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Lobsterfest. I Took The Bait And Tried Them Again
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Rating: 3/51

After my past two visits I was not anxious to return. This is a Darden chain joint that does try but always seems to come up short. Guess I got weak after seeing those unending Lobsterfest commercials. I had a $50.00 dollar gift card from my C.C. points plus a 50% off coupon on the second dinner that they sent me. So basically the dinner was free.

We arrived on a Friday night at 6:30 pm and they were packed. We were told 45 minutes to one hour wait time. They hand you the little pager alerting you when your table is ready. We were seated in 30 minutes. Considering how busy they were the wait time was decent and we were in no rush.

Fast forward. I ordered the stuffed seafood mushrooms for $8.95 which was quite good. Then the house salad with Caesar dressing & garlic bread was decent. We both ordered the Lobster Lovers Dream for $30.00 each. This consisted of a rock tail plus a second tail that was smaller and more tender. The dinner also included linguini with shrimp in an Alfredo sauce. This could have been hotter. Two vegetables are also included.

Conclusion: Red Lobster on a busy night basically got this dinner right. The food was good for this inconsistent chain joint. We'll probably wait until the next Lobsterfest before we return. Google them for some good coupons if you want a decent dinner.

Terrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

DANVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Slow service. After being seated, waited for 15 minutes before we seen our waitress. Then she shows up acting like she didn't want to be there. She took our drink order and 15 minutes later we finally got them. She then started to walk off. So before she walked off I said, "we are ready to order." Then after we ordered we waited another 15 minutes for the salad and a half hour for food. Food came out wrong and all of us were minus our baked potato. She said it would be right out. Nope. Once the order was finally corrected we managed to eat the entire meal without the potato.

So we continued to sit there not seeing any sign of our waitress. Finally she comes out and says the potato is just about done. 10 min later she comes and says the same thing. So we just asked for our $130 bill, paid and left. This place is horrible. Never go there and I will never go back!

Very Disappointed
By -

CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- I am a regular at the Red Lobster in Chico. At least two to three times a month I go for dinner. Tonight was the worst service I have ever been given. I sat in the bar area to try something new. The bartender not only was very unprofessional but did not seem to care about the language she used. I asked to have the football game turned up but was told she wasn't allowed which was funny cause her language and voice that carried seemed to be allowed. I was very put off. Things only got worse when my appetizer was brought out cold and undercooked. But to make things even worse I never received my full meal. My snow crab legs never made it to the table.

At the end of my visit I took my concerns to management who seemed less than interested and never offered a single apology. Just said simply "I will talk to her." Then I realized the bartender was also a manager. Wow how disappointing and to think I was spending three to four hundred dollars a month at a place where I was treated so lousy. Well never again.

Poor Service
By -

Our waiter Jonathon promised us VIP service but we would have settled for not being forgotten. After bringing us our drinks and biscuits we were ignored for 22 minutes until our food was served. We actually expected salads and drink refills before that and his attitude at having forgotten us was very nonchalant. My Walt's shrimp was over-cooked. My son had ordered a baked potato but got rice and broccoli instead. When we pointed that out to Jonathon he chose to argue with us that they had no potatoes and he couldn't have gotten potatoes AND rice and broccoli. However my son should have been told about the potato and been given a choice of alternate sides.

So we never got our salads, my shrimp went uneaten, my son's rice and broccoli wasn't touched and we had to ask for the bill to be adjusted!?! They did comp my son's meal but the manager never came to our table to apologize and avoided us at the door! Ten years ago we had a bad service experience here - and now this. We won't be back to this location EVER! (The Lake Worth Red Lobster always has great service.)

Great service and great food!
By -

I just wanted to comment on my family's experience at RL tonight. Scott was our server and he was very nice and cordial throughout our entire meal. He brought very fresh Cheddar Bay biscuits which were steaming at the table. He refilled the drinks before we even requested or before they were even low. He also made sure we were satisfied several times.

I could definitely tell that he cared about customer service. He asked, when we Sat down, if anyone was celebrating a birthday tonight (me) and then he and two other servers sang to me before we paid for our check. I have never been disappointed at this Red Lobster. If it wasn't as high priced, we would eat there more often, but we save it for special occasions. Scott made this evening extra enjoyable. Thanks, Scott!

