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Never buy Ralph Lauren again
Posted by on
In the last weeks, I lost all respect for Ralph Lauren organization. In recent years, I noticed that quality of their merchandise declined with every year but I still was loyal to the brand. I liked their designs a lot. I have to say this digital adjustments of the models and firing models for being fat at 120 (5'10) is something that needs to stop.

If Ralph Lauren wants to sell their merchandise, they should make it and advertise it by real people not digital freaks. The only way I (and I encourage others) can vote and make them notice is by stopping buying ANY Ralph Lauren Products.
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Principissa on 10/14/2009:
After what they did to that photoshopped model they should be ashamed of themselves. It's like glorifying eating disorders and malnourishment. It's disgusting. The girl is skinny enough as she is now, and I hope she knows that she doesn't need to lose any more weight.
DebtorBasher on 10/14/2009:
MRM on 10/14/2009:
Yoweeee! DB, I'm your cuddy buddy also, right?
KCRovert on 10/14/2009:
I love R.L. Polo clothes and have quite a bit of it for my "Business Casual" attire. Not purchasing wouldn't prove (or change/prevent) anything as I don't buy their clothes due to advertisement, I buy it because I like the fit, feel & quality.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
Anna, no one puts a gun to there head to work in this field. It pays the bills and obviously sells the gear.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
I'm 4'11" and my wieght fluctuates between 110 and 120. I am in no way fat. A woman who is 5'10" can weigh anywhere from 130 to 160 pounds. Anything below 130 is considered underwieght.

But sadly the fashion world is not based on reality
Ytropious on 10/14/2009:
Actually yaya, not to call you out or anything, but 4'11 and 120 at your max is considered borderline overweight, unless it's all coming from muscle.
PepperElf on 10/14/2009:
she prolly meant 5'11
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
Actually 123 is considered overwieght for my height. But it's all about proportion too
Ytropious on 10/14/2009:
Now 5'11 and 120 is just sickly. I'm pretty petite myself since I'm that same weight but 5 inches shorter, 5'6". I usually fluctuate 3 lbs though, from 117 to 120.
PepperElf on 10/14/2009:
& mental hangups too. I remember one guy on the former moby forums who proclaimed that any woman over 100 pounds was fat, regardless of her height. so a woman could be 6 feet tall but if she was over 100 he felt she was overweight.

as for the fashion industry this isn't anything new. they use less material to cover the super-thin models so that's what's promoted.

I remember a case from Europe where a girl was hired to be a model only for her to get fired for "getting fat"

the truth of her weight?
she had leukemia and her "thin" body was really the after-effects of cancer treatment. her "fat" body was actually normal healthy weight for her height.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
5'10" and 120 lbs... that's underweight for that height.
I'm 5'9" and 135 lbs... that's the lowest I can go until I'm known as underweight by doctors standards. I'd probably be overweight in Hollywood's standards.
PepperElf on 10/14/2009:
well there is a song I heard about modeling that somewhat fits this...

"They only want you when you're seventeen
When you're twenty-one, you're no fun"

Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
I watch America's Next Top Model and last season there was a girl who was 25 and she kept getting crap from all the agencies for being so old.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
Real women have curves.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
I love your curves little :)
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
5'10" at 120 lbs is just to dang skinny. Nothing to hold on to. If I didn't have such a hot wife at home I would be out chasing L'yaya all over Arizona. She sounds plenty hot to me. (and everyone else but a couple of dipsticks)
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
yeah man, need a woman to keep you warm at night
old fart on 10/14/2009:
Hey king James, check out my pole dancing thread... that's chubby!
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
No OF, that’s morbidly obese.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
Aw thanks Super *blushing*
jktshff1 on 10/14/2009:
super....best answer helpful advice
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
I order merchandise from www.RalphLauren.com they advertise at this point free delivery on any order more than $100.00. The items was ship by Fed Ex with required signature upon delivery. Fed Ex was attend to deliver package for 3 days in the row always in early afternoon ?????

I call Fed Ex they explained to me that company using independent contractors and they do delivery then they have a time??????? Then I call Ralph Lauren and explained to them that carrier not able deliver package in the evening hours and I can't pick up because Fed Ex office located in 40 min drive from my house. And I asked to credit back my money. Customer service representative (Snip) told me that it's basically my problem and Fed Ex can't change route just for me and I can dispute charges that was already applied on my credit card! With so many people losing job now we have this kind customer service representatives!???. Company basically fail to provide any service at all.

P.S. This is that this company policy stating the following: You can find this on company website.

