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Posted by Esavage on 01/20/2006
GRIFFIN, GEORGIA -- First, My dad bought me a laptop that he was told was the best for $1400. when i went to look it up, it wasn't even manufactured anymore.I tried to find how much it should cost and I couldn't find the computer anywhere. I tried taking the laptop to school and it felt like a ton of bricks with my books so I wanted to take it back after two weeks of owning it. The receipt is good for one month. I tried to take it back to Radioshack to a girl named Jennifer who sold the computer to my dad. She kept telling me that mine was the best until I said I didn't want it anymore. Then she told me the Sony Viao (which she could not show me but just take her word for it without any research) was the best but I said it was still too heavy to carry everywhere.. she told me to go to Lenox and find a bookbag that can evenly distribute my weight (I'm 130). I told her that I just wanted to take it back and get something lighter like an Apple or a Dell... She would not listen.. She kept trying to make me look at all of theirs and telling me each one is "the best". they cant all be the best.. another man came in there saying he bought his computer for way less somewhere else and as he walked away she told us he probably doesn't have the warranty anymore but that is his problem and she laughed. My dad and I just looked at each other in dismay at her attitude. It took 3 hours later and a million more "your wasting your time, no" for her to finally give up.

After sliding our card for a refund, she just kept demeaning me for not getting her products. I told her thanks again but no thanks, and she didn't even say bye... she just kept pouting...My dad always goes to Radioshack to buy electronics in Griffin and after this, either of us will NEVER go to Radioshack again in Griffin. Keeping us there for hours fussing at us was an embarrassment to us and her. If they train all their employees like this, i wonder how they are still in business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-20:
Careful with the "R" word esavage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-20:
While you were being demeaned by Jenny, what was your dad doing?
Posted by tander on 2006-01-20:
Radioshack really pushes their products, I almost wonder if their employees get comissions for what they sell. I bought a police scanner from them and they kept trying to push other products on me too, they seem to be very agressive sellers!
Posted by power shopper on 2007-03-05:
I worked at Radioshack for a total to 6 years. This is an isolated problem. I understand you wanted to return the laptop, but mabe YOU should have researched the item before you bought it! Don't always blame the company. Customers can be wrong too.
Posted by NateT on 2008-01-11:
Um yes. We are on commission... We have been for a LONG time.

If people have problems... maybe they should just call our store... We deal with stupid, and some intelligent people all day every day, without major issues. JUST compliments to DM. If someone is interested in contacting this store, send me a message. By the way, I am the ASM of said store in Great Barrington Ma. We will accept credit cards over the phone, and ship products to you, requiring a signature upon delivery by FEDEX. Holla if u need me
Posted by tinydancer89 on 2009-07-11:
chances are that 1400 dollar return put the girl in negative sales for that week. of COURSE she is not going to be thrilled at that. she definately should have been more helpful and less snappy, but that's what comes with commissioned jobs.
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Return Policy
Posted by Clocey on 07/09/2005
ARKANSAS -- I purchased a Pc Joy Stick at the Radio Shack in a city 50 miles from where we live. I was told at the time of purchase that I could return this item at any Radio Shack store if it became necessary.

The Pc Joy stick did not work with my game so I took it to a radio shack store only 14 miles from my home. They refused to refund any money because they said it was not a Radio Shack item. I bought it at Radio Shack so why wasn't it a Radio Shack item. They refused to refund the money and said I would have to take it back to the store where I bought it.

If you buy an item at Radio Shack you think it is a Radio Shack stock item, right? Wrong. The stores are purchasing items from other wholesalers and pawning them off as Radio Shack merchandise. Buyer beware!!!! I learned a very valuable lesson and will not be purchasing anything from Radio Shack again.
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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-07-09:
Didn't you have your receipt to proove that you bought it there? If you have that, then how could they say it isn't their item?
Posted by Jlpro on 2005-07-13:
You are right in assuming that Radio Shack is Radio Shack, however there is an exception.
A franchise store carries different items and a company store can not return it if it is not a item they carry. But they should have told you this up front! I will no longer shop there either!
Posted by TIHZ_HO on 2005-12-06:
It seems that you bought that Joy Stick from a Radio Shack DEALER store who are able to sell items not carried at Radio Shack owned stores. This should have been explained to you.
Posted by Gosroth on 2006-04-19:
The reason why the return was refused was most likely because of the fact the customer must not have had a reciept and also, depending on the volume of the store, it may not have the same products. Also Radioshack carries products that other companies do such as the joystick. For example, Radioshack carries a Saitek (sp) joystick which is also sold at compusa, frys electronics, electronics boutique, etc.
Posted by ConstantConsumer on 2006-10-01:
fact is, there isnt any type of explaination at the POS, and i even get that at walmart.

