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This Is One Store You Don't Want To Bother With
By -

REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My mother, who lives in Reidsville, NC recently bought a new Vista computer and wanted to set it up with DSL service. I live in Rock Hill, SC, and had to schedule a trip up on the weekend to get the DSL installed. I drove up on Friday, 8/22/08 and discovered that her new computer did not come with an Ethernet card. Not a problem, I told her, RadioShack is just down the street. We called the store (less than a quarter mile from the house). I spoke to a very pleasant older man who listened carefully and told me that he had a Netgear 10/100 MBPS PCI ETHERNET card in stock, model FA311 for $25. I took Mom down to pick it up and was back at the house in less than 20 minutes.

We installed the card and then found that the DSL modem could not see it. Vista showed the card as properly installed but could not see the DSL modem. My first thought was to change the cable, so I went down to the store and got another of those. I still couldn't connect. We called AT&T and they felt it could be the modem, and sent another out right away. It arrived this morning, and Mom connected all the wiring as I'd shown her and started the computer. The DSL still could not see the Ethernet card, and it couldn't see the modem. Feeling that I might have a bad Ethernet card, I called the store.

I got a man, (whom I later discovered was the manager) and began to explain the situation. He cut me off and told me that he only sells wireless Ethernet cards. I explained that we had bought the FA311 Netgear card, and it was not wireless. He told me he knew what he carried, and we had not bought it there. (Hold the bus here... we have a receipt.) I tried a couple of times to explain things, with him interrupting to say he couldn't help me, and he cut me off again to say that he didn't have any tech support at the store and couldn't do this. I got angry at this point, and asked for the manager.

When he told me he was the manager, he was almost laughing. I told him I would be up on Saturday to bring the card back. He stated "That's too bad, I won't be here on Saturday." I then asked for the owner. He laughed and told me it was RadioShack. OK folks. You can see by now I'm upset. I emailed RadioShack and someone did call me on Saturday 8/30/08. I went over the above facts with them as you see them, and was actually asked if I had been disrespectful to the manager. (?) The final upshot was that I told him AT&T had been out to find there was nothing wrong with the card or DSL, but a wire in the phone box outside.

I told the RadioShack representative who called me that I was willing to forget the whole thing if the manager called me and apologized. He told me he would have the manager call me on Sunday, 8/31/08. He never called. The Rep called me back and told me that the manager would not be calling as he didn't feel he had been rude or disrespectful and shouldn't have to apologize. (?) Hang on... did I just imagine all this? OK... here's my 3 cents worth. This particular store will not get my business anymore, and probably shouldn't get yours.

Product Bought From Them, Caught Fire, They Are Doing NOTHING
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Rating: 1/51

EVERYWHERE, WASHINGTON -- I bought this power supply cord for my laptop, pretty expensive, but it came with more than others. I thought it was going to be great, boy was I wrong!! After a month or so, I was sitting on my couch, watching tv. I heard an electric buzzing shocking noise. Looked over, the enercell power supply adapter was on fire!! And the funny thing was, the laptop was not even plugged into the power supply cord. The battery pack was on fire, smoking up the house.

It was lying on the floor next to my couch, and it even caught the leather on fire and burned a huge hole in it. Smelled the house up for days! When I saw the fire, I obviously put it out with water. What was I supposed to do, watch it burn the couch or the rest of my house? No! Well, after about a month of emailing back and forth with a radio shack safety specialist, they were having an outside engineer check it out.

The conclusion was "we will respectfully deny the claim that our product was at fault" so I read the attached report that the engineer found. And it said that it is determined that the failure experienced was a result of significant moisture/liquid exposure (i.e. Water immersion) which it was not!! I obviously had to put the fire out with water!? I am never going to buy anymore products from enercell again, and especially not radio shack. I will tell all of my friends and family to do the same. Never again radio shack, never again!

Liars and Cheats. Classic Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a cell phone from Radio Shack and was offered a warranty that would replace my phone if there were any issues with it. I was told all I need to do is bring the phone back, they would ship it back to their warranty team and once it was received I would be sent a gift card in the amount of the phone I purchased. So I purchased the warranty thinking if anything happens to my phone I would get a brand new one, like I was assured.

