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Ripoff Report Extortionists
By -

I first became aware on in 2006 while browsing the internet. I looked up my company name and found a negative report about a company with the same name as mine, but in a state 500 miles away. I made use of the comment section, using my company name, my personal name, and my location, suggesting that the complainer should pursue through local channels if they actually have a complaint, rather than posting a company name on a national forum such as Ripoff Report. I expressed that I hoped this report did not cause confusion that would negatively affect my company.

I asked that the report be removed, and I received a response saying no, and that it was clear to anyone reading it that it was about a business other than mine. Over the next two years my business volume plummeted. I had no idea why, until summer of 2009 when I again searched my company name on the internet.

Ripoff Report was now linking this complaint together with my response. Therefore when someone did a web search for my business and hometown, up comes a link saying "(my business name) contractors, run away as fast as you can, terrible service, arrogant owner..." It then lists my personal name and hometown from my response to the original complaint, giving the impression that this ad is about my company. When you try to click the link to read the report, 9 times out of ten the site will not open for about 5 minutes.

I imagine this is caused by the website not properly maintaining its servers. So my business income fell from 100,000 in 2006 to 20,000 in 2009. I then asked to remove my response to the original complaint so that it would stop showing up on the web with my personal info in it. Obviously it was not the intent of the complainer to ruin an innocent business. Twice never responded to my request.

I then searched the web for ways of getting this info removed. Lots of websites willing to provide service for $5000.00. And guess what, I'm willing to bet that these same websites are discreetly owned by Ed Magedson, the same person who owns Ripoff Report. That's the only possible explanation for why this scumbag has decided to destroy my business, a business in no way related to the original complaint. Time for the Attorney General to put this scumbag behind bars instead of letting him profit off destroying honest businessmen while hiding behind the U.S. Constitution.

Reports on Rip Off Report Are Often False!
By -

I first discovered in the late 1990's. At that time, the site was listed as a consumer advocacy site and solicited funds to go after fraudulent companies. I even "donated" money to assist in this goal. I continued to use the site and then started to notice the advertising and all the crazy reports about psychics, unfaithful husbands and so forth. I still, however, thought the site was legitimate. THEN, when an individual posted a fake report about me, I started to do my research. I found out that the site does not filter or censor the reports so the reports can be fake or true.

I basically wrote Ed Magedson (received no response), called (got no response) and even considered suing until I noticed that all the case law supports a site that just serves as a host to complaints, compliments and so forth. The individual who posted the fake report about me posted another report stating that they had posted the fake report and would do it again if I continued to complain about their report. At this point, I thought Magedson would agree to remove the report - he did not. My point is this: I just want to inform individuals, businesses and so forth that is not a reliable source to research an individual or a company.

The best research tools are,, and the Better Business Bureau. takes money from businesses to remove and edit reports and now takes money from businesses to advertise. is NOT a consumer advocacy site, but one solely designed to profit off the misery and complaints of others.

Another internet company: juicy campus tidbits dot com or something to that effect recently lost its credibility with college students when the site continuously allowed false and harmful reports to appear. If you have a false report about your company or yourself on, just go to the site and post positive reports to counter the negative reports. Once the discussion becomes so ridiculous, no one will believe the report anyway.

By -

It seems to me that the real ripoff here is this organization “Ripoff Reports”. They claim to be advocates of good business practice yet post anonymous claims against any business as they are received. No verification, no investigation, no justification. They go so far as to admit this on their main page. While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reports, Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate.

They further state that they never remove reports, presumably even when those reports are false, slanderous, or just plain dishonest. Yet a quick search on Google shows several companies that guarantee ripoff Report removal, for a fee. Could these companies be somehow related? That would be extortion as I see it? Against federal law as I understand it. Could that be the reason the Ripoff Report server is located in Turkey? They do have a PO Box in Tempe, Arizona, perhaps a mail forwarding service of some type? I do not know. Smells funny to me.

Ripoffs by seem to be quite a growing concern, so much in fact that their web page even has a section on why it would be foolish to sue them. Let me add my own opinions:
1. It is hard to sue a con man. They often have the angles figured out. It is their occupation.
2. It is impossible to sue a PO Box.
3. It's very difficult and expensive to sue someone in Turkey if you live in the USA.

If you feel that you have been victimized by this or some other scam here are a few places that you can go. All are US government sponsored. - The Internet Crime Complaint Center (FBI and NW3C Partnership). - US Government internet fraud. - FBI. - Department of Justice site.

Derogatory And False Reports
By -

RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- I have been in the staffing industry for almost 20 years. I have contacted Rip Off Report to remove the negative lies and false comments about myself and my companies that are now closed. They told me since my company was closed that I would not qualify for the resolution program. After much research we now know why. They can't demand monetary payments from me or my company if it's no longer in service.

