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Unsatisfactory Service & Unprofessionalism
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I am writing in reference to a recent encounter I had last night at the Belleville Crossing Radio Shack location, store number #01-6605. I went there to purchase a Cricket Hauwei Mercury Ice phone. The first mistake was that I was not greeted and had to actually go up to the counter and approach Angela, a sales rep, rather than her approach me. Tim, the store manager was unable to do so because he had a customer and Bill was counting down the till which were perfectly fine. I ignored her lack of experience which was evident in her inability to retrieve the desired phone unbeknownst to me that mistake number two was fast approaching. As Angela rung up my transaction, she forgot to add on the rate plan which caused both Bill and Tim to come to her aid, giving her different instructions. Nevertheless, I waited patiently as Tim made her re-ring the transaction the correct way. Before we finished the transaction, I asked if I were receiving the advertised " $10 for every $50 spent promotion" being that I spent $216.

I was informed by Bill that 1) Angela had completed the transaction, 2) they could not offer me the promotion because I bought "airtime", 3) You just missed out this time. Let me mention that Bill went to the back to speak to Tom, the store manager which meant arguing the point was moot. I was dumbfounded because I had all three associates which included the store manager and was not offered the promotion - not even when the two "experienced" sales reps came to Angela's aid. I thought that the purpose of training was to correctly show the trainee what to do and also to model appropriate actions when an error is made and the customer was at no fault. I did not know I had to suggest promotions that are plastered ALL over the windows and throughout the store in order to receive them.

I am going to post this on Facebook and other consumer sites because I don't believe that they were fine with making me lose out on $30 on the phone and possibly $10 on the plan. Over the last 35 days I have spent almost $600 at Radio Shack purchasing phones and am now of the opinion that I will definitely take my business elsewhere.
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FoDaddy19 on 11/06/2012:
"The first mistake was that I was not greeted and had to actually go up to the counter and approach Angela, a sales rep, rather than her approach me."

One my pet peeves, is being bumrushed by overly eager sales associates as soon as I walk in the door. If I a want help, I'll ask for it, otherwise leave me alone.

About the $10 for every $50 spent. I'm not sure what went wrong there. I looked at the FAQ on their website and aside from a vague mention of "qualifying purchases", it seems like you should've earned some $10 coupons with your transaction. Looks like they dropped the ball on this one.
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Don't buy cell phones from Radio Shack
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GARDEN CITY PARK, NEW YORK -- Went to upgrade my Verizon phone at Radio Shack to get the new Bionic in 9/2011, had a salesperson that knew almost nothing about the phone or Verizon and I was in the store for close to 4 hours to do a simple upgrade. The salesperson told me that Radio Shack's insurance plan was better than Verizon's for the same price, that they replaced your phone with a new phone instead of a refurbished one, which is what he said Verizon did. I asked about lost or stolen phones and he told me they were included, so I switchd from Verizon's plan to Radio Shacks. About 2 weeks later, I brought the Droid Bionic back because it kep shutting down for no reason. They switched it for another one, again in the store for over 2 hours, they just didn't know how to use the equipment. I have to say after all of this I never lost my patience. Went back to Radio Shack this past weekend, 12/18, for a totally different reason and was met with the nnormal unprofessional behavior of the salespeople. They didn't know what was in their circular, where products were in the store, didn't care if they helped me. I had my phone in my hand and put it on the counter to find some batteries in my bag that I wanted to recycle. The sales person told me RS doesn't recycle batteries. I told him I was pretty sure they did, so he took them. I left the store, walked to my car, went to make a phone call and realized I didn't have my phone. I searched my car and realized I left it in the store. Went back in within a few minutes of leaving and asked the guys if they saw my phone and they said no. Another customer offered to call the phone for me and it was ringing on his end, but we couldn't hear it in the store. the ringer was definitely on, so I went back to my car, looked for it some more, looked in the parking lot and called it several more times, nowhere to be found. Very strange since I hadn't gone anywhere. I asked about my insurance plan and guess what?? it doesn't cover lost or stolen phones!! SO I am out my very expensive phone, have no insurance and no upgrade left. I called and emailed RAdio Shack corporate and they couldn't care less, they don't care that their salespeople are lazy and uninterested, don't know how to sell their product and couldn't care less when you walk into the store on football Sunday, because they are too busy watching the game in the back.
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Employee Fried My Sony Vaio!
Posted by on
EL PASO, TEXAS -- 3 weeks ago this Wednesday I happened to make a poor mistake in life. I took my computer to work when I realized I was low in battery and I forgot my charger. I then called a nearby Radio Shack store to confirm if they had any oem or universal chargers, and the employee ( who happens to be brand new and in his first day of opening the store by himself) said to bring the laptop over to see which charging tip it was going to be. I got there about 30 minutes after I called to buy the charger, I took my computer as instructed and I put it in sleep mode with only 15% battery left. The RS employee then begun trying universal tips on my computer and finally found one that fitted with no problems. He then found a universal plug in the wall charger, which I taught it was weird as laptops only use ac adapters, and connected it to the wall. The computer then complrtely shut off. My laptop is a Sony Vaio w 19.5v plug in. I left the store thinking my computer was completely ou of battery and that I had to wait till I got home and that's what I did. When I got home I connected my computer to the oem ac adapter and still did NOT turn on. I then removed the battery and smelled it giving me a burned smell and I started fearing the worst, that my computer was fried. I called a computer tech friend and he confirmed that my computer or at least the motherboard was fried. The store where the incident happened has no manager, just a supervisor which makes no sense. I've called the distric manager the day it happened and have been calling her constantly and says it all depends on risk management dept. I need my computer to work yet they have no hurry. What should I do?? Its been 3 weeks, should I seek legal advice?
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/29/2011:
Did the district manager file a claim for you? It sounds true that it is a risk management issue, but you need to know it is being addressed.

