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Product Bought From Them, Caught Fire, They Are Doing NOTHING
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EVERYWHERE, WASHINGTON -- I Bought this power supply cord for my laptop, Pretty expensive, but it came with more than others. I THOUGHT it was going to be great, boy was I WRONG!! After a month or so, I was sitting on my couch, watching TV. I heard an electric buzzing shocking noise. Looked over, the Enercell Power Supply Adapter was ON FIRE!! and the funny thing was, the laptop was not even plugged into the power supply cord. The Battery pack was ON FIRE, smoking up the house. It was lying on the floor next to my couch, and it even caught the leather on FIRE and burned a HUGE hole in it. Smelled the house up for days! When I saw the fire, I OBVIOUSLY put it out with Water. What was I supposed to do, watch it BURN the couch or the rest of my house? NO! Well, after about a month of emailing back and forth with a Radio Shack safety specialist. They were having an outside engineer check it out. The conclusion was "we will respectfully DENY the claim that our product was at fault" So I read the attached report that the engineer found. And it said that it is
determined that the failure experienced was a result of significant moisture/liquid exposure ( i.e. water emersion)

WHICH IT WAS NOT!! I OBVIOUSLY HAD TO PUT THE FIRE OUT WITH WATER!? I am NEVER going to buy anymore products from Enercell again, and ESPECIALLY NOT RADIO SHACK. I will tell all of my friends and family to do the same. NEVER again Radio Shack, NEVER AGAIN!
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User Replies:
bcd on 02/08/2012:
Is that damaged connector the part that plugs into the AC outlet? You mentioned a battery pack but all I see is a power adapter.

In the interest of safety, never use water to put out an electrical (Class C) fire. Removing power will put out the fire unless that fire has spread to something else.
onlooker on 02/08/2012:
you can report this to the site, BUT be sure you have all the involved parts identified correctly. Is the melted 'Enercell Prong' seen above from power supply for computer that you bought from Radio Shack? Was power supply plugged in to wall but not laptop when you noticed the fire? Do you have photos of the damage, the remains of water your poured on fire etc....PUSH this more.
know_what_youre_buying on 02/09/2012:
It probably says unplug when not in use somewhere.
Dukemom on 02/09/2012:
Leave Radio Shack out of it. Your beef is with the manufacturer.
class charlie fire on 02/09/2012:
I hope you unplugged it before you dumped water on it.

Disengaging power is the first step in fighting a Class C (electrical) fire.
Kitty on 02/09/2012:
When using any power adapter it should never be plugged into a wall outlet unless it is also plugged into the appliance it is designed for. By leaving it plugged into the wall outlet and not into your computer you essentially did cause the damage yourself and the manufacturer is not liable for the damage - hopefully you have learned a valuable lesson.
class charlie fire on 02/09/2012:
Good point kitty.

If you leave the power cord plugged in without having it plugged to the computer... You create a distinct possibility of completing the circuit via non-approved means.

such as having it touch metal. or spilling a drink on it.

Perhaps the "obviously had to put the fire out with water" is the issue.was that they cannot determine if the water damage was from putting the fire out - or if it caused the fire.
Kiya on 11/11/2012:
I brought a Enercell phone caught on fire burned through my sheet as well....I could have died smh..
Nick on 03/12/2013:
I had an Enercell phone charger catch fire also. It was melting down and hot and the carpet was beginning to burn when I smelled it and unplugged it.
Scott on 06/13/2013:
My enercell phone charger did not catch on fire but after 4 uses, it has quit working. I do not have the receipt so Radioshaq will not take it back. I'm out over $30. Does anyone know the name of the company?
Corey on 07/18/2013:
This just happened to me. I was charging my kindle while my fiance slept. I went into the bedroom to wake her up and smelt melting plastic. I moved the bed where the charger was next to and the charger was melted and the bed was just starting to smolder!
ben boehm on 10/10/2013:
I was using an enercell charger with my LG intuition. It melted the charging port and the bottom of the cable. Now I'm out a 4g LTE Verizon smartphone and the $ 40 I paid for the charger
Jill on 12/11/2013:
Bought a Enercell surge protector and it wouldn't charge my phone, later plugged in 2 cameras with a charging light present. When I plugged the second on, sparks blew through the camera. Company gives me the run around and did nothing. Now I'm out 2 $300 camera. Thankfully I still have my phone.
Dan Yeoman on 12/12/2013:
Bought one of these enercell ac power adapter's and in less than an hour later it quit working. Using a volt meter there's no power at all coming out. You think they would have a fuse or a circuit breaker instead of itself destructing. I bought this from Radio Shack and this adapter is nothing short of a bunch of dog manure. DON'T BUY ENERCELL PRODUCTS AT ALL. Especially the 9/10.2/12/13AC. -800mA model.
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For all customers (and employees)
Posted by on
I have worked for RadioShack for 2 years now. I have worked my way from employee to Management, and have dealt with all kinds of crazy things throughout that time. These are a few things for everyone:

