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Terrible Overall Experience With Ruby Lane
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- The Ruby Lane site is designed by software engineers that don't use the site. Complicated process to purchase and pay for items, but it doesn't really matter since you can (literally) find the same items on eBay about a week before you'll see them on Ruby Lane. On Ruby Lane, they will be about 20 times the price that they were on eBay.

The whole site is a glorified garage sale, or maybe a nice flea market at best. I also feel the site, owners, & operators discriminate against women. When working with customer service, I definitely felt discriminated against, and that I wasn't taken seriously because I am a woman. The days are numbered that companies can continue these archaic practices. Wake up, Ruby Lane, American deserves better.

Rude Customer Service For New Shop Inquiries
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Rating: 2/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I was a successful Ruby Lane shop owner from 2008 to 2013 when I closed my shop to sell on another venue for a while. As at that time, many of my items could not be listed on Ruby Lane due to their strict standards (such as jewelry lots, etc).

I never had a bad report against me, never had a customer dispute and sold between 13K and 20K a year for the time I was there. I have sold online since 1996 and have 100% positive feedback with top seller status on eBay. I inquired about opening a shop on Ruby Lane last month and received this reply within minutes. "Regrettably we have decided it is not in our best interest for you to open a Ruby Lane shop. Thank you for using Ruby Lane."

I wrote back and asked them if they could please give me an explanation. Seeing as that my shop had been closed in good standing, all my fees paid on time and good customer relations. My husband and I have been long time Ruby Lane shoppers as well. This really surprised me, as my experience with Ruby Lane customer service had always been really good and helpful. They boast to have the "best customer service" of all selling venues. They refused to answer. They simply wrote back, "It is not in our best interest unfortunately. Thank you for using Ruby Lane".

I am doing well on the other venues in which I sell fortunately, and I don't need a company with that kind of customer service attitude. It's really sad because they used to be really friendly and helpful. I am part of an online selling group of over 4000 professional sellers and I inquired if anyone had such an issue and the Ruby Lane shop owners were appalled and perplexed at Ruby Lane's response and "decision".

I would never tell anyone not to shop on Ruby Lane because I know so many great sellers who are shop owners there. But there is something really wrong with a company that treats its former shop owners and current shoppers in this manner. I certainly will not be on their site at all in the future. I am giving Ruby Lane two stars because three years ago it was a great venue when I left, but my current experience is zero stars.

Very poor customer service
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- I have been a retailer on Ruby Lane for over 8 years. I had been quite successful on the sight until the downturn in the economy. For the last three years sales have continued to decline, yet Ruby Lane has continued to raise their fees. The minimum monthly charge for having a store is $69 a month plus 30 cents per item plus an initial listing fee for each item. Lately I have not been generating enough sales to cover these fees.

Unfortunately I don't think Ruby Lane does a good job of getting the word out about their site. Over the 8 years that I have had my shop only a small handful of people that I know have even heard of Ruby Lane. And there is no app for the site, which would perhaps help increase sales.

I commend Ruby Lane for ease of use in setting up and adding items to the site. It is extremely easy to add new items and the site is visually appealing. Plus they offer some excellent reports to help analyze your business. My problem is with their customer service. Whenever I have had any issue with them, they are consistently on the verge of being rude and never truly helpful. Their answers to any questions always make you feel as if you are being scolded, and have a nasty, unfriendly tone to them.

In 8 years I have only contacted them with problems 3 times and every time the responses have been unsatisfactory and have left me feeling sorry I contacted them. Rather than making their retailers feel appreciated, they make you feel as if you have done something wrong by contacting them. I thought it was just me but after reading other reviews realize that both customers and retailers are dissatisfied. It's unfortunate that they have such a defensive and unappreciative stance toward their retailers because it spoils the otherwise positive aspects of the Ruby Lane experience.

Attempted to Open a New Shop, Nothing but Rudeness and No Help.
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Rating: 1/51

ON LINE SHOP, SOUTH CAROLINA -- After selling on EBAY for 13 years with a feedback as a seller and buyer of over 4000, I decided to give Ruby Lane a try. I filled out all the forms and did everything according to their instructions. When I hit the button to ask for a review I kept getting a message that I hadn't completed things correctly. After numerous attempts to figure out what they wanted, I wrote to them and they wouldn't give me any help or tell me what I did wrong. My pictures and descriptions went beyond what other sellers had posted - very professional and descriptions that disclosed any and all flaws on my dolls. Still, they wouldn't review the store.

Finally, I wrote to them again and admit I am getting less friendly and more frustrated and asked me to tell me why I wasn't answering the question list correctly. After 3 times, they finally sent me the correct answers. The one I had misread was quite ambiguous - like in depending on your thought process it could be yes or no. I filled all those out with the answers they provided and sent if again for review. I didn't hear anything for 10 days - they usually say it will take about 5 days.

