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Fraud Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- This is a fraud company. They take longest time for remittance. But in between if they get lower rate, they complete the transaction. Their motive is to give you minimum possible rate. Please try for yourself. The exchange rate which you will get will be much lower than their advertised rate on their website,. They lure you by showing good rates and then give you 30-40 paise less for every dollar. Stay away from them. Also, they are the only ones whose telemarketers will call you repeatedly to convince you to transfer money. No one else does so. They used to offer fixed rate money transfer also but they stopped because its in their blood to cheat. They can't play it fair. Try them 2 times and you will know for yourself if you pay attention.
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Stay away from Remit2India Customer service is DUMMY
Posted by on
Remit 2 India sucks BIG tIme. there customer service is NON EXISTENT. here is a proof:-

1) Any time you have an issue, you are asked to send a Email. You will get a reply for your email in 24 hours or more. In this day and age remit2India takes 1 day to get to your EMail - SHAME ON THEM
2) If you call customer service they ask you to send you an Email and wait for 24 Hours. If that's the case what's the point in Boasting 24 * 7 customer service ?? All you hear is send email and wait 24 hours.
3) Reply to your email comes as another question to you to clarify some thing and when you send a reply - guess what - wait for another 24 hours. This is a huge bag of sum and I am fed up. Shame TOI claims it is part of their network.
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User Replies:
R2ICS on 01/20/2011:
Dear Customer,
I am writing on behalf of Remit2India. We would like to assist you with your concerns.
We request you to write to us at

Nimesh Patel on 01/15/2013:
They are making people. Correctly said by others I tried sending thrice and every time they did not give me the indicative price. Even I traced on daily basis and during that week it doesn't go down to the exchange price what I got.

Use XOOM instead, they are very fast and quite reliable.

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Remit2india is rude and illogical
Posted by on
I initiated a gift transfer via remit2India. I have used them for 4 years and sans them calling repeatedly cold calling for promotions, they have been OK. I got a call from their compliance team who out of the blue after saying they are R2I compliance in a rude tone ask who my recipient was. I asked them what it was about. After 10 minutes I realized the interrogation I was going through was for my benefit. This representative was being rude to help me. I tried to explain why they had to let the customer know they were trying to help and clarify if the transaction was legit to start with before rude FBI type interrogation, the agent kept arguing. I had enough and asked for the manager. The agent tried to come back and talk - posing as a manager - when I asked for the manager again, he transfers me to a colleague who answered as the "manager". I thought I had clarified that this gift was indeed initiated by me and I confirmed-verified the recipient who is a friend.

12 days later when my recipient confirms did not receive the gift, I try to login to track the status and lo, my account is now inactivated. I called customer service and they said they cannot do much. All along I was talked to like I was a criminal. I talked tough and threatened to mail people and the agent calls back with a sorry tale of how they contacted my recipient and when they were unhappy with the way she answered they stopped the transaction and inactivated my account and the best of all, waited for me to find out and call them ; by the way their telephone was not working.

The agent calls again, talks for 45 minutes and some of his questions are :

1. You work for XYZ Bank why are you transferring money via us ?
2. Some details you gave did not match what recipient said so are you lying ?
3. He admitted he lied to me about a manager and transferred me to his colleague as that's common.
4. He dared me to see what I could do in terms of escalation.

So here it is, I will move my business to someone else ; If Remit2India values me as a customer, you know my id, respond to me..

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User Replies:
Alain on 04/23/2010:
Madhu, stick with your decision to find another company.
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Remit2India - a customer service nightmare
Posted by on
I had used Remit2India in the past, and while it had always been a painful experience, I tried again recently.
They had lost all indication of my prior transactions and so I basically had to start from scratch, get them to check out the validity of my bank account, fill in all the forms, etc.

Customer services was all over me to get me to send money, and went completely silent after I had (or so I thought.)

A week went by, and since nobody replied to my emails anymore, and the online status tracker just threw an unhelpful error message, I called their customer support, where the automated thing just hung up on me, twice.
I dialed the only option to get a human on the phone, who then told me that the transaction has been closed.
When I asked whether that means that the money has been transferred successfully, I was told that no, it had been canceled, and they can't tell me why, because the security check failed, and they can't give me details for security reasons, but that I could send an email their general "info" email address to start another transaction.

A week and many emails later, I now am told that the locked me out of their system for security reasons.