For customers:
-Our Return Policy is extremely lenient, but this is a BUSINESS that we run. For all returns, we do need to ask your personal information, that is for the fraud department. This protects you, as well as it protects the business in case stealing starts happening from the inside. Checks do take 15 days to process through OUR system, and we cannot bypass this, we will loose our jobs. I know most of you reading this are completely honest people, but there are people who aren't. My store has been a victim of fraud that has happened this way before, and when it does happen, it is taken out of management's personal paycheck. Our return policy is 30 days to get your cash/credit back. Beyond that, if it is in perfect resellable condition, we can give you a gift card. There is no other place that can do this, and yes, we do believe in customer service. If your item is broken because YOU broke it, again, it is taken out of management's personal paycheck. The back of your receipt says it needs to be in "new, resellable condition". Putting a fuss so your item is refunded may make the difference of a manager being able to pay rent or put food on their child's dinner table because YOU broke it. If it doesn't work due to actual defect, we are always more than willing to refund or replace, you don't have to worry at all.
-Treating employees or managers with disrespect does not get you anywhere. Just because we may not have a store the physical size of Best Buy does not mean we do not know how to run a business. So many times I see parents come in with their young children and start SCREAMING at one of my employees because of this or that. Do you really want to teach your children that having a temper tantrum loud enough will get you somewhere in life? Stay calm, keep yourself in check, and generally we can work with you on whatever you need or want.
-Service plans truly are worth it on a lot of things. True, not everything. But cell phones, digital cameras, home phones, anything more than $100 bucks it should be something to seriously consider. This is not just so "we make money". It's to protect against what YOU do to it. Your kid takes the item out in the rain. Someone spills something. You blow a speaker. You yank on a cord wrong and it comes loose. There is a bad storm and something got fried. Don't get mad at us because we offered it to you. Every electronics store offers these, and it's for a reason. Electronics are made of such fine components any part could overheat for this reason or that. The biggest thing you should consider buying service plans on are anything that could need a battery replacement. So many times I have customers come in so mad because they have to spend $80 on 4 new batteries for their 4 handset phone, when 2 years ago someone offered them a $10 replacement where they could have gotten them for free. RadioShack is the only place I've heard of that gives you the free batteries included. Take advantage!
-Females in your RadioShack generally know more than the males. Don't just pass us by. We had to work harder to get to where we're at, because there are more sexist people than not out there. I've been a manager for 2 years now at my store, and many times even in a full suit I will greet a person at the door, and they will walk right past me to my newest male associate to ask for advice on some electronic component. Guess who the male employee comes to if he doesn't yet know the answer? Me, and generally yes, we do know the answer. Keep this in mind.
-If you ever do have an issue, especially related to customer service in a store, talk to the manager! If they're not there, call the next day and get ahold of them! That's what we're here for. If we don't know that one of our employees disrespected you in some way, or you feel didn't treat you fairly, talk to us! We can fix most issues for your ourselves.

To employees-
-If someone comes in screaming, irate, how you handle it can really change a lot of things. If you have questions on how to handle a customer like this, please don't hesitate to talk to your manager. Our goal is to keep customers and make them happy, not fight and snap back at them. Do not take it personally, most angry customers had something else frustrating happen that perhaps one little thing tipped them over the top. They are just there to vent, you can generally have them leave with a smile.

-To FEMALE employees:
Yes, there are a lot of sexist people in the world. Males and Females alike. Just remember, you worked your way up just like anyone else, and don't let it get to you. Unfortunately being looked past because you are a female is part of the job. If you take your time and really show them you know what you are doing (and yes, this is a lot of extra work sometimes) they will always come back to you. One of my RadioShack mentors is a woman. She has been at her store for 15 years now. It took her a long time to Win over her customers, but now she has built such a strong customer base that people come in from an hour away just to see her, and she is always busy with customers. She generally pulls in literally her entire stores sales plus some on her own. Learn your job. Yes, you need to learn it better than anyone else because you WILL be tested. Take pride, it will pay off.


The entire point of this is basically if you are an employee, see where the customers are coming from. If you are a customer, treat us with respect, do not try to "get away" with things (because most businesses that I've ever dealt with are much more strict on whatever policies- check up on this if you don't believe me) we are here to run a business. In return, we will always bend over backward for you.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/04/2010:
Always good to hear a management point of view. Thank you.
Zapped123 on 04/02/2011:
First of all the theft doesn't come out of your personal pocket darling. It comes out of your bonus. That's something that is extra not a guarantee. There are other factors for your bonus as well. If your watching your sales floor and have good honest people working for you that aren't busy watching tv, or texting then they are doing there jobs to protect your bonus. Don't lie to people how you are paid.
D. Aliff on 04/21/2011:
Jeez there's a bunch wrong with this.

No, bad checks don't come out of your pay check, I'm not even SURE it comes off your bonus to be honest. If it did, it'd just come off your profit.

Meaning RadioShack says that if you have a 25% gain on profits from the year before, they'll give you an extra $3,000 (just an example) and that means that you have to have $400,000 in profits for the year to get that money. So I stroll in, write a bad $1,000 check, that just kind of gets added like it's another 'expense' that you have to clear in order to get your profit bonus.

No, female employees at RadioShack aren't generally more knowledgeable than male associates. It completely depends on the individual. I've worked with girls that were more knowledgeable than certain male associates, but I've also worked with females that were complete idiots that sold well because they were pretty. Conversely, I've worked with my share of idiotic male associates. Your sex has nothing to do with your product knowledge.

Checks take UP TO 15 days to process, but it has nothing to do with RadioShack's system and everything to do with banks. Each store makes it's own deposit nightly, as soon as its applied to RadioShack's account at that bank, the money is there.

Battery replacement is about the only thing that's good with the service plans, though it's not RadioShack's fault those plans suck. They don't cover user damage or liquid damage, at least not at the time this review was written. They have changed the policy on them recently, since I stopped working there, and they may cover that kind of thing now.
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Liars and Cheats. Classic Bait and Switch
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a cell phone from Radio Shack and was offered a warranty that would replace my phone if there were any issues with it. I was told all I need to do is bring the phone back, they would ship it back to their warranty team and once it was received I would be sent a gift card in the amount of the phone I purchased. So I purchased the warranty thinking if anything happens to my phone I would get a brand new one, like I was assured.

Well, over the last few months my phone has been crashing and/or rebooting on me for absolutely no reason, like there is a short in my phone. It`s gotten to a point this happens daily so I decided I would take take advantage of the warranty I purchased. Well, I took my phone back and explained the situation. The guy at the store was helpful however when he called to talk to the warranty department he was informed my warranty was a "repair" warranty which is absolutely not what I was told I was purchasing.

They told me to send my phone back and they would try to "fix it" and if they can't they would send me a gift card. When I told them that's not what I purchased they told me that they do have a replacement warranty but I purchased the repair one, which is not what I was told I was buying. Had I known that they were going to pull the old bait and switch on me I would not have wasted my money on this warranty.

What makes this even worse is the store manager is the one who sold me the phone and replacement warranty. He is the one that told me that they would replace my phone if there was a problem within the first year. I even confirmed that that with him before I purchased the plan otherwise I would have not purchased the warranty. Now that there is a problem they are telling me that I don't have the right warranty.

I feel like they pulled the bait and switch on me and totally ripped me off.

