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Rebate not honored
Posted by Subby39 on 08/12/2005
PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON -- After reading other consumer complaints regarding RadioShack rebates, I realized I wasn't alone in my battle with Radio Shack to send me my rebate! In January 2005 I purchased an Orbiter satellite receiver with a $30 mail in rebate. I mailed what they requested including the UPC code from the box, original receipt, etc. I also made copies of everything. They say 8 - 10 weeks of waiting for the rebate. 8 weeks later, I receive a "resubmit" card asking for the UPC code, etc. I mailed the card plus the copy of the UPC code and copy of the original receipt, plus my 3 cents worth on what I thought of the whole stinkin matter. So waited again, sent emails, then they respond that they received the resubmit card but was lacking the original UPC code from the box! Huh..?!?!? Like, duh!! how can I send the original code when I already sent it to begin with!! Total scam!!!! So after giving me the run around for a few more weeks, I even emailed the head office but never heard back from them, they finally responded and basically said - sorry sucka, offer is now expired, nothing we can do about it. I will never ever shop at Radio Shack again!!!!! and I will tell everyone I know about their rebate scam!!!!!
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Posted by AML on 2005-08-13:
That really stinks - you wouldn't believe how many times I get shafted on rebates. Sometimes I wonder if they claim things are missing in order to skip having you reimburse you the money. >.> /paranoid rant.
Posted by LouCap on 2006-02-19:
Well, it looks like they finally got theirs. there was an article in the paper today stating that their earnings were down 65% and that they would be closing 400 stores minimum. I guess people just got tired of Radio Shack jacking them around wih phony rebate offers.
Posted by bob999 on 2006-11-24:
I hate rebates. I figure the rebate center throws half of the mail it receives away and then goes over the rest with a fine tooth comb looking for ways to deny it. Many rebated I get are denied for stupid reasons. I have to waste time calling and writing and complaining to get my money. The other have I never see because they just throw my rebate request letter away. If you get half of the rebates you send in you are very lucky.
Posted by hangel on 2007-12-27:
I am going through the same thing with Radio Shack righ now, I received a letter stating that I did not enclose the original UPC with the receipt, which I enclosed all required info in the envelope that I sent in for the rebate, now they are telling me that I will not get the rebate bacause they need the original UPC, I made copies of everything, so why do they tell you to make the copies in the first place when they're not going to give you the rebate.... THIS IS A ACAM TO GET YOU TO BUY FROM THEM.... I got the bluetooth headset on black friday that was 29.99 with the 20.00 rebate, what away to keep you business open scamming people.... I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER THING FROM RADIO SHACK
Posted by NateT on 2008-01-11:
Dudes with issues. Go in to the store. explain the situation, bring all paperwork. See if manager or associate can assist in obtaing the rebates. If for some reason, a rebate can not be issued, request the DM or ADM phone number. The (DM, ADM) can issue gift cards for rebates occassionally. I have personally obtained customer rebates by simply making a call and saying that everything was sent... oftentimes, because I helped the customer send the crap.
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Deceptive Sales Practice
Posted by Lmharmon1 on 02/26/2004
BRANDON, FLORIDA -- Do you know what a "bundle pack" is? I didn't until after I was deceived and called 2 levels of upper management who confirmed their practice of "bundle packing". Bundle packing appears to be when a Radio Shack employee gives you a total price including tax on a product and says it includes batteries and a warranty, but fails to inform you that you are purchasing separately the batteries and the warranty. I needed a T.V. remote and the Radio Shack employee sold me a remote. He told me the total price would be $13.88 "and that includes batteries and a warranty". Well instead of a T.V. remote that includes batteries and a manufacturer's warranty - I bought a $4.99 remote, a warranty for $2.99 and batteries for $4.99. Who in the world would purchase a $2.99 warranty on a $4.99 item? Everyone at Radio Shack I have spoken to confirms what a great deal bundle packing is. I think it is extremely deceptive, unethical, and if not illegal - should be.
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Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-25:
Well, a warranty on a remote control is just retarded, but you might have paid the $13.00 and change for the remote alone. In the grand scheme of things, this issue, while obviously poor business practice, is probably not illegal. I am sure there is fine print somewhere, but finding it is well, why they call it fine print.
Posted by tennoken on 2004-12-10:
You really got ripped off because those "heavy Duty" Batteries you got really are not that good! Alkaline Batteries last longer than Heavy Duty Batteries. I dont know why but i seem to get alkaline batteries to last 4 times as long and by price you spend twice as much on heavy duty batteries than you do on alkaline batteries!
Posted by mikey1212 on 2004-12-19:
adding on a 2 dollar service paln "warranty" is what is awesome about radioshack. They will outright replace the product if it breaks. They onlt time they wont replace it is if it was dropped in the toilet. Radioshack batteries come from the same battery manufacturer as duracell. There are only 2 battery manufacturers in the United States! I don't understand what you people are thinking. Evertime I talk to someone about radioshack, they say that they are evil and are allways overpriced. Everyhting in the store is cheaper than the 3 main US retailers for electronics. WALMART, BESTBUY and CIRCUIT CITY. You people are not smart. Just look at the flyers and compare prices. Obviously you are all low income people who have been tricked into believing that WALMART has the lowest prices. THEY DON'T.
Posted by Aegyptius on 2005-04-14:
You are seriously going to whine about 13 dollars? So what if the salesperson did that, they have an unspoken quota to, and you should have seen the price as soon as you had taken it off the peg in the first place. Totally deceptive I agree, FOR A MORON. He told you straight up thats the price INCLUDING batteries and INCLUDING a warranty. Any halfwit would ask what the price is EXCLUDING those additions would be.
Posted by Frenchie on 2005-04-24:
Radio Shack-Bundle packages, add ons, etc. RS sales people on paid minimum wage and a commission over a certain sales base, but the big commissions come on the add ons, whether needed, wanted or not. If you don't "twist the
customer's arm" to buy, the district office fusses with the store manager and he with the salesman, up to a threat of termination for not meeting "expectations". I know first hand of the disengenous mannerism RS employs. Write a letter to home office in Texas and tell them what you think of their practice!
Posted by Ray D Oshack on 2006-05-28:
As a Radio Shack sales associate, I understand how you feel about this practice. I have been repremanded for not participating in it because I believe it is a deceptive practice. Another one of our scams is when a rebate is offered is to lead the customer to believe that the cost of an extended warrenty is being refunded via a rebate. If the customer declines the extended warrenty they are not given the rebate cupon that they are entitled to weather they purcahse an extended warrenty or not. My conscience is clear because I refuse to have any part of this illegal activity.

Posted by power shopper on 2007-03-05:
I worked at Radioshack for 6 years. This is not right.This is not Radioshack policy. Some managers allow this to happen, but it shouldn't
Posted by RADogmeat on 2007-04-06:
Radioshack sales associates also get paid depending on the amount of cell phones, credit cards, and service plans they sell. Actually if an associate wants to make more than minimum wage, he/she pretty much has to sell them. That's why Radioshack associates never look happy.

