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Public Storage
P.O. Box 25050
Glendale, CA 91221-5050
1-800-567-0759 (ph)
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Ripoff Artists
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA -- These guys use bait and switch tactics. They advertise $1 rent for the first month with $190 per month after that. I called and reserved a unit. When I got there, I was advised that it was mandatory that I get renter's insurance for another $12 per month. I am sure they have a deal with the insurance company to split the fee (if not pocket the whole amount because it is their company). This is not to protect them. You sign an agreement that they cannot be held liable for anything. Nevertheless, you have to take the insurance even if you don't want it. (By the way, the insurance is worthless. It has limitations up the wazoo.)

After I moved in, they sent me a notice within the first six months that they were raising the rent 12.5%. I am sure that they will be doing the same thing within the next six months. In other words, a yearly rent increase of 25%. Nice! Finally, the units have no lights. The only light they provide is one in the hall. However, my light has been burnt out since the day I have moved it. I have begged for them to repair it. Their response was to pound sand. As soon as I can, I will be moving out. I recommend that you do not rent from these con artists.

Leaky Roofs Unresponsive Rude Managers
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Rating: 1/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Opened up the unit to find about an inch of water on the floor and mildew growing on a majority of our possessions. Called the district manager that just kept repeating "read your lease" and then went on to tell me they knew the roof was leaking because they had other complaints but we were not contacted. Why? Because the district manager Tyndall ** is lazy and ignorant and obviously doesn't know how to use email, telephones or a database. Home office told us we should have been notified of issues on this property.

Thank God we have private insurance. We were told by an employee that Public Storage won't cover flooding through their insurance. Stay away from this place. Pay a little more and get a decent unit where the company actually doesn't neglect their property. These people are the slum lords of storage.

Avaricious Thieves!
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Rating: 1/51

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I needed to move residence quickly but could not get a moving truck prior to the 7th of the month. Therefore, PS charged me the ENTIRE month anyway. I will NEVER EVER use this company again - they were not even amenable to working with me to negotiate a fair prorate amount. So much for customer service/retention! Never store your stuff here - not unless you are sure to move before the 7th of the month.

Additionally, the lock and key system seemed user unfriendly - it was overly complicated and confusing. Customer service number is a circular maze of a menu and difficult to get through. They also apparently have many technical difficulties with their online payment system but happily will charge you a $20 convenience fee if you pay by phone. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!

From an Public Storage employee
By -

IRVING, TEXAS -- I've read enough complaints about Public Storage. Now heres is some advice from me. Keep your contact information current-Address and phone number. Pay your bill on time. Set your bill up on auto pay if you can't remember to pay it ontime. Rent is due on the 1st. Not the 7th. If its paid on the 7th and you get a late charge, its 7 days late, not 1 day late. Put your account number on your check. Your name is more common than your realize. We close at 6. If you throw your check through the payment slot after we close, it will be posted the next day. We don't live in the office.
This is self storage, not Ft Knox. Lock it up.
Be considerate of the manager. If they live on site, that is their private residence. Don't beat on their door at 10 at night wanting them to open the gate for you.

The dollar for the first month is not a lie. You were charged 1 dollar for the rent and a 19 dollar one time administrative fee. This was explained to you.
If you think you have felt frustration, imagine calling 7 pages of deliquent customers to try to get them to pay their bill before late charges acrue or stepping in human waste because people do their business on the ground and leave bottles of urine all over the place for me to clean up.

Lack of Customer Service at Lynnwood Public Storage
By -

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I am not usually one to post a complaint about a place but I had to in this case.

We stored our items at this facility for many years. Things seemed to be fine. We took the yearly monthly increases in our fee with no complaint as well as the "mandatory" insurance policy payments.

However the day we moved the items out of storage, we found that it housed rats. They had created quite a mess. They had also peed and pooped everywhere. We were confused because there was nothing edible within our unit. We also did not know how they got into the space.

