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Happy with REM
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It took REM 63 days from the day I signed up with them to sell my timeshare. I did read some of the bad things on the internet just like you have. I own my business and I have found out that ANYONE CAN WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!! I have had terminated employees write things that have hurt my business. I was very happy with the way REM handled everything. I am now timeshare free! No more mantinance fees!! No more hoping I can get to use the timeshare (because they always seem to be booked!)

Thank you REM!!! I have sent other people to you!!!!
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It worked for me
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WINTER PARK, FLORIDA -- After ready a complaint I couldn't believe what I read. For starters if that person would have kept in contact they would have received results. I was afraid to pay upfront but took the risk. I owned a timeshare in New Smyrna Beach and thought yeah right you can sell that. well guess what they did to my surprise within 65 days I was rid of it, not saying it was a bad place but money wise I could have stayed elsewhere. Now I don't own and made a good, very good profit. As in anything you try to sell keep abreast of what you are doing and you get results, Ciara
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Scam In The Working
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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- All I can say is "crap" I am feeling like I stepped in it. I was called by REM to rent my timeshare for me for a fee of $ 899.00. I was told I would have plenty of "bids" on my timeshare to choose from within 30 days my timeshare would be rented out no problems. I was even told I could get my $ refunded to me no questions asked. Well it has been over 30 days no offers, no answers on the telephone, no returned messages. No one will talk to me. Now what am I supposed to do to get my money back?

Does anyone know the steps to take now? Its not like I can afford to lose this much money especially to a scam. I am so stupid for not researching this ahead of time. Now what?
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Soaring Consumer on 04/13/2009:
Sue them in small claims court.

They are located at:
801 State Road 436, Suite 2101
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
fairlanegurl on 04/14/2009:
That is easier than it sounds, I looked into that and I have to have all of the names of the owners of a "company" to file successfully. If I leave out someone and I am awarded my judement, I still would have to sue the person or people I unknowingly left out. The cost will keep rising and the owners of a business are confidential as far as I am told. So I don't really even know where to begin finding out who Resort Equity Marketing is.
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Don't Get Scammed Too
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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- We really needed to sell our time share due to financial difficulties. We received a call from REM and they had a great sales pitch and said we'd get a $1000 shopping spree if it didn't sell in 180 days. They wanted $800 for their fee but when I said I couldn't afford that they lowered it to $299 so I said yes. After they charged my credit card I never heard another word from them. When I called to at least get some kind of proof that they marketed our property they said they couldn't do that. I never received any offers, nor did I get the $1000 shopping spree.

This is a SCAM. All they want is money from you, whatever they can get. They offer no proof of anything they do for you.
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Anonymous on 02/16/2009:
Abstract from ORLANDO SENTINEL Dec 17, 2007

A local time-share resale company has agreed to pay nearly $100,000 to settle the state's investigation into a series of consumer complaints about its telemarketing practices, Florida legal officials said Monday. Altamonte Springs-based Equity Marketing Corp. -- doing business as Resort Equity Marketing -- will refund more than $50,000 to clients who complained that the company engaged in misleading telemarketing-sales pitches, according to the Office of Attorney General Bill McCollum.
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Posted by on
FLORIDA -- We had a financial difficulty in paying our bills last summer and were trying to find a way out of our time share. Conveniently enough the Resort Equity Marketing company called us wanting to help us sell our time share and vacations. The sales representative very confidently assured me that most properties sell within 30-90 days but if by chance none of them sold or leased, they were going to pay us back by giving us a $1000 shopping spree because they were so confident it would sell before then. So we had nothing to loose. I called after every 90 days that we didn't hear anything and they "generously" extended my contract without charging me anything. I was spoken to so disrespectfully that most times I had to hang up to get the steam from coming out of my ears. Since it had been 7 months and I never even got an offer on a vacation or the renting of the time share I finally got the shopping spree which comes to find out that if you want to use it, you end up paying almost $400 in s/h fees to get your "free" gifts.