We ship via FedEx Home Delivery when you choose the standard delivery option. FedEx Home Delivery delivers packages to residential addresses Tuesday through Saturday from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Orders sent by 5-Business-Day or 2-Business-Day shipping methods are delivered Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. We recommend choosing 5-Business-Day or 2-Business-Day shipping if you are shipping your package to a business address. Ralph Lauren Gift Cards and Ralph Lauren Lighting are not eligible for expedited shipping. *************************************************
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
Shouldn't your complaint be with Fed Ex instead of Ralph Lauren???????
dan gordon on 04/06/2009:
I'm sure you have the option to deliver without a signature. Ask and they will leave your pkg. D
jktshff1 on 04/06/2009:
No offense intended, but these driver have routes, he may be 40 min from your house, and have 40 deliveries before he gets to yours. The hours of delivery (9am-8pm) are clearly stated. FedEx guarantees a "window" for its delivery, not a specific time.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I e-mailed ralph Lauren 3 times asking where I can purchase a robe tie to a bathrobe I bought in June at Macy's. I spent a lot off money and bought a blue velor robe for my husband at Macy's for fathers day. During the summer he did not wear it. Come October he went to put it on and the tie was missing. I don't know if it was never put in the box or if we tossed it out. So I called Macy's and they told me to contact Ralph Lauren. I e-mailed them 3 times they say they will answer in 2-3 days. I never heard once a reply. I called on the phone and the girl said she would call me back. Never happen. I called again to ask for a public relations person I could contact. The women on the phone was so rude and would not give me one name of a person to contact. I wrote a letter anyway and addressed it to a customer service or public relations person. I never heard one thing back. I will never buy another Ralph Lauren product again.

I will spend more money to buy a different brand instead. I think they are the rudest company around. I know longer need the robe tie I bought my husband a better quality robe.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 11/20/2008:
couldn't you use one from another robe?
Anonymous on 11/20/2008:
Id rather not use a tie on a robe.....
DebtorBasher on 11/20/2008:
Men in untied robes are sexy...
Anonymous on 11/20/2008:
I mean who wants to be all tied up.........oh wait....I do!!.....lol
old fart on 11/20/2008:
Basher.. If I didn't tie MY robe, would you think I'm sexy..?
DebtorBasher on 11/20/2008:
Send me a photo and I'll let you know! Come on...Trust me!
jktshff1 on 11/20/2008:
db, all you would do with my pic is laugh!!!, hey! round is a shape!!
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No Coupon Policy
Posted by on
The other day I was at Macy's and wished to purchase 2 Ralph Lauren articles of clothing. When I went to pay at the register and use a Macy's coupon I was told that it was your policy not to allow coupons to be used. Congrats on such a good policy, you not only lost a sale of $150 but you also lost a customer because I will never purchase Ralph Lauren merchandise again. I went to another department and was able to use my 20 percent coupon there.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 12/13/2009:
since this is their busy season, could the person be a temp and simply not know?
macdave on 12/13/2009:
Macy's coupons usually have a long list items that there not good for in the fine print on the bottom. The clerk probably does not know why certain merchandise is excluded, only that it is.
SilverWngs71 on 12/13/2009:
This should be a complaint on Macy's not Ralph Lauren.
Ben There on 12/13/2009:
Some higher end brands are rarely discounted. By keeping Polo products expensive, it ads a layer of exclusivity and status that their target market likes.
Ponie on 12/13/2009:
You're so right about all the exclusions on the Macy's coupons, macdave. Don't know why the poster got her pantyhose in a bunch because I'm sure it was listed. These are not Macy's directives--they come from the manufacturer. Some companies will never allow discounts/sales on their merchandise unless it's done by them. My Sis just loves Yankee candles (I think they're over priced.). Do you ever see them on sale? Nope. Just their 'monthly' special or perhaps closeouts in their own stores.

I really can't determine whether the poster is complaining about Macy's or Ralph Lauren because both seem to be lumped together. Equal opportunity? :)
Ponie on 12/13/2009:
Silver, Ben, and I were all posting at the same time. :)
spiderman2 on 12/13/2009:
The only store that I know of that allows coupon no matter what you buy is Kohls. Macy's, Bon-Ton, Boscovs, etc. have so many exclusions on their coupons that it isn't worth the time it takes to cut it out.
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Boycotting Ralph Lauren
Posted by on
I will never again purchase a product with Ralph Lauren's name on it due to their overly perfected and unrealistic images of women in advertisements targeted at children and adults. The digitally altered ads encourage the development of distorted body images and eating disorders.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/24/2009:
RL also fired a model who is 5'7" , 120lbs, for being too fat. The advertisements make the models look like Bratz dolls, tiny bodies, big heads. The ads are stupid looking. This is for anyone who doesn't know what the OP is talking about since she didn't get specific.
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
Better boycott every magazines with Kim Kardashian I nit, every commercial with a model in it, and every other piece of advertisement that shows a perfect woman on the cover half nude.