Radio Shack - you've got questions, we act like we have the answers. Yikes.
jpm19 on 07/06/2011:
It took them 3 weeks to find a "temporary" manager to file the claim properly because it was rejected at first because the DISTRICT manager filed the first claim herself. So now its 4 weeks and the claim has been ressumitted it. So now I have to wait even longer until they set their heads straight to fix my problem.
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Return Policy
Posted by on
JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN -- I am endlessly amazed by the stupidity displayed by organizations in the retail industry. And Radio Shack is certainly on the cutting edge of jumping over dollars to get to pennies. Not only are their products over priced, but returning them is akin to attending a parole hearing.

Today I tried returning an I pod (4) after having been assured that I could return it within thirty days of purchase. I confidently meandered in . . . receipt in hand, I pod re-bundled into its casing, fully expecting a refund.
Instead the I pod was thoroughly inspected by the all-knowing minimum wage employee . . . for? Get this . . . Scratches! Not on the screen mind you, on the silver backing. Anyone familiar with the I Pod Touch can attest to the fact that this backing gets scratches if you glance at it.
After interrogating me, shaking his head in dismay, he announces that he will need to call the District manager to get a determination as to whether or not they will refund my money. And with a grace which could only be scripted, he proceeds to drop the I Pod on the floor.
Hmmmm . . . that certainly couldn't have helped it's condition? And I must say . . . in the two and a half weeks I had the I Pod in my possession, I did manage to keep a firm grasp on it.
If you have had any experience with Radio Shack, you probably already know the ending. I was not given a refund . . . in fact, they refused to give me an in store credit, even after the store clerk dropped it on the floor.
I called the district office . . . imagine my shock when I didn't receive a return phone call! (Sarcasm)
If you're in the market for anything that Radio Shack is willing to sell you at their inflated prices . . . go to a garage sale! In my experience most of them are run more professionally!!!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/14/2011:
Was there anything functionally wrong with the used iPod you were returning? Does RS accept used electronics for a full refund? I could understand them not wanting to take back something that is used.

If the iPod had scratches, and you imply that it did, they can't sell it as new, right? What reason did they give for refusing the return?

If you feel RS's goods are overpriced, why do you continue to shop there?
Venice09 on 01/14/2011:
Why did you buy an iPod at Radio Shack if you think they are overpriced and unprofessional? Maybe because you thought you could return it for a refund? You probably know that most retailers do not give refunds for used iPods unless they are defective. Was there something wrong with it?

As far as the scratches, I agree that the back of the iTouch is a complete joke. For something so expensive, I don't understand why the back can't be made with a more durable material.

An iTouch could never be sold as new once it's been opened and used. I don't blame retailers for not taking them back.