That is not compensation. They refuse to provide me with any traffic information as to how any people they are even marketing my property to. Now because I am so upset with the results they have terminated my contract all together and are no longer even "marketing" it and so I am out $1099. AVOID because they make hasty claims the cannot fulfill.
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Do Your Research - It Has Saved Me $799
Posted by on
A seller representative from Resort Equity Marketing (REM) has contact my husband and I several times offering to rent our two rooms deluxe village at a Liki Tiki. He said that the village is in a “hot spot” and that they have pre-qualified clients interested in pay from $2,600 - $2,800 FOR A WEEK. I thought that this is a too good to be true offer, so I start doing my research. All the info about REM I found on the web is negative, many people has been scammed by them. So I was afraid to loose my money. I asked them to write a letter explaining what they said about to refund my $799.00 if they don’t rent the village in 90 days and they reject.

All the posts in this forum and many other sites reviewing REM has been very helpful to decide not to pay for that “service”.

Thank you to all of you.
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madconsumer on 12/30/2008:
great review.

very helpful.
Ponie on 12/30/2008:
My3cents to the rescue! You did the right thing to investigate prior to making a decision. VH
Anonymous on 12/30/2008:
If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's usually something that will lay an egg. Good for you, man, and good review.
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Resort Equity Marketing
Posted by on
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I spoke with a representative at Resort Equity Marketing about 3 months ago to help sell my timeshare that I owned at Summer Bay Resort. At first I thought they were a scam because the whole idea of going to conventions and trade shows sounded to good to be true. However, I got suckered in to giving up $1299.00 for this company Resort Equity Marketing to sell my time share. Well I have finally received an offer after 3 months, which also was within their guarantees they promised me. I received an offer for $23,500 and I took it right away so I'm just waiting on my check to come in the mail now.

I just wanted to inform people who think it is to good to be true for you to sell or rent your timeshares, but I am your witness keep pushing forward until you hear the best offer like I did. Thanks again Resort Equity Marketing
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Timeshare Advertising Ripoff
Posted by on
KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- Resort Equity Marketing contacted me and I fell for their tale. I paid $450. Initially they wanted $875.00 I then withdrew my account and asked for credit the then did so and re-established it in April they had already recredited my account and I have no yet received the second credit approval. I called them every month and no one wanted to answer the call and kept leaving messages. When the so called Customer service supervisor spoke to me Check this out He claimed that REM was an exclusive club and that my membership was expired. What A load. They never sent me any information on my timeshare showing on what other media it was posted just only the web site. They said that the would advertise until sold . They offer ticket to fly any place in the world but when you claim the vouchers they want you to rent the highest price and make money off you. They are a big scam They never contact you unless they want more money if you call them to keep track of your sale the flag you in order that they won't make a mistake and call you again

. But with me they did and I caught on when I told them that I had already listed. The scam is that they will be going this week end to the convention center and their will be Thousand of persons to promote your timeshare with. Sales person Simon the Customer service David and They will not get back to you that are closed on the most busiest days for sale in Orlando Saturday when the know that the owner might showup at their door.
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adzidek on 02/26/2007:
"Sales person Simon the Customer service David and They will not get back to you that are closed on the most busiest days for sale in Orlando Saturday when the know that the owner might showup at their door. "

SAJ on 02/26/2007:
Adzidek, thanks for clarifying this for me, as I was really confused reading the complaint!
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REM Resort Equity Marketing SCAM ARTISTS
Posted by on
I had a similar experience with this outfit. They assured me that they could sell my timeshare in a matter of a couple months. They talked about all the marketing and exposure they would be getting at the different conventions that came to town. But after about a year now and several price reductions of my unit, I have not received a single phone call or email. Now they tell my ad is expired since I did not renew it every three months. $650.00 in the gutter.

