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Leaky Roofs Unresponsive Rude Managers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Opened up the unit to find about an inch of water on the floor and mildew growing on a majority of our possessions. Called the district manager that just kept repeating :read your lease" and then went on to tell me they knew the roof was leaking because they had other complaints but we were not contacted. Why? because the district manager Tyndall [snip] is lazy and ignorant and obviously doesn't know how to use email, telephones or a database. Home office told us we should have been notified of issues on this property

Thank God we have private insurance. We were told by an employee that Public Storage won't cover flooding through their insurance.

Stay away from this place. Pay a little more and get a decent unit where the company actually doesn't neglect their property. These people are the slum lords of storage.
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Avaricious Thieves!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I needed to move residence quickly but could not get a moving truck prior to the 7th of the month. Therefore, PS charged me the ENTIRE month anyway. I will NEVER EVER use this company again - they were not even amenable to working with me to negotiate a fair prorate amount. So much for customer service/retention! Never store your stuff here - not unless you are sure to move before the 7th of the month.
Additionally, the lock and key system seemed user unfriendly - it was overly complicated and confusing.

Customer service number is a circular maze of a menu and difficult to get through. They also apparently have many technical difficulties with their online payment system but happily will charge you a $20 convenience fee if you pay by phone. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!
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User Replies:
RKL on 06/06/2013:
They do not prorate after a certain date
Susan on 06/06/2013:
What did the contract you sign say about terminating?
BC on 06/07/2013:
When you sign a contract, do you read it first? The Public Storage contract is no different than an apartment lease or home mortgage. There are no "special circumstances". You have signed a binding legal document and the document holder is going to hold you to the agreement. If it was your business and you gave everybody who had "special circumstances" a break, you wouldn't be in business very long.
Dave on 07/26/2013:
To extend what BC says, the reason the contract is written because of the business reliance on the income for the particular space. I'm not sure of Public Storage's actual policies but my guess is that the unit is more likely to go empty the whole month if you are not out by the 6th whereas if you are out before the 6th, demand for units is higher and the facility is more likely to still collect rent if not from you, from someone else for that month. If they prorated at this point you have cost them the rest of the month of rent on that space. Multiply this by thousands (because PS has lots of facilities) and this adds up to a lot of money lost by making exceptions.
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Unhappy Customer
Posted by on
CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- I was late paying my rent only by two weeks, due to my being out of town for my job as a long distance trucker. I kept in contact with them informing when I would be in to pay. When I went to there office, they had already cut my lock off and started the lean process. They wouldn't reimburse me for my $20 lock, they made me pay two months rent and a $25 lean fee in order to release my families belongings back to me. I have five children, all we owned was in there.

They are crooks, CAUTION THEY WILL TAKE EVERYTHING you own, AUCTION it off and leave your family with nothing, they are banking on it.
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User Replies:
Skye on 12/03/2011:
What does your contract say about late payments? I know you said you were in touch with them the entire time about being late, but it's what's in your contract that matters.

We used Public Storage and had paid 6 months in advance, to avoid any problems down the road. Sorry this happened to you.
Anonymous on 12/03/2011:
Skye offers excellent advice in paying your fees in advance, especially if you know you'll be out-of-town.
Starlord on 12/05/2011:
I'm sorry, but I don't understand your beef. Storageplaces are in business to rent storage space, and just like any other rent, it needs to be paid. What kept you from sending the payment? As pointred out, the contract is what counts. It is called the 'Four Corners' principle. If it isn't contained within the Four Corners of the written contract, it doesn't exist. A contract cannot be altered by anything someone says. Ever watch Storage Wars?
Ramon on 06/10/2012:
Also on another note, at least with Public Storage, they don't really make money off of auctions. And when they do they just take what's owed and send a check for the remaining to the tenant. People don't understand that auctions usually have the stuff selling for pennies on the dollar of what its worth.
storagealert on 08/09/2012:
In California, they must follow procedure prior to denying access and cutting the lock. There also is a statutory limit to a single late fee. So - late or not he was entitled to the protection of the Self Storage Act and is right to warn the next person.
Anoni on 08/27/2012:
Sounds like you were more than 2 weeks late, plus property manager will always let you know what about to happened if you do stay in contact. If they called you and you didn't answer and they had to leave a message every time it does not count as "being in contact"
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Public Storage Assumes no Liability Whatsoever
Posted by on
Public Storage says expressly in their agreement they DO NOT guarantee safety or security of their premises or any personal property they store. So, they assume no liability or responsibility whatsoever. They force you to buy insurance at their location from a provider that has a bad reputation, without even asking if you already have insurance that can cover this storage (which many people have - e. g. homeowner's or renter's insurance). Also, they force you to buy a lock at their location. The employee that I dealt with would answer only certain questions and would ignore others; and she tried hard to make me rent a bigger storage box than I needed. Bottom line: this is a company that waives its liability and pushes high-pressure sales.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 08/07/2011:
I don't know how they could "force" you to do anything. If they want too much for their space, including a bigger area than what you need, you can politely decline renting from them.
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This place should be shut down
Posted by on
PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON -- I have never experienced anything like this! I had a unit here for 3 years (paid over 5k in rent) only to find my stuff ruined. I am sick to my stomach that antiques with sentimental value have been chewed up, peed and crapped on by rats!! These things have been handed down 2-5 generations and are priceless to me. Oh let's not forget that we found 2 dead rats one wrapped up in the moving blanket around my head board and one dead inside one of the posts for my bed where it appeared they had made a nest.