We told the employee on-site at the time, but it was shrugged off. I was told that may be one of the storage units near us could have had food. She stayed in the office and did not come down once to see inside the unit and express any concern for the rats being there or about the other storage units. Oh, yes, she did tell me that I had to file a claim with the insurance company (still waiting for that to go through -it's been a few months). We had movers with us at the time, and they had to leave the space several times to take a breath. It was that bad.

I mean rats are a serious issue and it should have been taken seriously. I mean you can get an illness from breathing in dust that is contaminated with urine or droppings. One can only hope that they totally fumigated the unit and surrounding areas after we left and made every effort to get rid of EVERY rat at their facilities. I do not know.

We chose this particular unit because it seemed like it was pretty protected from the outside. It did no good. The other things was that the light in our space was out for several months.

When I asked the employee on duty to change it at the time, she stated that she would have to have the manager call me back. When I got the call, I was told that this space had a "special" bulb with a sensor and that she could not change it-only their handyman could.

Their handyman could not come out to their facility for just one thing; he only came out when there were several things to do. So pretty much, this went nowhere, and the bulb was never changed. The light had gone out of the unit before -when it used to be Shurgard Storage. The employee had grabbed a ladder and changed it for us. Don't know why the Public Storage employees can't get the basic training to change those type of light bulbs.

That's my "3 cents".

Public Storage has numerous thefts w/ no reports to other tenants
By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I have had a storage facility with Public Storage since 10/10/2009, I paid my bill on 01/05/2010 and on 01/09/2010 I went to my unit to get a few things and it was completely cleared out. I contacted the police dept on that night, and went back to the facility the next day. Not only was I told by the property manager there it was none of my business who was smoking cigarettes with her on the property after hours, but she made no eye contact with me and she did not even seem a least bit concerned with my loss. This let me know that this was an inside job, per my investigation I have also learned that at least 5 other units besides mine was also robbed. If you have any questions or concerns or you are also a victim. Please respond to this correspondence. Thank you

Public Storage Sold My Collectibles & A Part Of My Life
By -

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- I know I was 2 months overdue. Dealing with my Mom's Cancer, my Brother's stroke, attending to their needs in a different state, my focus was just off course.

BY the time I made the call to them, they said I have 1hour to make payment, as it was schedule for auction.

The bottom line, the staff was not very helpful, as this unit was in my son's name, who was not around, and I had to get the correct phone #. It wasn't until after the auction, that I requested to speak with the DM, and he said he would give me 5mins to make the payment online. We tried, and by the time we did get through, it showed they had SOLD my storage unit.

Because of the way this was handled, I desire to bring a major Lawsuit against them.

The value of my items was way over a $1Million, but they sold it for $2250.00. They sent me a card, stating they will send me a check for the difference and that I must cash it, otherwise it will be cancelled and donated to some charity.

They are not going to get away with this. What they did was wrong. They even refuse to allow me to sign the "Opposition of Lien" to sell.

This is the location on Oxnard and Sepulveda. Their staff is HORRIBLE.

Now, I'm legally going after them. I do believe I have a case.

Beware of Existing MOLD in Compartments
By -

ST. LOUIS MO -- I have a couple of issues. One complaint regarding the procedures of this location in St. Louis County on Lindbergh Blvd., They advertise $1. or FREE first Months Rent, but then charge $20 to open the account- misleading advertising. Secondly, I would like to warn would be clients that use the 'climate controlled' rooms that they could end up with MOLD on every surface of their furnishings. Beware of any black areas on the floor before you move in. This could be mold just waiting to be circulated by the AC/Heat system and end up on your goods. Some of the smaller items had to be tossed. This was pretty wicked looking mold, appearing as blotches on furniture cloth and fibrous whitish blobs on other items. The temp is apparently the perfect incubator for this type of mold. My goods were stored for 8 months. Good luck.

Public Storage Preys on its Customers
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am even now, as I'm writing this, being harassed by Public Storage for money. Lucky for me they cannot get my property; I took it out just in time.

