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FYI on RK Chevrolet
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a 2007 Impala and without putting my feelings into this review I would just like to make a few statements for the public. I am also making sure, by word of mouth, that everyone I deal with on a daily basis knows how RK Chevrolet deals with its customers. I went in on a Saturday and was looking for an Impala. Finally the car I was looking for was found in another state. I was told that it would be a couple of days but I should have it by Tuesday, well Tuesday comes and goes, I call until finally on Friday they say they are going to pick up the vehicle. WOW it should have been here last Tuesday and you are just now going to pick it up!!!

They tell me that I can come and pick it up on Saturday, I call Saturday morning and they tell me that it isn't ready that I have to wait until Sunday possibly Monday, by this time I am a bit upset and tell them that I am on my way and that my vehicle should be ready when I arrive. I get there and there are scratches on the trunk of my BRAND NEW vehicle. I tell them that it should be fixed so they say for me to bring it in next week. Now in my line of work I cannot just take off at any time to take a BRAND NEW vehicle in to be serviced!!! So I speak with my salesman and also I mention the noise that the air conditioner is making, in my BRAND NEW vehicle.

The next week comes and my salesperson comes and gets my vehicle to take to the dealership to be fixed, both the air conditioner and the paint on the trunk. While he has it, it is repainted and he says that he hears nothing in the air conditioner (that is awesome that the salesperson did this by the way). Upon receiving my vehicle I see that my 4 year old daughter could have done a better touch up job and the air conditioner is not fixed. They tell me that I have to bring it back up there between this and that time on this and that day.

Again my work does not permit me to take any old time off and who would have thought that getting a brand new vehicle that I would have to return so often to the dealership to get it fixed and another thing is, I either have to wait there or they will give me a ride back to work, no rental car or anything. So right now I am sitting here with a BRAND NEW 2007 Impala with a badly painted trunk and an air conditioner that makes noise. I call the "Customer service" guy and he says "well, what do you want me to do about it." I tell him I want the 2007 Impala that I just paid for to not have any problems with it.

It's amazing once the car is off the lot how you are treated by those within the company. So just FYI anyone that buys anything from RK Chevrolet, please look two, three and four times at your vehicle before you sign anything, there is nothing more annoying than having to take a BRAND NEW vehicle back to the dealership several times after purchase to fix something that should not have been there in the first place.

Problems with vehicle, no resolution
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I will attempt to report the situation without adding my feelings, this is how I perceive the way I have been treated. In April of 2003 I purchased a new 2003 Subaru Outback from RK Chevrolet, Subaru in Virginia Beach, Va. The purchase experience was pleasant. Sales associate Bret ** did an excellent job of asking us questions about our plans, i.e. Family size, driving style etc. However, if the car drove as poorly on the test drive as it does now we would have never made the purchase.

The problems began April 2004 when the vehicle had approximately 30k miles on it. The vehicle jerks and pulses during acceleration at any speed. The behavior is intermittent however, it is very pronounced when it occurs. In order to elicit the performance problem I need to gingerly apply pressure to the accelerator. The engine will begin to accelerate and then begin to sputter causing your head to jerk back and forth slightly; it is very obvious when it decides to act up. Additionally, if the cruise control is set at highway speeds and a rolling hill is approached the engine performs as previously described.

I brought this problem to the attention of the service department at RK Chevrolet, Subaru and they immediately went to work on the issue. The computer was reset and the problem persisted. The computer was removed, sent to New Jersey and re-installed; yet the problem persisted. Subaru sent a regional company representative to go for a ride with me however the vehicle would not display the described behavior on that day. I was told, "This vehicle just drives like that and I should get used to it." I was also given a large amount of technical jargon and mechanical lingo that meant nothing to me.

All I know is that the vehicle still is driving poorly and I can't get RK Chevrolet, Subaru or Subaru of America to diagnose the problem. I have done some research on the Internet and found similar complaints. If you are interested just do a GOOGLE search on Subaru H6 hesitation.

