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Public Storage - Bait 'N Switch
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Rating: 2/51

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- 1st month FREE.. then, after 5 months, Public Storage increased their rates from $44 to $51 for my 8 x 10. Really??? I realize companies need to raise rates, but that's $84/year from ONE person. I moved my stuff out my house to keep people from stealing things while I'm away, and I still get RIPPED off by the trusting name of "Public Storage." I want a breakdown of WHY so much?

Public Storage

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- OK. I got a postcard in the mail about my storage rate increase 6-5-10. Called 6-7 got the run around about rate increase = they will not give me corporate phone number or address. Tells me going rate for 10x30 is 215.00. Told her I signed a contract supposed to get 5% discount for a year and thought locked in for a year.

I called corporate office by looking on Public Storage 701 Western Ave Ste 200. Glendale, CA 91201-2349. Public, NYSE: PSA. Phone: (818) 244-8080. Website: Activate Links. Corporate office told me to talk to customer service - told her I already did. Talking to customer service again. Waiting... OK same run around. Told them to put down customer is not happy. But I have local District Managers name and number - 713-621-9466 **. So anyone else not happy about rate increase, lack of notice and them not honoring. 5% discount for 1 year and any other reasons. Please contact them. Thanks. **.

6-8-10. Read contract: It says continue monthly rental I can receive 5% discount up to 12 months. Not getting it with this rate change. Rate change says 30 days notice. Was not given 30 days notice - aka notice - postcard I received 6-5-10. This is not legally binding since it was not 30 days notice and should not effect a rate change until August. Not as they say July 1st.

6-8-10. Calling local district manager - ** extension 12 - using cell phone does not input 12 only 2. Transferring call if wait through extensions rings and gives and invalid extension and return to main menu for valid extension. Divisional office 972-591-2676 ** - nice lady - took my information will have ** call me. So waiting again.

6-8-10 Got a prompt call back from ** nice guy, told him everything, he will hold my same rate until July - since I only received the postcard on the 5th of this month and he is checking into my 5% discount and needs the paperwork. 6-9-10. NOTE TO PUBLIC STORAGE. It's just kind of stupid raise rates then people move out and then too many open spaces unoccupied so you give discounts again. Why not keep the same customers who pay on time at the same rate?

Totally Inflexible - Pray You Never Have Money Problems
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Rating: 1/51

BURKE, VIRGINIA -- I've been dealing with a severe illness and frequent unemployment for several years. When I lost my apartment about 5 years ago, I put all my belongings in storage. During that time, Public Storage has repeatedly raised my rates (to amounts far above what they advertise), but with the help of family and friends, I have been able to keep my things until recently. In the past couple of months, I began to try to sell off all but the most important items. Unfortunately, the effort didn't go as well as I'd hoped, and I found myself behind in my payments with some things still in storage and no way to pay.

At this point, about 35 days overdue, I got a relative to agree to help me out with about $450 and take my stuff out of the unit on about the 10th of the month. My rent was $220/mo, and of course I expected a couple of late fees. So, I expected about $220 + $70 for rent and probably $80 in late fees. Less than $400. They demanded $600 to release my stuff. There would be absolutely no negotiation. I explained to several levels of managers and customer service people that there was almost nothing of monetary value, but only personal stuff, and offered to show them. They refused.

I pointed out that they could have the unit right now, in the middle of their so-called busy season, rather than letting it sit not collecting any rent until the auction date. They refused. I asked about going to the auction to try to buy it back, since no one in their right mind would have offered more than $100 for it. They told me I wouldn't be allowed to bid.

After calling the attorney general's office about this - they changed their story to there being a minimum bid of the amount owed. They told me a couple of other things about the auction process that will have me talking to the AG again, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag here. Well, that's my story. Maybe I'm being whiny, and for the most part they have the legal right to do so. But they seem to be willing to completely screw me at a more human level, even if it means costing them hundreds of dollars in lost rent, auction costs, and finally disposing of the crap that no one is going to buy. Do you want to do business with a company with that attitude?

PS - (After a week of unbelievable stress and anguish, I found someone willing to help me with the money. Now I have all the photo albums and other stuff with personal meaning - but they still have a unit full of crap to sit unrented until it goes to auction. I'm damn sure not just giving them the keys back after this.)

Not Secure, Not Safe, Totally No Responsible
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Have been renting a storage unit from them for 2.5 years. Rent has increased by 25% during that time. Also purchased insurance through Willis, the company they promote when you sign up with them. It had been four months since visited the unit and as soon as we walked in we noticed boxes ripped open and clothes missing. We immediately reported it to the front desk and called the Miami PD. While the officer was filling out the report she pointed out a gap in the wall between our unit and the one next door where you could force your arm through!

All the stolen items were within an arm's length of that opening and it was clear that this was how the items were removed? When we brought this up with management we were told that 1) All the units are built this way, 2) That the units are exactly as they were when Public Storage bought the building 8 years ago, 3) We are (of course) the first ones to have ever had this problem!