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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/21/2013:
Any time you are offered a warranty, there should be some form of documentation so this kind of confusion does not exist.

With that said, however, the 'service' warranty doesn't appear to be that bad. The fact that they're willing to either fix it or replace it if they can't is still a win/win proposition. I would ask this, if they were to offer a refund on just the warranty portion now, would you take it?
clutzycook on 01/21/2013:
Always read the fine print befoee you sign. Never take anyone's word for it. It stinks, but that's the way it is nowadays.
trmn8r on 01/21/2013:
Most cases that people believe are "classic bait and switch" are not bait and switch. I don't believe that what you describe, worst case, is bait and switch.

Maybe false advertising, IF they told you that any repair needed would result in a new phone. Do you have that warranty in writing? I find it hard to believe that a warranty would have those terms, unless it is a premium warranty. Otherwise, they would throw a lot of repairable phones in the trash.
shayen on 01/21/2013:
I don't bother with Radio Shack and their warranties anymore. I purchased a blackberry phone and bought a warranty. No, I didn't read the terms (my bad) but instead listened to the employee's promises that my phone would be replaced at anytime during the year covered for any reason. I spilled soda on my phone and it died. I took the phone To Radio Shack and they gave me a gift card to purchase any phone I wanted. At that time, I was offered a two-year warranty for my new phone. Feeling good about RS and their warranty plans, I again did not read the terms and just listened to the employees who gave me the same sales pitch. About 1 1/2 years go by and I once again spill liquid on the phone and ruin it. Radio Shack refused to replace it or do anything. They said their warranties only cover manufacturer defects. I asked why I was able to get a new phone before on the same warranty plan and they wouldn't answer. Bottom line: read the fine print before buying, ask questions and don't just listen to what an employee verbally tells you. Lesson learned.
Susan on 01/21/2013:
What did the contract you signed say about the terms of the warranty? This is not "classic bait and switch" - this is a matter that you believed what the sales person told you instead of reading the contract.
bubba bob on 08/04/2013:
Not only phones... They advertise a free book with their Arduino kit, yet refuse to honor the offer at the counter.
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Customer service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CALDWELL, IDAHO -- I just signed up for a new contract with Sprint about a month ago and I went back to the store where I had started my service because the phone that I purchased was having issues I ended up getting a different phone it was a bit more than what I wanted to spend but the sales representative josh had garunteed that if I came back into the store that weekend the store was going to have a sale on the phones and I would be able to get a price match on the phone meaning that they would give me the sell price that the phone was selling for that day. So I went back just like he said I explained my situation to the sales representative that day and he stated that they were not allowed to do because I had passed my thirty days of return policy. I explained to him my conversation with josh and told him that I. Was. Just in here three days prior the sales representative told me that josh did not know what he was talking about I responded by asking then why is he an assistant manager. I had no choice but to leave feeling betrayed and lied to. The next day I got a hold of josh at the store told he what had happened at the store he told me that they should have been able to have gave me that price match he had me go down there and when I got there he told me he had some bad news they were not able to do the price match because I had already went over my thirty days but I told him what he had guaranteed that I would be able to get some of my money because I had just paid more for this phone compared to the phone I had prior and it had only been three days that went by he apologized and told me that he could do nothing maybe just give me back the old phone back with the additional money that I had paid for the new phone. I told him that was find then he said that he would have to get an okay from his manager and give me a call back. An hour went by until they returned my call and it was not even him it was another employee that told me that there was nothing that they could do for me about
My refund so then I asked to speak to the store manager. She told me that there was nothing they could do for me I explained to her that if josh would have not told me about the sale that was happening and his verbal guareente of getting a price match I would not even have been in this mess she didn't care she didn't even offer a apology for the false statement that her assistant manager josh. As for josh I felt like he just ignored me and avoided himself to call me back and apologize for false assurance I would of really have appreciated if he would have just steped up and stated that he was wrong but he didn't he allowed others to do his dirty work for him. I strongly recommend to not allow josh to sell you a phone because he gives false information just to get people to purchase a phone.
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Warranty run around
Posted by on
Bought a set of wireless headphones to replace the realistic ones that lasted for years. After about six months quit working. After, reading the manufactures 1 yr warranty.
The warranty told me to take the product and receipt back to place of purchase.

First try, yielded nothing but the run around. I asked not for a refund or replacement but help on the warranty. The associate said that it was after 90 days. I know that, I'm doing what the warranty told me to do. The associate then said that he couldn't do anything, the manager would have to decide and he wasn't there.

Next try, same thing. I didn't want a refund I wanted help with the warranty. The warranty that said to take it back to the store. It is after 90 days won't do anything and I need to contact the manufacturer, said the associate. Funny thing is Auvio premium products can only be bought at Radio Shack outlets. It is almost like Radio Shack contract manufactures them. I would say that almost makes them the manufacturer. "The warranty says take it back to the place of purchase", I said..nothing. What was upsetting is that this time the manager was in back, but wouldn't come out and tell me. The manager let the associate handle the situation. I do need to say that after a while they did say if that they would send them in that it would cost $20. By that time I was upset enough that I was done. Why wouldn't they offer that suggestion at first, that was the help I was asking for. However, after the run around, the lack of urgency, and making me feel like a bother to them, I was done.

Again, let me be clear I was not asking for a refund or replacement but help in the warranty. The warranty that said take it back to the store. Thinking back, I do not remember ever receiving bad service from Radio Shack. However, after this episode and reading that others have had the same experience, I'm done with The Shack.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/18/2011:
When you say you were hoping for "help with the warranty" or "help in the warranty what do you mean? Did you want them to help figure out what to do, or did you want them to make an exception and cover the repair? It sounds like they told you what you need to do.

You initially stated the warranty was 1 year. Was it actually only 90 days?
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Mandatory Upsell
Posted by on
I wanted to buy a Virgin Mobile Optimus V phone. I checked the Radio Shack web site, and saw that they had them for $149.99. I then checked availability at the Radio Shack located nearest to me.

The site said it was in stock at the Radio Shack store in the Defiance, Ohio mall. This is as bit under 20 miles from where I live. I drove to the store, and found the Virgin Mobile display models. I then asked if the phone I wanted was in stock. Yes it was.

