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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- My husband and I began searching for new furniture several weeks ago. Our first day of looking we went into several furniture retail stores with the same experience at most. We would tell the associates that we were just looking and would ask for help if we needed. I know most furniture store associates work on commission and I did not want them to waste their time on us unless we were making a decision and I knew we were not ready to make a final decision that day.

We then went into RTG and began browsing. We told the sales associates the same thing that we told all the others. The first day we went to RTG (a Saturday) they were too busy to pay much attention to us. That was fine with us because as I mentioned we were just browsing at this point but it did make it a little more difficult to really look so we decided to come back. We went back on a Monday morning when it was substantially less crowded which made it difficult (nearly impossible) to browse without associates coming up trying to talk us into a more expensive sofa than the one we were looking at or printing out pages of information on living room sets that we had no interested in. We mentioned again we were just browsing and we were not ready to make a decision. My husband and I were attempting to discuss among ourselves what decision we would make and the associate would not give us the time or space to do so. We then decided to leave the store to go home and look online and discuss. The associate got visibly frustrated that we were leaving without purchasing (despite us saying upfront we were just browsing not ready to purchase) so we decided if we did order it would be online.

I placed an order on RTG online after a few more days of online browsing and was asked to complete a bizrate survey at the end. I completed the survey expressing my dissatisfaction with the in store process and was also asked how long I was having to wait for delivery (3 weeks). The 3 week wait was frustrating but dealing with the associates was much more so. I received a call about my bizrate survey and my "dissatisfaction with delivery time" and was told there was no sooner delivery time available. My dissatisfaction with customer service was never addressed. So we began our 3 week wait for furniture.

On the day of delivery I called RTG to find out if the 4 hour window might be narrowed down at any point (perhaps by the driver calling as has been the case in most major deliveries or installations I have received the last couple of years). The customer service representative told me it would not be narrowed down and if no one was there within 15 minutes of the driver arriving then the furniture would not be delivered. While I understand the policy the way the information was given to me was with little care and I later found out there was an option to "perhaps" receive a call an hour before although it was not guarantee. However, this representative did not give me that information. I then called back the customer service representative (Melissa) who originally called about my bizrate survey. I thought that after reading the survey and seeing the frustration with the associates in store, the fairly long wait time, and then the frustrating dealing with the customer service that morning she might care to know more about a customer's experience. I could not have been more wrong.

As seems to be the norm with RTG customer service she had little interest in my concerns. At this point I began to get very frustrated. My frustration was with the lack of service and/or caring exhibited by the customer service representatives. She told me the drivers could not call ahead because they could not call while with a customer and could not call while driving. Both excellent points but as I told Melissa, many other companies manage to do so by perhaps calling after finishing with one appointment but before leaving for the next. She said she could not speak for anyone's policies except RTG but then went on to say that she has "never received a call ahead from any company" (which to me seems to be speaking for other companies' policies). I told her the delivery was only part of my frustration and I was more frustrated with the lack of care any customer service representative has shown about the negative experience I have had with the company. She responded that SHE was not being rude and because I did not know the names of the representatives in the store there was nothing she could do. She also expressed multiple times she could not help me because I was angry (I never cursed, yelled, or name called simply expressed my strong dissatisfaction that grew stronger as the lack of service from the "customer service representative" continued). I expressed that I was looking for some acknowledgment that I am a customer and some caring at my dissatisfaction or an apology would be great. She then said if I was looking for compensation she could not offer me that. The final resolution was she could offer a non-guaranteed call ahead from the driver or cancel my order.

My furniture arrived well within the four hour time frame and I even received a call 20 minutes before arrival (although it didn't really help as a non guaranteed call still means I had to miss work whereas if I would have known of the call I could have easily gone to work and returned home in time). My husband and I spent lots of time emptying/cleaning/preparing the rooms where the furniture would be going and removing hindrances to the process of bringing in the furniture (including moving other pieces of furniture that might be in the path and taking baby gates off of the hinges).

The living room furniture was placed haphazardly into the room with the pillows left thrown on the floor still in plastic. The delivery crew then moved on to the sofa that was going downstairs and I was promptly told the furniture would likely not fit through the door frame. And he then spent a few more minutes expressing how difficult it was going to be (I thought we paid for delivery for a reason). I showed him the much larger sofa we had just moved into the garage a few days before that had been moved through those same door frames to which he replied it was a different type of sofa. The sofa we ordered did in fact fit through the door frames and was placed into the room (in less than 10 minutes mind you so not too difficult). He then got me to sign saying I received my furniture. After walking out he then knocked back on the door asking for a disposable fork to eat his lunch (I didn't have a disposable fork but I gave him a plastic one out of my dishwasher that he then asked to wash in the sink). When leaving this time he left the door leading outside open continuing to show little regard for the customer's home.