Willis, the insurance company, immediately denied any claim as "the lock is intact and there is no visible evidence of forcible entry". Of course neither Public Storage or Willis wants to answer as to how the property was ever certified and accepted for insurance when, according to Public Storage "every unit is like this and they have been like this since we bought the property 8 years ago." Bottom line is that all Public Storage will offer is a canned "we are terribly sorry for your loss, if in fact there was one, but we bear no responsibility! Maybe we can cut a little off your rent going forward."

Public Storage policy is clearly that your neighbors can steal from you and Public Storage, and their insurance company, bear no responsibility. There are far better, far more professional companies out there! Find one before you make the same mistake we did. We had over $3000 of clothing stolen and Public Storage has absolutely no interest. I would not be surprised if it was an inside job as surely the employees knew about the gap and from the number of similar theft complaints that I have read it seems to be quite a racket that they have going.

Rip Off and Not Professional
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Rating: 1/51

JAMAICA, NEW YORK -- Never again will I ever use Public Storage or tell anyone to use Public Storage. They are a rip off and the property managers are oblivious and have no respect. They speak to you as if you are stupid and have no common sense. I've been a customer of Public Storage since April 2 2012 and every month I have a problem with them. If you don't pay your bill on the first of the month, after the 6th they lock you out of your unit and they tell you that you have to make the payment before you can go in your unit. It clearly states that your unit is month to month and after the 6th is considered late and you will be charged a late fee, not that you won't be able to use your unit.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, I lost my car and have been without lights for 2 weeks and no heat, so I was late with my payment. I called Public Storage to ask them if I can make the payment for October because that's what I can afford at the moment. They told me "no". I had to make the full payment for October and November because it's the 1st of the month. I explained my situation to the manager and he told me he just works there and is only doing his job.

I called customer service and the lady whom I spoke with was even more belligerent than the property manager. I finally got the district manager number and called him. He showed some compassion and I was only able to pay for October. Now, I called to pay my November bill it's the same problem all over. I called the property manager, he said if I can't make my payments on the first I should just move out if I don't like what he's saying. Very disrespectful and unprofessional.

Lack of Customer Service at Lynnwood Public Storage
By -

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I am not usually one to post a complaint about a place but I had to in this case. We stored our items at this facility for many years. Things seemed to be fine. We took the yearly monthly increases in our fee with no complaint as well as the "mandatory" insurance policy payments. However the day we moved the items out of storage, we found that it housed rats. They had created quite a mess. They had also peed and pooped everywhere. We were confused because there was nothing edible within our unit. We also did not know how they got into the space.

We told the employee on-site at the time, but it was shrugged off. I was told that maybe one of the storage units near us could have had food. She stayed in the office and did not come down once to see inside the unit and express any concern for the rats being there or about the other storage units. Oh, yes, she did tell me that I had to file a claim with the insurance company (still waiting for that to go through -it's been a few months). We had movers with us at the time, and they had to leave the space several times to take a breath. It was that bad.

I mean rats are a serious issue and it should have been taken seriously. I mean you can get an illness from breathing in dust that is contaminated with urine or droppings. One can only hope that they totally fumigated the unit and surrounding areas after we left and made every effort to get rid of EVERY rat at their facilities. I do not know.

We chose this particular unit because it seemed like it was pretty protected from the outside. It did no good. The other things was that the light in our space was out for several months. When I asked the employee on duty to change it at the time, she stated that she would have to have the manager call me back. When I got the call, I was told that this space had a "special" bulb with a sensor and that she could not change it-only their handyman could.

Their handyman could not come out to their facility for just one thing; he only came out when there were several things to do. So pretty much, this went nowhere, and the bulb was never changed. The light had gone out of the unit before -when it used to be Shurgard Storage. The employee had grabbed a ladder and changed it for us. Don't know why the Public Storage employees can't get the basic training to change those type of light bulbs. That's my "3 cents".

Public Storage Preys on Its Customers
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am even now, as I'm writing this, being harassed by Public Storage for money. Lucky for me they cannot get my property; I took it out just in time. I began suspecting that Public Storage operates a racket this past year by their very hardball and arbitrary business practices.

What could be their motive? Well, they hit you for extravagant fines if you are even one day late in paying. Then the sum starts to increase exponentially, every couple of weeks after that. Secondly, they increase your rent frequently. Thirdly, they can confiscate your stored goods.

As for my complaint, apparently I was being set up. It was over a sum of money they say I owed them. Can you believe it: $2.00? What happened was that they increased my rent (which occurs all too frequently). I paid the increase, already determined to look for another storage facility. But they wrote that the sum I owed them was $2.00 over what the notice stated. They locked me out of their facility, and actually sent me an extraordinary letter threatening auction of my goods if I did not pay, even though I was only a few days late on their deadline.