The only explanation I can cough up is that when their security guys called and asked the same question over and over again, even though I either had already answered them or told them to hang on a second while I look up the info they requested, I asked how many more questions they had and why they kept asking the same questions over and over again. I guess they decided to just drop me, but pretended that all was fine and that they were done with the check.
Funny thing is that I had real security concerns because they asked so many questions that it seemed like a scam, as if they were trying to steal my identity for some fraud (who knows, maybe they did.)

What sucks is that the guy I wanted to send the money to is most likely going to end up in jail, because he owes the money and now has no means to pay it back.
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Remit2india Is Unreliable
Posted by on

I have used Remit2India before and I have got into small issues rarely and most of the time been satisfied. Some of these issues were finally resolved but this time I transferred USD 10,000 and it never got transferred to my NRE account in India. Its Shame on the Times of Money Group.

You can never get their Customer service number 1866 REMIT TO. Their live chat never works. Your repeated emails to relationship officers never is answered unless you say you are interested in transferring a big sum. Once you talk about your complaint you will never get back any call. Their online complaint system does not work. It never generates a tracking number for your reference. This company exists merely to cheat the NRIs. Beware of this group. Their scheme on refer your friend also does not really give you the bonus as they promised on site. My friend claimed to receive his bonus but I never received and I have failed to fight this battle. Since it was a small amount I wasn't bothered. But now its my principle amount of USD 10,000 involved.

It's safe to use ICICI, Western Union than to have sleepless nights after bad experience with Remit2India. the customer service people are reachable and at least there is some response. But not so with Remit2India.

They have the concept of Insuring the money being transferred. Ridiculous. So, the company acknowledges that it is not safe to use their own site and that it is totally unreliable.

They should advertise "Use Remit2India and Win your own Principle amount". Forget about exchange rate challenge.

Unfortunately there is not much an NRI can do sitting in a country outside India. If someone has any information on how to battle this out please suggest. Is there a place where I can file a suite against such companies?

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User Replies:
Ponie on 10/09/2008:
And we thought WE had problems with the CSRs in India. :)
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Posted by on
Please save yoursef from Remit2India, such a bad service , its a shame to Timse group of companies, They have a Exchange rate challenge instead if they have a delivery of money challenge, they will never win..What a shame on a big company like this.

I registered with Remit2India recently and sent some money from singapore to india, I was attracted to this site by their exchange rates, they had a better exchange rate then the ICICI money to india, The registration process was pretyy cool and I had good impression on this site because it belongs to Times Group, India.

I realized my mistake when I checked the status in this site after couple of days, My status always showed as "Money Awaited" I waited for 4 days as the instruction in the site said it would take 3 to 4 days after the transfer, I waited for 4 days to see my status say "Money Awaited", I mailed them couple of times and I got a reply from them asking me to send a transaction screen shot of my bank account which I did it. Iam still waiting for the day that my money would reach the receiver whom I sent to.

I would suggest them to appoint new managers who are really result oriented and can take up the challenge and turn all the bad names that this company had got into good name by gaining the trust of the customers by serving them better. If this company does not do that , I assure that we can find a news one day in some news paper saying the Times money colapsed, this is for sure.

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Do Not Use Remit2India.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Yes, Remit2India is worst way to send money to India.
They hold your money until the exchange rate drops and they tell you excuses like "You have not made any remit transactions recently that is the reason for the delay."

They held my transaction nearly 3 weeks and transferred funds when the rate dropped from 55.36 + bonus 5 paisa to 53.13.

When you call customer service they put you on hold for long time. It is a frustrating experience for me also.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 09/17/2012:
3 weeks is absurd to send money unless they are sending it through the mail. Sounds like they may be doing what you suggest.
melissa253 on 09/17/2012:
Can you use Western Union?
R2ICS on 09/18/2012:
Dear Customer,
I am writing on behalf of Remit2India. We would like to assist you with your concern.
We request you to write to us at

Doesn't matter on 11/30/2012:
They are biggest fraud company, what ever reviewer said is right, I lost more than 75000 INR. because of there fraud, they showed one rate at the time of transfer, even I got call from them urging me send money since exchange rates are good. but by the time transaction completed after 2 weeks. I lost 75000. calling up customer care was no use. they gave me list of reason. like they always give 50 Paise less than what they mention, there charges etc. really a biggest fraud company in terms of money transfer to India.
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Remit2India is a CHEAT
Posted by on
AVENEL, NEW JERSEY -- Guys, all those using Remit2india please stop so as soon as possible. Firstly, while writing this I need to tell you all that I am not a competitor of Remit2india but a mere customer who has been cheated. I live in NJ. I had transferred 3000 dollars to India and the time I got a mail from Remit2India stating that the transfer is complete and the money has been sent to my account the rates were 50.2. So I should be getting 150000 and more but got 149700. When I called these guys up they told me that the rate I got is 50 and then there is a transfer charge also. These cheats had told me that I will get the exact amount what I see on the net and there will be no other charges, when I opened my account.