No representative of Rooms to Go has expressed any regret over the fact that a customer is dissatisfied and has decided to no longer be a patron of your establishment. My issues are not with RTG policies and procedures themselves but how I have been treated by every person who is supposed to represent RTG (sales associates, customer service representatives, and delivery crew). I understand that we all have bad days so if it was just one experience with one representative I would not feel the need write this but every person I encountered that represents RTG was at the least disinterested in my satisfaction and at the most outright rude.I would hope a company would feel the need to make sure a customer is heard, even if they cannot satisfy every desire, which is the exact opposite of what happened. I did not feel my complaints were heard, acknowledged, and definitely not addressed.
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Sofa Cushions Peeling
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I purchased a faux leather sectional almost 3 years ago. I purchased several other pieces that day totaling about $5000. I did purchase the warranty as well. After a year and a half the sofa started getting big cracks in it in a couple of the seat cushions. I immediately called and I did speak to a nice young man. He gave me the details of what I needed to do, which is ...send an e mail to this address with some photos. He then informed me I would not hear back for at least a week. To my surprise, he called back an hour later and told me, they did not have that sofa anymore but they would give me a 600 dollar credit and pick this one up after I picked out another and had it delivered. I was disappointed because I really liked the sofa I had and truly thought it was just one of those things and had a defect. So I went about finding another and it was on sale for 900 dollars. Now I know this isn't by far their most expensive sofa but it IS fake leather, which in my mind was more durable and less likely to fade or crease as I have seen real leather do. The saleswoman informed me it was some kind of state of the art leather blend because I was really curious about it and she assured me it was a great product. So I selected the NEW sofa which apparently was also this same leather blend but another style and I thought manufacturer. After the credit, with tax and delivery and what have you I still ended up paying 500 dollars. So I get the sofa delivered, they pick up the old one and I am very happy as the new one looks even better than on the website. So now a year has passed and guess what? It starts with one crack and then another and then suddenly the whole sofa is peeling like a bad sunburn!!! Now about me. I'm a little on the heavy side but the cushions are not broken down or the arms. the sofa sectional has a chaise lounge on the end. None of it is peeling. The ottoman gets the most wear and tear with bare feet and being sat on by me or my teenage son, who is very thin, and it doesn't have any issues. I don't smoke or eat on it or have ANY pets. We are very clean. Seems to me if the whole sectional were made of the same material as the ottoman and the chaise, there would be no problem. So I have submitted the e mail on this one as well as the photos but this time I was told it would be three weeks to hear as they only had ONE person that works this department. Well it has been over three weeks and I have sent a follow up e mail and have had NO response. I Googled "peeling sofas from RTG " and was SHOCKED at the number, so I KNOW the problem is not specific to me but it's their manufacturer. As far s I am concerned they can take my sofa part and cover it with the same material as the ottoman and bring it back to me and make me happy.
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karl.porfirio on 09/10/2014:
So RTG called me last Friday. They said they would give me full credit for the sofa and to come pick out another one. My salesperson said they gave EVERYONE their money back that had this problem so if this is true that is great. I selected another one. Of course it did cost me some money (tax, delivery, and fabric treatment) I'm not so happy with that but am very happy they were willing to make things right. I'm expecting delivery this coming Tuesday. I will follow up. Thanks RTG for making things right.
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3-Year Old So-Called Leather Sectional Fell Apart
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
GEORGIA -- Rooms to Go is short for "ROOMS TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE TRASH"?

This place has the customer service quality of a brothel. You walk in, they're all over you.. friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. However, as you go back to let them know their furniture is falling a part, they want NOTHING to do with you..

-We bought an off-white LEATHER sectional 3.5 years ago for about $2000. The salesperson told us that it was made out of patches of leather as opposed to one big piece,
-3 years later, the leather on 3 sections started to crack and peel gradually. I called RTG to see if they could replace the sections. Nope, no go on that one as they discontinued selling and dealing with the manufacturer in Shanghai, China. They asked me to send pictures. I did. Three months later when I didn't hear back from them, I called and they told me they'd be giving me the depreciated value in the form of a voucher that could only be used in their RTG showrooms (not discounted pieces.. not that I was tempted to set foot there anyway). The value was a whopping $230.73 AND they would also be coming to take the sectional too otherwise, we do not get our big voucher.
-We went to the store to see the manager because surely, they would understand our dilemma. The manager was reading my email on the computer and commenting on it, thinking I was one of his salespeople not the customer that just got royally shafted.. He was smacking his gum and going, "WTH else does she want after 4 years?".. I coughed to get him to realize that his foot was just inserted in his gum-smacking hole.. He was fine with that. He told me there was NOTHING he could do, that it was the way I was using the couch that led it to disintegrate and that there was nothing else he could do.