I was ready to buy the phone when the clerk asked me if I was already a Virgin Mobile customer. I answered that I was. He then told me that I was REQUIRED to buy airtime. I said no.

I asked if the phone was for sale or not. He said that I HAD TO BUY AIRTIME TO BUY THE PHONE. I do not take orders from sales clerks. He stated that it was store policy that that I buy airtime in order to buy the phone. I responded that that I did not care about the store policy.

If I wanted a cup of coffee, I would go to a restaurant and order one. If the waitress told me that I could only have coffee if I bought a piece of pie too, I would get up and leave.

I do not want or need to buy additional airtime. I have enough already and simply want to buy a new phone. The store policy is that customers must buy what the store tells them to buy. My policy when someone is trying to upsell me is to take my business elsewhere.

Is Radio Shack doing so well in this economy that they can afford to turn down sales and lose customers?

The clerk said I could come back and talk to the manager. I intend to do just that. Hopefully he or she will be more reasonable, and I will be able to buy the phone that I want.

If I don't receive satisfactory service tomorrow morning, Radio Shack has lost a customer forever.
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User Replies:
MacOSXpert on 03/03/2011:
I can't wait to hear how it goes.
leet60 on 03/03/2011:
The prices you pay at retail for mobile phones are far less than the cost outright. The carrier subsidizes the price and recovers the additional cost by selling the customer airtime.

Although this is a newer model, I can tell you the Optimus One is currently selling from suppliers at around $300.00.

In the retail setting the phone is generally locked to a carrier in anticipation of you purchasing a contract and/or airtime on a prepaid device. The sales representative was correct in telling you the phone cannot be purchased (at least at that price) without airtime.
Kurizumaru on 03/03/2011:
I'm anxious to see how this went too. Let us know OP and good luck!
Ytropious on 03/03/2011:
I wonder if that really is "store policy" or if it's just THIS store's policy. There is a word for this type of selling I learned in one of my college classes. I forget what it's called, but it's illegal in most forms. They get commission, which is probably why he was forcing extra sales on you.
Zapped123 on 04/03/2011:
Unless there was a sign that stated you "had to purchase airtime" to get that price than it is "NOT" Company Policy to purchase airtime. It looks like they were just trying to make some extra money, but you don't get anything really for selling airtime. So there really isn't anything in it for the store.
D. Aliff on 04/07/2011:
The associate is correct, it's not just that store's policy, it's a RadioShack policy. As far as commissions go, thanks to Enron (I believe) the commission RS employees receive on air-time is almost nothing. You sell a $20 card and get $1.50 in sales credit, take 2.5% of that as actual commission and you've made $0.04 on your paycheck.
mashem on 05/11/2011:
^ Wrong. If the phone is sold with at least $10 in airtime (the minimum amount we can sell), we get $5.00 in commission. There is a $5.00 spiff amount with a NEWLY ACTIVATED prepaid phone. However, if you ring up airtime with the phone, the POS doesn't know any better and just chalks it up as a newly activated prepaid phone.
Radio Shack Employee on 06/06/2011:
You are not required to take the airtime, however it's a common trick we used to get our 5 dollar spiff on prepaid sales. The truth of the matter is, 5 dollars not withstanding, if we sell you a prepaid phone with no attach (like a service plan, air time, or accessories) our boss will either threaten to or just straight up fire us. Chances are if you had a bad experience at a Radio Shack, you can tally it up as pressure from management (or it's possible the guy you talked to was just a dick.)
know_what_youre_buying on 02/08/2012:
the associate just didn't want to get chewed out for selling a prepaid with no airtime. The company make its employees prefer losing a customer than selling prepaid.
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People Like Him Should be Fired
Posted by on
ANKENY, IOWA -- This guy fulfills every single one of the stereotypes of salesmen. He was pushy, convincing, and I actually thought that he liked me as a person and wasn't just looking for a cheap sale.

I went into the Ankeny Radioshack looking for a cable, but soon got into a conversation with a clean-cut person who started me on the topic of cell phones. to be honest, he didn't lie to me, except perhaps by omission.

He ended up selling me an AT&T phone with "3G coverage." I forget what it's called all that's under the battery is a bunch of numbers.
Surfing the internet from my phone was enticing, because I hate to be stuck at the office or at home waiting for an email that never seems to come on time.

He said that he routinely got speeds that were in approximation to a DSL line. I have a DSL line, and I knew that it was a good thing, because mine was very fast, and I didn't have to wait for pages to load like I used to.

Needless to say, I was told that internet wouldn't be an issue in terms of cost, that the phone came with an unlimited data package. The bills are sort of steep in my opinion, but that's not what I am complaining about.

What I AM complaining about was how I was treated when I returned with the phone and all the paperwork about a week later (to the day it's been about a month since this whole problem has been resolved).

What sent this whole chain of events into play was that I talked to a techie coworker who stated that my phone was not '3G' capable, and even if it was, '3G' was not available in my area. What?! He was so insistent that it was!

I also noticed that the phone was NOT as fast as DSL, and I talked to my coworker some more. He pulled up some tool and showed me that my speed was 7 kb per second. I don't know what that means exactly but he said that it was about 100-times slower than DSL. I soon realized that when I tried to go to another more high-data site than my original email inbox (the thing that I checked the most).

So I took the phone back and told him about it. He stated, almost verbatim, that "he [coworker] didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about." I told him that I did tests and it looked like my friend was right. He told me that I didn't know what I was talking about!!

So, I just asked him if I could return the phone. He said I could as long as it was within a month. I said "OK it's within a month here you go," but he needed to see my receipt. I was told when I purchased the phone that my receipt would be kept track of electronically!!!! Hence the forceful taking of my personal information, which I disapproved of. I told him about this but he said that the electronic receipt didn't count, that I needed the original.

I was getting frustrated at him at this point, but I kept a cool head, because I knew that I wouldn't get anywhere with anger. So I said that I would be back with the receipt and went to my house to look for it. I found it and returned.