I think the economy is going down and Citibank is trying all means to get money to save their A$% to be in the market. I will be going ahead and putting this review up in other sites also. Please remember that not to use Remit2India.

One concern I always have is why does our people in India have all sorts of excuses and cheat as much as possible?
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Is "Money2India" A Government Organization?
Posted by on
Is "Money2India" a govt. organization??? I hope it is true. I requested for money transfer of $500.00 on 30th Sept.

I had sent the SSN copy on 5th Oct. Till now there is no progress in my transaction that I made. What are the people doing there? Are they sleeping like Govt. employees?? How many days do they need to verify my SSN?? When I call to Customercare they are telling that usually they will take 24-48 hrs for verification.

Normally Customercare will work 24/7. But Remit2India Customercare works like normal office hours. Normally other banks will take maximum 1 week to complete the transaction.What happened in my case?? Do I need to transfer more than $500.00?? Sorry for that I am poor guy, I can transfer the amounts like this.

Please try to process my transaction. Or else shall I have to give any bribes to fulfill your wishes?? If so I need do lot of hard work here. You know here the market very bad. To give bribes to you, I need to rob here.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 10/14/2008:
From their website apparently they are an independent bank

1.1 ICICI BANK LIMITED ("ICICI Bank") is an Indian company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and licensed as a bank under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. ICICI Bank currently has its registered office at Landmark, Race Course Circle, Vadodara 390 007 and its corporate office at ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai - 400 051.

1.2 ICICI Bank is subject primarily to the regulation and supervision of the Reserve Bank of India, which is a statutory body constituted under the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.
Anonymous on 10/14/2008:
Why would they need your SSN?
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Remit2india Cheating Customers
Posted by on
This is an experience I wanted to share with a broader community about the ripoff I had when transferring some funds overseas using Remit2India service whose funds transferer is Citibank. These companies have been taking customers for granted and fooling them with advertising false exchange rates and transferring money at much lower rate than advertised on the website.

I transferred $2001 using their service to my NRE account in India on 8th November.However the funds got converted on 13Nov and they have transferred the money @34.38 when it was advertised on the Net @ 35.16. Upon following this with their team they accepted the mistake over the phone but sent a email telling that they won't transfer the balance.

This is just a rip off of innocent customers who falls prey to fraudulent companies like this.

I would not recommend Remit2India service to anyone and I would be taking up legal actions against this company so that it doesn't trap any other customers with their false advertisement.

They take Australian customers for granted and don't provide customer service.

I have been reading loads of complaints about this company online and its time that some action needs to be taken.

I would strongly recommend ICICI Bank's Money to india service as they don't rip off customers like this and provide a much better level of service.

DON'T SEND MONEY OVERSEAS USING because next time you wouldn't even know if your money would reach to your loved ones. This company does nothing else except for promising to give better exchange rates and advertise crap on their website.
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User Replies:
Manish75 on 04/17/2008:
Surprised with bad reviews! REMIT2INDIA is honest and hassle free

I am surprised at such bad reviews. I have been using Remit2india’s smart wire service since last 8 months transferring approx £1200 each time. For me it has been very smooth with no hiccups, my account also shows me the status and never had to call them for delays or other hassles. I have used everything from xoom to ICICI earlier (with ICICI giving the worst exchange rate) but nothing was as hassle free as this. In recent month they seem to have also revamped their site and its pretty user friendly now, yes I agree earlier it was a little cumbersome, but now it’s a breeze.
I am not switching over to any other service anytime soon.
DesiRaj on 04/20/2008:
I will not be surprised if someone investigates and finds they are operating illegally. Most remittance services are upfront about charges and rates but these guys create a fuzziness on purpose! [snip] Simple googling shows how scores of people have been cheated! There is not much to recommend Remit2India
nikesh on 04/21/2008:
Remit2India is better than the rest
I am recent convert of Remit2India and to put it on record my experience has been fabulous. My brother transfers me money every month from Singapore and so far he was using either Western Union or money2india(a pain!), but both these offered a really low rate and the also charged a service fee. With Remit2India I don’t have to go looking for an authorised center to receive my cash, it comes directly into my bank account. The exchange rate is slightly better too. For me Remit2india is any day a better service than the dozen others out there..
hkv on 09/28/2008:
I recently did a transfer and found that Remit2India is cheating us. When I transferred, I was tracking the exchange rates everyday. I got an exchange rate of 43.84. As per my tracking I should have got 44.13 (I had not seen an exchange rate below 44.03 on their site in past 3 days from the date of money dispatch, assuming they used an earlier date).