-Crappy company, crappy work ethic and for sure WE WILL NEVER EVER SET FOOT IN THAT PLACE!!! I'd get better quality and service at Goodwill than this scam of a business.
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User Replies:
Kitty on 09/02/2014:
If they told you that was leather then you were ripped off. That looks more like Naugahyde to me, especially with how it's flaking off the backing. If you still have any documentation stating that this is a 'leather' couch then I would recommend you get somebody local to look at the thing and confirm that it's actually leather...if it isn't, then perhaps you have some grounds to launch a serious complaint. But if your paperwork states that it is 'leather-like' then you are on the hook. Either way, your salesperson fed you a line, but $2000 for a real leather couch? That is CHEAP, so you get what you paid for.
ok4now on 09/06/2014:
What they sold you was probably "Bonded Leather." This is a cheap man made imitation that is pure junk. They advertise it to the unsuspecting public who think that they're getting real leather.

Not to add insult to injury but Ashley has a horrible reputation for selling inferior furniture. Buyer beware.
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Terrible Service, Terrible Quality
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JENSEN BEACH, FLORIDA -- In approximately 2011, I purchased a "leather" living room set. I used the leather protectant liquid to clean the couches regularly and took great care of my furniture. I have no kids and the furniture was not abused. Recently, I have noticed my leather was separating and that I did not have real leather but some type of fake leather appearing plastic film that gives the appearance of leather. The furniture is lightly used and it is in terrible condition.

I contacted customer service because I never expected I would have to purchase new furniture during the time I was still paying for it. I spoke to Millie Murphy from customer relations and she was extremely sweet and helpful. Millie reviewed pictures of my furniture and replied in an email that she was crediting me with $447 of in-store credit towards "a selection of your (my) choice." I called Millie and asked if I could purchase a loveseat by itself and she told me I could, as long as the loveseat was $447 or greater. I specifically asked her if I could purchase one item and she told me I could with the understanding that Rooms to Go would be picking up three pieces of my furniture and not just one or two after the reselection was completed.

I visited the Jensen Beach location and dealt with Patrick. I like Patrick and found him to be a very good salesman. Patrick sold me the original set of furniture and he is a familiar face. I explained to Patrick my situation and he reviewed the notes from Millie. Patrick told me I could purchase my choice of a loveseat, a walnut colored loveseat from the Santa Monica collection, with no issues. Unfortunately, Patrick became busy and referred me to Eric.

Eric was nice and also reviewed Millie's notes. Eric found no problem in completing my order of the the loveseat for the reselection. Eric was great until I realized on my way home that he charged me for a Force Field Protection Plan without ever mentioning anything about it. I realized I agreed to a contract he never talked to me about. The frustrating part of this was that I asked Eric at the end of the transaction, when Eric was folding the Force Field Certificate and placing it into my envelope, what I was being charged for. Eric told me I was only getting charged for the balance after store credit and for delivery. He lied. I was also getting charged $63.91 for something he never told me about.

I turned around and went back to the store, approximately twenty minutes later, and was told Eric was off work. Brad then begin to sell me on the product that Eric neglected to do. I told Brad I just wanted the charge removed. Brad referred me to David, the store manager.

I told David what Eric did and David could not care less. David pointed to the back of the store and told me to go to customer service and started to walk away from me, in the opposite direction of where customer service was. I asked David to please show me where customer service was and to perhaps be present when I had to explain to them what happened. David again seemed unphased and not shocked by his employee fraudulently trying to sneak money out of customers. David walked me back to customer service and then walked away.

I explained to Susan what happened. Susan was not friendly at all and told me she credited 63.91 towards my layaway. I told her I did not have a layaway account and I became confused. Susan said I had a balance and she just put the 63.91 to my balance. I then realized the amount she was talking about was actually the amount that Rooms to Go agreed to be responsible for with the $447 store credit. Susan was basically paying Rooms to Go $63.91 from the $447.

I attempted to tell Susan that the $63.91 amount should be returned the same way it was paid just minutes before, on my MasterCard. Susan said she was just going to credit my Rooms to Go credit card. I asked her to not do that and Susan asked me, "What, are you not paying your Rooms to Go credit card?" This is extremely offensive and none of her business. I proceeded to tell her that I have NEVER been late on a payment and I am a responsible debtor. I told her she could look at my payment history, if necessary.