This time, he stated that it was too far out to be returned. Did this guy think that I was an idiot?? He turned and smirked at a coworker. I asked to see a manager and that's when he got hot under the collar. He said "He's not here." Then I was going to ask him for a card of his but he said "I AM the manager!" His face was red and he was furious at me. I guess that he thought I was going to complain about him, but if he had stopped there I would have just looked for a resolution to the whole situation and gotten return for the phone.

He swore under his breath at me and started maniacally asking me if I knew who he was. I said that his nametag said "Parker." He asked me if I knew who his grandfather was. I said no and that I just wanted to return the phone. I was still not upset but I was getting frustrated at this schizophrenic behavior.

He took the phone out and said that there was a scratch on it, and the phone had to be new. He showed it to me and I couldn't really see how a scratch of that size could be a factor in returning the phone. Then he said that he would be back and he walked off. He must have been gone for ten minutes and then he came back and started typing on the computer. I just stayed over by the TVs because I didn't want to upset him anymore. Then he started asking me for information and he finally did the return.

All in all, this Parker guy has some major issues beyond the scope of the job. I have later learned from my3cents that workers are paid on commission basis, which could have been the reason why he pushed me so hard to get the phone. However, I don't think that I deserve to be treated as I was. No one does. I don't deserve to be mocked openly by someone who obviously thinks himself too good to be working for Radioshack....

I may consider going back to Radioshack, because it still has a lot of stuff that I find interesting, but definitely not at that store while he is working. Hopefully his behavior can be changed with some counseling, but besides that, until it is, I don't feel that he is suitable for that sort of work. He is too emotionally charged to perceived wrongs, in my opinion.

Anyway, this is not a complaint about a whole company, but rather of a given individual. I don't hate Radioshack now, despite him, and neither should people who read this. Just please be weary of the Ankeny store, and of a person there who obviously has some issues with you returning phones and interfering with his commission.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/30/2009:
First mistake, thinking that the salesman actually liked you "as a person." That is their job - they play friendly, make you laugh and, voila, they have a sale. His attitude on your attempt to return the item wasn't called for, but I do admire your perspective - not boycotting a whole company because of one person.
jktshff1 on 03/30/2009:
Good post, well written. VH Pointing out the problem you had without slamming the company.
Good points fit...even though your problem was taken care of, a short letter to corporate advising them of the behavior of the person. Actually, a copy of this complaint would work.
Anonymous on 03/30/2009:
You are of stable mind and body and this salesguy didn't twist your arm to make the sale, he was doing his job so don't get mad at him and the store for you not being informed and sort of naive.
ejack053824 on 03/30/2009:
The minute he cursed me under his breath it would have been on like Donkey Kong. LOL!
AnonConsumerist on 03/30/2009:
Zzrokk, You're right. I was kindof naive in terms of my knowledge concerning phones but I bought the phone in large part for its ability to go on the internet, at which point he gave me deceptive information.

Saying that a phone will get you 3G speeds, when it won't, and when it can't because my area just doesn't have it, is deceptive. If I lived in a nearby city, then I could get 3G. The only problem is that I don't live there, and moving there to get it is not feasible.

If this is how Radioshack encourages people to sell items, as you seem to imply, then they are doomed in the long run. You don't make money by alienating your customer base, and frankly, it's sad to see you defending a person who lied to get me into a contract, then acted like a brute when I tried to renege it.
AnonConsumerist on 03/30/2009:
jktshff1, I think that I will write to corporate headquarters about this. Thanks for the advice; didn't really want to make a huge deal out of it and mostly needed to vent here, but I think the DM would be interested to know what is going on at a store under his supervision.
jktshff1 on 03/30/2009:
Venting helps. Make a big deal out of it.
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The Store Ordered An Item Online To Save Me Shipping
Posted by on
KETTERING, OHIO -- I have changed my name in the emails.

I went to the Radio Shack store on December 17, 2008 and at 5:34 pm I placed an order through a sales person and was told it would be shipped to the store to save me the shipping cost. I gave him my information and my credit card and was told that it might not be here before the 26th unless I wanted to pay for the faster shipping, which I declined. I was given a 2 page receipt showing what appeared to be all the pertinent information> There was nothing on this receipt about any refund or return policies (special or otherwise). On 12/17/2008 at 5:34 pm I received the following email:

This is a notification-only email. Please do not reply to this message.
Dear Pissed off Grandma,
Thank you for ordering from!
We have received your order #9294134163 and it is currently being processed.
You will receive additional emails regarding the status of your order.
Shipping Address :
Pissed off Grandma
This shipping address includes the following item(s):
Item: 2801042
Description: LaCie 706018 USB 1x Pocket Floppy Disk Drive
Quantity: 1 @ $34.89
Shipping Method: Standard Ground, (3-5 business days)
Arrival dependent upon the shipping method selected.
You may be able to cancel your order online while it is still being processed. To see if
this option is available for your order, please visit and use the
"Order Status" option or log in to "Your Account" and select "Order Status / Tracking." If your order can be canceled, you will see a "Cancel Order" button beside the order.
(Please note that there is a limited amount of time in which an order can be canceled.)
Thanks again for shopping at
Please visit our online Help area for answers to questions about your order.
Customer Support

The next morning 12/18/2008 (prior to 10:00 am est) I called the online customer service and asked to cancel the order and said I did not want it put on my credit card. The young man I spoke to said it was in processing and he did not know if it could be canceled. He said I would get an email which would state if it had been canceled or shipped. He told me that if it could not be canceled, I would have to wait until it came to the store to cancel my order. At 11:20 pm on 12/18/200 I received the following email:
Dear Pissed off Grandma:
Thanks for shopping with us at We are pleased to
inform you that the following item(s) have shipped for order
9294134163-001. You have now been charged for all item(s) that shipped.
If there are remaining items in your order that were not shipped at
this time, you will receive a similar e-mail notification when they
ship. To view the status of these items, visit the "My Account" section
of our website.
Where's your order?
Did you know as a registered user you can view your order history
online, 24 hours a day?
If you would like to view the status of your order now, please visit
the "My Account" section of our website or view the link provided
below. Please allow up to one (1) hour from the time you receive this
email for your order information to be updated.
Shipping Address:
Pissed off Grandma
Your shipment includes the following item(s):
Item: 55008756
Quantity: 1 @ $34.89
Status : Shipped via: FEDX - FedEx Ground
Package ID: 060474273177004
Track @
Other stuff you'll want:
Antec Neo High-Efficiency 500W ATX PC Power Supply point?entry=2484186&source=XSELL_000000000000000000009294134163
Dantona 700mah Li-ion Wireless Battery for the LG C1300 point?entry=2998591&source=XSELL_000000000000000000009294134163
Lenmar 900mAh Li-ion Wireless Battery for Motorola BZ60 point?entry=2963866&source=XSELL_000000000000000000009294134163
Find it!
Things that go with, connect, protect, add power, and add storage. Try
our Accessory Finder for an exact match for your brand and model at
Please note: If your item(s) require multiple packages, your order will
be shipped in multiple packages and our website will provide you with
information about the status of each package. Your total shipping
charges for this order will not exceed the amount shown on your
original order confirmation. Please retain a copy of this e-mail for your records.