Here is what I would like to see happen: RK and Subaru need to either 1) Diagnose and fix my car so that it does not leave my wife and 1.5 year old son stranded on the side of a 4 lane highway or; 2) Take my original purchase price, subtract standard lease mileage charges and credit the difference toward the purchase of a comparable vehicle. These options have been presented to both companies and they told me, "If the vehicle has a mechanical problem we will find it and bring it up to acceptable specifications".

This has been a source of aggravation for 17 months now. When I recently called **, Service manager for RK Subaru he said to me, "Yeah, we were wondering what happened to you". At least he cares enough to remember me; ** at Subaru Corporate began to not return my calls. I can assure you this is not the way Subaru intends for this vehicle to perform just as I am sure that this is not the way I expected to be treated by a company concerned with lasting consumer relationships.

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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Rk is sorry excuse for mechanics, part changers, not real mechanics. Real mechanics fixes cars not parts changers. My daughter took her car to RK it was not running good. They told her it will be $470.00 to fix it. SO I took her car to another mechanic and he fixed it for $154.00. So be smart and go elsewhere.

It Was Great
By -

It was great. I was looking for a specific car and RK had that car. They also had the best deal on the Traverse. The car is amazing and we really like it. The salesman was great. He knew about the car and he was able to get it for me so that it was within my budget. They were real good.

Easy Experience
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I saw RK on the internet. I had a team of two or three people working with me. They were able to get the price down to what I could afford. They worked with me real well. They all did a great job. They were friendly, professional and very accommodating.

It was very, very good!
By -

VIRGINIA -- They were one of the only Subaru dealers who got back to me quickly. ** was awesome. She was quick. She answered all my questions. I told her I was ready to buy the car. I'm real easy to please. I just need to come to an agreement. Also, I was in and out if less than 45 minutes. RK Chevrolet and Subaru took me seriously. They took my needs seriously.

Didn't intend to buy a new vehicle!
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We thought it would be interest to take a test drive in a Camaro, so we stopped in! We like the salesperson, he was better than OK, he was excellent! He was very knowledgeable about the Camaro, nice, nice guy! Like I said, we didn't go there intending to buy a car. Everything was explained very well!

Severe Disappointment
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I'm sorry to say that RK Chevrolet service has continued to disappoint me time and time again. I stopped taking my car there for oil changes two years ago, because if you're like me you don't have 6 to 8 hours to get your oil changed.

I recently had what could be called a near miss with this horrible service department, the person helping me was named ** and that is as far as I will go with that part of this complaint. The front of my Chevy Tahoe had been making really bad grinding sounds for about two days. I called to make a drop off appointment and was happy to find out that I had purchased the extended warranty on my vehicle. My wife dropped it off that day and RK had it for 7 days. Upon dropping the car off RK (**) was informed that I needed this vehicle to take a road trip the following Thursday.

When I called the following Thursday to see if my car was ready I was informed that repairs had been made but they were unable to resolve the loud clunking and grinding sound coming from the front tires. I specifically asked if the car was OK TO DRIVE to my destination. There reply was "the car is fine to drive just don't put it into 4 wheel drive and we will finish the repairs upon your return."

Three quarters of the way or about 200 miles to my mother-in-laws the ABS light came on followed by a loud grinding that just continued to grow louder. I called RK (**) and asked him if this was OK or a danger as I now have my 10 month old daughter and wife in the car. I was told again, "Not to worry, your car is safe to drive and we will take care of that when you get back."

At this point let me cut to the chase, I am now sitting here at my mother-in-law's writing this complaint after my front right wheel almost fell off last night. I have taken it into another Chevrolet dealership and in one hour (not the seven days RK took) I was told that I could have had a catastrophic failure and not only lost my front tires but my wife and daughter also.

This is criminal behavior as far as I am concerned and this will be the last time I ever take my car into or buy from RK Chevrolet. I would consider some sort of legal action but I too serve in the Military and have neither the time nor money for a lawsuit. BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP AND THERE SERVICE DEPARTMENT, THEY ARE UNSAFE AND MISLEADING!!!