Did you buy four iPods?
Ytropious on 01/14/2011:
WOW does this review reek of "stupid minimum wage making clerk". That is extremely rude and condescending. Guess what OP, NO PLACE TAKES BACK OPEN USED IPODS! Especially ones that have scratches on them, is there something wrong with them inspecting the iPod for scratches because apparently you think so. Scratches can be avoided if you put a freaking case on it! Once it's open it needs to be broken to be swapped out, and you need to prove it doesn't work. If it works then you have simply used it an expect a full refund. That isn't how it works. If someone brings an open iPod to my store in case (like they're putting one over on my or something) I proceed to crack it open and test it. If it works guess what, you're keeping it.
D. Aliff on 04/21/2011:
RadioShack will take back a used iPod, they'll take back a used anything, as long as its in like-new condition.

They send these things back to the manufacturer, if there's something wrong, the manufacturer won't accept it and the store will get $0.01 credit for the item they sent back instead of getting the entire cost they paid for the item.
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When You Read Other Nasty Reviews, Sometimes Consider The Source! If You Put The Extra Effort Into Digging Into Who You Need...
Posted by on
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Hi, I am writing today because I encountered my first issue with Radio Shack yesterday. There was an advertised price on the internet for an item and the website showed that my local store had it in stock and NO other store within 100 miles had it. So I thought cool I will go and get it right away before others come and buy them up.

I get to my local (franchise store) and find the item, I was tickled...... I was getting something that I wanted at a great price. I go to pay and the item came up full price, I told the associate what the price should be (according to the internet) and he instructed me that his store did not have to honor the advertised prices....... I wasn't happy.

So today I called Radio Shack Corporate office (do not call they are not corporate. So I spoke with a very friendly gentleman that takes problem calls from consumers. He understood my feelings and offered to put me in contact with a regional manager that had the product that I was looking for! Great I said, he transferred me to the area director (forgive me if I have the title wrong) and she was so friendly and helpful!! A++, She was an area director out of Pensacola, Florida. I again explained my issue, she put me on hold and contacted one of her stores in her area that had the item and they are now sending it to my local COMPANY OWNED STOREs for me to go pick up. What else would a customer ask for!! :-)

NOTE: If you deal with a franchise store look on your receipt at the return policy, most of them are 7 DAYS only and that may be for exchange only........I don't care for that but your COMPANY STORES HAVE a 30 DAY REFUND POLICY.

So bottom line is I want to thank the nice gentleman I spoke to in corporate, but ESPECIALLY THE WONDERFUL AREA MANAGER IN PENSACOLA, FL. Her name was Scarlet and she was awesome to me.

Radio Shack is a nice company to work with, just don't be lazy and expect everything to fall at your feet.

North Alabama
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/12/2011:
I don't like Radioshack, and never did. Most of their stuff id crap and overpriced....not to mention dealing with a highschool grad who tries to intimidate you into buying their crap. No thanks.
madconsumer on 01/12/2011:
great review.

very helpful.
jktshff1 on 01/12/2011:
VH, sounds as if you kept your cool also.
Ytropious on 01/12/2011:
Did it say online that prices in store may differ?

Nevermind I'm going to look myself. Sure enough when you click on the link to find it in store and enter zip code you get this underneith the zip code box:

Please note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices advertised on this site are for online orders only. Prices on some items may differ from those advertised in RadioShack stores. All merchandise may not be available at all stores, and all stores may not participate in all sales promotions. We recommend you contact the store to confirm product availability and price.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. Most places don't price match online. While it's nice they satiated you, they under no means had to.
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Beware of Radio Shack and Cell Phone on line purchases
Posted by on
Be very aware that if you give Radio Shack the "personal" information required to buy a cell phone and service for that cell phone, you are open to having your identity stolen or that you may become a victim of fraud.

Just a week or so ago, my wife attempted to purchase a new cell phone and add a line to our existing Sprint account. Looking at the "deals" from Radio Shack on line, we decided to get a deal from them and made the online order process, which then has you call a phone number and a calling code. The sales person whom will handle this "order" is NOT in the USA. They require you to give them all your information which is your social security number, Sprint Account information, address, etc., and they claim they will handle your order from that point on. What you do not know is that you are NOT speaking to a person whom actually is a Radio Shack employee, you are talking to a person in another country, someone that can do anything they want with your personal information. Someone that works at this company that takes your personal information used my wife's information to apply for a T-Mobile phone and T-Mobile service. My wife nor I never gave any authorization for this to take place, as we are Sprint phones and Sprint network and Sprint customers, period.

