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Posted by Skate4eva69 on 11/27/2013
Horrible manager. Did not want to fix my drink when he knows bartender made it wrong. I'm a bartender myself, it's not hard to just re-make it and make it right. I'm sure they don't do pour tests....they would fail. The manager gave me a card. Kelvin. You should know better.

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Dirty Lobster
Posted by Firefly40 on 11/27/2013
We ate at Red Lobster tonight and my husband had a Main lobster from the live tank.. When they brought it to our table it had barnacles all over the claws.. Gross!! He complained and they said it won't affect the taste.. It was nasty looking!!
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Awful Experience, Don't Eat Here!
Posted by Caseyblue12 on 11/17/2013
GILBERT, ARIZONA -- I vow to never return to Red Lobster. First off, it took a decent amount of time to put in our drink order, and the waiter did not take our food order at that time despite us being ready. Secondly, the entire meal was over 2 hours long- which I find to be way too long. Thirdly, my meal was terrible. I order Parmesan crusted chicken Alfredo with broccoli. The broccoli was practically raw! And the Alfredo tasted more like gross Mac n' cheese than Alfredo. Lastly, the waiter was inattentive and the music was obnoxious, for a place that's is supposed to be somewhat classy I found it to be much less than that. I course though that is simply my opinion. I will say the best thing of the night was the strawberry lemonade which was delicious, although the straw for it was too short al every time I want a sip I had to stick my hand in the glass to retrieve it. I officially hate Red Lobster.
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Too Salty; Good Fried Shrimp, Good Service
Posted by Cc88m on 11/15/2013
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- Way too salty for anyone's health, especially for the large number of seniors who frequent Red Lobster -- high blood pressure is their number one killer. Red Lobster can cut the salt in half and still have too much. They should cut the salt use by 2/3 and put sea salt available on the table. Service is great and their fried shrimp is excellent, but the lobsters smell fishy instead of fragrant. Only live lobster is the best, and you can't always get them in Red Lobster; go to Chinese restaurants of real live lobster dishes that are affordable.

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Worst Meal Ever Had at Red Lobster
Posted by Maryhampton34287 on 11/05/2013
We went to Naples for my birthday. I have been going to Red Lobster for 30 years. Food was always excellent. Well there's a big change. They have obviously changed the way they prepare their meals. It was like a TV dinner.

The fish tasted soggy . The broccoli was rubbery. The price was same. I will never go there again. It was that bad. Really.
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Poor Quality High Beverage Prices
Posted by 2cedarhillfarms on 08/29/2013
WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to dinner and disappointed with all. I ordered shrimp Alfredo and a draft domestic beer. I asked why there were no prices listed for beverages and was told alcohol prices vary too much? I have been paying the same price for a case of beer for the past 3 years! I mentioned it was a "gotcha scam." Their smallest draft domestic beer price was $5.69. My Alfredo dish was not in a creamy sauce rather a dry sticky gooey clump.

Bottom line, never again.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-29:
Yep, that is an old trick - it may be intimidating to ask the price if not shown, but that is what I do.

I gave up on Red Lobster about 20 years ago. Don't miss it one bit.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-09-24:
Red Lobster and Olive Garden are chain joints owned by Darden Restaurants. Sales are way down at both hurting them big time. Customers are fed up with high prices and appetizer portions. They gouge the customer with high alcohol prices to make up for the lost food revenue. It's not working and they are still loosing money. They now offer no value for the customer and I refuse to return.
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Overpriced Shrimp, Lowest Quality Available
Posted by Jkimbro4 on 07/02/2013
FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE -- I have not been to Red Lobster in over 20 years due to the mismatch between the food and the price. I can get $18 dinners at J Alexander and have an upscale dinner in an upscale atmosphere. What I had at Red Lobster was coconut shrimp made with "popcorn shrimp", forget tasting any shrimp; fried shrimp cold that tasted like it was from a frozen dinner and microwaved; and shrimp scampi made with 12 shrimp I could buy in a supermarket at $3.99 per pound. If you are going to charge upscale prices, then serve upscale food.