You will receive a Return Form and instructions with your shipment
explaining how to return items should you wish to do so.
If you have any further questions concerning shipping, order status or
return policies, visit the Help area of our website at
Thanks again for shopping at Please visit our
website often as we are continually adding more stuff to service you
Thanks for shopping with us!
Customer Care
Call us anytime: 1-800-THE-SHACK
Find a store near you:
Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification-only
system that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this

While this states there will be a return form included with the package - again there is no specific information and nothing about not being able to cancel the order when it comes to the store.

On December 23 I receive a phone call from the store telling me my package is in and I also receive the following email:
Dear Pissed off Grandma:
Thanks for shopping at This email confirms that you
have received your Ship-to-Store order and your transaction is now
The following item(s) were received:
Item Number: 55008756
Item Description: USB EXT FLOPPY DISK DRIVE slvr
Item Quantity: 1
For further questions concerning shipping, order status, payment or
other website policies, visit the Help area of our website at
Thank you for shopping at Please visit our
website often. We are continually adding new and exciting
products to service you better.
Order Center
Call us anytime: 1-800-THE-SHACK
Find a store near you:

Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification-only
system that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this

When I get to the store, I said I wanted to cancel the order and the man said that they would have to ship it back and then I would get my money back. I said I did not like that, I did not want the product. He said that was the only option. I then had to sign a paper saying I had received the item and then another paper stating I was returning the item. That sheet a note that stated that I would receive my refund within 10 to 15 days after they receive the product back at the processing center.

When I got home, I called the customer service line and asked to speak to a supervisor - he said the same thing and said he could not do anything to help me.

I feel this is totally unreasonable and unfair as I was not given any of this information at anytime during the entire 7 day process, plus I never had actual possession of the product at any time.
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User Replies:
ringostar on 12/23/2008:
So let me get this straight you went to a store and ordered this item. Then you changed your mind and said no I don't want it. Then the store shipped you order and everything went great as far as I can see...SO no your pisses because you can't just return it to the store. I don't understand why go through all the trouble of ordering something if you really don't want it. Companies can't always just stop the shipping process. Come on people...what more can you expect.
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/23/2008:
Well, apparently this person wants Radio Shack to eat TWO shipping charges and still give them back their $35 without any type of restocking fee.
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
'Pissed off Grandma'... I love the nic! lol!

I'd be 'Pissed off Grandpa' if I had a floppy disc.
Paul6977 on 12/29/2008:
Radio Shack will be the next business to go under, (and they should) . There customer service skills stink and there business practices are questionable at best. Can't wait to read about Radio Shack in the financial obits. So long for now.
D. Aliff on 01/08/2009:
You ordered an item that the store does not have the ability to process a refund for. You did not pay the store, you paid, that is why your refund must come from

They are two different branches of the same company with two different warehouses, there is no way in a store's system to ring up an item that begins with "550."

There's a reason that the items say "Web Only" on the website.
Downwithignorantcustomers on 01/27/2009:
The reason you do not get your money back immediately is because the .com warehouse has to confirm that you still don't have the product. As was stated above, .com and the stores are autonomous of one another. You, like so many others, have completely unrealistic expectations and expect the world to stop on a dime based purely on your whims.
Pissed off Grandma on 01/29/2009:
If at any point in the transaction, I had been informed that there was a special policy for return and such, I would have had no problem. I still think they could have stopped the item being shipped as I contacted the online customer service the very next morning and the young man said it was still in processing and had not been shipped yet.

Radio Shack apparently thought there was some “lack” of customer service, as once I contacted the Better Business Bureau, they refunded my money and sent me a $10.00 gift card for my trouble.

Re: Ringostar - you have never changed your mind, or found a much better deal? Give me a break.
Downwithignorantcustomers on 02/04/2009:
And now in addition to all the shipping charges that RadioShack has had to eat, another $10 was wasted for "appeasement". Then people wonder why prices go up. And I'm amazed that $10 so quickly satiated you... kind of prostitutesque, if you ask me.
RHK on 02/05/2009:
Pissed off Grandma, I'm with you. I have also had horrible service from Radio Shack. If they want Radio to be separate from Radio Shack stores they should not offer the .com products in the stores. I like your idea of the Better Business Buruea. I will be sending them a letter too.

I am beginning to wonder if Radio Shack is paying people to write comments complaining about people that expect a company to offer good service with some of the comments that you have received. Either that, or they have never run any kind of successful business, and have no clue what customer service really is.
Pissed off Grandma on 02/05/2009:
This is directed to Downwithignorantcustomers - if they had canceled the order when I tried to, they would have saved all the shipping costs - and I took the $10.00 as an apology not a payoff - but then maybe you know a bit more about prostitutes than I do.
RS Manager on 02/10/2009:
I'v got to say this is a bit more spirited a debate about the shack than I've seen in a while. I can straighten part of that out. Yes, they should have informed you about the return policies, but you never asked either did you? All a RS employee is doing when you do a .com order from a store is doing a order from our computer. it's the same exact thing that you would do from your home on No really, it's the exact same thing. And you are correct they should have been able to cancel it. but I know first hand that there are times when it just can't be done. A store only has so much power and the warehouse only has so much power. And as two separate branches we can't combine forces to solve a problem yet. which is probably why you got $10. Had you done the transaction at home they wouldn't have done that. they expect you to read the terms and conditions yourself. It's the employee's error for not giving them to you.
Pissed off Grandma on 02/10/2009:
You are correct - this was an unfunny "comedy" of errors - I was in error not asking about a return policy - I assumed it was the same as the store. The sales person was wrong in not informing that this was different than a store purchase.