However just today we got a letter from T- Mobile saying that the application for a T-mobile phone and service was declined, and that such was due to a credit report from TransUnion.

Now whom ever it was that worked for the company that processes your orders from which you think is really Radio Shack, entered into the TransUnion information, and "updated" work history for my wife, and gave company name and dates of places that she NEVER worked at, ever. If not for the letter from T-Mobile, we would not have known anyone had done anything illegal with her personal information at all. The letter gave a number for us to contact TransUnion credit reporting agency which then confirmed that someone had entered the work history and made the attempt to purchase a cell phone and services from T-Mobile. This new work history is Banks and Shipping companies that are well known internationally but NOT at all in the USA, thus if you live overseas and NOT in the USA those names are common names of places a person may work.

The locations of places that are taking the orders on behalf of Radio Shack are in other countries, in locations such as India and Manilla. Not all of their employees are going to be honest folks. We have had to notify all the banks, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc, that someone has stolen my Wife's Identity. Eventually we talked to a person at the "world headquarters" for the company that takes the phone orders for Radio Shack and they also take the same orders for and are connected to "". This world headquarters or home office is located here in the USA.

The representative that I talked to at this "home office" did not want to admit that the sales person used my wife's personal information to buy a T-Mobile phone and entered false information into a credit application for this T-Mobile phone and service, however he did say the sale persons may have done so to insure we get a phone and a service. WTF if that? We never asked for T-Mobile phones nor services, we never authorized such a purchase and we had no notification from anyone that an attempt would be made for such a service/cell phone and in no way had we ever gave a sales person any work history, period.

This company that is a vendor for Radio Shack and Wirefly has my Wife's personal information in their systems. How many crooks overseas can use it, we don't know? We have now to fill out a "fraud packet" from T=Mobile and file a police report to have any further action take place to find out who working for this vendor for Radio Shack and Wirefly to be caught for their illegal activities. My personal advice, do not trust making a purchase for any phones or services from this places. This entire ordeal has damaged my wife's credit reports and we still have no idea what other use the crook at that company will use the information/identity they now have. Radio Shack and Wirefly and the rest of those crooks can kiss my rear end, I will NEVER do business with them again.
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User Replies:
Alain on 07/24/2010:
If your personal information was used in an illegal manner you should be talking to law enforcement about it now. If Radio Shack or anyone else is 'requiring' personal information that I don't feel they need they won't get it.
MRM on 07/24/2010:
Not too long when I was looking forward to buy the BlackBerry Curve at RadioShack store, they ask me for my phone number and my password (I don't know why they need those, when its only a pre-paid phone). I walked out of the store without buying the BlackBerry and ordered it online instead.
Alain on 07/24/2010:
It's reviews like this and comments from reliable M3C members like you, MRM, that'll keep me OUT of Radio Shack. Except maybe for batteries in a pinch.
steve101 on 07/24/2010:
Do a credit freeze ASAP. Not a fraud alert but a credit freeze for all three credit reporting agencies.. Then dispute all incorrect info on each credit report. Do everything in writing and always send certified return request. This will take some ime and effort but eventually you will be able to clear the credit reports and prevent any fraudulent activity. Good Luck.
pbsteve on 10/25/2010:
That sucks, but at least it wasn't a Radioshack employee, it was an outside company, and they told you so, that's why I never order things that take personal information over the internet, or by phone, you never know who is actually going to get it. At least if someone does it in a store, I can go to the police and say that a specific person is the one, and not someone at a company I called in India.
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RadioShack Service Plans - Warranty - RSSP
Posted by on

My name is Shawn and I work for the RadioShack Warranty Company. We provide these warranties to warrant your product free from defects. If you have an issue with your product and call the number on your brochure, we will assist you in a timely manner.

Many people have false hopes on this service plan that is sometimes misrepresented by the Store Representatives. Well I am here to clear that up for you.

#1 - The Prepaid Cellphone Plan
On prepaid cellphones sold BEFORE 11-15-2009 we will do an instore replacement on the phone. No physical or liqud damage can be present. Also, on any plan THEFT or LOST goods are not covered.

On prepaid cellphones sold AFTER 11-15-2009 due to the amount of store stock we were effecting with Instore replacements, we have to issue you a gift card. It is true, they sell gift cards in the store. However, because the warranty sold through RadioShack is administrated by a parent company, the gift card comes from a claims department rather than the Store.