After spending 2 days breathing in dead rats and their dropping the office offers me a mask saying,"that's really bad to breathe, you could get sick"

I am then told that all of the staff (even the new girl who has been working there for 2 months) are aware of this rat problem. NO ONE EVER BOTHERED TO CALL ME???? They told me that they spray in the empty units, but aren't allowed to spray in the occupied ones without permission. I WOULD HAVE GLADLY GIVEN PERMISSION HAD I BEEN NOTIFIED OF THE PROBLEM!!! So when you guys spray all the rats are running to the occupied units (and some dying there). If you knew there was a problem WHY would you not notify me????

You describe your facility as "CLEAN AND TRUSTED" What a joke!!!

My boyfriend had to go to the emergency room less than a week after being exposed to this filth, the doctor confirmed that he likely had a virus from either the dead rat or rat droppings.
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 07/06/2011:
This is disgusting. Look at your contract. Maybe they are responsible.
MDSasquatch on 07/06/2011:
A lot of house or renter's insurance policies cover such losses, you should contact your agent as well.
trmn8r on 07/06/2011:
Great advice from both of the two replies above!Check your contract, and see if you have an insurance policy that may cover the loss.
Anonymous on 07/06/2011:
Sorry to hear your belongings were ruined, that stinks!
Did you check on your unit at any time in that 3 year period? Was this an indoor or outdoor unit? Was there a particular reason you did not purchase storage insurance, considering the value of the items? What does the contract you signed say about damage by rodents, if anything?

Skye on 07/06/2011:
Good advice from everyone!

That's pretty nasty, and a terrible loss. Sorry your items were damaged.
yoke on 07/06/2011:
We had the same type of issue with a Planet Storage. Our stuff was in storage only about a month and out stuff was infested with rats. We did not lose a lot, but it was the point we paid to store our stuff in a safe clean environment. When we talked to the staff their attitude was oh well it happens. They are not held responsible for the loss UNLESS you buy their insurance. We did not since we had homeowners, but that was not covered under our policy.
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Inching Costs
Posted by on
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- The facility is neat and clean. The staff is nice as well.

It's the increasing costs and service charges that annoy once you are there.

The flat monthly rental increases constantly. Nothing improves or gets better, only the rental changes. Be sure to try to get a commitment for a given term, because a month notice that increases your rate 5 to 7 1/2% with little notice is common.

Late fees are another thing. The number of days allowed continues to shrink. You are brought aboard at perhaps 10 days and before you know it the allowed time is 6 or 7.

Your options are to move or pay up.
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 06/09/2011:
I agree. They do keep inching up their prices and I really want to look for an alternative. The only thing really stopping me is; that's a lot of heave stuff to move out. I think that's why they can get away with it. Going to a competitor takes a lot of effort for the customer.
Skye on 06/09/2011:
We used Public Stores in between moves, and paid 6 months in advance, so no upping charges and fee's because we paid in advance.

It may be an option to consider. Or as you said, pay up or move out which is a hassale also.
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Public Storage Needs to Be investigated
Posted by on
FAIRFIELD, OHIO -- Public storage in Fairfield OH. committed a crime and auction my life without any notification except one phone call the day they had the auction. My invoice says we are paid until July 2011. We have called for the regional MGR phone number and they keep giving me a wrong number. Customer service (WHAT A JOKE) They never answer only music. I am OUTRAGED with such poor business manners and how many other people do they do this to. I am searching for an attorney to get this handled and will most likely set up a protest in front of their store.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/09/2011:
If this is indeed a wrongful sale you can expect to be justly compensated.

DO contact an attorney.

DON’T contact the storage company or have any dialogue with them at all.

DO delete this review and any other such public posting concerning this incident.

DON'T sweat it. The law is on your side.