They are forced to push scams on idiots and if they don't they are fired.
Posted by WOWreally! on 2009-09-11:
SOOOOOO they told you aboout the batteries and the waranty and you are mad why???
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Deceptive Returns Policy
Posted by SSemans on 05/23/2005
ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- Let's say you go in January 1st and buy something - like a radio. If you ask, they'll tell you you've got 30 days to return it for cash, thereafter store credit. You don't like the radio (I didn't like mine) so you go in January 15th to return it, and see a radio controlled truck that would make a great birthday gift for your kid for just $10 more than the radio. So, you return the radio and have the sales person charge the extra $10 to your card. Turns out your wife already got Junior a fire engine, so that's got to go back, and one thing and another it's February 2 (17 days later) before you get back to the store. Now your only option is store credit, no cash refund. Why? Because instead of RETURNING the radio and making the sales person go to the trouble of processing both a credit to your card for the radio AND a new purchase for the truck, you made an EXCHANGE. That means your 30 days for cash refund dates back to the original purchase, the radio, not to two weeks ago when you bought the truck. Tricky, huh? Apparently this deceptive practice is followed by other large electronics retailers as well. Moral: While 30 days return is standard on electronics products, you may want to favor hardware or general merchandise stores who do not try to cheat their customers with dubious hidden technicalities. If you make a return at Radio Shack, get a refund in hand, walk out the door, and THEN decide if you want to buy something else there. By the way, I never did find a small radio there that would pull in distant stations, nor a sales person who could rate or compare different models for this quality.
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Posted by Jlpro on 2005-07-13:
They should have given you a refund on your credit card.
Posted by dlf on 2006-11-26:
They should have given you a refund...thanks for posting. I have had bad experiences at the Boston Radioshack store on Boyleston Ave regarding returns and exchanges as well. If they handled returns and exchanges like Target, Kmart, Walmart, or other stores, I might still shop at Radioshack.
Posted by knuckaduck on 2008-04-06:
Maybe if people like you didn't abuse the system they could be more lenient. However, I have worked at the Cambridgeside Galleria and Mass Ave, Boston RadioShack and people "borrow" murchandise for a special event like a graduation or a vacation and then just return it. Then you wonder why we need to ask for your address and information....
Posted by pbsteve on 2010-10-25:
So what you're saying is, Every 29 days, I should be able to go in, trade an item for a new one indefinite? Damn, I should have bought a TV back in 1990 and kept trading it every month, than I'd have a brand new TV always, and never have to replace an electronic again in my life!!! Genius!!!!
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RC Helicopters from Radio Shack
Posted by DigitalSkyPilot on 01/19/2007
ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN -- I know of three people that purchased the RC Helicopers from Radio Shack. Not one was able to maintain stable flight that lasted over a minute. The blades wobble and they crash. I bought a repair kit as to Radio Shacks recommended solution. Cost $10
I returned the helicopter and was given another. I got home and discovered the helicopter was previously opened and used or was someone elses returned item.
It didn't fly either. I returned and asked about the opened box and they admitted it was a returned item. They were out of them. I asked why was it given to me. I was met by the manager. I asked him when more would be coming in. He stated that my guess was as good as his. I said "you should know more than I do". So he said " Then I guess we aren't getting any more in. I said " Then I guess you had better give me my money back. Three trips to radio shack, an unused repair kit, and a reminder tha I have left Radio Shack far too often empty handed because they didn't carry basic electronic parts. Their employees are not familiar with the products being sold and appear to hate their jobs. Radio Shack has no concious about selling junk and they could care less about servicing the product once it's sold.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-01-19:
You get what you paid for... a piece of junk. You digg...
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-19:
I have just a bit of experience in RC models, and I can tell you I wouldn't buy any of their stuff. Choppers are notoriously difficult to fly, impossible for the novice beginner. If you really have an interest, check into the RC clubs in your town, talk to them or join them. The experienced "pilots" there can guide you in selecting the right type of trainer to get started in.
Posted by Noneill on 2007-01-19:
Well I hate to contradict you, but my husband bought a radio controled helicopter (made for indoors) for our adult son and he was able to keep it flying pretty good after about a 1/2 hour of practice. It stayed in the air for most of 10 minutes or so when the battery charge went noticably lower and then it was very difficult to keep up in the air.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-19:
That's possible on a toy made for indoors, but they hardly compare to a replica model with a gas motor.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-20:
I agree with the Pirate. See if there is a local RC club. They tend to be some of the most friendly people in the world and always willing to help out a novice. Be prepared to spend lots of money and time in the hobby. However the results will be hours of fun with new friends.
Posted by DigitalSkyPilot on 2007-01-20:
"You get what you paid for... a piece of junk."
Thats why I posted it to let others know that Radio Shack sells garbage. Novice pilot was NOT the problem. I was amazed at how many complaints Radio Shack receives. I for one am done with them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-20:
Well, you crashed, so yeah you're a novice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-20:
Jay, you're talking upwards of 500 bucks if you're starting from scratch.
Posted by DigitalSkyPilot on 2007-01-20:
I thought this was a consumer alert type forum. Instead it's a place where people criticize what you've said or what you purchased. I didn't come here for your stupid comments. How is any of your advice helpful?
Pirate with Parrot is a JERK.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-21:
He said he crashed because the blades wobble not because he's a novice. You're lucky you got your money back, there was a complaint a little while ago about them not giving refunds on toys. Radio Shack seems to be going downhill.
Posted by MissThang on 2007-02-24:
As far as this complaint goes, used products get sold back all the time. That is a part of any company (although I have been taught by my manager that if it's been opened, don't put it back on the floor). The manager was correct in stating that he didn't know when more helicopters would be coming in. The corp. sends them to stores whenever they want to and only sends certain items to stores that they feel will be able to sell it/them. We have opened helicopters in our stores every Christmas since we started getting them (to let customers try them out) and the majority of them have survived the month-long duration of abuse that goes with being a display model. Did you charge the helicopter beforehand? As for returns on toys...in my experience we have ALWAYS taken toys back unless there has been obvious signs of wear and tear and/or abuse (i.e., driving a RC truck through mud [which is a big fat no no] and wanting to return/exchange it).

Now, for my personal gripes...(not aimed towards anyone in particular...just a general venting session so the following is really unnecessary to read):

I have worked at 2 different Radioshacks for the past 2 and a half years. I completely understand some of the peoples' complaints here and have sympathy for those whom I believe have truly been ripped off/disrespected at various Radioshacks but I have to wonder about some of the other people who post here, sometimes regularly. In my time of working for this company, I HAVE seen some shady stuff go on and have sometimes refused to abide by their policies as I feel that they are just completely out there and asking too much of the associates. At the same time, I have seen A LOT of customers coming in with attitudes as soon as they walk through that door. I'm sorry...but my belief is that if you treat me with respect, I will give you the best customer service possible (and go out of my way for you if need be)...but if you cuss, yell and/or disrespect me simply because I have rules/policies to follow in order to keep my job, your a$$ will be shown the door. I feel that a lot of people here feel as if they have been ripped off due to their own ignorance and attitudes (i.e., not reading the fine print). As far as rebates go, I have bought things from RS with rebates and have ALWAYS received a check back. Not saying that companies ALWAYS give checks back as they are supposed to, but that I read EVERYTHING before I mail it in and I ALWAYS make copies of everything so that there is no room for error or dispute.

