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Public Storage sold my unit in Hazelcrest, IL 2 years ago
By -

HAZELCREST, ILLINOIS -- I just don't know what else to do in order to get closure. It seems I'll never get over losing EVERYTHING I WORKED FOR ALL MY LIFE. I fell on hard times, became homeless and was living in a shelter 200 miles away from my storage. I had managed to get enough money together (barely) each month for almost a year. When I was finally approved for SSDI, the very same day they sold my unit. I begged them to give my name to the buyer so that I could at least retrieve my important papers and my family pictures. I am having a very hard time dealing with this.

I cannot imagine doing this to anyone and I would have contacted someone if I had bought a unit to make sure the person could at least get personal pictures back. My pictures are gone forever. Lost and my life still is in shambles. Don't ever get sick - you loose your things and your life at the same time. If anyone happens to read this who may have purchased a storage with a LARGE doll collection, teal colored sofa/loveseat and tons of beautiful things, I will gladly buy the pictures - may help me heal because I have yet to recover.

Public Storage - Roach Facility
By -

I rented a space for just over a month and was forced to leave my stuff there for an extra month while bombing my unit (4503) to kill roaches that had taken over the entire storage facility. I complained to the manager who offered me an apology as if that was going to make the roaches disappear. I called 2 managers - Greg ** and Steve **. Greg ** returned the call 4 days later and Steve ** 3 1/2 weeks later. Greg assured me I would get a refund based on the fact that they were responsible for the infestation of roaches and the fact that I was prepared to vacate but couldn't do so based on the severity of the roaches.

It's been almost a month and still no check. I took matters into my own hand and called their home office in Glendale, California only to find out there is nothing in the system stating that I am receiving a check. I know I will get my check - I also know that I will never rent from Public Storage (Howell Mill, Atlanta, GA) or any other Public Storage for that matter!

No customer service
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL -- I was charged $50.00 for renting a storage facility for 4 days. They told me to vacate before 4/15/2010 which I did. They called me twice between then and the first of the month (4/1/2010) giving me a "courtesy call" telling me I need to vacate by 4/15/2010. I vacated on 4/12/2010 at 8:30 p.m. I am new to renting and didn't know that I had to take the cylinder lock, I only took the padlock. I told them that I would vacate and they never called me on 4/15/2010 and say anything. They call me on 4/19/2010 and tell me I owe them $50.00 for four days. Huh?

The consequence is that I am out of fifty dollars and they didn't extend a customer courtesy to me as a new client. I feel they were already trying to rip me off because they told me if I didn't vacate on 4/15/2010 and stayed until 5/1/2010 I would owe $90.00. Huh?? I think they are ripping people off. These prices are quick ridiculous.

Imprisoned by Public Storage (Mildred Street, Tacoma, WA)
By -

TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- On Oct. 30 I drove from Yakima (in my car) to Tacoma to get my things out of storage. I arrived at 5:30, paid my bill and was escorted by an employee so I could get into my unit. They had put the big lock on it. I knew the office closed at 6pm and the units at 9pm. After loading my stuff, I drove to the gate and punched in my code at about 9:10pm. It wouldn't open. I rang the mgr's button. Nothing. I tried every code imaginable.

I drove around to find another way out. I have rented from other companies and I never needed a code to get OUT! I spent the next 10 hrs in a raging storm, no manager, no food, no water, no BATHROOM, locked in their facility. There was no sign warning about the gate closure and the employee who escorted me to my unit never mentioned it. You would think that someone would check to make sure all customers were safely out of the area before deactivating the gate codes.

Public Storage Doesn't Care & Doesn't Want To Know
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- It's typical & simply stated: Public Storage has the worst Customer Service they could organize. Evidently Public Storage doesn't want to hear from you about your problems. I can't even find out my account number from them. Maybe when the account gets a late fine I'll hear from them. The location & contact info published in my area is consistently incorrect. But if the national telephone contact number is any indication, it's useless anyway.

The national telephone contact number is only intermittently answered and then all you get is a voice-mail menu - and a very limited one at that. There's no way to reach a person at Public so God help you if you get locked inside... Your phone won't save you.

Public Storage Self Storage Unit for Rent. 1st Month One Dollar
By -

VIRGINIA -- I had storage units there. At one point they were going to sell my stuff without even telling me. And I found out they made a mistake in their computer. Another time I found lizard and mice and other insects in their storage facilities. Another time I saw people's storage units were broken into and I doubt, maybe the manager was involved in it. Another time I saw a Public Storage manager was stealing some stuff. Another time I saw he was using people's private information for his own benefit of joy. It is a trashy place to store.