I have had better quality seafood at a street vender. It is insulting for a restaurant to have such low quality food and charge so much for it. Save your money and eat at White Castle.
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The Treating Of Disabled People
Posted by NISSANEMTBCH75 on 07/01/2013
MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- On Tuesday June 25th we stopped in Red Lobster for a meal. Our server was great. While we were there a group of 4 people hard of hearing or no hearing they were signing as they sat there, came into the restaurant they sat for at least 5 to 8 minutes. When I asked my server if she was their waitress and she said no. At that time a server came to them. She got their drink order and two times while we were sitting there the server gave the one woman the wrong drink. When they got their salads they finally got rolls. I thought this was disrespectful to disabled people. I hope it doesn't happen much.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-01:
If it was busy, a 5-8 minute wait isn't hugely excessive IMHO, I've waited longer before in busy restaurants. As for the wrong drink order, if the people at the other table were Deaf and their server wasn't familiar with ASL (and he/she probably wasn't) then there would've been a communications barrier and if the worst that came out of it was someone getting the wrong drink, then that's actually not too bad.

I don't see anything "disrespectful" here.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-07-02:
Is it possible that it was just a mistake?
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-02:
It would be interesting to know how the people in the other party felt about their experience.

Based on what you wrote, I don't see anything wrong. 5 to 8 minutes is a short time to wait at many chain restaurants, and mistakes happen.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-07-02:
If a restaurant is busy a 5 to 8 minute wait time is reasonable. Did you expect special treatment because members of your group were hearing impaired?
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-07-02:
Actually the hearing impaired individuals were NOT with the OP's table. The OP simply observed what was going on if I read the review correctly.
Posted by CU on 2013-07-02:
I suspect they'd be offended by you calling them DISABLED, then they would be by poor wait service.
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Most incompetent GM
Posted by Iciest28424 on 06/27/2013
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We have been eating at Red Lobster for a long time. About 6 months ago, we were having dinner, and they sat a large group near our table. That was fine, until the 4 children, started acting up, and started running around, crawling under our table, the parents were like, I'm sorry, and did nothing else. Called the GM Tonya [snip] over to our table, she approached the table, and had an annoyed look on her face, we told her what happened and she told there was nothing that she could do, that the restaurant was busy. She wouldn't go to the table to even say something. I must also mention, she smelled like cigarettes and looked disheveled. We have given this restaurant another chance, but this GM visited a table next to us, and she is just ineffective. From what we have witnessed, she has no customer service skills. Not eating at any Darden restaurant again.
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Service was Terrible! Food was Great!
Posted by Pandalove on 06/23/2013
SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Well for starters I will start with the hosts, they were wonderful!I came with my Husband and two Daughters and the hostess Taylor(i believe) was sweet and very helpful and loved my girls. We got sat at great table by the window and I took my two girls to the restroom. Normally I would think that the server would have already there but when we got back to our table we waited another 10-15 minutes or so no one even approaching us.

Then my Husband got upset because the girls were very hungry so he ended up going up front to ask who our sever was. One of the hosts told us it was Jessica, and said they would get here over there right away and apologized. we went back looking for Jessica and finally got her attention. And it seem that her mind was in a different place and we had to repeat ourselves a lot. We had to ask for refills she never offered and a few times a different server had to do it for her.

Regardless of any of that we still had a good time and enjoyed our food but I feel it could have been better.
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-06-23:
You enjoyed the food, what did you order?
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-23:
Perhaps I am jaded, because what you describe mirrors many of the experiences I have had at chains like RL, RT, RR, TRH, TGIF, AB's, OB, OG, etc etc. I go in with very low expectations, if I go to one of these chains at all. As the years have gone by, I have written most of them off my list.

If you thought the food was good, at RL, that is a win right off the top.
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