I have worked in retail all my life (currently going to school...retail is the only industry that gives me a flexible schedule) and I have been called names that you would NOT believe. It sickens me to the depths of my soul pertaining to how some retail salespeople/clerks are treated by others and I am SOOOOOO tired of customers who whine/b****/complain their way to the top just because they didn't get their way. I could care less...as long as we haven't physically assaulted a customer, stolen from a customer, and/or made rather vile comments to a customer, then guess what? Ain't losing our jobs! So complain and b**** all you want!

My advice: If/When you go into a Radioshack, please realize that the salespeople you deal with are still human beings. We are not animals...we are not slaves (although some RS employees may beg to differ). We are human beings being used as a corporate tool to make a corporation money. If you come in angry...I pretty much guarantee you that your attitude will be mirrored...but the same applies to if you come in with a neutral attitude and at least treat the salespeople with a little respect. I have never had a bad experience with customer service in a retail store...because I go in not expecting too much and NEVER treat a sales associate rudely. I guarantee that you will get more results out of your "complaint" if you kill 'em with kindness. But by all means, if you are REALLY being ripped off and/or treated rudely, give 'em a piece of your mind! But by the by, customers are getting fed up with RS? Well, RS employees are getting fed up with customers!
Posted by bob999 on 2007-03-18:
selling used merchandise as new is wrong and it is yet another of Radio Shack numerous fraudulent practices.
Posted by MissThang on 2007-03-23:

Blah blah blah! Then go sue 90% of retail stores and quit whining!
Posted by RADogmeat on 2007-04-06:
Those helicopters were POS. I felt bad selling them to customers so I didn't. DO NOT BUY HELICOPTERS FROM RADIOSHACK!

I had many customers that had the same problem as you. We would switch them out when we could but eventually the whole region ran out of working helicopters. I had to call like twenty stores and nobody had a working one.
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Radio Shack
Posted by Jal3866 on 09/28/2007
LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- 1. On 9/8/2007, I took the phone (Cingular 8125) to the Radio Shack store where I bought it. The touch screen had deteriorated to a basically unusable condition at 10 months old.

2. The store manager listened to the problem, looked online to determine that I had a Radio Shack service plan and called the Service Center for me. He gave them a brief description of the problem and handed the phone to me.

3. The Service Representative confirmed my information, told me she would need to have my credit card info in order to charge me for the core price if I failed to return the old phone. She then said I would receive a replacement phone in two business days and I should return the old phone within 30 days to avoid being charged for the core.

4. I received a box by FedEx in 4, not 2, business days and was surprised upon opening it to find it empty except for a couple of packing air bubbles, a return address label and a sheet of instructions, stating “Due to your model phone no longer being available you will be contacted by the Radio Shack service plan to arrange compensation or reimbursement. Once this is complete you MUST return your defective phone in this box.” THIS IS UNHAPPY # 1!

5. I waited two days for the call promised on the sheet before calling Radio Shack customer service to see what was going on. I explained that I was waiting on a call from them. She told me that they don’t call – they wait for my call before initiating anything. UNHAPPY #2! She then made me a reimbursement offer, which would not be enough to replace my phone with the closest current model (Cingular 8525). UNHAPPY #3! Next, she informed me I would receive a Radio Shack gift card – not a check or credit on my credit card – UNHAPPY #4 -- when the tracking number was in their system showing I had mailed the old phone. When I complained about the lag time, she assured me the system would pick up the tracking number and cause the gift card to be issued.

6. Not trusting the system by now, I called the service center 3 or 4 days later and talked to another service rep. She advised me the system showed they had received the old phone the day before and were waiting on my call to set up the gift card. WHOA! What about the lie saying the system does that upon discovering the tracking number? UNHAPPY #5. Unbelievably, I am still fairly calm about the whole situation, so I stated, “Ok, so my gift card should be here in a couple or three days since you’re in Fort Worth, right?” “Wrong”, she stated. It would take 2-3 days at her location before it would be sent to Atlanta, where it would be further processed and issued. It would be 10 to 14 days before I would actually receive the gift card. REALLY UNHAPPY #6! THIS IS REAL SERVICE- NOT!

7. Ok, It’s been a week since the last contact and now I receive in the mail an envelope from ASSURANT Solutions. I know by now, this is the service plan provider for Radio Shack, so I can’t wait to get into the house to open it, hit the road to Radio Shack and get a new phone. Hmmm, doesn’t feel like a card inside. Wonder if they actually sent a check instead? NOPE, it’s a SURVEY! It wants me to tell how happy I am with the extended warranty plan. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HAPPY #7 !!!!!

8. Ok, it’s now 9/28/2007 and no good news in the mail. I call the service center again. The service rep reviews my case on the computer and tells me the card was cut on 9/13. That’s one day over the 10-14 days I was told it would take for me to receive the card. “Ohhh”, says the rep, “that would be 10-14 business days, not calendar days. EXTREMELY UNHAPPY #8 !!!!!

Lies, incompetent, unknowledgeable, uncaring personnel and procedures an idiot could fix blindfolded. This best describes the Radio Shack service plan.

A good service plan would not leave a customer stranded without a phone for even one day. It would bend over backwards to live up to the name Customer Service. It would have upgraded my 8125 to an 8525 or at least given me the option of paying some extra to do that on the spot instead of going through this insane reimbursement process and making me wait weeks to buy another phone at Radio Shack by giving me a gift card (I may be presumptuous, because I still haven’t received it) instead of a check or credit card refund.

UNHAPPY? Yes, extremely. Would I recommend the Radio Shack service plan to my friends? Get real!! I have already told my story to several and haven’t even started, yet

The only positives are the Radio Shack manager and employees at the Lake Jackson, Texas, store. They have bent over backwards for me and are probably embarrassed about the whole thing.