#2 - Repair Plans - GPS, Laptops, TVs, Etc.
You bring your product into the store, again no physical or liquid damage, and they will troubleshoot it and then call the warranty company for authorization to send it into repair. The repair takes 10-14 days maximum, UNLESS problems or part unavailability happens. IF we cannot repair the product, it will be replaced by our replacement team.

#3 - Contract Phones - Phones you sign an agreement on for 1+ year
There are two ways to do this
Repair - You send in your phone for repair ( Only TX and NB cover Accidental Damage at this time, on CERTAIN plans ) if we are unable to repair your cellphone a replacement usually of same model will be sent.

Advanced Exchanged - We will send you a phone within 1-2 business days, a deposit is required. $550 for Smart Phones ( EG. BlackBerry )$250 for Non-Smart Phones ( EG. Normal Flip Phones ), that is 100% refundable once our repair facility receives your phone and the problem is covered under the warranty.

#4 Product Replacement Plans
These are replaced with a Gift Card mailed to you. We have you return your product to us either by a shipping label from the mail or from your E-mail. The gift card covers the price you PAID for the product plus local tax.

If you have any further questions feel free to post, I will try and address them promptly. I hope this clears a few things up.

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User Replies:
saj80 on 06/21/2010:
While I don't generally agree with purchasing extended warranties, this is a very good post.
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Woman of Radio Shack
Posted by on
Curious really... any females out there ever feel like right off the bat someone does not want your help because your a girl?

It's hard to explain but when a total stranger comes in (most the times it's a male but there has been a handle full of females as well) looks you up and down while your greeting them and asking them if you could assist them in anything and they look around a couple times and stare at a male employee and completely walk by you as if you were not even there to go talk to the guy instead.

I could go on and on with different situations that have occurred but to just generalize it.

Now I've been with the company for almost 2 years now and we've gone through plently of people. I have been here the longest by 8 months and all the newiest associates are male. 95% of the time when the situation I described at the top happens, the male associates comes to me with the question the customer had. Ironic. Even then most the time the customers can't even look at me in the eyes while I talk and STILL second guess what I say.

The other associate that has been here second longest is female too. She and I both agree that in certain situations it' very apparent and other's it's hard to tell. My manager has seen it happen as well. Had a customer ask me how to connect a DVD player to his new flat screen. Gave him the right answer but he insisted on repeating everything I said as a question which brought me back to trying to explain (even draw it out) in a different way. After grabbing the HDMI, Component, Composite Cables and turning our store display TV around to show him all the different ways of achieving his goal he still told me he did not understand because it still was not working. Got into the whole converstation of what it may to be and to narrow down the problem he was having. After 30 minutes of getting no where I excused myself to get my manager for him because he may be able to explain everything different from me so it made sense and he smiled. My manager was in the back which is right next to our TV's so he heard the whole conversation and got up before I could even ask to help this guy out and my manager laughed and said I said all the right information same as he would of said. He went out there told the guy what I had been telling him off the bat and that was that. Guy ended up buying composite cables because he did not have any and was out of the store within 2 minutes of my manager speaking with him.

One more real quick one.

One of our regular customer comes in. Wants a car charger for his five year old pantech cell phone. Look around, tell him we do not carry that one in store. He has a friend with him. They whisper to one another. I offer to look online if he is not in a rush. They agree. Whisper some more. While I am looking his friend suggests to his friend to look at KMART. I tell the guy with the cell phone he could try but I doubt it because the pantech charger is not that popular. Before I could get through our IGO part of our website they leave. I tell them to have a nice day and sorry we did not have it in store. They ignore me. Two customers that were in the store the same time as them walk out with them. I see all four of them outside talking and displaying the man's cell phone. One of the other customers that went out after them comes in with the guys phone yells my manager's name out to get his attention and yells across the store very mad as to why we could not get that man a charger (did not say car charger, just charger). My manager who was unaware of the conversation I had had with the owner of the cell phone, tells the other guy that we do have chargers. Gets into the whole: upgrade now get a new phone with a charger for less than you would pay for a charger alone. Guy looks at me and looks back at my manager and says good and runs out of the store. Well.... that does not fix the car charger part but what do I know...