I wrote yet again and asked what my status was. They said they decided not to let me open a store and they would no longer accept my inquiries and would refund my payment. I wrote to them through another channel asking for an explanation and they were again very rude and just said I didn't use the full compliment of free pictures even those many sellers only use one. Sometimes, an items doesn't require more than 2 or 3 pictures. They said, "Thank you for applying - perhaps in the future you can try again."

I don't know why they were so rude and unhelpful unless they didn't want any more stores. I would never try to sell there again. If you want to see my dolls and the quality of my ads to verify what I have said, go to EBAY and look for ** for great Lenci and vintage dolls. See if you don't agree with me.

Complaint of Arnold Jewelers and Chosen
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Rating: 1/51

Arnolds sold me a purple jade charm with gold Chinese symbol and did not say not to wear in shower. The gold rubbed off of symbol and was lost in shower. He gave me some off another item I never got to purchase for my insurance money gave out. It was an offer not a commitment to buy and compensation for the lost symbol. He banned me from purchases for no reason at all.

I bought an expensive charm bracelet on layaway and paid 1500 about for it and lost it. I asked if he had another. He said no and I found one like it on eBay 2 grams less for less than half the price. His price for the bracelet was outrageous but I put it on layaway and purchased it very soon, within a couple of months. I liked it even though overpriced.

I never said anything negative to him other than the gold symbol came off the purple jade and he offered to fix it and I asked instead a good price on a bracelet I could not purchase then. I intended to, but the insurance money gave out. He did not lose anything. But he is barring me from purchasing from him. Why? What did I do to him but pay double for the bracelet and not complain? I just told him the gold symbol came off the purple jade piece and it did. If he can't take feedback without barring you from purchasing from him, what kind of person is he?

He hikes up his price and overcharges and you do not complain and want to buy more and he bars you from purchase. And Chosen canceled an order because I did not have my PayPal password to pay the instant I asked to buy an item and asked he wait till the next day. I cannot even contact him for I have no phone number and no contact info. He blocked my email. I also still want the purchase.

He said I could send a check even and did not give me time. What did I do to him? My charms and bracelet were lost and I have to re-buy them and would like cooperation from Ruby Lane and have gotten none. You can't contact or speak to anyone and they ok their sellers barring you from purchase for no reason even.

Ruby Lane is one of the few sellers of jeweled charms and mine were stolen and lost. You would think they would like to help. What kind of site is prejudicial on the internet as to sales? Never ran into that before. Over one complaint and one lack of a PayPal password for one night? No seller in Ebay is so hard to deal with. That makes Ruby Lane a preferential site and not obeying laws of the US about equality. Throwing a customer out of the store for nothing.

How can you trust this site which does not resolve issues between buyers and sellers? At least Ebay tries. And has people to decide if the customer deserves consideration. On Ruby Lane the seller is always right and not the purchaser. Everyone knows Ruby Lane gets its revenue from the sellers who pay to list. Ebay does also but recognizes when a buyer has been shafted and steps in to resolve the issue.

Ruby Lane has no heart nor personal contact at all. You are at the mercy of the sellers. Be careful not to do anything to offend a seller if you want an item for they are obnoxiously punishing and must have low self esteem to act that way. Who else but crazies would conduct business that way?

Failure to send item to correct address
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Rating: 1/51

PARIS, MISSISSIPPI -- The seller falsely stated they sold solid silver earrings then sent the purchase to the wrong address, which required a re-mailing of the item because I was out of state. The solutions they offered did not take into account a third party having to correct their problem, carry to a nearby city to mail because the item was picked up over the weekend and the post office was closed. What a gosh awful bunch to try to work with.

Ruby Lane Better Than eBay Think Again
By -

I purchased a ring and a box from Garrard from a seller on Ruby Lane on layaway. The seller guarantees authenticity but apparently if you buy on layaway they are off the hook. The pictures were taken in a way that covered up the extreme yellowing of the Garrard jewelry box and it was implied that the "engagement ring" was from Garrard. I received the ring which was not hallmarked correctly for a ring from the UK. They did show part of the maker mark but said there were many others. There was only the metal marks. The Garrard box stunk and was yellow stained inside. I emailed twice with no reply.

Since I paid near 500 for it you would think it would be great. I emailed customer service, even if the article was not as implied nothing they could do because it was bought on layaway. The owner finally emailed after my complaint and the lady needs anger management and honesty training. If I could get 50 dollars for this item I'd be lucky. And Ruby Lane doesn't care. On eBay at least I could leave a negative and get my money back. Oh she told me I should have asked more questions. Anyone think someone would sell a ring box that smelled and was severely yellowed but not shown that way?

