agent and storage units are covered by my insurance. also my insurance company already fax proof that the storage unit that I'm renting from Publlic Storage is covered with my renters insurance.
Soaring Consumer on 05/06/2009:
Voted helpful. It seems like they are definitely trying to rip you off in any way possible.
x2SliT2x on 05/07/2009:
that is exactly how I feel.
hilarleo on 08/18/2009:
I would go above this group of manipulators and complain, if at all possible. Except it may not be possible- Public Storage seems to avoid accepting any complaints.
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