These guys are nothing more than lying thieves. They took my money and did nothing. Total fraud and I will pursue this until I get some sort of result. Either my unit sold or a refund.
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Have fun on 07/18/2007:
I would like to know if there are any timeshare sellers that are honest and are not here to just take thousands of dollars upfront. I think it stinks that we get screwed into buying them and you can not sell them I can t even give mine away. These timeshare sellers want upfront money and take your deed and you have nothing. Where are the law makers for dealing with the scams of the timeshare business all together. They tell you when you buy a time share oh they will resell it for you if you don't want it anymore Liers . they don't and no one wants to buy them if the owner of the timeshares have to bribe you to buy and pressure you that tells you something. Please for anyone else DO NOT BUY A TIME SHARE ITS A WASTE OF MONEY TIME AND YOU ARE STUCK WITH IT FOR LIFE> Its the devil in disquise.
Have fun on 07/18/2007:
Bluegreen time shares are the worst DO NOT BUY FROM THEM because once you do they will lose your payments then tack on fees then tell you oh yeah we found the payment in another dept. then they keep saying you are behind when the payments are sent right from the bank. My husband died on Christmas day 2003 and ever since I have been trying to get rid of it. I cannot give it away Iam on ssi and they keep threatening me So I told them since you like to lose payments and rip off people with fees because of stupidity on their part I said fine go ahead and report me And then you can have your property back Take it. They do not want it because they cannot sell it either. No one wants it. even the timeshare sellers do not want it they only want my WESTGATE. they told me forget Bluegreen So that tells you do not buy BLUEGREEN
BobJ on 08/09/2007:
I just received a call from Resort Enterprises saying that they would sell my timeshare in St Maarten quickly. They wanr $1500 (on a credit card) to help defray the costs of obtaining buyers (free cuise tickets as a come on, tickets to a stage production, etc,). I don't unserstand why they wouldn't just add their costs to the selling price (well, I really do understand why). Thew guy I =talked to (Ron) is a really fast talker. Any comments about this outfit or warnings?
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Resort Equity Marketing - Scam!
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My wife and I had signed up with REM to rent out our timeshare in Orlando since we could not be there every year at the same time. REM calls us telling us that they GUARANTEE the rental. They send us some literature saying that they send info to corporations, attend travel shows, etc... After 4 months, I sent an e-mail to them saying that I want some sort of proof that they are doing anything other than having our property listed on their website. Of course, I get nothing, other than a call from one of their flunkies telling me that they are in fact doing these things, but they can't show proof. What a scam! They charge you $600-$700 guaranteeing that they will rent the property, which will cover the fees and plus some. Well, it will be 6 months after the end of March, and nothing at all from them. They say that if they don't come though that we will get 2 airline tickets, but I am sure that that will be a lie also!

Lousy customer service, lousy company, period!
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User Replies:
tander on 02/19/2005:
I don't understand why can't you rent it out yourself?
BobJohn on 03/21/2005:
I'm nosey. How much does your timeshare rent for if you pay the management company $600-700? I took a look at Orlando and 2-bedroom units rent for around $900 a week.
Monty5 on 05/02/2005:
We, too, have had a bad experience with Resort Equity Marketing. We are trying to get our money reimbursed through the credit card company we used to charge the $685.00 fee to sell our timeshare. Resort Equity Marketing will not honor the contract they entered into. We have put numerous 'offers' in for our condo through their online system and have never, ever received notification of the offers from them. The only thing they appears to have done is list the timeshare online and that's it. No other marketing has been done and we have asked for proof, they say they can't provide that. Better Business Bureau of Central Florida has a negative report on these guys as well. And, by the way, as far as coming through on the airline tickets after 6 months - there is a scam associated with that as well. In order to get those tickets, you will need to purchase a 7 night stay at one of the resorts they are affiliated with! Stay away from this company!!!!
scamkiller on 03/09/2006:
I really feel your pain. My wife had a similar problem with a company called vacation register. They got us for 1800!!! That was until we met another company called D & M group Enterprises Inc. The first thing they did was help us get our money back. Once we received our money back they beat the other company by 250% not only that but they sold our property in AZ in 45 days! If that wasn't enough they taught us tools to help us in protection ourselves in the future. I love to pass on a good, HONEST company so heres their number 866-968-8889.
troney on 08/03/2009:
I really don't know why you didn't get it sold or rented with them if you kept up with your timeshare like your supposed to than you wouldn't be sitting here bashing a good company. I have listed numerous properties with them and all have been sold and rented within the time frame my representative Dyson told me. Every time I go on vacation I buy a timeshare just so I can make money off of it. Dyson M. has gotten me at least 5000 more than I pay for it every time. I think you all should read and follow directions on how to do things!!!!!!
greenmonkey99 on 12/22/2009:
REM is a scam. They did the same thing to me after touting they had a special agreement for marketing. Assuring they could rent the place out. Please spread the word, they are a disservice to the Time Share owners. They horribly misrepresent themselves and provide no services as described. Time for another Class Action against them.
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