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Worst Car Buying Experience Ever!
Posted by Kwpwedding2014 on 12/08/2013
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA --  12/8/2013 Joke of a dealership, they have no idea what they are doing. I bought a car here and explain over and over again to register the vehicle in another state besides Virginia. Paid sales tax for another state and somehow my car was still registered in Virginia. What a mess they have made for me to deal with! Not to mention my salesman left to get food in the middle of the sale. Three weeks later they're still trying to figure out how to register my car in another state. Go anywhere else! In fact I join yelp just to write this review.

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Company Response on 03/26/2014:
Dear Kwpwedding2014,
I am glad that I could help you and your husband with your concerns.
Please feel free to call me anytime on my direct dial number, 431-6507. I welcome your call and am glad to assist!
Tom Kline
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Posted by Tom Kline on 2013-12-14:
Dear Kwpwedding2014,
I apologize that you are having trouble and I would like to help you.
If you would please call me at 431-6507, I would like to solve the problems that you are having.
We are not perfect, but we strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Tom Kline
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Posted by Teddylqueen on 01/10/2013
Rk is sorry excuse for mechanics, part changers, not real mechanics. Real mechanics fixes cars not parts changers. My daughter took her car to RK it was not running good. They told her it will be $470.00 to fix it. SO I took her car to another mechanic and he fixed it for $154.00. So be smart and go elsewhere.
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Posted by leet60 on 2013-01-11:
It is rare to find a dealership or even chain repair shop staffed by actual "mechanics". The mechanic of old is a rarity and most repairs are done by certified "technicians" who may be limited to one or several areas of your vehicle.

Dealerships often have 1-2 "mechanics" on staff and most often they are in management or are service advisors. Your best bet is to find an independent reliable and experienced mechanic who can address any issue your car may have.
Posted by TomKline on 2013-01-11:
Dear teddylqueen,

I am sorry your recent service visit did not leave you completely satisfied. That is troubling to me, personally.

I understand that you are upset about our proposed repair for the vehicle. General Motors guides us on how to fix vehicles to match factory specifications. Our $470 estimate followed GM's guidelines.

I understand from this posting that you are still unhappy, and I want to change that. I would like the opportunity to talk with you to discuss where we may have failed and, then make it right. Please call my direct number so we can set up an appointment to talk. 757-431-6507.


Tom Kline
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Posted by Newrider4you on 01/26/2012
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We bought a Camaro for my wife two or three months ago, and were really pleased with everybody. I was getting jealous of her Camaro, so I knew I had to get one, too. They knew what we were looking for and that I didn't like getting pressured. They basically let me walk the lot and find the one that I wanted. The entire staff stayed there with us until midnight, when it was done and I could drive home in the new car. Arsenio was excellent. We are a military family, both of us are in the military, so he knew that we didn't have an unlimited income for the cars. It was outstanding!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-28:
It's nice you took the time to write a review. One thing for sure about RK Chev: they've generated a lot of interesting pro & con postings lately. At least the company has taken the time to post responses, which shows an interest in their customers.
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Fool me once but never twice
Posted by Single mom of two on 01/25/2012
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- In 2007 February I was about to have my son and my boyfriend, now husband and I spoke of getting a bigger vehicle being that I had already had a daughter and I was driving a Carolla at the time.

In February I went to RK Chevrolet of Virginia (I love Chevy) Beach with all intentions to buy a SUV and believing I would not get scammed. I was young and not very smart about my purchase of the 2007 Trailblazer looking over the sale contract now but back to what's recently happening...

The 2007 Trailblazer was a lease and coming to the end of my lease agreement a bunch has been going on. What I thought the bank told me in regards to what to do at the end of my lease all last year isn't what they are saying this year and my lease ends in a month so I found myself in a pickle. I have to pay $9300 (rounded up) by February 9th. Where am I going to get that money only who knows but, luckily I had money coming in and I figured how to pay it off granted if I was extended by the bank. After thinking about everything I decided that instead of paying all that money at once I should look into refinancing a new vehicle and RK was the first place I thought of, so I called my old dealer giving him the details of all and to set me up with something good. I went out there and was shown some cars and I had to go back to work so I said call me when all is good and I will be back.

The next day I get called and he said he can finance me for a used car in-house, I said why don't you just buy my car and sell it back to me, I do want to keep it and he said he could, he just thought I didn't want my car anymore (2007 with 61000 miles, interior is still impecable as well as the exterior), I said this was not the case I would love to keep it since nothing is wrong with it.