I refuse to respond to any comments made via Rip Off Report but will respond to anyone that wants answers regarding Advanced Plus Personnel, Inc. dba HIVE Advanced Solutions. There was never any type of fraudulent activity via APPI OR HAS but rather fraudulent checks written on the company account by an individual in Houston, TX. Unfortunately, the account was closed by the bank without notice. All checks that were returned, were stamped returned due to fraud.

People assumed fraud was made on our part. All checks have been paid by my company along with any fees that were charged. I offered to submit the documents to Rip Off Report but they refused to remove the negative comments from their site. Anyone that knows me, Cindie **, knows that I do not have a long reputation of burning anyone but rather have helped a lot of staff in the 17+ year time frame I have been in this industry.

This is a very unfortunate situation. It's bothersome to know that anyone can write anything about you even when you have proof that it's wrong. I have contacted Google, they have offered no help in removing these false and derogatory comments from their search engines but merely refer me back to Rip Off Report. Go Figure!!! SEO at its best.

The Rip Off Report
By -

This guy's site needs to be restructured and/or shut down. The Rip Off Report is a money making machine and there is nothing positive about it for anyone other than Ed and his bank account. Anyone can post anything bad about your company, whether it's true or not. So if you are a business owner in a competitive market (especially if you're a consumer based online company like us), your competition can post a few negative comments that could severely impact your business. That's what happened to us. We spend over $500,000 a month to market our site and the ROR is severely impacting our business b/c a competitor is posting false claims on ROR. Ed has a search engine optimization (SEO) team to code his pages by placing a company's name in Meta tags among other SEO tricks (Big bold letters so that they come up first in search engines results when someone Googles your company. He knows that we are in a 'Google' age and he can and is making a ton of $$ from selling his ROR book for $19.95 and through extortion masked by 'donations' to 'bury' the posts about our company. I sent him a long and detailed email explaining the situation and asked politely for a way to resolve it. All I got in response was an auto-response stating that I could donate money if I wanted. This guy could care a less about consumer complaints...this is a big business for him all he cares about is free advertising and generating revenue. Really this guy and his site are not that far off from the Wendy's 'finger in the Chili' case.

Fake RipOffReport Complaints
By -

I recently noticed my name and company name showing up as a complaint on RipOffReport. There was a complaint on there from a fake name and they said that they did business with me/us (we do web design). The person that filed a complaint never did business with us and we don't even offer the services they mention in the complaint. RipOffReport contacted me and said "I can see the complaint is fake"... "But our policy is we do not remove complaints no matter what". Then I noticed when people searched for my company name on google, this ripoffreport complaint showed up before our own website.

Then.. Some guy from Ripoffreport called me and basically said if I paid thousands of dollars that they can help me with the complaint issue. I felt like they were extorting me. I told them no, and was rude with the guy. 2 weeks later there are now 3 new complaints that are completely FAKE LIES. I believe Ripoffreport did this to me. Finally after I found a company that offered to remove Ripoffreport complaints I got it to not show up on Google. But the complaint is still on Ripoffreport.

If it were not for the help from the company ReputationArmor then this complaint would be seen by all my clients and potential clients. I think that Ripoffreport is the actual ripoff and they are just in business to scare people into paying them fees to take down complaints... DO NOT POST TO RIPOFFREPORT. They are con-artists!

ROR caught making up false postings for ROR
By -

I am one of the corporate officers who used to run KMS Investigations Inc of Delaware until we sold the corporation in February of 2007. Enjoying retirement I still check various sites for comedy including ROR. Well what do I find under KMS Investigations Inc but false postings made up by Ed himself. Some joker stating on 8-15-07 he was unemployed and KMS Investigations took his poor $315.00 unemployment money and didn't perform the service. Well Ed, how do you explain this one my friend. KMS Investigations Inc has been out of business for almost 7 months now. Think before you write your own material. Also this supposed victim posts an address KMS Investigations Inc never had. KMS Investigations Inc was a Delaware corporation and not in California at all. My god Ed what do you do sit in front of the TV with food stains and crumbs all over your shirt and think of what you can make up for your site. They have also tried to connected KMS Detective Agency with the former KMS Investigations Inc and posted lies about this other firm when there is no connection what so ever.

This lunatic has to be halted but the trouble is what kind of job will he find in the private sector when his ROR is shut down pretty soon?

Most Telling Information I've Read
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- At least once every 3 months or so a complaint about the website surfaces here. A couple people rush to its defense and most others agree with the complainant. Seeing what I've seen, I have no doubt the operator uses it as an a crafty extortion vehicle, but yet some die hard fans think he's so on "the consumers" side.

Anyway, the Phoenix News Times just did a lengthy article on Ed and the site. It parrots every bad thing you've ever heard about him or it and added some new stuff. It's a little long but a good read to anyone who has a liked or disliked interest in the website.