Is it just me or has any one else had anything of the sort occur?
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 01/29/2010:
YES! I work in the video game section I work at and you'd be surprised how many men second guess what I tell them because I'm a girl who plays video games. Just today an older woman asked me for wii points cards in 10 dollar denominations. I told her we don't have any, and that I was pretty sure you can only buy them in 20 dollar denominations in stores. She didn't believe me and asked my male manager when walking by. He told her the same thing. One time I actually had an older male ask me "is thereby any chance a man who could help me with this"? I was flabergasted! I hate being approached by customers "I don't know how much you know about these games...but". What, just because I'm a woman I don't know anything about video games or computers? None of my male associates are ever approached that way.
YunkaG on 01/30/2010:
I am an old guy and I learned a long time ago gender does not mean knowledge or ignorance. I've worked for and with many females over my career and realize they can manage, they know things, and they are a valuable resource to get questions answered. Unfortunately, some men and women want to talk to a 'man' to get the right answer, even if it is wrong. This is a whole attitude shift in people so it will not happen quickly - maybe never. I'm not sure what you can do individually to change this other than just keep giving correct information.
Anonymous on 01/30/2010:
Yes, especially when it comes to electronics. I have four degrees and have a social board which I do all of the designs for, and I can't get waited on in the computer/electronics/software section of most stores, or when I am, I'm spoken to like I am an idiot. It used to be bad with car purchases, too, but not so much anymore.
Fufu487 on 01/30/2010:
similar situation for a close friend of mine. She worked I the hardware dept, and was the longest standing employee for years. Everyday, there would be a few male customers that would insist on having a man answer their questions. She got very frustrated by it, understandably. It's too bad some people are just so ignorant.
merope on 01/30/2010:
Absolutely true. Male salesfolk in general also assume female customers know nothing. I do my homework on all relevant technologies before I buy. I go into these stores and realize that most of these guys know less than I do. This world--completely beyond belief!
Anonymous on 01/30/2010:
I concur. I'll go into Gamestop and the two kids (males) at the front desk are absolutely in shock when I start "joining" in on a conversation they're having about a video game... and I know more than they do about it. I've had some relationships end just based on the bf's viewpoint on what women do and don't know. And just the general conception on what males think gamer geek women look like. There are hawt gamer geek women out there... *and* they have lives, too.
I go into Fry's Electronics, and I'll rarely see any women out on the floor as salespeople. They're, mostly, stuck behind a register. And any of them I do see, I've seen male customers ask for a second opinion about something from one of the male sales associates, just to be told the same thing.
Ytropious on 01/30/2010:
"I've had some relationships end just based on the bf's viewpoint on what women do and don't know." I know it's cliche, but you go girl! lol

Also I agree about women being stuck behind the register. At Best Buy's around here you never see a girl on the sales floor, they are all at the register or service desk. I could never work there. I'm glad my managers and co workers respect me and my encyclopedic knowledge of video games, cameras, and iPods, but I wish my customers would be less moronic at times.
PepperElf on 02/09/2010:
not much really.

I worked computers on 2 navy ships and the only "issues" we had was that "customers" (other navy people we assisted) would want the same tech all the time, but that's about it.

besides our head admin was female
and she WOULD **** your account up if you treated her like poop.
and yes she got away with it.
abb524 on 07/20/2010:
I can't say I personally know how you feel, being a guy myself. But I can say that I have seen that happen to many of my female employees. When I was running a store I had 2 female employees that I hired. At least once an hour a customer would come to them with a problem, hear their answer, and then promptly ask me the exact same question. I usually answered "She had the correct answer, if you need her to explain it again I'm sure she would be more than happy to."

I love having female employees because they learn quickly, and if they don't know they won't BS the customer. They will come to me for help, or find the answer online for you.

It is ridiculous how often a male or female customer will walk into my store, get greeted by my female associate, completely ignore her and walk right up to me with their question. Usually when it happens I will give them a vague answer about their inquiry and then refer them to my associate for further help.

People can be so rude...
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Employee Perspective
Posted by on
I am a full time sales associate at Radio Shack, and after reading some of the posts here by customers and employees, I thought I would share an experience of mine.