Every time I attempted to explain to Susan what was going on, Susan cut me off and and said multiple times, "Let me start over again so you understand." Again, Susan found a way to be offensive, condescending and mean. I eventually asked her to review the notes on Rooms to Go and was able to explain to her what happened without her cutting me off.

Susan said she understood and then credited the $63.91 to my MasterCard.

Now, this afternoon, I received a phone call from the Jensen Beach location. Londa said she was not going to honor my reselection because I had to purchase a full package of furniture. I asked Londa to review the notes from Millie and Londa said she sees where Millie wrote, "a selection of my choice" over $447 and where Millie said I would be responsible for bond fees, delivery and any costs over $447. Londa said Millie made a mistake by not emailing me that I had to reselect a whole new package of furniture. Londa said she was canceling my order and I would not be getting my loveseat, which was set to be delivered on Wednesday, as previously agreed.

I have had bad customer service in the past and there is this. I have never felt like I have had to defend everything I do before like I have had in this experience with Rooms to Go. This experience is without doubt, the worst. I have nothing good to say about this company and as it is right now, I will do everything I can to make sure my friends and family never step foot into a Rooms to Go.
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They Are Robbing The Consumers
Posted by on
Rooms to Go is a furniture store that sells furniture that they don't have. It seems like we as consumers are being forced to invest our money in their company with no return on our investments.
I purchased $3900 worth of furniture from Rooms To Go in February 2010. I paid delivery fees of $159.00 plus warranty, However; I was informed that I wouldn't get my furniture until April 21, 2010 two months later. When I inquired about picking up the furniture they said I still had to wait until April 16, 2010. I decided to wait because it was only five more days for delivery. On April 19 I received a call from Rooms to Go stating that the delivery truck will be in my area delivering furniture on April 21, between the hours of 3pm and 9pm. On April 21 at 3:15 I received a call from the delivery guy stating he was in my area about to make the delivery. I asked him if he could make the delivery closer to 3:30 cause my husband didn't get off until 3:00 and it takes him 20 minutes to get home. He said he would try but he couldn't make any promises. when I hung up I phoned my husband immediately and he was driving through the gate at my complex. I asked my husband if he noticed a delivery truck and he said no. So we thought all was good. I tried to call the delivery guy back but I did not get an answer so I left a message that my husband was already home. My husband waited a couple hours then called me letting me know that no delivery had been made. I called the number again and the deliver guy answered. He said they couldn't bring the furniture back I had to wait for them to take the furniture back to the warehouse and Rooms to Go had to send it out again. I asked if I could pick it up and he said I should be able to once they took it back to the warehouse.

On April 22 2010, I called Rooms to Go customer service inquiring about my furniture with intentions of picking it up and Rooms to Go customer service said that they would let me know one the furniture got back to the warehouse. I didn't receive a call after a few days so I called them and that's when they told me that I had to start all over again since I wasn't available for delivery. They said that my furniture went out to the next person in line for the same type of furniture. I told the customer service person what happened on the delivery date, and how they never delivered the furniture and they told me the only thing they could do is reorder the furniture. At that point, my delivery day was moved back to July or August. Six months after purchase was made. I pleaded with them because my son was graduating on May 21, 2010 and I had invited my family to my house and there was nowhere for them to sit. They said they couldn't help me and they suggested I come into the store and choose something else. We went in and choose another living room set and they still couldn't deliver it until June. We went ahead and waited. The sofa made a squeaky noise from day one but we thought it was because it was new and it would stop after a while and it did alright. It stopped once it fell apart six months after we got it. Good thing it is still under warranty so we called them and they was supposed to send out a technician. Two days before the technician was supposed to come out we got a call stating the technician had a death in the family and we needed to call and reschedule.

On March 13, 2011 we decided to give Rooms To Go Outlet a try since a friend bought a dining room set from there and she said that she went and bought her set and carried it home the same day. We went and looked at new stuff and scratched and dented stuff. Then we asked them if they had extended warranties on any of the furniture and the answer was no so we decided that we should get new in the box furniture. We choose the furniture the sales person said that he had the furniture new in the box but after we paid and went to pick we found out that they didn't have it. We went to get our money back and they wouldn't give our money back. They told us we had to wait ten business day and they would mail us a check to the address in there computer. So here we are again walking away with $450.00 invested in Rooms To Go for 14 day with no return on my investment. That should be against the law.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/14/2011:
The thing I find most shocking is that you went back to the well after finding tainted water on the first trip.
D_Johnson on 03/15/2011:
I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with the delivery, and while visiting our showroom locations. If you would like to email us your order details at, we can then look further into your concerns in order to prevent this from occurring again in the future.
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Appalling quality and no Customer Service
Posted by on
NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- Do not buy from Rooms to Go Kids!