Sales and Service
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- WARNING: DO NOT Purchase the extended warranty offered by the dealership and DO NOT have your car Serviced at RK CHEVROLET.

We should be the "Poster Family" for Chevrolet. I have owned at least 12 Chevrolets in my lifetime and purchased (7) brand new (over $250,000) Chevrolets. My wife and I typically purchase the extended warranties to limit any unforeseen repair expenses. Until recently we have been pleased with the service provided by RK Chevrolet. The 2000 Corvette I purchase in Dec of 2000 was nearing the end of its extended warranty (6 years - 50,0000 Miles). I brought it to RK for a final checkup and to fix a few items. (no other warranty claims have been submitted). The corvette has only 18,000 miles on it and is stored in my garage and is very well maintained (It's Beautiful).

Getting back to the issue... sorry. The items I had repaired included the CD Changer, the keyless remote and a noise from the fan belt. The dealership sent the CD Changer out to be repaired, then changed the Serpentine belt (a consumable I gladly paid for) and replaced the keyless remote. It took a considerable amount of time to receive the CD changer back and I picked up the car Mid Jan 2007. I immediately heard the belt noise, thinking it was a new belt and the noise would go away, I drove the car home parked it in the garage and covered it up.

On our Wedding Anniversary (Mar 4 - 29 Years) we drove the car to dinner. I noticed that nothing RK fixed was fixed. The CD Changer did not work the keyless remote didn't work and the noise from the belt was getting worse instead of better. I notified RK and the service staff told me to bring it in when I had a chance. I brought it in and RK has agreed to have the CD Changer repaired again and to reprogram the remote but the noise from the belt has now been determined to be a separation in the Harmonic Balancer (this device is connected to the engines crankshaft and drives the serpentine belt a part that should never go bad).

RK misdiagnosis the original issue and the extended warranty company refuses to pay for it. Growing up in a union household I have always supported the American car manufactures as my father does. I was proud to serve in the Armed Forces. I also strongly believe "What Right is Right". RK and the extended warranty company have an obligation and a contract that requires them to fix this car appropriately. Is it time to buy foreign?

Changing payment amount after purchase
By -

After reading everyone's opinions about R K Chevrolet and hearing a few on my own (since my ordeal), maybe I need to talk to Mr. **. My story is different. I purchased a 2007 Tahoe in February with a 2004 Altima as a Trade in and one week later, I received a call from my salesperson telling me to come in to see the finance manager. When I got there, I was told that the company that accepted the original deal with a note of $590.00 a mo. Decided not to take the deal, but the good news was that they found another company that did. The new note a mo. will be $735.17 (keep in mind I had warranties in the beginning, but none when the note rose).

I told the finance manager (I think his name was **) that I could not afford that. I had to have been in his office for 1/2 an hour not understanding a thing he was telling me. He said that he'd make the 1st payment, that should help. As I started talking to people, I found more cases like mine. Where the deal was closed and somehow R K reneged! However, they didn't feel the pressure that I did and took the car back to the dealership saying in one case, if you have a problem see my lawyer or decided not to pursue a deal with them. When I asked if they even still had my car I was told. "I don't know".

I had my 11 yr. old son with me and that's the only reason that I didn't cry from frustration and gave in so easily. After praying about the situation I sent an email to and after not receiving a reply I received a thank you letter that read, at R K Chevrolet customer satisfaction is our first priority. I then faxed a letter to ** with a copy of the email I'd sent and have heard nothing yet. Maybe they are trying to figure something out, maybe not.

I'll keep you all posted. I have asked for advice from honestly over 50 people and more than half suggest legal counsel, so I'm really tired of that response. I just want what I was promised ORIGINALLY. I have two contracts! What hurt most was that I looked online and my exact case was in the top 10 Scams of Auto Dealerships! A single hard-working mom.

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