not going to shop at the "shack" anymore
Posted by dlf on 2006-11-26:
Radioshack basically sucks at customer service. I have had bad experiences at the Boston Radioshack store on Boyleston Ave regarding returns and exchanges as well. If they handled returns and exchanges like Target, Kmart, Walmart, or other stores, I might still shop at Radioshack.
Posted by larryjimmy on 2006-12-25:
A radio shack dealer is basically like two stores. If you buy something that is a radio shack product then yes, you can return it to any radio shack, including a corporate store. But these stores are only required to have a certain percentage of radio shack merchandise and anything else they stock would have to be returned to that store. It wouldn't make sense for radio shack to accept a return for something that you bought at "Fred's Hardware Store" just because Fred's was also a radio shack dealer.
Posted by RADogmeat on 2007-04-06:
I work at Radioshack and for two years have never encountered a product that can be returned at one store and not another. To say Radioshack sucks at customer service because you have been screwed over and some people on a complaint-based website agree makes no sense. There are also many people that go in with an issue and leave with the solution. These people are happy and don't go on wbsites to complain.

In this customer's case I would have made the manager at the closer store get a district manager on the phone to explain the situation. Nobody hears your complaints when you just leave the store unhappy. Make the manager call a superior and bug them and you can bet that the manager will be more helpful in the future.
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Rebates are a scam
Posted by Mr Wonderful on 01/20/2005
DENTON, TEXAS -- Last July (04) I bought a Compaq laptop from Radio Shack, it came with a $150.00 rebate. This was what closed the sale, the rebate. The sales clerk cut the UPC off the box and stapled it and the receipt to the rebate form. I had filled out the rebate form and the Store Manager looked it over before folding it neatly and putting it in the envelope. He checked it over real well, even the mail to address.
I waited the eight weeks and then called the rebate center. The woman told me it has been processed and was in the mail. Ya Right. Two weeks went by, called again and they played phone tag for fifteen minutes. I finally gave up. Anyone care to join me in a class action law suit?
If you do call me 206 930 5694. Never again will I ever buy something with a mail in rebate.
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Posted by firethorne2k on 2005-01-21:
I wouldn't recommend posting your number on a public forum.
Posted by tander on 2005-01-21:
I've never had any problems getting rebates back
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Purchased a 29 Dollar Cell for 79 Dollars.
Posted by Robert_barone on 10/29/2013
CROMWELL, CONNECTICUT -- After paying 79 dollars for this phone, I feel that I shouldn't have to pay an extra35 dollars to re activate this phone..The cell was a Kona that was sold by Radio Shack..I wasn't told that there was a premium to be paid to
activate my phone.That is double dipping.It was never told to my by an employee that I had to do this..I just want my money back and all I get is baloney from them.I sent them my email address and gave them my telephone number.My real biggest [snip] is when you look for the account number on the sales slip, There are so many numbers there, which one do you use.
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The Worst Service I Ever Received on a Cell Phone Problem They Know Nothing
Posted by Armorer73 on 10/03/2013
The phone in question has a problem. It did updates and now it won't hold a charge. Their solution buy a new phone everything was fine until it updated now it won't hold a charge.
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Lack of Friendly or Helpful Customer Service
Posted by Tazpcks on 08/18/2013
Manager had no product knowledge on brand inquired on, and tried to up sale on a more expensive brand...did not offer to look up more info on brand in question. Just walked away.
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Fraud at the Coasta Grand Mall Radio Shack
Posted by Abombolino on 02/11/2013
We experience fraud at the Radio Shack located at coastal grand mall myrtle beach sc
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-02-12:
Details would be nice.
Posted by Starlord on 2013-03-07:
I agree with Big Al. Just making an accusation of fraud and saying no more is not proof of anything.
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Have not received my refund check , between Jan 2, 2013 - Feb. 11, 2013
Posted by Jonkat235 on 02/11/2013
SOUTH PASADENA. CALIF 91030-2605 -- Store clerk took returned watches, said that they couldn't refund my money yet because the check hadn't had time to clear yet, and that as soon as it cleared I would receive a check for my refund, of $43.48,in about 14 days. It has been over a month and after, checking the mail daily, calling the store several times, and visiting the store to talk to " Malcolm" nothing has been taken care of. I think that Radio Shack people are incompetent, from the store employees to Corporate Headquarters and don't think that this is important enough to fix this mess. You can be sure that and when I do receive my check, and it should have an extra amount because of our hassle with you people, that I won't bother patronizing your company again. It was my fault that I trusted the store enough to leave the watches without getting the refund, and should have waited longer to return the watches. But I will not make that mistake again with your company. My Trans. # 3286, Store #013627 Ticket #013286 (By the way, my husband is blind and hard of hearing, and the watches are not loud enough to hear correctly, and are of inferior quality.)
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-11:
What reason (excuse) has the store manager or corporate given you for the fact you still have not received the refund?
Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-12:
You did not specify in your post, but have you determined if the check ever cleared your bank? If so, the refund should have been processed. Have you contacted the corporate office?
Posted by jess951 on 2013-03-02:
Radio shack is such a B.S. company I bought the new galaxy s2 and had problems with it, so I only tried to return it 6 times ...they have me a new phone..and same problem again. Then I went storming into there store and this arrogant brad Pitt looking guy was the rudest associate ever...so I told him ...I've had give me my money back now...so he refunds me my money but only through a check that hasn't arrived for a month!!! Wtf!!
Posted by C. Stahler on 2013-03-03:
My wife was promised $10 dallor rebates for every $50 dollars spent. She purchased a Tom-Tom for over $100. After 1 hour on the phone with radio shack and getting the run around they then cut me off. I called the store manager where the purshase was made and he tried to help to no avail. This purchase was made in November of 2013 on black friday. Needless to say radio shack has lost our business forever.
Posted by samuel moreno on 2013-09-19:
Hi my name is Samuel moreno,
I purchased a am/fm radio may be two months ago. Never recieved an invoice on my email add. that the company got my return. My email add. is smoreno17smoreno25@yahoo.com
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Liars and Cheats. Classic Bait and Switch
Posted by Leutholtzps on 01/20/2013
SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a cell phone from Radio Shack and was offered a warranty that would replace my phone if there were any issues with it. I was told all I need to do is bring the phone back, they would ship it back to their warranty team and once it was received I would be sent a gift card in the amount of the phone I purchased. So I purchased the warranty thinking if anything happens to my phone I would get a brand new one, like I was assured.