This review has already been mailed to Radio Shack, but as expected, no response has been received.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-28:
You should always deal with the carrier direct. If it's AT&T go to an AT&T location or store. They will try to resolve the problem on the spot and send you out with a new phone. Dealing with third parties like Radio Shack will always lead to greif and problems.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2007-09-28:
You should have received a replacement phone on the spot - your model, or the next HIGHEST model. However, Superbowl's correct - going directly to the carrier would have been a better course of action; but you shouldn't have had to do that, and frankly, I would have done the same thing you did. Good luck on the campaign - hopefully Radio Shack does something to make it up to you.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2007-09-28:
Could be; either way, in the spirit of customer service, a resolution w/o all the red tape was and always is possible. It's just getting someone who has the authority to cut the red tape on the line that seems to be a problem with many corporations.
Posted by chemman on 2007-09-28:
AlleyS, the way I see it, I don't care if it's an out of store warranty or not. RadioShack sold the phone as well as the warranty to the OP (and I'm sure they made a profit on the warranty plan) so they should be responsible for subcontracting out the warranty service to an outside company. If the outside company does/isn't offering the expected level of service I would definately hold the retail store accountable for resolving the issue. As Mad Eye said, companies should be willing to stand behind their product and make it right for the customer, in the case their "product" was the warranty that was sold to the OP. An example of this would be a car purchase, many people buy cars with extended warranties (that are offered by an outside company), if the transmission goes out at 50000 miles, you take the car to the dealer and they honor the warranty that they sold you, they don't tell you "sorry, you out of luck contact the warranty company yourself and deal with it" because they are trying to build brand loyalty and ensure repeat business. I guess in your store you are too annoyed to worry about ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2007-09-28:
Nicely put, Chemman.
Posted by jal3866 on 2007-09-28:
Ok, since this was my post, I'll jump in and clarify that the service plan brochure is labeled "RadioShack Wireless Service Plan." It's their plan, although they farm out the logistics to "Assurant Solutions." Just like they don't actually manufacture any of the RadioShack branded electronic products, they are branding someone else's product (warranty logistics). It's still RadioShack and it's the RadioShack reputation which is tarnished. And another thing, just because I dropped by the RadioShack store to discuss the problem with the manager instead of digging out the paperwork on it, doesn't make me a bad guy or justify being badmouthed for not following procedure. If the store manager says, "hey, let me call RadioShack Service for you right now and we'll get it handled", should I have said, "oh, no, that wouldn't be the correct way to handle this."?
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-09-28:
Radio Shack is not some far away mail order house where an "ouside" warranty would be expected. It is a walk-in retail store. They should service what they sell and assist you when you have a problem. "We made our profit off of you and now that you have a problem, we do not exist"! Yeah right. Every cell phone provider that operates storefront retail outlets, allows you to bring the bad phone there. If Radio Shack want's to be a real cell phone store, it needs to get with the program.
Posted by geather-c on 2007-09-29:
radio schack is the best I have ever seen(at their products breaking down a day after the warranty expires)I quit them 20 some years ago and it would seem I made a wise choice.
Posted by Perly on 2007-12-20:
It's the RadioShack Service Plan, underwritten by Assurant logistics. Just like Sprint and AT&T sell insurance that is underwritten by somebody else.

It's unfortunate that your case ended up as it did, however, I will say that a discontinued phone will be very hard to come by after it's been discontinued. The replacement thing is pretty new; RadioShack used to only be able to repair your phone for you, which would leave you without a phone for at least a week.

A few people dropped the ball in this situation, but the gist of it is that your phone is replaced by mail because RadioShack stores have neither the inventory nor the product status resolution capabilities to handle replacements of every phone that walks through their doors.

On a side note, AT&T does have a 1-year Exchange-by-Mail program which allows for defective phones to be exchanged (with a refurbished model) within the first year.

I've frequently found that talking to different people on the phone will yield different results, and that happens regardless of which company you're dealing with. It's horrible that this happened to you, but in the end, hopefully you DID receive your gift card and were able to go to see the fantastic people in your local store, who helped you out with a new phone. And I'm that your experience, while atrocious, is the exception rather than the rule.
Posted by timmillah on 2008-01-04:
I work at Radio Shack, and I agree that the WIRELESS replacement plans are a load of CRAP. I don't even ask customers anymore because I had a customer buy one before and about 6 months later his antenna broke off of it because he dropped it...I called in the number for him and we talked to a lady, explained what happened and she said it's not covered..even though the paper clearly states normal wear and tear is covered. I felt horrible because I actually care about my customers and I had told this one that his phone would be covered if ANYTHING happened to it (except water damage or theft) and they didn't come through.

Regular extended warranties, however, are definitely worth the money. They just mail you a new gift card in less than a week. It's great.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-04:
A couple of years ago, I took my sprint phone to a sprint store - the little button tip of the antenna had come off and gotten lost. Wouldn't have been a big deal, but I didn't fancy the idea of poking myself in the eye with the wire antenna end. So I goes to the store and requested just a little plastic ball end to put back on. I axed the clerk if "there isn't just a scrap piece - junked one laying around I could harvest the worthless little plastic ball end off of............" He considered the idea, went to the back - consulted a tech and returned to me to say...."Uh, no, we don't have anything like that (liar!) but the tech sez for 20 bucks he can sell you a new antenna!
Posted by NateT on 2008-01-11:
timmillah, perhaps you were not properly trained for wireless service plan, or I guess any of the plans. Wear and tear, does not mean dropping, or physical damage. That would be like me crashing into a tree on an icy day, and expecting my car warranty to fix it. Obviously there is a huge cost difference but it is the same thing.

ASM 1532
Posted by cvneza06 on 2008-08-05:
They are doing the same crap to me and my Zune.... I should be "receiving my gift card in two-three business days".... which I have seen how this is handled already... so I know that won't happen anytime soon. I should have received it today but didn't. The only thing tha is different about my situation which really urks me is the fact that I got the item during a black friday sale for $99.99... when it normally runs for $199.99.... so they are just refunding what I paid... not even enough for another 30 gb Zune. I hate radioshack with a passion.
Posted by D. Aliff on 2008-10-26:
"AlleyS, the way I see it, I don't care if it's an out of store warranty or not. RadioShack sold the phone as well as the warranty to the OP (and I'm sure they made a profit on the warranty plan) so they should be responsible for subcontracting out the warranty service to an outside company. If the outside company does/isn't offering the expected level of service I would definately hold the retail store accountable for resolving the issue. As Mad Eye said, companies should be willing to stand behind their product and make it right for the customer, in the case their "product" was the warranty that was sold to the OP. An example of this would be a car purchase, many people buy cars with extended warranties (that are offered by an outside company), if the transmission goes out at 50000 miles, you take the car to the dealer and they honor the warranty that they sold you, they don't tell you "sorry, you out of luck contact the warranty company yourself and deal with it" because they are trying to build brand loyalty and ensure repeat business. I guess in your store you are too annoyed to worry about ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction."

I was reading this complaint and was trying to think of a way to relate to it with a situation I had been through. The closest thing I could think of was an extended auto warranty.

I used to work at a car dealership. There WERE times when a customer brought in a car that had one of these extended warranties and they were fixed on the spot with no problems. However, there were also times where they either were fixed after about 4 weeks of waiting for the authorization to come through to pay the technician. There were times where I had to walk up to the customer and say, "I'm sorry ma'am, but your warranty company said they refuse to pay for this repair."

"I work at Radio Shack, and I agree that the WIRELESS replacement plans are a load of CRAP. I don't even ask customers anymore because I had a customer buy one before and about 6 months later his antenna broke off of it because he dropped it...I called in the number for him and we talked to a lady, explained what happened and she said it's not covered..even though the paper clearly states normal wear and tear is covered. I felt horrible because I actually care about my customers and I had told this one that his phone would be covered if ANYTHING happened to it (except water damage or theft) and they didn't come through.

Regular extended warranties, however, are definitely worth the money. They just mail you a new gift card in less than a week. It's great."