I went in and was taken by him to the used section and met with this lady who came back with a monthly payment of $375, I said I am not looking for a high payment anymore (I was paying $461 monthly for the Trailblazer), she asked what was I looking for, I said under $300, she said I need to work with her and how about $365, I said I may do $350 (not thinking at the time), she said she will check with her boss and let me know if that can work. Now everyone I was planning to put $5000 down; plus before I got there I had blue booked my vehicle which came to $11000 trade(rounded up) and $13000 personal sale so I figured they would sell it back to me for maybe $12500 give or take because the payoff is $9300 and they would need ot make a profit. Not the case.

She came back stating $361 monthly, I asked her how much will the car be sold back to me for and she said she need to check with her boss because he's currently drafting the paper and let me know, I said OK. I calculated the $361 and it is like purchasing a new car and I know that if I knew the sale price and minus the $5000 deposit then my payments will not be that much. Well she came back and claim that he is working on getting me a better deal by seeing other banks to finance me, I said OK and how much are you guys selling the car back to me? She said that she didn't get to check but she will and be right back, I told her I'll be in my car. A while later the dealer that sold me my SUV came back and said that it is best to go with them and once I have the money to come in and finance with them.

I WILL NOT!! Thank you very much!! and they just lost a good customer. I have decided to cancel my trip to my mom and take all my money and payoff the car and be done with car payments. I really do which they didn't try to jip me.

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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2012-01-25:
As someone who has done a little reading on buying a car, my advice would be this; First, make sure you are done with that lease. Get out of that old vehicle.
Next, get a notebook and some way to access NADA and Kelley (smart phone is super handy).
Figure out which vehicles are in the running for purchase. Do some at home shopping. Check out dealer websites, Craigslist, etc...and track this information in your notebook. All the details of the vehicle.
Next, go and compare the different models you are considering. Arrange test drives, etc. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TALK YOU INTO SIGNING ANYTHING! This is for your research. Let the dealer know that you are deciding which vehicle you want and are not ready to buy today. Be honest.
Now that you have decided which vehicle you want, shop your own financing. This can be through your credit union, bank, etc...This is where you look at monthly payments and decide what you can afford in terms of purchase price (keep in mind Tax, Title, and Licensing).
Now you shop. Have your notebook with comparable vehicles, know the bluebook values (and have proof). Do not negotiate with the dealer on payments, negotiate purchase price only. You know your payments because you have financing already. Let them know that if they can beat your financing, you will go with theirs, otherwise you have financing arranged already.
Don't be afraid to walk away. If it looks like you are not going to get the deal you want (and your research should let you know what is a good deal), don't be afraid to say "I'm afraid it appears that we are not going to reach an agreement on this vehicle. Please give me a call if anything changes. In the meantime, I will continue looking".
You get the purchase price you want, it's not over. Beware the Finance Guy! He's the one that will not only try to sell you financing (but you have that, so they have something to beat), they will try to sell you GAP, undercoating, extended warranty, security systems...DON'T fall for that. With $5k down and a good deal, GAP should never be an issue.
Finally, keep in mind that most dealers tack on a "Dealer Handling Fee". Make sure you subtract it from your final number so they don't get that last chunk from you after you have negotiated so hard. Or, negotiate to have it waived. It is pure profit for a dealer and it is an expense you wouldn't need to incur if buying from a private owner. For example, a $15k price from a private owner is $15k. A $15k price from a dealer may be $15,500 ($15k + $500 handling).
Be polite, be informed, and be strong. Good luck.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-01-25:
Great info ChuhBaca!!!!
Posted by dan gordon on 2012-01-25:
don't understand why your not going to a bank or credit union to refi the car you've been leasing?
Posted by yoke on 2012-01-26:
It sounds as if in order for the OP to keep the vehicle they had to pay the $9300, otherwise they can just bring the vehicle to the dealership and walk away. All the OP would have to finance would be $4,300 since they already have $5,000 to put down.
Posted by TomKline on 2012-01-26:
Dear Single mom of two,

I am one of the owners and I would like to help you with your problem.

I am sorry that you had any difficulty.

We do make mistakes sometimes, but I am more than willing to make it up to you, if given the chance.