A customer (an elderly gentleman) came into my store a couple of weeks ago, angry because his cell phone charger wouldn't work and he felt the AT&T store's prices were too high. My manager told him he was eligible for an upgrade and he could get a free phone that comes with the charger. He bought the phone, and left much happier than he came in.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and he comes charging into my store, waving his phone in my face saying that it doesn't work. I politely asked him what the problem was, and he practically threw his phone at me and said "You figure it out". I turned it on, and it turned off again right away. I asked him if he had charged it, and he said he had. I plugged it in to one of the chargers we had in our store and "magically" the phone worked. I was able to make phone calls and everything. When I unplugged the charger it said "battery low" and I asked him if he had his charger with him, so I could see if there was something wrong with it. He said no and that he wasn't going to waste his time going to get it. He then began screaming about how he shouldn't have a problem with the phone after two weeks. I tried explaining to him (though he interrupted me several times) that sometimes electronics JUST DON'T WORK, and that I would GLADLY exchange the phone and charger for a brand new one as long as he had the packaging and receipt. He replied with "this is going in the garbage" and stomped out, screaming about how he would never buy anything there again.

The reason I am writing this is to give everyone an idea of some of the people we deal with on a daily basis. I am very well versed with electronics, and I am ALWAYS pleasant and friendly to my customers, even though they are not always that way with me. Just an FYI.
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old fart on 11/09/2009:
Not everything is the customers' fault....

See my review date November 7th titled "My $500 scanner is impossible to program"...

Us "elderly gentlemen" aren't always at fault...
cschic on 11/09/2009:
I understand that not everything is the customers fault. And in your case, the scanner might not have been able to pick up those channels because some police stations actually use a special password or chip. Of course the associate that helped you might have been an ignoramus. But in my situation, I was nothing but friendly to the customer and he treated me like dirt. I have a lot of regular customers, and most of them are older and very pleasant and fun to be around.
jktshff1 on 11/09/2009:
OF, we are more than not, especially if we ain't IBM Compatible, like a lot of old timers are.
PepperElf on 11/09/2009:
csc and don't forget sometimes there isn't anything you can due to make someone happy...

cos sometimes you can't fix stupid.

believe me I've seen my share of stupid "customers" where I worked on computer trouble calls... issues where it was basically PEBCAK

(problem exists between chair and keyboard - aka the computer user is stupid)

Anonymous on 11/09/2009:
Pepper, that's also known as the ID 10 T error
Anonymous on 11/09/2009:
I'm still perplexed why Radio Shack employees post out here so frequently to defend the company or provide some kind of insight. I don't see any other company's employees doing the same thing as consistently as RS.

I think they have a very clever marketing/customer service campaign underway to bolster their image.
Anonymous on 11/09/2009:
Sounds as if the customer thinks you only have to charge the phone one time.
PepperElf on 11/09/2009:
that too yaya :)

sherriff I'd hate to see that man's gas tank too.
maybe he gets a new car every time it goes empty... or screams at the dealer...
cschic on 11/09/2009:
Mundo, I can't speak for the other posters but I posted mostly because it seems like a lot of people feel that Radio Shack employees are rude or don't know anything. I just wanted to show that it is not always the case, and that customers can be just as bad. Not all, but some.
Anonymous on 11/09/2009:
Cschic, just an FYI, you guys lost me when you started demanding my name, phone number etc just to buy a pack of batteries. Stupid move by RS, I buy them from Costco now.
TGT101 on 11/10/2009:
superbowl that very well might by but why take it out on the employees?
Anonymous on 11/10/2009:
I've never met a rude RS employee. I think they come here and defend themselves because they (at least many of them) have received good customer service training. I see customers being horrid to employees a lot anymore and it's not right, and it's not fair. When did the world get so mean? TNS is right. I bet the guy thought he only had to charge the phone one time and it just stays charged.
PepperElf on 11/10/2009:
the people @ RS have always been nice to me too.
Anonymous on 11/10/2009:
TGT, I am not taking it out on the employee's. I just have taken my business somplace else. The first time they asked I was very nice and said no, and never went back. As a bonus Costco has much better prices too. I don't know if that flawed policy is even still in play.
Anonymous on 11/10/2009:
You got to like Costco because they never ask for your name. They don't want to know anything about you. I doubt they even know any of their customer's names. You can just walk anonymously into any Costco and buy anything you want without them ever knowing your name, home address, email, work phone, home phone, etc.. You're just a totally anonymous nobody when shopping at Costco.
PepperElf on 11/10/2009:
and the asking for the name thing heck that helped me out last year
when I bought my nephew an ipod charger from there, his parent's info was in the system so I had the warranty made out with their info :)
D. Aliff on 11/22/2009:
Yea, that happens a lot.

And to the person saying they never see other people defending their company:

We defend our company because people blame US for things that THE COMPANY does. THE COMPANY required us to take your name, but somehow WE are too pushy when asking for your name.