Normal wear and tear denotes things a cellphone normally goes through. Having a button stick because it's pressed too much. Having a battery fail within the year. Having the speaker blow.

Phones aren't meant to be dropped. If the customer had forgone the extended warranty, still dropped their phone, then called their carrier to replace the phone under it's normal 1-year warranty, it would not of been replaced.

It's not RadioShack's fault, or Assurant's since that's who handles our warranties, that you misinformed your customer.

"They are doing the same crap to me and my Zune.... I should be "receiving my gift card in two-three business days".... which I have seen how this is handled already... so I know that won't happen anytime soon. I should have received it today but didn't. The only thing tha is different about my situation which really urks me is the fact that I got the item during a black friday sale for $99.99... when it normally runs for $199.99.... so they are just refunding what I paid... not even enough for another 30 gb Zune. I hate radioshack with a passion."

I have read alot of complaints on here, especially today, and this is by far the stupidest one.

You bought something for $100 when it was on sale, you purchased a replacement warranty on it, and you're mad because they're not refunding you TWICE what you paid?

I understand you got it for cheaper than normal price, but if things were replaced for what the price was when you broke it and not what you actually paid for it, the scams would be EVERYWHERE.

I would go to Wal-Mart, buy a bunch of stuff that was on sale, then return it when it went off sale so I could make anice profit.

Now to address the OP's complaint.

Like someone else said, if your phone was discontinued, of course it's going to be hard to find it. RadioShack stores have no control over when phones get discontinued (be it by Cingular, the manufacturer of the phone, or the RadioShack parent company) and they have no control over the phones they stock.

The brochure you were given says the claims aren't handled by RadioShack. It also tells you to call that 800 number. The way it happened is the way it should happen.

Your complaint isn't with RadioShack, it's with Assurant.

I have explained my disstaste with Assurant in the past on this website. I sold myself a television from our store and bought the '3-Year In Home Warranty' on it. That's what popped up on my screen. As an associate, they only told us about the repair procedures for everything else, and noone was aware that televisions were different.

The TV had some problems a few months later, instead of using my 1-year manufacturer warranty, I called Assurant. Their brochure says they'd fix the item, if they couldn't fix it, they'd refund my purchase price.

The lady tells me that they don't have a service center near me, so the in-home repair is out. They don't want to pay to ship it anywhere because of the extra cost. They offer to find me a replacement (which I tried to find myself when I noticed the problem), but the only ones out there were display models that I did not want because I had not purchased a display model. Since I refused to have it replaced with the same model of TV because they were all display models, the girl tried to get me to replace it with a cheaper television (that was not on display, but that had a lower resolution than the one I purchased). When I refused this, she said they could offer me a gift card to replace my television.

This seemed reasonable to me, but when she told me the amount, I got fairly angry. When I bought the TV, I paid $699.99 + $179.99 for the TV, that's $880 before taxes, $900+ after taxes. She was offering me a gift card for $579.97, the CURRENT retail price for my television. I quoted their brochure saying I'd get full price for the phone, her response was, "Sir, your sales associate must of lied to you. We don't do that, we give current retail price for the product."

Now, I sold this to myself. This lady at Assurant called me a liar to my face. When I finally, after much b*tching to Assurant, got them to agree to ship my TV off, it was gone for almost 2 weeks. The repair center told me there was nothing wrong with my TV, I told them to ship it back. When I recieved the television back, the repair slip showed they had repaired a faulty connection that had been causing my problem.

Yes, RadioShack's extended warranties can be TERRIBLE sometimes, but I've sold them to customers and they've had their products replaced with no complaints.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-26:
D. Aliff, you realize you are posting to comments that are over a year old? Alley posted her comment on 09/28/2007 and I doubt she will ever see your reply as Alley has not posted on M3C's since August.
Posted by D. Aliff on 2008-10-26:
superbowl, you realize that I don't care?

I was at work and saw a complaint that I thought was friviolous. Is there some sort of rule where I'm not allowed to respond to a complaint that was made so long ago?

The OP was made in 07, the last reply, before mine, was a little over 2 months ago. Someone is giong to be like me and see this complaint and want to add their 'three cents' to this review, just like you did.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-26:
You seemed like a nice enough guy and I was just giving you a heads up. Guess I was wrong, carry on. Alley's comment that you were responding to is dated 09/28/2007.

ps) Like most everyone else I know I avoid RS now also. They have truly become the gang that can't shoot straight or even know who's on first anymore. Years ago they were such a good company, just goes to prove the point a company is as bad as it's employee's want it to be. Terrible management does not help either.
Posted by old fart on 2008-10-26:
Super.. It seems that any of them in my area are staffed by 17 year old computer geeks..not something to build your confidence in a company...
Posted by D. Aliff on 2008-10-27:
Would you like me to tell you why people seem to be bothered when you go into RadioShack and want to converse about resistors?

I work at RadioShack, I'm here now, able to type this message because it's Monday and we're completely dead.

If he came in right now, I wouldn't mind helping Joe Thomas look for a fuse to put in his radar detector's CLA. That's fine to me, it's Monday, I have nothing else to do and no other customers to attend to.

It's when a customer comes in at 4:30 on a Saturday, when one of our employees is on their dinner break and the other is activating a cellphone. There are 4 groups of customers in the store, and Joe wants to tell me the EXACT application he's going to be using this fuse in and ask my opinion on it.

I don't have time to do that type of thing. Of course, I care about my sales, but that's not the reason why I don't want to 'shoot the sh*t' with him. It's because these other groups of customers see me talking with him and think, "Wow. He's been with that guy for that long and all he's buying is a $3 pack of fuses? I'm over here looking at a $40 router and he hasn't even spoken to me."

I don't want my customers to feel like that. It's not me being rude, it's me trying to manage customers in order of their importance. It's more important to me to talk to a person about how to set up a wireless network in their house than it is to talk to a guy about wether he should use a slow-blow fuse or a fast-blow fuse.

Yes, some of our employees are less-than knowledgeable. I had a 'Manager In Training' call me yesterday and ask how he could translate milliamps into amps. That's something I learned when I was 10, but he didn't know that.

Yea, some of our employees can see a little rude sometimes, but look at it from our perspective. Here's a conversation I just had.

Me: "Hello, is there something I can help you find?"
Woman: "Yes, do you have CD-Rs?"
Me: "Yes, we do. They're right over here."
Woman: "The cheapest pack you have is $17.99 for 50?"
Me: "Yes ma'am. This is the first time in a while I don't have a pack on sale."
Woman: "Well can you give them to me for cheaper?"
Me: "No ma'am, I'm not allowed to change prices on things."
Woman: "So you can't give me the sale price?"
Me: "No, I can't give you the sale price since they're not on sale."
Woman: "Okay, well they're too expensive. Do you have the headphones with the headphones built in?"
Me: "I'm sorry?"
Woman: "You know, the microphones with the headphones built in."
Me: "What is it you're trying to do?"
Woman: "I can put them on and listen to the radio through them."
Me: "A headset with a radio built in? We have those back here."
Woman: "Those aren't on sale either? I suppose you can't give me a sale price on them, can you?"