At the beginning of May 2009, we purchased an “Ivy League Twin/Full Step Loft w/Desk” from Rooms to go Kids – value $1,200, not a trivial amount for Kids Furniture! Link to items: cfm?fuseaction=ktg. showItem&ipac_id=19179

Despite our paying cash upfront for the furniture, it had almost a month wait on it. The associate processing the order bungled the delivery so instead of it being delivered second to last week of May, it got delivered first week of June, and then the real fun began.

The quality of the furniture was appalling. The stain was uneven through all the pieces; there were serious imperfections in the wood with it being damaged in some places; shaved and not even in others (it looked like the piece of wood was bad so they took off the damaged area and left the ‘square’ plank uneven; there were areas where there was no stain at all!; some parts of the wood had splintered where the bolts went it and was broken to pieces; the draws inside had huge splinters of wood about to break off into a child’s fingers if they happened to run it along the top of the drawer (!); the screws were finished with rubbers in the store to protect the wood when bolted together but when I asked the delivery people where they were, I was told that they were not provided (?). I went back to the store to look at the floor sample and it looked NOTHING like what I had in my bedroom at home. Nothing like it!

After complaining to Customer Service about the poor delivery, I was told that they would send a technician out to inspect the furniture, who diligently came out a week later and all he did was touch up some of the areas of poor stain, not even all of them, and when I spoke to him, he told me that the quality of the furniture was to manufacturer’s specifications and that kids furniture was not made the same as adult furniture???? When then did I pay adult prices for the furniture…

So after much complaining, RTGK said they would replace the imperfect items two weeks later after first inspecting it at the factory prior to delivery. The items came and were equally dissatisfactory as the original pieces. After more complaining, RTGK said they would send out another replacement for the furniture a week later, to the same deplorable quality and really not any sort of improvement to the terrible quality already in hand. When I send the third attempt back, Customer Service said they would not send any more replacements and that there was nothing wrong with the furniture because “the technician said so”. If you are wonder why I didn’t just get my money back, is because I had already purchased the rest of his furniture in his room to match that style and color, plus a twin and full mattress, so could not turn back at this point.

After 2 months of waiting, calls and time lost in trying to get mediocre quality replacements, RTGK Customer Service eventually offered a 10% settlement discount to keep the furniture as it – however, the caveat… “BY ACCEPTING THE 10% DISCOUNT FOR THEIR SUB-STANDARD QUALITY FURNITURE, YOU AGREE TO VOID THE REMAINDER OF THE MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY PERIOD (1 year). This is disgraceful Customer Service and really seems to be the store version of Bait-and-switch tactics.

I am still waiting for the agreement that I have to sign before I can get my 10% refund on their second-rate furniture, and thereby accept their junk furniture as-is from this moment on.

PLEASE, take my ordeal as a warning so that you don’t go through the same thing. It is not worth the time or effort. Their furniture is not up to any type of decent specifications and because it is kids furniture they think that they can get away with even lower standards than that. PLEASE go buy your cherished child’s furniture anywhere else by at Rooms to Go Kids.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 07/06/2009:
Furniture for children should be made at a HIGHER standard than furniture for adults. Don't agree to those terms.