Notice the part where after a settlement with the George May company, he agrees to give up all his anonymous relative posters. That's got to make you think before complaining there no? I got a kick out of him deliberately parking in a handicap spot too. Screw the disabled so his walk is shorter.

Ripoff report : NEW INFO (ripoff report)
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Thanks for the help I got my ripoff report removed on google
6. ... o.asp?caseNumber=CV2004-021685
10. ... %20place,%20the%20Internet.php
Contact Arizona attorney general office
File #CIC 04-210090 Magedson, ed

You can serve ed at
Jaburg $ wilk
3200 n central ave
phoenix Az 85012

Contact info for google get your report removed)
Google Inc.
Mountian view California
94043 USA

Directnic is the regitrar for ed's sites

Domain servers(I did a whois search) 206.251.1772

Contact christopher scorina (Lawyer)

contact your local BBB :

contact the Federal trade commission:
File # FOIA-2005
margeret woodson$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

Contact F.B.I:

Earn a bounty with information about Ed Magedson
There are several federal laws that provide bounties or rewards or the equivalent of bounties for certain information or lawsuits.

Federal income taxes
Section 7623 of the Internal Revenue Code authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to pay rewards to those who help detect and/or prosecute tax cheats. If you have any information that Ed Magedson has cheated on his income taxes, send it to the IRS. Their tax fraud hot line is 800-829-0433. If they use it successfully, they may pay you a reward. There is no set reward amount, although you often hear the figure 10%. The basic idea is that the IRS wishes to encourage such information. They will acknowledge receipt of your information and tell you one way or the other if they will be rewarding you for it.

Inside information trading
This is the crime Martha Stewart made famous. In general, persons who have inside formation about a public company may not buy or sell shares of that stock unless they first register that information, which makes it public. The news stories about Martha Stewart have suggested that she knew Imclone was about to be told publicly that they would be denied approval of an important new drug. Arguably, she and others sold before the news became public to avoid the likely decline in stock price. The head of Imclone has pleaded guilty to insider trading. She got indicted for covering up her behavior in that incident. The stock in her company went down by a half a billion as a result.

If you report an apparent illegal inside trade by Ed Magedson to the SEC, you are eligible to collect a bounty of up to 10% of the amount of improper profits he is forced to give back. 17 CFR §§201.61 to 201.68 The Web page for the SEC's Inside Information Bounty Program is at

There is a general complaint center at SEC. Their address and fax number are SEC Complaint Center, 450 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20549 202-942-9634 and their complaint Web page is

As with many laws, RICO has a misleading name. RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (18 USC 1961-4). The name conjures up images of the Godfather. The law is not confined to mobsters at all. Rather, it simply is triggered whenever a person or organization commits two or more acts of mail fraud (18 USC 1341) or wire fraud (18 USC 1343) in a ten-year period.

Mail fraud is " obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises " involving the mail in any way. Wire fraud is the same, only it requires the transimission of some sound by wire in interstate commerce. I think that's the Congress's way to describe a phone call or fax. Nowadays, it may cover Internet as well. If you listen to a dial-up modem, you can hear a rushing sound of the data being transmitted. Arguably, that, too, would be wire fraud.

Do Ed Magedson or his companies commit mail fraud or wire fraud? I do not know. I do know that he owns a telemarketing company and uses telemarketing. I also know that he has a Web site. Sale of books, tapes, or printed newsletters generally require use of the mail. That's part of the requirement. The other question are there any misrepresentations? The " Better Business Bureau has given Ed Magedson an unsatisfactory rating" is part of a misrepresentations. Do they rated him unsatisfactory because of not giving refunds? To the extent that he or his firm represented that they would give refunds, not giving them when the customer has complied with the refund terms sounds like another misrepresentation.

In general, mail fraud and wire fraud are crimes and crimes are prosecuted only by government prosecutors, namely the U.S. Attorney. But sometimes, the government is concerned that their resources are too limited to deter the crimes in question enough. In those cases, they add a clause to the law that enables civilians to become "prosecutors" of a sort by giving them a legal right to file a civil suit for those same crimes and providing a financial incentive to do so. So-called "civil RICO" is such a law.

18 USC 1964 permits civil (private) suits for RICO violations. It also provides incentive by entitling the winning plaintiff to triple damages. I do not want to encourage suits against Ed Magedson or anyone else without good grounds. Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure says it is illegal to file a suit unless you have investigate both the facts and the law and made sure the suit is warranted by both. So if you plan to sue Ed Magedson under RICO or any other law, make sure you have good grounds.