Well, over the last few months my phone has been crashing and/or rebooting on me for absolutely no reason, like there is a short in my phone. It`s gotten to a point this happens daily so I decided I would take advantage of the warranty I purchased. Well, I took my phone back and explained the situation. The guy at the store was helpful. However, when he called to talk to the warranty department he was informed my warranty was a "repair" warranty which is absolutely not what I was told I was purchasing.

They told me to send my phone back and they would try to "fix it" and if they can't they would send me a gift card. When I told them that's not what I purchased they told me that they do have a replacement warranty but I purchased the repair one, which is not what I was told I was buying. Had I known that they were going to pull the old bait and switch on me I would not have wasted my money on this warranty.

What makes this even worse is the store manager is the one who sold me the phone and replacement warranty. He is the one that told me that they would replace my phone if there was a problem within the first year. I even confirmed that with him before I purchased the plan otherwise I would have not purchased the warranty. Now that there is a problem they are telling me that I don't have the right warranty. I feel like they pulled the bait and switch on me and totally ripped me off.

Warranty Runaround
By -

Bought a set of wireless headphones to replace the realistic ones that lasted for years. After about six months quit working. After reading the manufactures 1 yr warranty, the warranty told me to take the product and receipt back to place of purchase. First try, yielded nothing but the runaround. I asked not for a refund or replacement but help on the warranty. The associate said that it was after 90 days. I know that, I'm doing what the warranty told me to do. The associate then said that he couldn't do anything, the manager would have to decide and he wasn't there.

Next try, same thing. I didn't want a refund I wanted help with the warranty. The warranty that said to take it back to the store. It is after 90 days won't do anything and I need to contact the manufacturer, said the associate. Funny thing is Auvio premium products can only be bought at Radio Shack outlets. It is almost like Radio Shack contract manufactures them. I would say that almost makes them the manufacturer. "The warranty says take it back to the place of purchase", I said.. nothing.

What was upsetting is that this time the manager was in back, but wouldn't come out and tell me. The manager let the associate handle the situation. I do need to say that after a while they did say if that they would send them in that it would cost $20. By that time I was upset enough that I was done. Why wouldn't they offer that suggestion at first, that was the help I was asking for. However, after the runaround, the lack of urgency, and making me feel like a bother to them, I was done.

Again, let me be clear I was not asking for a refund or replacement but help in the warranty. The warranty that said take it back to the store. Thinking back, I do not remember ever receiving bad service from Radio Shack. However, after this episode and reading that others have had the same experience, I'm done with The Shack.

Mandatory Upsell
By -

I wanted to buy a Virgin Mobile Optimus V phone. I checked the RadioShack website, and saw that they had them for $149.99. I then checked availability at the Radio Shack located nearest to me. The site said it was in stock at the RadioShack store in the Defiance, Ohio mall. This is as bit under 20 miles from where I live. I drove to the store, and found the Virgin Mobile display models. I then asked if the phone I wanted was in stock. Yes it was.

I was ready to buy the phone when the clerk asked me if I was already a Virgin Mobile customer. I answered that I was. He then told me that I was REQUIRED to buy airtime. I said no. I asked if the phone was for sale or not. He said that I HAD TO BUY AIRTIME TO BUY THE PHONE. I do not take orders from sales clerks. He stated that it was store policy that I buy airtime in order to buy the phone. I responded that I did not care about the store policy.

If I wanted a cup of coffee, I would go to a restaurant and order one. If the waitress told me that I could only have coffee if I bought a piece of pie too, I would get up and leave. I do not want or need to buy additional airtime. I have enough already and simply want to buy a new phone. The store policy is that customers must buy what the store tells them to buy. My policy when someone is trying to upsell me is to take my business elsewhere.

Is Radio Shack doing so well in this economy that they can afford to turn down sales and lose customers? The clerk said I could come back and talk to the manager. I intend to do just that. Hopefully he or she will be more reasonable, and I will be able to buy the phone that I want. If I don't receive satisfactory service tomorrow morning, RadioShack has lost a customer forever.

RadioShack Service Plans - Warranty - RSSP
By -

My name is ** and I work for the RadioShack Warranty Company. We provide these warranties to warrant your product free from defects. If you have an issue with your product and call the number on your brochure, we will assist you in a timely manner.