DO have a good day.
jktshff1 on 05/09/2011:
Stuart is right on this.
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Extremely Offensive Practices / Procedures
Posted by on
SEATTLE -- I had a storage unit in the Capitol Hill, Seattle location on 13th Ave. On Jan 1st 2011 I moved out and closed my account. I specifically asked the local representative if there was anything else I needed to do when I moved out, he said "no". On the 7th, I received a postcard from the corporate offices in CA. I thought it was going to say something like "Thank you for your business, I hope you come back" (instead of going to the local competition which I WILL do next time, 4th & Madison storage seems nice and isn't too expensive). When I read the postcard, it was a VERY strongly worded collection letter for $4.07! If I owe somebody money, even if they forgot to ask me to pay it when I moved out, I am good for it and I will pay it. You don't need to threaten me with collection action if not paid within 10 days on the first notification. Of course I paid it immediately online even though according to my calculation, one day in January should have been $2.03 (not $4.07). I found this to be extremely offensive that they felt it was necessary to treat a former customer (and potential repeat customer) with such distain, lack of trust, giving no benefit of the doubt nor honor. I will NEVER do business with them again.
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From an Public Storage employee
Posted by on
IRVING, TEXAS -- I've read enough complaints about Public Storage. Now heres is some advice from me. Keep your contact information current-Address and phone number. Pay your bill on time. Set your bill up on auto pay if you can't remember to pay it ontime. Rent is due on the 1st. Not the 7th. If its paid on the 7th and you get a late charge, its 7 days late, not 1 day late. Put your account number on your check. Your name is more common than your realize. We close at 6. If you throw your check through the payment slot after we close, it will be posted the next day. We don't live in the office.
This is self storage, not Ft Knox. Lock it up.
Be considerate of the manager. If they live on site, that is their private residence. Don't beat on their door at 10 at night wanting them to open the gate for you.

The dollar for the first month is not a lie. You were charged 1 dollar for the rent and a 19 dollar one time administrative fee. This was explained to you.
If you think you have felt frustration, imagine calling 7 pages of deliquent customers to try to get them to pay their bill before late charges acrue or stepping in human waste because people do their business on the ground and leave bottles of urine all over the place for me to clean up.
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User Replies:
ncoclub on 01/27/2011:
From a ex-public storage employee. The post was correct BUT what is not mentioned is that PS DOES NOT SEND paper invoices or E-mail reminders to pay your bill. To my knowledge NO company does business in this way. It's totally up to you to remember to pay your bill.
Items Stolen on 02/29/2012:
You call people because you want that service in UNNECESSARY. The problem is the poor service and if you pay late and they go into your storage,cut your lock, things start to disappear. They are dishonest. I lost my entire DVD collection which included academic ones I use for teaching school...also expensive testing program info. The insurance company will NOT pay for burglary if the client can't proved forced entry, which is a disadvantage for the client and a benefit to dishonest storage employees.
Items Stole -Continued on 02/29/2012:
Has it ever occurred that sometimes people may not have the money to pay their bill. Who in their right mind would want to pay the late fee?
PS Employee on 04/03/2012:
I as an employee explain everything before the customer leaves the office. I can not vouche for other employees. We as the employees have a job to do and unfortunately sometimes it is not a very pleasant job. We do not WANT to make calls at all. It would be lovely if everyone paid before their late fee and we never had to make another call. We in fact HATE those calls. In your lease agreement it states when the lien process begins and the fees. This is not a one store policy, it is company policy and we must follow state law regarding a public auction in EVERY single state. We all sympathize with anyone having money problems and sometimes wish we could do something to help you. However we must follow a company policy. I very rarely have customer's who yell at me or are unaware of the rules. Please read your agreements and ask tons of questions. These are your personal possessions and I personally hate to do any auction. Oh and our insurance is NOT required, as part of your lease agreement it is required for you to have insurance. I would never force anyone to buy the insurance if they truly didn't want it. I would however remind them no matter what happens, insurance or not, we are NOT responsible for your items.
peb31415 on 07/19/2013:
It is not normal human behavior, even for teenagers who might think it's funny, to do their business on the pavement or leave jars of urine around.

This is the behavior of someone who is boiling angry and powerless to do anything about it. They get whatever revenge they can however they can.

If this is a frequent problem, I suggest that it would be wise to consider what might be motivating them. Their actions may be inappropriate, but perhaps their anger is justified.
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Lack of Customer Service at Lynnwood Public Storage
Posted by on
LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I am not usually one to post a complaint about a place but I had to in this case.

We stored our items at this facility for many years. Things seemed to be fine. We took the yearly monthly increases in our fee with no complaint as well as the "mandatory" insurance policy payments.