This woman came in, looking for a deal, and instead of accepting the prices, tried to haggle with me, then seemed annoyed when I was unwilling to lower the price for her.

I had a customer once get mad because we didn't have altimeters. He was on the phone and said, "Why don't you have them? You need to order some damn it. I need it for hunting." When I explained that we don't order things like that, that we're sent what they decide to send us, his reply was, "I don't give a f*ck, you need to get one."

People complain about lack of service and all this, but noone ever thinks about how many stupid, frivilous, ridiculous questions that employee has to answer that day.

I have people call me every day, they'll ask me if we have a product, they'll ask me what it does, they'll ask me about it's features, they'll ask me about accessories, they'll ask me questions for 10 minutes, then they'll ask me the number to a different store so they can go get it there.

My point is, you don't KNOW what retail employees go through. I live in West Virginia, if I get this many people asking stupid/annoying questions, I can only imagine how many stupid/annoying questions someone in New York or California gets.

Yes, the retail employee may be rude sometimes. Yes, they may be a little less knowledgeable than they should be. You have to remember though, they're people too. They forget things, they don't find things out, they have bad days.

Not only am I a retail sales person, I'm also in customer service. I'm expected to maintain both at an extremely high level, and if I don't I shouldn't expect my job to stay around. It gets REALLY difficult to maintain a positive attitude all the time when you're not dealing with any problems, and it gets even harder when you get a customer who's being an assh*le for no reason.

...and for the record, you must be 18 to work here.
Posted by WOWreally! on 2009-08-28:
D. Aliff i get what you get times 100. I am 25 for one, two you are tottaly correct. People want A+ service on what ever they buy and when someone else is getting it instead of them they complain about it not being them. The average consumer is no more mature than a small child when it comes to waiting their turn thats why i have the throw a temper tantrum ger thrown out rule. Does not effct my sales revenues at all because im WAY over plan for this year and I dont have to deal with cry babies. See heres the thing people will swarm to a retailer who has the word FREE in his window. As far as the tool box on the phone goes that attitude is adjusted by a swift hang up because I dont take abuse from telephone tough guys.
Posted by lauren209 on 2012-02-24:
It does not matter if you call the service number or go into the store radioshacks warranty still sucks. There are tons of hoops you have to jump through to get a new phone because the one you recieved was defective. And then you have to jump through hoops to get your deposit back. I've talked to 3 different representitives and they all have different answers to when I get my money back. Now I am canceling my plan and jumping through hoops to do that.
Posted by jessica on 2013-06-20:
Having a similiar issue. I have a accidental damage replacement warranty on my phone, it cost close to $100. The phone gor wet and no longer worked. I went to radio shack and they contacted the warranty dept. They would send out packaging for me to send my phone back and if they couldnt fix it or replace it with a comparable model, i would receive a gift card. Fine. I got the packaging the next day and sent my phone out fedex express about 2 hrs later. A week went by and i didnt get a phone or any communication regarding the status of my replacement. I finally called THEM and they said i would be issued either a check,an actual gift card or an electronic gift card thru my email. I opted for the email because it would take 10 days for the other options to reach me, whereas i would receive the email in 24 hrs. Cool. Not. Its day 2. I called again to see what was up and apparently they entered the email address wrong and would have to reissue the email. Cool. Not. I have to wait 3-5 more days just so they can make sure i didnt receive the email and use the card already. Im now without a phone for 10 days. I was under the impression that a warranty would eliminate any hassle in getting a new phone. Not so. Very unhappy.
Posted by Mark on 2013-08-19:
Same problems that Jessica is having. Now into 14th day and they still haven't contacted me about a replacement settlement. I have contacted them 5 times. Now. I am going back to Sprint for their extended warranty on the next phone. They mail a replacement to you first and you then send back the old one, makes it so much better.
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Charges activation fees
Posted by Christc878 on 01/11/2007
CREVE COEUR, MISSOURI -- When I upgraded my Sprint phone at Radio Shack, they said I would not be charged an activation fee ($72 on 2 phones). The receipt said, $0. But then the Sprint bill came and they charged me $72. Sprint said they cannot take off the activation fees, only Radio Shack can. The store manager said he cannot get to my Sprint account, cannot credit my account and knows nothing about a code that would keep me from getting charged. Sprint says otherwise. I finally got a Sprint rep to credit my account. Either RS is deliberately lying or they purposely do this hoping people wouldn't notice. I will never shop at RS again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-11:
I don't like going there because they always want my address.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-11:
I don't give them my address and I think they are the ones that tried to scam you. But I'm glad you got your money back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-12:
When I go there I give them Pirate's address.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-01-12:
Why blame RS? The didn't charge you the fee, Sprint did and they blamed RS. The RS manager said he didn't do it, didn't know about it and could not fix it. Sprint finally stepped up and removed the charge. Yet you choose to believe Sprint and assume RS is lying. I'm not following your logic there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-12:
Sheriff, that is the best idea ever! I must do that, I'm off to RS......................
Posted by MissThang on 2007-02-24:
You're lucky you got your money back from Sprint...many do NOT when it comes to things such as this.

Whatever happened, obviously happened at the Radioshack level and I'm sorry you had to experience this. The sales associate made a BIG mistake and it is unknown whether he/she did it on purpose (which is odd since we get nothing out of charging activation fees) or if it was purely by accident (which DOES happen...remember...we're still human beings here).

The RS manager was correct in telling you that there was no way he could credit you back the activation fees. We have no way of accessing your Sprint account in that fashion. Sprint was INcorrect in telling you that a RS associate can credit you and only said that to pawn you off.

Remember where you got your bill from that showed you got charged those activation fees: SPRINT! And who was finally able to credit you back the money when they originally said they couldn't? SPRINT! Think about it now...
Posted by bob999 on 2007-02-25:
Radio Shack will say anything to get you buy the phone. Whether it is true or not make no difference to Radio Shack.
Posted by MissThang on 2007-02-28:
"Radio Shack will say anything to get you buy the phone. Whether it is true or not make no difference to Radio Shack." -- Bob999

In the RS stores I've worked in, that actually isn't true. I could care less if people buy phones from me and rarely speak to a customer about cellular phones unless they specifically ask me about it.

Think about it...we have enough whiny customers as it is. Do you really think most employees would deliberately lie just so that customer could come back and rip their heads of? Doesn't sound logical to me.
Posted by bob999 on 2007-03-18:
"In the RS stores I've worked in, that actually isn't true."

You seem to have been luck enough to work in some non existent utopian radio shack store that treats customers fairly and honestly.

I have never been lucky enough to find that utopian radio shack store but live in the real world where radio shack employees are rewarded for lying to the customers and regularly fraudulently misrepresent the products and services they sell.
Posted by MissThang on 2007-03-23:
"You seem to have been luck enough to work in some non existent utopian radio shack store that treats customers fairly and honestly." -- Bob999

Non-existent? Obviously it exists...as I have worked in 2 of these RadioShacks where we work WITH the customer (as long as they are respectful) and don't push ANYTHING on them. If we offer and they say, "No, thank you"...end of story.