Please call me on my direct dial number 431-6507 so that we can set up an appointment to talk.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Tom Kline
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-01-26:
Great advice, ChuhBaca. The number one rule is don't let your emotions interfere with your logic. There is no particular vehicle which is the end all, be all. (done that). Never buy in a hurry, accept that it may take time.
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Worst organization in Virginia.
Posted by What we have here is a failure to commicate on 09/08/2011
I have had a lot of problems with the payments an being booted by this company. I had set up for them to take payment out of my account an twice they forgot to do it and booted my truck. I called wrote up here and even removed my comment after they fixed it. Well my payments are due on the 15th of every month I called Rk the to let them know I will be making two payment on 4 days later. At that point I was 20 late and I would be paying on the 24th day. So I never got to being 30 days late. I told them my mother was in sentara heart hospital and she had a vad put in her chest. She just came to leave with me and she has lost her medial benefits from her job. She is now disabled and doesn't have any income at all and we are waiting for the disabilty to come threw. When I talked to the guy at RK he got my file and didn't even realize I was late. But I thought I was doing the right thing and letting them know what was going on. I said please don't boot the truck I have to get my mom to doctor if needed. Just in case you don't no what a vad is, its a machine that acts as a heart and it has a tube that come out the side of your body and to a machine. Well on the day before I promised to make payment they booted my truck. I can't say I am surprised. RK must deal with the worst people out there because know matter what you do they treat you like do do. Why would you boot me the day before I promised to pay, please boot me on that day if I didn't pay but why the day before. I will tell you why, because they don't care nothing about the consumers they just are here to make all the money they can. RK I said before I only had bad credit because when I was at war a place sold my wife a lemon and then refused to fix it and then took me to court and garnished my money. Rk you are worse than that company, I can understand if I didn't call, I can understand if I do this all the time I can understand if it was past 30 days but nope none of that. I had to step up and be a son for my mother, I had to buy her medicine with my truck payment, I tried to work it out with you but hey thats fine, I now see the kind of company you are. I don't wish none of this on you cause I am not this type of person. But I now understand were you stand with the consumer, you are just about the money. So I will hold up my part and send you the two payments tommorrow and then continue to be there for my mothers needs. Thank you for nothing. This Regent College Student, Iraq war vet says thank you.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-08:
I have never been late on a car loan, but from what I read finance companies take a pretty much zero tolerance attitude doing it more than once. Unfortunately, I don't believe they put much or any weight on what situation has caused you to not be able to make payments.
Posted by MRM on 2011-09-08:
You'll probably need a second job and put that money towards emergencies.
Posted by TomKline on 2011-09-09:
Dear Brian,

We are familiar with your situation.

Because of repeated delinquency, we have had to take action--including booting your vehicle four (4) times over the past two years.

We have tried to satisfy your concerns, and we have even made a payment for you, when you did not have one.

We have financed nearly two thousand dollars of repairs, which you have not started to pay back.

We have helped you.

Please keep your account current, and always feel free to contact us.

Tom Kline
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-09:
Its always good to hear the other side of the story.
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It Was Great
Posted by Cuuurtis on 07/07/2011
It was great. I was looking for a specific car and RK had that car. They also had the best deal on the Traverse. The car is amazing and we really like it. The salesman was great. He knew about the car and he was able to get it for me so that it was within my budget. They were real good.
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Posted by MJGoldfarb on 2011-07-07:
Good to hear! Where is this dealership located?
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Easy Experience
Posted by Alimay on 03/09/2011
I saw RK on the internet. I had a team of two or three people working with me. They were able to get the price down to what I could afford. They worked with me real well.

They all did a great job. They were friendly, professional and very accommodating.
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It was very, very good!
Posted by Hedge237 on 02/17/2011
They were one of the only Subaru dealers who got back to me quickly. Lynn was awesome. She was quick. She answered all my questions. I told her I was ready to buy the car. I'm real easy to please. I just need to come to an agreement. Also, I was in and out if less than 45 minutes. RK Chevrolet and Subaru took me seriously. They took my needs seriously.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-17:
Wow! A compliment for RK. Did you actually buy a vehicle from them?
Posted by Hedge237 on 2011-02-25:
It's an absolutely terrific place. Yes and I will buy there again.
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Love the Equinox and RK
Posted by BMACMAN on 12/30/2010
I love the Equinox. It's a joy to drive. It's user friendly and everything is where it should be. You can tell it was designed by a woman. Having the the seats adjust in the back seat – only a woman would have thought of that. I feel so safe because I can see when I'm backing up. One look inside the Equinox and I knew it was he right car. We got good value for our dollar.

Everyone there was real nice. Brett was our salesmen. He didn't pressure us; he was very low key. He answered all our questions. The whole thing was just so nice. I love it and we will go back there for service!
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Didn't intend to buy a new vehicle!
Posted by Bird3692 on 12/29/2010
We thought it would be interest to take a test drive in a Camaro, so we stopped in! We like the salesperson, he was better than OK, he was excellent! He was very knowledgeable about the Camaro, nice, nice guy! Like I said, we didn't go there intending to buy a car. Everything was explained very well!
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Posted by MRM on 2010-12-29:
I am pondering as to why is RK Chevrolet such a popular complaint? Why not other dealerships in the area?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-29:
MRM, good question. I have often thought the same thing.
Posted by MRM on 2010-12-29:
What about Colonial Chevrolet, Green-Gifford, or Greenbrier Jeep? They must have good reputations.
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