I did not try to cancel through the store, but through online customer service - who were not very helpful and still did not inform me or direct me to the return policies.

It is all straightened out and I believe that both Radio Shack and I have learned something from the whole procedure.
Nick74 on 02/24/2009:
That's what is wrong with people today. Do you expect the sales person to explain all the radioshack policies pertaining to your purchase.In any sales field sales people do not expect to get returned on. So why do you expect them to assume a return was forthcoming? Radioshack sales people don't make 40-50,000 a yr. Many times they help people who buy products from walmart or elsewhere and go to radioshack to help them with that product. Take it easy on those guys.Put yourself in their shoes and quit acting like a spoiled brat.That's why our country is like it is. Fast food mentality.I want it now syndrome.
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Posted by on
NEVADA -- As an employee at RadioShack it is very difficult to get by financially. They expect so much from me and pay me $7.65 and hour, plus commission. But, at the store that I work at it is such a dead store and we get no business. Therefore, there isn't much to make in commission. We are required to take numerous training modules when we are first hired, and throughout our employment we are required to take a new training every two weeks or so. I have had so many problems with this company. Some of which I think is absolutely wrong and wouldn't happen in any other work place. I worked at a different store before this one and I had a customer come in multiple times a week asking me for my phone number and if I wanted to go skiing with him or numerous activities. Keep in mind, I am 19 and he was about 42. I refused his offers many times. He called the store asking for my number. Finally, I told him I was 17, thinking maybe if he thought I was a minor he would leave me alone, right? Wrong. He continued on and on. I had asked my manager many times to get this guy to stop, my manager told me "if he keeps spending money in our store I'm not going to say anything to him". I was shocked. Seriously, he is harassing me and you're just going to let him get away with it. Finally, I asked my DM if I could transfer to another store. He asked my reasoning, so I told him exactly what happened. He told me that it was not a valid reason to request to be transferred. He said I needed to fulfill my duties to the store. I once again was shocked. Seriously, fulfill my duties. My goodness. After that call I called HR. I was transferred in three days. After I got transferred it seemed as if he was trying to retaliate against me. He told me I was on a week trial. Basically, I had to prove myself 'worthy' to work at RadioShack. Since, I need the job, I just acted like normal and did my normal tasks. I did call HR again to complain about the retaliation. He (my DM) also yelled at me for taking a couple of days to cut out, organize and place 500+ price tags. I flat out said to him, I would LOVE to see you do it in one shift, then I will know that it is possible. I really wish that I could find another job, but in my area there isn't much. I just can't stand working at RadioShack any longer..

People have posted on here RS employees don't care about their customers. I personally do care. I take my time to help each and every customer. I have quite a few customers that go out of their way to come to my store. I feel that I have to be considerate of the customers because if I was their customer, I would expect the same service.

RS expects you to sell cell phones out the wazoo. Honestly, everyone already has a cell phone. People may want to upgrade, but who wants to sign another 2 year contract. It's stupid. They have idiotic 'goals' that you must meet. You have to sell so many dollars per hour per ticket. You have to sell so many dollars worth of batteries. You have to have accessories with cell phones, mp3 players, TV's, laptops... If you don't sell accessories with those, your percentage goes down and you get written up. If you don't sell enough service plans (extended warranty) you get written up. If you don't sell your 'required' goal for cell phones for the month you get written up.. If you fail to meet your "goal" more than twice (I think) you get fired. We used to have a policy that if a manager didn't get 7 cell phones sold in a week he was fired. WTH? Not that many people are going to come to RS to buy a cell phone. Yes, our prices are a LOT cheaper than other stores, and we do not have mail in rebates. But, what average customers knows all of that? We have to do planograms almost constantly. We have to work our butts off for nothing. I'm just sick of trying to meet their 'goals'. They are just a bunch of dumb ignorant people sitting up in offices making rules that they think people can abide by. Sorry RS you're wrong.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
That's the perils of working retail; you get paid so little to put up with so much crap.
While continuing to work there, you could try and find another job that you think you would be better suited for or that gets more foot traffic.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
The manager can't do anything as if he accuses the customer he sets the company up for a lawsuit. It is YOUR responsibility to say NO and mean it. If the harassment continues, it is YOU responsibility to call the police and file a report.
memoryx57 on 10/14/2009:
Ladyscot, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. It's called workplace harassment..It's illegal..It's the employers responsibility to provide a workplace free from harassment and any other types of abuse whether it be from other employees, management or customers. The onus for taking care of the problem is on the boss and not the employee.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
The police AND an attorney should have been called in to throw that degenerate in jail and to sue the pants of that stupid boss and Radio Shack.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
If this dude was harassing you, you should have called the police. people like that have no business being allowed in a store even if they are a paying customer. The Manager should have told the guy to knock it of. You ever see a sign at a store that says we have the right to refuse service to anyone, well that applies to that perv.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
Customers can be legally held accountable for creating a hostile environment. Your boss can be held personally accountable because you have brought it to his attention more than once and it has not been stopped. When I worked for a cellular company, we sued a customer to keep him out of our stores as well as prevent him from calling in to customer care because he was creating a hostile environment. A manager was terminated for not taking the complaints seriously.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
Memory, I respectfully disagree. Workplace harassment applies to employees not customers. Customer harassment should be handled by the police. The manager could have called them for the OP, or sent her top another area of the store until they arrived, but a store manager can not accuse a customer of anything without setting his company up for a lawsuit.

Raven I also have to disagree. The manager can not be held liable for his customers. He can be held liable for his employees in very strict circumstances. The manager can only call the police and that is all he is required to do. The rest is up to the OP and the cops.
Ytropious on 10/15/2009:
#1, you're 19. I'm willing to bet you don't have any kids or a mortgage payment. You're going to make minimum wage in any retail job until you get a college degree you're just going to have to live with it. I'm 2 years older then you and only make maybe 30 cents more than you, and no, I don't get commission either...AND I have a mortgage payment.