More Money Less FOOD
By -

SPRINGDALE, OHIO -- I recently ordered a carry out of the ultimate meal feast which cost me approximately 25.00. Someone else picked it up for me. I have had this meal many times when I sat in and felt like for 25.00 I should have had more than 3 crab legs. I proceed to ask to speak to a manager which I was on hold for 6 minutes before the manager at the Springdale location in Cincinnati, Ohio came to the phone. After talking to him he informed me that they base your portion on weight 8 oz. Only.

Well first off I feel for 25.00 dollars it should be more than that but I was ok with that.. What upset me was the fact that as a manager he couldn't care less if I ever came back or not. My argument with him was ok I know you didn't create that policy but if i'm a customer displeased with that meal and threatening to never return a good manager would have said, "I tell you what, how about I give you a complimentary appetizer when you come in again so that I don't lose your business." Are there any managers that care that much anymore???

Just because of his actions I will not return there and will share with all my friends and co workers not to return as well. Now was that worth losing customers for. He could have saved that revenue for that location by just taking a moment and showed concern, instead he chose to hang up the phone and basically say.. too bad!!! Where oh where has customer service went. It doesn't exist!!!

Food Poisoning at Red Lobster
By -

MEDFORD, OREGON -- Three months before our 8th wedding anniversary I asked my husband to take me to Red Lobster for our special dinner. It was July 3, a day before our anniversary, but we knew that the place would be nice and quiet. The restaurant was about half full, which is perfect. Just the right amount of ambience. We had a great waitress who answered all of my husband's question, and even let us purchase a couple of their Pilsner glasses for our annual toast that we make to each other.

Hours later, we were in our bathrooms using them all night and all day long. We realized we had food poisoning. Since it was the Fourth of July the whole family came over for a barbecue. No one else got sick from THAT food. It was from our meal the day before. I don't know if it has anything to do with the oil in the southeast US, but it certainly could be. The seafood that we ate may not have come specifically from those waters...but water DOES move. We happen to live in Medford, OR. I think I'm putting off seafood for a few years. A big sarcastic Thank You to BP and Red Lobster.

Waiting is the hardest part
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GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO -- Arrived at 7:24pm told 15 minute wait, wait was 20 minutes. Upon arriving to table for 5 people, we noticed two other parties sat after us. One of 3 people, one of 5 people. We continued to wait for ten more minutes while watching the two tables who arrived much later at the restaurant than us get served immediately after sitting. Then watch as they receive drinks and submit food orders. We were miffed, no one had noticed. I intentionally stared at four servers talking at entrance of wait station to get their attention. Finally I see they noticed our stare and still no team waiting help.

Finally after 6 more minutes our server appears. While taking tray of food to table next to us states "I will be right with you". Where was this server for the last 15 plus minutes while we received no greeting, no drinks, and no food order? On a smoke break? We left, we have never had a complete good food and good service experience at this Red Lobster.

No More Aztec Chicken!
By -

I'm not a big fan of seafood, but I have many friends who just love it. So when we all got together to eat at Red Lobster, I ordered the Aztec Chicken. It was absolutely delicious! I looked forward to it, and sometimes craved it! We went there last night for the first time since they changed their menu. I didn't notice a price increase as some did, but I could not find the Aztec Chicken... it was no longer offered.

They have replaced it with a chicken breast dish that has some kind of maple/cherry glaze. I ordered it just to try it since their non-seafood selections were very limited. I could only eat about 3 bites. It was just so sweet, and doesn't even come close to the wonderful taste of the Aztec Chicken! I really didn't like it at all! How could they have taken the Aztec Chicken off their menu? I have read so many raving reviews on the net... people really l enjoyed this dish! Please bring back the Aztec Chicken!

Careful When Using Credit Charge Card
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Rating: 2/51

WHITEHALL, PENNSYLVANIA -- Customers be careful charging your dinner at Red Lobster. Review your charge on your computer. We had given a generous tip & paid for our dinner on my Capital One Visa. Noticing a $2 (more) difference from my copy of the dinner bill and what has been posted on the computer.

I called the restaurant to inform the manager that we had dinner there 2 days ago, and told her about the error. It seems the original bill has already gone to Headquarters, & I had to deal with headquarters. It's not the money but the principle. Knowing the red tape I had to deal with I decided not to contact Red Lobster's headquarters. Just think if this is done on all charged dinners. Again watch your bill.

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