However the day we moved the items out of storage, we found that it housed rats. They had created quite a mess. They had also peed and pooped everywhere. We were confused because there was nothing edible within our unit. We also did not know how they got into the space.

We told the employee on-site at the time, but it was shrugged off. I was told that may be one of the storage units near us could have had food. She stayed in the office and did not come down once to see inside the unit and express any concern for the rats being there or about the other storage units. Oh, yes, she did tell me that I had to file a claim with the insurance company (still waiting for that to go through -it's been a few months). We had movers with us at the time, and they had to leave the space several times to take a breath. It was that bad.

I mean rats are a serious issue and it should have been taken seriously. I mean you can get an illness from breathing in dust that is contaminated with urine or droppings. One can only hope that they totally fumigated the unit and surrounding areas after we left and made every effort to get rid of EVERY rat at their facilities. I do not know.

We chose this particular unit because it seemed like it was pretty protected from the outside. It did no good. The other things was that the light in our space was out for several months.

When I asked the employee on duty to change it at the time, she stated that she would have to have the manager call me back. When I got the call, I was told that this space had a "special" bulb with a sensor and that she could not change it-only their handyman could.

Their handyman could not come out to their facility for just one thing; he only came out when there were several things to do. So pretty much, this went nowhere, and the bulb was never changed. The light had gone out of the unit before -when it used to be Shurgard Storage. The employee had grabbed a ladder and changed it for us. Don't know why the Public Storage employees can't get the basic training to change those type of light bulbs.

That's my "3 cents".
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
I am not sure a storage facility can be held responsible for rats and or any other rodents, bugs or reptiles that may enter the units. I bet there may be a clause in your rental agreement.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
The shrugging off of the complaint only makes this worse. They should have offered some money back, or something, to smooth the damage done. It's not that hard to be a good business. These people got nothing but excuses.
jktshff1 on 01/15/2010:
Great post well writter.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
You got to look though. Most storage units are metal buildings outside. Unless you opt for a climate controlled super duper unit, it stands to reason there are going to be critters getting in there. They are not completely sealed...not the ones I have seen.

kadlu on 01/15/2010:
In reply to LadyScot's post - we did get a climate controlled "super duper" unit. It was located within another building and had doors before you can get inside to the actual storage unit. I find that scary actually- if they got in our unit - what about those that are indeed outside exposed to the elements?

What bothered me was not whatever clause might be applicable or lack thereof but them not showing concern about having rats and responding to their renter's needs. It only takes a little to go a long way.

A tidbit- we were wondering how they could have got into our unit from another unit- and noticed that there was a small canal on the concrete floor that ran along the back wall. I am thinking this was a drain of some sort. That was how they traveled between the units.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Kad, thanks for the update. In a unit inside a building I would think that would be more kept up than the outside ones. Does your contract say anything about responsibility for that type of thing?

Some folks have bugs and if they bring em with them to the unit, then who is responsible...Your contract should have something about critters..
o2p on 01/16/2010:
Plan on moving to the North Seattle area and came across this review while shopping around for a storage unit.

To LadyScot:

No offense but I think that you are missing the point of the Kadlu's review. Looking over the review, it appears that Kadlu is not happy with the customer service provided in response to the rodent infestation.

Regardless if the storage company had clauses in the contract indicating that they are not directly responsible for the damage caused by rodents, I would be more upset at this response.

LadyScot, when I look at your comments, I could conclude that you somehow affiliated with Public Storage? No?

To kadlu, thanks.

Anonymous on 01/16/2010:
LMAO!!! o2p HAPPENS to come across this review MINUTES after it is posted? *hmmm, maybe an IP address check is in order??*

And nope, Lady isn't affiliated w/Public Storage. Just because someone disagrees with you or points out possible issues, does not mean they work for the company in question.

adjust your tin foil hat, yes? It appears to be a bit too tight. And remember, shiny side OUT.

o2p on 01/16/2010:
Sure, I check the IP address it that proves a point. I apologize with the accusation that lady is affliated with public storage. I will retract that portion (thanks for keeping me in check).

Just wanted to state that running a customer-oriented business is not just about regulations/clauses. There is a level of customer service that is involved.

Actually, the tin foil hat should be part shiny side out.

Anonymous on 01/16/2010:
Dang it. I was wondering why I didn't get paid this week!
Anonymous on 01/16/2010:
o2p on 01/16/2010:
Sorry for this post (not a review or anything)...

lol, lady on your previous comment. Just wanted to specifically apologize to you.

Anonymous on 01/17/2010:
o2p, no problem. :) If I worked at half the places people on here accused me of I would be so dang rich I could sleep on money sheets!
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