False Claims Act
Another federal law that encourages private citizens to sue is the False Claims Act. In this law, if you win, you get a large reward. I see less likelihood that Ed Magedson would come under this, but it's worth looking into. The main chance would be his use of and his advocacy of the use of federally related contacts or cooperations in his so-called "working with the FBI". The False Claims Act generally relates to persons getting money from the federal government improperly — or not paying the federal government as much as they were supposed to

Ripoff report victims
By -

What to do if attacked by Ripoff Report, Ultra Dns, Puregig, Prolexic [snip]

  1. Ripoff report was set up to be a site that is beneficial to consumers, but it is much more than that as you know. it is set up to also extort money from companies. Ripoff Report (ROR) takes anonymous complaints with no regard to the truth,slander or harassment and post them on the internet. Then ROR puts YOUR COMPANY name in Meta tags and submits it to search engines. (without your permission). That is how it gets a high rank on search engines. Now if anyone types in your company's name in a search engine Ed's ROR pops up. Only way to get fixed is to pay ed. that is extortion!Join ed's consumer advocacy program(LOL).

2.Contact Arizona attorney general office.
RE: CIC 04-21090 Magedson, ED
(602) 542-5763

  1. Contact his service providers and sue them. they have a responsibility for their clients. If one of their clients had a site that promoted terrorism or child porn they would remove and have liability for servicing site,servers, or provide bandwidth. IF they didn't know about the content in site then they would stop doing business with ED. Now, ROR is not as harsh as the two examples above,but it is harassment, slander,liable and illegal. If ED or the service providers throw up The 1996 act that supposed to protect free speech on internet it does not fit in this situation , but it does not cover extortion or any other illegal activities. Why do service providers have TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENTS or ACCEPTABLE USE POLICIES with there customers. It is very clearly spelled out what they tolerate. Your lawyer should have filed day with this one unless they like long drawn out legal battles. You can call personally too sometime you cna do more than lawyers. If you have good lawyer they can cut Ed's legs out from under him.By going after service providers! Ed is a ghost so you have to be crafty. There are many pepole that can stop ed's service. Here is a list of people or companies that for now provide services to ED and ROR.
    She has accepted service for ED's legal matters. contact her
    Jaburg & Wilk
    3200 N. Central Ave
    Phoenix , Az 85012
    B. Ultra DNS
    Domain servers for ed's site:
    (650) 228-2300
    C. Prolexic Tech.
    They provide bandwidth
    D. Puregig
    provides a block of bandwidth for prolexic.
    Matt Wilson (general manager)
    They will try to make you run in circles,but they have Terms of Service agreement with their customers.
  2. Contact Google,yahoo,msn,lycos. they all have abuse departments. I got my ROR deindexed,but it took me a while. You have to e-mail and mainly call until you get something done. Use the same letter to each abuse department.
  3. Don't call Ed 602-518-4357 unless you want to. Only way to get any thing done with him is to pay.
    6.Go for crimianl case not just civil.
  4. have fun, be honest and get your story out there.
    8.If you had a ripoff report on you being a child molestor, crooked business perdon, or a bad mom you would get it removed. You would just pay ed.
  5. How much $$$$$$ have you lost or like me why would you want lies out there. With no regards to truth. remember he is advertising your comapny's name in Meta tags without your permission. Then how else does your ROR get ranked so high.
    10.Contact BBB.
    11.Ed s llc
    Xcentric ventures
    P.O box 470
    Tempe, Az 85280
    (602) 518-4357
    This can be waste of time since ed has po box and cell phone number listed.
  6. St kitts is made up to make companies run in circles just like Hy-cite did. Ed's company is in Arizona and his service providers are in the USA. Plus, ed through his site does business in every state in the union. copnanies in Florida have been sueing ed in their state. PLUS, THEY ARE ABLE TO SERVE MARIA C. SPETH ANY LEGAL PAPERS.
  7. HAMMER!!! on the T.O.S (terms of service provision at allinternet comapnies).
    Look at the content of the post and see if it is in violation of their own policy. Why do they have this policy if they are portected by the 1996 act. LoL
  8. If you know any information about Ed and ripoff report please post in any forum or message board or do it here.
  9. [snip] got all irate when we contacted there other service provider Sterling networks
    Now it seems like they(ROR) are no longer customers of sterling networks. Good stuff!!!
    16.It sucks having people post things on the internet annonymously.
  10. Hope a lot of you can read more into this post.
  11. Do not let ed get away with his scheme. Do something. We can easily get this taken care of if we all do something. Just how does it feel when you put your company name in a search engine and you see a Ripoff report there.
  12. Here are legal judgements on ed magedson and ripoff report
    and CV2004-021685. There is probably more.
  13. 17th Judicial court
    Broward county Florida
    case no: 04-17721-21
    Ed magedson and xcentric ventures LLc is the defendant.
  14. There are probably more . Just post if you find out any info. If ed jumps sercive providers or any is filled in court (anywhere) .
  15. It is very hard for ed to switch service providers!
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