#2. SPEAK UP. I've been hit on at work and being as rude and mean as possible to the perv in question usually gets the point across. Don't try talking, don't take it more than once, and don't reason with him ("no no I'm 17 not 19")..Methinks you're just being a little too mousy and politely declining. After he tried the second time I'd be anything BUT nice to him. Customer or not, no means no, and I'd never rely on a manager to shoo a suitor away from me, it's my job to do that.

#3 Thanks for letting me know why I ALWAYS see a "we're hiring" sign on Radio Shack's doors even though there's never anyone in the ones around me. It must suck to work there if they keep firing people.
PepperElf on 10/15/2009:
any chance you could have gone to the police instead?

radioshack can't stop you from filing a restraining order against the customer
they can get mad at you and perhaps get revenge but they can't actually *stop* you from doing it
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
Sorry Lady, I wasn't clear in my wording. the manager was not held accountable for the customer. he was held accountable for not taking action to keep the customer out of the store, ie filing a police report and letting corp security know so they could begin the restraining order process. No action was taken until the employee called the EEOC and they EEOC contacted the company on behalf of the employee.

See bullet point number two. the harasser can be a "non-employee", ie custonmer.
D. Aliff on 10/15/2009:
Uhh, you don't get written up for not meeting goals, you won't get fired for not meeting your goals twice, and managers never had their jobs threatened for not meeting a cell phone goal. At least not company-wide.

And I don't understand how you can't put out 500 price tags in one shift, especially when some of our sales are like 200 price tags.

Also, like someone said, your boss cannot be held responsible for a customer harassing you. It's like if I come into a store eating peanuts and accidentally drop one in your drink, they can't fire the manager because you had an allergic reaction to the peanut. You can't hold someone responsible for something they're not in control of. He could be held responsible for what he does, and for what you do, and maybe even for what employees of other stores do while in his store, but not for what a customer does.

Although, I do agree with you on the display work. It's so stupid, we JUST finished re-doing our entire store MAYBE 6 weeks ago, then they make us completely re-do it all over again. Tell us to schedule more people on the floor so we can get it done, but then cut the payroll hours so you can't schedule more people.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
raven now I see. yes you are correct. If the manager did not assist in getting rid of the lecher, then he is responsible.
Jerra on 11/11/2009:
D. Aliff- Actually there was a manager that got fired for not meeting 7 postpaids a week..
Also, you try tagging all of the parts drawers in one shift..cutting all out by hand and organizing them in which drawer they go in...

WOWreally! on 11/11/2009:
hahahahha they had you do the parts drawers lmao hey bokibean if you read this THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF POWNED lol.
D. Aliff on 11/22/2009:
Yea, I've done parts drawers by myself before. In a mall store. That does over $1 million in business a year. That gets 50,000 customers a month.

And the only way you're getting fired for not meeting cell phone goals is if your DM is a Nazi. It's not a company-wide policy, this is evident by my manager's steady phone-a-month performance.
Anonymous on 08/20/2011:
151 customers an hour, 1666 a day? Doubtful. That's like 2.5 customers a minute. Is everyone that comes in there picking up the closest thing to them in the store and saying "hey ill buy this today", walk up to the register and fling exact change at you? Unless you have 20 employees in the store at all times and no one gets a break I don't see how that number is plausible. Unless your store has horrible customer service AND looks like the most neglected store in existence....
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Radio Shack Refusing to Provide Refund ( Order)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- On 11/22/12 I ordered an Xbox with free promotional headphones from I returned them to my local Radio Shack store on 11/30/12 (found a better deal). I opened the shipping box only to confirm both items were there, but I never opened the box containing the Xbox or the package with the headphones.

The store manager (Oaks Mall, Gainesville, FL), Katie, and employee Mark, explained they could not refund me for returning an online order. states that you can return items to a Radio Shack store and provides the steps you must follow in order to do so, unless the packing slip indicates the item must be mailed back. If their website policy stated that online orders must be mailed back or if my packing slip indicated that, I would have mailed it back.
However, nowhere did my packing slip & order confirmation state that this purchase can only be mailed back for a refund.

Katie explained what they can do is ship my purchase back via her regular Federal Express guys who deliver from and ship to the Ft. Worth TX warehouse for her every day. Then she explained when the warehouse receives the package, they will process my refund. She provided me the tracking information from the shipping receipt she filled out. The items were shipped back in the same box they came to me in.

On 12/4/12 that tracking info confirms the box was received and signed for by R Woods. However, the only item they acknowledge that was returned were the free headphones. says b/c the Federal Express shipping receipt lists the weight as too light for an XBOX, they only refund they processed was $0 for the free headphones.

Katie confirmed for me that she ALWAYS ships back to the warehouse listing the weight as 1 pound, b/c the weight doesn’t matter b/c they are using their own Federal Express delivery account. I returned my purchase unopened to Radio Shack which the website says is one of two ways to return an item. Two Radio Shack employees confirmed I returned these unopened items. This company owes me $180.19. Fair warning if you elect to patronize this company.
Update 12/31/12:
The local store processed my refund. They admitted the error was on their part for not refunding me when I originally returned the unopened items to the store. At this point, either the warehouse improperly cataloged it upon arrival or the XBOX was stolen after it left the Gainesville store, either en route or in the warehouse. The local District Manager and Store Manager did their best for me and were able to confirm the box weighed 8.5 pounds when it left Gainesville, and during at least one of the Fed X transfers, and apologized for not simply refunding me in the first place when I returned the item to the store. While I will never again order from, at least my local Gainesville Radio Shack eventually made it right.
Resolution Update 12/31/2012:
The local Radio Shack refunded me in full.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 12/21/2012:
This is where, again, I find that just purchasing local saves a lot of headaches. It means receiving the product(s) immediately and makes it much simpler for refunds or exchanges.

You should ask the local Radio Shack to make a call on your behalf to hopefully resolve the issue. Unfortunately, it may have been that something was stolen while in transit, in which case you may hopefully get something from Federal Express.

Sometimes trying to save a little costs a lot.
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