Women with common sense know that not all women can look that way. Some of us actually like to eat and have boobs and a butt. AND thighs and legs and hips.
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
Anorexic girls are a total turn of.
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
what should they due to please you? toss some heffers into their ads?
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
The average sized American woman is now size 14-16. I'm a size 4 and their ads would call me a heifer. Fortunately, no one with a brain takes these ads seriously, as if this really should be what women look like. Like I said, the models look like Bratz dolls, no realism about them at all. They are stupid.
Eloise on 10/25/2009:
The problem is that young girls and teens do take the ads seriously!
Anonymous on 10/25/2009:
I beg to differ. I have five classrooms full of 15-16 year old girls and without exception, they think the ads are ridiculous, cartoonish and unrealistic. There has been so much in print out there about size and models, the young are very well informed. They, like me, think it is worse than a woman lost her job for being too fat when she has a healthy body any woman would envy. That's the real tragedy here.
Eloise on 10/26/2009:
Sherdy, your students are very lucky to have such a positive body image. However they are in the minority. Just look at the rising rates of anorexia and bulimia.
Anonymous on 10/26/2009:
El, AND teenage pregnancy.
Anonymous on 10/26/2009:
Those models are hot and if one gets fired for putting on a few LB's they can always find work at Lane Bryant or Jenny Craig.
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Great Clothes
Posted by on
I love this clothing line. Comfortable, quality clothing. It is a bit pricey, but I found Hatco Emporium on Ebay. They have the clothing for much cheaper and they ship international as well. Can't get much better than that.
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No Help Finding A Product They Advertise
Posted by on
Saw a suit advertised in a magazine, went into the store to be told it wasn't yet available, and I should "Keep checking back" to find out when it arrives. Like someone looking to buy a $2000 suit has nothing better to do than keep checking back. Contacted customer service via email and no help twice, now not returning emails.

Pretty bad.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 02/26/2009:
What city are you in? The people in your local store probably have no idea when they will be arriving, but they could have taken your name and number and called you.
eda on 02/27/2009:
Melbourne, Australia. And yes, you'd think that would be an obvious solution. If I were marketing management I'd be very annoyed at spending thousands on slick ads in expensive magazines only to have the whole effort undermined by staff with little initiative and poor training. I was in their flagship store for the city as well, not some small concession in a larger department store.
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Men's Shirts
Posted by on
FRISCO, TEXAS -- I purchased 7 men's shirts online and I'll tell you that Polo is not the company it used to be. Several shirts had frays, some shirts didn't have the button holes cut and the ones that did looked like someone with Parkinson's had done it, also the callers don't seem to iron flat. I have some old shirts and the cloth is much thicker and had none of the problems the new shirts did.

They may as well just sell an iron on emblem so that you put it on a quality shirt. At 3 times the cost of a normal shirt, polo has really lost it!
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 09/16/2007:
Did you buy them directly from Polo?
Anonymous on 09/16/2007:
You may have got knock offs? I just bought a Polo tow months ago and it was fine. (from a Polo Shop)
Nohandle on 09/16/2007:
You might have very well purchased "seconds" unknown to you at the time, but quality in most so called name brand labels has gone down considerably the past several years. What we remembered as a quality product a few years ago isn't that way anymore. I quit relying on labels because of that.
Anonymous on 09/16/2007:
I like T shirts
Anonymous on 09/16/2007:
Look for other brands.
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Defective Bottle Of Polo Blue
Posted by on
I recently purchased your product, Polo Blue 3.5oz as a gift for Father's Day. When the package was opened half the cologne was gone and with the first use the spray nozzle broke. I was so embarrassed over this situation, I tried to return this for an exchange but was told I couldn't that I would have to contact Consumer Relations. Is there anything you can do to compensate my loss of your product?

Thanks for your time.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
Buy him another one from somewhere else but stay on them for a refund or something.
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
ZZ said it all.
*Brenda* on 06/22/2007:
What store wouldn't return a defective item?
heaven17 on 06/22/2007:
I was wondering the same thing, Brenda. I'd try the store again and request someone higher up.
DBone on 06/22/2007:
Uhhh, Contact customer relations.
poppapia on 06/22/2007:
How does the store know the product was broke when the package was opened somewhere else? I agree to continue with trying for a refund, but it may be difficult to prove your case.
DUBIE on 11/20/2008:
DUBIE on 11/21/2008:
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Furniture Availability
Posted on
KENTUCKY -- Consumer Relations Department,

Where can I find your furniture?

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