"I have never been lucky enough to find that utopian radio shack store but live in the real world where radio shack employees are rewarded for lying to the customers and regularly fraudulently misrepresent the products and services they sell." -- Bob999

How many RadioShacks are there? Hmm...thousands? You live in YOUR world where whining and b*tching will get you what you want. From what I've seen out of you on this website, I can't imagine any retail clerk wanting to work with you if there's a problem. You are aggressive and disrespectful and seem to have this belief that, "Oh...they're minimum-wage working people which means I can treat them like crap and scream at them all day long." Am I close?

Here's a grand idea: STOP SHOPPING AT RADIOSHACK!!! Believe me...we don't want you in our stores either!
Posted by NateT on 2008-01-11:
Old topic but people.... RS does not require name and address for fricken purchases. It has been YEARS. A name and address are required for refunds, some rebates, Sirius, Dish, Cell phones, new RS credit cards, checks, and ummm.... nothing else.
Posted by bbooker5 on 2008-05-20:
ok... If your contract says nothing of an activation fee and you were not informed, why is RadioShack to blame? I work for RadioShack and, yes, we charge activation fees. Sometimes there are promotions when these fees are waived... Anyways, Sprint refunded the activation fee because they were the ones who charged it. RadioShack employees are commission based and for as long as I've worked here (over 4 years) I have never been compensated for customers' activation fees so there is no motive for the employee to 'dupe' you into paying these fees. SPRINT did this!
Posted by texmml on 2009-10-23:
Actually believe it or not Radio Shack is to blame here, I work at a Radio Shack and I do cell phone activations. To waive activation fees I simply text the RS Sprint Representative with the customers cell phone number the customer gets charged for the activation fee for the first bill however the fee's are credited back to the person account their second bill. I have done this for 2 years and yet to get any complaints that I have known of....its that simple.
Posted by WOWreally! on 2010-02-28:
not so tex, if it says on the contract there is no activation fee then there is no activation fee. thats how it is its not RS fault of sprint dropped the doughnut and applied a fee. To make matters worse they know RS cant do credits to customers accounts and told her we can so they lied not ONCE but Twice. Ignorance and deception, two tottaly different things.
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Posted by Taylorson1 on 02/19/2006
LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased an MP# player from Radio Shack after seeing an advertisement offering a $70.00 rebate.
I took the item home in December 2005 and with the Christmas hustle and bustle forgot about it.
At the last minute, I remembered and sent the rebate in.
According to Radio Shack rebate....the postmark could be no later than January 13th.
I walked the rebate offer into the post office and asked them to stamp it in front of me...so I was sure the postmark was January 13th.
Two weeks later I received an e-mail that Radio Shack rebate center received my rebate and it was in process.
I waited another two weeks to come home from work to find what I thought was my rebate check, only to find that my rebate was declined saying it was mailed after the rebate.
I called radio shack rebate center and was told my item was postmarked January 16th. I asked for a copy of the envelope with the postmark on it telling them I watched them stamp the envelope myself.
I was informed by the person on the telephone that after the information is input into the system the paperwork is destroyed. They have nothing to prove my item was postmarked the 16th.
It's funny how you can walk into a post office on April 15th and have your IRS TAX Form postmarked with that date....but somehow when radio shack gets your rebate.....the postmark has a 3 day delay?????
I unfortunately never thought to get a photocopy of my rebate letter stamped with the date......who would have?
For all you out there who purchase with a rebate offer....send them in right away...but even then you probably won't receive it....
Radio Shack will find someway not to give it to you.
What they count on is people forgetting......and if you don't forget....they'll find some other way around it.

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Posted by LouCap on 2006-02-19:
Well, it looks like they finally got theirs. there was an article in the paper today stating that their earnings were down 65% and that they would be closing 400 stores minimum. I guess people just got tired of Radio Shack jacking them around wih phony rebate offers.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-20:
Don't give up. Any chance you can present a witness that went with you to the post office that day? Perhaps the threat of a small claims suit and a trip for their corporate council to PA would convince them it's more cost effective to send you your $70.00.
Posted by mediawatchdog on 2006-03-10:
I have been scewed over by Radio shack and being disabled, don't have money for a class action Lawsuit. To make a long story short. I bought overated equipment, was sold the wong part, returned the unit, had problems with subsequent units, was lied to about retrurn policy, and treated rudely at every level of management.
Posted by mediawatchdog on 2006-03-10:
I bought a lite-on DVD recorder in February of last year and discovered it didn't have a remote. The wrong remote was e-mailed to me with a note saying it the right one wasn't available anymore-the one given me was for a DVD player not a recorder so I returned everything Two months later i bought it again to resolve a problem I was having recording, from a different store thios time. The machine didn't work properly. Lite_ON Tech support couldn't figure the problem out without servicing it so I returned it for another one. Firmware upgrades failed to solve the problem with that return too, and the Weirton WV store employees yelled at me and accused me of abusing the return policy. I bought two units because I needed to transfer Videos from another machine made by the same company as the Lite_ON units, but purchased from Walmart, which was also failing. I said these units were the best machines to do the job and this remark was taken as an absolute statement, which is why I got yelled at for returning them. I returned to the Steubenville store and was sold two machines by mail, guiarranteed to be direct from the manufacturer and in working condition after returning the ones bought in Weirton. The store manager wrote on the reciept that he'd allow a return if I had problems within 30 days of my recieving them in the mail. In all this time I was reminded at both stores -30 day money back garrantee, 90 day in store credit. No one said anything about them having to be defective at the time. The District manager blamed me for all the returns, accused me of abusing the return policy and refused to allow a return after telling me the return policy would be strictly enforced. The store manager refused to let me return them when I had problems (This was approaching 90 days.) He said his district manager forbade it-According to strict return policy it was prior to 90 days and eligible for return. Now the story is it has to be deffective. They agreed to repair them. I sent samples of ruined disks with the machine and they kept being returned to me with the same problems they had before repair. The Customer service people at 1-800-the shack and the district manager's secretary won't listen to me. They talked while I was talking, in an argumentative tone, and I've been hung up on after being told the matter is resolved when it isn't, that I'm not using the right media, etc. The problem is Lite-ON told me to get one kind of media, then changed their minds and told me another was compatible. I wasted my money on what I thought was compatible. The icing on the cake-one of these machines won't recocnize radio shack brand DVD laser lens cleaners anymore. (It did at one time). What is recorded in one machine can't be played in the other, and in spite of the advertizement that it is an all-write machine (takes all media including CD's) The Video CDs can't be finalized for playing on any other machine but the one that it was recorded on. Occasionally, finalized disks have not been recognized and it will only write on +RW's once. I sent sample Disks in with the repar and they have been ignored. The repair people claim the machine worked fine on various media, and customer service hung up on me after telling me I'm not using the right media-and didn't bother to tell me what the right m,edia was, in spite of the right media not being available at most stores in my shopping area. I'm on Dissability-My mental handicap affects social skills and I'm out 400 dollars because of this. 400 dollars is more than half my government pay chech. Radio Shack's response that there may have been a miscommunication because of my disability was to not listen to me as I explained my dissability, tell me there was not miscommunication and the situation was resolved when it wasn't. They refused to negotiate for a partial refund. If there is to be a class action lawsuit against them, count me in, I can't afford to sue them myself. I'm currently using a Walmart brand since these are useless, and haven't had any problems. I unfortunately come off rude sometimes myself due to my social skills disability, but usually this is after being treated unjustly.
Posted by power shopper on 2007-03-05:
Whose fault is it that you were too busy to send it off. If the $70 rebate was so big for you, you would have taken care of it sooner.
Posted by NateT on 2008-01-11:
If people have problems... maybe they should just call our store... We deal with stupid, and some intelligent people all day every day, without major issues. JUST compliments to DM. If someone is interested in contacting this store, send me a message. By the way, I am the ASM of said store in Great Barrington Ma. We will accept credit cards over the phone, and ship products to you, requiring a signature upon delivery by FEDEX. Holla if u need me
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Posted by Bhayes on 04/30/2002
POPLAR BLUFF, MISSOURI -- My husband bought a hand held computer for me. There was a $150 rebate if you returned the bar code, the rebate form, and the original receipt by a certain date.