Their 1st month one dollar is nothing but a scam. They will charge you other fees. Their security is almost like a joke. People who work there are not educated. Not even high school diploma. I saw the manager drunk so many times. And maybe on drugs too. In fact the district manager was alcoholic. That I was really shocked. Most of employees are desperate for money, so they work there, just to get by.

There are so many break-ins. And I have been in several of their location. It does not get any better. All very much alike. Also they charge you extra after you leave the place. They always try to charge you a month extra. And harass you with their collection agency and ruin your credit.

The Worst Customer Service Ever!!!
By -

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Let this be your warning!!! Do not rent a storage unit at Public Storage in Greenville SC, Pine Knoll Road. The Property Manager is extremely rude and she does not like you asking questions. I was told in order to obtain a storage unit I had to purchase $8.00 insurance ($2,000 worth) even if the items to be stored was not worth that much money.

I was also informed that if my private insurance covered self storage I would have to provide them with a copy of it and then they would remove the charge for the following month's rent. I was given all of these forms to fill out including the insurance form which by the way was through a third-party. Public Storage makes you get this insurance which they bill you for however they are not responsible for anything but adding the charge to your account.

I started the rental process, my credit card was charged $45.52. But the person @ the desk was so rude and uneducated I ripped up the agreement, never moved in and told her that I decided in my best interest not to do business with the. She told me that I had to wait 6-8 weeks for a refund and I could deal with the property manager on Monday. Please let this be your WARNING, do not deal with them!

Are these practices legal????
By -

WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT -- If they verbally agree to something...can they renig??

This is long, so please pardon me. Thanks!!!

I was searching for complaints on Public Storage and ran across

I'm in a dilemma with Public Storage in West Haven, CT. In March, 2006, I became homeless after my landlord did not pay her mortgage and the bank foreclosed. The bank wanted the house empty and, I was forced to place my belongings in storage. I chose public storage because of a $1.00 special they had.

When I obtained my unit, I also applied for the 3 month stay special. I was forced to stay in a hotel, that literally took all my savings. A friend found out and told me I could stay with him. But by this time, I was all out of money and had to start over trying to save, knowing I had a storage bill. My first month prorated bill in April was $147. I paid that, but then in May, it jumped up to $211, the 2nd month. I paid it. I paid June, July and August bills of $211, sometimes $235 (late fees after the 8th).

Recently I fell behind on the payments. I was late for my September payment. After the 8th day, they attached a late fee that made it $235. After the 15th day, they attached another $75. I called and told them I didn't have the money. That took me into October. Late September, my part time job folded, and I had no income.

So now, I couldn't pay October bill. But I had asked the manager to bear with me. By the 3rd week of October, I found a job. But I had to wait to get paid. The storage manager agreed verbally, that I can make payments little by little until I bring the bill down. By my figurations, I thought that by the time I get paid, I would owe, about $700.

I get direct deposit, and my funds are placed every 16 and 5th of the month. My first paycheck was in the bank on the November 5th. On the 5th, I immediately submitted $500 to Public Storage, online payment. My bill showed that I owed $741. That would bring me late, but current with November. On November 10th I received a letter stating that they were going to auction my unit on November 14th. I called and told them I made their payment and it went through online, it was not declined. They stated that my bank informed them that they could not release the $500, and because they did not get the check, they were going to auction the unit.

I called my bank, and they told me that because it was a new account, certain restrictions were place on ATM and online debits for my protection. I explained to public storage the restrictions and told them that I can give them money everyday until the bill was paid. They agreed that I make weekly arrangements to pay a certain amount each week.

I kept those arrangements, took funds out of my bank everyday, and paid them the money on the day it was due. I had to make 3 payments in two weeks. The last week, Thanksgiving week, my final payment was $210. I was short $6.00. On November 28th, the day before my final payment, I informed them, and they told me that I will be charged an additional $75 if I didn't pay the $6. By this time, I was literally crying, but arguing the reasoning behind that... for only $6.00. The clerk offered to put in the $6.00 if I promised to pay her back.

On November 29th, I submitted my final payment of $204 ($6.00 was put in by the clerk), to a clerk, whom I did not know of. He stamped my bill as "Paid in full". I requested to vacate. They told me that in order to not owe another bill, I would have to vacate by November 30th, the following day. I told them, impossible, I would not have any funds until December 5th. I gave them all I had.