I did the same tracking with money2india and I am happy to say that the exchange rate I got with them matched what I saw on the site.

If these sites want to be credible, I challenge them to put up a historical exchange rate chart of every rate change (date, time, exchange rate). And they should put a date/time for conversion on every money transfer. As of now I would not recommend Remit2India to anyone. They are just about advertising.

I have a complaint with money2india too. You can transfer only up to 5000 using ACH. However their rate goes up if you transfer 5001 or more. The stupid thing is that if you send a check of more than 5000, then it takes them 3 weeks to clear it. The other option is to wire the money to them - where you pay ~$20 to your bank. Also their exchange rate tool is painful to use - the chart on Remit2India is much more user friendly.
hariimmadi on 10/12/2008:
I feel, Following reasons are enough to advise not to do business with Remit2India.

Fraud in Remit2india service? MAY BE YES... I sent money 25 days back and the money still haven't reached the recipient......................

Is customer service good @ Remit2india? ABSOLUTELY NO.... when checking about transaction status, even they don't have authorization to give 100% details of the transaction

and the only guys have access is "COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT" who can be reached only by e-mail.......................

Can you expect response from compliance department @ Remit2india immediately? ABSOLUTELY NO....... every time, you ask to check into transaction further which can't be

handled by customer service, you get an e-mail from compliance department which says, we will get back to you within 24-48 hrs.... and u know what, you will get final status of the

inquiry only after a week. this happened to me thrice on the same transaction which took for a total of 3 weeks and still no result as of today......................

Can you take legal action against Remit2India? ABSOLUTELY YES..... yes... you heard it correct... this is what I was told by Remit2India customer service when asked if I can do

anything on a transaction with no status even after 25 days......................

Does customer service @ Remit2India show courtesy? ABSOLUTELY NO... when asked to talk to a higher manager to inquire more about a transaction that was not complete even

after 3 weeks, the response I got was " customer service agent hung up the phone on my face"......................

rest you might have heard from other forums like "how pathetic it is to do business with Remit2India, how Remit2India manipulates transaction exchange rate by taking the lowest rate of all the business days to complete a transaction and give the lowest to you etc....
Remit2India Support on 02/04/2009:
From Remit2India

To our NRI customers who are facing an issue that has been unresolved within the stipulated time, we request you to write to us at We do apologize for any issues that you may have faced and are committed to address the same at the earliest.

Please include your name, email id, landline & mobile number & we ensure that a senior representative will get in touch with you within 24 working hours of your email & work towards addressing the issue to your satisfaction. Also, to be able to respond to & resolve your issue & to prevent some of the posts being misused, we encourage you to write to us at the above mentioned id with all the details mentioned.

We appreciate your need for an explanation and we are keen to help you with the same.

Thanking you for your co-operation
Akshat Sharma on 06/11/2013:
This is the first time in my life that I am writing a bad review for any service. Remit2India should be proud that they finally made me write one. Already 11 days since I initiated my transaction and it still shows KYC pending, sending money is far thing. Continuously calling customer care representatives regarding the issue, but all they have to say is your call is arranged and you should receive it soon. Same story is going on till 6 days. I would just suggest, if you cannot provide the service then please stop making fool of customers who just keep waiting that someday will come when they will receive the money in their Indian account. I have used other services, they are far better. I just wanted to try it ones, but that's my worst decision ever and sorry to say this is the worst service I have ever seen
Santosh on 06/13/2013:
Same here. I have initiated transaction on 6th June 2013. It is still waiting for "Under compliance review". Tried calling their support number more than 10-15 times and no one picks up. Email do get replies with assurance but nothing happens. They should really just stop the service if they can not commit.
unhappy customer of R2I on 07/08/2013:
All that they do is advertising high exchange rates but they do it only so that they get customers. The money conversion happens after 4 days of transaction and I have been watching the rates each time I transfer money and the I have repeatedly noticed that they do not apply the actual ex rate on the day of conversion. I always got about 60 to 80 cents less than what they show oon their website. It is like cheating of about 2%. That means Everyone gets ripped off by 2% all the time.
chrisP on 07/16/2013:
Very slow . Compliance department works like some government office in a underdeveloped country. The user interface even though changed is no where close to any perfect interfface only works with IE what a pity?
Unless you have a representative on phone everything is by email and snail pace. very dissatisfied as this is no representation of systems and process we can be proud of
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