Two days after opening the gift, I cut the bar code off of the box, as per the instructions, filled out the rebate form and mailed that in with the original receipt.

A month later we received a notice that they could not process the rebate, becasuse the bar code was not in envelope. We were instructed to cut it from box, and place in return mail. I HAD done that originally.

My husband went to Radio Shack, showed the letter to the Manager, and he said he would take care of it for us. We did not hear anything for a few weeks, so we returned to Radio Shack and spoke to the Manager again. He stated that the rebate offer had expired now and there was nothing he could do. We asked him to call Compaq and he refused, repeating there was nothing he could do.

We then decided to return the entire computer only to be told it was past the return period and they would not give us our money back.

Basically, Radio Shack and Compaq got us for $150.00. The rebate was a deciding factor on the brand he was going to purchase.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-02:
I make photo copies of everything I send in for a rebate. If the rebate processing center loses your UPC, sometimes they will accept a photo copy.

Did you make a photo copy?
Did you call the rebate center?
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-07:
Well aren't you special?
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-05-30:
Sorry you had this experience. Please, please: Always make copies of everything before you send in your rebate forms. $150 is a lot of money; why take chances?
Posted by Bits4Bites on 2004-07-12:
Call the district office and talk to the District Sales manager. This phone number is typiclly listed in the phone book. The DSM may be able to get the 150 to you.
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Black Friday Sale Cancelled
Posted by Dizdvl on 12/08/2008
ONLINE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ordered online a MP3 on Thanksgiving day. It said it was in stock for $49.99. I print the confirmation page. I also receive 2 emails confirming my order. Then 9 days later this past Saturday I get an email saying they are sorry but they were out of stock. My order was cancelled. Now I have to pay full price of $99.99 for it. I believe that is a breach of contract. From what I have read they did the same thing for other products of the black Friday sale. The law departs phone is constantly busy. I have not been able to get through yet.

I know that customer service can't help so I am taking to the legal end. Someone will fix this for me.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-08:
Let us know how it turns out.
Posted by Nelle on 2008-12-08:
I have the same exact problem! i will never buy from radio shack again!
Posted by dizdvl on 2008-12-09:
The phone is either busy or off the hook all day, but I will keep trying. I also emailed tv stations and Bill Oreilly from Fox News. The govt can bail out all these big companies while the little guy gets screwed over all the time. I am tired of it. I will keep you posted.
Posted by Juliet Abigale on 2008-12-23:
Did you even TRY customer service?
Posted by Downwithignorantcustomers on 2009-01-27:
Big shock... a hot sale priced item gets sold out on the busiest day of the year... it takes time to tally those online orders with actual inventory. And hey, mistakes can be made. Customer service can take care of something like that for you. But no... you'd prefer to get up on your high horse, soap box in tow, cry "foul", and whine your way all the way to court. Its people like you that sour the entire retail industry and raise prices for all the normal customers.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-01-27:
Down, people have a need to vent and they do it here. Radio Shack confirmed the order, he has a right to be teed off about it.

However, if as your name implies, you're going to take the corporate hard line all the time..none of that matters to you anyway.
Posted by Downwithignorantcustomers on 2009-01-27:
I don't take a corporate hard line. I take an associate hard line, because in general, customers treat sales associates and customer service representatives like crap (for stuff they usually don't even have any control over).
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-01-28:
Sounds like retail is not the job for you.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-28:
Down, unless there was a "subject to availability" clause somewhere, the poster is right, except they should have started out in CS and escalated from there.
Posted by dizdvl on 2009-01-29:
I did start in CS and escalated from there. And by the way, Down, I haved worked in the CS line for many years. I know how we get treated. I was not screaming to the people on the phone there because I know it was not there fault. I took the escalted means possible to try to resolve this. I was over this and moved on until I found out more people are posting about it. Just chill out a bit.
Posted by www.creeper on 2013-08-24:
Most of Radio Shack employees scam you. They do it for money. Not for customer satisfaction.
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Posted by Jadestorme6 on 01/30/2002
ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a cordless phone from Radio Shack in Altoona, Pa. This was June of 2001 by September it broke. The buttons stuck.. I purchased a warranty for $40.00 on top of the cost of the phone that cost $150.00, total-$190.00. I was told if it brakes for any reason bring it back and we will replace it. When I took it back in September they told me they would have to send it away. I waited a week and a half for it. I just returned it today again for the same problem and asked for a new phone, not their policy. I ask for my money back, I was told that would never happen. They offered to sell me a cheap phone to use till mine comes back! I don't think so! So they are sending it away. I was told to call in about a week because sometimes these come back and sit in the back room for a week before someone calls you.If this is the way you back up your products I would have to be really stupid to purchase anything there again. I think I would be better off going down the road a half a mile to Wal-Wart. Their return policy is aimed at pleasing the customer not the company!

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Full refund or new phone.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by prozacLegend on 2004-11-16:
As a Radio Shack employee, I can tell you that when you were sold the extended warranty, you were misinformed. What you bought was an extention on the manufacturer warranty, and on items costing more than $50, we send them to a repair center as the first course of action. Then, if they are unable to fix the phone, the second action would be to replace it. And you were also misonformed that "if anything happens" - it does not cover physical damage, loss or theft, it still only covers manufactures defects.
From the tone of your message, however, I do hope that you enjoy the great technological answers and assitance that I'm sure every Wal-Mart employee has to offer, you ignorant prick.
I used to be a nice person who would never say such a thing, but years of Radio Shack will change a person - becasue of dealing with too many customers like you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-12:
WOW. Commenting on a 7+ year old review. Wow.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-12:
0894, settle down, dude.

I doubt prozac is ever going to hear [read] this, considering they posted their comment 5 years ago.
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