I suggest you file a BBB complaint here:
BokiBean on 07/06/2009:
Soaring, I never thought about that before, but you're absolutely for children should be made, if not at the same standard as adult furniture..higher. They are rougher on it, and it could be a terrible safety hazard. Good answer!
nicole on 09/19/2012:
I am not even joking this exact same situation happen to me, we ordered the same bed as you along with the dresser. the dresser we have no issue with but the bed is a piece of crap, I wish I had researched this bed more. so unhappy.
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Fabric Protection Ripoff
Posted by on
Having worked for ROOMS TO GO for 7 years, I want to make people aware of just one of the many back-handed things this company does. Their salespeople are basically forced into saying almost anything to persuade the customer into paying for fabric/leather protection. They expect almost a 90% penetration of this. I can personally say, anything less is cause for being written up and being threatened with dismissal. I began in early 2000. We had a black vinyl set on the floor which was untreatable. However, because of the sales contest going on, we were told by management to sell the "bond" on this in order to "spike" the Numbers, in which everyone did. 59.99 for a sofa, 49.99 for the loveseat I think 39.99 for the matching chaise. We sold a ton of these. That's just 1 store. Of course, from these type of practices, they went on to win the "presidents cup" and pocket $1400 per salesperson. Another thing they did was misled many many customers on pricing. Lets say a 7pc living room consisting sofa ,loveseat, 3 tables and 2 lamps was 999.99. That's what the front of the tag said. The chair alone was 399.99. However, to add the chair to the package should have made the package $1349.99 not 1399.99. This price was actually on the back of the tag but most customers didn't know that. The 1399.99 was always quoted to the customer if the salesperson felt resistance to them adding the protection. Then we gave the customer a super deal by telling them we would deduct $50 from the price of the protection. Most fell for this ploy. They no longer use that tactic. Maybe they got caught or something.I don't know. I transferred to the Vero store a few months ago. Here, the manager Sandy told customer after customer that the leather protection offers a replacement warranty if it stains. That's as far from true as you can get. All it offers at those prices is a "lifetime" supply of cleaner and if soiled within 3 years, RTG, at THEIR DISCRETION, will come clean it. Shes also told customers that it extended the actual warranty on the furniture for 3 years. Another lie. The fabric is also at THEIR DISCRETION. Rooms To Go has probably made enough money on all their lies just on the protection itself, to finance the war in Iraq! I'm ashamed that I was a part of this. This is how I was trained, and what was expected of me. To sum this up, if you're going to buy at RTG, let the salesperson do his pitch on the protection. Deny it. Then after what you hear next or being turned over to the manager, demand to see the warranty papers and READ THEM IN FULL!! You may hear they "ran out" of them. You'll probably walk right out and go elsewhere. Don't let their finance terms force you to buy there either. I believe their practices could be illegal and they should have to pay back every dime taken from good hard working people, because of their misrepresentation. Spread the word
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User Replies:
glc on 10/07/2006:
Were you fired? This sounds like a disgruntled employee. If it's not, thanks for the info. Just an FYI, most sales-oriented jobs have quotas and the employer can and does use the quota system to rate employees.
the mighty pen on 10/07/2006:
To answer your question, YES! There reasons were all bogus and as far as quotas...I wrote 1.7 million in business last year putting me in the top 50 out of approximately 1500 sales people. The main reason I was terminated was for trying to save a sale by going over the head of a non-worthy manager to satisfy a customer. After being written up for this, I was told they couldn't fire me for that but I better start looking for another job. After walking on egg shells for another month, I was stricken with food poison, and was up the previous night puking my brains out without any sleep. I was to afraid to call in sick, as I felt for certain they would terminate me if I did. So I made the mistake of going in. I sat on a sofa and knowingly rested my eyes until we were to open. That's when the office manager Debra came up and asked if I was OK. I was literally choking on vomit and at that time told her that I better go and I left for the hospital. The manager Sandy called me the next day and told me I was suspended until I spoke w/ the regional manager Jack Curtis, whom called me on the telephone. After 7 years of good service to that company, I was fired over the phone! Gisgruntled, absolutely. But I can say this...the exposure of their practices is long over due. Even an employee friend of mine said , "wow, its about time someone lets this out". Whether I was fired or not and whether I'm disgruntled or not, that is not the issue here! You should go to and read some of the things on there. Thanks for your response. Marc
Ponie on 10/07/2006:
Yeah--sure. Anyone who believes those whiners on ROR needs their head very thoroughly examined. It's always someone else's fault--writing NSF checks, not reading the fine print, etc. When I want a few yucks, I read some of those posts. Wonder why that site hasn't been taken down? I also learn a few more four-letter words on there, too.
the mighty pen on 10/07/2006:
Pony, I noticed a rebuttal you had with a RTG on ROR. Youre so full of crap. I saw how there were many responses ripping you a new A-hole! You sound like some low paid idiot employed by RTG. Theres a lot more than 4 letter words that you need to learn!
Anonymous on 10/07/2006:
Thanks for your helpful post Mighty Pen. You should consider trusting me on my blog.
Slimjim on 10/09/2006:
If you're going to the ripoff report to see what people say about businesses, stop by and see what people are saying about the ripoff report.
Anonymous on 10/09/2006:
Nice google slim.
Donefedup on 03/29/2013:
As a former employee, I can tell you that this is the most misleading company that I have ever worked for. Sales people are actually written up if they do not sell over 90% of all fabric and leather protection opportunities. This also goes for selling mattresses with bedroom suites, floor lamps, ottomans, rugs and sofa tables. The pressure is relentless and their employee turnover is unbelievable. Their own manufacturer has a training film that states that microfiber is “naturally” impervious to stain. It needs nothing done to it. Anyway, they don’t spray it. The warranty that they charge you for is ONLY for food and beverage stains. It provides that a technician must come to your house to check it. The technician is given a bonus if he rejects your claim. I have seen the emails that come to the store to tell them how much bonus the tech was paid each month. This caused an uproar with sales people in my store and Corporate turned around and made emails “unavailable” to anyone except the store manager. If you want furniture, spend your money with honest retailers. Don’t go there!!
Ron Tabb on 05/07/2013:
I have to agree with above comments. I spent about $8000 in 2010 and bought fabric protection on everything. Recently, I noticed stains on loveseat and sofa. I called RTG and they scheduled tech to go to house in two weeks. He saw stains that I pointed out to him and he attempted to clean and could not. He said I would hear from them in 3-5 days. Did not happen so I called them. They said tech wrote that everything OK. I told her that is not true. She demanded I email her pictures. I explained I did not have that capability. She said they would have to reschedule another tech to come out in two more weeks. Wow. The same tech came again and saw the spots. He took pictures and said I would hear from them in 3-5 days. Did not. 11 days I called them. Rep said they determined furniture was dirty and needed professionally cleaned at my expense. I did record the conversation. I visited the store manager and gave him two option, replace fabric or give me new furniture or I will take them to small claims court. Waiting on response.
Mani on 10/30/2013:
Their quality was not great and they are basically forcing protection plan and make extra 100 $ on already over priced items. They delivered damaged coffee table, before assembling we told to take it back, let left and asked her to call customer service, they sent a assessor to check the damage, then he approved replacement, next once again they delivered a damaged item, and took it back.. then never get back to us, after couple of follow they sent another replacement 3rd time once again damaged piece, now they are asking to send pictures. I am tired of Rooms to Go.
sonali on 01/22/2014:
We bought sleepers from Rooms to Go and they have horrible customer service. The sofa we bought started shedding fibers, and they replaced with another one of the same sofa type, and guess what--it started shedding again! When we called to notify, the tech who came out stated that this was expected and as for the ripped up pillows, he took out his needle and sewed them up. I called Rooms To Go to notify them that the product was of poor quality but was unable to get them to replace it. This is the first and most definitely the LAST time I will every buy from Rooms to Go. They need to work on providing better customer service
John on 02/24/2014:
IMPORTANT….. Concerning Leather and Fabric Protection !!!!