Unfair Policies - Targeting Only My Shop!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently re-opened a shop on Ruby Lane. After listing my items for sale, one by one they got "flagged" (meaning you have to take it down, you're in violation for some reason). I had some doll auction catalogs up for sale - so did other dealers, but for some reason, I was told "illegal to sell on Ruby Lane." I asked why and I'm still waiting for an answer! When one was taken down prior, they said it had to be over 20 years old. I looked at other shops who were selling the same items (at a much higher price - perhaps my competition "flagged" me and wanted me gone?! hmmm).

I saw that all of them left the dates of the catalogs off, so I did the same thing; yet I was still flagged and everything had to come down! AND, to top it off, I didn't get a refund and statement saying "I should have known better"!!! (for each of the flagged items - thirty nine cents each - which adds up!!!) When I questioned this, I was told by customer service to mind what's in my own shop! Hello - then why do shop owners (only after being on Ruby Lane over 6 months), can flag other shops for items that are not supposed to be up on Ruby Lane? To me, it's being spiteful of other shop owners to want their competition gone!

Customer Service is the worst. They never give you a clear answer and it looks like an "automated" response back. They are nasty snobs and if you're not from "their side of town", forget opening a shop! I did once email the owner and one of his people got back to me and they were kind of polite. Then I dared to email him again and received back such a snotty, snooty reply it made me sick! I know the owner is a former IBMER and he should know MORE about customer service than ANYONE out there. I cannot believe he is letting his Customer Service people get away with these attitudes!

Mr. ** - REMEMBER TJ WATSON - he's from your days at IBM - his famous motto was, in case you forgot, "RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL"... I guess you long forgot that saying!!! And yes, I too am an IBMER... If nothing else, I learned about customer service and HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT... Want some lessons??? My fee is thirty-nine cents a question... maybe we can break even with the money you owe me.
Next step, BBB.

Terrible Site, Two Faced Sellers, Zero Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

USA, CALIFORNIA -- I was initially attracted by the nice showcase of collectibles on sale on Ruby Lane and the 'posh looking colorful' site as many other buyers. The first purchases were OK. I wish to say that I am a very honest and polite customer and a quick payer with THOUSANDS of positive excellent feedback on online purchases. I started buying on RL more frequently because fed up of eBay and I was horrified and petrified of the HORRIBLE customer service and the snobby and TWO FACED SELLERS on the site.

Now the story briefly: I made an offer to a seller, there was the 'offer option' in the listing, the seller accepted the offer, emails as proof which RL removed. By the way, RL seems to do this trick of removing emails very often, as many other buyers had the same experience on the web. I then asked for an invoice to the seller in order to complete my purchase. Nothing, no replies. A few days later, I soon realized what this SCUM of a seller did to me. He 'reported' my account for fraud?? Fraud? Are we are kidding? This guy is totally mad.

Now making a genuine offer to a seller by clicking the 'best offer option' and waiting for your invoice to pay for your purchase is fraud? I did not know this one. This guy is insane. What happened is that he had a second thought and decided that my offer wasn't high enough.

The only explanation is that unfortunately there are really bad people out there, this people love to cause issues to others in order to exercise their pathetic little power given by the website. I also took a screenshot so I still have the emails to view. I emailed the RL customer service, customer service? What a joke! They replied by email, saying that they can't help. What a bunch of buffoons! What a disgusting site. If you think eBay is bad, then try Ruby Lane and see for yourself.

Company Response 12/19/2013:

Dear highbury,

We are sorry to hear of your apparent difficulty making an offer to a Ruby Lane shop.

Ruby Lane holds our shop owners to a very high, ethical, conduct of business. If a customer complains directly to us about a shop, we investigate the matter thoroughly and direct the shop to resolve the situation.

We would be interested to hear more about the situation you referenced in your 'My 3 Cents' complaint.

We invite you to contact us by clicking Help at the top of any page on Ruby Lane. Please include as many details as possible, such as shop names and dates.

Kind Regards,

Rob Spear
Director of Customer Support

Ruby Lane, Inc.

Horrible Customer Service and Smashed Product
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Rating: 1/51

ASHEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a one of a kind decanter from Cynthia ** at Riverhills Antiques who sells under the company, Ruby Lane Antiques. I was charged $85.00 with shipping and insurance. The seller packed the product horribly and arrived SMASHED TO PIECES. I was very upset, as I am not getting my product that was a one of a kind. In addition when contacting the seller, stated my responsibility to get my money back from the Post Office. So I'm out a decanter and have to fight for my refund and Ruby Lane and Riverhills Antiques are fat and happy and not out a thing.

I contacted Ruby Lane Corporate who advised that is their policy. A policy that puts all the burden on you, the consumer. They could have easily refunded my money and gotten their refund from the P.O. as they insured it and had the claim ticket anyway. DO not buy from either company as they WILL NOT EVEN PROVIDE THE BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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