On the same night I paid the bill in full, I borrowed the money to get a big truck from Uhaul, paid a driver and another guy to help me move. We went to Public Storage. I keyed in my access code, and it stated, "access denied". But I didn't give up. The gate was open, and the guys had the idea to get my things and bring them to the gate to load the truck. I went to my storage unit, and it had a lock on it. Now I had no way to get my things, before the deadline, and I paid money for a truck and help. $150.

The following day, I went to Public Storage, paid the clerk her $6 and explained that I had come there the night before with a truck to get my things, but, there was a lock and I could not get them. She explained that she would have felt uncomfortable if she left my unit opened. I told her that I spent a lot of money on a truck I could not even use, and now I had no money for another truck or help.

I told her that now, the only way for me to get my things out is to use my Blazer. But that would take a while. I have 6 rooms of furniture!! She told me that under the circumstances, she would work with me. I promised her that I will move my things out day by day, after work. From December 1st through December 9th, I have been moving my things day by day with my Blazer. When I got paid on the 5th, I had to pay back, the person I borrowed the money to get the truck, and that left me with only $64. So, I still don't have the money for a truck.

Today, December 10th, @6AM, I went to Public Storage and took another load. Seems like it will take only about 4 more loads before I'm all moved out. At 2PM, I went back to Public Storage to get another load, and my access was refused. Now they are telling me that it's past the 8th, and before I can get anything else, I have to pay them $86. Is there anything I can do? I won't have any more money until the 16th, and it seems that they are putting me deeper and deeper in the hole. I can't wait to stop dealing with Public Storage. I just want them out of my life!!!

Public Storage... More Like Pubic Storage. They Are the "Real Storage Experts" at Taking Your Money, and Poor Customer Service
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I made the mistake of using their self storage company back at the beginning of September 2006. I have never used self storage before so I booked a reservation online with Public Storage. Their website was easy to navigate and setting up a reservation was actually pretty easy. My movers were on time and everything was actually going smoothly as far as the moving process. I followed the online directions and the Public Storage location I had printed out driving directions on was not there! I stopped into a Shurgard Storage and they had let me know they were in fact the Public Storage and something about Public recently merged with them.

I gave them my reservation number, and the person working there went to show me the storage unit. When they opened it there was a drunk man sleeping inside the unit. I was shocked. Not only was he apparently living in the storage unit he was using it as a restroom. I was utterly disgusted. The manager apologized to me and offered to transfer me into another unit, and said they would take care of the situation later. We spent another 30 minutes in the office trying to locate a space that would accommodate me while my movers where waiting outside.

My movers were being paid by the hour and I had been there just a little over an hour and nothing had been moved in yet. The person behind the counter told me there was no more units to move into and offered to go take care of the situation so I could move in. I said NO WAY. She then found a unit for me at a facility another 20 minutes drive from that location and transferred my reservation. When I arrived there I found a sign on the door that said they would be back in the next 15 minutes... 50 minutes later I see this person come up and unlock the door and let me in.

This individual who claimed to be the manager had to have the worst personal appearance I had seen that day aside from the vagrant found in my original storage unit at the other location. With no apology for the delay the manager proceeds to take their time, shows me the unit which I found was acceptable. More time passes while my movers wait because the manager is going over the 30 minutes of paperwork that I had done for the second time. I bought my lock and was given a code to access the gate.

The manager let my movers in to get me moved finally and I thought all the calamity was over. It turns out I finished the move after the office had closed. I put my code into the gate correctly and the gate DID NOT OPEN. I called the office number to see what I could do and I was rolled over to the manager's voice mail. I eventually waited until someone came to access the property to exit with my movers. After paying an enormous moving bill I called the store again to complain where I had moved into. It turns out the manager was illiterate and wrote the wrong code on my card. They told me next time I came up there they could fix that issue for me.

I asked if I could get the code over the phone because I needed to go there later that evening after the store closed. They told me they couldn't give codes over the phone and I just had to wait until I could come in during business hours. I plan to get my items out of storage as soon as my home is ready to move in. The sooner the better. I just hope my stuff is safe for the time being.

A Good Experience
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Rating: 5/51

MINNETONKA MN -- The manager Suzanne was more than helpful. She picked out a unit that exactly fit my needs. She showed me the unit and how to operate the lock. She went over the paperwork with me. She answered my questions appeared to enjoy her work. She was well spoken, intelligent, and solution oriented. She made me feel very welcome. My only problem with public storage is that they sent out a bill for a second month when I was only renting for one month. I suspect that second month invoice will be retracted since I have now vacated.

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