Many people have false hopes on this service plan that is sometimes misrepresented by the Store Representatives. Well I am here to clear that up for you. The Prepaid Cellphone Plan- On prepaid cellphones sold BEFORE 11-15-2009 we will do an in store replacement on the phone. No physical or liquid damage can be present. Also, on any plan THEFT or LOST goods are not covered.

On prepaid cellphones sold AFTER 11-15-2009 due to the amount of store stock we were effecting with in store replacements, we have to issue you a gift card. It is true, they sell gift cards in the store. However, because the warranty sold through RadioShack is administrated by a parent company, the gift card comes from a claims department rather than the Store.

Repair Plans - GPS, Laptops, TVs, Etc. You bring your product into the store, again no physical or liquid damage, and they will troubleshoot it and then call the warranty company for authorization to send it into repair. The repair takes 10-14 days maximum, UNLESS problems or part unavailability happens. IF we cannot repair the product, it will be replaced by our replacement team.

Contract Phones - Phones you sign an agreement on for 1+ year. There are two ways to do this: Repair - You send in your phone for repair (Only TX and NB cover Accidental Damage at this time, on CERTAIN plans) If we are unable to repair your cellphone a replacement usually of same model will be sent.

Advanced Exchanged - We will send you a phone within 1-2 business days, a deposit is required. $550 for Smart Phones (EG. BlackBerry ) $250 for Non-Smart Phones ( EG. Normal Flip Phones), that is 100% refundable once our repair facility receives your phone and the problem is covered under the warranty.

Product Replacement Plans-These are replaced with a Gift Card mailed to you. We have you return your product to us either by a shipping label from the mail or from your E-mail. The gift card covers the price you PAID for the product plus local tax. If you have any further questions feel free to post. I will try and address them promptly. I hope this clears a few things up.

Employee Perspective
By -

I am a full time sales associate at RadioShack, and after reading some of the posts here by customers and employees, I thought I would share an experience of mine. A customer (an elderly gentleman) came into my store a couple of weeks ago, angry because his cell phone charger wouldn't work and he felt the AT&T store's prices were too high. My manager told him he was eligible for an upgrade and he could get a free phone that comes with the charger. He bought the phone, and left much happier than he came in.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and he comes charging into my store, waving his phone in my face saying that it doesn't work. I politely asked him what the problem was, and he practically threw his phone at me and said "You figure it out". I turned it on, and it turned off again right away. I asked him if he had charged it, and he said he had. I plugged it in to one of the chargers we had in our store and "magically" the phone worked. I was able to make phone calls and everything.

When I unplugged the charger it said "battery low" and I asked him if he had his charger with him, so I could see if there was something wrong with it. He said no and that he wasn't going to waste his time going to get it. He then began screaming about how he shouldn't have a problem with the phone after two weeks.

I tried explaining to him (though he interrupted me several times) that sometimes electronics JUST DON'T WORK, and that I would GLADLY exchange the phone and charger for a brand new one as long as he had the packaging and receipt. He replied with "this is going in the garbage" and stomped out, screaming about how he would never buy anything there again.

The reason I am writing this is to give everyone an idea of some of the people we deal with on a daily basis. I am very well versed with electronics, and I am always pleasant and friendly to my customers, even though they are not always that way with me. Just an FYI.

By -

People complain so they can get free stuff. More than half of the problems I see at the store is User Error. If yelling at the bottom of the totem pole is what makes you feel like a bigger person - then good for you. Just because they pay the employees to serve the consumer does not mean that they have to take abuse from them. Are there exceptions to the rule? Absolutely.

I worked in a store where none of us were trained by management, we had to train each other - and the staff was not composed of idiots. If you don't like how a company is run then write a LETTER to corporate. If the employees are ignorant it is most likely due to the way they were trained. Customer service is not always personal. I worked in a store that would put people on the schedule for twelve hours at a time back to back days, or put someone on for 13 days without a break. No one is happy all the time kids. NO ONE.

If you get bad service - look around. Consider being human, one bad customer can ruin your WHOLE day, and one understanding person can turn it around. Get over yourselves. When you call a store and send the employees on a scavenger hunt, or when you get angry because we don't know what you want, or when you point fingers at the people just trying to help you - when you yell because Virgin Mobile screwed up your account, when you come in and just want to yell at someone - or when the ignorance is NOT a problem of the staff - BE HUMAN. The angrier you are - the less I want to help you.