On your receipt THERE IS NO LINE ITEM for this expense. It just adds into the SubTotal line of your receipt. I think this is a TERRIBLE PRACTICE !!!
*In other words… If you purchase a 599.00 Chair…. The subtotal will read 649.00 then delivery and tax. Seems clear… unless you are buying a 7 pc set.

If a person is spending hard earned money… they should see a line item for their purchase. I was amazed that RTG could get away with this practice.

Jme on 03/20/2014:
It is working!!!! :o) I have seriously shopped at every furniture store in Jacksonville, Florida! I was scared to purchase from them yesterday from all the reviews on here. They NOW have the fabric protection include the cracks, peeling, and fading. I have one piece of furniture coming today from 7am-10pm. We bought the item 15 mins. before closing and I am not complaining about the time... because those guys made miracles happen to get it delivered the day after. I have a kids bed from a warehouse on the other end of the state in 2 weeks. I actually think you guys made them listen because the people there had all their ducks in a row. I asked about the fabric protection and even talk to the manager about it. Whatever you guys complained about worked! It was actually easy .. they even walk around with IPads to access information faster. It was actually quick and easy (shrugs)
Doris Utz on 05/20/2014:
Loved the living room package we got for out rental condo. The problem we had was the salesman lied to us saying they would take our old Living room suite,which he totally lied.....when they brought the furniture they re fudged to take the old,after talking to the delivery manage he promised he'd send a truck by the weekend which he didn't long story short we was lied time after time when they came the last time to deliver a coffee table they still re fudged to take the sofa but thanks to the delivery manager he made the truck come back to get it, the driver were so rude they threw the sofa over the banister of the porch and didn't put our coffee table together. moral of this story never trust a salesman he right out lied to us just to make a sale....we told him that was the only way we'd buy the furniture because we lived in Indiana and had no way of taking the old away!! HE A SURE US THE DRIVERS WOULD PICK THE OLD FURNITURE AWAY. FEELING HELPLESS IN INDIANA.
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No Return Policy. Beware
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Rating: 1/51
FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Ordered a bed waited 6 weeks. For delivery and set up. Arrived on sat 10/11/2014 at 2pm
Was informed that hardware to assemble no with bed. Called store was promised someone would come that day with hardware and assemble it's Monday and still no one. Called store to ask them to pick up and was informed of their no return policy. They said they could ship hardware and I could assemble. (Ya right ). I was informed a could go to arbitration.
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Rating: 1/51
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- It takes something of great magnitude to get a complaint out of me and Rooms To Go really stunned me today. I read mixed reviews prior to visiting the Baton Rouge, LA. showroom. I am really kicking myself for giving them a chance. They have a wonderful selection for kids arranged in a beautiful setting. The saleslady was extremely nice, I found the perfect sets for my 15 y/o son and 5 y/o daughter. I didn't want the furniture immediately so waiting a few weeks for delivery was not an issue.