Well, over the last few months my phone has been crashing and/or rebooting on me for absolutely no reason, like there is a short in my phone. It`s gotten to a point this happens daily so I decided I would take take advantage of the warranty I purchased. Well, I took my phone back and explained the situation. The guy at the store was helpful however when he called to talk to the warranty department he was informed my warranty was a "repair" warranty which is absolutely not what I was told I was purchasing.

They told me to send my phone back and they would try to "fix it" and if they can't they would send me a gift card. When I told them that's not what I purchased they told me that they do have a replacement warranty but I purchased the repair one, which is not what I was told I was buying. Had I known that they were going to pull the old bait and switch on me I would not have wasted my money on this warranty.

What makes this even worse is the store manager is the one who sold me the phone and replacement warranty. He is the one that told me that they would replace my phone if there was a problem within the first year. I even confirmed that that with him before I purchased the plan otherwise I would have not purchased the warranty. Now that there is a problem they are telling me that I don't have the right warranty.

I feel like they pulled the bait and switch on me and totally ripped me off.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-21:
Any time you are offered a warranty, there should be some form of documentation so this kind of confusion does not exist.

With that said, however, the 'service' warranty doesn't appear to be that bad. The fact that they're willing to either fix it or replace it if they can't is still a win/win proposition. I would ask this, if they were to offer a refund on just the warranty portion now, would you take it?
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-01-21:
Always read the fine print befoee you sign. Never take anyone's word for it. It stinks, but that's the way it is nowadays.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-21:
Most cases that people believe are "classic bait and switch" are not bait and switch. I don't believe that what you describe, worst case, is bait and switch.

Maybe false advertising, IF they told you that any repair needed would result in a new phone. Do you have that warranty in writing? I find it hard to believe that a warranty would have those terms, unless it is a premium warranty. Otherwise, they would throw a lot of repairable phones in the trash.
Posted by shayen on 2013-01-21:
I don't bother with Radio Shack and their warranties anymore. I purchased a blackberry phone and bought a warranty. No, I didn't read the terms (my bad) but instead listened to the employee's promises that my phone would be replaced at anytime during the year covered for any reason. I spilled soda on my phone and it died. I took the phone To Radio Shack and they gave me a gift card to purchase any phone I wanted. At that time, I was offered a two-year warranty for my new phone. Feeling good about RS and their warranty plans, I again did not read the terms and just listened to the employees who gave me the same sales pitch. About 1 1/2 years go by and I once again spill liquid on the phone and ruin it. Radio Shack refused to replace it or do anything. They said their warranties only cover manufacturer defects. I asked why I was able to get a new phone before on the same warranty plan and they wouldn't answer. Bottom line: read the fine print before buying, ask questions and don't just listen to what an employee verbally tells you. Lesson learned.
Posted by Susan on 2013-01-21:
What did the contract you signed say about the terms of the warranty? This is not "classic bait and switch" - this is a matter that you believed what the sales person told you instead of reading the contract.
Posted by bubba bob on 2013-08-04:
Not only phones... They advertise a free book with their Arduino kit, yet refuse to honor the offer at the counter.
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Return Dissatifaction
Posted by Derickson on 01/07/2013
Bought a charger they said would work on my nook when it didn't work they refused to refund my money.
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Posted by Skye on 2013-01-07:
What reason did they give you for not refunding your money?
Posted by Buddy01 on 2013-01-07:
You could try your cell phone charger. My Nook charger and cell phone charger are interchangeable.
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