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Reliant Energy, Inc.
1111 Louisiana Street
Houston, TX 77002
713-207-3000 (ph)
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Worst Electric Company Ever
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- After the poor response and customer service following "Ike", I was not surprised to see my electric bill increase for no reason. To top that, when I recently moved and decided to switch providers, I called and thought I had canceled my service. I called a week later to verify, and find out it was not only still connected, they were going to wait 5 days before disconnecting it and holding me responsible for a week and half of service after I moved. Do not use this company.

Agent Does Not Like His Job

TEXAS -- I just spoke on the phone with **. I asked him if I could make a payment. He was VERY unpleasant. He was not friendly at all. He asked for specific information without explanation. He was short and acted as though I was an annoyance. He spelled out my last name and I had to practically talk over him to get him to hold on because he misspelled my last name. Then he repeated it as if I was rude. My payment did not go through. He said it was probably because I gave him the wrong expiration date or the wrong zip code or the security code. He did not ask to verify or try another number. I tried to explain to him that I moved and it may be under my old zip code.

But again, I had to practically talk over him. I stopped to let him talk and tried to explain again, but I had to talk over him. We both stopped talking and instead of him asking me to continue, he just didn't say anything at all. I ended up hanging up the phone with him and calling back and trying the automated payment method again. My payment went through the second time. It's pretty sad that a computer has more personable skills than an actual person. This was a HORRIBLE first time experience with your customer service. For me and a lot of other people, customer service should be top priority for winning over a customer.

Steady, Mid-to-High Priced Utility
By -

DFW, TEXAS -- I have had several different energy providers in the DFW area, with the last being Reliant. I have had them for four years. In this time, they have not been the cheapest and unfortunately do not offer good deals to current subscribers, but their service is steady and I have only lost power a couple times during storms. I enjoy the online bill pay (although some of the options are limited) and bill checking and hope that they offer more options to regular subscribers. I will probably switch at some point since I believe that with most utilities you have to switch often to get the best deal. At least with these guys you don't have to worry too much about losing service.

Holiday Tree? How About Christmas Tree
By -

LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- I am really happy I just switched from Reliant to another electrical provider. After the CEO of Reliant called the Christmas tree a holiday tree on The Mayors Holiday Celebration on KHOU. How embarrassing. I hope others switch after hearing that.

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