I am not one to flash my money but I spent $4,000.00 on a full/twin bunk bed set with desk/storage attachments, daybed with trundle/matching desk/accent chest/canopy, lamp, 2 desk chairs, 4 mattresses, and an additional desk. Well that is what the saleslady and I discussed and how my order should have been. In translating my A la cart receipt later that day I noticed a desk chair was left off.

I made another 30 mile round trip visit and waited 2 hours for the saleslady to add/charge me for the chair since ordering online required another delivery/setup fee. The bulk of the delivery was today and so many things went wrong starting with the delivery guys getting lost by going exactly where I stated not to go. One desk chair was broken so the guys are returning it and ordering another one, the second desk chair was put together backwards. I received 2 mattresses instead of the 4 I thought I paid for however Customer Service insisted I did not order them and advised me to visit my original saleslady.

The purpose of the entire purchase was to provide space for my children to have friends stay the night so not purchasing the additional mattresses is absolutely absurd. The pins to assemble the bunk beds were not included therefore the entire set remains disassembled. Customer Service informed me they will be shipping them Monday and I will have them Tuesday so that I may assemble the set myself despite having paid them to assemble it.

Customer Service for the online store is not a pleasure to do business with either. I ordered a bedding set for my daughter that should have arrived within 7-10 business days. On the 10th business day I emailed a request for delivery status, in response I was informed they were out of stock and that an email was sent to me shortly after I placed the order. I did not receive an out of stock email from them. If I had then I wouldn't be questioning delivery status. Bottom line this company is an absolute NIGHTMARE to conduct business with!
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User Replies:
Koncerned 1 on 06/19/2013:
I too had a horrible experience with this store and advice everyone I can to steer clear!
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Poor Customer Service
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FRISCO, TEXAS -- I purchased a queen size sofa sleeper from Rooms To Go in Frisco. Once I made my selection, the salesperson said that she was going to go to the computer to see if that item was in stock. She returned with what appeared to be a printed invoice. She said that it was in stock and pointed to the total. I happen to be pretty good in math and had an approximate total in my head already, so I quickly noticed that the amount was approximately $100 more than I had anticipated. When I asked what this was for she stated that it was for "fabric protection" I immediately asked her to please remove that item because I did not want it. She seemed slightly irritated and went on to tell me how I really should get it because that the sofa was dark in color and my trying to clean it myself could cause discoloration. I told her that I am very familiar with micro-fiber fabric and that I did not want the protection. She went to the computer and reprinted the invoice with a deliver date for the following day because she had placed my order before the 2pm deadline. Later that evening the salesperson called my home and said that she forgot to add the delivery charge and said that if I wanted my sleeper delivered the next day as scheduled, I had to return to the store before 10pm. I called back to the store, requested to speak with the Store Manager but was told that he was not there. I spoke with the Office Manager regarding my situation of not being able to drive back to the store as well as the manner in which the salesperson responded when I told her that I did not want the fabric protection. The office manager said that she would relay the informatin to the Store Manager and have him call me. Ten or fifteen minutes later I received a call from the salesperson. She was very angry and said, " I got called into my Managers office......." I told her that I did not leave a message for her to call me and that she had no business calling me in such a rude manner. She immediately handed the phone to the store manager and instead of instantly apologizing for her unprofessional behavior, he started explaining to me the manner in which he trains his sales people. He asked me, ma'am what is it that you want and I told him that I want the delivery charges waived. Why should I have to be inconvenienced due to her error. The next day when the delivery guys arrived at my home they were unable to make the turn in the hallway even after taking the legs off the sofa. Needless to say, they had to return the sofa to the warehouse. Today I called the store to ask them to please refund the total to my Visa card only to find out that they are going to credit my Visa with 80% and issue me a store credit for 20%!!! Why am I being penalized because the sofa did not fit!!! Buyers beware....if you are going to purchase an item that has to be delivered, make sure that it fits, otherwise 20% of your money is going to be issued in a gift card. The manager that I spoke with today said that their other stores charge 20% as a restocking fee as If I should be grateful that they are issuing me a gift card. I will never shop at the Frisco store again!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/22/2009:
What happened was inexcusable, especially to be harassed by the employees after calling to complain. You should not have to suffer any penalty for their error and they do not deserve a cent if your money.

If they refuse you a full refund then dispute the charges with your credit card company.
Anonymous on 05/22/2009:
Hello Frisco!
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