I began suspecting that Public Storage operates a racket this past year by their very hardball and arbitrary business practices. What could be their motive? Well, they hit you for extravagant fines if you are even one day late in paying. Then the sum starts to increase exponentially, every couple of weeks after that. Secondly, they increase your rent frequently. Thirdly, they can confiscate your stored goods.

As for my complaint, apparently I was being set up. It was over a sum of money they say I owed them. Can you believe it: $2.00? What happened was that they increased my rent (which occurs all too frequently). I paid the increase, already determined to look for another storage facility. But they wrote that the sum I owed them was $2.00 over what the notice stated. They locked me out of their facility, and actually sent me an extraordinary letter threatening auction of my goods if I did not pay, even though I was only a few days late on their deadline. So I paid it, at the office, with protest. I asked them how could they treat their good customers with such a mean spirit? They tell you that computers send the letters, and they have no control. I told them that computers are programmed for company policy. And, besides, it is not true they have no control. I found out the office manager does have certain discretion over late fees. And that evening, after their office hours, I took all my goods out of their storage, so that they could not interfere.

The next day I reported to the office for termination of my rental with them. They weren't too happy that I did this, even though there is no rental lease. It is simply month to month. Now, even though I have the final payment papers, they have begun sending me bills. First a bill for the $2.00 I already paid. A week later a bill for the entire month of June, even though I took my goods out the end of May.

I know where this is going. They will bill me, I won't pay; they will give it to a collection agency, and my credit rating will be harmed. This is their revenge.

Anyone who has had any such experiences with this company please make complaints. Let it be known publicly. And perhaps a class action suit can be filed. Even now I'm talking to a lawyer about action against them.

And do not rent from Public Storage under any circumstance. It is clear from these complaints that the company has got a racket going on, and makes a lot of money from both the rental and the auction of your goods.

Worst Experience : Public Storage @ Fair Oaks Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA
By -

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to tell you about a worst customer experience I had at the Public Storage on Fair Oaks Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA .

I rented a unit in the Public Storage at 1096 N Fair Oaks Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, from 11/19/2008 to 12/17/2008.

When I took out my stuff on 12/17, I talked with [snip], the property manager, to make sure all the payments are done and there is no amount due. I called him again on 12/18 and 12/19 to make sure the same thing. And he said everything is fine and I am good to go.

Yesterday on 02/09/2008, I received a letter (dated 01/27/2009..!!) from Allied Interstate (Collecting Agency) that $25 is due on my account. I went to the same Public Storage and talked with [snip]. ([snip] was on leave, so she was acting property manager) She said that I have been charged for dumpster usage. I explained her that I haven't left a single paper on your premises or put empty boxes in your dumpster, then why am I being charged.

Her response :- "There were some boxes left on premises that day, we don't know who did it, but since you ([snip]) were the only one to move out that day, we charged you." What the ***** is this. So tomorrow, if I go to that Public Storage, throw a box at night, would they charge the guy who left that day. This is total BS.

I asked her to give the Field/Regional Manager email id or phone number. But she won't give one right away. Finally after lot of discussion she gave me [snip] phone number. I called that number and no one answered, left a voicemail, no one called back...!!!

Firstly those guys put a false charge on my account. Then without notifying me (either through phone call or letter) they forwarded it to collecting agency. The collecting agency reported this to credit bureau and my credit history got screwed. My two active credit cards got deactivated because of collection agency on my credit report. What the **** is this.

I am really hurt with this incident. It was embarrassing to see those credit cards getting declined every time when I tried using them before knowing they have been deactivated.

When I asked everything is clear, [snip] replies yes everything is fine and I am good to go. After that they put wrong charges. Don't inform me via phone or letter, directly give it to collecting agency and then screw my history. And all these for no fault of mine.

I would like to know if there are any laws to protect consumers like me for the false charges, not notifying me, credit history getting screwed and emotional distress I am going through. I am not a rich person, so I can't afford to pay for lawyers fees, just want to know if some non-profit organization can fight for me.

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