It is that simple. We work in a thankless environment. We have to know about everything in the store - and there are new things coming in on every order. Personally - I don't know why your phone isn't working. Managing your prepaid account is not listed in my job description. Working at RadioShack has made me a better customer in other stores. Keep working hard guys.

Radio Shack Refusing to Provide Refund ( Order)
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- On 11/22/12 I ordered an Xbox with free promotional headphones from I returned them to my local Radio Shack store on 11/30/12 (found a better deal). I opened the shipping box only to confirm both items were there, but I never opened the box containing the Xbox or the package with the headphones.

The store manager (Oaks Mall, Gainesville, FL), **, and employee **, explained they could not refund me for returning an online order. states that you can return items to a Radio Shack store and provides the steps you must follow in order to do so, unless the packing slip indicates the item must be mailed back. If their website policy stated that online orders must be mailed back or if my packing slip indicated that, I would have mailed it back.

However, nowhere did my packing slip & order confirmation state that this purchase can only be mailed back for a refund. ** explained what they can do is ship my purchase back via her regular Federal Express guys who deliver from and ship to the Ft. Worth TX warehouse for her every day. Then she explained when the warehouse receives the package, they will process my refund. She provided me the tracking information from the shipping receipt she filled out. The items were shipped back in the same box they came to me in.

On 12/4/12 that tracking info confirms the box was received and signed for by **. However, the only item they acknowledge that was returned were the free headphones. says b/c the Federal Express shipping receipt lists the weight as too light for an XBOX, they only refund they processed was $0 for the free headphones.

** confirmed for me that she ALWAYS ships back to the warehouse listing the weight as 1 pound, b/c the weight doesn't matter b/c they are using their own Federal Express delivery account. I returned my purchase unopened to Radio Shack which the website says is one of two ways to return an item. Two Radio Shack employees confirmed I returned these unopened items. This company owes me $180.19. Fair warning if you elect to patronize this company.

Update 12/31/12: The local store processed my refund. They admitted the error was on their part for not refunding me when I originally returned the unopened items to the store. At this point, either the warehouse improperly cataloged it upon arrival or the XBOX was stolen after it left the Gainesville store, either en route or in the warehouse.

The local District Manager and Store Manager did their best for me and were able to confirm the box weighed 8.5 pounds when it left Gainesville, and during at least one of the Fed X transfers, and apologized for not simply refunding me in the first place when I returned the item to the store. While I will never again order from, at least my local Gainesville Radio Shack eventually made it right.

Resolution Update 12/31/2012:

The local Radio Shack refunded me in full.

Unsatisfactory Service & Unprofessionalism
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Rating: 1/51

BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I am writing in reference to a recent encounter I had last night at the Belleville Crossing Radio Shack location, store number #01-6605. I went there to purchase a Cricket Huawei Mercury Ice phone. The first mistake was that I was not greeted and had to actually go up to the counter and approach Angela, a sales rep, rather than her approach me. Tim, the store manager was unable to do so because he had a customer and Bill was counting down the till which were perfectly fine.

I ignored her lack of experience which was evident in her inability to retrieve the desired phone unbeknownst to me that mistake number two was fast approaching. As Angela rung up my transaction, she forgot to add on the rate plan which caused both Bill and Tim to come to her aid, giving her different instructions. Nevertheless, I waited patiently as Tim made her re-ring the transaction the correct way. Before we finished the transaction, I asked if I were receiving the advertised "$10 for every $50 spent promotion" being that I spent $216.

I was informed by Bill that 1) Angela had completed the transaction, 2) they could not offer me the promotion because I bought "airtime", 3) You just missed out this time. Let me mention that Bill went to the back to speak to Tim, the store manager which meant arguing the point was moot. I was dumbfounded because I had all three associates which included the store manager and was not offered the promotion - not even when the two "experienced" sales reps came to Angela's aid.

I thought that the purpose of training was to correctly show the trainee what to do and also to model appropriate actions when an error is made and the customer was at no fault. I did not know I had to suggest promotions that are plastered ALL over the windows and throughout the store in order to receive them.

I am going to post this on Facebook and other consumer sites because I don't believe that they were fine with making me lose out on $30 on the phone and possibly $10 on the plan. Over the last 35 days I have spent almost $600 at Radio Shack purchasing phones and am now of the opinion that I will definitely take my business elsewhere.

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