So I paid it, at the office, with protest. I asked them how could they treat their good customers with such a mean spirit? They tell you that computers send the letters, and they have no control. I told them that computers are programmed for company policy. And, besides, it is not true they have no control. I found out the office manager does have certain discretion over late fees. And that evening, after their office hours, I took all my goods out of their storage, so that they could not interfere.

The next day I reported to the office for termination of my rental with them. They weren't too happy that I did this, even though there is no rental lease. It is simply month to month. Now, even though I have the final payment papers, they have begun sending me bills. First a bill for the $2.00 I already paid. A week later a bill for the entire month of June, even though I took my goods out the end of May. I know where this is going. They will bill me, I won't pay; they will give it to a collection agency, and my credit rating will be harmed. This is their revenge.

Anyone who has had any such experiences with this company please make complaints. Let it be known publicly. And perhaps a class action suit can be filed. Even now I'm talking to a lawyer about action against them. And do not rent from Public Storage under any circumstance. It is clear from these complaints that the company has got a racket going on, and makes a lot of money from both the rental and the auction of your goods.

Worst Experience : Public Storage @ Fair Oaks Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA
By -

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to tell you about a worst customer experience I had at the Public Storage on Fair Oaks Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA. I rented a unit in the Public Storage at 1096 N Fair Oaks Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, from 11/19/2008 to 12/17/2008.

When I took out my stuff on 12/17, I talked with **, the property manager, to make sure all the payments are done and there is no amount due. I called him again on 12/18 and 12/19 to make sure the same thing. And he said everything is fine and I am good to go.

Yesterday on 02/09/2008, I received a letter (dated 01/27/2009.!!) from Allied Interstate (Collecting Agency) that $25 is due on my account. I went to the same Public Storage and talked with **. (**was on leave, so she was acting property manager.) She said that I have been charged for dumpster usage. I explained her that "I haven't left a single paper on your premises or put empty boxes in your dumpster, then why am I being charged."

Her response:- "There were some boxes left on premises that day. We don't know who did it, but since you ** were the only one to move out that day, we charged you." What the ** is this. So tomorrow, if I go to that Public Storage, throw a box at night, would they charge the guy who left that day. This is total BS.

I asked her to give the Field/Regional Manager email id or phone number. But she won't give one right away. Finally after lot of discussion she gave me ** phone number. I called that number and no one answered, left a voicemail, no one called back!!!

Firstly those guys put a false charge on my account. Then without notifying me (either through phone call or letter) they forwarded it to collecting agency. The collecting agency reported this to credit bureau and my credit history got screwed. My two active credit cards got deactivated because of collection agency on my credit report. What the ** is this. I am really hurt with this incident. It was embarrassing to see those credit cards getting declined every time when I tried using them before knowing they have been deactivated.

When I asked everything is clear, ** replies "Yes everything is fine" and I am good to go. After that they put wrong charges. Don't inform me via phone or letter, directly give it to collecting agency and then screw my history. And all these for no fault of mine.

I would like to know if there are any laws to protect consumers like me for the false charges, not notifying me, credit history getting screwed and emotional distress I am going through. I am not a rich person, so I can't afford to pay for lawyers' fees. Just want to know if some non-profit organization can fight for me.

Public Storage Bills After Move OUT.
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Public Storage has many ways of making money depending upon your situation. In my case since I was out of state, they chose to keep on billing me for a non-existent account. I had a storage locker for 10 years. I contacted PS about moving out and local organizations who would pick up donations. Donna was very helpful. I was able to contribute thousands of dollars of clothes, furniture, and other household goods to the Vietnam Veteran for their use or resale.

After I moved out the new clerk went on a rampage billing me for an account that I no longer had. I called Donna and she seemed very scared of this new clerk and his system of billing. The other clerks had even nicknamed him a very derogatory name. She wanted nothing more to do with the situation.

Needless to say, I received a bill for over $500 but it did not include disposal charges for the items that were supposedly there. As I would not pay for this modern day extortion, PS referred the charges to a collection agency. I gave them my information and supporting data but of course they do not get paid if I do not pay. The account has ended up on my credit report as a dispute. Be very careful with Public Storage company. I have had 4 other rental situations with other storage companies during and after the time that I had the account with Public Storage, and there were never any problems. Perhaps that they were small private companies was beneficial.

I contacted the Public Storage home office but they couldn't care less. After all their clerks have found ways to make money in creative ways. Love to know if there are any lawyers who specialize in going after a company like Public Storage that can invoice you without a valid contract and for not providing any services.

Rip off and rat infested
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The prices are too high and at the time of moving in my things they informed me that I should move out before the 6th of the month or I will be charge, which sounds great at the time, now it was time for me to move out my things in which I did on the 5th of the month. I went to the clerk to let her know that everything was out of the unit, she told me that I have to pay a fee for the 5 days that I use the unit. I took out all my things and there were so many rat poop I was sick to my stomach. I had the worst experience with Public Storage.

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