Also, I can't count how many times someone has come in without a receipt, and when a ticket lookup is offered and failed, the phrase 'well why didn't they take my name?!?' is yelled.

OP is right, we get a lot of dumb customers coming into the store asking a lot of dumb questions and making a lot of dumb complaints and being very rude about everything they do. There's nothing wrong with not being educated about something, but when you act like me trying to educate you on the product you're inquiring about is a dis-service, that's when we get kind of combative.
WOWreally! on 12/02/2009:
now don't get me wrong I don't mind going above and beyond because poeople don't understand how something works but when someone storms in mad at me because of their own ignorance I couldn't be bothered as old fart will tell you based on my post in his post lol.
D. Aliff on 12/07/2009:
It's different when someone doesn't understand and wants to listen, I don't like when someone doesn't understand but thinks they DO understand and they don't want to listen.

Dude came in for a laptop charger, said he lived in a city that's about an hour away from any other corporate RadioShack. I told him if he bought it and it didn't work, he'd have to drive all the way out to bring it back, that it was better to call with the model number and I'd hold one for him or tell him how to order it online.

Instead of listening, he just kept telling me that it was a Dell, then finally says "If you don't want to sell me the damn thing just tell me!"

Like, I'm just trying to save you the headache of having to try it, it not work, and driving all the way back out here, but because you don't want to listen you're angry with me.

Really, I just don't like people who come in and don't know very much about what they're asking about yet refuse to listen to anything you tell them about it.
pbsteve on 10/25/2010:
I just have to add for superbowl up there... Cosco requires membership the last time I checked, so of course they don't ask for your name or address, they swipe your cosco card that has all of it on there already.

People amaze me sometimes on how they think that because a company keeps you on file, they don't have the same info other stores don't keep on file. I'd rather go to a store that has to ask every time what my address is, because I know they aren't storing it like stores that barcode me and simply take it every time.
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Just A Thought....
Posted by on
I work at Radio Shack and I have seen some current and former associates on here and for the bulk of it their comments/reviews go something like this:

"We don't get paid enough to provide excellent customer service."
"We are expected to know too much." etc, etc, etc.

For the record none of them are saying anything short of the truth when they say an employee there gets Minimum Wage plus commission. At that same note how exactly does that have anything to do with the way you treat a customer. Does that mean that if I got paid 10 dollars an hour that I should do more for the customer? I don't think so, call me sort of old fashion but I believe the if you do quality in your work you'll reap the rewards later. Maybe its not in the form of a raise but it could be in the form of a promotion. Or maybe even the simple fact that if you actually make the customer feel that you actually give a damn they will come back and guess what? You will get MORE on your paycheck oh my god what a concept I never knew this!

Second off it is not a federal offense to refer someone to another store or even referring them online for a better deal. 90% of the time people I refer come back you know why? Because at the very least if Radio Shack doesn't have it YET AGAIN at least they know I'm good to point them in the right direction.

Third off I am not getting these people making statements like "If we don't sell cell phone we are threatened and fired!" I plain and simple do not like selling the post-paid phones. For the simple matter of its a huge headache because if something goes wrong the first person to blame is of course, the people you bought it from. However such I am not going to the extent of saying I DON'T CARE about your cell phone not working, I do care the problem is I do not have the proper authority to fix your problem if it is big enough.

My final point will be this issue about, "old people," of course because these old people don't like these young wipper-snappers right? These, "old people" is what gives me a bigger paycheck each week. When these people come in and ask for me I get the sale, do they care that I am young? Some do, but the majority like me because at the very least I at least act like I care and provide them with what they need, even if I am having a bad day. Have I been told off? Sure, have I resented some of my customers? Of course but that doesn't affect the way I treat the MAJORITY of my customers. The idea if you say it rude your not getting anything from me is a bogus concept at best. I won't go all out for a rude customer but I will get them what they need to the best of my ability, I like to think I make more than my, "meger restitution."
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Anonymous on 10/24/2009:
Why do so many Radio Shack employees come out here to post their treatises on RS and customer service? Do employees from other companies regularly do this? Maybe I missed their posts and this is just normal fare. Or maybe RS has a clever communications campaign underway....
tinydancer89 on 11/18/2009:
radioshack is just so awful to work for that many employees come on and warn people to stay away. hopefully they will soon bite the dust like Circuit City did...
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